1. JPMorgan Chase C.E.O. Says It Needs to Do More to Tackle Racism Business, Yesterday

    The comments came days after The New York Times published a report detailing allegations of racism at branches of JPMorgan in the Phoenix area.

  2. As the Raiders Exit Oakland, Las Vegas and a $2 Billion Stadium Await Sports, Yesterday

    Fans are already starting to see the shift of Raider Nation from California to southern Nevada. Can the team really boost the economy in a city built around tourism?

  3. American Samoans Should Be Granted U.S. Citizenship, Judge Rules U.S., Yesterday

    The federal judge in Utah stayed his decision on Friday, signaling that it is likely just one shot in a continuing battle.

  4. A Research Nonprofit Shutters TB Vaccine Effort and Lays Off Scientists Health, Yesterday

    A financially troubled Seattle research institute cut back programs, leaving researchers to find new homes for work on infectious diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy.

  5. Now Is the Time for American Sparkling Wines Food, December 12

    With sparklers available from all around the wine-producing world, why taste three from the United States? The wines themselves answer the question.

  6. Where Are Homeowners Successfully Refinancing? Real Estate, December 12

    Home appreciation and credit scores weigh heavily when examining the success of refinance applications.

  7. The Political Power of the Housekeepers, Bartenders and Cooks in Las Vegas U.S., December 12

    A union in Nevada, the third state in the primary race to vote, told candidates that health care, specifically keeping union health care, is what’s on their members’ minds.

  8. Where Housekeepers, Bartenders and Cooks Wield Vast Political Clout U.S., December 12

    A union in Nevada, the third state to vote in the Democratic primary, told presidential candidates that health care, specifically keeping union health care, is what’s on their members’ minds.

  9. Supreme Court Weighs Role of Jury in Death Penalty Case U.S., December 11

    An Arizona death row inmate was granted a new sentencing to consider evidence of childhood abuse. The justices examined whether that required a hearing in a trial court.

  10. $1.5 Million Homes in Indiana, Oregon and Colorado Real Estate, December 11

    An 1889 Victorian in Indianapolis, a triplex condo in Portland and a custom-built house on the Animas River in Durango.

  11. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, December 11

    An 1889 Victorian in Indianapolis, a triplex condo in Portland and a custom-built house on the Animas River in Durango.

  12. Someone Is Putting Cowboy Hats on Pigeons in Las Vegas U.S., December 10

    No one knows why. A rodeo was in town but denied any connection. The Las Vegas police said it “does not appear to be a police matter at this time.”

  13. Climate Change Is Ravaging the Arctic, Report Finds Climate, December 10

    It was another very warm year in the region, leading to low winter sea ice and growing concerns over sea level rise.

  14. On Las Vegas Strip, Splashy Stores Elbow In Alongside Casinos Business, December 10

    Developers are clamoring for storefront space as they seek to provide one-of-a-kind experiences for shoppers.

  15. Twin 4-Year-Olds Climb Steep Ravine to Safety After Fatal Car Crash U.S., December 9

    Aurora and Rosaline Crider, twin toddlers in Washington State, managed to get out of their booster seats and crawl up to a roadway after a car accident that killed their father.

  16. Rare Whiskey Collection Expected to Fetch $10 Million at Auction U.S., December 9

    Richard Gooding, a Colorado businessman who died in 2014, collected more than 3,900 bottles over two decades.

  17. A Few Cities Have Cornered Innovation Jobs. Can That Be Changed? Business, December 9

    A new report documents the concentration of cutting-edge industries in a few coastal areas and why lawmakers ought to be alarmed.

  18. 5-Year-Old Carries Baby in Subzero Cold After They Are Abandoned, Police Say U.S., December 8

    A power outage scared the older child, who, wearing socks and light clothing, carried the baby about half a mile to another house in Alaska.

  19. On Military Bases, the Dangers Increasingly Come From the Inside U.S., December 6

    Shootings in Pensacola and Pearl Harbor reflect the rising tide of gun violence at military bases.

  20. Will the Next Great Male Ski Racer Please Come Down the Hill? Sports, December 6

    Mikaela Shiffrin dominates women’s ski racing. The retirement of Marcel Hirscher has left void on the men’s side.

  21. Florida Shooting Updates: Authorities Say It’s Too Early to Know if It’s Terrorism U.S., December 6

    A member of the Saudi Air Force training to be a pilot killed three people at Naval Air Station Pensacola before he was shot dead by officers responding to the scene, the authorities said.

  22. A Season on the Rez Sports, December 6

    A writer followed a Navajo high school basketball team for a season. Here is a tale from one road trip.

  23. Pearl Harbor Shooting Leaves 2 Workers Dead and 1 Injured U.S., December 4

    A United States sailor fatally shot two shipyard workers and injured another at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard before killing himself, the authorities said.

  24. Sundance Gets Real, With a Lineup of Newsy Films for 2020 Business, December 4

    The 118 feature-length movies selected for the indie festival include Julianne Moore as Gloria Steinem and a documentary on Parkland survivors.

  25. $2.3 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Illinois Real Estate, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia, a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe and a historic mansion near Lake Michigan.

  26. What You Get for $2.3 Million Slideshow, December 4

    A 1925 stone house in Philadelphia; a pueblo-style home in Santa Fe, N.M.; and a historic mansion in Evanston, Ill.

  27. The French Fries Are Doing Just Fine U.S., December 4

    After a weak harvest for many potato farmers in the United States and Canada, there were concerns about shortages of the fast food staple. But supplies aren’t likely to run out anytime soon.

  28. Supreme Court Considers Fight Over Superfund Site in Montana U.S., December 3

    The justices seemed wary of letting landowners sue the Atlantic Richfield Company to force it to do more than a federal cleanup plan requires.

  29. How Far Can Cities Go to Police the Homeless? Boise Tests the Limit Business, December 3

    A decade-old legal fight shapes a mayoral race and offers the Supreme Court a chance to weigh in.

  30. A Deep-Sea Magma Monster Gets a Body Scan Science, December 3

    Scientists set sail on a perilous expedition to create the first internal 3D images of Axial Seamount, an underwater volcano deep in the Pacific Ocean.

  31. Steve Bullock Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race U.S., December 2

    Mr. Bullock, who won two terms as governor in a red state, didn’t catch on with Democratic primary voters. An aide said he would not run for Senate in Montana, as many Democrats have hoped.

  32. He Gave Thanks for His 2 Dads. His Teacher Condemned Gay Couples. U.S., December 2

    The substitute teacher was fired from a Utah public school. One of the boy’s parents, Louis van Amstel of “Dancing With the Stars,” wondered how she had become a teacher in the first place.

  33. Man in Stalking Case Sent Family Over 500 Unwanted Visitors, Officials Say U.S., November 30

    Loren M. Okamura of Hawaii is accused of tormenting a Utah woman and her father by sending service workers, food deliveries and strangers to their home for months.

  34. Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis Opinion, November 30

    Rising housing costs predate the tech bubble. And it will take more than Apple and Facebook’s billions to fix it.

  35. Don’t Blame Tech Bros for the Housing Crisis Opinion, November 30

    Rising housing costs predate the tech bubble. And it will take more than Apple and Facebook’s billions to fix it.

  36. Navajo Country Music Pays Tribute to ‘Indian Cowboys’ and Outlaw Legends U.S., November 30

    Dozens of bands vie for shows on the Navajo country music circuit each week, reflecting how one of the largest tribes in the United States is shattering stereotypes of “cowboys and Indians.”

  37. 5 New Standout Ski Hotels Travel, November 30

    Forget the clichéd lodges full of Jägerbombs and Moncler puffer coats. Nowadays, there’s a resort to suit every style, from history buff to gastronaut.

  38. Bodies of 2 Children Swept Away in Flood Are Recovered From Arizona Creek U.S., November 30

    One child remains missing after a vehicle in which two adults and seven children were traveling became stuck while crossing the flooded Tonto Creek, the authorities said.

  39. 36 Hours in Steamboat Springs Travel, November 28

    You won’t see too many luxury stores or fancy condos here. This Colorado ski resort is a place of indie flair, Western appeal and, yes, plenty of champagne powder.

  40. Can Dance Make a More Just America? Donald Byrd Is Working on It Arts, November 28

    The choreographer’s commitment to dance as a catalyst for social change can be seen at a museum show in Seattle and in a new work for the Alvin Ailey company.

  41. Uphill Skiing: Subtract Crowds and Lift Lines, Add Cardio Travel, November 28

    The practice of uphill skiing — better known as skinning or alpine touring — is everywhere in snow country these days.

  42. UPS Employees Are Arrested in Scheme to Ship Drugs and Cash Business, November 27

    The operation, which was said to have run for more than a decade, has led to the arrest of 11 people on drug and money laundering charges.

  43. Three Women Accuse Gordon Sondland of Sexual Misconduct, Report Says U.S., November 27

    The publication of the allegations came a week after Mr. Sondland testified before Congress in the impeachment proceedings.

  44. Samuel D. Hunter’s Own Private Idaho Theater, November 27

    The playwright left his home state 20 years ago. While rehearsing his new play, “Greater Clements,” he drove through the lonesome landscapes that still inspire his work.

  45. The Snowiest Mountains: Where to Ski, and When Travel, November 27

    Planning a ski or snowboarding vacation? Data can direct you to the mountains most likely to have the best snow, either around the holiday season or in the spring.

  46. He Spat on a Man From Ukraine. Now He Has to Write About the Immigrant Experience. U.S., November 25

    A judge in Portland, Ore., ordered the defendant to write about the hardships that immigrants face.

  47. Utah Court Upholds Stop-and-Frisk After Challenge From Neo-Nazi U.S., November 25

    Bryant Robert Mitchell said he was illegally searched during a traffic stop. The Utah Court of Appeals said the search was lawful because he was acting belligerently and was a known gang member.

  48. Supreme Court Acts in Campaign Finance and Libel Cases U.S., November 25

    The court also turned away an appeal from Adnan Syed, whose case was the subject of the first season of the podcast “Serial.”

  49. Like the Milkman, This Distiller Refills the Empties Food, November 25

    A Colorado distillery picks up its empty vodka bottles from bars and restaurants to give them another life.

  50. Multi-Mountain Passes Have Upended the American Ski Trip. 9 Rules You Need to Know. Travel, November 25

    The passes have encouraged snowsports fans to visit more than one mountain on a vacation. Here’s how to navigate the new landscape.

  51. University to Students on Medicaid: Buy Private Coverage, or Drop Out U.S., November 24

    Just as Idaho expands Medicaid to cover thousands of low-income residents, Brigham Young University’s campus there will no longer accept the free government insurance program.

  52. Nazi Symbols and Racist Memes: Combating School Intolerance U.S., November 23

    Many educators feel ill-equipped for the urgent and difficult task of identifying students exposed to extremist material online.

  53. Dogs Can’t Help Falling in Love Science, November 22

    One researcher argues that a dog’s ability to bond has more to do with forming emotional attachments than being smart about what humans want.

  54. Flying Through Fire With a Notepad and a Prayer Reader Center, November 22

    When I learned of a scientific mission to study wildfire smoke by flying through fires on a jet plane, I immediately asked to join the trip.

  55. Virus Outbreak Closes Colorado Schools for More Than 20,000 Students U.S., November 21

    The “extremely contagious” virus forced a school district to close all of its schools for the first time, officials said.

  56. $93.6 Million Verdict Threatens to Bankrupt One of America’s Most Powerful Unions U.S., November 21

    What started as a dispute over two jobs in Portland, Ore., escalated to a jury verdict that could devastate the storied International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

  57. Where Cars Try to Hit Mach 1, the Salt of the Earth Is Crumbling Business, November 21

    The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah have hosted speed chasers for decades, but the course is distressed. An advocacy group has a plan, but not the money.

  58. What’s the Right Way to Legalize Weed? Opinion, November 19

    Joe Biden doesn’t want to, but most Americans do.

  59. Woman Injured in Las Vegas Shooting Dies 2 Years Later U.S., November 19

    Kim Gervais was a country music fan, small-business owner and mother of two daughters.

  60. As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers Climate, November 19

    A fight in Virginia Beach demonstrates the hard choices cities face when the pressure for new homes collides with the rising toll of natural disasters.

  61. The Divide in Yakima Is the Divide in America U.S., November 19

    What the changing demographics of this country look like up close.

  62. Endangered Crafts and the Destinations Keeping Them Alive Travel, November 19

    Many indigenous crafts worldwide are in danger of becoming extinct, but in some places, efforts to rescue them are underway.

  63. GPS for Air Travel Came With Big Downsides: Noise, Then Lawsuits Business, November 18

    The F.A.A. is rolling out a system that allows planes to fly closer to one another, but the roar that it creates is unbearable, people in the flight paths say.

  64. California and Nevada Ask: Iowa Who? U.S., November 18

    The 2020 Democrats headed West to campaign in two key states. “I don’t think it matters what happens in New Hampshire or Iowa, which are not representative of the country,” Harry Reid said.

  65. Fearing a Mass Shooting, Police Took His Guns. A Judge Gave Them Back. U.S., November 18

    Authorities around the country have collided with the limits of laws designed to seize weapons from those who might be a threat to public safety.

  66. A Story on Hawaiian Taro Farming Grows Into Much More Reader Center, November 18

    The vegetable is central and sacred to native Hawaiian culture, and my reporting quickly made clear that writing about taro meant writing about Hawaiian sovereignty.

  67. Arizona Deputy Placed on Leave After Tackling 15-Year-Old With No Limbs U.S., November 17

    A video of the altercation was released last week, prompting the sheriff’s office to conduct an internal investigation.

  68. Denver Radio Host Fired in Mid-Show After Criticizing Trump U.S., November 17

    Craig Silverman, who said he felt frozen out on a station that solidly backed the president, had angered managers over appearances on competing media.

  69. 11 of Our Best Weekend Reads Briefing, November 15

    Tom Hanks. An Alison Roman Thanksgiving. A review of the third season of “The Crown.” Trump, Ukraine and impeachment. The SoftBank effect. And more.

  70. T’s Travel Issue: The Great Beyond T Magazine, November 15

    Home will always be a place where I know that there will be water all around me, where the shoreline, and the possibility of another life, is never far.

  71. Woman Told to Remove Hijab Before Denver Nuggets Game Sports, November 14

    Gazella Bensreiti said she was at the Pepsi Center to watch her daughter sing the national anthem. The company that owns the venue reportedly said it was a misunderstanding.

  72. Another of Alberto Salazar’s Runners Says He Ridiculed Her Body for Years Sports, November 14

    Amy Yoder Begley says she was criticized for being overweight, told her laugh was annoying and made to sign a contract promising not to become friends with her teammates.

  73. Jim Sullivan, a Rock ’n’ Roll Mystery That Remains Stubbornly Unsolved Arts, November 14

    In 1975, the psych-folk musician vanished in Santa Rosa, N.M. A new reissue of his self-titled album only deepens the puzzle of his life and career.