1. Who Killed Keylan Knapp? Opinion, Yesterday

    My childhood friend has joined America’s “deaths of despair.”

  2. A World Without Partisan Gerrymanders? Virginia Democrats Show the Way Opinion, Yesterday

    In a rare move, a group of lawmakers voted to give up their own redistricting power.

  3. T’s Most Transporting Travel Stories T Magazine, March 27

    Distance and solitude can make us feel more isolated than ever — but these tales of far-off locales provide something of a distraction.

  4. Seattle Is Living Your Coronavirus Future Opinion, March 27

    This city is well ahead of the rest of the nation in the cycle of denial, panic, action.

  5. Fossils Show Raptors Prowled North America Late in Dinosaurs’ Era Science, March 26

    They were smaller than the creatures that savaged “Jurassic Park,” but may have had superior ability to stalk and take down prey.

  6. Stimulus Money to Protect Elections Falls Short, Critics Say U.S., March 25

    State officials and voting rights advocates say the $400 million to safeguard elections in the coronavirus stimulus package is far less than what states will need to implement voting by mail.

  7. The People Leading When Leaders Do Not U.S., March 25

    Business owners, pastors and others are voluntarily closing their doors as the coronavirus spreads, seeking to fill a void when clarity from political leaders is lacking.

  8. As States Delay Primaries, June 2 Is Suddenly a Big Tuesday on the Calendar U.S., March 25

    As many as 12 states may hold primaries on June 2, which now carries the biggest delegate haul since Super Tuesday. That could change how the rest of the Democratic race plays out.

  9. 3 of the Busiest National Parks Close Amid Coronavirus Outbreak U.S., March 24

    Yellowstone, Grand Teton and the Great Smoky Mountains national parks cited concerns about social distancing.

  10. Facing Crisis, Arts Groups Push for Their Own Bailout Arts, March 24

    As museums shutter and theaters go dark, cultural institutions are calling for the government’s help. But they recognize they’re not the first priority during a pandemic.

  11. Man Fatally Poisons Himself While Self-Medicating for Coronavirus, Doctor Says U.S., March 24

    An Arizona man and his wife ingested a fish tank cleaning additive made with the same active ingredient as chloroquine phosphate, which President Trump has referred to as a “game changer.”

  12. Colorado Abolishes Death Penalty and Commutes Sentences of Death Row Inmates U.S., March 23

    The state had executed just one person since reinstating the death penalty in the 1970s.

  13. Reporting From a Center of the Coronavirus Outbreak Reader Center, March 23

    Mike Baker is the Seattle bureau chief for The Times. We asked him what it’s like reporting from the state with one of the deadliest caseloads in America.

  14. In Seattle, It Started With Panic. Then the Deeper Anxiety Set In. U.S., March 22

    In a state that until recently had seen more deaths from the coronavirus than any other, the stress has started to multiply. Jobs lost. Kids underfoot. Parents at risk. “It’s exhausting,” one woman said.

  15. Target Apologizes for Selling N95 Masks in Seattle Business, March 22

    The company said the masks were offered for sale “in error” at some stores in Washington State, which has been a hot spot for the coronavirus pandemic.

  16. A Mustang Crisis Looms in the West U.S., March 22

    With too many animals on public lands and too many on the public’s hands, the federal wild horse management program is short of money and palatable solutions.

  17. Traffic and Pollution Plummet as U.S. Cities Shut Down for Coronavirus Interactive, March 22

    A satellite that detects pollution linked to cars and trucks shows declines over major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York.

  18. As Visitors Continue to Arrive, Tourist Areas Say: Stay Home Travel, March 21

    “Virus refugees” are still going to some vacation spots, but leaders there are asking them to reconsider.

  19. The Coronavirus’s Rampage Through a Suburban Nursing Home U.S., March 21

    Two-thirds of Life Care Center’s residents and 47 of its workers fell ill. Thirty-five people died. We investigated what went wrong.

  20. How It All Came Apart for Bernie Sanders U.S., March 21

    The Sanders campaign appeared on the brink of a commanding lead in the Democratic race. But a series of fateful decisions and internal divisions have left him all but vanquished.

  21. The War on Coronavirus Comes to Trump Properties Business, March 20

    Health restrictions have led to cutbacks at hotels and golf courses. But the swimming pool remains open at a Florida resort, and a New York golf course offers “fresh air” without caddies.

  22. The Wild West, on Skis Sports, March 19

    Skijoring enthusiasts described the craziness and allure of their niche sport during its 72nd year in Leadville, Colo.

  23. To Stay Afloat, the Restaurant Business Clings to ‘Contactless Delivery’ Food, March 19

    Reinvented menus, lowered prices, fire sales and the good old telephone are enlisted in the fight to survive the coronavirus crisis.

  24. El día que un migrante mexicano se convirtió en gobernador de Arizona en Español, March 18

    Cuando agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza ordenaron a un anciano mostrar sus documentos se toparon con un personaje inesperado: Raúl H. Castro, un hombre nacido en México y ex gobernador de un estado que ha cambiado radicalmente su postura sobre los hispanos.

  25. In Colorado Ski Country, the Coronavirus Leaves Fresh Mountain Air Off Limits U.S., March 18

    Officials announced measures to contain the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable mountain communities just as the ski season was ramping up.

  26. 5.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Salt Lake City: ‘The Last Thing We Need Right Now’ U.S., March 18

    The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake hit close to Magna, Utah, about 10 miles west of Salt Lake City. It was the strongest to hit the state since 1992, officials said.

  27. They Clean the Buildings Workers Are Fleeing. But Who’s Protecting Them? U.S., March 18

    Janitors are going into offices to battle the invisible germs that threaten public health, sometimes without adequate protection or information about what they are facing.

  28. When Home Becomes a Classroom Reader Center, March 18

    As more and more schools close because of the coronavirus, a reporter talks about covering one family’s experience adjusting to online instruction.

  29. Curbside Pickup. Bicycle Deliveries. Virtual Book Discussions. Amid Virus, Bookstores Get Creative. U.S., March 17

    “We’re going to operate like a pizza takeout place,” one independent bookstore owner said.

  30. Are Voters ‘Essential Personnel’ During a Pandemic? U.S., March 17

    Participating in a healthy democracy isn’t supposed to be at odds with staying healthy. Today it is.

  31. Biden Wins Florida and Illinois as Virus Disruptions Reshape American Politics U.S., March 17

    With victories in two big, diverse states, Joseph R. Biden Jr. took a dominating lead over Bernie Sanders that could add to pressure on him to end his campaign.

  32. Biden Sweeps Three States and Takes Commanding Lead, as Virus Reshapes American Politics U.S., March 17

    With a broad coalition, Joseph R. Biden Jr. defeated Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, in a rout that could add to pressure on Mr. Sanders to end his campaign.

  33. Arizona Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 17

  34. Arizona Election Results: Live Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, March 17

  35. They Went Off the Grid. They Came Back to the Coronavirus. Opinion, March 17

    25 days rafting through the Grand Canyon meant no access to the news — and a new reality when the trip ended.

  36. What the Polls Say About Florida, Illinois and Arizona U.S., March 17

    Most bets are off as worries over the coronavirus hover over voting in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries, but Joe Biden has led in surveys of all three states.

  37. Coronavirus: qué es y lo que los científicos saben hasta ahora en Español, March 17

    El virus respiratorio que se originó en China ha infectado a más de 100.000 personas y ha comenzado a propagarse en todo el mundo.

  38. Spring Cruises Look Unlikely to Sail Travel, March 17

    With ocean-going departures from American ports suspended until at least April 11, here’s what those interested in spring cruises can expect.

  39. Illinois Stumbles as States See Light Voter Turnout, With Many Ballots in the Mail U.S., March 17

    Florida, Illinois and Arizona pressed ahead with their presidential primary elections on Tuesday, but chaos and confusion in Illinois sent in-person turnout diving amid coronavirus fears.

  40. Live Updates From the 2020 Democratic Primary in Florida, Illinois and Arizona U.S., March 17

    Joe Biden captured an easy victory in Florida as Illinois and Arizona counted results.

  41. I Deliver Your Food. Don’t I Deserve Basic Protections? Opinion, March 17

    Like emergency income support, for starters.

  42. When Voting During a Pandemic Is a Way to Feel Normal U.S., March 16

    Arizona’s primary is on Tuesday, and Democrats there are holding onto the idea that they still have control over something: “I want to believe that voting takes away some of the fear.”

  43. When Arizona Elected a Mexican Immigrant Governor U.S., March 16

    Border Patrol agents once ordered an elderly Hispanic man out of his vehicle and requested his identity papers, which showed that he was a Mexican-born immigrant named Raúl H. Castro. Turns out he was Arizona’s former governor.

  44. The Newsroom at the Center of a Pandemic Business, March 16

    “That’s what local papers are meant to do”: The journalists at The Seattle Times have been aggressively covering the coronavirus as it affects their neighbors and friends.

  45. N.F.L. Changes Draft to TV-Only Event Sports, March 16

    After the C.D.C. recommended gatherings of no more than 50 people, the N.F.L. followed other leagues in calling off live events with crowds.

  46. N.F.L. Changes Draft to TV-Only Event Sports, March 16

    After the C.D.C. recommended gatherings of no more than 50 people, the N.F.L. followed other leagues in calling off live events with crowds.

  47. Two Emergency Room Doctors Are in Critical Condition With Coronavirus U.S., March 15

    The hospitalizations sharpen fears that the nation’s front-line medical workers could be uniquely vulnerable, a health care organization said.

  48. Ahead of the Pack, How Microsoft Told Workers to Stay Home Technology, March 15

    Its executives, with headquarters just a few miles from one of the country’s worst coronavirus outbreaks, were among the first to confront the impact.

  49. The 2020 Campaign: Postponements and Cancellations Because of Coronavirus U.S., March 15

    Georgia and Louisiana have delayed their primary elections. Wyoming has suspended its in-person Democratic caucus voting. Here are the latest updates on changes to the 2020 presidential race.

  50. The 2020 Campaign: Postponements and Cancellations Because of Coronavirus U.S., March 15

    Georgia and Louisiana delayed their primary elections, and Bernie Sanders questioned whether elections should be held right now. Here are the latest updates on changes to the 2020 presidential race.

  51. Arizona Boom Draws Californians and Changes Political Hue Business, March 15

    A decade after the recession hit hard, Arizona’s economy is a magnet for technology companies and for workers seeking an affordable middle-class life.

  52. Her Cancer Surgery Was Canceled at a Hospital Bracing for Coronavirus U.S., March 14

    Hospitals in hot spots like Seattle and New York are postponing elective surgeries, hoping to conserve resources as the outbreak escalates. More serious surgeries are also getting a second look.

  53. An Isolation Center Opened to Protect People From Coronavirus. Then Someone Wandered Out. U.S., March 13

    A homeless person being tested for the coronavirus wandered out of a new isolation housing facility south of Seattle, prompting alarm from neighbors who wish their town hadn’t been chosen.

  54. Coronavirus Testing Goes Mobile in Seattle U.S., March 13

    In the center of the U.S. outbreak, one medical center has begun screening workers for the new virus by setting up a mobile clinic in a parking lot where cars serve as isolated waiting rooms.

  55. American Astronomy’s Future Goes on Trial in Washington Science, March 13

    As competition with Europe heats up, astronomers pitch their dreams of giant telescopes astride the Earth.

  56. Louisiana Postpones April Primary as 4 More States Prepare to Vote on Tuesday U.S., March 13

    Elections officials in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona, the next states on the primary calendar, are taking extra precautions but have expressed confidence that voting can be held safely.

  57. ‘It’s Degrading.’ Transgender Youth Targeted in Dozens of Bills Across America U.S., March 12

    Lawmakers have introduced a number of measures this year, from criminalizing those who prescribe hormone therapy to transgender youth to banning transgender athletes from sports teams.

  58. The Army Bombed a Hawaiian Lava Flow. It Didn’t Work. Science, March 12

    It could be tried again if the city of Hilo comes under threat, although many object to such airstrikes.

  59. Justice Is Blind. What if She Also Has the Coronavirus? U.S., March 12

    Police departments are preparing to isolate their own officers, and courthouses have postponed trials. Some fear that the criminal justice system may not be ready for a major outbreak.

  60. We’re Finally Winning the Fight Against Conversion Therapy Opinion, March 12

    Better still: Lawmakers in so-called flyover states are leading the charge.

  61. ‘Ya está en todas partes’: La demora en las pruebas retrasó la respuesta de Estados Unidos ante el coronavirus en Español, March 11

    El gobierno federal perdió varias oportunidades de garantizar pruebas más generalizadas durante los primeros días del brote, cuando contener el virus habría sido más sencillo.

  62. Banned Events. Empty Arenas. Cities Retrench in the Face of Coronavirus. U.S., March 11

    The strict new controls on events in the Northwest are an attempt to slow the spread of a virus that already has taken 24 lives in Washington State.

  63. Please, Listen to Experts About the Coronavirus. Then Step Up. Opinion, March 11

    This crisis has an absence of authority. Let’s fill it.

  64. Supreme Court Revives ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy for Asylum Seekers U.S., March 11

    A federal appeals court had found that the policy, which was put in place early last year, violated federal and international law.

  65. A ‘New Normal’ for Hospitals on the Front Lines Fighting Coronavirus U.S., March 11

    A look inside the suburban hospital in Kirkland, Wash., where 15 coronavirus patients have died.

  66. Why the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus Podcasts, March 11

    “Are we ready to respond to a pandemic? I fear the answer is no,” one senior U.S. health official said in 2018.

  67. Biden Takes Command of Race, Winning Four States Including Michigan U.S., March 10

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. widened his advantage over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race, capturing Mississippi and Missouri as well as Michigan, with support from both black and white voters.

  68. ‘It’s Just Everywhere Already’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response U.S., March 10

    A series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing came during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier.

  69. A Botnet Is Taken Down in an Operation by Microsoft, Not the Government U.S., March 10

    Employees had tracked the group, believed to be based in Russia, as it hijacked nine million computers around the world to send spam emails meant to defraud unsuspecting victims.

  70. Remote Learning Comes to America as Coronavirus Shuts Schools Interactive, March 10

    Facing the threat of the coronavirus, schools around the country are trying a new experiment in distance learning on a mass scale. We followed one family through the experience.

  71. Nursing Homes Becoming Islands of Isolation Amid ‘Shocking’ Mortality Rate U.S., March 10

    With the deaths of 18 residents in a single nursing home amid a coronavirus outbreak in Washington State, industry leaders recommend strict limits on visits at nursing homes across the country.

  72. Highlights From Democratic Primary Results: Joe Biden Wins Four States U.S., March 10

    Follow along as our reporters provide real-time analysis of the results of presidential primaries in six states.

  73. She’s Been a Nurse for 10 Years. Panic Has Finally Arrived. Opinion, March 10

    Lasana Bridges is on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic. “There’s no magic pill to take care of it.”

  74. Epic, Ikon and Mountain Collective: Updates to Next Year’s Ski Passes Travel, March 10

    Multimountain passes for 2020-21 are now on sale, and there are plenty of incentives to buying early.

  75. Running Thousands of Miles in Search of Yourself Books, March 9

    Noé Álvarez’s debut memoir, “Spirit Run,” chronicles the 6,000-mile marathon he undertook to connect with his Indigenous heritage — and his American present.

  76. When the Ocean Gives You Plastic, Make Animals Arts, March 9

    The Washed Ashore nonprofit collects garbage on the Oregon coast and creates sculptures of animals whose health is endangered by the trash they are made of.

  77. Coronavirus and 2020 Elections: What Happens to Voting in an Outbreak U.S., March 9

    Washington State, a center of the virus outbreak, holds its primary on Tuesday. Officials — and the presidential candidates — know there could be much bigger challenges to come.

  78. Feminists Arm Themselves With Art Arts, March 8

    As the U.S. election approaches, feminism takes center stage at scores of art institutions across the country.

  79. Bringing Human Migration Closer to Home Arts, March 8

    As a global refugee crisis sped up and spread out, curators at a New Mexico museum spent two years reshaping a show about people on the move.

  80. Nursing Home Hit by Coronavirus Says 70 Workers Are Sick U.S., March 7

    As a federal team arrived to help, a spokesman for the Kirkland, Wash., center said 70 staff members were out with symptoms that resembled coronavirus.

  81. Coronavirus Closed This Starbucks, but Seattle Needs Its Coffee U.S., March 7

    “Seattle is freaking out,” one man said as he passed a Starbucks in downtown Seattle that was closed after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

  82. Trump, His Eye on the Border, Overlooked the Coronavirus Threat Opinion, March 7

    His insistence that the danger was overseas and could be kept out led officials to downplay the disease’s spread and the need for tests.

  83. Coronavirus Hits a Nursing Home and a Retirement Complex in Seattle Area U.S., March 6

    The facilities reported coronavirus cases among their residents on Friday, capping a week that included 10 deaths linked to another nursing home in the region.

  84. Overlooked No More: Audrey Sutherland, Paddler of Her Own Canoe Obituaries, March 6

    Long before solo adventure travel became a trend among women, Sutherland was a pioneer, traveling around the world in her inflatable kayak.

  85. How to Help Protect a Family Member in a Nursing Home U.S., March 6

    Residents of care facilities can be especially vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. Here’s what you can do to help.

  86. In Las Vegas, the Home-Style Pizza Is an Everything Pie Travel, March 6

    The city has developed a thriving pizza scene, embracing the influence of outsiders who bring hometown ideas to a city without a pizza style of its own.

  87. From Coughing Fits to Closings, Cultural World Girds for Coronavirus Arts, March 6

    Museums, theaters and concert halls in the United States are steeling themselves for fearful patrons, lighter crowds and possible government shutdowns.

  88. Coronavirus School Closings: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late Opinion, March 6

    History teaches us that keeping children at home early in an outbreak can save lives.

  89. ‘It’s a Weird Feeling’: Seattle Hunkers Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak U.S., March 5

    County officials have urged people to telecommute. Streets were quieter than usual. Coffee sales dropped.

  90. Life in Seattle, America’s Coronavirus Capital Opinion, March 5

    The crisis is forcing a tech boomtown to hit pause.

  91. Workplace vs. Coronavirus: ‘No One Has a Playbook for This’ Business, March 5

    The deadly disease has arrived in some offices, and employers are figuring out how to adapt.

  92. ‘The Most Important Person on the Planet’ Opinion, March 5

    All eyes on Montana.

  93. The Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington State Podcasts, March 5

    “It’s fear, it’s every bad emotion you could have.” One woman fights to help her mother on lockdown in a virus-affected nursing home.

  94. Steve Bullock Is Poised to Run for Senate in Montana, Officials Say U.S., March 4

    After months of insisting he would not challenge the Republican incumbent, Mr. Bullock, the governor and ex-Democratic presidential candidate, has until Monday to file to run in Montana.

  95. $1.7 Million Homes in Wisconsin, Arizona and New Jersey Real Estate, March 4

    A Tudor Revival home near Milwaukee, an adobe house in Scottsdale and a condominium in a 19th-century Jacobean-style estate in Princeton.

  96. What You Get for $1.7 Million Slideshow, March 4

    A Tudor Revival home near Milwaukee; an adobe house in Scottsdale, Ariz.; and a condo in a 19th-century Jacobean-style estate in Princeton, N.J.

  97. Colorado Polls: Who Different Groups Supported Interactive, March 4

  98. Utah Primary Forecast Interactive, March 4

  99. Live Results: Utah Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, March 4

  100. Colorado Primary Forecast Interactive, March 4

  101. Colorado Presidential Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, March 4

  102. Live Results: Colorado Presidential Primary 2020 Interactive, March 4

  103. Utah Presidential Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, March 4

  104. Coronavirus Deaths at Nursing Center Came Earlier Than Anyone Knew U.S., March 3

    “They are prisoners with no information in there,” said a relative of a resident of the nursing center where dozens of patients remain, waiting in their rooms.

  105. What Happens in Vegas if No One Stays in Vegas? Business, March 3

    Companies that rely on people traveling around the globe for business and pleasure are struggling to predict exactly how the coronavirus will ultimately affect them.

  106. Worship in the Age of Coronavirus: Prayer, Elbow Bumps, Hand Sanitizer U.S., March 3

    As coronavirus spreads, churches, synagogues and mosques are taking precautions and adjusting their worship traditions.

  107. ¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre el coronavirus y una gripe? en Español, March 2

    A medida que aparecen nuevos casos fuera de China, algunas personas, como el presidente de Estados Unidos, lo comparan con la gripe estacional. Aquí abordamos las diferencias entre ambos.

  108. ‘When Is It Going to End?’: Where Coronavirus Has Turned Deadly in the U.S. U.S., March 2

    Four residents of a nursing care facility in suburban Seattle have died, and the surrounding community is taking extraordinary steps to contain the virus.

  109. Here Are All the Known Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. (There Are Probably More.) U.S., March 2

    More than 100 patients with the illness have been treated in 15 states, according to a Times database. Those numbers are growing quickly.

  110. A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research Climate, March 2

    An Interior Department official has pressed scientists to include misleading climate language—including debunked claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial—into their work.

  111. 2nd Death Near Seattle Adds to Signs Virus Is Spreading in U.S. U.S., March 1

    Officials see growing indications that the coronavirus has been spreading undetected for weeks. A cluster of cases at one nursing home have made Kirkland, Wash., a focus of concern.

  112. Coronavirus May Have Spread in U.S. for Weeks, Gene Sequencing Suggests Health, March 1

    Two cases detected weeks apart in Washington State had genetic links, suggesting that many more people in the area may be infected.

  113. How Does the Coronavirus Compare With the Flu? Health, February 29

    As new cases appear on the West Coast, some — including the president — are comparing it to the seasonal flu. Here’s a close look at the differences.

  114. Ready for South Carolina? This Week in the 2020 Race U.S., February 29

    Joe Biden is looking to win Saturday’s primary as some Democrats worry about Bernie Sanders’s momentum coming out of the Nevada caucuses.

  115. Who Will Care For Society’s Forgotten? Opinion, February 28

    Housecall Providers, an organization in Portland, Ore., provides end-of-life care for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

  116. Who Will Care For Society’s Forgotten? Opinion, February 28

    Housecall Providers, an organization in Portland, Ore., provides end-of-life care for the city’s most vulnerable residents.