1. The Rise, and Hard-Won Joys, of Freshwater Surfing T Style, Yesterday

    No longer confined to Hawaii, Southern California and Australia, the sport’s landlocked version is a testament to the art of making do.

  2. Richard Russell Stole a Plane in Seattle and Crashed It. How’d He Learn to Fly? Express, August 12

    Flight instructors and aviation experts were split on whether video games and simulations could prepare someone to operate a real plane.

  3. Strong Women on the March at Seattle Art Fair Culture, August 12

    In a city where power, gender and technology converge, artists ask hard questions about diversity.

  4. Hawaii Primary Election Results Interactive, August 11

    See full results and maps from the Hawaii primaries.

  5. F.B.I. Agent Told the Truth, Jury Finds. He Did Not Fire His Gun During Militia Standoff. National, August 10

    An F.B.I. agent was found not guilty of lying about firing his gun during a 2016 confrontation in Oregon when a leader of an armed militia was killed.

  6. DNA Links Colorado Murders From 34 Years Ago to an Inmate Express, August 10

    The gruesome murders outside Denver in 1984 remained unsolved until DNA found at the crime scenes was matched to a Nevada inmate last month, the authorities said.

  7. On a Ramshackle Compound in New Mexico, a Dead Boy and a Mystery National, August 9

    Authorities are trying to understand what led to the death of a 3-year-old boy on a compound where 11 other children and five adults were living in squalor.

  8. What to Pack for a Trip to Boise, Idaho Travel, August 9

    A combination of natural beauty and urban charm that will startle only people who have never visited before, Boise has a lot to offer. Food, history and more await — but before you visit, pack these essentials.

  9. 36 Hours in Boise (and Beyond) Travel, August 9

    Once a hardscrabble stop on the Oregon Trail, Idaho’s capital combines remnants of frontier charm with an appreciation of fine food, local history and Basque culture. And beyond its urban borders, nature beckons.

  10. Prosecutors Investigate Whether Children Were Being Trained to Carry Out School Shootings Express, August 8

    A foster parent of a child found last week at a New Mexico compound told the authorities that adults there had trained the child to use an assault rifle to carry out school shootings.

  11. Letter of Recommendation: Urban Fly-Fishing Magazine, August 8

    You don’t have to escape to Montana to take part in the sport. You can do it right in Central Park.

  12. Boy’s Body Discovered at New Mexico Compound Where 11 Malnourished Children Were Found Express, August 7

    It is unclear whether the body is that of a Georgia boy whose disappearance in December eventually led the authorities to raid the compound on Friday.

  13. At Vail, Tiler Peck Choreographs and Michelle Dorrance Wows Culture, August 7

    The Vail Dance Festival presented new works by Ms. Peck, a first for her; Pam Tanowitz, Justin Peck and a collective led by Michelle Dorrance.

  14. Paul Laxalt, Senator From Nevada and Reagan Confidant, Dies at 96 Obits, August 6

    Known for a firm conservatism conveyed courteously, Mr. Laxalt developed a relationship with Ronald Reagan when they were governors of neighboring states.

  15. 11 Children Found in ‘Filthy’ New Mexico Compound, Sheriff Says Express, August 6

    While looking for a missing 4-year-old boy from Georgia, investigators raided a makeshift desert compound and found 16 malnourished adults and children. The 4-year-old is still missing.

  16. Accused of Harassment, and Seeking Redemption at the Ballot Box National, August 5

    Politicians across the country who have been accused of sexual harassment or other misconduct are running for office anyway. Some deny wrongdoing; others ask for a second chance.

  17. Man Found in Cafe Freezer Attacks Worker, Then Dies, Police Say Metro, August 5

    The police said the man, from Arizona, attacked an employee with a kitchen knife. Other workers helped wrestle the man to the floor.

  18. At Vail Festival, Dance Artists Renew and Extend Themselves Culture, August 5

    Artists tackled new idioms, developed partnerships and worked on choreographic premieres at the festival’s core presentations.

  19. Portland Protest Points to a Deeper Divide Over the City’s Identity National, August 4

    A rally of far-right groups and counterprotesters signals the glaring disparity between Portland’s racist history and its image today as a liberal bastion.

  20. Make It So: Patrick Stewart to Reprise Jean-Luc Picard in New ‘Star Trek’ Show Culture, August 4

    Mr. Stewart announced his return to the role, for a new show on the streaming service CBS All Access, in a surprise convention appearance on Saturday.

  21. Las Vegas Police Release Final Report on Massacre, With Still No Idea of Motive National, August 3

    A 187-page report examining the Oct. 1 attack found evidence of a gunman with a “troubled mind” but no indication that he would commit such a massacre.

  22. 2 Workers at Arizona Migrant Children Centers Are Charged With Sexual Abuse Express, August 3

    The authorities recently detailed the charges against the men, Fernando Magaz Negrete and Levian D. Pacheco, who worked at centers operated by Southwest Key Programs.

  23. 100 Goats, Chewing Everything, Invade Boise Neighborhood Express, August 3

    “You would assume the homeowners were upset that their lawns were being destroyed, but everyone was enjoying it,” a local reporter said.

  24. See the Scars That Oil Exploration Cut Across Alaska’s Wilderness Climate, August 3

    A huge grid covers the landscape just outside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, from seismic testing for oil and gas. Parts of the refuge itself could soon look the same way.

  25. Colorado Man Who Killed Naked Intruder Is Fatally Shot by the Police Express, August 2

    The authorities say that Richard Black Jr. of Aurora may not have heard repeated orders to put down his gun.

  26. Whose Bones Has North Korea Returned? It May Take Years to Know. National, August 1

    Judging by past recoveries, the 55 caskets delivered on Wednesday to a government lab in Hawaii are likely to contain a jumble of bones and few reliable clues to their identity.

  27. $1.9 Million Homes in California, Alaska and Louisiana Real Estate, August 1

    A Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, a modernist home in Anchorage and a renovated 19th-century house in New Orleans.

  28. What You Get for $1.9 Million Slideshow, August 1

    A Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, a modernist home in Anchorage and a renovated 19th-century house in New Orleans.

  29. Chicago Chain Kept Hawaiian Restaurants From Using ‘Aloha Poke’ Name Express, July 31

    The chain, Aloha Poke Co., which sent cease-and-desist letters to restaurants with similar names, has apologized after being accused of cultural appropriation.

  30. My Glorious Brown Lawn Op Ed, July 27

    I shut down the sprinkler system and tested a new aesthetic. To my delight, I discovered that it’s beautiful.

  31. Grieving Orca Carries Dead Calf for More Than 3 Days: ‘She’s Just Not Letting Go’ Express, July 27

    The calf, part of a declining population of orca whales in the Pacific Northwest, was the first born in the area since 2015.

  32. Idaho Inmates Hacked Prison Service for $225,000 in Credit Express, July 27

    A total of 364 prisoners at five correctional facilities found a way to inflate their JPay account balances, officials discovered this month.

  33. Prison Inmates in Idaho Hacked Service for $225,000 in Credit U.S., July 27

    A total of 364 prisoners at five correctional facilities found a way to inflate their JPay account balances, officials discovered this month.

  34. Colorado Group Says Thousands of Signatures for Anti-Fracking Measure Are Missing National, July 26

    A political consultant hired to gather the signatures for a group pushing an anti-fracking measure took the signed petitions after a contract dispute, the lawsuit says.

  35. Oregon Judge Rules in Favor of Transgender Students in Bathroom Case Express, July 26

    A federal judge said in an opinion that barring transgender students from using bathrooms for the gender they identify with would violate civil rights law.

  36. 3 American Rieslings to Drink Right Now Dining, July 26

    The riesling grape is particularly expressive of a sense of place. How do these three bottles, from New York, Oregon and California compare?

  37. Raymond Hunthausen, Liberal Archbishop Rebuked by Rome, Dies at 96 Obits, July 25

    He was temporarily stripped of some powers by the Vatican in a struggle with conservatives that deepened a rift with American bishops.

  38. Waymo Teams Up With Walmart, Avis and Others for Short Driverless Rides Business, July 25

    The autonomous vehicle company spun off from Google is offering people in the Phoenix area rides for running errands.

  39. $1.3 Million Homes in Massachusetts, Washington and New Mexico Real Estate, July 25

    A 1783 shingled house on Cape Cod, a 1927 Tudor in Seattle and an adobe-style house in Santa Fe.

  40. What You Get for $1.3 Million Slideshow, July 25

    A 1783 shingled house in East Dennis, Mass.; a 1927 Tudor in Seattle; and an adobe-style house in Santa Fe, N.M.

  41. Montana Governor Sues I.R.S., Warning of ‘Foreign Money’ in Elections Politics, July 24

    Steve Bullock of Montana, a Democrat, is challenging a Trump administration move to stop making nonprofit groups disclose their major donors to the government.

  42. Family History Haunts G.O.P. Candidate for Governor in Colorado National, July 24

    Walker Stapleton, a candidate for governor, finds himself attempting to lead voters into the future as the state grapples with his family’s past.

  43. Police May Seek Hate-Crime Charge in Attack on Latino Mayor National, July 24

    Mayor Jimmy Matta of Burien, Wash., a Seattle suburb, reported being assaulted by a man angry over the city’s growing Latino population and “sanctuary city” policy.

  44. F.B.I. Agent Faces Trial Over Deadly Clash in Oregon Washington, July 24

    The agent, who is a part of the F.B.I.’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, is accused of lying about a deadly clash at a federal wildlife refuge that killed a prominent anti-government activist.

  45. Suing Las Vegas Victims Got Headlines. Outcome Could Be Big News, Too. Business, July 23

    MGM Resorts’s maneuver sets up the first legal test of an antiterrorism law that is meant to protect companies that develop innovative security products.

  46. Drive Against Gerrymandering Finds New Life in Ballot Initiatives National, July 23

    Groundswells of voter support are advancing measures in five states to end the tailoring of district maps for maximum partisan advantage, without waiting for the Supreme Court to decide the issue.

  47. Transgender Woman Says CVS Pharmacist Refused to Fill Hormone Prescription Express, July 20

    An Arizona woman said a pharmacist denied the prescription in April. The pharmacist is no longer employed by the company, a CVS spokesman said.

  48. A Case Against Marijuana Op Ed, July 20

    Also: President Trump’s own intelligence director defies him — on stage.

  49. Mormon Church Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit Accusing Ex-Church Leader of Rape Express, July 19

    The church and the man accused of rape, a former leader of the church’s Missionary Training Center in Utah, cited statutes of limitations.

  50. The Water Wars of Arizona Magazine, July 19

    Attracted by lax regulations, industrial agriculture has descended on a remote valley, depleting its aquifer — leaving many residents with no water at all.

  51. We Can’t Burn It All Down (Even Though Sometimes We Want To) Podcasts, July 19

    An explosive moment at the Tin House Summer Workshop prompted us to consider what it means for an institution to really commit itself to inclusion.

  52. $850,000 Homes in New York, Indiana and Oregon Real Estate, July 18

    A converted 1860s stable in Tappan, a renovated 1910 home in Indianapolis and a hillside house in Portland.

  53. What You Get for $850,000 Slideshow, July 18

    A converted 1860s stable in Tappan, N.Y.; a renovated 1910 home in Indianapolis; and a hillside house in Portland, Ore.

  54. MGM Resorts Sues 1,000 Victims of Las Vegas Shooting, Seeking to Avoid Liability National, July 17

    The owner of the Mandalay Bay is arguing that a post-Sept. 11 law should protect it from lawsuits because the shooting qualifies as an “act of terrorism.”

  55. The Age of the Downloadable Gun Begins Op Ed, July 17

    The government has just made it easier for terrorists and criminals to produce deadly weapons with an inexpensive 3-D printer.

  56. Molten Rock Injures 23 on Boat in Hawaii Video, July 17

    Tourists onboard were there to watch lava from the Kilauea volcano flow off the Big Island into the ocean.

  57. Lava Bomb Hits Tourist Boat in Hawaii, Injuring 23 Express, July 17

    A basketball-size chunk of molten rock hurtled into the roof of a tourist boat that was sailing off Hawaii’s Big Island.

  58. They Bonded as the Pacific Crest Trail Burned. Now They Heal It. National, July 17

    Mark Beebe and Tara Prevo met over online conversations about hiking the famed trail. A year later, they’re together, and out fixing the wildfire-charred path.

  59. Restoring the West’s Burned Rangeland, With Seeds and a Pasta Machine National, July 17

    Wildfire has destroyed acres of rangeland. Now scientists are trying to restore it. Sagebrush, it turns out, doesn’t just fix itself.

  60. A Housing Paradox in Progressive Cities Letters, July 16

    A reader writes that “it’s impossible to solve the housing crisis without significant new development, and that means that neighborhoods must change.”

  61. An Alaska National Park as Big as Connecticut. Annual Visitors? 23,000. Travel, July 16

    You can get to gorgeous Lake Clark National Park and Preserve only by boat or plane. That’s kept the hordes away.