1. Your Brain Waves Are Up for Sale. A New Law Wants to Change That. Science, Today

    In a first, a Colorado law extends privacy rights to the neural data increasingly coveted by technology companies.

  2. Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States U.S., Today

    Georgia, Michigan and Nevada have already brought charges against people who posed as electors for Donald Trump, and Arizona and Wisconsin have active investigations.

  3. As Lahaina Burned, Fire Crews Waited an Hour for Equipment U.S., Today

    A new analysis of the August inferno on the island of Maui in Hawaii described heroic efforts by firefighters. But it also found many ways the town could have been better prepared.

  4. Arizona Republicans Again Block Effort to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., Today

    The state has been in turmoil since its Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban dating back to the Civil War.

  5. $1.4 Million Homes in North Carolina, Idaho and Connecticut Real Estate, Today

    A Tudor Revival cottage in Biltmore Forest, a ranch house and guesthouse in Boise and a 1991 home in Kent.

  6. Inside the Late-Night Parties Where Hawaii Politicians Raked In Money U.S., Today

    After the state passed a law barring government contractors from donating to politicians, fund-raising parties showed just how completely the reform effort failed.

  7. Kari Lake Urges Supporters to Arm Themselves Ahead of Election U.S., Today

    “We are going to put on the armor of God,” the Arizona Republican candidate for Senate said to cheering supporters. “And maybe strap on a Glock on the side of us just in case.”

  8. Man Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for Kidnapping F.B.I. Worker U.S., Yesterday

    Juan Alvarez-Sorto and two other people were on a drug trafficking trip in 2022 when they carjacked an S.U.V. belonging to a crime victim specialist, federal prosecutors said.

  9. Interior Said to Reject Industrial Road Through Alaskan Wilderness Climate, Yesterday

    A mining company wants to build a 211-mile industrial road through Alaskan wilderness to reach a large copper deposit. The Interior Department says it would harm wildlife and communities.

  10. The Smothering of Abortion Rights Reveals Something Else About Republicans Opinion, Yesterday

    Both the federal and the Arizona Supreme Courts have conjured a past that rejects the right to bodily autonomy.

  11. Under Pressure From Trump, Arizona Republicans Weigh Response to 1864 Abortion Ban U.S., Yesterday

    Liberal activists are proposing a ballot measure that would enshrine the right to an abortion in the state Constitution. Republicans in the State Legislature are considering plans to undermine it.

  12. Philharmonic Sidelines 2 Players It Tried to Fire for Misconduct Arts, April 15

    The New York Philharmonic said the musicians would not perform for now, after a magazine article brought new attention to allegations of misconduct. They have denied wrongdoing.

  13. Owners of Funeral Home With Decaying Bodies Are Charged With Covid Relief Fraud U.S., April 15

    Originally charged after 190 decomposing bodies were found at their Colorado funeral home, the couple now face federal charges that they fraudulently obtained $880,000 in relief funds.

  14. Supreme Court Clears Way, for Now, for Idaho to Ban Transgender Treatment for Minors U.S., April 15

    The Idaho attorney general had asked the justices to move swiftly to let the state law, which would ban gender-affirming medical care for minors, go into effect.

  15. ‘Rust’ Armorer Is Sentenced to 18 Months for Involuntary Manslaughter Arts, April 15

    The armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, got the maximum sentence for loading a live round into a gun on a film set, leading to the death of Halyna Hutchins, the movie’s cinematographer.

  16. Severe Storms Expected in the Plains and Midwest U.S., April 15

    Large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain and isolated tornadoes are expected on Monday in the Plains before moving into the Midwest on Tuesday.

  17. How Women at One Arizona Clinic Are Grappling With the Abortion Ruling National, April 14

    Inside Acacia Women’s Center, patients described a mix of fear, anger and anxiety after the State Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate a law that bans nearly all abortions.

  18. Dana White, Donald Trump and the Rise of Cage-Match Politics Sunday Business, April 14

    White, chief executive of the bloody and beloved Ultimate Fighting Championship, has shot to the peak of Trump-era culture and political influence. What does he want?

  19. S’mores Kits? Saunas? Short-Term Rental Hosts Scramble to Stand Out. Real Estate, April 14

    More hosts are fighting over fewer guests, driving down prices and forcing the hosts to find creative ways to entice renters.

  20. Wyoming Democratic Caucus Results Interactive, April 13

    Get live election results and maps from the 2024 Wyoming Democratic presidential caucus.

  21. The April 12 Election Trump Biden News live blog included one standalone post:
  22. Harris Blasts Trump on Abortion at Arizona Campaign Stop Politics, April 12

    At a rally in Tucson, Ariz., days after the state’s top court upheld a near-total ban on abortion, Vice President Kamala Harris placed the blame directly on former President Donald J. Trump.

  23. Harris Blasts Trump on Abortion in Arizona Video, April 12

    During a campaign rally, Vice President Kamala Harris blamed former President Donald J. Trump for the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold a near-total ban on abortion.

  24. Republican Women Are Divided on Abortion as Bans Spread National, April 12

    Across the country, fractures are emerging among conservative and centrist women, as they confront a steady drumbeat of new abortion restrictions and court rulings.

  25. Mistaken Autopsy Report Compounds Grief After a Balloon Pilot’s Death Express, April 12

    The pilot, Cornelius van der Walt, died in a crash in Arizona that also killed three others. While the autopsy found he had ketamine in his system, it had been administered by medics after the crash.

  26. Kamala Harris, Traveling to Arizona, Will Slam Trump Over Abortion Politics, April 12

    The vice president is set to lean into a partywide attack on Donald Trump and fellow Republicans, who are newly on the defensive over the issue.

  27. Abortion Is Dividing the ‘Religious’ From the ‘Right’ Op Ed, April 12

    Does God have to be Republican?

  28. Kari Lake Backs G.O.P. Effort to Drop 1864 Abortion Law in Favor of 15-Week Ban Politics, April 11

    The Senate candidate and Donald Trump ally is supporting a handful of state Republicans who have backed away from a near-total ban that was upheld by the State Supreme Court this week.

  29. The Great Hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement Op Ed, April 11

    There is no longer a truly pro-life party in the United States.

  30. Democrats Hammer a Simple Attack on Abortion: Donald Trump Did This Politics, April 11

    The party is unifying around a blunt message that Vice President Kamala Harris pushed for privately ahead of her Friday trip to Arizona, where Democrats hope to keep Republicans reeling.

  31. Apple Lifts Some Restrictions on iPhone Repairs Business, April 11

    This fall, the company will begin allowing customers to replace broken parts with used iPhone components without its previous software limits.

  32. The April 11 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  33. Now Arriving at an Airport Lounge Near You: Peloton Bikes, Nap Pods and Caviar Service Travel, April 11

    In recent months, a handful of exclusive credit card lounges have opened in airports in the United States. More are coming this year.

  34. Akebono, First Foreign-Born Sumo Grand Champion, Dies at 54 Obits, April 11

    Born in Hawaii, he moved to Japan in 1988 and won 11 grand championships. His success drove a resurgence in the sport’s popularity.

  35. How the G.O.P. Molded the Arizona Court That Upheld the Abortion Ban National, April 10

    Arizona’s former governor, Doug Ducey, expanded the court to seven justices. All solid conservatives, they upheld a 160-year-old abortion ban that presents a political risk to Republicans.

  36. In Arizona’s Crucial Senate Race, a Liberal Fighter Courts the Center Politics, April 10

    Ruben Gallego has long embraced his progressive background. Now, with his state newly in the spotlight over abortion politics, he’s getting tough on the border and targeting swing voters.

  37. Arizona Republicans Thwart Attempts to Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban National, April 10

    Democrats in both houses of the Legislature were blocked from advancing bills to roll back the reinstated ban on nearly all abortions in the state.

  38. Trump Says He Wouldn’t Sign a Federal Abortion Ban, Criticizing Arizona Ruling Politics, April 10

    Days after he said that abortion policies should be left to the states, former President Donald J. Trump criticized an Arizona court ruling that upheld an 1864 law.

  39. Trump Criticizes Arizona Abortion Ban Video, April 10

    During a campaign stop in Atlanta, former President Donald J. Trump said that the Arizona abortion ruling went too far, adding that it will be “straightened out.”

  40. Fixing the Quality Problems at Boeing Letters, April 10

    Readers discuss Boeing’s woes. Also: Arizona’s abortion ban; student loans; “nice” countries; “pro-humanity” protesters; caring about fish.

  41. Hawaii Locals Recommend Their Favorite Shave Ice Shops T Style, April 10

    Cups of flaky ice topped with flavored syrups are easy to find in the state. But the best shops set themselves apart with fresh ingredients and old-school charm.

  42. The History Behind Arizona’s 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban Science, April 10

    The state’s Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law is enforceable today. Here is what led to its enactment.

  43. Kari Lake Called Arizona’s Abortion Ban a ‘Great Law,’ but Now She Denounces It Politics, April 10

    In her 2022 race for governor, Ms. Lake delivered a strict anti-abortion message. Now running for Senate, she is retreating from that position.

  44. Arizona’s 1864 Abortion Law, and New Boeing Allegations Podcasts, April 10

    Plus, the fight against “forever chemicals.”

  45. Arizona Ruling Spurs Strong Reactions, but Election Impact Is Unclear National, April 10

    Some in the battleground state said they would still vote for former President Donald J. Trump even if they were frustrated by the reversal of abortion rights.

  46. What We Know About the Arizona Abortion Ban National, April 10

    The state’s highest court upheld an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions. Here’s what to know about the ruling.

  47. Biden Condemns Arizona’s Abortion Ban as ‘Cruel’ and ‘Extreme’ Washington, April 9

    President Biden, who promised to continue to fight for the restoration of Roe v. Wade, said the ban was first enacted “well before women had secured the right to vote.”

  48. Abortion Jumps to the Center of Arizona’s Key 2024 Races Politics, April 9

    Democrats quickly aimed to capitalize on a ruling by the state’s highest court upholding an 1864 law that bans nearly all abortions.

  49. Arizona Reinstates 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban National, April 9

    The state’s highest court said the law, moribund for decades under Roe v. Wade, was now enforceable, but it put its decision on hold for a lower court to hear other challenges to the law.

  50. Swing-State Republicans Embrace Trump’s New Abortion Stance Politics, April 9

    Several of the party’s candidates, particularly those in battleground states, said they favored letting states regulate the procedure instead of having a national ban.

  51. The April 9 Biden Trump Election live blog included one standalone post:
  52. What Happened When Captain Cook Went Crazy Book Review, April 9

    In “The Wide Wide Sea,” Hampton Sides offers a fuller picture of the British explorer’s final voyage to the Pacific islands.

  53. Lawyer Kills His Son’s Ex-Wife and Her Current Husband at Las Vegas Law Firm Express, April 8

    The police said that the shooting had happened during a deposition in a child custody case.

  54. Prosecutors Defend Case Against Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’ Shooting Culture, April 8

    As the actor’s defense team seeks the dismissal of the involuntary manslaughter indictment, the prosecution detailed some of the factors that led it to seek charges.

  55. TSMC Will Receive $6.6 Billion to Bolster U.S. Chip Manufacturing Washington, April 8

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company plans to build an additional factory and upgrade another planned facility in Phoenix with the federal grants.

  56. Skip the Traffic: Commuters Turn to Ferries to Get Around Business, April 8

    Ferry ridership took a hit during the pandemic. But new terminals, additional routes and faster, smaller boats are driving a new era of water transportation and development.

  57. Southwest Jet Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Cover Falls Off Express, April 7

    The plane, a Boeing 737-800, returned safely to Denver on Sunday after the crew reported that the cover came apart during takeoff and struck a wing flap. No injuries were reported.

  58. Can Minor League Baseball Survive Its Real Estate Problems? Sunday Business, April 7

    The fight over a new stadium for the Eugene Emeralds highlights a wider challenge for cheaper alternatives to big-league live sports.

  59. Grunge: A Dull Date, the Sound of Seattle, a ‘Time Capsule’ Insider, April 7

    The New York Times has a long and complicated history with the word grunge. Let’s get down and dingy in it.

  60. High Winds Create ‘Critical’ Fire Risk in Parts of Central U.S. Express, April 6

    Millions of people across the West were under high wind warnings or fire danger alerts. Powerful winds in Oklahoma and Colorado fueled fires.

  61. Sickened by U.S. Nuclear Program, Communities Turn to Congress for Aid Washington, April 6

    In St. Louis and around the country, people harmed by the drive for an atomic bomb have been shut out of a federal law enacted to help such victims.

  62. Lou Whittaker, Mountain Adventurer and Entrepreneur, Dies at 95 Obits, April 5

    While his identical twin was the first American to summit Everest, he was best known for his devotion to Mount Rainier, the peak of their youth.

  63. Her Art Is at Odds With Museums, and Museums Can’t Get Enough Arts & Leisure, April 5

    Gala Porras-Kim has confronted the restitution of cultural artifacts and now — with melting Antarctic ice — climate change.

  64. Inside a G.O.P. Plan to Encourage Early Voting Despite Trump’s Attacks Politics, April 4

    Donald Trump’s falsehoods about mail voting have created a strategic disadvantage for Republicans, who must rely on Election Day turnout. The group Turning Point Action has a $100 million plan to change voters’ habits.

  65. 100,000 Live Salmon Spilled Off a Truck. Most Landed in a Creek and Lived. Express, April 3

    A tanker carrying young salmon crashed. But most of the fish flopped into a creek and “hit the water running,” a wildlife official said.

  66. Lauren Boebert Has Blood Clot Removed After Hospitalization for Leg Swelling Politics, April 3

    The far-right firebrand from Colorado, who is part of a slim Republican majority in the House, is expected to make a full recovery, her campaign said.

  67. $3.2 Million Homes in New York, Georgia and Utah Real Estate, April 3

    A 19th-century farmhouse with a guesthouse in Leeds, an 1850 townhouse in Savannah and a 1927 home in Salt Lake City.

  68. How a Pandemic Boom Led to a ‘Property Tax Mess’ in Colorado National, April 3

    A surge of new residents into Rocky Mountain states drove up home prices. The result was property tax increases of 40 percent or more for some of those already there.

  69. Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Revive Washington State Voting Map Said to Hurt Hispanics Washington, April 2

    A federal judge ruled that a state voting district diluted the ability of Latino voters to elect their preferred candidates.

  70. Sticks. And the People Who Love Them. Styles, April 2

    Those who appreciate “something as basic as a stick” are sharing their enthusiasm through a newly popular Instagram account.

  71. Ruben Gallego, Democratic Senate Candidate in Arizona, Raises $7.5 Million Politics, April 2

    The congressman’s campaign said it had more than $9.6 million cash on hand as it looks toward a fall race against Kari Lake, a Trump ally, who has yet to announce first-quarter fund-raising figures.

  72. Lou Conter, Last Survivor of the Battleship Arizona, Dies at 102 Obits, April 1

    Escaping injury in the Japanese attack on the ship in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, he went on to help in recovering bodies and putting out fires.

  73. Oregon Is Recriminalizing Drugs. Here’s What Portland Learned. National, April 1

    Oregon’s governor has signed a measure to reimpose criminal penalties for hard drugs. Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland talks about why the experiment “failed.”

  74. Tropicana Las Vegas Closing Tuesday to Make Way for a Baseball Stadium Express, April 1

    The hotel and casino opened in 1957. A Major League Baseball stadium will rise in its place.

  75. What to Know About the Bird Flu Outbreak in Dairy Cows Science, April 1

    The infections, which include one associated human case, add another worrying wrinkle to a global outbreak that has devastated bird and marine mammal populations.

  76. ‘Star Trek’ Fan Leaves Behind a Collection Like No One Has Done Before Express, April 1

    When Troy Nelson died, his shelves were filled to the rafters with memorabilia from the popular franchise. Soon, the massive collection will be boldly going, going, gone.

  77. Storm Brings Heavy Rain and Snow to Parts of California Express, March 30

    Los Angeles recorded two to four inches of rain as of Sunday morning. Parts of Santa Barbara County got more than six inches of rain, the National Weather Service said.

  78. A Look at Washington State’s ‘Strippers’ Bill of Rights’ Express, March 30

    Signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee, the legislation provides wide-ranging protections for adult dancers.

  79. Sailor’s Remains Identified 82 Years After Pearl Harbor Express, March 29

    David Walker, 19, of Norfolk, Va., was a mess attendant aboard the U.S.S. California. Officials used advanced forensic technology to identify his remains.

  80. Why It’s So Expensive to Live in Phoenix Business, March 29

    Arizona is a presidential election battleground state, and a dire shortage of affordable housing there is sowing economic anxiety among voters.

  81. Can Reed Hastings Disrupt Skiing? Travel, March 29

    The Netflix co-founder bought Powder Mountain, in Utah, and is turning half of it into a private club for wealthy homeowners who pay a hefty annual fee. Will the public-private model fly?

  82. Bogus Election Fraud Claims Still Run Rampant in Maricopa County Politics, March 28

    Ever since Donald Trump’s 2020 loss, election officials in Arizona’s largest county have faced relentless harassment. But one official got good news this week in a defamation case against Kari Lake.

  83. Fretting About Election-Year Deep Fakes, States Roll Out New Rules for A.I. Content Politics, March 26

    An increasing number of states have advanced A.I.-related legislation to combat attempts to mislead voters during the 2024 election, according to a new analysis by the Voting Rights Lab.

  84. Rusia de luto En español, March 26

    Un atentado terrorista en Rusia, aumento de casos de sarampión en EE. UU. y más para comenzar la semana.

  85. A Legal Pot Pioneer Was Busted in Idaho With 56 Pounds. He Has a Plan. Metropolitan, March 26

    At 77, Dana Beal is charged with trafficking marijuana. It could be the finale for a man who never stopped crusading even after the victory was won.

  86. Man Who Threatened Hobbs in Arizona Governor’s Race Gets Prison Time Express, March 26

    Joshua Russell, 46, of Ohio, left threatening messages in 2022 for Katie Hobbs, then Arizona’s secretary of state, during her successful race for governor.

  87. Bird Flu Spreads to Dairy Cows Science, March 26

    U.S. regulators confirmed that sick cattle in Texas, Kansas and possibly in New Mexico contracted avian influenza. They stressed that the nation’s milk supply is safe.

  88. Kari Lake, a Trump Acolyte, Struggles to Find Her Path Politics, March 23

    The Republican Senate candidate in Arizona, who has been an election denier and Trump supporter, is seeking to appeal to establishment Republicans.

  89. Wyoming Bans Gender Transition Care for Minors National, March 22

    The governor signed a bill that prohibited the practice for children, making Wyoming the 24th state to have passed such a ban.

  90. Utility-Caused Wildfires Are Becoming a National Problem Business, March 22

    Climate change is raising the risk of blazes that are started by power lines and other utility equipment in many parts of the U.S. besides California.

  91. Life After Asteroid Bennu Science, March 22

    Dante Lauretta, the planetary scientist who led the OSIRIS-REx mission to retrieve a handful of space dust, discusses his next final frontier.

  92. Idaho Prison Gang Member and Accomplice Arrested After Hospital Ambush Express, March 22

    The two men fled from a hospital in Boise, Idaho, after an ambush in which three corrections officers were shot. The authorities were investigating whether they had killed two people while at large.

  93. U.S. Park Service Says to Leave Your Cash at Home, but Some Object Express, March 21

    Complaints have been mounting on social media, and now a group has filed a lawsuit, as the service has continued rolling out policies against accepting cash to enter federal parks.

  94. The March 21 Trump Biden Election live blog included one standalone post:
  95. Last Call for the Montana Club, and a Past Straight Out of ‘Yellowstone’ Dining, March 21

    The century-old club, in Helena, had a celebrated Black bartender and a membership of Montana’s biggest movers and shakers.

  96. One of Last Survivors of Pearl Harbor Attack Dies at 102 Express, March 21

    Richard C. Higgins was stationed at the Hawaiian naval base as a radioman on the day of the Japanese attack, which pulled the U.S. into World War II.

  97. Biden Focuses on Latino Voters in Nevada and Arizona Video, March 20

    Zolan Kanno-Youngs, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, traveled with President Biden to Nevada, where he tried to gain support from Hispanic voters.

  98. Man Boarded Delta Flight Using Ticket Ruse, U.S. Says Express, March 20

    By taking pictures of other passengers’ boarding passes on their phones, the man was able to board a Delta Air Lines flight in Salt Lake City on Sunday, according to a federal complaint.

  99. Following Measles Outbreaks, Officials Grow Wary of Renewed Threat Science, March 20

    Cases this year have already topped the total in 2023. Unvaccinated travelers account for most infections.

  100. Four Takeaways From the Biggest Primary Night Since Super Tuesday Politics, March 20

    A Trump-backed candidate won in the G.O.P. Senate primary in Ohio. Incumbents prevailed in Illinois. And the race to finish Kevin McCarthy’s term heads to a runoff.

  101. Texas’ Immigration Crackdown Recalls Arizona’s Divisive ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Law National, March 20

    The Supreme Court eventually struck down portions of Arizona’s law, which had set off a torrent of fear and anger.

  102. DNA From Discarded Gum Leads to Conviction in 1980 Oregon Murder Express, March 19

    Robert Arthur Plympton was found guilty of murdering Barbara Mae Tucker, 19, who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and beaten to death on a community college campus near Portland.

  103. Biden to Announce Multibillion-Dollar Grant for Intel to Expand Chip Production Washington, March 19

    The decision comes as President Biden champions his economic policies during a tour of the Southwest.

  104. March 19 Results: Key Races to Watch Interactive, March 19

    See results and maps from the night's most-watched races.

  105. Arizona Republican Primary Election Results Interactive, March 19

    Get live election results and maps from the 2024 Arizona Republican primary.

  106. Arizona Democratic Primary Election Results Interactive, March 19

    Get live election results and maps from the 2024 Arizona Democratic primary.

  107. The March 19 Primary Election Ohio Trump Biden live blog included one standalone post:
  108. What to Watch for in Tuesday’s Primaries in Five States Politics, March 19

    The down-ballot races are the ones to pay attention to, with the presidential nominating contests already decisively clinched.

  109. Biden, Vying for Hispanic Voters in Nevada, Says Trump ‘Despises Latinos’ Washington, March 19

    The president’s sharp-elbowed pitch came as polls show former President Donald J. Trump gaining ground with the crucial voting bloc.

  110. How Nevada Is Pushing to Generate Jobs Beyond the Casinos Business, February 5

    Chastened by a series of economic downturns that punished the hospitality industry, state leaders are working to broaden the economy.

  111. California and Oregon Ease Covid Isolation Rules, Breaking With C.D.C. National, January 21

    Two of the most cautious states have bypassed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by letting students and workers who have the virus but are asymptomatic avoid isolation.

  112. Portland Teachers’ Strike Ends After More Than Three Weeks National, November 27

    Portland students have struggled with absenteeism since the pandemic,

  113. In Schools, an Invisible Threat Becomes Clear Insider, September 7

    Apoorva Mandavilli, a health and science reporter for The New York Times, traveled across the country to learn how educators are preparing for the next pandemic.

  114. For Hawaii’s Governor, a Balancing Act With No Margin for Error National, August 21

    Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii sees lessons far beyond the islands in the disaster that has unfolded on Maui.

  115. Utah Fugitive Accused of Selling Fake Covid-19 Cure Is Arrested Express, August 15

    Gordon Hunter Petersen is accused of posing as a doctor and making at least $2 million selling a bogus Covid-19 cure.

  116. The Recovery Left Nevada Behind. Can the State Change Its Luck? Business, August 4

    Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 5.4 percent as officials insist the economy must move away from its focus on gambling.

  117. Steph Catudal’s Memoir Is Actually Two Books Woven Together Book Review, June 15

    When her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, the author was haunted by a long-ago loss — one she’d already written about.

  118. Are We Actually Arguing About Whether 14-Year-Olds Should Work in Meatpacking Plants? Op Ed, March 27

    Rollbacks on child labor protections are happening amid a surge of child labor violations.

  119. Deaths Among Pregnant Women and New Mothers Rose Sharply During Pandemic Science, January 27

    The fatalities, occurring disproportionately among Native American and Black women, were linked not just to medical complications but also to homicides and accidents.

  120. Utah Plastic Surgeon Sold Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Cards for $50, U.S. Says Express, January 24

    Dr. Michael Kirk Moore and three of his associates were indicted this month in a scheme that federal prosecutors said lasted from May 2021 to September 2022.

  121. How a ‘Golden Era for Large Cities’ Might Be Turning Into an ‘Urban Doom Loop’ Op Ed, November 30

    What seemed like a transitory step to avoid infection has become a major force driving the future direction of urban America.

  122. Vanished in the Pacific Interactive, November 28

    Driven by Covid chaos, online disinformation and a YouTube guru, two Americans went looking for solace on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. They found a different fate.

  123. Following Up on America’s Downtowns Insider, October 30

    A team of reporters and photographers profiled 10 city centers across the country, all in varying stages of economic recovery and transformation.

  124. Meet Me Downtown Interactive, October 26

    We visited 10 cities across the country to see how the pandemic and its aftershocks have reshaped the American downtown.

  125. Companies Hoarding Workers Could Be Good News for the Economy Business, October 12

    Employers have been burned by a labor shortage. Will that make them act differently if the economy slows down?

  126. In Seattle, It’s Almost Normal Travel, September 1

    The pandemic may have left some gaps in the urban fabric, but a neighborhood-by-neighborhood rundown of new restaurants and art events reveals that recovery is well underway.

  127. School Is for Wasting Time and Money Op Ed, September 1

    I have deep doubts about the intellectual and social value of schooling.

  128. Revelry and Unease in Alaska as Cruises Return Travel, August 18

    Ships are carrying fewer passengers than they did before the pandemic, but in port towns where the bulk of the economy depends on cruise travel, business owners say they are “grateful for what we have.”

  129. In the Mile High City, Festivals and Food Are on the Rise Travel, August 11

    Denver has regained its prepandemic vibrancy, with a plethora of new restaurants and hotels, and the return of some old favorites.

  130. ¿La naturaleza sanó durante la ‘antropausa’ pandémica? en Español, July 19

    La suspensión de actividades humanas por la covid ha sido una oportunidad para entender mejor cómo afectamos a otras especies del planeta.

  131. Did Nature Heal During the Pandemic ‘Anthropause’? Science, July 16

    Covid precautions created a global slowdown in human activity — and an opportunity to learn more about the complex ways we affect other species.

  132. Hawaii, the last state with an indoor mask mandate for public schools, will make masks optional. National, July 13

    Masks will become optional in Hawaii’s schools when the new academic year starts on Aug. 1, as the state tries for “a more normal classroom experience this fall,” a state health official said.

  133. Denali National Park, in Alaska, reinstates an indoor mask mandate in the busy summer season. Travel, July 9

    As counties report elevated levels of transmission, national parks are once again requiring masks in gift shops, on tour buses and other indoor spaces.

  134. The major tourist draws of San Juan, and Miami-Dade and Honolulu counties, have become virus hot spots. Express, June 10

    “Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared as much as our patience for precautions has,” said one public health expert.

  135. Google Maps Workers Say They Can’t Afford the Trip Back to the Office Business, May 23

    The contract workers are resisting a plan to resume in-person work, citing health concerns and commuting costs.

  136. Thousands of Migrants Have Been Waiting for Months to Enter U.S. National, May 19

    People from around the world have been lingering on the border, awaiting the end of pandemic restrictions. Their fate remains one of the Biden administration’s biggest challenges on immigration.

  137. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 16

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  138. Business Travel Resumes, Though Not at Its Former Pace Business, May 15

    Domestic travel has returned faster than international. And some destinations like Las Vegas are rebounding more quickly than big cities like New York.

  139. Hundreds of Suicidal Teens Sleep in Emergency Rooms. Every Night. Science, May 8

    With inpatient psychiatric services in short supply, adolescents are spending days, even weeks, in hospital emergency departments awaiting the help they desperately need.