1. The Steel Mill That Helped Build the American West Goes Green Opinion, Yesterday

    Wind and solar power will replace coal at a Colorado furnace.

  2. Forest Service Backs an End to Limits on Roads in Alaska’s Tongass Forest Climate, October 15

    The Forest Service called lifting all restrictions on roads in Alaska's Tongass National Forest its "preferred option."  A final decision is expected next year. 

  3. Fed Up With Deaths, Native Americans Want to Run Their Own Health Care U.S., October 15

    After decades of enduring poor care from the government-run Indian Health Service, tribal groups are taking over management of hospitals.

  4. CBD or THC? Common Drug Test Can’t Tell the Difference Science, October 15

    Those cannabidiol-laced gummy bears may be entirely legal, but they could still get you arrested on marijuana possession charges.

  5. Lights. Camera. Prayer. A Mini-Hollywood Grows in Utah. Movies, October 13

    Movies made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are an important part of a film and TV ecosystem in northern Utah. And there’s not an R-rating in sight.

  6. Why Won’t Anyone Buy the Most Famous Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas? Style, October 12

    The great American institution of the Las Vegas wedding is in trouble.

  7. What, Exactly, Is Tulsi Gabbard Up To? U.S., October 12

    As she injects chaos into the 2020 Democratic primary by accusing her own party of “rigging” the election, an array of alt-right internet stars, white nationalists and Russians have praised her.

  8. Which 2020 Candidates Have the Ground Game Lead in Early Primary States Interactive, October 12

    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are dominant, with more campaign offices in the first four states than any other 2020 Democrat.

  9. Those Foreign Business Ties? The Trump Sons Have Plenty Too U.S., October 11

    The Trumps have criticized Hunter Biden for doing business overseas while his father was vice president. Last month, the Trumps won approval in Scotland to build 500 homes.

  10. E.T.F. Investors Are Going for Gold, Despite Many Drawbacks Business, October 11

    Gold has often been viewed as a haven, but many experts say it isn’t needed to diversify a portfolio and adds unnecessary expense.

  11. Mormons to the Rescue? Opinion, October 11

    The reddest faith in America is also the one most skeptical of Donald Trump.

  12. Arizona Official Placed 29 Babies in Adoption Fraud Scheme, Prosecutors Say U.S., October 9

    Paul D. Petersen, Maricopa County’s assessor, arranged for women from the Marshall Islands to fly to the United States to give birth at taxpayers’ expense, prosecutors said.

  13. Scientists Designed a Drug for Just One Patient. Her Name Is Mila. Health, October 9

    An achievement in ultra-personalized medicine also raises questions about fairness and regulation.

  14. Our Collective Responsibility for Mass Shootings Opinion, October 9

    For far too long, online forums and marketplaces have been granted near-total immunity when they contribute to gun violence.

  15. Already Under Siege, Labor Unions Face a New Threat From Alaska U.S., October 9

    After a court ruling allowed public workers who opted out of a union to not pay dues, Alaska’s governor has a new plan that could hobble unions: The workers have to opt in every year.

  16. Supreme Court Weighs Ending Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts in Criminal Cases U.S., October 7

    A confusing 1972 decision allowed convictions by split verdicts in state courts, though not federal ones. The justices struggled with whether to overrule it.

  17. When Biking and Bears Don’t Mix Science, October 7

    Conservationists worry that the popularity of recreational mountain biking and e-bikes in public lands leads to unsafe conditions for humans, as well as for bears and other wildlife.

  18. Initial Public Offerings Crosswords & Games, October 5

    Howard Barkin and Victor Barocas play the market.

  19. Senior Border Patrol Agent Faces Charges of Sexually Assaulting Colleague U.S., October 5

    The assault accusation is at the center of a #MeToo moment for the nation’s border-security force.

  20. Bernie Sanders Had Heart Attack, His Doctors Say as He Leaves Hospital U.S., October 4

    “After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel great, and after taking a short time off, I look forward to getting back to work,” Mr. Sanders said.

  21. Shooting in Vancouver, Wash., Senior Apartments Leaves 1 Dead U.S., October 3

    The 80-year-old gunman, who was a resident of the building in Washington, was taken into custody after retreating inside his apartment for two hours, the authorities said.

  22. Bernie Sanders Is Hospitalized, Raising Questions About His Candidacy U.S., October 2

    The Vermont senator had two stents inserted in an artery after experiencing chest discomfort at an event. His campaign canceled his events and said he would be resting for several days.

  23. Is Arizona Shifting on Gun Control? Senate Race May Offer an Answer U.S., October 2

    As the Senate contemplates new gun laws in the wake of mass shootings, gun control is not an issue Mark Kelly and Martha McSally can easily avoid.

  24. $1.5 Million Homes in Georgia, Arizona and Connecticut Real Estate, October 2

    A renovated 1906 bungalow near downtown Atlanta, an adobe house north of Tucson and a reconstructed 1969 house on 10.3 acres in New Milford.

  25. What You Get for $1.5 Million Slideshow, October 2

    A renovated 1906 bungalow near downtown Atlanta; an adobe house north of Tucson; and a reconstructed 1969 house on 10.3 acres in New Milford, Conn.

  26. Arizona Man Accused of Killing 6-Year-Old Son During Attempted Exorcism U.S., October 1

    Pablo Martinez said the child was “acting demonic” and needed to be saved, the police say.

  27. Isn’t It Fall Yet? 90-Degree Heat Scorches Much of the Nation on Oct. 1 U.S., October 1

    Unseasonably hot, humid weather dominated across the South, the Ohio Valley and the Middle Atlantic states on Tuesday, breaking records and closing some schools.

  28. In a Career of Reporting, These Are Stories That Still Touch Me Opinion, October 1

    I’ve now spent 35 years at The Times, so I compiled some of my work that’s particularly meaningful to me.

  29. September Snowstorm Blankets Montana Video, September 30

    Montana was hit with record-breaking early snowfall, reaching 40 inches in some places over the weekend.

  30. Wrongly Convicted, They Had to Choose: Freedom or Restitution U.S., September 30

    Prosecutors are adopting strategies to keep from having to pay for mistakes.

  31. 40 Inches of Snow in Montana: ‘It’s a February Storm in September’ U.S., September 29

    A powerful winter storm socked much of the state with a wave of heavy snowfall on Sunday, breaking century-long daily records.

  32. Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump’s Mentor, Roy Cohn New York, September 29

    The president isn’t mentioned in just-released documents. Still, the thick file is a timely reminder of the unusual realm his feared mentor inhabited.

  33. Republican Mark Amodei Tiptoes Around Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 28

    The lawmaker on Saturday parsed his words about supporting congressional oversight of a whistle-blower’s complaint against President Trump.

  34. Mark Amodei Is First House Republican to Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry U.S., September 27

    The four-term congressman from Nevada said he was withholding judgment on whether President Trump committed an impeachable offense.

  35. 4 Feet of Snow in September? Montana Hunkers Down for a ‘Crazy’ Storm U.S., September 27

    Forget fall. Montana is skipping straight to winter, with a weekend storm threatening to bury much of the state under feet of snow.

  36. ‘We Need Each Other’: Seniors Are Drawn to New Housing Arrangements Health, September 27

    Older Americans are exploring housing alternatives, including villages and home-sharing.

  37. Man Fires Gun at Portland Airport During Struggle With the Police U.S., September 27

    The suspect was injured during the struggle and was taken to a hospital. An officer also sustained a minor injury.

  38. Where the Sea Ice Recedes, So Does an Alaska Way of Life Opinion, September 25

    With climate change, animals that sustain Native hunters are disappearing, and harmful algae are contaminating waters.

  39. What You Get for $3 Million Slideshow, September 25

    A modernist showplace in Taghkanic, N.Y.; a 1937 French chateau-style house in Denver; and a duplex condominium in an 1888 Victorian in San Francisco.

  40. ‘I Vow to Tread Lightly’ Travel, September 25

    Tourism “pledges” to promote respect for local customs and natural resources have proliferated in recent years. But whether these largely voluntary vows have changed behaviors is hard to track.

  41. U.S. Intelligence Officer Who Tried to Share Secrets With China Is Sentenced to 10 Years U.S., September 24

    He was expected to receive a harsher sentence. But a federal judge said he had cooperated with investigators.

  42. U.S. Intelligence Officer Who Tried to Share Secrets With China Is Sentenced to 10 Years U.S., September 24

    He was expected to receive a harsher sentence. But a federal judge said he had cooperated with investigators.

  43. A School Put an Autistic Boy’s Desk in a Bathroom, Setting Off a Debate on Stigmas U.S., September 24

    The 11-year-old student was given a desk over a toilet as a quiet place to do schoolwork. The school’s superintendent said the “idea was well-intentioned.”

  44. It Takes a Teenager to Help a Teenager in Crisis Opinion, September 24

    Many troubled adolescents find it easier to share their angst and dread on a hotline with people their age, rather than their parents.

  45. She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog. U.S., September 21

    A couple combed a rural Montana community for their Border collie, Katie.

  46. Area 51 Raid: How a Town of 40 Coped With an Invasion U.S., September 21

    Nobody actually rushed the top-secret military base. “We just wanted to see people like us,” one visitor said.

  47. Utah Tour Bus Crash Kills 4 and Injures Dozens U.S., September 20

    The crash of a tour bus with 31 people aboard happened near Bryce Canyon National Park, the authorities said.

  48. Program to Prevent Suicide by Veterans Earns Bipartisan Support U.S., September 20

    More than 6,000 veterans took their own lives each year between 2008 and 2017, and roughly 20 a day since 2014, according to statistics released Friday.

  49. Area 51 Raid: They Come in Peace, So Far, in Search for Aliens U.S., September 20

    What started as a joke has attracted visitors from all over the world to tiny, desolate Nevada towns.

  50. The Most Popular Listings of August Real Estate, September 19

  51. 36 Hours in Albuquerque Travel, September 19

    In this New Mexico city, fall is a colorful affair, with the yearly Balloon Fiesta, flamenco, Pueblo culture and forest hikes.

  52. Most Latinos Don’t Back Trump. But Some Wear Their Support Proudly. U.S., September 18

    At a rally in New Mexico this week, Hispanic voters enthusiastically backed the president’s hard-line approach to immigration.

  53. Searching for Fall Colors? Let Me Get the Llama for You Travel, September 18

    Many travelers take leisurely drives to admire or post the range of brilliant fall colors on Instagram. But here are five more unusual ways to enjoy leaf-peeping season.

  54. New Mexico Announces Plan for Free College for State Residents U.S., September 18

    Under the plan, tuition to all state colleges would be free for students regardless of family income.

  55. Park Service Says Archaeological Sites Are Imperiled by Border Wall U.S., September 17

    The National Park Service has warned that President Trump’s border wall will significantly damage or destroy more than 20 archaeological sites in the Arizona desert.