1. They Said Seattle’s Minimum Wage Would Cost Workers a Lot. Now the Picture Looks Brighter. Business, Today

    Researchers whose findings last year pointed to a downside from raising the minimum wage have taken another look and the reality is more nuanced.

  2. Playing Up Support Among Hispanic Voters, Trump Takes Aim at Immigration Laws Washington, October 20

    The president toggled between distortions of the existing immigration system and the inflammatory language of his 2016 campaign at a rally on Friday in Arizona.

  3. Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska, Suspends Campaign Amid Sinking Polls National, October 19

    Governor Walker, an independent, said he could not win the three-way race next month. He threw his support to former Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat.

  4. Charge of Treason Escalates Tensions in Close Arizona Senate Race U.S., October 19

    Martha McSally drew national attention this week when she accused her Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, of treason.

  5. The President Praises an Assault Op Ed, October 19

    Also: An ambitious new tax plan, to help the middle class and poor.

  6. When Sturdy Love Is What You Need Styles, October 19

    There is the often facile social media narrative of overcoming adversity in marriage. And then there is the reality.

  7. The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change Op Ed, October 18

    No, starfish are not saved one by one.

  8. A New Surge at the Border Is Forcing Migrant Families Into Motel Rooms U.S., October 18

    So many migrant families are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona that shelter workers are having to put them up for the first time in hotels.

  9. Searching for Water Across Borders Op Ed, October 18

    Saudi Arabia and China are among the countries that have turned to the United States and elsewhere.

  10. We Asked for Epic Love in 100 Words. 3,000 Responded. Style, October 17

    For the first Modern Love in miniature, we’re sharing your stories about life-changing burritos, unconventional arrangements, and other romantic gains and losses.

  11. Pando, the Most Massive Organism on Earth, Is Shrinking Science, October 17

    The grove of 47,000 quivering aspen trees in Utah is being diminished by mule deer, foraging cattle and human mismanagement.

  12. Arizona Candidate Gives Republicans Diversity, but Perhaps Not Victory Politics, October 17

    In Tucson, Lea Marquez Peterson was heralded as a new face for the party’s future — a conservative, Hispanic woman — but her campaign has struggled to gain traction.

  13. Anti-Tax Fervor Closed Their Libraries. Now Residents Are Trying to Go It Alone. National, October 17

    After their libraries closed, some people were willing to approve what they had rejected before: a tax increase. “It’s every library for themselves,” one volunteer says.

  14. $1.8 Million Homes in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Oregon Real Estate, October 17

    An 18th-century stone barn in Bucks County, an 1812 Federal-style house in Newport and a 1966 Tudor in Portland.

  15. What You Get for $1.8 Million Slideshow, October 17

    An 18th-century stone barn in Carversville, Pa.; an 1812 Federal-style house in Newport, R.I.; and a 1966 Tudor in Portland, Ore.

  16. Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Resigns After ‘Inappropriate’ Comments National, October 16

    The resignation of Byron Mallott threw an already tight re-election effort by Gov. Bill Walker into even more uncertain territory.

  17. Dennis Hof, the Pimp Who Won a Nevada State Primary, Dies at 72 Express, October 16

    A brothel owner and a Republican, he likened himself to President Trump and was weeks away from general election when he was found dead by a pornographic film star.

  18. Dennis Hof Defends Legal Prostitution: ‘The Demand Is There’ Video, October 16

    Mr. Hof, a Nevada brothel owner, political candidate and self-described pimp, was found dead on Tuesday by his friend, the pornographic film actor Ron Jeremy.

  19. George R. R. Martin Answers Times Staffers’ Burning Questions T Magazine, October 16

    The writer discloses where he gets his signature hats and the “Game of Thrones” character that reminds him the most of Trump.

  20. George R. R. Martin on Trump, Climate Change and More Video, October 16

    The writer of “A Game of Thrones” fields questions from New York Times staffer superfans.

  21. Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Resigns Amid Criticism Over African Hunting Photos Express, October 15

    The commissioner, Blake Fischer, drew ire after he sent a mass email about his hunting trip in Namibia. The email included photos of game he killed.

  22. Bruce Nauman, the Artist’s Artist T Style, October 15

    In the past half-century, he has created masterpieces in nearly every medium and, in the process, pushed the limits of what art can — and should — do.

  23. Bruce Nauman’s Work Through the Years Slideshow, October 15

    For over 50 years, he’s made art about art itself, inventing his own visual language along the way.

  24. Biking the Open Road in Colorado, With a Few Bumps Along the Way Travel, October 15

    The newly opened Grand Junction-Moab trail, a 155-mile route linked by a network of backcountry huts, and accessible only two months a year, offers an almost irresistible challenge for bikers.

  25. A Mexican Man’s Fatal Journey to Reclaim His American Life National, October 14

    Everything that was dear to Adrián Luna was in a small town in Idaho, and when he was deported, he died trying to find it again.

  26. Did Hell Freeze Over? My Republican Dad Is Voting for a Democrat Op Ed, October 12

    He’s casting his ballot for Jon Tester, who is less of a cookie-cutter Democrat and more of a Bull Moose wild card, “a Montanan who understands Montana.”

  27. The Biggest Questions in Nevada’s Crucial Senate Race Politics, October 11

    Dissatisfaction with President Trump among Nevada voters has not had the ripple effect Democrats hoped for. Senator Dean Heller, a Republican, holds a slight edge over Jacky Rosen.

  28. Matthew Shepard Will Be Interred at the Washington National Cathedral, 20 Years After His Death Express, October 11

    After he was killed in Laramie, Wyo., in 1998, Mr. Shepard became a symbol of violence against gay people. He has never been laid to rest.

  29. There Are Fat Bears in Alaska, and You Can Vote on Your Favorite Express, October 7

    Katmai National Park in southern Alaska is home to thousands of bears. This week, rangers are celebrating the fattest through an online tournament.

  30. Deputies Made Jokes About a Veteran Thrashing in His Cell Before He Died Express, October 6

    Bryan Perry, an Iraq War veteran, was in jail suffering from an apparent drug overdose in 2016. In a cellphone video, deputies can be heard laughing at him.

  31. Imagine Burning Man Without the Tech Crowd Styles, October 6

    At the Oregon Country Fair, a three-day summer festival in Veneta, Ore., “people in society that can’t do what they want to do can do it here.”

  32. Jacky Rosen Wants to Flip Nevada for Democrats. But First, Kavanaugh. Politics, October 5

    Ms. Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, is running against Senator Dean Heller, one of the most endangered Republican incumbents in November. The Kavanaugh nomination is a wild card in the race.

  33. Brett Kavanaugh and ‘Boys Club’ Code Video, October 4

    From Las Vegas to Georgetown Prep, variations of “what happens here stays here” are common. But where does this phrase come from and what does it really mean?

  34. Mia Love, Sole Black Republican Woman in Congress, Fights for Her Seat National, October 4

    Ben McAdams supporters see him riding a blue wave into Washington, but Ms. Love and her supporters are not convinced.

  35. $2.5 Million Homes in Illinois, New Jersey and Arizona Real Estate, October 3

    An 1886 house in Chicago, a Frank Lloyd Wright-style home in Princeton and an elaborately embellished hacienda in a suburb of Phoenix.

  36. What You Get for $2.5 Million Slideshow, October 3

    An 1886 house in Chicago; a Frank Lloyd Wright-style home in Princeton, N.J.; and an elaborately embellished hacienda in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

  37. N.H.L. Preview: Splashy Moves and Shifting Powers Sports, October 3

    Plenty of stars and coaches have new addresses following a busy off-season, and the balance of power may have tilted west with a reinforced Pacific Division.

  38. White House Has a Message for Republican Candidates: Stay Close to Trump Washington, October 2

    In a memo, Bill Stepien, the White House political director, described a plan for the president to campaign in seven states for House candidates who support his agenda.

  39. Exploding Wheelchair Wounds F.B.I. Agent at House With Booby-Trapped Hot Tub Express, October 2

    The booby traps included a gate rigged to send a hot tub hurtling toward anyone who opened it and a jury-rigged wheelchair that caused the injury.

  40. A Year After Las Vegas Shooting, a ‘Survivor Wedding’ Takes Back the City National, October 1

    A year ago, Regina Harris and Billy Bob Mason were among those who fled the concert in panic as bullets rained down. Monday, they were back, surrounded by survivors.

  41. Border Patrol Agent’s Gender-Reveal Party Sparked Arizona Fire, Lawyer Says Express, October 1

    Dennis Dickey pleaded guilty to starting the fire by shooting at a target filled with an explosive substance that erupted into a 45,000-acre fire.

  42. 2017 Arizona Wildfire Ignited During Gender-Reveal Party Video, October 1

    A U.S. Border Patrol agent recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor violation for starting what is now known as the Sawmill Fire, which nearly 800 firefighters battled for about a week in April last year.

  43. After Watching Kavanaugh Hearing, Woman Decides to Name State Senator She Says Raped Her Express, October 1

    “Is anyone else just fed up and ready to name names?” Candace Faber tweeted before tagging a Washington state senator, Joe Fain. He denied her allegation.

  44. Detailed New National Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life Upshot, October 1

    Some places lift children out of poverty. Others trap them there. Now cities are trying to do something about the difference.

  45. Read, Watch and Listen: The Las Vegas Shooting, as the News Unfolded National, October 1

    On the anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, a guide to New York Times coverage of the deadly event.

  46. ‘So Much Pain’: A Police Family, Forever Changed by the Las Vegas Mass Shooting National, October 1

    A divorce, jumps at sudden noises, new jobs and new friends: How life has changed since last year’s shooting on the Strip.

  47. Housing Market Slows, as Rising Prices Outpace Wages Business, September 29

    Even in attractive, fast-growing cities like Denver, New York and Seattle, selling prices are rising more slowly and asking prices are being slashed.

  48. An ‘Ancestral Memory’ Inscribed in Skin Styles, September 29

    In Alaska and other areas of the circumpolar north, women have been working in the last decade to revitalize a tattooing tradition.

  49. The Wild Alaskan Whales Will Perform at Noon Metropolitan, September 28

    There’s nothing like a long ocean cruise among the icebergs to make you realize you are not a cruise person.

  50. A Man Stashed Guns in His Las Vegas Hotel Room. 3 Years Later, a Killer Did the Same. National, September 28

    A case that attracted little attention at the time is being raised by lawyers of the victims of last year’s Las Vegas massacre who are suing MGM Resorts for negligence.

  51. First I Met My Children, Then My Girlfriend. They’re Related. Styles, September 28

    A former sperm donor, searching online, finds both offspring and love.

  52. Man Took $4.3 Million in Cash From Alaska Bank and Ran, Drove and Flew, Prosecutors Say Express, September 26

    Gerardo Adan Cazarez Valenzuela took a plane to Washington, then drove south to California, and later to Mexico. He was arrested there in 2011, and is now facing a new charge in the U.S.

  53. As Kavanaugh Accuser Testified, a Veteran Sex Crimes Prosecutor Probed Her Story National, September 26

    Rachel Mitchell, a longtime prosecutor in Arizona, led the GOP questioning of Christine Blasey Ford in a hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

  54. At the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Tall Tales, Resonant Rhymes Travel, September 26

    Heading into its 35th year, the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. Nev., is a heartfelt showcase for storytelling, singalongs and good Basque cooking.

  55. ‘I Believe Her’: Mazie Hirono Takes an Aggressive Stance in Kavanaugh Hearings Politics, September 25

    The Hawaii Senator has gained newfound prominence as a leading Democratic voice calling for Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers to be heard and respected.

  56. A Senate Candidate’s Image Shifted. Did Her Life Story? Politics, September 24

    Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee in Arizona, has made her story of childhood homelessness a central part of her political identity. But documents and contradictory statements raise questions about it.

  57. On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Congress Has a Bad Reputation. Kavanaugh Isn’t Helping. Politics, September 24

    The Judiciary Committee decides whether to perform its core duty, a look at what’s ahead for Rosenstein, and a dispatch from Alaska.

  58. Want to See What’s Up Amazon’s Sleeve? Take a Tour of Seattle Business, September 23

    The e-commerce giant uses its headquarters city as a living laboratory, trying out new retail and logistics models.

  59. Six Siblings of a Republican Congressman Have Endorsed His Opponent in Campaign Ads U.S., September 22

    The siblings say their brother’s extremist views on immigration and his comments about a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., prompted them to take action.

  60. Six Siblings of a Republican Congressman Endorse His Opponent in Campaign Ads Express, September 22

    The siblings say their brother’s extremist views on immigration and his comments about a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., prompted them to take action.

  61. For Hackers, Anonymity Was Once Critical. That’s Changing. National, September 22

    At Defcon, one of the world’s largest hacking conferences, new pressures are reshaping the community’s attitudes toward privacy and anonymity.