1. Big Discovery in a Tiny Mammal-Like Skull Found Under a Dinosaur’s Foot Science, Today

    Paleontologists found a 130 million-year-old haramiyid fossil in Utah, suggesting that the ancient relatives of modern mammals spread farther across the globe than thought.

  2. What You Get for $1.3 Million Slideshow, Today

    A 1933 Tudor revival home in Beaverton, Ore.; a hillside condominium in Sea Ranch, Calif.; and a one-bedroom co-op in New York City.

  3. $1.3 Million Homes in Oregon, California and New York Real Estate, Today

    A 1933 Tudor revival home in Beaverton, a hillside condominium in Sea Ranch and a one-bedroom co-op in Manhattan near Central Park.

  4. Place 13 of 52: On the Water, and Off, the Rogue River in Oregon Charms Travel, Yesterday

    The reason I’d come to the Rogue River area is because it’s thriving — even in the off-season.

  5. What Islamophobic Politicians Can Learn From Mormons Op Ed, Yesterday

    Republican officials from Utah understand the importance of protecting Muslims’ rights.

  6. Madame Pele, Hawaii’s Goddess of Volcanoes, Awes Those Living in Lava’s Path National, May 21

    Expressing reverence for their deity, many living in Kilauea’s shadow welcome its eruption — even when it destroys their home.

  7. They Spoke Spanish in a Montana Store. Then a Border Agent Asked for Their IDs. Express, May 21

    The agent told the two U.S. citizens: “It has to do with you guys speaking Spanish in the store in a state where it’s predominantly English-speaking.”

  8. A D.I.Y. Trip Through Alaska’s Inside Passage Travel, May 21

    Following in the footsteps of John Muir — and millions of modern cruise ship passengers — one marine ferry at a time.

  9. Technique Used to Find Golden State Killer Leads to a Suspect in 1987 Murders Science, May 18

    A break in the 31-year-long investigation of the killings in Washington State of a young Canadian couple came after DNA was uploaded to an ancestry website.

  10. How Hot Can Lava Get? Science, May 18

    The eruptions at Kilauea offer a glimpse into the range of temperatures for volcanic magma and lava.

  11. Hawaii’s Volcanic Ghost Town: Doors Left Ajar in Homes Engulfed by Lava National, May 17

    A look inside the community swept by lava and shaken by the jet-engine roars of the Kilauea volcano.

  12. Hail Caesar Salad! Romaine Is Safe to Eat Again Science, May 17

    Federal health officials say the tainted lettuce is no longer on the shelves or on restaurant menus, because the harvesting season in the Yuma, Ariz., region ended more than a month ago.

  13. Don’t Arrive Late to the Game. You’ll Miss the Show. Sports, May 17

    The elaborate performances before the Vegas Golden Knights’ home games have become central to the N.H.L. expansion team’s identity.

  14. Kilauea Volcano Erupts on Hawaii’s Big Island, but Scientists Say It’s Not the ‘Big One’ National, May 17

    The authorities say an “explosive eruption” at Kilauea’s summit has unleashed a hazardous ash plume but that the ash fall was “pretty limited” to the area around a national park.

  15. Climate Doomsday Letters, May 17

    A reader writes that dealing with climate change at the last minute invites disaster.

  16. In Alaska, Watching Moose Commercials and the Rockets Stomp the Warriors Sports, May 17

    Many high school coaches try to play like the Golden State Warriors. The coach of Alaska’s powerhouse high school champions thinks the key is to play like the Houston Rockets.

  17. In Alaska, Watching Moose Commercials and the Rockets Stomp the Warriors Sports, May 17

    Many high school coaches try to play like the Golden State Warriors. The coach of Alaska’s powerhouse high school champions thinks the key is to play like the Houston Rockets.

  18. Republicans Escalate Bitter Fight Over Judicial Nominations Washington, May 17

    The Senate is entering a new phase of judicial battles as Republicans push aside Democrats’ objections.

  19. In ‘The Restless Wave,’ John McCain Says America Is Still Exceptional Culture, May 16

    In his latest and likely last book, McCain expresses concern about the state of the union, but generally stops short of calling out President Trump.

  20. Berlin Museum Returns Artifacts to Indigenous People of Alaska Culture, May 16

    Objects taken in the 19th century were returned at a news conference on Wednesday.

  21. L.G.B.T. Students in Oregon Were Bullied and Forced to Read Bible, Report Says National, May 16

    A state investigation found “substantial evidence” of discrimination in North Bend, a conservative area on Oregon’s southern coast.

  22. What Does Gentrification Look Like in an Overwhelmingly White City? Photo, May 16

    In Portland, Ore., the photographer Ricardo Nagaoka records a community pushed to the margins.

  23. ‘Impossible to Ignore’: Why Alaska Is Crafting a Plan to Fight Climate Change Climate, May 15

    Many solidly Republican states have resisted aggressive climate policies, but Alaska is already seeing the dramatic effects of global warming.

  24. Idaho Primary Election Results Interactive, May 15

    See full results and maps from the Idaho primaries.

  25. Oregon Primary Election Results Interactive, May 15

    See full results and maps from the Oregon primaries.

  26. It’s Primary Election Day. Here’s Everything You Need to Know Politics, May 15

    Voters on Tuesday cast ballots for primaries in four states: Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

  27. Seattle Scales Back Tax in Face of Amazon’s Revolt, but Tensions Linger Business, May 14

    After Amazon’s bold threat to curtail development in its hometown, the Seattle City Council approved a smaller tax than originally envisioned. Amazon says it’s still “apprehensive” about the future.

  28. Place 12 of 52: In Denver, a Mile High but Down to Earth Travel, May 15

    A starter guide to the city’s rich art, food and outdoors scenes.

  29. It’s Not Just Hawaii: The U.S. Has 169 Volcanoes That Could Erupt National, May 14

    There are potentially active volcanoes all over the West and Alaska as well as Hawaii, and about 50 are considered high priorities for monitoring. Here is where to find them.

  30. Harry Reid Has Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Washington, May 14

    The former Senate Democratic leader had surgery on Monday to remove a tumor from his pancreas. Mr. Reid’s family said the prognosis for his recovery was good.

  31. Margot Kidder, Who Found Movie Stardom in ‘Superman,’ Dies at 69 Obituaries, May 14

    Best known in the role of Lois Lane, Ms. Kidder was a sought-after actress in the 1970s and ’80s. She died at her home in Montana.

  32. Dean Heller, Buffeted on Both Sides, Tries to Save His Nevada Senate Seat Washington, May 13

    Mr. Heller has angered Trump supporters and infuriated Democrats. Now, he faces re-election as the Senate’s most vulnerable Republican incumbent.

  33. Remains of Missing Washington Girl, 10, Are Identified, and Hunt for a ‘Monster’ Begins Express, May 13

    The remains of Lindsey Baum, who disappeared in 2009, were discovered by hunters last year and confirmed this week. Her case has become a kidnapping and homicide investigation.

  34. What the Fastest Growth in the U.S. Means for Idaho Politics National, May 13

    These are heady times for Boise, with an influx of newcomers, a spike in home prices and a jolt of jobs. But how will that change the politics in a conservative rural state?

  35. Let Mountain Lions Eat Horses Op Ed, May 12

    Wild mustangs are overrunning parts of the West. The government has failed to control them. Maybe the big cats can do a better job.

  36. ‘Shell-Shocked’ in Hawaii: How Lava Overran a Neighborhood Interactive, May 12

    The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island unleashed havoc when the earth split open, lava spewed into the air and molten rock swallowed streets whole.

  37. ‘Shell-Shocked’ in Hawaii: How Lava Overran a Neighborhood Interactive, May 12

    The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island unleashed havoc when the earth split open, lava spewed into the air and molten rock swallowed streets whole.

  38. As He Lay Dying Op Ed, May 11

    John McCain is not just plotting the details of his own funeral, but living it. And he’s giving us a very public tutorial in dignity and defiance.

  39. 50 So-So Dates Later, a Breakup Gets Unbroken Society, May 11

    “The single life didn’t turn out to be as satisfying as I expected it to be. It finally dawned on me, ‘Let’s work it out.’”

  40. With Steve Wynn Gone, ‘Queen of Las Vegas’ Does Boardroom Battle Business, May 10

    Elaine Wynn, the casino and resort company’s largest shareholder and Mr. Wynn’s ex-wife, is fighting to oust a longtime board member who is close to Mr. Wynn.

  41. When Jurors Are Silenced Editorial, May 10

    Louisiana has a chance to get rid of a racist 19th-century rule that allows nonunanimous juries to convict.

  42. John McCain Isn’t Ready to Wave a White Flag Just Yet Washington, May 10

    In a new memoir as he confronts brain cancer and his mortality, the senator from Arizona yearns for a return to more civil politics and worldwide U.S. leadership.

  43. How the Supreme Court Grasps Religion Op Ed, May 10

    We’ll soon find out as the justices prepare to rule on the travel ban and a baker who refused to accommodate a same-sex wedding.

  44. Bloomberg Expands Arts Grant Program to Seven More Cities Culture, May 10

    The Arts Innovation and Management Program will invest $43 million in Atlanta; Austin, Tex.; Baltimore; Denver; New Orleans; Pittsburgh; and Washington.

  45. Making Teachers’ Strikes Illegal Won’t Stop Them Op Ed, May 9

    Walkouts in Arizona and other states echo a long history of illegal strikes.

  46. Mormon Church Ends Century-Old Partnership With Boy Scouts of America Express, May 9

    The church said that it hoped to develop youth programs that were more aligned with its own teachings.

  47. Sturm Ruger Shareholders Adopt Measure Backed by Gun Safety Activists Business, May 9

    The measure, which the gun maker’s board opposed, calls on the company to look into safer firearms and to explain how it keeps track of crimes committed with its products.

  48. He Couldn’t Save His Car and ‘Star Wars’ Mailbox From the Lava National, May 9

    Video footage captured lava from the Kilauea volcano engulfing a Ford Mustang on Sunday in an up-close glimpse of the molten threat posed to two communities on the island.

  49. Lava From Kilauea Engulfs Car in Hawaii Video, May 9

    A videographer recorded footage of lava from the Kilauea volcano inching toward a Ford Mustang on the island of Hawaii on Sunday. Here are excerpts.

  50. Parents Are Divided Over a Book in a Popular Student Reading Program in Oregon Book Review, May 8

    Some worry the themes in “George” are too advanced for elementary school children. Others love it for its message of inclusion.

  51. When Cops ‘Steal’ Drugs, the Results Can Spin Out of Control Op Ed, May 8

    Safeguards are needed for special warrants that allow the police to secretly seize contraband, leading dealers to blame rivals.

  52. Hawaii Volcano Evacuee ‘Never Thought This Would Happen to Me’ Video, May 7

    Dozens of homes have been destroyed since the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii started erupting on May 3.

  53. As Lava Flows in Hawaii, ‘This Is Not the Time for Sightseeing,’ Agency Warns National, May 7

    As the Kilauea volcano’s eruptions turned nearby areas into a natural disaster, with dozens of structures destroyed, residents, officials and tourists alike wrestled with its dual nature.

  54. Romaine Riddle: Why the E. Coli Outbreak Eludes Food Investigators Science, May 7

    A major overhaul to safeguard the country’s produce is not yet in place, confounding attempts to shut down virulent strains or prevent them altogether.

  55. How Carrot Top Wins in Vegas (Yes, He Can Be Funny) Culture, May 6

    He’s the comedian whom comedians make fun of. So, how has Carrot Top had 13 years of sold-out shows? We investigate.

  56. Nike’s C.E.O. Vows Changes After Claims of Workplace Harassment and Bias Business, May 5

    Speaking at a companywide meeting, Mark Parker signaled there might be more managerial moves in the wake of allegations of misconduct and bias against women.

  57. Erupting Volcano on Hawaii Releases Life-Threatening Gas, Officials Say Express, May 5

    Sulfur dioxide, a colorless gas that smells like a burning match, can cause serious eye, nose and skin irritation as well as coughing, headaches and shortness of breath.

  58. At His Ranch, John McCain Shares Memories and Regrets With Friends Politics, May 5

    Mr. McCain urged former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to “not walk away” from politics, and said he wished he had chosen Joseph I. Lieberman, not Sarah Palin, as his running mate in 2008.

  59. Can Weak Unions Get Teachers More Money? Op Ed, May 5

    What walkouts show about the real power of organized labor.

  60. Patagonia v. Trump Sunday Business, May 5

    The outdoor retailer has supported grass-roots environmental activists for decades. Now it is suing the president in a bid to protect Bears Ears National Monument.

  61. As Winter Warms, Bears Can’t Sleep. And They’re Getting Into Trouble. Climate, May 4

    American black bears are not always hibernating when they should be. Sometimes, they go in search of humans’ food, and that’s an even bigger problem.

  62. Facebook Adds A.I. Labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh, Pressuring Local Universities Business, May 4

    Salaries for artificial intelligence researchers at big tech companies are skyrocketing, luring many professors.

  63. Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava and Gases Near Homes in Hawaii National, May 4

    After a series of tremors, lava began spewing into an area on the eastern edge of the island of Hawaii. An earthquake with a 6.9 magnitude hit early Friday afternoon.

  64. Hawaii Volcano Erupts Video, May 4

    Lava burst from Kilauea and began flowing on the eastern edge of the Big Island after a series of earthquakes. Residents of the area were ordered to evacuate.

  65. Denver Post Editor Who Criticized Paper’s Ownership Resigns Business, May 3

    Chuck Plunkett, who wrote an editorial last month that called the newspaper’s hedge fund owners “vulture capitalists,” said he resigned after another critical editorial he wrote was not allowed to run.

  66. Arizona Teachers End Walkout as Governor Signs Bill Approving Raises National, May 3

    State legislators refused protesters’ requests to raise income taxes on the wealthy, and instead turned to revenue sources that are likely to hit typical voters.

  67. How a Times Education Reporter Discovered a Pipeline of Foreign Teachers Insider, May 3

    Through reporting on foreign teacher recruitment, Dana Goldstein came to understand hidden costs of our underfunded education systems.

  68. An Ancient Horse Is Unearthed in a Utah Backyard Express, May 3

    Paleontologists recently determined that a skeleton discovered during a landscaping project belonged to a horse from the Pleistocene Era.

  69. Hawaii Passes Bill Banning Sunscreen That Can Harm Coral Reefs Travel, May 3

    The legislation prohibits the distribution of sunscreens containing chemicals that scientists have found contributes to coral bleaching when washed off in the ocean.

  70. Amazon Pauses Huge Development Plans in Seattle Over Tax Plan Business, May 2

    In an unusually public spat, Amazon is rethinking some building projects in Seattle because of a new tax being considered by the City Council.

  71. Watch Police Enter the Las Vegas Gunman’s Room Video, May 2

    Newly released video shows the moment the Las Vegas police breached the hotel room of Stephen Paddock. He killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more in a shooting rampage on Oct. 1.

  72. Teacher Pay Is So Low in Some U.S. School Districts That They’re Recruiting Overseas National, May 2

    Citing a dearth of qualified local candidates, schools are increasingly turning to foreign educators in the Philippines to fill core teaching jobs.

  73. One Goal of Amazon’s HQ2: Learn the Lessons of Seattle Business, April 29

    Amazon has surprised officials in cities vying for the company’s new headquarters by asking how to avoid soaring housing costs and paralyzing traffic.

  74. Larry Harvey, the Man Behind Burning Man, Is Dead at 70 Obits, April 28

    Mr. Harvey’s anti-establishment festival evolved from a modest affair on a San Francisco beach to a globally celebrated phenomenon in the Nevada desert.

  75. At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives Business, April 28

    Complaints about bad behavior by men and a lack of advancement for women long went ignored, employees said, but now change seems to be afoot.

  76. Trump Calls on Montana Democrat to Resign in Fight Over Failed V.A. Nomination Washington, April 28

    President Trump lashed out at Senator Jon Tester, the Democrat who helped thwart the cabinet nomination of Dr. Ronny L. Jackson.

  77. For the Vegas Golden Knights, It’s Not Only Magic on Ice Op Ed, April 27

    The hockey team has been a smash hit, and a balm for the city.

  78. Don’t Slash Public Pensions Letters, April 27

    Public servants “regularly forgo higher private-sector wages for the promise of a dignified future retirement,” a reader writes.

  79. Hart Family, Before Driving Off Cliff, Hid Dark Home Life From View National, April 27

    Weeks after Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sport utility vehicle off a cliff, killing her wife and their children, newly released documents detail disturbing allegations of neglect.

  80. The Teachers’ Revolt Spreads to Arizona Op Ed, April 27

    Thanks to right-wing policies, red state educators have nothing left to lose.

  81. Teachers in Arizona and Colorado Walk Out Over Education Funding National, April 26

    The walkouts are the latest surge of a protest movement that has already swept through West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

  82. We Are Republican Teachers Striking in Arizona. It’s Time to Raise Taxes. Op Ed, April 26

    We’re angry: Our classrooms are falling apart. We work multiple jobs. Our party must stop its war on public education.

  83. We Are Republican Teachers Striking in Arizona. It’s Time to Raise Taxes. Video, April 26

    We’re angry: Our classrooms are falling apart. We work multiple jobs. Our party must stop its war on public education.

  84. A New Mitt or the Same Old Weenie? Op Ed, April 25

    The world’s excited to know Mitt Romney’s still around.

  85. Don Blankenship, West Virginia Candidate, Lives Near Las Vegas and Mulled Chinese Citizenship Politics, April 25

    The former coal mining executive, a strong supporter of President Trump who is running as an “American competitionist,” has refused to disclose his personal finances as required by law.

  86. A Reader Project on Opinion Journalism Op Ed, April 25

    We asked readers what views were underrepresented. They responded.

  87. Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President Interactive, April 25

    Most districts remained Republican, but Democrats flipped two solidly Republican seats.

  88. Debbie Lesko Wins Arizona Special Election for Congress, Rallying G.O.P. Politics, April 24

    The former state senator benefited from more than $1 million in outside spending by Republican groups determined to avoid repeats of losses in Alabama and Pennsylvania.

  89. Arizona Special Election Results: Eighth House District Interactive, April 24

    See full results and maps from the Arizona special election.

  90. Romney Failed to Win at Utah Convention, but Few Believe He’s Doomed Politics, April 24

    The 2012 G.O.P. presidential nominee, running for an open Senate seat, faced conservatives who disliked his ideological swerving, and a fear among hard-right activists that they were losing power.

  91. What Nonvoters Really Think Op Ed, April 24

    There are tens of millions of them, and they could seal Trump’s political fate.

  92. Republicans Are Dominant But Still Nervous About the Arizona Special Election Interactive, April 23

    The race is mostly a test of the resilience of the G.O.P. base at a moment when Democrats are enjoying a surge of voter energy.

  93. Hope in Arizona Op Ed, April 23

    Activist women are transforming the state’s politics.

  94. Arizona Special Election: Does the Democrat Have a Chance? Video, April 23

    A special election in Arizona was spurred by a sex scandal, and polls show that this Republican stronghold has a chance at being won by a Democrat.