1. Make the Weeknights Bright Food, Yesterday

    With crimson sheet-pan paprika chicken, baked salmon and rice flecked with Kelly green dill, and golden winter squash and mushroom curry.

  2. A Cookbook That Celebrates New York City’s Asian Communities Food, Yesterday

    Pick up “Made Here” from Send Chinatown Love, watch a documentary on a remote Nordic restaurant and more food news.

  3. A Flaky Cheese Pie With Much Meaning Food, Yesterday

    A Hanukkah staple for the Aleppan Jewish community, cheese sambousek is a point of pride.

  4. Warming meals that refresh and recharge Dining, December 4

    Caramelized cabbage and walnut pasta, vegetarian skillet chili and honey-glazed chicken with shallots for those precious, quiet December evenings.

  5. Elena Zelayeta, emisaria de la cocina mexicana en EE. UU. En español, December 4

    Con un restaurante, libros de cocina, un programa de televisión y una marca de comida congelada, la chef puso las bases de la gastronomía mexicana en Estados Unidos. Todo mientras perdía la vista.

  6. This Chicken Should Be in Every Pot Dining, December 3

    Warm spices, sweet root vegetables, savory chicken — a perfect dinner.

  7. Rasta Pasta, Brawny Veggies and All the Cookies Dining, December 2

    With Thai tea tres leches cake for good (holiday) measure.

  8. Ñam, ñam, ñam, ¿cuál es el secreto de las galletas del Monstruo Comegalletas? En español, December 2

    Si alguna vez te has preguntado qué está comiendo este famoso personaje de Plaza Sésamo, tenemos la respuesta.

  9. The Only Doughnut Recipes You’ll Ever Need Dining, December 1

    Once you make your doughnuts with brioche dough, Yewande Komolafe writes, you may never go back.

  10. A Simple Bread Pudding Makes a Plush Dessert Dining, December 1

    Serve it after a big pot of clam chowder or a burly kale salad.

  11. Flamboyant as Ever, ’70s-Style Desserts Are Making a Comeback T Style, December 1

    With nostalgia comes Bundts, Black Forests and elaborate gelatinous confections. Would you like a blowtorch with that?

  12. 7 Brilliant Cookies to Keep Your Holidays Bright Dining, December 1

    Make one or make them all.

  13. The Best Holiday Wrapping? Burritos Food, November 30

    Make your own flour tortillas (or not) and fill them with chiles, potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and more.

  14. Fuss-Free and Fancy-Feeling Dining, November 30

    Ginger-dill salmon, pasta alla norma sorta and pork schnitzel with quick pickles are ready for your next casual dinner thing.

  15. Judge John Hodgman on What to Do With Takeout Sauce Packets Magazine, November 30

    His wife’s stash is getting out of hand.

  16. A Cozy One-Pot Chicken for a Fuss-Free Holiday Dining, November 29

    With carrots, sweet potatoes and dates, this braise is a colorful main course for your Hanukkah table.

  17. A Simple, Lemony Pasta for Catching Your Breath Dining, November 29

    With braised white beans and juicy marinated cherry tomatoes, it’s the sort of vegetarian dinner I crave this time of year.

  18. The Longer This Cake Soaks, the Better It Is Magazine, November 29

    The faint bitterness of Thai tea gets absorbed into tres leches, checking the sweetness, so it’s just enough.

  19. How Mortadella Went From Cold Cut to Hot Item Dining, November 28

    Helped by its millennial-pink hue and the rise of the charcuterie board, the Italian specialty is winning a new fan base of American chefs and consumers.

  20. For Her Next Round, Toni Tipton-Martin Orders Up a Book of Cocktails Dining, November 28

    The author of “The Jemima Code” has distilled 200 years of African American drinking know-how into her new “Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs and Juice.”

  21. Bold Flavors in Fast Dishes Dining, November 28

    Soba noodles in ginger broth and jerk chicken meatballs are satisfying swerves from the creamy casseroles and slow bakes of Thanksgiving.

  22. Feed a Crowd With This Rich Ube Babka Wreath Dining, November 27

    Hanukkah cookies, free hot chocolate and other sweet food news.

  23. My Red Lentil Soup With Five Stars and Nearly 23,000 Reviews Dining, November 27

    It’s the most reviewed recipe in our New York Times Cooking recipe database.

  24. Can You Find the 14 Hidden Food-Themed Book Titles in This Puzzle? Interactive, November 27

    Just tap or click on the books you discover to learn more about them. You may even find some gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

  25. Nom Nom Nom. What’s the Deal With Cookie Monster’s Cookies? Culture, November 27

    If you have ever wondered what the “Sesame Street” Muppet is really eating, we have the answer.

  26. What to Cook After You’ve Cooked Everything Dining, November 26

    Ginger-scallion steamed fish, squash and mushroom curry and lemony chicken breasts revive the palate, and are quick in the kitchen.

  27. It’s the Saturday After Thanksgiving. It’s Cookie Time. Dining, November 25

    Bookmark our collection of easy holiday cookies for fantastic gifts and gleeful snacking.

  28. How Tamron Hall Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, November 25

    Hall, the talk show host and author, has a lot on her plate: TV, fiction writing and her family. Somehow she still has time for her parrot, too.

  29. The Best Black Cake, a West Indian Delight, Starts at Home Dining, November 24

    For many in the Caribbean diaspora, there is no substitute for this deeply flavorful fruitcake.

  30. This Easy Pantry Meal Puts Dreamy Pasta and Beans Front and Center Dining, November 24

    These two hardworking ingredients are at their best in this weeknight meal, laden with chile, lemon and garlic.

  31. Chicken and Potatoes Everyone Will Love Dining, November 24

    This easy braise has a little heat and a lot to rave about, especially when paired with a simple avocado salad and a cozy rice pudding in this David Tanis menu.

  32. Let’s Talk Leftovers Dining, November 24

    Specifically: turkey soup, turkey pho and Kenji López-Alt’s Thanksgiving Hot Pockets.

  33. Tangy, Fresh and Crunchy Dining, November 24

    Yewande Komolafe’s tangle of grapefruit and herbs, topped with coconut and crispy shallots, calls out like some sort of post-Thanksgiving salad siren.

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Dining, November 23

    Today is about accepting things as they are, not as you wish them to be, and you’re going to serve a wonderful meal.

  35. 36 Hours in Oaxaca, Mexico Interactive, November 23

    Make mole, learn printmaking and dance in the streets in this city alive with tradition and creative vigor.

  36. Overlooked No More: Elena Zelayeta, Emissary for Mexican Cooking Obits, November 22

    Beginning the 1930s in San Francisco, she transformed the image of her native Mexican cuisine in the United States with a restaurant and popular cookbooks, all while overcoming a loss of sight.

  37. ‘Menus-Plaisirs — Les Troisgros’ Review: A Beautiful Collaboration Weekend, November 22

    For his 44th documentary, Frederick Wiseman journeys to the French countryside to examine the workings of a family-owned, Michelin-starred restaurant.

  38. You Won’t Just Love These Cold Noodles. You’ll Need Them. Magazine, November 22

    Naengmyeon, a filling but light meal, is a necessity for Koreans all over the world.

  39. Tasty Treats to Keep Your Guests Happy (and Out of the Kitchen) Dining, November 22

    Classic deviled eggs and whiskey sours buy you some time to put the finishing touches on your turkey.

  40. Sizzling Dishes and Stressful Meals Give Video Games Warmth Arts & Leisure, November 22

    By asking players to cook and eat virtual food, game designers are finding resonant ways to tell personal stories.

  41. The Juicy Secrets Behind Food Styling Summary, November 22

    How does photographed fare always look so good? Three food stylists for Thanksgiving recipes shared their tips for making dishes appear appetizing but approachable.

  42. This Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese Is a Thanksgiving Must Have Dining, November 21

    Before you ask: Yes, there’s Velveeta involved.

  43. Five (Thanksgiving) Weeknight Dishes Dining, November 21

    White chicken chili to feed a crowd, super-scalable sheet-pan mushroom Parmigiana and no-chop chile crisp fettuccine Alfredo.

  44. You, Too, Can Deep-Fry Your Turkey Podcasts, November 21

    The secret to (safely) frying your Thanksgiving bird.

  45. ‘High on the Hog’ Returns With Stories of Food, Resistance and Legacy Dining, November 21

    In Season 2 of the Netflix series, Stephen Satterfield explores generational conversations among Black people through food.

  46. Keep Thanksgiving Going With This Leftover Turkey Soup Dining, November 20

    This fragrant recipe filled with chickpeas and farro is a cozy destination for the last of the holiday’s spread.

  47. Six Hours to Cook and $100 to Shop: Watch 3 NYT Food Writers Make Thanksgiving Dining, November 20

    Spoiler: It’s down to the wire.

  48. Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Hot Pocket Dining, November 20

    Somewhere between a calzone and one of those Costco chicken bakes, this recipe from J. Kenji López-Alt makes the most of the feast.

  49. Mark Kurlansky Peels Back History’s Layers in ‘The Core of an Onion’ Dining, November 20

    Wine organized by texture at Community Wine & Spirits, a talk at 92NY with the chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, and more food news.

  50. Dinners That Don’t Feel Insane to Cook the Week of Thanksgiving Dining, November 20

    You’ve got a feast to prep. We’ve got 15-minute garlic noodles, tomato rice with crispy Cheddar and sheet-pan bibimbap.

  51. You’ve Planned Your Play. Now Play Your Plan. Dining, November 19

    Cheesy Hasselback potato gratin for Sunday (and Thursday); tofu and green beans with chile crisp for Monday.

  52. This Chocolate Chess Pie Is a Dessert Checkmate Dining, November 18

    It’s the perfect move for a gathering where some people want pie, some want chocolate and everyone wants something sweet.

  53. A Thanksgiving Road Map N Y T Now, November 18

    We have a plan to help you prepare for the holiday — and stay sane.

  54. Un clásico postre de otoño para el Día de Acción de Gracias En español, November 18

    Las empanadas de calabaza, populares en las comunidades a lo largo de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México, tienen un lugar especial en la mesa de la festividad.

  55. How a Political Insider Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, November 18

    Tricia Shimamura keeps busy by welcoming immigrants, helping women get into politics and chasing around her two young children on the Upper East Side.

  56. A Crowd Pleasing Casserole? It’s in the Bag (of Frozen Hash Browns) Dining, November 17

    It freezes nicely, so serve it on Thanksgiving or keep it on hand as a last-minute rescue breakfast in the days following the feast.

  57. ¿Por qué tantas personas se enferman de salmonela? En español, November 17

    Estas bacterias son la principal causa de intoxicación por alimentos. A continuación, te decimos cómo evitar la infección.

  58. How to Skip the Turkey Dining, November 16

    And dairy-free desserts, mushroom-free gravy and a kabocha casserole. It’s Thanksgiving Recipe Matchmaker.

  59. A Taste of Florida on the Thanksgiving Table Dining, November 16

    While it is popular all year long, Key lime pie sales surge for the holiday, and many bakeries in Florida are preparing.

  60. Showstopping Mains for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dining, November 16

    Think roasted carrots on a plush bed of ricotta and feta, or a vegetable biryani studded with cashews and pomegranate seeds.

  61. Our 27 Most Popular Thanksgiving Desserts Dining, November 15

    Caramel apple crisp, tall and creamy cheesecake and a showstopping crimson cranberry curd tart.

  62. A Really Great Polenta Finishes Off Strong Magazine, November 15

    Infused oil gives a final kick to this dish with roasted-until-golden mushrooms and charred tomatoes.

  63. Pomegranate Molasses Is a Star of the Pantry Podcasts, November 15

    In the pantry with Melissa Clark.

  64. A Stunning (but Not Stressful) Thanksgiving Menu That Lets You Enjoy the Day Dining, November 15

    These pared-down recipes from the cookbook author Claire Saffitz are just what you need.

  65. Thanksgiving Rolls Two Ways: Easy and Fluffy or Buttery and Rich Dining, November 14

    Melissa Clark has a couple of smart new roll recipes — a fast version made from pizza dough and another finished with coarse sugar and black pepper.

  66. Ricotta Pasta Bake, Simple Roasted Salmon and Coconut-Lime Shrimp Dining, November 14

    Recipes that are extra easy to make and quick to put together (because you have a feast to plan).

  67. Is This the Best Way to Cook Your Turkey? Dining, November 14

    Deep-frying requires equipment, lots of oil and a dash of common sense about flammability. But the rewards can be bountiful.

  68. The Best Store-Bought Thanksgiving Pie Crust, Stuffing and More Dining, November 14

    Our panel of Times tasters scoured ingredient lists, picked favorites and passed along takeaways.

  69. The 25 Essential Dishes to Eat in Mexico City T Style, November 14

    We asked five chefs and other food-obsessed locals to debate the most memorable plates (and snacks and beverages) in the capital.

  70. The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving Interactive, November 14

    We'll get you through the day, one decision at a time: how to cook the turkey, which sides to serve, what to make ahead and how to end the meal.

  71. Turkey Potpie, Guinea Fowl and a Hybrid Turnip for the Thanksgiving Table Dining, November 13

    Aprons for a good cause, a roasting pan for the holiday bird and more food news.

  72. Cracking the Green Bean Casserole Code Dining, November 13

    Eric Kim cooked 13 iterations of the midcentury Thanksgiving staple to create the ultimate recipe for today.

  73. Because the Sides Are Really the Star Dining, November 13

    Brown-butter mashed potatoes, roasted squash with hot honey and a fresh take on green bean casserole might outshine the turkey.

  74. A Perfect Lasagna Dining, November 12

    Serve for Sunday supper now, or parbake and freeze to feed the family later.

  75. The Pies Are Here Dining, November 11

    Caramel apple pie, pumpkin pie with pepitas, pecan slab pie and lemon pudding pie with honey and ginger. Oh, and a cranberry cheesecake tart.

  76. A Buttermilk-Brined Chicken in Advance of the Big Bird Dining, November 10

    With roasted brussels sprouts and Ina Garten’s lemony puréed potatoes, it’s a nice warm-up for Turkey Day.

  77. No Gluten or Dairy, but Plenty to Love in These Thanksgiving Dishes Dining, November 9

    Welcome guests with dietary restrictions to the table with these recipes that everyone can enjoy.

  78. An Enduring Fall Dessert for Thanksgiving Dining, November 9

    Pumpkin empanadas, popular in communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, have a special place on the holiday table.

  79. Our Go-To, Won’t-Fail Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe Dining, November 9

    You cook them in a cast-iron skillet, meaning the sheet pan is free for the 534 other dishes on your menu.

  80. These Five Thanksgiving Pies Are a Dessert Lover’s Dream Dining, November 9

    Make one or all of these updated classics and brand-new favorites from Claire Saffitz.

  81. This Simple Hack Yields the Best Mashed Potatoes Dining, November 9

    Browning a little butter goes a long way to making a Thanksgiving staple all the better.

  82. Melissa Clark’s Brilliant Make-and-Take Turkey Dining, November 8

    A perfectly roasted (and reheated) centerpiece dish for wherever your Thanksgiving may be.

  83. ‘What’s Cooking in the Kremlin’? A Heady Mix of Propaganda and Paranoia. Book Review, November 8

    The new book by Witold Szablowski features the chefs who were expected to prepare sumptuous meals for Russian leaders — and keep them from being poisoned.

  84. For Dinner Tonight: Bulgogi-Style Tofu Podcasts, November 8

    A no-recipe recipe from Sam Sifton.

  85. A Cook’s Tour of the Tokyo Food Scene Travel, November 8

    Taking a cooking class in the Japanese capital adds layers to an exploration of the city’s abundant supply of restaurants, from a pricey kaiseki spot to a chain noodle joint.

  86. ‘This Recipe is WOW!’ Dining, November 7

    Emphasis reader’s own for Melissa Clark’s five-star coconut curry chickpeas with pumpkin and lime.

  87. Get Ahead on Thanksgiving With This Make-Ahead Turkey Dining, November 7

    Whether you’re driving it to dinner an hour away or you just want to plan ahead, here’s the best strategy for a Thanksgiving bird you can prepare in advance.

  88. Why Salmonella Makes So Many People Sick Well, November 7

    The bacteria are a leading cause of food poisoning. Here’s how to avoid an infection.

  89. How the Humble Sheet Cake Became Top Tier T Style, November 7

    In the world of special occasion baked goods, pastry chefs are embracing the birthday party staple for its vast canvas.

  90. Frankies 457 Sicilian Olive Oils for Drizzling Over Everything Dining, November 6

    A chocolate snowflake for the holiday table, a new hot sauce from Noma and more food news.

  91. The Easiest Chicken Noodle Soup for the Busiest Season Dining, November 6

    Alexa Weibel’s clever recipe gets maximal flavor out of minimal ingredients.

  92. Can Frozen Peas, Long Taken for Granted, Find New Appeal in the U.K.? Foreign, August 9

    Britain’s vegetable producers are hoping this is a moment for the humble frozen pea, a cost-effective staple at a time of rising food prices.

  93. Mon Dieu! No hay mostaza. Francia cocina sin su amado condimento en Español, July 15

    Una tormenta perfecta ocasionada por el cambio climático, la guerra europea y la covid han hecho que los franceses tengan que buscar alternativas.

  94. France Faces a Shortage of Mustard, Its Uniquely Beloved Condiment Foreign, July 14

    A perfect storm of climate change, a European war and Covid have left the French scrambling for alternatives.

  95. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  96. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 16

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.