1. Easy Spring Dishes With Time-Saving Shortcuts Food, Yesterday

    Sautéed salmon with tomatoes and leeks, chilaquiles verdes and one-pan orzo with spinach and feta welcome a little kitchen cheating.

  2. Why John Magaro of ‘Past Lives’ Could Never Love a Picky Eater Podcasts, Yesterday

    For the actor, compatibility comes down to food. You need to be able to share.

  3. In Milan, a Party With T-Shaped Ice Cubes, Balloons and Pasta T Magazine, April 16

    To toast the Salone del Mobile and the 20th anniversary of T Magazine, the designer Ramdane Touhami transformed the Villa Necchi Campiglio into an ode to the letter T.

  4. ‘Pasta Nada’ and More Ultrafast, Flexible Dinners Food, April 16

    Few ingredients and very versatile: creamy garlic pasta with greens, soy-glazed chicken breasts, kimchi fried rice.

  5. At Passover, the Only Constant Is Changing Recipes Food, April 16

    Joan Nathan, a doyenne of Jewish American cuisine, has long treasured the holiday and witnessed its evolution through food.

  6. How to Make Frozen Shrimp Even Faster (and More Delicious) Food, April 15

    You’re 20 minutes and a few simple steps from a fresh spring stir-fry built from a freezer staple.

  7. A Beloved Copenhagen Cafe Gets Serious About Dinner T Magazine, April 15

    The chef Frederik Bille Brahe has transformed the Apollo Bar & Kantine into his version of a fine dining restaurant, and celebrated with a meal for his family and collaborators.

  8. A Radicchio Salad for People Who Don’t Think They Like Radicchio T Magazine, April 15

    The Danish chef Frederik Bille Brahe shares the recipe for the star dish at his newly reopened Copenhagen cafe Apollo Bar & Kantine.

  9. One-Pot Tortellini With Prosciutto and Peas Is for Friends Food, April 15

    Whether in the eating or in the making of Ali Slagle’s springtime supper.

  10. Spring Cleaning to Refresh; Bacon and Egg Don to Comfort N Y T Now, April 14

    Eric Kim’s recipe combines soft scrambled eggs, crisped bacon and furikake-flecked rice for a fantastic breakfast-for-dinner dish.

  11. Banana Bread, Always and Forever N Y T Now, April 13

    As long as we have bananas that go brown, we will have Julia Moskin’s perfect banana bread.

  12. New Zealanders Are Crazy for This Fruit. It’s Not the Kiwi. Foreign, April 13

    Like the kiwi fruit, the feijoa, or pineapple guava, is not native to the island nation, but it has become something of a national obsession.

  13. Primavera Deserves Fresh Pasta Dining, April 12

    The first vegetables of the season — asparagus, peas and spring onions — shine atop Melissa Clark’s easy egg pasta dough.

  14. Your (Vegetarian) Spring Cooking Checklist Dining, April 11

    Pea and ricotta frittata, sugar snap peas with radishes and mint, and rhubarb crumble make the most of the fleeting season.

  15. A No-Chop, No-Fuss Weeknight Lasagna Dining, April 11

    Pair it with the world’s best chocolate cake (actual recipe title) for a crowd-pleasing dinner that’s less work than you’d think.

  16. In Defense of Never Learning How to Cook Magazine, April 11

    I hated domesticity so much that for years, I lived happily without a kitchen. This $19 device helped me survive.

  17. Five-Star Indian Butter Chickpeas for No-Energy Nights Dining, April 10

    “Only change I’d make is to double it for more delicious leftovers,” writes one of many rave reviews.

  18. Asparagus Season Is Fleeting. This Easy Recipe Is Forever. Magazine, April 10

    After the heaviness of winter, this miso-infused dish from Yotam Ottolenghi is a breath of fresh air.

  19. These 12 Recipes Are (Almost) Inflation Proof Dining, April 10

    You don’t have to break the bank to make these satisfying, budget-friendly recipes.

  20. Rut-Busting Recipes for Freezer Staples Dining, April 9

    Spicy ground turkey with snap peas, broccoli-walnut pesto pasta and sazón chicken breasts make frozen standbys sing.

  21. The Geopolitics of a Czech-Polish Potato Salad Competition Op Ed, April 9

    In the midst of a political and environmental dispute between the Czech Republic and Poland over a coal mine, a potato salad contest is held in a small border town.

  22. To Choose the Menu, Just Win the Masters National, April 9

    The winner of the most hallowed event in professional golf gets to design the menu (and pay) for the next year’s champions dinner. Jon Rahm, the 2023 winner, supplied a recipe from his grandmother.

  23. Yes, You Can Wash Cast Iron: 5 Big Kitchen Myths, Debunked Dining, April 8

    A veteran food journalist digs into some common misconceptions about salting pasta water, browning meat and more.

  24. An Easy Mac and Cheese Worth Cheering Dining, April 8

    Genevieve Ko’s simple stovetop version comes together with just five ingredients.

  25. The Secret to These Shrimp Tacos Is Worcestershire Dining, April 7

    These tacos marry seafood with poblano chiles, diced onions and melted cheese on flour tortillas

  26. Put Miso Butter on Everything Dining, April 6

    Add it to chicken thighs, crispy tofu, roasted broccoli, pan-fried mushrooms and pasta. You won’t be able to stop.

  27. 4 Expert Tips for Flaky Fish Every Time Dining, April 6

    In the fourth installment of her YouTube series, the cookbook author and chef Sohla El-Waylly will help you make the most flawless fish.

  28. Go All-In on Detroit-Style Pizza Dining, April 5

    It’s hard to resist the charred and cheesy edges, a thick and chewy crust and a reverse order of toppings.

  29. In Australia, a Nation’s Banh Mi Love Affair N Y T Now, April 5

    “We’ll make the best of it here. And they can call it a pork roll.”

  30. Do You Know How Flavor Works? Interactive, April 4

    In her new book, “Flavorama,” the flavor scientist Arielle Johnson demystifies the sense of taste. Take this quiz and see how much you know about how taste is perceived.

  31. Have a Wine Bar Night at Home With These Recipes Dining, April 4

    Vegetables with cashew romesco, saucy roasted cauliflower, whipped ricotta and more dishes that will transport you to your favorite small-plates spot.

  32. Approaching Weeknight Burnout? The Solution Is Pasta. Dining, April 4

    Specifically, midnight pasta with garlic, anchovy, capers and red pepper from David Tanis.

  33. Making a Meal for a Date: When Is the Right Time? Styles, April 4

    Cooking for someone you’re seeing in the early stages of dating can be a great way to make a good impression. Or a clear sign that you’re hooked.

  34. A Quick Skillet Turkey Dinner You’ll Make Over and Over Dining, April 3

    This easy Melissa Clark recipe, inspired by the zesty, pungent flavors of larb, turns unassuming ground turkey into a star.

  35. The Best Way to Ring In Spring? Herby Chicken and Noodles Dining, April 3

    Balanced with an asparagus-beet salad and a simple citrusy dessert, this dinner from David Tanis has all the best of early spring.

  36. A 15-Minute, Five-Ingredient Childhood Favorite Dining, April 3

    Priya Krishna’s headily spiced everyday dal is essential comfort food.

  37. Life Gave a Pastry Chef Lemons. She Made Lemon Bars. Magazine, April 3

    These sunny, sweet-tart treats have a little twist: a rich pecan short crust.

  38. It’s Always a Good Time for an Oyster Roast T Style, April 2

    How to host an outdoor seafood celebration during a Northeastern winter, according to the founders of the newsletter The Perfect.

  39. Easy Dinners to Clear Out the Condiments in Your Fridge Dining, April 2

    Skip a trip to the store and clean out your shelves at the same time with these simple dishes.

  40. Gloriously Crispy Chicken for Tonight Dining, April 1

    Put Christian Reynoso’s schnitzel-like chile crisp chicken cutlets on your cooking bucket list immediately.

  41. Gisele Bündchen habla sobre la alimentación saludable y las relaciones tóxicas En español, April 1

    A puertas de cumplir 30 años en la industria, la supermodelo conversa sobre su vida en Miami y su nuevo libro de cocina, “Nourish”.

  42. How to Use Up Those Easter Eggs Dining, March 31

    Deviled eggs, for sure. Maybe pickled eggs, cured with beets, vinegar and sugar, too?

  43. We’re Going Full Carrot Cake Mode Dining, March 30

    Are you team raisins or no raisins?

  44. This Southern Delicacy Leaves Much to Chew On Dining, March 30

    In the South, many Black families have made and eaten chew bread — a dessert similar to a blondie — for generations.

  45. 3 Festive Main Dishes for Any Spring Party Dining, March 29

    Whether for a casual cookout or an elegant dinner party, these impressive recipes are easy to pull off.

  46. It’s Time for Honey Baked Ham Dining, March 29

    Not for you? There’s always carrot maqluba, or a no-recipe recipe for kielbasa with pierogies.

  47. Dal Is the Ultimate Comfort Food Dining, March 28

    Cheap, unfussy and adaptable, these lentils call up warming memories of home and family for many South Asians.

  48. Improvise With Swiss Chard Dining, March 28

    It can star in a creamy pasta or casserole, or be the understudy to kale in a spring minestrone.

  49. Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sheet Pan? Dining, March 28

    Sheet-pan japchae makes easy work of caramelizing a rainbow of vegetables before tossing with noodles.

  50. The Menu That Has Made One José Andrés Restaurant Endure Magazine, March 28

    A look behind the scenes at Zaytinya, which over two decades has remained one of the globe-trotting humanitarian’s most beloved spots.

  51. This Easy, One-Skillet Dinner Tastes Like Spring Dining, March 27

    Using canned artichokes and frozen peas keeps this fresh meal simple to make all year long.

  52. Kitchen Magic for Big Weeknight Flavor Dining, March 27

    Irresistible honey-and-soy-glazed chicken thighs, a springy Easter menu and a one-pot dish sure to please.

  53. The Pure, Earthy Richness of a Beloved Jamaican Fish Stew Magazine, March 27

    It is a testament to the power of seasoning and steady, patient simmering.

  54. The Rice Bowl You Need for Dinner Dining, March 26

    Eric Kim’s bacon and egg don is extremely delicious, and extremely simple.

  55. Cassava Is the Secret to Gluten-Free ‘Flour’ Tortillas From Coyotas Dining, March 26

    Snacking for the Masters, a benefit for a culinary careers program and a fond farewell to this column.

  56. This Easy, Make-Ahead Easter Brunch Only Feels Expensive Dining, March 25

    This spring menu — a showstopping frittata, a snappy salad and a chewy cookie from a celebrated restaurant chef — isn’t just surprising. It’s surprisingly simple.

  57. Spicy Tofu and Mushroom Mazemen; Chicken Koftas With Lime Couscous Dining, March 25

    And plenty more minimum-effort, maximum-rewards dinner ideas.

  58. Practice Makes Perfect Biscuits Dining, March 24

    Make these all-purpose biscuits today and they’ll be terrific. Make them three weekends in a row and they’ll be the best biscuits ever.

  59. Soothing Meals With Assertive Flavors Dining, March 23

    Recipes for those gray, not-so-springy days: skillet eggs with garam masala and tomatoes, braised chicken with salted lemon, sweet potato shepherd’s pie.

  60. Gisele Bündchen on Healthy Eating and Unhealthy Relationships Styles, March 23

    The supermodel opens up about life in Miami and her new cookbook, “Nourish.”

  61. How to Host a Lunch Like a Parisian Gallerist T Style, March 22

    The artist Bianca Lee Vasquez, a co-founder of the art space Sainte Anne Gallery, regularly gathers friends for laid-back meals at her apartment, just a few blocks away.

  62. Personalize Your Perloo, Finesse Your Fish Chowder Dining, March 22

    Satisfying dishes that invite improvisation.

  63. An Easter Loaf Baked With Fruit, Spices and Caribbean Sun Dining, March 22

    This classic Jamaican treat is bold, bright and vibrant, and central to the holiday.

  64. The Veggie Baby Dining, March 21

    Sweet potatoes with tahini butter, coconut saag and broccoli aligot are delicious at any age.

  65. Elegant Skillet Chicken, Effortless Eggs and ‘Crazy Water’ Fish Dining, March 21

    Recipes for when you want fancy-Friday vibes but have meh-Monday energy.

  66. A Lenten Soup So Good the Memory of It Lasts a Whole Year Dining, March 21

    For Ecuadoreans, fanesca, a labor-intensive soup served just during the lead-up to Easter, is a staple of Holy Week festivities.

  67. The Egg Dish You Need to Make Right Now Dining, March 20

    A fragrant mash-up of shakshuka, eggs in purgatory and egg curry, this easy one-pan recipe can be made with pantry ingredients you probably already have on hand.

  68. Why Doubles Remain Trinidad’s Most Popular Food Dining, March 20

    This traditional dish, heady with spices and deeply satisfying, serves as a reminder of survival and possibility.

  69. Za’atar and Labneh Spaghetti, Luscious and Tangy Dining, March 20

    Ham El-Waylly’s fast, easy recipe has the creamy texture of an Alfredo and a bright, herbal tang that’s perfect for spring.

  70. A Supremely Comforting One-Pot Rice Dish Magazine, March 20

    Perloo, a Lowcountry staple with roots in West Africa, is a great meal for a gathering.

  71. Why Samin Nosrat Is Now ‘Fully YOLO’ Podcasts, March 20

    The chef and writer is known for bringing people together over delicious food. She reads an essay about the importance of making connections and the most of your time.

  72. Curl Up With a Delicious Recipe Podcasts, March 20

    Books about food make for great bedtime reading.

  73. One-Pot Mushroom and Ginger Rice, Skillet Broccoli Spaghetti Dining, March 19

    Bright, breezy recipes to welcome spring.

  74. OK, Class, First We Shoot the Deer Dining, March 19

    A Missouri high school program teaches students to take freshly killed animals from the field to the classroom and into the kitchen.

  75. Can Frozen Peas, Long Taken for Granted, Find New Appeal in the U.K.? Foreign, August 9

    Britain’s vegetable producers are hoping this is a moment for the humble frozen pea, a cost-effective staple at a time of rising food prices.

  76. Mon Dieu! No hay mostaza. Francia cocina sin su amado condimento en Español, July 15

    Una tormenta perfecta ocasionada por el cambio climático, la guerra europea y la covid han hecho que los franceses tengan que buscar alternativas.

  77. France Faces a Shortage of Mustard, Its Uniquely Beloved Condiment Foreign, July 14

    A perfect storm of climate change, a European war and Covid have left the French scrambling for alternatives.

  78. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  79. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 16

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.