1. These Brownies Are as Sweet as Candy Dining, Today

    Chewy, salty and run through with brown butter, these treats are ideal dessert material.

  2. Take Care of Yourself and Others Dining, Today

    If that includes cooking, we hope these five nourishing, relatively easy recipes will help.

  3. This Isn’t Strawberry Shortcake as You Know It Dining, Today

    Serve this summery pair with crunchy cookies instead of soft biscuits.

  4. This Pantry Pasta Is Sure to Be a Family Favorite Dining, June 3

    This simple weeknight dish gets its bold flavor and texture from garlic- and anchovy-infused bread crumbs.

  5. A Beacon of Possibility for Your Time Indoors At Home, June 3

    The specter of Covid-19 has changed a great deal for all of us, but there is an enduring desire to connect, in public, with those we love and with those with whom we disagree.

  6. Cook to Connect Dining, June 3

    It can be hard to cook in these trying times. But let these recipes bring some comfort.

  7. You’ll Put This on Everything Magazine, June 3

    Sweet, salty, intensely citrusy and pleasingly tart, lemon goop amplifies any dish.

  8. Your Kitchen Can Be as Well Stocked as Restaurants Now Dining, June 2

    Without chefs to sell to, farmers, fishmongers and wholesalers are making house calls. And the change may be here to stay.

  9. Fancy Cakes? Quarantine Sourdough? Not for These Hapless Home Cooks Dining, June 2

    The pandemic-cooking craze hasn’t swept up everybody. To those who feel lost in the kitchen, even toasting bread and warming pizza are a challenge.

  10. The Pressures of Pandemic Cooking, by Jessica Olien Slideshow, June 2

    In quarantine, some are pushing the limits of their very limited cooking skills.

  11. Potatoes, Greens and So Much Comfort Dining, June 1

    This riff on an Irish colcannon is among the most filling, nourishing dishes you could make.

  12. Ferran Adrià’s Potato Chip Omelet Delights Beyond Expectation Dining, June 1

    Created as a family meal dish for the El Bulli staff a decade ago, this three-ingredient dish utilizes pantry staples.

  13. Cook for Comfort Dining, June 1

    It can be hard to cook in times like these, but do it all the same.

  14. Finding Euphoria in Bangkok’s Food Scene Travel, June 1

    In search of creative inspiration, a New York-based photographer spent two weeks documenting Bangkok’s fresh markets and street vendors.

  15. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 31

    Making food is a way to make someone else’s life a little better, if only for a few minutes.

  16. Make the Zestiest Macaroni Salad Dining, May 30

    Macaroni salad with lemon and herbs, blueberry cobbler, and more recipes.

  17. Keep These Recipes Dining, May 29

    These dishes are worth coming back to time after time.

  18. Don’t Save Those Old Bananas for Banana Bread. Make Scones Instead. Dining, May 29

    You don’t even need the banana, just 1 cup of any frozen or fresh fruit, for these crisp-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside treats.

  19. The Best Way to Eat Grilled Salmon Dining, May 29

    Pair it with crisp lettuces and a pungent chile-lime dressing for a light, summery dinner.

  20. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 29

    Let cooking bring joy in the days ahead, whether you make barbecued chicken, Usha Prabakaran’s garlic rasam, or a classic pasta salad.

  21. Cómo compartir comida de manera segura durante la pandemia en Español, May 29

    Es posible. Aquí presentamos algunos consejos de una experta en salud alimentaria.

  22. This Pie Lets Peak Strawberries Shine Bright Dining, May 29

    A crunchy shortbread crust and a cloud of freshly whipped cream makes this delightfully fresh pie reminiscent of strawberry shortcake.

  23. A Deeply Flavorful Grain Salad, Full of Lemony Flavor Dining, May 27

    This simple meal gets its crunch from sliced vegetables, and its tenderness from pockets of cooked chickpeas.

  24. Finding a Balance Between Solitude and Loneliness At Home, May 27

    The window beside you could become the most glorious screen in your life. You just have to be patient.

  25. Our Favorite Restaurants, in Recipes Dining, May 27

    We’ve gathered dishes and stories from across the United States to help you remember some of the places you love most.

  26. ‘Soup’ So Vibrant, It’s Called ‘the Elixir of Life’ Magazine, May 27

    You can sip it or have it with rice and yogurt. You can treat it like a soup or a glass of savory juice.

  27. 12 Restaurants America Loves. With Recipes! Interactive, May 26

    We’re making food from our favorite restaurants at home.

  28. Frozen Burek, Ready to Heat Dining, May 26

    Balkan Bites, from an Albanian chef, are hearty, flaky pastries filled with meat and cheese.

  29. New Site Aggregates Food News Dining, May 26

    The cookbook author David Joachim writes the weekly DigestThis.news, from the barbecue website Amazing Ribs.

  30. That Dish, That Restaurant: Vivid Memories to Savor Dining, May 26

    Our critic hasn’t eaten out in more than two months. But recipes can let us recapture certain tastes and moments, and remember how a restaurant meal can enchant.

  31. In ‘Dirt,’ Bill Buford Goes in Search of French Cuisine’s Secrets Culture, May 25

    Buford recounts his intensely focused experiences in restaurant kitchens after moving his family to Lyon.

  32. The Paradox of Memorial Day Dining, May 25

    Take time to think about those we’ve lost, then cook for those nearest to you.

  33. Couples Who Eat Together May Not Stay Together Styles, May 25

    From what they eat to how they actually eat it, being together all the time is only intensifying food issues.

  34. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 24

    Make Momofuku’s bo ssam, or take the Memorial Day holiday to bake an Earl Grey tea cake, peanut butter brownies, or an easy rhubarb trifle.

  35. This Bloody Mary Is Just as Good Without Alcohol Dining, May 23

    Gabrielle Hamilton’s recipe for the drink, Yewande Komolafe’s baked tofu, and more recipes.

  36. A Bright, Comforting One-Pot Stew With West African Roots Dining, May 22

    This brothy version of asaro is packed with yams, plantains and hearty greens.

  37. This One-Bowl Cake Is Worthy of Its Own Celebration Dining, May 22

    Whether it’s for a birthday, or just the long weekend, this classic recipe doesn’t need much to shine.

  38. You Can’t Beat a Savory Babka Dining, May 22

    This cheesy garlic-scented, herb-speckled version may just outshine the chocolate kind.

  39. How to Share Food Safely During the Pandemic Dining, May 22

    It’s totally possible. But here are some tips from a food safety expert.

  40. So Much Flavor Dining, May 22

    These recipes don’t need many ingredients to deliver a lot of taste.

  41. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 22

    Make memories out of the dishes you’re making now, whether that’s a macaroni salad, baby back ribs or a potato chip omelet.

  42. How to Have a Safer Pandemic Memorial Day Well, May 22

    You shouldn’t gather in groups this weekend, but we know you probably will. So here’s some guidance from the biology professor whose advice for lowering coronavirus risk has reached millions.

  43. Our Best Memorial Day Recipes Dining, May 21

    Here’s what to cook for the unofficial start of summer, even in quarantine.

  44. This One-Pan Tuna Casserole Is Just What You Need Right Now Dining, May 20

    This comforting dish has everything: creamy white beans, grated cheese, and (obviously) a crunchy potato chip topping.

  45. Need Recommendations? We’ve Got Google Docs for That. At Home, May 20

    A new project takes you into the lives of reporters and editors who aren’t just covering the pandemic, they’re living it.

  46. King Chicken! Dining, May 20

    Clare de Boer, a chef and owner of King in Manhattan, has three new recipes for grilled chicken you cannot miss.

  47. Five Delicious Reasons to Always Have Gnocchi in Your Pantry Dining, May 19

    Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, these little shelf-stable dumplings are easily dressed up or down.

  48. Glorious Chicken on the Grill Dining, May 18

    The hardest meat to grill can also be the best if it’s prepared and cooked properly. Here are the basic principles to follow.

  49. 3 Summery Sweets You Can Make With Frozen Fruit Dining, May 18

    Farm-fresh fruit might be harder to come by this year, but store-bought frozen fruit works just as well in these three simple recipes.

  50. A Hotelier’s Spicy Fish Stew T Style, May 18

    As she prepares to embark on a new chapter, Liz Lambert has rediscovered the joy of sharing food with her family.

  51. This Buttery Caper Sauce Will Lift Any Vegetable (or Meat) Dining, May 18

    For a simple meal with loads of flavor, pair this sauce with in-season asparagus and scrambled eggs, or add it to whatever is in the crisper.

  52. This Pan Is Ready for the Grill Dining, May 18

    A carbon-steel pan from Made In can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  53. Year-Round Cooking Inspiration From the Berkshires Dining, May 18

    A new cookbook highlights the seasonal recipes of western Massachusetts.

  54. Macaroni Salad for Modern Times Dining, May 18

    This version of the cookout favorite gets its tanginess and snap from lemon zest, capers and pickles.

  55. This Is the Best Tofu Recipe Dining, May 18

    Yewande Komolafe’s baked tofu with peanut sauce and coconut-lime rice is one of NYT Cooking’s finest.

  56. The Joy of Consuming an Obscene Number of Calories Before Noon Styles, May 18

    Some might call it breakfast.

  57. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 17

    This might be the perfect time for Mark Bittman’s ribollita, paired with garlic bread, or a big salad with grains.

  58. The Crispiest Oven-Fried Potatoes Dining, May 16

    Patatas bravas, leek risotto, and more recipes.

  59. These No-Bake Bars Are the Next Best Thing to a Peanut Butter Cup Dining, May 15

    Sweetened peanut butter topped with a simple chocolate shell, you’ll want to keep these treats on hand in the fridge — if they last that long.

  60. Let Vegetables Be the Star of Your Memorial Day Dining, May 15

    Finished with creamy burrata and a sweet and tangy agrodolce sauce, this packed platter makes a glorious holiday meal.

  61. Make It Ahead Dining, May 15

    Steal a little bit of time during the day to make dinner easier.

  62. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 15

    Treat yourself to a Bloody Mary, alcoholic or non, and think of Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune. Or settle in with some barbecued chicken or lemony orzo.

  63. How to Preserve and Store Your Hearty Greens Dining, May 14

    Blanch and freeze kale, collards and other leafy greens to maintain their bright flavor and texture.

  64. The Easiest, Crunchiest Baked Mac and Cheese Dining, May 13

    You don’t have to boil noodles or make a roux for this super easy version of the classic comfort food.

  65. This Isn’t Forever. But We Can Make It Better Now. At Home, May 13

    Tips on how to lead a more pleasurable, more cultured, happier life at home.

  66. We Say Potato Dining, May 13

    David Tanis has three new recipes for all those Yukon Golds you have lurking in the fridge: for patatas bravas, potato salad and a spiced potato soup.

  67. A Bloody Mary Mix That Is as Good Virgin as It Is Spiked Magazine, May 13

    Tomato juice doctored up with spices is a remarkable workhorse. I use it to brace myself for work or to unwind when I’m escaping.

  68. The Joy of Vegan Cooking, 60 Seconds at a Time Express, May 13

    Tabitha Brown, an unlikely TikTok star, draws on challenges from her past to soothe millions of followers who are trapped inside during a pandemic.

  69. Breaking the Ramadan Fast in Quarantine Dining, May 12

    The evening meal is usually a time for community, but this year, Muslims have to adapt.

  70. If You Can Boil Water, You Can Make Dinner Dining, May 12

    With a few additions and smart timing, a simple pot of boiling water can become a complete meal.

  71. I Have an Eating Disorder but Can’t Escape the Kitchen Well, May 12

    I feared that food would be the vector for the virus, the thing that sickened me or made me unknowingly symptomatic.

  72. What to Do With 50 Pounds of Potatoes? The Quandaries of Bulk Buying Dining, May 11

    The pandemic has turned many cooks into big-volume shoppers, and left them puzzling out how to manage a bursting pantry of ingredients.

  73. New Workhorses for Your Spice Drawer Dining, May 11

    Burlap and Barrel now sells a fundamentals collection, with six everyday spices to elevate your cooking.

  74. Relive Memories of the Queens Night Market Dining, May 11

    A new cookbook profiles the makers at this popular outdoor food festival, on hold until the pandemic passes.

  75. The Coziest Vegetable-and-Sausage Soup for Those Chilly May Days Dining, May 11

    Make a big pot, brimming with roots and greens from the crisper, for a little bit of comfort.

  76. The Best Baked Beans Dining, May 11

    Ali Slagle’s cheesy, spicy black bean bake is a great feed, and even better with a little bit of crisp bacon crumbled on top.

  77. Eating in Xi’an, Where Wheat and Lamb Speak to China’s Varied Palate T Style, May 11

    In the city’s Muslim Quarter, meals are a celebration of globalization and ethnic diversity — and a lasting defense against erasure.

  78. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 10

    Make Dorie Greenspan’s latest, an elegant icebox cake, or a comforting alphabet soup.

  79. This Rich Challah May Be as Good as a Hug From Mom Dining, May 8

    This simple, satisfying baking project, perfect for Mother’s Day (or just for yourself), is cause enough to celebrate.

  80. How to Make the Most of Potatoes Dining, May 8

    This simple tuber is delicious just about any way you prepare it. But David Tanis has three especially good ideas.

  81. For Lemon Lovers Dining, May 8

    Tart, floral and intensely lemony, Alison Roman’s low-and-slowish cooked salmon is revelatory.

  82. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 8

    Cook for mom, and make pancakes, a springy asparagus soup, or a carrot cake, or cook for yourself, and make a flawless bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

  83. Nutritional Yeast Is for Hippies. ‘Nooch’ Is for Everyone. Dining, May 8

    Nutritional yeast (“nooch”) has gone mainstream, as consumers look beyond its supposed health benefits and treat it as an umami-rich seasoning.

  84. 21 Quarantine Baking Recipes for Every Skill Level Dining, May 7

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, you’ll find ideas to help pass the time with delicious results.

  85. Enrique Olvera and His Culinary Heirs Have Changed How and What We Eat Interactive, April 13

    The influential chef has reconceived Mexican cuisine, both in his own country and beyond.

  86. How to Cook Beans Interactive, March 20

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and in the pressure- or slow-cooker.