1. What to Cook This Week Food, Today

    Practice for Thanksgiving, and make Alexa Weibel’s vegetarian mushroom Wellington. Or keep it weeknight, with hot-sauce roast chicken and salmon burgers.

  2. The Shortcut to Crisp, Tender Pie Crust Food, November 15

    Once the chef Clare de Boer learned the grating trick, she never went back to rolling.

  3. Meatballs! Squash! Pasta! Food, November 15

    They’re all here, in an Italian wedding soup, a delightfully simple sheet-pan sausage dinner and a white bean piccata pasta.

  4. Rice at Its Finest Food, November 15

    To elevate rice to the center of the holiday table, Yotam Ottolenghi bakes it in fragrant stock, with mixed mushrooms.

  5. A Brilliant Thanksgiving Strategy: Make Sides Quickly, or Ahead Food, November 15

    The turkey and potatoes may be sacred, but when it comes to the vegetables, you can break from custom. Make them to your convenience.

  6. The Weekend’s Best Beef Stew Food, November 15

    Make David Tanis’s braised beef stew with Vietnamese flavors tonight, let its flavors meld into excellence and eat it all weekend.

  7. Our Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Mac and Cheese, Pumpkin Pie, Mashed Potatoes and More Food, November 15

    Everything you need to host a delicious meat-free, dairy-free feast.

  8. A Designer’s Satisfying, Adaptable Year-Round Salad T Magazine, November 14

    Gabriel Hendifar of the New York lighting and design studio Apparatus describes himself as an “assembler” — perfect for working with fresh vegetables.

  9. Alison Roman’s Big Thanksgiving Food, November 13

    Our columnist has a delightful article and a whole bunch of amazing recipes that we hope you introduce to your loved ones this year.

  10. Behind the Scenes of Alison Roman’s September Thanksgiving Reader Center, November 12

    The NYT Cooking video team spent two days capturing the feast preparations in Ms. Roman’s small Brooklyn apartment — jokes, hot takes and all.

  11. Alison Roman Cooks Thanksgiving in a (Very) Small Kitchen Interactive, November 11

    We spent three days in Alison Roman’s kitchen as she cooked, hosted and served some controversial opinions about the classic holiday meal.

  12. A Chicken for Cheering Food, November 11

    It’s festive, if quick to prepare, but huli huli chicken with rice and a spicy green salad may be your best bet for Monday night dinner.

  13. What to Cook This Week Food, November 10

    Make sure your menu for the days ahead includes Melissa Clark’s pan-fried eggplant, Mark Bittman’s spicy roasted chicken thighs and winter vegetable soup.

  14. Soup. Season. Food, November 8

    Alison Roman’s lemony chicken soup is classic enough to satisfy, but zingy enough to be interesting.

  15. At Tennessee Titans Games, the Fiercest Tailgaters Are Kurds Food, November 8

    Nashville’s big Kurdish community has fallen hard for football, and parking-lot feasts that feature biryani but no alcohol.

  16. My Favorite New Recipe! Food, November 8

    Make Toni Tipton-Martin’s pork chops in a roux-thickened lemon-caper sauce, a total delight to cook and eat.

  17. Your Thanksgiving Helper? The Sous-Vide Machine Food, November 8

    The kitchen tool can make preparing the big meal much easier, whether you’re stressing over the turkey or looking for a way to cook and reheat potatoes.

  18. Narayana Reddy, YouTube Star as ‘Grandpa Kitchen,’ Has Died World, November 6

    Mr. Reddy, a cook in India, started a YouTube channel in 2017 featuring videos of him preparing huge portions of food for children. His channel has more than six million subscribers.

  19. The Essentials of Native American Cuisine Food, November 6

    Sean Sherman, the founder of the Sioux Chef, explored the tribal diversity of Indigenous cuisine across the lower 48 states, and came back with 10 new recipes.

  20. How a Feast for 1,000 Inspired an ‘Essential’ Dish From the Pacific Northwest Reader Center, November 6

    Tasked with developing 10 essential Native American recipes for The Times, I drew from my experience studying and teaching how Indigenous people cooked and ate before colonists arrived.

  21. The Pork Chops You’ll Make Again and Again Magazine, November 6

    Toni Tipton-Martin’s recipes celebrate African-American cooking. This one is astonishingly good.

  22. Popeyes Sandwich Strikes a Chord for African-Americans Food, November 5

    On social media and in interviews, many are saying the chicken sandwich comes across as authentically “black.”

  23. A Pastry Chef’s Book, and Life, Start Again Food, November 5

    Claudia Fleming’s cult, out-of-print cookbook, “The Last Course,” is being reissued as she emerges from a dark decade.

  24. Cooking and Grieving Opinion, November 4

    A widow says starting a food group with friends helped her through the hardest times.

  25. Sean Sherman’s 10 Essential Native American Recipes Food, November 4

    The founder of The Sioux Chef, a company devoted to Indigenous foods, created recipes to showcase tribal diversity across the lower 48 states.

  26. Melissa Clark’s Latest Winner Dinner Food, November 4

    Her sheet-pan chicken with tomatoes and Parmesan is a riot of flavor and umami, the best kind of one-pan meal.

  27. The Best Chili Recipe Is Yours Food, November 3

    But we have options for you in case you want to move fast, or avoid meat, or even if you want to get funky.

  28. In the Mood for Turkish Food Food, November 1

    A recent trip to Turkey inspired David Tanis’s latest dinner party menu.

  29. Chicken, Chickpeas, Lemon, Yes Food, November 1

    Yewande Komolafe’s braised chicken with rosemary and salted lemon is full of things you’ll want to eat.

  30. These Ingredients Deserve Your Attention Food, November 1

    This sheet-pan chicken dinner stars two ingredients, paprika and parsley, you may be taking for granted.

  31. What to Cook This Weekend Food, November 1

    Bake your apples, prep for Thanksgiving, or make Dorie Greenspan’s latest recipe for Lisbon chocolate cake.

  32. ‘Rice Is Culture’ at FieldTrip in Harlem Food, October 31

    The chef JJ Johnson brings a new fast-casual restaurant to the neighborhood where he made his name.

  33. Room for Everyone at the Table Food, October 31

    Steve Palmer is a food industry success story. But he is most proud of his efforts to reach workers in the hospitality business who struggle with addiction.

  34. After Rehab and Loss, a Restaurant Leader Helps His Colleagues Food, October 31

    Steve Palmer is a food industry success story. But he is most proud of his efforts to reach workers in the hospitality business who struggle with addiction.

  35. J. Kenji López-Alt’s Secret Ingredient Food, October 30

    Use mayonnaise, as he does, to make mighty marinades for chicken and steaks, or to encourage browning on fish or grilled cheeses.

  36. Tired, Hot or Hungry? We Found the Apps for You Travel, October 30

    The sharing economy has made it possible to be even more demanding, on demand. We tested apps for when you need a swim, a nap, a boat or a foodie experience.

  37. The Chocolate Cake That Saved My Vacation Magazine, October 30

    This simple and bold cake brought me back to my senses after I was robbed in Lisbon. It’s proof that chocolate has the power to heal.

  38. Cookbook Authors Discuss Jewish Cuisine Food, October 28

    Adeena Sussman and Leah Koenig sit down next month to talk about the particulars of Jewish food in Israel and the Diaspora.

  39. Flavored Salts From Momofuku Food, October 28

    The seasonings, buoyed by Sichuan peppercorns, chiles and mushrooms, boost savory dishes.

  40. The Baltic States Get Their Culinary Due Food, October 28

    In Simon Bajada’s new “Baltic” cookbook, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania’s food cultures are explored.

  41. For Many Widows, the Hardest Part Is Mealtime Food, October 28

    New attention is being paid to the role of food and cooking in grieving for a lost partner.

  42. The Secret Ingredient That Improves Meat Every Time Food, October 28

    You may love it. You may hate it. But a smear of mayonnaise before cooking makes beef, pork, chicken and fish better as if by magic. J. Kenji López-Alt explains.

  43. You Need These Pancakes Food, October 28

    These Korean pajeon, vegetable pancakes from the chef Sohui Kim, are just the thing to kick off the week.

  44. Savoring the Taste of Memories in Northern India Travel, October 28

    An Indian-born chef explores the foods and culture of Himachal Pradesh, where Punjabi and Tibetan flavors meet.

  45. Canned Elegance Food, October 27

    Tejal Rao has a supermarket-elegant recipe for cannellini-bean beurre blanc that manages to be basic and deluxe all at once.

  46. A Truly Exceptional Sheet-Pan Meal Food, October 25

    Clever, delicious and autumnal, Melissa Clark’s sausages with grapes and onions is perfect in a baguette, or paired with farro and green salad.

  47. A Pancake That’s Ready for All the Vegetables in Your Fridge Food, October 25

    Pajeon, Korean scallion pancakes packed with vegetables, make for an easy, vegetarian weeknight meal with a kimchi kick.

  48. Spinach Pies, and Other Reasons to Linger at Sakib Food, October 24

    At this restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, dips, kibbe and the puffy filled treats called fatayer round out a full menu.

  49. When the Menu Turns Raw, Your Gut Microbes Know What to Do Health, October 23

    Before scientists tested the effects of some dietary changes on the microbiome, they ordered a special menu from a chef-turned-chemist.

  50. The Way to a Better Meatball Food, October 23

    Alison Roman’s latest, for lamb meatballs with chickpeas and eggplant, is a layered, restaurant-style dish that’s fancy without being too complicated.

  51. How Do You Make Canned Beans Taste Luxurious? Beurre Blanc Magazine, October 23

    You don’t need a poached lobster tail to enjoy this dreamy, flouncy French butter sauce.

  52. Gear to Make Room in a Tiny Kitchen Smarter Living, October 22

    I’ve tested dozens of items, and here’s what’s best for under $40 — a fridge wall rack, cup hooks, a magnetic knife strip, and more.

  53. Meatballs Like You Haven’t Seen Them Food, October 21

    Alison Roman likes them nicely crisped, without the sogginess that comes from tomato sauce or gravy.

  54. The Greatest Fish Recipe Food, October 21

    Julia Moskin’s pan-roasted fish with herb butter may just teach you a technique that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

  55. What to Cook This Week Food, October 20

    Make like Gabrielle Hamilton, and make zhug, a vibrant green Yemeni sauce that’s as at home atop hard-boiled eggs as it is on lamb and tofu.

  56. Veggie-First Eating, and Thinking Style, October 19

    For Amy Quichiz, a founder of Veggie Mijas, a vegan-focused collective, it’s about “reflecting on the systems around us that impact the choices that we make.”