1. Comfort Food Forever Dining, Today

    Hearty and consoling dishes.

  2. The Many Lives of Lentils Dining, Yesterday

    In stew, in pasta or in a bright, vegetarian loaf, there’s much to be done with this trusty legume, David Tanis writes.

  3. Carb Country Dining, Yesterday

    If your version of self-care looks like mac and cheese, we’ve got just the recipe.

  4. Looking for Comfort? Turn to This Beef Stew Dining, Yesterday

    Homey, savory and soothing, this beef stew made with ale and red onions tastes even better the next day.

  5. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, Yesterday

    Make a stew for comfort, and a pie to restore you.

  6. The Original Nachos Were Crunchy, Cheesy and Truly Mexican Dining, October 29

    Ballpark and Tex-Mex nachos are both ubiquitous in the United States. But the original version is deeply rooted in the borderlands and Mexican home cooking.

  7. 8 Things to Do This Halloween Weekend Weekend, October 29

    Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually or in person in New York City.

  8. Cecilia Chiang, Who Brought Authentic Chinese Food to America, Dies at 100 Obits, October 28

    With her famed Mandarin restaurant in San Francisco, she enticed diners with the dishes she grew up with, leaving the American chop suey and chow mein era far behind.

  9. Your New Favorite Sauce Dining, October 28

    Yotam Ottolenghi’s roasted red-pepper sauce can turn just about any meal into a special occasion.

  10. Cookbooks Help Me Escape These Days Magazine, October 28

    Samin Nosrat on the histories, perspectives and dishes she has learned, including shiro, a silky, spicy stew from Eritrea.

  11. Capturing the Heat and Crunch of Indonesian Cooking Dining, October 27

    In “Coconut & Sambal,” the chef Lara Lee leads a culinary expedition through one of the most populous countries in the world.

  12. Giving Recipe Creators Their Due Summary, October 27

    The NYT Cooking team created a new way to credit the original sources of recipes. But applying the change to The Times’s vast archive of dishes took months of collaboration.

  13. For a Cheese Lover, Two New Books Dining, October 26

    Anne Saxelby and Alexandra Jones have written informative cheese guides, and the books complement each other.

  14. Finding Strength in Sofrito in Puerto Rico Dining, October 26

    Hardship and hurricanes have shaped the island’s food for centuries. But chefs and home cooks make magic with whatever ingredients they have.

  15. It’s Braising Season! Dining, October 26

    Take your time in cooking, and simmer away some chicken legs or beef cheeks.

  16. For Best Results, Eat This Roti Immediately Dining, October 26

    In Los Angeles, the chef Rashida Holmes grows her small food business to meet the demand for comforting West Indian food.

  17. What to Cook This Week Dining, October 25

    Recall those days when we used to gather indoors and listen to live music, and make Café Carlyle’s lobster bisque, or its chicken hash.

  18. Hail the Supermoon And Howl at a Canine Costume Contest At Home, October 24

    (Or vice versa.) It’s Halloween week and treats abound, from oysters to ballet to a Sam Smith concert.

  19. You’ll Definitely Want to Keep This Savory Sauce on Hand Dining, October 23

    Rich with roasted red pepper, it’s excellent alongside a giant couscous cake, or any other pantry meal.

  20. One-Pot Deluxe Dining, October 23

    Roast sausages with grapes, cook chicken breast in rice, or pan-fry eggplant to coat in gochujang sauce.

  21. This Dessert Goes Out to the Crust Lovers Dining, October 23

    Galettes offer a better ratio of crust to filling than pie, and this one delivers a rich maple-pecan frangipane wrapped up in plenty of buttery, flaky pastry.

  22. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 23

    Make Julia Child’s tuna salad sandwich, by way of Dorie Greenspan.

  23. Take Comfort in Pumpkin This Season At Home, October 22

    You can roast, purée and bake with them. (And don’t forget the seeds.)

  24. The Case for Sausage Rolls Dining, October 21

    You don’t need much of a reason to make these Australian favorites, but Melissa Clark makes a compelling argument.

  25. This Tuna-Salad Sandwich Is Julia Child-Approved Lunch Magazine, October 21

    This sandwich was pure comfort to the famous cookbook author.

  26. Dan Kluger Helps Vegetables Realize Their Full Potential Dining, October 19

    In his new cookbook, “Chasing Flavor,” the chef of Loring Place gives seasonal produce a starring role.

  27. Become a Dessert Person and Face the Haunts in Edith Wharton’s Home At Home, October 17

    Listen to the audio play ‘Shipwreck,’ bake some madeleines with Sur La Table and make dinosaur-shadow puppets.

  28. The Sheet-Pan Cauliflower Readers Love Dining, October 17

    Make Melissa’s recipe, or any of the most popular recipes of the week.

  29. The Most Adaptable Skillet Chicken Dining, October 16

    Make a one-pan dinner to keep things simple.

  30. A Childhood Favorite Reimagined Dining, October 16

    Harissa and lamb, pork and fennel, and vegan mushroom with leeks and farro make sophisticated fillings for the humble Australian sausage roll.

  31. A ‘Perfect’ Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the Chef Who Created It Dining, October 16

    The British pastry chef Ravneet Gill ran countless tests to arrive at her version of the classic recipe.

  32. Lulu Peyraud, a French Wine Matriarch, Dies at 102 Obits, October 15

    Her family ran Domaine Tempier, a wine estate in Provence known for its Bandol reds and rosés. She ran the kitchen.

  33. Kitchen Essentials for Home Cooks and Food Lovers Styles, October 14

    Chefs and other entertaining experts share their go-to wedding gifts for couples of all cooking skill levels.

  34. Kitchen Essentials for Home Cooks and Food Lovers Styles, October 14

    Chefs and other entertaining experts share their go-to wedding gifts for couples of all cooking skill levels.

  35. The Evolution of the Onion Sandwich Magazine, October 14

    It was once known as brioche en surprise. Then James Beard got hold of it.

  36. Building a Personal Smell Museum of Los Angeles Interactive, October 13

    With “Nose Dive,” a new book on the science of smell, in hand, our critic takes a mindful whiff of her hometown.

  37. Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Well, October 13

    While many people gained weight during the lockdowns, others have used the change in routine to eat better and exercise more.

  38. Chicken From Your Oven (and Eleven Madison Park) Dining, October 12

    The restaurant has a new dinner kit, which includes a ready-to-roast bird, sides, dessert and breakfast granola.

  39. Cooking Can Help Dining, October 12

    Mondays land heavily sometimes. You may find joy in making something new.

  40. What to Cook This Week Dining, October 11

    Follow J. Kenji López-Alt’s lead, and set up some “culinary building blocks” — shortcuts to fast flavor — to improve your weeknight cooking.

  41. Lo que aprendí del amor al mapo tofu en Español, October 10

    Una fascinación de décadas con el muy querido plato de Sichuan inspira la investigación y, finalmente, un poco de experimentación.

  42. It’s a Hellscape Out There. Try a Galette. Op Ed, October 10

    They’re messy. They’re forgiving. They’re the pastry form we need in 2020.

  43. Crispy Sour Cream and Onion Chicken Forever Dining, October 10

    Make Ali Slagle’s recipe, or any of the top recipes of the week.

  44. A Life of James Beard Stocked With Tasty Morsels Book Review, October 9

    “The Man Who Ate Too Much,” by John Birdsall, a food critic and former cook, offers a thoroughly researched, sensitive portrait of the man known as the “dean of American cookery.”

  45. You Won’t Want to Share This Roasted Cauliflower Dining, October 9

    Olives, crispy Parmesan and pancetta bring out the vegetable’s gentler, most irresistible side.

  46. Recipes You Love Dining, October 9

    You told us what you’ve been cooking, and we listened.

  47. A Taste of France Without Venturing Too Far Dining, October 9

    A trip to Normandy — and an attractive salad pairing — inspired this menu from David Tanis.

  48. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 9

    Pay homage to La Caridad 78, a Cuban-Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side, with pork chops in black bean sauce, rice, beans and maduros.

  49. A Disrupted Thanksgiving Leaves the Turkey Business Guessing Dining, October 8

    Without big gatherings, will Americans buy whole birds? Smaller ones? Just parts? Farmers and retailers are already placing their bets.

  50. A Surprisingly Simple Fish Dish From a High-Concept Design Duo T Style, October 7

    Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu perfected their adaptable halibut recipe over several summers at their cantilevered, glass-walled home on Long Island.

  51. Mapo Tofu Wins the Day Dining, October 7

    Years of eating the dish led Andrea Nguyen to a bulletproof recipe — and more recently, to use the original’s flavors to inform other dishes.

  52. A Taste of Berlin in Your Home Dining, October 5

    Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab, with several locations in Brooklyn, now sells its sandwiches as kits, to feed three to six.

  53. How to Build a Better Dinner Dining, October 5

    To be a faster, more creative cook, take a cue from restaurant chefs, J. Kenji López-Alt suggests, and rely on culinary building blocks.

  54. James Helferich, Artist in the Food World and Prison Chef, Dies at 75 Obits, October 5

    A classically trained cook, Mr. Helferich worked at marine theme parks in Florida, enthralling his co-workers with his skill as an ice and butter sculptor. He died of the novel coronavirus.

  55. What Have You Cooked? Dining, October 5

    Maybe you’ve been recording the meals that make up this quarantine. If not, won’t you join us in doing so?

  56. What I Learned From Loving Mapo Tofu Dining, October 5

    A decades-long fascination with the much-loved Sichuan dish inspires research — and eventually a little experimentation.

  57. What to Cook This Week Dining, October 4

    It’s important to cook, wherever you are, and whatever you’re experiencing. Here are a few recipes to help.

  58. Salty-Sweet Chicken Dining, October 2

    Rick A. Martinez’s weeknight chicken Marbella is an exceptionally good dinner.

  59. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 2

    Break the monotony of the last six months with Gabrielle Hamilton’s latest, salt-baked new potatoes.

  60. Twice the Cooking, but Boundless Flavor Dining, October 2

    Buttery swordfish pairs with eggplant that’s been broiled, then simmered until it collapses in a velvety heap in this sophisticated weeknight dinner.

  61. When Invasive Species Become the Meal T Style, October 2

    Is dining on nature’s predators an act of environmentalism — or just a new way for humans to bend the world to our will?

  62. Padma Lakshmi Wants Us to Eat More Adventurously Interactive, August 3

    “There’s such a laziness about reaching for the thing that is most familiar.”

  63. Our Lives Happen in Restaurants Interactive, June 16

    Renowned writers remember some of their funniest, best, strangest and most memorable meals out.

  64. 12 Restaurants America Loves. With Recipes! Interactive, May 26

    We’re making food from our favorite restaurants at home.

  65. Enrique Olvera and His Culinary Heirs Have Changed How and What We Eat Interactive, April 13

    The influential chef has reconceived Mexican cuisine, both in his own country and beyond.

  66. How to Cook Beans Interactive, March 20

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and in the pressure- or slow-cooker.