1. ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de cortar una cebolla? En español, Yesterday

    El autor de libros de cocina Kenji López-Alt se sumerge en esta pregunta y la responde con modelos informáticos y más.

  2. The Ingenuity of Lowcountry’s Deviled Crab Dining, Yesterday

    Deviling bolsters smaller pieces of blue crab with mayonnaise, bread crumbs, sautéed aromatics, plus a kick of cayenne.

  3. A Smoked Prime Rib for the Ages Dining, Yesterday

    Serve with mac and cheese, coleslaw, pickled jalapeños and potato salad.

  4. The Woman Who Created the Modern Cookbook Dining, June 13

    From her work with Julia Child, Madhur Jaffrey and Edna Lewis, Judith Jones revolutionized American cookbook publishing.

  5. Easy, Superb Summer Cooking Dining, June 13

    Zucchini salad with bread crumbs! Cold sesame noodles with corn and basil! Tomato! Cheddar! Toasts!

  6. A Perfect Cucumber Salad to Make Anytime Dining, June 13

    Ali Slagle’s cucumber-avocado salad has just five ingredients and complements pretty much every meal.

  7. The Sweet Rewards of Bitter Melon Dining, June 13

    Asian American chefs are embracing the medicinal gourd anew.

  8. Mmm, Migas Dining, June 12

    Made with fried leftover corn tortillas for heft and jalapeño and onion for lift, these are scrambled eggs with oomph.

  9. Pasta Nada: The Culinary Art of Making Something From Nothing Dining, June 12

    A quick spin through the pantry can produce a dinner to remember.

  10. The Perfect Cake Does Not Exi … Is That Buttermilk Tres Leches? Dining, June 12

    An Appalachian twist on a classic Latin American dessert connects cultures and identities for a pastry chef.

  11. Cómo comer sano, sabroso y casero toda la semana En español, June 11

    ¿No tienes tiempo de cocinar de lunes a viernes? Prepárate desde el domingo.

  12. The Best Thing About Salad Is Croutons Dining, June 11

    They add craveable texture to summery dinners like Lidey Heuck’s chopped salad with chickpeas, feta and avocado.

  13. 5 Festive Recipes for a Juneteenth Feast Dining, June 11

    Make one, or make them all. Just make them yours.

  14. What Is the Best Way to Cut an Onion? Dining, June 10

    The cookbook author Kenji López-Alt dives deep into a question of his own, with computer models and all.

  15. How to Bake Wild Salmon Dining, June 10

    Lean fillets of wild Alaskan Pacific salmon turn tender and rich with Ali Slagle’s ingenious recipe.

  16. Make Maangchi’s Bulgogi Dining, June 9

    I especially like it on Sundays, when I can slice the meat in the morning after breakfast and keep it in the garlicky, pear-sweetened soy marinade all day.

  17. Desmentimos 5 mitos de la cocina En español, June 9

    Una experimentada periodista gastronómica profundiza en algunas creencias erróneas acerca de curar una sartén, salar el agua de la pasta, lavar el arroz y más.

  18. French-American Friendship in Four Courses Foreign, June 9

    Under Emmanuel Macron, “culinary diplomacy” is back on the menu, with a lavish dinner fortifying an old alliance at a tense historical moment.

  19. Spiced Chicken and Rice, Extremely Nice Dining, June 8

    And extremely fragrant and flavorful, thanks to turmeric and cardamom, nutty roasted pistachios and sweet golden raisins.

  20. Aprende a preparar el filete más jugoso con este truco En español, June 7

    Te explicamos cómo preparar en tu cocina un delicioso filete que te hará sentir como en un restaurante.

  21. Griddle Me This Dining, June 7

    Specifically: blackened chicken breasts, buttermilk pancakes, smash burgers and fish tacos.

  22. The Secret to Eating Healthy All Week Well, June 7

    It starts with prepping on the weekend.

  23. Summer of Dupes: Alternatives in the Aegean Travel, June 7

    Between Turkey and Greece, there are plenty of spectacular spots for a seaside vacation. So why not go beyond the usual suspects? Here are five lesser-known choices.

  24. ¿Qué tan saludables son los aguacates? En español, June 7

    Además de los beneficios nutricionales que les atribuyen los expertos, pueden usarse en recetas variadas y deliciosas.

  25. What to Do With All Those Canned Black Beans You’ve Inadvertently Stockpiled Dining, June 6

    Stir into one-pot rice and beans, tuck into enchiladas, pile up with caramelized plantains and drape over cheese grits.

  26. The Best Berry Cakes Start With These Two Tips Dining, June 6

    Some berries are better suited to certain desserts. Here’s how to make sure your seasonal fruit shines bright.

  27. Pesto Pasta Bubbles! Dining, June 6

    That is, pearl couscous risotto with pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella.

  28. Blissfully Crunchy Hot Honey Chicken Dining, June 5

    A coating of crushed cornflakes gives these cutlets a shaggy golden crust, ready to trap a drizzling of hot honey.

  29. Salvadoran Sweet Bread to Brighten Up Your Morning Magazine, June 5

    Earthy queso duro blando is at the heart of a Salvadoran quesadilla, which allows for interpretation.

  30. How Healthy Are Avocados? Well, June 5

    Here’s a highlight reel of their biggest nutritional benefits, plus delicious recipes to help you enjoy them.

  31. Linguine With Zucchini, Corn and Shrimp is Superbly Summery Dining, June 4

    As are lomo saltado, and a snap pea and herb salad with spicy peanut sauce.

  32. The Cookbook That Helped Me After a Divorce Magazine, June 4

    “Indian Delights” connected me to a place I thought I’d left behind.

  33. A Pantry Pasta Perfect for the Season Podcasts, June 3

    Ali Slagle’s new lemon-garlic linguine is light, bright and ready for the bits and bobs of summer produce and herbs that need using up.

  34. Grilled Soy-Basted Chicken With Spicy Cashews, a Five-Star Reader Favorite Dining, June 2

    “I would love to leave a review, but I’m so busy swooning and drooling, I’m not sure I can concentrate.”

  35. ‘Everyone Sat Stunned After the First Bite’ Dining, June 1

    Chez Panisse’s blueberry cobbler has that effect.

  36. It’s June Again N Y T Now, June 1

    Summer returns, and with it all the feelings and fantasies and fears we associate with the season.

  37. Learn to Make the Juiciest Steak With This Hot Restaurant Trick Dining, May 31

    Basting your steaks with butter is the secret to perfectly cooked meat at home.

  38. My Simplest Grilled Salmon, a Summertime Staple Dining, May 31

    With orzo salad and a heavy pitcher of lemonade, that’s dinner tonight. Tomorrow’s breakfast: Jordan Marsh’s blueberry muffins.

  39. Get Your Sauce Library Card Dining, May 30

    Build a sauce library — rich peanut sauce, herby cilantro-mint chutney, lemon-caper dressing — and return to it all week for salads, grain bowls and other easy dinners.

  40. The Most Delicious Way to Make Wild Salmon Dining, May 30

    Leaner than farmed fish and far more flavorful, wild salmon is in season now. Here’s how to cook and savor it.

  41. Grilled Chicken With Tomatoes and Corn, Mango Sticky-Rice Popsicles and the Nicest Niçoise Dining, May 30

    And many more hits from our Summer 100.

  42. This Easy Party Menu Makes Summer Classics Extra Special Dining, May 29

    The former Chez Panisse chef David Tanis puts his spin on a well-known seasonal bill of fare: a salad, burger and a crumble.

  43. This Is the Pizza I Make at Home Dining, May 29

    It splits the difference between pizza and focaccia, with an airy, olive-oil-enriched dough that can be adorned with whatever toppings you love (anchovies, of course!).

  44. Treat Your Palate and Feast Your Eyes on These Perennials Real Estate, May 29

    The author of “The Heirloom Gardener” offers tips for growing a garden of lush perennials you can put in a soup or add to a salad.

  45. The Ingredient That Unites My Favorite Salads Dining, May 29

    A good salad can transport you, but the truly great ones all have one thing in common: plenty of cheese.

  46. Say Hello to Our Summer 100 Dining, May 28

    The 100 recipes (shrimp scampi with tomatoes and corn, watermelon chaat, perfect peach cobbler) to cook on repeat all summer.

  47. ‘Delicious, Easy, Healthy and Affordable’ Dining, May 27

    Yasmin Fahr’s new recipe for one-pot chicken meatballs with greens is already proving to be a weeknight winner.

  48. Simple, Summery, Spicy Grilled Shrimp Dining, May 26

    And if it’s cool and overcast: bo ssam, cured and slow roasted and served with lettuce, rice and a raft of condiments.

  49. What Joan Nathan Taught Me About the Power of Showing Up Op Ed, May 26

    How to be there for a friend in need.

  50. The Only Ice Cream Recipe You’ll Ever Need Dining, May 25

    That’s it. That’s the recipe title. Happy summer.

  51. Harry Hamlin Got Into Gardening Because of ‘The Martian’ Arts & Leisure, May 25

    “If he can do it on Mars,” said the actor, now starring in the cooking show “In the Kitchen With Harry Hamlin,” “I can do it in my backyard.”

  52. El Califa de León: la primera taquería con una estrella Michelin En español, May 24

    Este popular puesto de tacos en Ciudad de México ha duplicado sus ventas y tiene a turistas fotografiando su parrilla desde su mención en la prestigiosa guía gastronómica.

  53. A Mexican Taco Stand Goes From Local Favorite to Michelin Darling Foreign, May 24

    Taquería El Califa de León, in Mexico City, became the first Mexican taco stand to win a Michelin star. Since then, it has been deluged with customers and fame.

  54. She Was More Than the Woman Who Made Julia Child Famous Book Review, May 24

    In “The Editor,” Sara B. Franklin argues that Judith Jones was a “publishing legend,” transcending industry sexism to champion cookbooks — and Anne Frank.

  55. Hot dogs, hot slaw and plenty of ranch Dining, May 24

    The point, on a long weekend that heralds the start of a new season, is to cook with the intention of delivering pleasure as much as sustenance.

  56. How to Clean Your Grill Interactive, May 24

    Don't leave those burnt pieces from last year.

  57. Is This the End of Instagram Cookware? Dining, May 24

    Once-hot direct-to-consumer pots and pans are up for grabs on secondhand marketplaces at steep discounts — or ending in the garbage.

  58. There’s a Salad for That Dining, May 23

    Grilled halloumi and zucchini with salsa verde if you’re the cookout grill master, charred bok choy and cannellinis if you’re a salad-toting guest.

  59. Very Delicious Vegetarian Eating Dining, May 23

    Hetty Lui McKinnon shares tips and recipes for eating more meatless meals, like cold noodle salad with spicy peanut sauce, and cumin mushroom and green beans stir fry.

  60. Melissa Clark’s Go-To Pizza Recipe for Busy Nights Dining, May 22

    This olive oil-enriched recipe is the fastest version you can make from scratch — and it’s one of the best.

  61. Curry Roasted Half Chicken and Peppers for One Dining, May 22

    A solo supper that feels positively, well, positive.

  62. A Dreamy Bean Dip in Under 30 Minutes Dining, May 22

    Topped with deeply browned onions, this snack is as simple or complex as you make it.

  63. How to Become a Vegetarian (or Simply Eat More Plants) Dining, May 22

    Your health and cooking questions, answered.

  64. We Wrote a Cookbook! Dining, May 21

    In it you’ll find 100 of my most favorite weeknight dinners, like chimichurri chicken, coconut-miso salmon curry and chile crisp fettuccine Alfredo.

  65. Cooking for One Can Be Fun, Easy and Delicious. Here’s How. Dining, May 20

    Making food for just yourself can feel like a burden night after night, but there are ways to make it less of a chore.

  66. Fiery, Tingly Kung Pao Tofu Dining, May 20

    More fast, flavorful dinners: miso-honey chicken and asparagus; roasted salmon with pea pesto; sheet-pan meatballs with tomatoes and broccoli.

  67. Korean Fried Chicken to Save Your Sunday Dining, May 19

    Serve with beer so cold it’s flecked with ice.

  68. Raspberry-Almond Clafoutis, Just as Fun to Say as to Eat Dining, May 18

    Roasted orange chicken, shrimp tempura and crunchy quinoa salad round out the weekend cooking wish list.

  69. Learn to Make the Best Broccoli of Your Life (Really!) Dining, May 18

    In the latest installment of her YouTube series, the cookbook author and chef Sohla El-Waylly will teach you how to maximize this popular, but sometimes divisive vegetable.

  70. This Is Hot Slaw. And Cleveland, Tenn., Wants You to Love It, Too. National, May 18

    A spicy, yellow dollop of cabbage slaw became Tennessee’s first official state food — then everyone had to learn what it was.

  71. The French Don’t Snack. They Apéro. Dining, May 17

    Rebekah Peppler shines a spotlight on a beloved French tradition that you can try at home.

  72. Salt-Crispy Chicken Vesuvio, a Chicago Classic Dining, May 17

    More weekend cooking: clams casino, a freestyle pizza and rhubarb pie.

  73. The 25 Essential Pasta Dishes to Eat in Italy T Style, May 17

    Two chefs, one cookbook author, a culinary historian and a food writer made a list of the country’s most delicious meals, from carbonara in Rome to ravioli in Campania.

  74. Jasper White, Chef Who Lifted New England Cuisine, Dies at 69 Obits, May 16

    At Restaurant Jasper in the North End of Boston, and later with a small chain of family-friendly seafood establishments, he focused relentlessly on regional ingredients.

  75. Chickpea Anxiety Dining, May 16

    Recipes for when you have lots of chickpeas (brown-butter chickpeas, chana masala) or just a little (taverna salad).

  76. ‘Melissa Clark Could Make a Phone Book Delicious’ Dining, May 16

    Melissa’s five-star cauliflower shawarma is a veritable New York Times Cooking classic.

  77. Can Frozen Peas, Long Taken for Granted, Find New Appeal in the U.K.? Foreign, August 9

    Britain’s vegetable producers are hoping this is a moment for the humble frozen pea, a cost-effective staple at a time of rising food prices.

  78. Mon Dieu! No hay mostaza. Francia cocina sin su amado condimento en Español, July 15

    Una tormenta perfecta ocasionada por el cambio climático, la guerra europea y la covid han hecho que los franceses tengan que buscar alternativas.

  79. France Faces a Shortage of Mustard, Its Uniquely Beloved Condiment Foreign, July 14

    A perfect storm of climate change, a European war and Covid have left the French scrambling for alternatives.

  80. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  81. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 16

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.