1. Dreaming of Spaghetti and (Meatless) Meatballs Food, Today

    Ricotta polpette, vegetarian Swedish meatballs and plant-based meatballs.

  2. The Kashmiri Chef Foraging on Precarious Soil T Magazine, Today

    For Prateek Sadhu, gathering native ingredients in the conflict zone where he grew up is the only way of asserting Kashmir’s tenuous place in the world.

  3. Pulled Pork Is Easier Than You Think Dining, Yesterday

    You don’t need a pitmaster-approved smoking setup to impart those unmistakable flavors to tender meat, Genevieve Ko writes.

  4. Cook With Your Senses Dining, Yesterday

    When making spiced crème caramel — or sheet-pan shrimp gratin or red lentil soup — trust your eyes, ears and nose (and gut!).

  5. The Crew Can Have a Little Coconut Cake Magazine, Yesterday

    These diminutive Filipino treats are fluffy, fragrant and perfect to share with friends.

  6. At 86, Jacques Pépin Isn’t Slowing Down Real Estate, September 27

    The celebrated chef lives in Madison, Conn., on a property with two kitchens, an herb-and-vegetable garden and a dog named Gaston. And yes, he has a new cookbook out.

  7. This Subway Sandwich Is Sanctioned by the M.T.A. Dining, September 26

    A collaboration between Alidoro and Katz’s Delicatessen; Marcella Hazan’s classic cookbook gets an update; and more.

  8. What to Cook Right Now Dining, September 26

    On the end of eggplant season and a seasonal riff on masoor dal.

  9. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 25

    A tofu and cabbage stir-fry, fish tacos and more recipes.

  10. Crumbs for Dinner, in the Best Possible Way Dining, September 23

    Pasta with garlicky bread crumbs, eggplant and tomatoes is everything you want in a colorful weeknight dinner.

  11. You Need Only 7 Ingredients Dining, September 23

    Make the most out of very little.

  12. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, September 23

    Conjure the last of summer Connecticut-style shrimp rolls and more recipes.

  13. A Pesto for Every Pantry and Mood Dining, September 22

    Use the Ligurian sauce as a guideline and make tastier sandwiches, soups, pastas, gratins and more.

  14. Want to Be a Better Cook? Trust Your Senses. Food, September 22

    Paying attention to sight, smell, sound and feel will steer you in ways that simply following a recipe cannot, Yewande Komolafe writes.

  15. Want to Be a Better Cook? Trust Your Senses. Dining, September 22

    Paying attention to sight, smell, sound and feel will steer you in ways that simply following a recipe cannot, Yewande Komolafe writes.

  16. A Renaissance for the Italian Rainbow Cookie T Style, September 22

    Plus: pastoral-patterned knitwear and more from T’s cultural compendium.

  17. How Restaurants Inspire Recipes Dining, September 21

    Peruse The New York Times list of our 50 places to eat in America, and let those meals fuel your creativity in the kitchen.

  18. Dinner in Seven Ingredients (or Even Fewer!) Dining, September 20

    These 24 recipes show you how to make the very most of very little.

  19. Buldak, the Fiery Korean Chicken Dish, Gets the Pizza Treatment Dining, September 20

    J. Kenji López-Alt pushes the limits of Korean fire chicken as a topping for a New York style pizza. It’s like barbecue chicken pizza, but hotter.

  20. The New York City Ban on Foie Gras Is Delayed Dining, September 19

    A lawsuit halts the city’s prohibition of the delicacy for now, David Joachim releases a new version of his “Food Substitutions Bible,” Steelport Knife Co. has a new bread knife with heft, and more.

  21. What to Cook Right Now Dining, September 19

    With the Jewish High Holy Days approaching, we have a plan for challah, honey cake and more.

  22. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 18

    Pasta with butternut squash, roasted sesame tofu and more recipes.

  23. Sesame Salmon Bowls for All Dining, September 16

    Kay Chun’s recipe is an all-ages affair that’s adaptable to everyone’s tastes.

  24. For More Delicious Beans, Just Add Mussels Dining, September 16

    Garlic, olive oil and rosemary make the best broth for this fast one-pot meal.

  25. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, September 16

    Make an heirloom tomato pizza, try orange-cardamom pancakes for breakfast and more recipes.

  26. Vegetarian Recipes for Cozy Days Dining, September 15

    Soups, stews and comforting, feel-good foods for after a storm.

  27. 16 Soups Our Food Staff Cooks on Repeat Dining, September 15

    Cozy season is here. Greet it with a bowl of French onion, vegetable, chicken noodle or potato soup.

  28. I Can’t Believe It’s Butter! T Style, September 15

    Elaborate dairy sculptures have graced dining tables since the 1500s. Now chefs and food artists are making them look like Le Corbusier chairs.

  29. Recipes to Make on Autopilot Dining, September 14

    On your busiest days, savory miso soup and ginger-dill salmon will feed with minimum fuss.

  30. How to Make the Best Miso Soup of Your Life Magazine, September 14

    Secrets from a chef who has a lifetime of experience with the dish.

  31. The Artist Making Sculptures From Scraps T Style, September 13

    Plus: the stateside rise of fermented tofu and more from T’s cultural compendium.

  32. A Book of Recipes and Testimony From Auschwitz-Birkenau Survivors Dining, September 13

    This affecting new cookbook includes mostly Eastern European dishes as well as first-person accounts of suffering and survival.

  33. The Endless Torment of the ‘Recipe?’ Guy Dining, September 13

    A rampant internet comment that just won’t die shows how recipes, and the people who develop them, are undervalued.

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    One-pot recipes, eggs for dinner and more.

  35. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 11

  36. This Fish Has a Smart Shortcut Dining, September 9

    Kay Chun uses peanut butter to create a simple, savory glaze.

  37. Hate Doing the Dishes? Try These 3 One-Pot, One-Pan Recipes. Dining, September 9

    Melissa Clark is obsessed with maximum flavor and minimal cleanup, and these sheet-pan brussels sprouts, full English breakfast and lemony chickpea stew show just that.

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    Sam Sifton’s back at the wheel with recipes for banana pancakes, simple risotto and more.

  39. 16 Easy Recipes for Hungry, Busy People Dining, September 9

    Or just hungry people who like easy recipes.

  40. When There’s Nothing in the Fridge Dining, September 8

    Pasta, beans and more pantry cooking saves the day.

  41. A Late-Summer Market Menu Dining, September 7

    David Tanis has three recipes for everyone coming home with bursting bags from the farmers’ market.

  42. Spicy Shrimp-and-Greens From an Ottolenghi Head Chef Magazine, September 7

    This dish was inspired by a childhood in the Philippines and created in a London test kitchen.

  43. ‘Soup Broth Bread’ Takes an Irish Approach to Seasonal Cooking Dining, September 6

    Set your kitchen scale to grams for this cookbook by Rachel Allen, of the Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland.

  44. Take a Free Course in Rosh Hashana Foods With WoodSpoon Dining, September 6

    Alon Hadar, an Israeli chef living in Brooklyn, will demonstrate how to make his stuffed kubbeh matzo balls and more.

  45. Of Barbecues and Men: A Summer Storm Brews Over Virility in France Foreign, September 5

    A Green politician told men to get over meat and masculinity for the sake of the planet, setting off a sizzling argument.

  46. What to Cook Right Now Dining, September 5

    Last-minute Labor Day recipes for your holiday, a charred okra salad and more.

  47. The Fall Dining Scene N Y T Now, September 5

    Diners are returning from their summer vacations and heading back into restaurants.

  48. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 4

    A bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, Thai basil chicken, and more recipes for the coming days.

  49. This Salad Silences the Okra Critics Dining, September 2

    Filled with crisp broiled okra and served with a garlicky yogurt dressing, this summery recipe is deeply lovable.

  50. Low-Cook Lifestyle Dining, September 2

    When it’s just too hot out, lean into cheesy kimchi noodles, hummus plates and flavorful chicken salads.

  51. The Dreamiest Shrimp Pasta Anchors This Summery Menu Dining, September 2

    Overindulge at the market? Turn sweet peppers into a starter, toss the corn into a pasta main and finish the meal with a berry-topped lemony Prosecco slush.

  52. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, September 2

    Bryan Washington brings us a recipe for bánh cuốn, and we have lots of options for the holiday.

  53. New York’s Communal Summer Ritual: Grilling Metropolitan, September 2

    Throughout public parks in the city, families, friends and neighbors gather around smoking grates and celebrate the season.

  54. Good Things to Make With Summer Corn Dining, September 1

    Raw, stir-fried, grilled and puréed — there’s a corn recipe for every mood.

  55. 16 Recipes for Tiny, Tricky Kitchens Dining, September 1

    Because narrow countertops, a little apartment oven or a lack of pans shouldn’t keep you from preparing an impressive dish.

  56. Matty Matheson Makes It Big Styles, August 31

    The chef, who plays a handyman on “The Bear,” has launched Rosa Rugosa, a clothing line that fits him well.

  57. Our Best Labor Day Recipes Dining, August 31

    Potato salad, grilled zucchini, a plum torte: all the dishes to make the summer’s last long weekend great.

  58. Cooking With the Three Sisters Dining, August 31

  59. Moosewood, the Beloved Vegetarian Restaurant, Prepares for Its Second Act T Style, August 31

    The Ithaca, N.Y., destination was revolutionary because of its menu and its collective ownership model. Recently, the new owners hosted a dinner to celebrate its past and future.

  60. This Vietnamese Dish Is Comforting, Luminous and Striking. It’s Also Forgiving. Magazine, August 31

    The first taste of bánh cuốn led to a yearslong project of culinary discovery.

  61. Roland Mesnier, Pastry Chef to Five Presidents, Dies at 78 Obits, August 30

    French born and French trained, he served up inventive and ambrosial desserts in the White House for more than two decades.

  62. Mon Dieu! No hay mostaza. Francia cocina sin su amado condimento en Español, July 15

    Una tormenta perfecta ocasionada por el cambio climático, la guerra europea y la covid han hecho que los franceses tengan que buscar alternativas.

  63. France Faces a Shortage of Mustard, Its Uniquely Beloved Condiment Foreign, July 14

    A perfect storm of climate change, a European war and Covid have left the French scrambling for alternatives.

  64. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  65. Your Monday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 16

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.