1. Nigella Lawson Was Never Just a Domestic Goddess Food, Today

    The culinary star takes stock of her career and the international celebrity — and scrutiny — that came with it.

  2. A Storage Container That Adjusts to You Food, Today

    Botto containers are adjustable and expel the air as they contract to keep leftovers or pantry staples fresher longer.

  3. What to Cook Right Now Food, Yesterday

    Make Alison Roman’s quick lamb ragù, Melissa Clark’s salmon with fennel and lime, or David Tanis’s Moroccan chicken pie.

  4. What to Cook This Week Food, February 17

    Meatloaf Stroganoff could be your new favorite wintertime dinner.

  5. Behind the NYT Cooking Section That’s All About Ditching the Recipe Reader Center, February 16

    The Times’s no-recipe recipes, which invite readers to wing it in the kitchen and tailor recipes to their tastes, started on a whim back in 2014.

  6. T’s Wellness Guide to London T Magazine, February 15

    A shortlist of places to find wholesome food, color-therapy yoga — and even a lavender latte.

  7. A Chicken Pie That’s Well Worth the Wait Food, February 15

    A simplified version of pastilla, the savory Moroccan pastry served on festive occasions, this recipe can be broken up so the process is part of the fun.

  8. No Recipes Required Food, February 15

    Improvise in the kitchen this week! Make roasted fish with ginger and soy, a fried egg quesadilla or fettuccine with ricotta and mint.

  9. What to Cook This Weekend Food, February 15

    Set yourself up for the week ahead: a cheesy eggplant and rigatoni bake, shepherd’s pie or even roast beef.

  10. Inspiring Loyalty, and Serving Chickenjoy at Jollibee Food, February 14

    The fried chicken at this beloved Filipino chain, with outposts in Woodside, Queens, and now Manhattan, has a craggy, crunchy skin that people wait in line for.

  11. A Filipino Favorite Comes to Manhattan Slideshow, February 14

    Once a small suburban ice cream franchise in the Phillippines in the late 1970s, Jollibee has opened its 37th American outpost, its first in Manhattan.

  12. How So-Called ‘Ugly Food’ Is Challenging Notions of What We Crave T Magazine, February 14

    The social media phenomenon of documenting seemingly unappetizing cuisine is helping us rethink what dishes are not only worth eating — but venerating.

  13. A Florist’s Favorite Cinnamon Rolls T Magazine, February 13

    Christina Stembel, the founder of San Francisco’s Farmgirl Flowers, shares her recipe for “the ultimate comfort food.”

  14. Cook Without a Recipe! Food, February 13

    We’ve built an entire section around improvising in the kitchen.

  15. When a Meatloaf Is a Work of Art Magazine, February 13

    Family-style dinner excess, from a Québécois chef in Queens.

  16. You Don’t Need a Recipe Interactive, February 12

    Sam Sifton gives you 38 ways to get dinner on the table, no recipe required.

  17. A Feast of Cured Meats in Queens Food, February 11

    At Charcuterie Masters, an event in Flushing, Queens, there will be more than 60 kinds of charcuterie.

  18. Buttery Sablés in All Shapes Food, February 11

    French cookies by the chef Marie-Aude Rose are available at La Mercerie in SoHo.

  19. Brew This Fine Hot Chocolate From Ecuador Food, February 11

    Use the Nacional variety of cocoa powder in a French press, like you’d make coffee.

  20. A ‘Rice Bonnet’ for Perfect Persian-Style Rice Food, February 11

    The liner, made from organic cotton and hemp, fits like a shower cap on a pot lid.

  21. Marie Blachère Bakery Heads to Great Neck, N.Y. Food, February 11

    The bakery chain from France, with more than 500 outlets, takes particular pride in its baguettes.

  22. A Guide to Everyday Vietnamese Cooking Food, February 11

    Andrea Nguyen’s new cookbook details how recipes can be adapted using commonplace foods.

  23. What to Cook Right Now Food, February 11

    Cook orange beef with a side of bok choy, or consider the many tacos to make in the coming days.

  24. What to Cook This Week Food, February 10

    Make galbijjim, chicken skewers or pasta with harissa Bolognese, or prepare for Valentine’s Day with some heartwarming cocktails.

  25. Just a Little Fancy Food, February 8

    Make a scallop pasta for Valentine’s Day, and crunchy chicken for real life.

  26. Buttery Lobster, Without All the Work (or the Bib) Food, February 8

    Treat yourself and your date (or just yourself), with this recipe for lobster, swimming in melted butter and showered with herbs.

  27. What to Cook This Weekend Food, February 8

    Make Samin Nosrat’s new recipe for mango pie, or a Peking duck and moo shu with all the trimmings.

  28. George Orwell Gets an Apology for a Rejection Letter (but Not for His Marmalade Recipe) World, February 7

    A British cultural exchange body said it had been wrong to turn down the writer’s effort 73 years ago but stood by the criticism of his marmalade: “Bad recipe!”

  29. Nina Compton’s Work Diary: ‘You Cannot Show Any Sign of Fear’ Business, February 7

    Named the best chef in the South, she runs two acclaimed New Orleans restaurants — 140 pounds of pasta at a time.

  30. What to Cook Tonight Food, February 6

    Make Alison Roman’s crisp-fried pork chops, or cook improvisationally and make smothered pork chops.

  31. A Very American Mango Pie, Inspired by Indian Aunties Magazine, February 6

    Think Cool Whip and a Keebler crust. (Then make them from scratch.)

  32. A New Breed of Hunters Focuses on the Cooking Food, February 5

    As the ranks of American hunters dwindle, millennials like the chef Wade Truong are taking up the tradition, seeking a direct connection to what they eat.

  33. A Strawberry Cocktail for Valentine’s Day Food, February 4

    Mix a drink with tequila, crème de cassis and dry sparkling wine.

  34. Frida Kahlo and a Special Mexican Menu Food, February 4

    Visit the Brooklyn Museum for an exhibit about the artist and a meal from a rotating roster of New York chefs.

  35. A Writer Describes Palestinian Cuisine, and the World Around It Food, February 4

    Yasmin Khan’s new cookbook, “Zaitoun,” documents her travels in the West Bank and Gaza, and the beauty of the food she encountered there.

  36. What to Cook Right Now Food, February 4

    How about some pork cutlets with lemons and capers, with some crisp mashed potatoes on the side?

  37. What to Cook This Week Food, February 3

    A “delicious and alarmingly pretty” egg salad sandwich, roast beef po’boys or spiced red lentils: Eat well in the coming days.

  38. Bringing Out a Bit of Radicchio’s Sweetness Food, February 1

    Charred under the broiler and a pairing of ricotta and pecans, the vegetable is tamed in this wintry pasta.

  39. Crispy, Crispy, Crispy Food, February 1

    A weeknight version of schnitzel you’ll want to get to know, and other delicious recipes for the week ahead.

  40. You’ll Want to Put This Chile-Garlic Oil on Everything Food, February 1

    This easy-to-make oil adds spice and crunch to lemony chicken cutlets. Melissa Clark can’t get enough of it.

  41. Best Super Bowl Recipes: Wings, Chili and More Food, February 1

    From chili to wings and everything in between.

  42. What to Cook This Weekend Food, February 1

    Eat well whatever you’re doing, whatever entertainment you choose, whether it’s watching the Super Bowl or making fly-fishing lures.

  43. Are ‘Natural Flavors’ Really Natural? Well, February 1

    Food manufacturers add flavorings to a surprising number of basic products, like Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream.

  44. The Crispiest Pork Is Also the Simplest Food, January 31

    No pounding, no dredging, no deep-frying at home. Just Alison Roman’s delicious crunchy pork chops, squeeze of lemon not optional.

  45. What to Cook Right Now Food, January 30

    Take some cold sesame noodles and pair them with salt-and-pepper shrimp. You won’t even need a recipe.

  46. How to Make a Store-Bought Camembert Into Something Delightful and Rare Magazine, January 30

    Bake it.

  47. The Rumors Aren’t True: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Will Still Flow Food, January 29

    Home cooks have been lamenting its loss, but the company calls that fake news.

  48. Sheet Pans With Tread Food, January 29

    Chicago Metallic’s new sheet pans are textured to keep food from sticking.

  49. How to Make a Sheet-Pan Dinner Interactive, January 29

    A sheet pan takes the concept of a one-pot meal and flips it onto a pan. It saves time, makes clean-up easier, and doesn’t require expensive equipment or fancy ingredients. Just start with your protein of choice, then add vegetables, fat and flavorings, and roast at high heat until everything is golden brown. Here’s how.

  50. New York’s Depression Era Foodways Food, January 29

    Unpublished photographs from the Federal Writers’ Project are on display at the Municipal Archives.

  51. Talk Celebrates a New Book Food, January 29

    The food writer Yasmin Khan speaks with Kerry Diamond, the editor in chief of Cherry Bombe magazine, about “Zaitoun,” Ms. Khan’s book on Palestinian cuisine.

  52. Patricia McBride Lousada, One of Balanchine’s Originals, Dies at 89 Obituaries, January 28

    Ms. Lousada was one of the first ballerinas chosen for what became New York City Ballet. Later in life she became a successful cookbook author.

  53. Juicy Fish, Crisp Potatoes and Minimal Fuss Food, January 28

    This recipe for halibut and potatoes is easy to prepare, uses a minimum of pots and pans and is utterly delicious.

  54. A Day of Rice Cakes for the Lunar New Year Food, January 28

    A Los Angeles chef gathered about 100 women to make traditional Vietnamese banh chung with a supply of fresh banana leaves and a half-dozen pressure cookers.

  55. How to Make the Egg Salad Sandwich That Drew Eyes on Instagram Food, January 28

    The recipe and story behind the sandwich from Konbi in Los Angeles, which found itself starring in countless posts.

  56. What to Cook Right Now Food, January 28

    Make some of these new recipes from Melissa Clark, Yotam Ottolenghi and Florence Fabricant.

  57. What to Cook This Week Food, January 27

    Dumplings and noodles, wings and heroes: Prepare for two big events, Lunar New Year and the Super Bowl.

  58. Fatima Ali, Fan Favorite on ‘Top Chef,’ Dies of Cancer at 29 Obituaries, January 26

    Ms. Ali publicly battled a rare form of cancer for a year while she sought to fulfill her final wish of eating at the best restaurants in the world.

  59. The Deep Allure of the One-Pan Recipe Food, January 25

    It’s not always less complicated, but it is more comforting. Yotam Ottolenghi explains why he’s embracing streamlined cooking in the new year.

  60. T Suggests: A Japanese Cooking Pot, a Film About Black Holes and More T Magazine, January 25

    A roundup of things our editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

  61. This Soup Deserves an Award Food, January 25

    In the category of converting people into lentil-soup lovers, this superb recipe take highest honors.

  62. This Lentil Soup Can’t Get Much Easier Food, January 25

    Served plain and simple or garnished to the hilt, this velvety recipe may just remind you how deeply satisfying brown lentils can be.

  63. What to Cook This Weekend Food, January 25

    Pull out the grill, even if it’s still cold out, and make Gabrielle Hamilton’s pork shoulder rubbed with chile paste.

  64. A Musician’s Sweet and Spicy Chicken Dish, Inspired by a Teenage Trip to Thailand T Magazine, January 24

    The Vaccines’s Freddie Cowan first ate pad kra pao in Bangkok years ago — and has made it ever since.

  65. What to Cook Right Now Food, January 23

    Make a no-recipe pizza, with Taleggio and cream, or with whatever you may have around.

  66. The Joys of Grilling in the Winter Magazine, January 23

    Slow-cook a smoky pork shoulder in the muffled silence of snowfall.

  67. Make Union Square Cafe’s Seasonal Cider Food, January 22

    Spiked with applejack and gin, this cider cocktail from Union Square Cafe is easy to make at home.

  68. A Restaurant Workhorse for Your Kitchen Food, January 22

    The new carbon-steel skillet from Made In is ready to tackle almost any stovetop task.

  69. A Modern Cook’s Pantry Food, January 22

    We redefined the term to include all the staple ingredients that make your cooking better and faster.

  70. How to Stock a Modern Pantry Interactive, January 22

    We’ve identified three levels of pantries — essential, expanded and expert — so whether you’re beginning to cook, stretching toward new flavors or an old hand with wide-ranging tastes, you’ll be prepared.

  71. The Fish You Really Should Be Cooking Food, January 22

    A whole one. Yes, with the bones. Alison Roman talks you through it.

  72. Cook for the Beloved Community Food, January 21

    It is Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Honor it by doing something to improve the common good, whether that involves cooking or not.

  73. What to Cook This Week Food, January 20

    Use your spice rack: Make lemon chicken breasts with herbs, sumac-scented eggplant and chickpeas, or a cauliflower, cashew and coconut curry.