1. How to Throw a Casual, but Considered, Dinner Party at Home T Magazine, Yesterday

    The designer Jenni Kayne invited guests to her Los Angeles home for a meal themed around thyme.

  2. Recipes for Now Food, April 17

    Matzo lasagna! Creamy cauliflower pasta! A no-recipe recipe for sweet potatoes with butter and white miso!

  3. I Fed My Husband a Combat Ration to Teach Him About My Military Childhood Magazine, April 17

    M.R.E.s, the packaged instant meals the military feeds to troops in the field, were treats I would get to have on special occasions growing up. Today, they still taste like home.

  4. A Love Letter to Homemade XO Sauce Magazine, April 17

    Whether on string beans or boiled noodles, this flavorful sauce elevates whatever it touches.

  5. A Caviar Shop With a Tasting Menu, on the Upper East Side Food, April 16

    Marky’s Caviar, a Florida company, opens a New York branch; Joe Ogrodnek of Dover and Battersby, unveils a rooftop bar; and more restaurant news.

  6. Is Seltzer Jewish? And 99 Other Argument-Starters Food, April 16

    A new book offers an irreverent list of the “most Jewish” foods to savor, just in time for Passover.

  7. Maida Heatter’s Greatest Hits Food, April 15

    ‘Happiness Is Baking’ has favorite recipes from the 102-year-old baker.

  8. This Wok Will Sit on Your Stovetop Food, April 15

    Made In’s new carbon-steel wok has a flat bottom to accommodate home kitchens.

  9. Learn More About Mezcal Food, April 15

    The Heritage Radio Network is sponsoring a talk in Brooklyn about the Mexican spirit.

  10. A Swirl of Spring for the Table Food, April 15

    These enamel bowls from Turkey add a pop of color to your meal.

  11. Too Delicious Not to Publish Food, April 15

    Alison Roman’s creamy cauliflower pasta used to be something she just made for herself. You’ll want to hoard it, too.

  12. What to Cook Right Now Food, April 15

    Go easy on yourself, and make a tuna poke, some arroz con pollo or a superfast pasta with spinach sauce.

  13. What to Cook This Week Food, April 14

    Fill your days with deliciousness: We’ve got recipes for fried cauliflower steaks, fluffy Japanese pancakes and pasta with fried lemon and chile flakes.

  14. A Leg of Lamb for Any Special Occasion Food, April 12

    This showstopping dish is packed with garlic and herby flavor, appropriate for any time you want an impressive main course.

  15. Make Something Awesome Food, April 12

    Homemade pizza, mapo ragù, buttermilk roast chicken: Cook something that’s so cymbals-clashing good, everyone loses their minds.

  16. Matzo’s Next Life: Lasagna Noodle Food, April 12

    Don’t just fry it with eggs. Layer it with ricotta, tomato and mozzarella for an Italian slant.

  17. What to Cook This Weekend Food, April 12

    The food desk has come up with a list of the 12 best spring cookbooks, including recipes for tomato rice with Cheddar, and garlic-ginger chicken.

  18. How the Author of ‘Genius Foods’ Spends His Sundays New York, April 12

    Max Lugavere starts every day with a glass of water and ends it with putting on his blue blockers. In between, he forces himself to work on his book, and he hangs out with his brothers, who live in the same building.

  19. Personal Chefs for Everyone: Bespoke House Calls in the Digital Age New York, April 12

    Once the province of the ultra rich, employing an array of personal helpers has begun to filter into everyday life for many New Yorkers of means.

  20. Going on Bake-ation Well, April 12

    My carry-on is heavy with ingredients and gear, but a memorable homemade sweet, like the relationships it celebrates, requires time, effort and commitment.

  21. What to Cook Tonight Food, April 10

    Our own Alexa Weibel has brought us a new recipe for a savory vegetable tart from the cookbook writer Anna Jones.

  22. The Secret to Fried Cauliflower That Is Savory Yet Light Magazine, April 10

    A professional chef learns the key to perfect vegetable batter — from her teenager.

  23. The 12 Best Cookbooks of Spring 2019 Food, April 9

    Food reporters and editors from The New York Times pick their favorite new books of the season.

  24. Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Have American Fans Waiting in Line Food, April 9

    The recipe and history behind the surging Instagram food trend.

  25. A Brooklyn Food Festival Celebrates Gowanus Food, April 8

    Taste of Gowanus, benefiting Seeds in the Middle, will give visitors a chance to sample the best of the neighborhood’s restaurants.

  26. Macaron or Macaroon, They Are Better Dipped Food, April 8

    New treats from Ladurée and Mah-Ze-Dahr give the snacking set chocolaty options for Easter and Passover.

  27. The Haggadah for a New Generation Food, April 8

    “The Jewish Journey Haggadah” features recipes along with the texts for the Passover Seder.

  28. A Bouquet of Napkin Holders Food, April 8

    Spruce up your springtime table with these holders that transform your napkins into flowers.

  29. A Savory Tart for a Fickle Season Food, April 8

    Using store-bought puff pastry makes this spring tart more effortless than it may appear.

  30. How Gold’s Horseradish Came to Be a Passover Staple Food, April 8

    And the family’s personal recipe, so you can make it yourself.

  31. What to Cook Right Now Food, April 8

    Make French onion soup or a big bowl of caramelized scallion noodles or pasta amatriciana.

  32. A Guide to Sustainable Eating Well, April 8

    Have you considered the effects of what you eat on the planet, and made changes that will protect not only the Earth but also your health and the well-being of generations to come?

  33. What to Cook This Week Food, April 7

    Make the date-and-walnut bars the chef Margarita Manzke serves at République, in Los Angeles.

  34. Our Best Easter Recipes: Carrot Cake, Scalloped Potatoes, Deviled Eggs and More Food, April 5

    Here’s what to cook when you’ve had your fill of chocolate bunnies.

  35. How Often Should You Cook? Food, April 5

    There’s no need to cook Monday to Friday. Just choose a couple of recipes and make them last.

  36. This Is Peak Potato Food, April 5

    Crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, rösti — a thick potato pancake — is as enjoyable at a low-key brunch as it is on a Swiss skiing jaunt.

  37. A Sprightly Brisket for Your Passover Table Food, April 5

    Braised with tangy citrus and garlic, and topped with a mix of spring lettuces and herbs, this is no stodgy Passover main.

  38. What to Cook This Weekend Food, April 5

    Cook abundantly, and with joy. Make clams in black-bean sauce, grilled baby back ribs or even an asparagus frittata.

  39. What to Cook in an Air Fryer Food, April 3

    Melissa Clark spent some time with the device and developed three recipes: for French fries, chicken wings and brussels sprouts.

  40. How to Raise Vegetable Eaters Well, April 3

    Experts offer advice on how to help children develop a taste for vegetables without hiding them in tater tots.

  41. Undercover and Overworked: Inside the New, Nerve-Racking World of Catering Food, April 2

    The food writers Matt Lee and Ted Lee took jobs with a high-end New York caterer for a book that explores this little-understood but hugely influential business.

  42. Sandbag That S.V.O.! How to Talk Like a Caterer Food, April 2

    The high-pressure business of feeding crowds has created its own verbal shorthand. Here’s a brief lexicon of popular terms.

  43. Does the Air Fryer Deliver on Its Golden Promise? Food, April 1

    Melissa Clark cooks with an air fryer, the kitchen appliance of the moment, to see if it really provides deep-fried taste without the fat.

  44. 6 Tips for Using Your Air Fryer Food, April 1

    Do you have the latest “it” kitchen appliance? Here’s how to get the most out of it.

  45. What to Cook Right Now Food, April 1

    Get them good with chicken in a watermelon or a cherry cola-chocolate-mayonnaise-sauerkraut cake.

  46. What to Cook This Week Food, March 31

    Butternut squash and green curry, chipotle chicken pozole, or pasta alla vodka: Eat deliciously.

  47. Easy, Versatile, Fantastic Food, March 29

    We know you’re busy. Make dinner a cinch, with a quick vinegar chicken, brown butter pasta, and three-cup vegetables.

  48. You Deserve More Succulent Chicken Food, March 29

    There’s no secret to tender chicken breasts, worthy of raves. There’s just one rule: Don’t overcook it.

  49. What to Cook This Weekend Food, March 29

    Spring is springing: Head outside and make a mixed grill, or stay inside and make Alison Roman’s latest, a spicy noodle soup with mushrooms and herbs.

  50. Churrasco That Rises Above at Paladar in East Harlem Food, March 28

    The meat at this modest Brazilian pay-per-pound joint is scarcely adorned, tastes only of itself, salt and fire, and is worthy of eating cut after cut.

  51. Barbecue, Opulent and Austere Slideshow, March 28

    There is no monolithic porterhouse at Paladar in East Harlem: Diversity is the mission, from beef blackened at the edges to dense little chicken hearts.

  52. Our Best Passover Recipes: Brisket, Lamb, Matzo Balls and More for Your Seder Table Food, March 28

    Here are all of the recipes you need for your Passover feast.

  53. Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel? Well, March 28

    Nutritional psychiatrists counsel patients on how better eating may be another tool in helping to ease depression and anxiety and may lead to better mental health.

  54. An Illustrator Duo’s Classic Spanish Omelet T Magazine, March 27

    The artists known as Cachetejack finish each other’s sentences — and regularly share tortilla de patatas.

  55. What to Cook Tonight Food, March 27

    Make David Tanis’s spring vegetable stew, Melissa Clark’s cheesy polenta with crispy leeks, or freestyle rice and beans.

  56. The Startlingly Flavorful Dressing That Will Boost More Than Just Your Salads Magazine, March 27

    Stir together a few ingredients, and you have a sauce that will improve boiled broccoli, leafy mustard greens, even pizza crusts.

  57. Sundae Sauces in Need of Protection Food, March 25

    The fudge and toffee sauces from Francine’s Outrageous Foods are perfect for ice cream, if you can wait that long.

  58. Brunch While Your Kids Learn How to Make Pasta Food, March 25

    Nonna Beppa in Hudson Square offers free pasta-making classes to children 6 and up while their guardians dine.

  59. What to Cook Right Now Food, March 25

    It’s early in the season, but maybe it’s time to grill: salmon eggplant salad, or sweet and spicy chicken breasts.

  60. What to Cook This Week Food, March 24

    Practice your warm-weather cooking: Start with Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest, a baked paella with chorizo and shrimp, and go straight into a big salad.

  61. Adapted, Adjusted, but Always (Kind of) Paella Food, March 22

    It’s baked in a roasting pan and full of chiles and chorizo, but Yotam Ottolenghi hopes his take on the Spanish classic will join a proud tradition of adaptations.

  62. A Bite-Size Square of Canada’s History, Culture and Craving Food, March 22

    How the Nanaimo bar, a three-layer no-bake treat from British Columbia, conquered a nation’s palate.

  63. In Praise of Sauce Food, March 22

    A life without sauce is not one fully lived: Here are five saucy recipes for your week.

  64. A Ragoût to Remember Food, March 22

    Made entirely of spring vegetables and served with lemony couscous, this ragoût is a most satisfying vegetarian supper.

  65. What to Cook This Weekend Food, March 22

    Make a warming, almost smoky mixed grill, whether you make it into a pita pocket or pair it with hummus.

  66. This Polenta Stands Alone Food, March 22

    Not just a side dish, creamy polenta, topped with blue cheese and sautéed leeks, is a dinner-worthy main.

  67. To Nosh or Not to Nosh: An Immigrant’s Dilemma Books, March 21

    In Boris Fishman’s memoir, “Savage Feast,” mealtime is when all the rich and roiling contradictions of his Eastern European Jewish family come into play.

  68. What to Cook Right Now Food, March 20

    Make the Australian chef Kylie Kwong’s no-recipe recipe for crisp duck, or prepare for Purim with savory hamantaschen.