1. Sambal, a Pungent Reminder of Home and Hardship Dining, Yesterday

    There are more than 300 varieties of the spicy chile paste, born in Southeast Asian villages and passed down through generations.

  2. These Cutting Boards Help With Cleanup Dining, Yesterday

    The nEAT Kitchen’s maple boards slope to funnel juices and produce detritus.

  3. Jewish Food Society Recalls Picnic Recipes From the Soviet Union Dining, Yesterday

    Sasha Shor shares the Russian recipes her family enjoyed in the Smoky Mountains after the family’s emigration to America.

  4. Shakespeare With an Eight-Course Feast Dining, Yesterday

    The Shake & Bake theater company brings “Love’s Labour’s Lost” to the meatpacking district, and dinner is included with the ticket.

  5. A Lively Weeknight Pasta for the Height of Corn Season Dining, Yesterday

    The flavors of Mexican street corn inspired this easy summer pasta, studded with bits of feta, basil and jalapeño.

  6. Stock Up on Summer Produce! Dining, Yesterday

    The end-of-summer sprint to eat as many ripe tomatoes and corn, peaches and blackberries as possible is just beginning.

  7. What to Cook This Week Dining, August 12

    Make the chef Matthew Hyland’s recipe for Rhode Island sloppy Joes, Melissa Clark’s latest for a corn-seafood stew or David Tanis’s lamb leg steak.

  8. Self-Care: A Working Definition Interactive, August 11

    A collective, non-exhaustive list of behaviors that keep us on point.

  9. A Hefty Steak That’s Light Enough for August Dining, August 10

    Lean and meaty, a center-cut lamb leg steak is done in minutes, and makes a rustic-yet-elegant meal paired with an olive relish.

  10. A Recipe for Summer: Fresh Fish, Spicy Chiles, Loads of Corn Dining, August 10

    August corn and seafood meet green chiles, lime and tomatillos in this bright and colorful stew.

  11. Five Weeknight Dishes Dining, August 10

    Make a simple salsa verde, and let it brighten some evening meals.

  12. A Set Decorator’s Easy Summer Pizza (No Pizza Oven Required) T Style, August 8

    Kris Moran helps Wes Anderson create his meticulous cinematic worlds. She also knows how to whip up the perfect dish for an impromptu dinner.

  13. What to Cook Today Dining, August 8

    Roast garlic cloves in your toaster oven, then throw them on some greens. Or make up some grilled peach toast, or a tomato pie.

  14. France Meets China in a Luxurious Custard Magazine, August 8

    A delicious innovation using techniques common to both dessert cultures.

  15. Is It Southern Food, or Soul Food? Dining, August 7

    Two Southern cooks chew on questions of culture, identity and cuisine.

  16. From the Smallest State, the Biggest Sandwich Magazine, August 7

    A chef pays delicious tribute to his start in a Rhode Island supermarket.

  17. The Chefs Redefining Polynesian Cuisine T Style, August 6

    Centuries of colonization nearly erased the taste of the Pacific. Now, a new generation is reimagining the regional food for a new era.

  18. The Best Pork Chops Aren’t Actually Chops Dining, August 6

    Why relegate pork shoulder to the braising pot when you could put tender, juicy shoulder steaks on the grill? Alison Roman makes the case.

  19. Joël Robuchon, a French Chef Festooned With Stars, Is Dead at 73 Obits, August 6

    Classically trained but always inventive, he dazzled the culinary world, sweeping up Michelin stars wherever he set foot with a new restaurant.

  20. Joël Robuchon Rewrote the Rules of Fine Dining Obits, August 6

    The chef, who died on Monday at 73, embodied the old-world mentality before setting the stage for a new era in dining.

  21. What to Cook Right Now Dining, August 6

    Find comfort in cooking, whether you make slow-cooker butter chicken, pork chops with tamarind and ginger or salted tahini chocolate chip cookies.

  22. What to Cook This Week Dining, August 5

    Cook a little happiness into your life: Make David Tanis’s pita sandwiches, filled with an herby omelet, and Melissa Clark’s lemon-blueberry bars.

  23. Good Things Happen When Bread Meets Eggs Dining, August 3

    This dish — a pita, filled with an herb-packed omelet — is a mash-up worth replicating.

  24. Lemon Bars, With Blueberries in a Supporting Role Dining, August 3

    It’s a classic, arguably essential pairing, but striking the right balance can be tricky.

  25. The Old Beer Hall in the Bronx Metropolitan, August 2

    A wooden building in Eastchester, which was torn down in 1960, had a long history — possibly dating to the 17th century — as a watering hole.

  26. In Suburban South Australia, Real-Deal Mexican Hides in Plain Sight Dining, August 2

    Taco Quetzalcoatl serves home-style cooking in an out-of-the-way neighborhood.

  27. Tastes of Central Asia in Sheepshead Bay Slideshow, August 2

    The sign on the restaurant reads “Dungan cuisine,” without fanfare. But this is news: Lagman House is likely the first and only Dungan restaurant in New York.

  28. What to Cook Right Now Dining, August 1

    Make some Italian sausage sandwiches, or cook up a cowboy ragù inspired by a fire-loving oysterman on Long Island.

  29. At This Avant-Garde Fashion Designer’s Dinner Party, Footwear Is Optional T Style, July 31

    Good conversation, fun tableware and hyper-seasonal fare are Zoe Latta’s secret ingredients for a relaxed, stylish evening.

  30. What to Cook Right Now Dining, July 30

    It’s Alton Brown’s birthday today, just the moment to make his Arctic char burgers and breakfast carbonara.

  31. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 29

    Samin Nosrat wrote about chapli burgers in this week’s Eat column. Let them kick off days of good eating.

  32. 15 Stunning Summer Fruit Desserts Dining, July 28

    Make a strawberry Bundt cake, a sour cherry pie and more seasonal treats.

  33. Not Your Childhood Chicken Salad Dining, July 27

    Paired with a miso dressing, this take on the classic is a far cry from those cafeteria versions, plopped on plates with an ice cream scoop.

  34. Five Weeknight Dishes Dining, July 27

    Dive deep into summer produce with Charlie Bird’s farro salad; pasta with green beans, potatoes and pesto; and zucchini pancakes.

  35. A Pizza That Lets the Mozzarella Shine Dining, July 27

    A pie as you may know it, it’s not. But good things happen when torn chunks of fresh buffalo mozzarella meet roasted eggplant.

  36. Peak Avocado Dining, July 25

    Make a breakfast salad Julia Moskin brought back from the restaurant Carthage Must Be Destroyed, and a no-recipe take on caprese salad for dinner. Or both!

  37. The Art of the Australian Breakfast Dining, July 24

    Young expats have transplanted their bright, Instagrammable cooking and mellow lifestyle by opening cafes in New York City.

  38. A Burger, but Better Magazine, July 24

    Taking inspiration from kebabs, a patty becomes tangy, spicy, creamy and crunchy.

  39. The Liquid Gold in Your Skillet Dining, July 23

    Alison Roman tosses lemons, kale and beans into the pan with chicken thighs to soak up the flavorful fat.

  40. Preserving Pantry Staples Dining, July 23

    In “Cured Meat, Smoked Fish and Pickled Eggs,” Karen Solomon offers new ideas for everyday foods.

  41. For a Cleaner Grater, Grab the Tea Whisk Dining, July 23

    Japanese chefs use a bamboo tea whisk to clean their wasabi graters. The trick works on a Microplane, too.

  42. Canned Heat! Dining, July 23

    Take a cue from Tejal Rao’s latest column: Pick up some of the good canned stuff, and make the chef Scarlett Lindeman’s recipe tuna salad.

  43. This Bookstore Is Stuffed With Just One Thing: Cookbooks Culture, July 22

    A small storefront in Manhattan houses a very deep knowledge of a very narrow subject: books about food.

  44. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 22

    Make the coming days delicious with a salty-sweet Atlantic Beach pie, zucchini pasta, and salmon, two ways.

  45. Jonathan Gold, Food Critic Who Celebrated L.A.’s Cornucopia, Dies at 57 Obits, July 21

    A gourmand who explored Los Angeles’s immigrant communities, taco carts and chic restaurants, Mr. Gold won renown in the culinary world and a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

  46. 10 Recipes Readers Love Dining, July 21

    Sweet potato fries, basic pesto and more for the weekend.

  47. Madeleine Kamman, 87, Who Gave Americans a Taste of France, Dies Obits, July 20

    Schooled in Paris, she was a strong-willed teacher of traditional French cuisine for modern tastes and an influential chef and restaurateur.

  48. Jerk, Authentically Jamaican and Unapologetically Hot Dining, July 20

    This barbecue born of peppers, pimento, fire and Jamaican history carries a tradition worthy of celebration.

  49. A Pie to Cut Through Summer’s Heat Dining, July 20

    Childhood memories of summers in Atlantic Beach, N.C., inspired this no-frills lemon pie, sweetly creamy and salty all the same.

  50. North Carolina Barbecue on a Brooklyn Street Corner Metropolitan, July 20

    Every Saturday, in a yard at Albany Avenue and Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Donnell Rogers sells pork ribs and chicken legs with a vinegar sauce.

  51. You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato Toast Dining, July 20

    A Catalan favorite — toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with juicy, ripe tomatoes — is just the meal for those high summer days.

  52. Five Weeknight Dishes Dining, July 20

    Emily Weinstein, a food editor at The New York Times, is taking the helm on Fridays, sharing recipes for busy people.

  53. How to Get America on the Mediterranean Diet Op Ed, July 19

    Countless studies show it’s the healthiest way to eat. But too few people actually follow it.

  54. At Little House Café, Hidden Malaysian Dishes Worth the Hunt Dining, July 19

    This Elmhurst, Queens, spot’s signature dish, a giant bun filled with chicken curry, is found on a menu largely devoted to Thai and Chinese classics.

  55. A Menu Full of Surprises in Queens Slideshow, July 19

    Little House Café, a bakery-restaurant in Elmhurst, serves Malaysian specialties alongside Thai and Chinese classics.

  56. Recipes for Right Now Dining, July 18

    Whip up a casual puttanesca, or take a more structured approach, with new dishes from Yotam Ottolenghi or the kitchen at King in Manhattan.

  57. Housing Authority Program Teaches Marketable Food Skills Dining, July 17

    Home cooks are paired with chef and restaurateur mentors to hone their business acumen.

  58. The Case for Canned Tuna Magazine, July 17

    Tasting your way to a deeply summery salad.

  59. Endless Summer Dining, July 16

    Continue the good feeling of weekend summer cooking through the week with sheet-pan chicken and a clafoutis.

  60. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 15

    As summer moves steadily along, consider making grilled sea scallops or a dressed up avocado salad.