1. How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Performance Artist T Style, Today

    The artist and chef DeVonn Francis, who turns meals into theater, shares his tips for hosting a memorable evening — including banishing cutlery.

  2. The Tastes of Summer Dining, Today

    What’s the season’s best fruit? The finest packaged frozen ice cream? Greatest sausage? Our intrepid reporters have ranked the season’s flavors.

  3. The Tastes of Summer Dining, Yesterday

    Peach or watermelon? Kielbasa or hot dog? Fudgsicle or Chipwich? Our opinionated writers rank the season’s peak pleasures.

  4. The Best Fruits of Summer, Ranked Dining, Yesterday

    Our restaurant critic heads outdoors to celebrate his five favorites for crisps, crumbles, slumps or just plain eating.

  5. The Best Sausages of Summer, Ranked Dining, Yesterday

    From pale weisswurst to versatile kielbasa and beyond, there’s a lot to like in those casings.

  6. The Crispy Leftovers as the Main Course Magazine, Yesterday

    Pasta tahdig combines the best of Italian and Iranian cooking.

  7. The Doctor Is Cooking Well, Yesterday

    Here we were, 80 eager physicians from across North America in a large teaching kitchen in northern California.

  8. Surprise Someone With a Bouquet of Macarons Dining, May 21

    Ladurée’s summer collection blooms in time for garden-party season.

  9. A Tome to Turn to When Life Gives You Lemons Dining, May 21

    “Lemonade With Zest” traces a summertime treat to ancient Egypt.

  10. A Snack for the Campfire Cocktail Hour Dining, May 21

    Pack these canned Spanish mussels, from the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, as an elegant nibble for camping and picnics.

  11. These Wraps Do Double Duty at the Picnic Dining, May 21

    A new denim item from Food52 is trendy while cutting down on waste.

  12. What to Cook Right Now Dining, May 21

    Why not pretend it’s full summer and make some grilled chicken breasts, a creamy lemony pasta or a beef stir-fry?

  13. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 20

    Make a great new recipe for a simple fish fry from Archana Pidathala, and maybe knock out a black-bean soup for the days ahead.

  14. A Salad Primed for the Grill Dining, May 18

    A grilled steak salad with charred onions and plenty of greens is made for balmy summer nights on the deck.

  15. An Especially Summery Take on Spaghetti and Clams Dining, May 18

    In this stellar, casual pasta dish, a spicy, tomatoey broth infuses the shellfish with flavor while also serving as the sauce.

  16. How Rawia Bishara, Chef and Restaurateur, Spends Her Sundays Metropolitan, May 18

    The resident of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, spends most of her day at Tanoreen, her restaurant, cooking and chatting up customers.

  17. How to Make One Rapper’s Lemon-Scented Body Oil T Style, May 16

    The New York-based MC Junglepussy, known for her witty lyrics about wellness, shares a recipe for an aromatic homemade moisturizer.

  18. Art and Craft Dining, May 16

    Bring yourself a little joy: Make something completely unnecessary with the invention of avoiding “real” work.

  19. Why Work When You Can Procrastibake? Dining, May 15

    “Procrastibaking,” baking to put off work, is both a habit and a hashtag.

  20. A Spicy, Crunchy Indian Fish Fry the Way Her Grandmother Liked It Magazine, May 15

    This family dish is golden and crisp all over, with savory white meat taking on the flavors of caramelized ginger and garlic, browned coriander seeds and red chile.

  21. A Guidebook to Becoming a Spanish Chef at Home Dining, May 14

    A new cookbook from the restaurant group Boqueria will have you whipping up classic gazpacho and branzino.

  22. Shucking Oysters With an Eye on the Environment Dining, May 14

    The handle of a new oyster knife is made from recycled plastic from Haiti.

  23. Valentines From Julia Child Dining, May 14

    A small collection of Child memorabilia is set to go on auction.

  24. Skip the Sprinkles, Try the Crushed Red Chiles Dining, May 14

    Chile Crunch is a versatile condiment for grilled foods, and even on ice cream.

  25. A Classic Indian Cookbook Returns, This Time for Americans Dining, May 14

    Sameen Rushdie published this practical volume in Britain in 1988 to fight stereotypes about the country’s food. The times have finally caught up to her.

  26. A Day to Celebrate Haiti’s Flag, and Its Foods Dining, May 14

    A family gathers around a kitchen table on Staten Island for a tutorial on griot, black rice and the joys of communal cooking.

  27. Oatmeal! Oatmeal! Oatmeal! Dining, May 14

    Make some one of these mornings soon, whether it’s Melissa Clark’s brown-butter chocolate version, David Tanis’s recipe with blueberries or your own.

  28. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 13

    Start with Melissa Clark’s new rhubarb poundcake for Mother’s Day, then follow up with David Tanis’s spring lamb and chickpea stew.

  29. A Man and His Roti Op Ed, May 12

    I’ve spent a lifetime trying to make a perfect flatbread — a doomed struggle that always makes me think of other failures.

  30. 10 Recipes Readers Love Dining, May 12

    Sesame chicken with dates, breakfast casserole, and more for the weekend.

  31. When Cooking Is About Ease, Not ‘Easy’ Dining, May 11

    For Yotam Ottolenghi, stressless cooking has nothing to do with how complicated (or not) a recipe is.

  32. Lamb Stew, Now Lighter and Brighter Dining, May 11

    Studded with chunks of lamb and topped with market vegetables, this brothy stew makes a satisfying spring meal.

  33. Rhubarb Shows Off Its Stripes Dining, May 11

    The rhubarb topping this poundcake is poached first, so the color stays electric pink.

  34. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 11

    Make Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for chocolate cake, either for Mother’s Day or just as practice for another day.

  35. The Fairest Cake of Them All Foreign, May 9

    Readers share their favorite creations from “The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Cookbook.”

  36. Visiting Rachael Ray Dining, May 9

    Kim Severson met with the television personality and came back with three new recipes worthy of cooking tonight.

  37. The Double-Layer Chocolate Cake I Make for My Son’s Birthday Magazine, May 9

    A frosted confection that tastes old-fashioned but never gets old.

  38. Beyond TV and EVOO: Rachael Ray Looks for Her Next Act Dining, May 8

    The woman who made millions teaching America to cook dinner in a half-hour is facing 50, and a new digital world, with a pantry full of big plans.

  39. Caramelized-Scallion Sauce Will Never Go Viral (But It Should) Magazine, May 8

    It isn’t pretty, but it tastes fantastic on everything it touches.

  40. A Wok With Versatility and Comfort Dining, May 7

    Christopher Kimball has joined with the Swiss company Kuhn Rikon to introduce a line of cookware.

  41. A Deeper Understanding of Halal Dining, May 7

    A new book by two American scholars, Febe Armanios and Bogac Ergene, looks deeply into halal food and more.

  42. Celebrities and Chicken Salad: The Lure of Freds at Barneys Dining, May 7

    A new cookbook focuses on the 22-year-old canteen’s achievement: a restaurant in a department store rather than a department-store restaurant.

  43. Salad For Dinner Dining, May 7

    Assemble a roasted chicken salad, or start the week with a frittata that is more vegetable than egg.

  44. What to Cook This Week Dining, May 6

    Make a plan for Mother’s Day cooking, and let Melissa Clark be your guide to artichokes.

  45. How The Times’s Food Editor Develops Recipes for Home Cooks Insider, May 5

    Sam Sifton approaches recipe development the way any reporter would — by asking chefs a lot of questions.

  46. Satisfying Main Course Salads Dining, May 5

    If your salad skills are lacking, we have recipes to show you the way.

  47. Bread Pudding Sheds Its Sweet Image Dining, May 4

    This savory take on bread pudding combines brioche with egg, ham and cheese.

  48. Diving Into the Artichoke, That Delicious Mess Dining, May 4

    It takes a lot of trimming to get to the heart of an artichoke, but don’t let that stop you.

  49. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, May 4

    This weekend, cook ambitiously with a fancy riff on smothered chicken from the Beatrice Inn.

  50. Cook Without Recipes Dining, May 2

    Let your imagination soar with a batch of mac and cheese loaded with ground beef or pork, or riff on shallow-fried chicken thighs.

  51. From Green Jelly Swimming Pools to Coconut Rabbits Foreign, May 2

    The cherished birthday cake recipe book that raised a generation.

  52. Australia, Show Us Your Cakes Interactive, May 2

    We’re asking Australian readers for birthday cake memories and photos – from successes to glorious messes.

  53. Is This Artichoke Kosher? Rome Defends a Classic Jewish Dish Dining, May 1

    Since an Israeli rabbi put the kibosh on Jewish-style fried artichokes, Italian Jews have mounted a fierce defense of their beloved treat.

  54. Sullivan Street Bakery Gets a Makeover Dining, April 30

    Jim Lahey has added a cafe to his wholesale bakery in Hell’s Kitchen.

  55. Grinding Out the Details of a Good Cup of Coffee Dining, April 30

    “Coffee Isn’t Rocket Science,” an illustrated book by Sébastien Racineux and Chung-Leng Tran, is a thorough brew.

  56. Brooklyn Diner Makes Its Mustard Available to the Public Dining, April 30

    The company’s “real” Jewish mustard arrives for retail sales just in time for hot dog season.

  57. Sake for Everyday Drinking Dining, April 30

    The chef Masaharu Morimoto is marketing Easy Cup sake to help make the beverage easier to understand.

  58. What to Cook Right Now Dining, April 30

    Tonight, make David Tanis’s recipe for asparagus frittata, salmon burgers, or beef and broccoli.

  59. What to Cook This Week Dining, April 29

    Line up your meals for the days ahead, starting with ginger-scallion chicken, roasted chicken thighs or stir-fried beef and sugar snap peas.

  60. An Office Decorated in Homage to Southern Art Sunday Business, April 27

    A Cushman & Wakefield executive in Atlanta has made his alma mater and the artifacts of his region the reigning theme in his workplace.

  61. A Deluxe Asparagus Frittata, Topped With Burrata Dining, April 27

    This Italian egg dish makes a nice light meal — unless you decide to adorn it with creamy cheese.

  62. A Fresh, Bright Way to Stir-Fry Dining, April 27

    This weeknight chicken with pungent ginger-scallion sauce has a twist in its technique.

  63. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, April 27

    Start thinking about summer, and fire up the grill. Recipes for sausages with onions and peppers, brown sugar-cured salmon, and grilled pork chops await.

  64. What to Cook Right Now Dining, April 25

    Try some recipes brought back by our roving correspondents, whether Kerala roadside chicken, or a braai-spiced T-bone steak, or grilled oysters.

  65. The Secret to Magic Mornings? Put the Kids to Work Well, April 25

    Getting six kids out the door every morning is a lot of work. Luckily, we don’t do it. They do.

  66. A Green Goddess Dressing for When Speed Matters Magazine, April 24

    Mayonnaise from your fridge is the key to pulling this salad together quickly.