1. Crushed Tomatoes Dining, Today

    When tragedy befalls your garden, move forward: Start with some spaghetti carbonara, and move into other comforts.

  2. For the Chile Aficionado, a Good Book Dining, July 24

    The chef Maricel E. Presilla’s new book, “Peppers of the Americas,” is an encyclopedia of facts and recipes.

  3. Cook Those Blues Away Dining, July 24

    Making something for yourself, even a small thing, will help shake off the unease Monday brings.

  4. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 23

    Cold noodles, hot-and-sour tofu, chicken curry: The warm days ahead should be packed with simple dinners.

  5. Vegan Ice Cream Enters a Golden Age Dining, July 21

    With a huge variety of plant-based milks now available on the market, nondairy ice creams are getting better than ever.

  6. An Instant Way to Bolster Flavor Dining, July 21

    Miso imbues everything it touches with a sweet, salty, nutty complexity.

  7. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, July 21

    Take the weekend to picnic: Make up some fried chicken biscuits with hot honey butter, pickleback slaw and a mint-flecked fruit salad.

  8. Hearty Helpings From Three Culinary Histories Book Review, July 21

    Three explorations of American foodways delve into the cookbooks and culinary preoccupations of the past, with a special emphasis on Southern cuisine.

  9. A Jackson Heights Oasis for Japanese Snacks: 969 NYC Coffee Dining, July 20

    Rice balls with sashes of nori and other treats at a cafe on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

  10. Hot-Weather Comfort Food Magazine, July 20

    Cold pork noodles dressed in vinegar, from the East Village by way of Yunnan.

  11. Make Your Best Salad Dining, July 19

    You don’t need a recipe for a satisfying and substantial big salad. The trick is to start with sturdy greens and work from there.

  12. Moose, Anyone? In Newfoundland, Food Both Rustic and Sophisticated Travel, July 19

    Arctic hare and beaver are also on the menu at a handful of outstanding restaurants in and around the capital of St. John’s.

  13. North of Nordic: A Young Chef Invents ‘Neo-Fjordic’ Cuisine Dining, July 18

    Why would an ambitious chef open a restaurant in western Norway, where only 3 percent of the land is arable and the growing season is a blip?...

  14. Redefining Nordic Cuisine Slideshow, July 18

    From his restaurant Lysverket in Norway, Christopher Haatuft makes the leap from New Nordic to “neo-fjordic” cuisine.

  15. A Match Made in Baking and Blue Ribbons Dining, July 17

    Two Atlanta doctors are cleaning up at the competitions, joined in marriage and a fervent commitment to cakes, pies and bakeware.

  16. A Perfect Dinner Dining, July 17

    Melissa Clark’s light and flavorful pasta with mint, basil and fresh mozzarella will set you up nicely for the week’s heavier meals.

  17. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 16

    Make something that unites all, whether it’s pizza, a roast chicken or granola.

  18. Finding Comfort in Scalloped Corn Dining, July 14

    This homey, bubbling, creamy casserole topped with toasted, buttery cracker crumbs is an alternative to corn on the cob.

  19. Pasta, Herbs and Plenty of Melting Mozzarella Dining, July 14

    This warm-weather dish is light, bright and garlicky — and easy to make.

  20. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, July 14

    Celebrate Bastille Day with steak frites — and maybe even take the time to embrace the frozen French fry.

  21. Easy Enchiladas! Dining, July 12

    Here’s a shortcut you may not have considered: Instead of rolling up your enchiladas, lay the whole thing out flat like a lasagna.

  22. How to Feed Your Summer Crowd Without Going Crazy Dining, July 10

    This season can be the worst, with kids home from school and friends dropping in. But here are methods for dealing with the madness.

  23. What to Cook Right Now Dining, July 10

    Pull out your slow cooker and try a new recipe for butter chicken, or go easy on yourself with perfect instant ramen or pan-roasted fish.

  24. How to Throw a Relaxed Parisian Dinner Party T Style, July 10

    The Beirut-born designer Rabih Kayrouz cooks Lebanese food, serves it under candlelight — and always leaves time for dancing.

  25. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 9

    Settle in with a blueberry muffin, and plan your menu for the coming days — maybe some feta-brined roast chicken, an herb and radish salad, and a Bastille Day celebration.

  26. The Best Thing You’re Not Grilling Dining, July 7

    While everyone loves crisp, deep-fried calamari, it is worth discovering other ways to cook squid. It is marvelous grilled, and as part of a spicy, verdant salad.

  27. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, July 7

    Consider the jalapeño: with salmon, stuffed, in pasta or a queso fundido — even in tartar sauce.

  28. Cooking With Juliet Corson, The Times’s First Star Writer Insider, July 6

    A household column in the 1870s and 1880s was a sensation. It pioneered personality journalism, reader-generated content and spinoff merchandise.

  29. Great Big Quesadillas Dining, July 5

    All you need is a big flour tortilla, a good melting cheese and the meat or vegetable of your choosing.

  30. Meal Kits, and the Joy of Cooking Letters, July 4

    Readers defend the meal kit and talk about their cooking experiences.

  31. What to Cook Right Now Dining, July 3

    Maybe cut out early this afternoon and make up David Tanis’s baked eggplant, and save tomorrow for hot dogs and cold beers.

  32. What to Cook This Week Dining, July 2

    Celebrate the Fourth of July with hot dogs, then maybe try some shrimp scampi, three-cup chicken or middle-school tacos.

  33. What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend N Y T Now, June 30

    Tips to make the most of your weekend.

  34. You Don’t Need Blue Apron to Teach You to Turn On Your Oven Op Ed, June 30

    The whole point of training wheels is that eventually you don’t need them anymore.

  35. Use Berries in Abundance Dining, June 30

    How Yotam Ottolenghi, who grew up among only the figs and pomegranates of the Middle East, fell for berries.

  36. Eggplant Favorites, Rooted in Sicily Dining, June 30

    Pasta alla Norma, caponata and eggplant parmigiana: All hail from Sicily, where it’s hard to imagine the cuisine without the humble eggplant.

  37. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, June 30

    Why not go big with a cookout just a few days before July 4, and save the big day for hot dogs?...

  38. Some Childhood Desserts Never Leave You Magazine, June 29

    A bakewell tart prompts three generations of memories.

  39. A Gazpacho Recipe to Follow — Then Discard Magazine, June 28

    Sometimes creating the best version of a classic dish requires you to taste your way to perfection.

  40. A Letter From the Editor Dining, June 28

    This is an important day in the history of NYT Cooking.

  41. The Classic Cookbooks That Shaped My Career as a Chef and Writer Magazine, June 28

    Samin Nosrat, the magazine’s newest Eat columnist, shares the quintessential books that informed the way she thinks about food, cooking and writing.

  42. How to Be Mindful by the Grill Well, June 28

    Grilling out is a perfect activity to remind ourselves of what it means to be mindful.

  43. Alain Senderens, a Chef Who Modernized French Food, Dies at 77 Foreign, June 27

    Mr. Senderens, one of the most adventurous of the founding fathers of nouvelle cuisine, produced dishes that could entice and, on occasion, shock.

  44. The Most Delicious Summer on Record Interactive, June 27

    Advice for camp cooking, picnics and potlucks, along with recipes, cocktails, frozen desserts and a taste-test of the best supermarket hot dogs.

  45. The Most Delicious Summer on Record Interactive, June 27

    Advice for camp cooking, picnics and potlucks, along with recipes, cocktails, frozen desserts and a taste-test of the best supermarket hot dogs.

  46. We Taste-Tested 10 Hot Dogs. Here Are the Best. Dining, June 27

    Sam Sifton, Melissa Clark and Julia Moskin tried 10 hot dogs for cookout season.

  47. The Most Popular Buddhist Nun Cook — in Manhattan T Style, June 27

    Jeong Kwan, of “Chef’s Table” fame, recently served Korean temple food in New York. And when she wasn’t cooking, she explored the urban jungle.

  48. These Drinks Have a Secret Dining, June 27

    For those who yearn for the crisp, complex notes of wine or a cocktail but don’t necessarily want the alcohol content, there’s the mocktail.

  49. Want to Choose the Best Hot Dogs? Learn What the Labels Mean Dining, June 27

    Picking the best hot dogs is part tasting and part reading. We explain terms like skinless, kosher and uncured.

  50. Picnic Ideas From the Fortnum & Mason Cookbook Dining, June 27

    Written by the British food critic Tom Parker Bowles, this cookbook includes English recipes for a plethora of stately occasions.