1. What to Cook Right Now Dining, Yesterday

    Red curry lentils, a shrimp scampi with orzo or a satisfying chicken French.

  2. What to Cook This Week Dining, January 17

    Jamaican oxtail stew, white borscht, spicy noodles with chicken and peanuts: Transport yourself by way of your kitchen.

  3. Recipes to Cook Over a Long Weekend Dining, January 16

    Comforting cakes, stews, cookies and more.

  4. Viaja a Cartagena con la imaginación en Español, January 16

    La ciudad portuaria colombiana, hogar de los sonidos y bailes característicos de la región, está tan llena de magia que ha inspirado libros de Gabriel García Márquez.

  5. The Best Butterscotch Pudding Is Homemade Dining, January 15

    This unfussy, old-fashioned recipe is easy to stir together on top of the stove, and hard to mess up.

  6. Make Meatballs Dining, January 15

    Triple a batch of Kay Chun’s pork and ricotta meatballs, and build meals around them for days.

  7. Unlocking the Secrets of Your Pantry Dining, January 15

    So much of 2020 was about starting from staples, but Yotam Ottolenghi hopes we can keep those cooking lessons in the new year.

  8. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, January 15

    Gabrielle Hamilton has a new recipe for tripe. Let’s all make it!

  9. A Soup to Make You Feel Better Dining, January 13

    Melissa Clark’s latest, a lemony white bean soup with greens and ground turkey, is versatile, and supremely comforting.

  10. The Case for Stewed Tripe Magazine, January 13

    There’s abundant offal to be had at the supermarket, and this spicy, slurpable dish is exactly how you should cook it.

  11. A Foolproof Path to Dinner, by Way of Korea Dining, January 12

    J. Kenji López-Alt puts his fridge odds and ends to work in crunchy, savory, wildly adaptable jeon.

  12. Aprovecha tu burbuja pandémica en Español, January 12

    Frente al aislamiento y el peligro de contagio del coronavirus, las burbujas sociales son una forma de mantener la cordura, la salud y la motivación. Utilízalas para mejorar tu hábitos.

  13. Dream of France, Through Recipes Dining, January 11

    “Plat du Jour,” a new cookbook by Susan Herrmann Loomis, includes seasonally focused recipes like beef bourguignon.

  14. The Easiest Paella Comes From a Kit Dining, January 11

    Meg Grace Larcom, the chef of the Boqueria restaurants, teaches a virtual paella class next month, and it includes a ready-to-make meal kit.

  15. Head Into the Kitchen Dining, January 11

    Building your cooking practice improves moods, atmospheres and weeks alike — and it’s simple.

  16. What to Cook This Week Dining, January 10

    Lean into some projects, whether it’s Konbi’s egg salad sandwich or Dorie Greenspan’s Swedish almond cake.

  17. Shrimp Creole Will Warm You Up Dining, January 9

    Make Vallery Lomas’s dish, or any of the most popular recipes this week.

  18. To Start a New Habit, Make It Easy Well, January 9

    Removing obstacles makes it more likely you’ll achieve a new health goal. The 7-Day Well Challenge will show you how.

  19. The Dreamiest Ricotta Gnocchi Dining, January 8

    Mark Bittman’s recipe is tender and perfect, served with browned butter, fresh basil and burst cherry tomatoes.

  20. This Spicy White Bean Soup Is a Poem in a Pot Dining, January 8

    Filled with winter greens, savory beans and just a little bit of turkey, this piquant soup is both hearty and light.

  21. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, January 8

    Hunker down with two of our most popular recipes: Molly O’Neill’s old-fashioned beef stew and Regina Schrambling’s Dijon and Cognac beef stew.

  22. The Record Keepers’ Rave Styles, January 7

    Every month, the archival institutions of this nation unleash tiny particles of the past in a frenzy of online revelry.

  23. Albert Roux, Chef Who Brought French Cuisine to London, Dies at 85 Obits, January 6

    Mr. Roux and his brother, Michel, opened Le Gavroche in the late 1960s, raising the level of fine dining in the city and offering a training ground for some of the restaurant industry’s future stars.

  24. Why You Should Follow the Recipe Dining, January 6

    Genevieve Ko resolved to stick to the instructions this coming year, and brought several recipes to The Times so you can do just that.

  25. This Chicken and Rice Is Perfect Home Cooking, With Prison Roots Magazine, January 6

    Earlonne Woods let his kitchen instincts guide him at San Quentin. But Samin Nosrat offered to teach him this more flavorful version.

  26. A Shrimp Creole for Our Times Dining, January 5

    The dish revels in improvisation, making it perfect for these tumultuous, unpredictable months.

  27. How to Pretend You’re in Cartagena Today Travel, January 5

    The Colombian port city, home to the trademark sounds and dances of the region, is so full of magic that it has inspired entire books by Gabriel García Márquez.

  28. How to Get More From Your Pandemic Bubble Well, January 5

    Social bubbles have helped us cope with the restrictions of Covid-19. For today’s Well Challenge, look to your pandemic pod to inspire and motivate you toward a healthier and happier life.

  29. Slurp Ippudo Ramen at Home Dining, January 4

    A new collaboration with Sun Noodle gives cooks nationwide the chance to try the restaurant’s famed tonkotsu and spicy karaka ramen.

  30. Remembering the Stately Dinners of a Private Club Dining, January 4

    “Art at the Table” celebrates more than a century of dinners at the Lotos Club in New York.

  31. Spanish Seafood, Grilled and Tinned Dining, January 4

    The chef Abel Álvarez’s Conservas Braseadas Güeyumar seafood line features grilled cockles, razor clams and tuna neck, among others.

  32. A Kitchen Resolution Worth Making: Follow the Recipe Exactly Dining, January 4

    Home cooks often tweak dishes, but hewing tightly to instructions can help us better understand others and their cuisines and cultures.

  33. What to Cook This Week Dining, January 3

    Take a moment and cook David Tanis’s January menu: creamy leek and parsnip soup, herbed chicken and spinach meatballs, and a citrus and persimmon salad.

  34. Conjuring Up the World Through the Sense of Taste Foreign, January 2

    Housebound because of the pandemic, an international correspondent finds a way to travel the globe in her kitchen.

  35. The Easy Weeknight Recipes You Need Dining, January 2

    Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or an hour, we’ve got you covered.

  36. Meals for a New Year Dining, January 1

    Start the new year with a lovable combination: chicken soup with rice.

  37. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, January 1

    Mapo tofu, Sicilian-style citrus salad, black bean soup: Start the year off with great eating.

  38. A January Menu That Comforts and Restores Dining, December 31

    After some heavy holiday fare, David Tanis suggests these light dishes, as impactful alone as they are together.

  39. The Most-Read Food Stories of 2020 Dining, December 30

    Readers turned to the Food section for advice on quarantine cooking, expiration dates and comfort food — lots of comfort food.

  40. Which Digital Thermometer Is Best? Dining, December 30

    You asked, and Wirecutter has suggestions.

  41. With a Fortifying Soup, Haitians Share Their Pride in Independence Dining, December 29

    Even in the pandemic, they’ll celebrate Jan. 1 by doling out soup joumou, a dish defined by national and familial traditions.

  42. A New Year’s Treat to Close Out a Difficult Year Magazine, December 29

    Dorie Greenspan is baking this layer cake, a cousin to gingerbread with plenty of frosting, hoping it will make 2021 a bit sweeter.

  43. A Single Bone Rib-Eye Roast for Small Feasts Dining, December 28

    A block of rib-eye from Heritage Foods can serve four, or two with leftovers.

  44. Take a Culinary Road Trip With ‘The Roads to Rome’ Dining, December 28

    It explores the foods along the Via Appia, the ancient Roman road.

  45. The Best Breakfast Dining, December 28

    Genevieve Ko has an ace recipe for sheet-pan bacon and eggs that’s sure to be a game-changer.

  46. What to Cook This Week Dining, December 27

    Nicole Taylor spoke with five families celebrating Kwanzaa, and returned with incredible recipes for BBQ tofu, coffee-rubbed grilled fish and vegan doughnuts.

  47. Our 50 Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes of 2020 Dining, December 26

    Save and cook them all.

  48. Fried Chicken Is Joy Dining, December 25

    Try Nicole Taylor’s recipe, marinated in berry jam, or make a Gruyère puff, a classic pasta dish or a glorious pan of nachos this week.

  49. Cook Yourself a Merry Christmas Dining, December 25

    Waffles, eggs Benedict, tips for a perfect rib roast: Eat well for the holiday.

  50. Nuestros platillos reconfortantes en Español, December 25

    Seis personas que convirtieron su amor por la comida en una carrera profesional nos hablan sobre los sabores que nutren su alma.

  51. Butter, Sugar and a Tablespoon of Grief Well, December 25

    At the darkest time of year, we bake our pain and loss into something to pass to others when it becomes too much to carry.

  52. Butter, Sugar and a Tablespoon of Grief Well, December 25

    At the darkest time of year, we bake our pain and loss into something to pass to others when it becomes too much to carry.

  53. Temporada de tamales: así se celebra en Los Ángeles en Español, December 25

    Las grandes tamaladas se cancelan este año, pero muchas de las tamaleras de la ciudad siguen adelante porque este alimento, junto con las culturas y las microeconomías que sostiene, es esencial.

  54. A Sweet Breakfast With a Secret Dining, December 24

    A hidden layer of crumbs makes these muffins feel like the best coffee cakes.

  55. These Bacon and Eggs Practically Cook Themselves Dining, December 23

    A big holiday breakfast is great — unless you’re the one stuck making it. This sheet-pan recipe is the solution.

  56. Your New Year’s Spread Dining, December 23

    Melissa Clark has four recipes for ideal holiday snacking. Make them soon.

  57. You Can Learn a Lot About Human Nature From Takeout Orders Op Ed, December 23

    In a world where everything was changing, the menu at a small New Orleans restaurant also had to adapt. Not everyone seemed to get that.

  58. 5 Unforgettable Conversations From the Events Team News Desk, December 23

    Whether they broke down the news or broke up the day, The Times’s live discussions, demonstrations and performances this year offered audiences something rare: a sense of connection.

  59. It’s Peak Season for Tamales in Los Angeles Dining, December 22

    Big tamaladas are canceled this year, but many of the city’s tamaleras press on because tamales, along with the cultures and microeconomies they sustain, are essential.

  60. How Will We Eat in 2021? 11 Predictions to Chew On Dining, December 22

    Meal kits from your favorite restaurant, snacks that help you sleep and other ways the food world may respond in a year of big changes.

  61. How to Pretend You’re in Quebec City Tonight Travel, December 22

    As the song goes, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Wherever you are, you can embrace the coziness of the season like Québécois do.

  62. Pâtés en Croûte Worthy of a Celebration Dining, December 21

    You might think these gorgeous spreads are from Paris, but they’re from the West Coast shop of the chef Nicolas Delaroque.

  63. Cook Like Alex Guarnaschelli Dining, December 21

    The chef and television personality’s latest cookbook, “Cook With Me,” features unpretentious recipes.

  64. The Gear You Need to Make Hot Pot at Home Interactive, December 2

    Certain tools and tips can make cooking in simmering broth at the table much easier and more enjoyable to do, especially when it’s cold out.

  65. How to Stay Safe in the Kitchen With Kids Interactive, November 24

    Before setting up your tiny sous chefs, take these precautions.

  66. How to Cook French Cuisine at Home Interactive, November 21

    It may be a while before you’re able to travel to France again. So grab some butter and try to recreate the country’s delicious meals in your own kitchen.

  67. 3 Ways to Get Your Kids Cooking on Thanksgiving Interactive, November 20

    Melissa Clark shares tips for involving your kids in this year’s Thanksgiving meal preparations.

  68. What’s in Our Queue? ‘The Great’ Interactive, November 19

    I’m the editor of The Times’s Arts & Leisure section. I also have a newborn. Here are five things I’m watching, listening to or reading.

  69. Everything You Need to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Interactive, November 17

    Here are a few holiday meal essentials from the editors of Wirecutter, a product recommendation site owned by The New York Times Company.

  70. Building a Personal Smell Museum of Los Angeles Interactive, October 13

    With “Nose Dive,” a new book on the science of smell, in hand, our critic takes a mindful whiff of her hometown.

  71. Padma Lakshmi Wants Us to Eat More Adventurously Interactive, August 3

    “There’s such a laziness about reaching for the thing that is most familiar.”

  72. Our Lives Happen in Restaurants Interactive, June 16

    Renowned writers remember some of their funniest, best, strangest and most memorable meals out.

  73. Enrique Olvera and His Culinary Heirs Have Changed How and What We Eat Interactive, April 13

    The influential chef has reconceived Mexican cuisine, both in his own country and beyond.

  74. How to Cook Beans Interactive, March 20

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and in the pressure- or slow-cooker.