1. Eat Cake for Breakfast! Admin, Yesterday

    This week’s popular dishes, including pasta e ceci and no-knead bread.

  2. One Pot of Rice, Endless Possibilities Food, March 27

    This pantry staple can be transformed into so many meals. Here’s how to push it from side dish to star.

  3. A Dinner-Worthy Grilled Cheese Food, March 27

    A basic grilled cheese doesn’t feel like dinner, but it can when you stuff it full of caramelized onions.

  4. A Few Pantry Staples for a Buttery, Flaky Treat Food, March 27

    You don’t need buttermilk on hand to make biscuits: Just about any soured milk works. Melissa Clark can teach you how.

  5. What to Cook This Weekend Food, March 27

    Project recipes are particularly fine for these long days indoors: Make no-knead rolls or focaccia, or take the time to simmer some stock.

  6. Reinventing Easter, Passover and Other Holiday Meals in a Time of Limits Food, March 27

    Americans of many faiths are busy adapting their plans for the coming holy days and observances to meet the constraints of the coronavirus crisis.

  7. Things to Do in N.Y.C. This Weekend While Staying Inside New York, March 26

    A weekly guide to maintaining a social life while social distancing.

  8. An Omelet With an Unexpected Creamy Filling: Tahini Food, March 26

    Cheese is the typical omelet filling, but for a similar richness that’s also dairy-free, try tahini.

  9. The Challenge of Feeding Kids During Coronavirus Parenting, March 26

    It’s OK to let children indulge in their favorite foods while riding out the crisis. Plus: resources for food-insecure families.

  10. How to Freeze Just About Everything Food, March 26

    Wondering how you can make the most of your freezer and your food? Melissa Clark can help.

  11. 18 Cookbooks for Comfort Food, March 26

    In this uncertain time, here are the cookbooks Food reporters and editors turn to for reliably delicious results.

  12. Floyd Cardoz Showed How to Honor a Cuisine by Bending It Food, March 25

    The chef, who died Tuesday, created Indian-American dishes that surprised and still linger in the memory.

  13. A Riff on Sesame Noodles for When You Tire of Peanut Butter Sandwiches Food, March 25

    Excellent cold and at room temperature, make a batch of these nutty, creamy, crunchy noodles in advance, to eat whenever you like.

  14. There’s No Need for Recipes Now Food, March 25

    Put your own riff on ingredients, using what you have, or riff on Melissa Clark’s riffs: She’s got five highly adaptable recipes worth your time.

  15. Five Adaptable Recipes, All From Your Pantry Food, March 24

    You’re so close to a big pot of beans, baked oats, pasta with tuna, a vegetable soup and a hearty crumb cake. Melissa Clark can get you there.

  16. The Ultimate Pantry Snack: Smoky, Nutty Popcorn Food, March 24

    Melissa Clark adapts Jessica Koslow’s basic popcorn technique, adding nuts, spices and nutritional yeast, to an already extra crunchy batch.

  17. A Cake to Bring Comfort (to Parents and Kids) Food, March 24

    Amid school closures, canceled trips and uncertainty, head to the kitchen and bake.

  18. Spanish Broths for More Than Paella Food, March 23

    Aneto, from Barcelona, add more flavor to soups and stews.

  19. Japanese Food From a Swedish Kitchen Food, March 23

    “The Japanese Table,” a new book by a Swedish cook smitten with Japan, offers nourishing, small-scale ideas for dinner.

  20. Meal Kits From the Chef Dan Barber Food, March 23

    The meals, which serve two to four, are available at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

  21. A Handy Measure Food, March 23

    These shot glasses let you mete out precious liquors, and come in handy for baking projects.

  22. The Best Canned Tomatoes Food, March 23

    In a taste test conducted by Wirecutter and NYT Cooking, three American brands came out on top.

  23. A Highly Adaptable Vegetarian Skillet Chili Food, March 23

    If you have beans and tomatoes, you’re most of the way to this simple meal.

  24. Cook With Confidence Food, March 23

    You don’t have to have all the ingredients to follow a recipe, or to make a great meal. Make the recipe your own.

  25. What to Cook This Week Food, March 22

    Maybe this is the moment to experiment with fermentation: Get a sourdough starter going, for bread down the line, or consider making kombucha.

  26. 23 Easy Recipes for Distractibaking Admin, March 21

    No-knead bread, Katharine Hepburn’s brownies, and more recipes.

  27. How to Cook Beans Interactive, March 20

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and in the pressure- or slow-cooker.

  28. Missing Ingredients? Ask Our Cooking Experts for Substitutions Food, March 20

    We are building a list of tips on how to get creative with ingredients you already have. Tell us what would help in your kitchen.

  29. Got Potatoes and Tuna? You’re Most of the Way to Dinner Food, March 20

    Roasted potatoes, tossed with a brown-butter anchovy sauce and some canned tuna, make a hearty, rich and pungent main course.

  30. How to Work From Home Alongside Your Partner Without Losing It Parenting, March 20

    Try ‘spousal distancing’ to minimize coronavirus conflict when you’re stuck at home with your whole family 24/7.

  31. Breakfast for Dinner Food, March 20

    The days we plan to sit down to a meal can be better in these worrying times. Pancakes can help, so can a comforting marinara sauce.

  32. What to Cook This Weekend Food, March 20

    Make some pizza dough, peanut butter cookies and some freezer-friendly meals, balms to these anxiety-inducing times.

  33. T’s Guide to Staying at Home, and Making the Best of It T Magazine, March 19

    Hunkering down in isolation? Keep the stress at bay with a delicious meal, some self-care and a riveting read.

  34. Easy Recipes to Cook While You’re Self-Quarantined Food, March 18

    Here are some simple dishes that can be made mostly with what you have on hand.

  35. Deliciousness Matters Food, March 18

    It improves moods, and inspires hope, so cook as much as you can in these trying days.

  36. Food, a Basic Pleasure, Is Suddenly Fraught Food, March 17

    The coronavirus has forced Americans to rethink how to feed themselves, from cooking to shopping to ordering in.

  37. Arthur Avenue Jars a Red Sauce Food, March 16

    Little Italy in the Bronx sauces are sold by Belmont’s business improvement district to support the neighborhood.

  38. This Gratin Lets Swiss Chard Do the Talking Food, March 16

    Yotam Ottolenghi lets ingredients take the lead when developing recipes, and Swiss chard often is tucked into something carby and dotted with cream.

  39. Cooking for Comfort Food, March 16

    The news is unsettling, but you may find solace in the kitchen.

  40. Cornbread. Now, More Than Ever. Opinion, March 15

    Comfort foods, and the old ways of making them, bring solace when you really need it.

  41. What to Cook This Week Food, March 15

    Make Alison Roman’s fine new recipe for a spicy pork noodle soup, and start on your preparations for St. Patrick’s Day.

  42. Michel Roux, 78, Dies; Helped Bring French Cuisine to London Obituaries, March 14

    He was appalled by English food, particularly peas. With his brother, he established the first British restaurant to win three Michelin stars.

  43. Irresistible Garlicky Noodles Food, March 13

    Ready in 45 minutes, Andrea Nguyen’s recipe is hearty, savory and relies heavily on (mainly) shelf-stable ingredients.

  44. The Essential Indian Recipes Food, March 13

    Tejal Rao, our California restaurant critic and part of the Indian diaspora, has put together a rich portrait of the country’s home cooking.

  45. Don’t Toss This Food Scrap (It Could Be Vastly Improving Your Dishes) Food, March 13

    Many seasoned cooks save their leftover Parmesan rinds to impart umami to brothy dishes. It’s a smart move.

  46. In Los Angeles, a Dinner Where Dessert Is Picked From the Trees T Magazine, March 13

    The chef and stylist Gina Correll Aglietti, a co-founder of Yola Mezcal, shares her tips for hosting a casual backyard meal.

  47. Abastece tu alacena de manera inteligente en Español, March 12

    Esto es lo que no puede faltarte.

  48. How an Ecuadorean Soup Inspired a Restaurant Food, March 12

    Before El Encebollado de Rossy opened in Brooklyn, the chef’s cooking had a loyal following.

  49. Dinner in French! Food, March 11

    Melissa Clark has a delicious excerpt, and four recipes, from her book, including a Campari cake that may just transport you to Aix.

  50. A Chicken Biryani Recipe That Brings People Together T Magazine, March 10

    For the writer Aatish Taseer, a childhood staple has taken on new resonance in light of Delhi’s citizenship protests.

  51. Where to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Travel, March 10

    Whether you’re a committed activist or looking for new ways to get involved, there is an Earth Day event for you.

  52. A Pork Noodle Soup Pulled From Your Pantry Food, March 9

    Alison Roman wants cooking to be unfussy and flexible, and this brothy, spicy dish, full of ingredients you probably already have on hand, is just that.

  53. Tejal Rao’s 10 Essential Indian Recipes Food, March 9

    Our California restaurant critic, whose taste was shaped in family kitchens far from the subcontinent, picks dishes that show the cuisine’s many facets and techniques.

  54. Your Next Great Meal Food, March 9

    Treat yourself to a pastelón, a Puerto Rican lasagna of plantains, cheese and picadillo, dotted with raisins. It’s a dish to dream about.

  55. What to Cook This Week Food, March 8

    Start off strong with a creamy turmeric pasta, move into a Tater Tot hot dish, and round out Friday with chicken paprikash.

  56. Gray Kunz, 65, Dies; Four-Star Chef Fused France and Asia Obituaries, March 6

    Raised in Singapore, trained in Hong Kong and apprenticed in Switzerland, he made a celebrated mark in New York at Lespinasse.

  57. Stocking Your Pantry, the Smart Way Food, March 6

    Here’s what you really need to keep on hand.

  58. How I Came to Cook in French Food, March 6

    For Melissa Clark, the food she grew up eating in Brooklyn, and the French cuisine her parents adored, laid the foundation for how she still cooks.

  59. Shortcuts We Love Food, March 6

    Frozen puff pastry, boneless chicken breasts and canned beans: This week’s recipes lean heavily on delicious timesavers.

  60. What to Cook This Weekend Food, March 6

    Feed your friends and family Margaux Laskey’s chicken Vesuvio, Alison Roman’s spiced chickpea stew, or Tejal Rao’s cannellini bean pasta.

  61. How to Cook Spaghetti Squash Food, March 5

    This bright yellow squash is a mystery to many. Here’s what to do with it.

  62. Mom’s Japanese Rice Balls and Bento Boxes Slideshow, March 5

    Mika Hatsushima, the owner of Rice & Miso, realized that the foods she had grown up eating were what she wanted to make for her own daughter.

  63. How to Cook Fake Meat Food, March 4

    J. Kenji López-Alt has looked back on two-and-a-half years of experimentation with plant-based protein mixes, and has brought back three recipes: a burger, a kebab and chili.

  64. How Do They Make Plant-Based Meat Behave Like Beef? Food, March 3

    J. Kenji López-Alt explains the science behind the new vegan products.

  65. How to Cook With Plant-Based Meats Food, March 3

    You may have tried restaurant versions, but making them at home is another matter. J. Kenji López-Alt has tested them and offers practical advice.

  66. The Secrets of a Catskills Diner Food, March 2

    The tasty history of the Phoenicia Diner is recounted, with recipes, in a new cookbook.

  67. Exciting New Recipes! Food, March 2

    A rich, creamy Swiss chard pasta, the Japanese beef bowl known as gyudon, and Samin Nosrat’s sweet potatoes with tahini butter: These are meals to look forward to.

  68. What to Cook This Week Food, March 1

    Dawn Perry makes the case for boneless chicken breasts in three recipes. Make one — or all three — in the days to come.