1. What to Cook This Week Dining, Yesterday

    David Tanis has a new recipe for brats with apples and onions, and Melissa Clark one for a lemon almond cake. Make those this week.

  2. Finding a Better Bratwurst Food, October 19

    Good brats may not be easy to come by, but sausages, paired with sizzled apples and onions, are a perfect way to welcome the crisp days.

  3. A Lemon Cake That Cuts to the Pith Dining, October 19

    This recipe, using the whole fruit, is full of deep citrus flavor and may just be worth baking right away.

  4. Recipes for Real Life Dining, October 19

    A dreamy sheet-pan chicken, pasta for picky eaters or an exciting take on cauliflower: A week of deliciousness awaits.

  5. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 19

    Make an apple and pear galette with apple-cider caramel, or a salmon pie, maybe even a cassoulet.

  6. You Don’t Need a Recipe! Dining, October 17

    Freestyle and pair some pasta from the larder with sausage and sage, or stick to a recipe like Tejal Rao’s for aligot or Melissa Clark’s for pie crust.

  7. Now Is the Time for the Comfort of Swan-Shaped Pastries Magazine, October 17

    Diplomat cream and pâte à choux combine in a delicacy that will bring you joy.

  8. Your Goblins Can Make These Treats Food, October 16

    A new kit from Handstand Kitchen gives children the tools to make their own spooky Halloween chocolates.

  9. Chelsea’s Baking Shop Finds a New Home Dining, October 15

    The daughters of the founder of the New York Cake Academy have moved the bakeware shop and baking school to a larger space.

  10. Add Art to an Opulent Dinner Dining, October 15

    A new line of serving ware from the Whitney Museum relies on the designs of Sol LeWitt.

  11. Culinary Tales From the Hudson Valley Dining, October 15

    A new book from the chef Richard Erickson and his wife, Mary Anne Erickson, includes recipes from their Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go.

  12. A Kitchen Visionary, Reimagining Dishes and a Woman’s Role Dining, October 15

    Amy Brandwein of Centrolina, in Washington, has reinvented Italian classics and tried to get people thinking differently about women who run restaurants.

  13. What to Cook Right Now Dining, October 15

    Alison Roman has a new recipe for even the most passionate lamb-haters: crisp-cooked spiced lamb chops with fennel and cucumber.

  14. What to Cook This Week Dining, October 14

    Make an apple pie as early practice for Thanksgiving, farro with mushrooms, an easy chicken curry, or beef barley soup.

  15. Get It Done Dining, October 12

    When the days are full and you’re dead tired, make braised chicken thighs with greens and olives, BLT tacos, or green shakshuka.

  16. Roasted Squid, by Way of Mexico Dining, October 12

    Layered with small potatoes and poblano chiles, and served with a tomatillo salsa, squid becomes the centerpiece of a worthy fall lunch.

  17. Lamb Even Haters Can Love Dining, October 12

    Alison Roman on the meaty, savory and not at all lamby cut that changed her mind.

  18. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 12

    Make up a chili, or roast chicken, or a riff on tuna poke: It’s really the best tuna salad there is.

  19. Bombay Fritatta! Dining, October 10

    Make Nik Sharma’s recipe, full of spices and studded with feta, for dinner tonight.

  20. A Cake Fit for Julia Child Magazine, October 10

    Paying homage to a mentor’s insistent unfussiness.

  21. Forget the Wall: Pati Jinich Wants to Build a Culinary Bridge to Mexico Dining, October 9

    The cookbook author and PBS chef, who started out in the diplomatic world, aspires to help Americans appreciate her native cuisine.

  22. The Long Journey of the Aleppo Pepper Dining, October 9

    The signature Syrian spice, caught up in conflict, became scarce in the United States just as its popularity boomed. But importers and vendors are finding new ways to get it.

  23. A Paste That Brings the Heat Dining, October 9

    Quibos Pepper Original Hot Pepper Paste is based on achar, a fiery relish of green mango and chiles.

  24. What to Cook Right Now Dining, October 8

    Shrimp biryani, chicken korma, Punjabi rajma: Melissa Clark has brought three new Indian recipes to The Times, all easily made in your pressure cooker.

  25. What to Cook This Week Dining, October 7

    Make Samin Nosrat’s smart new recipe for chivichangas with stewed brisket and cheese, and be sure to make extra tortillas.

  26. Indian Cooks Embrace the Instant Pot Dining, October 5

    The electric pressure cooker is well suited for many Indian dishes, and a slew of new cookbooks are seizing on its popularity.

  27. Reward Your Future Self Dining, October 5

    Face down a busy week by cooking a big batch of chili, or if that’s not your thing, make ginger-scallion chicken or pasta with fried lemon.

  28. A Better Meatloaf? Add Tomato Sauce and Cheese Dining, October 5

    This not-necessarily-authentic take on the classic takes its inspiration from an Italian-American red sauce restaurant.

  29. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, October 5

    Cook for just for yourself, and make Anita Lo’s terrific recipe for cauliflower chaat, or go bigger and make new recipes from David Tanis and Alison Roman.

  30. For a German Chef, Hospital Food Is the Ultimate Challenge Foreign, October 5

    Patrick Wodni was cooking for a Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin but wanted to do something “useful.” Now, he aims to revolutionize institutional menus.

  31. Fall’s Best Cookbooks Dining, October 3

    This week’s Food section explores some of the best offerings of the season, and brings with it a bunch of recipes.

  32. A Homemade Flour Tortilla to Rival Its Corn Counterpart Magazine, October 3

    Chewy and diaphanous, handmade tortillas are worth the time investment.

  33. The 19 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018 Dining, October 2

    Our writers and editors cooked their way through this season’s new books to come up with a list of favorites, the fall titles we’re most excited about.

  34. An Indian Food Writer Breaks Free From Tradition Dining, October 2

    In his deeply personal debut cookbook, “Season,” Nik Sharma tells his story as a gay immigrant reconciling his past and present.

  35. The Joy of Cooking for One Dining, October 2

    Cooking for yourself can be even better — more delicious, practical and creative — than cooking for a crowd.

  36. The Woo SoHo Opens, Updating a Korean Trailblazer Dining, October 2

    The latest from Harris Salat in Downtown Brooklyn, a steakhouse featuring inventive dumplings, and more restaurant news.

  37. Forget Pumpkin Spice, Try a Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Dining, October 1

    Tico’s, a bakery in Lancaster, Pa., sells versions of the treat adapted from a family recipe.

  38. Celebrate Goatober Around the World Dining, October 1

    Global events promoting goat meat will take place in October.

  39. Imported Olive Oils Bottled for Freshness Dining, October 1

    A former partner of Fairway has a new company focused on quality products.

  40. An Alert for Cheese Fanatics: Smoked Burrata Dining, October 1

    This cheese from Puglia stands out among the others.

  41. Deconstructed Phyllo Pies at a Midtown Greek Market Dining, October 1

    The owners want to showcase Greek food with a contemporary twist at Fournos Theophilos.

  42. When It Comes to Dinner, Less Is More Dining, October 1

    You don’t need everything at the market to make a meal interesting. Alison Roman lays out her supper strategy.

  43. Breakfast Season Dining, October 1

    There’s a chill in the morning air. Welcome it with verve by making up some biscuits or morning glory muffins, scrambled eggs or overnight oats.

  44. I was a lawyer. Then I found my calling in the basement of a Mexican restaurant. Interactive, September 30

    A writer for NBC’s “Superstore” quit his first real job to pursue a life of comedy. He was lucky. He made it. And he has some tips to help you decide when it’s time to pull the plug on a wretched career. (Just don’t forget that every job can still occasionally suck.)

  45. How to win your first three months on the job Interactive, September 30

    You probably had internships or summer office jobs, but this is different. It’s the start of your career. Start by making a good first impression, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pretty soon, you’ll be sitting in the boss’s chair, right?

  46. It’s O.K. to mess up. We all do. Interactive, September 30

    Broken friendships. Lost teeth. Missing documents. There’s no checklist for finding the right path. So we decided to offer a little solace with stories about people making mistakes in their 20s — and still mostly ending up on their feet.

  47. I spent four years going into debt. Now, how do I get out? Interactive, September 30

    Start with a goal. Make a plan. Never — ever — lose sight of how powerful interest can be. And look for big money wins. (That doesn’t mean you have to cut out your daily coffee fix.)

  48. My Tinder date lied. Was I the creep? Interactive, September 30

    Dating profiles can border on fiction. People edit away their pimples and crop out their exes, making it hard to know what’s real and what’s fantasy. It’s why you should research your date, and stalking is O.K. That’s what I learned hunched over my laptop at 2 a.m., 26 browser tabs deep.

  49. You’re 22 and just got your first paycheck. You could blow it all or … Interactive, September 30

    We all know we should be saving money, but who really wants to? Meet up with friends for drinks — you work hard. Buy those concert tickets — when’s that band coming back next? We think that if we save, we miss out. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  50. So you can only afford to live in a shoe box. How to make it feel like a home. Interactive, September 30

    You’ve scoured Craigslist. You’ve somehow coughed up the first, last and security deposit. And now you’ve unlocked the door to a tiny space with vast possibilities. Surround yourself with plants and skateboard in the living room. It’s your space.

  51. If you had an elephant, what would you do with it? Interactive, September 30

    Once you land an interview, expect questions meant to throw you off. Finding the job you want — on your terms — comes down to having confidence (or acting like you do), knowing what to ask and owning up to what you don’t know.

  52. Life after college is weird. This can help. Interactive, September 30

    This is a guide for the first years after college, from career and personal finance advice to stories about creating the life you’ve always imagined and bouncing back when things don’t go quite the way you planned.

  53. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 30

    Start this week off with a Sunday roast before ending it stunningly, with a beer-can chicken.

  54. Fast Favorites Dining, September 28

    When the days get busy, make some well-loved recipes, like Melissa Clark’s sheet-pan chicken, eggs in purgatory and cacio e pepe.

  55. A Delicate Treatment for a Just-as-Delicate Fish Dining, September 28

    Mild and sweet tasting flounder and other flatfish benefit from a quick brown-butter sauce.

  56. A Pasta as Versatile and Reliable as Your Pantry Food, September 28

    Most pantry pastas aren’t as interesting as the larders they come from. This is an exception.

  57. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, September 28

    Embrace the end of the season, and make one last great tomato salad.

  58. Has Australia Abandoned the Salad Sandwich? Dining, September 26

    The once-ubiquitous lunch item’s prominence has dwindled, and it deserves more respect.

  59. What to Cook Right Now Dining, September 26

    Make Julia Moskin’s latest, the result of a deep dive into chicken Francese, or freestyle, using our new guide to cooking with a sheet pan.

  60. The Last Great Tomato Salad of the Year Magazine, September 26

    For the chef Preeti Mistry, cooking is a way to express her complex perspective as a first-generation Indian-American.

  61. The Single Best Thing to Cook With Chicken Breasts Dining, September 25

    Chicken francese is quick, lemony, buttery Italian-American comfort food.

  62. Chicken Francese Video, September 25

    The single best use of boneless, skinless chicken breasts? This Italian-American staple, with its lemony, buttery pan sauce.

  63. Pot and Strainer All in One Dining, September 24

    Holes in the lid of this roomy cooking pot let the cook drain liquid without losing the noodles.

  64. The Ultimate Facebook for Chile-Heads Dining, September 24

    ‘An Anarchy of Chilies’ catalogs the world’s hottest peppers according to their place on the Scoville scale.

  65. The Cooking Habit Dining, September 24

    Whether you choose to make cacio e pepe or pot roast, find a new beginning in the kitchen.

  66. What to Cook This Week Dining, September 23

    Melissa Clark has three recipes for vegetarian sheet-pan dinners, but if that doesn’t appeal, try braised chicken legs, pan pizza or spicy pork shoulder.