1. Get Comfy and Nest With an Open-Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich Magazine, Today

    Give yourself the gift of gravy.

  2. Our Most Popular Recipes of 2018 Dining, Yesterday

    Once again, comforting and easy recipes win with readers.

  3. French Pastry Chefs Trim the Log, Not the Tree, at Christmas Dining, Yesterday

    Each year, they reimagine the traditional Yule log in a cake called the bûche de Noël. Here are some of the year’s best designs and their backstories.

  4. A Christmas Morning Casserole That Can Dress Up for a Party Dining, Yesterday

    This easy, cheesy polenta bake will stay in your holiday arsenal for years to come.

  5. Snowballs (and Cones and Shave Ice) at Your Fingertips Dining, December 10

    Little Snowie 2, a whirring ice-shaving machine, creates flaky mounds of snow from ice cubes in seconds.

  6. The English Christmas Decoded Dining, December 10

    Nigel Slater’s newest tome is a guidebook to the winter season, with recipes for mincemeat and flavored spirits, and history and lore.

  7. A Sophisticated Update for a Party Favorite Dining, December 10

    A versatile puff pastry from the manager of the spice shop La Boîte revamps pigs in a blanket.

  8. Salmon Gets an Easy Upgrade Dining, December 10

    To elevate salmon from “thrown together” to “put together,” make like Alison Roman and add buttery harissa sauce.

  9. Californian Caviar for the Holidays Dining, December 10

    A more affordable version of the luxurious treat is grown on a fish farm near Sacramento.

  10. What to Cook Right Now Dining, December 10

    Go big with a few tofu recipes, or get inspired by Bobby Flay’s cooking.

  11. A Surprisingly Sweet Noodle Dish for the Holidays T Magazine, December 5

    Sierra Tishgart, the co-founder of the colorful new cookware brand Great Jones, shares her family’s recipe for crunchy-but-creamy kugel.

  12. What to Cook Right Now Food, December 5

    This week is for holiday baking and cookies: chocolate-molasses, coconut shortbread, pistachio sandies. Or just make a no-recipe pasta puttanesca.

  13. Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Friends Begged Me to Slap Him.’ Styles, December 4

    Modern Love in miniature, featuring five reader-submitted stories of 100 words or fewer.

  14. Festive Cookies That Won’t Leave You Frazzled Dining, December 4

    These three simple recipes from Alison Roman will leave plenty of time for celebration.

  15. The Best Baking Cookbooks of 2018 Dining, December 4

    Life is hard enough. Baking doesn’t have to be. Our three favorite books inspire but don’t intimidate.

  16. Meet the Cookiers, Home Bakers With a Bond Stronger Than Royal Icing Dining, December 4

    For a special breed of Americans, making and decorating cookies is a form of therapy and a tasty way to commune with others.

  17. How to Decorate a Sugar Cookie Like a Pro Dining, December 4

    Twelve steps to a better decorated sugar cookie, including flooding techniques and the fluffiest royal icing recipe.

  18. How to Make Sugar Cookies Interactive, December 4

    This cookie is a blank canvas for festive shapes and designs. Our columnist shows you how to make these treats, and how to prepare beautifully smooth royal icing for decorating with sprinkles, paint or anything your heart desires.

  19. Meet the Easy-Bake Oven for Grown-Ups Dining, December 3

    Brava uses light technology originally developed for the solar industry to cook multiple foods quickly on the countertop.

  20. The Family-Run Store That’s Sold New York’s Best Lox Since 1914 T Style, December 3

    Russ & Daughters has served its beloved bagels, bialys and smoked fish for over a century, but its legacy is about much more than food.

  21. Avocado Toast, of Course, but So Much More Dining, December 3

    The cookbook “Avocaderia” contains multiple recipes for avocado toast, plus ideas for pancakes, drinks and desserts starring the avocado.

  22. A Beloved Sicilian Street Food Comes Inside Dining, December 3

    Hearty and full of flavor, sfincione is easily made at home — no finesse or screaming hot oven necessary.

  23. What to Cook Right Now Dining, December 3

    Gabrielle Hamilton’s quiche Lorraine isn’t a walk in the park, but it is the platonic ideal of a quiche.

  24. What to Cook This Week Dining, December 2

    Freestyle rice pudding! Fondue-filled squash! Or Alison Roman’s salmon with sesame and herbs! Eat well in the days to come.

  25. What Are You Craving? Dining, November 30

    A spiced chickpea stew, shrimp scampi and deviled chicken thighs are exactly what we want to eat right now.

  26. Leave Your Fondue Pot Behind (but Keep the Fondue) Dining, November 30

    You don’t need to break out anything special for this rich, creamy fondue: Instead, a roasted squash is its serving vessel.

  27. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, November 30

    Make Danny Bowien’s pastrami, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious (and if you’re not, we have a hack).

  28. These Artists Are Creating Work That’s About, and Made From, Food T Style, November 29

    For centuries, it’s been both medium and topic; now, an emerging cohort is challenging what it means to play with the most essential material.

  29. Highly Personal Cookbooks/Highly Satisfying Results Interactive, November 28

    With a range of welcoming accents and insights, cookbook authors from Morocco to Detroit, London to Philadelphia, will lure you into the kitchen.

  30. How to Drink Wine Interactive, November 28

    Our columnist takes the anxiety out of shopping, buying and drinking wine. You will learn the basics, from how to open a bottle to pairing it with food, along with the best language to use when talking about wine in stores, at restaurants and with friends.

  31. What to Cook Today Dining, November 28

    If you have leftover stock on hand, make gumbo. Or prepare for Hanukkah and with a Melissa Clark recipe for olive oil and sea salt brownies.

  32. Preserved Lemons in Paste Form Dining, November 26

    New York Shuk’s latest offering is Moroccan-style salted lemons, puréed and ready for sauces, dips and dressings.

  33. On ‘Bureka Tuesdays,’ They Make Pastries the Way Their Grandmothers Did Dining, November 26

    Members of a synagogue in Atlanta come together to make the savory pocket pastries to sell at Hanukkah, as they have for decades.

  34. The Chef Behind ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ on Her Most Prized Possession T Style, November 26

    Samin Nosrat recalls the time she crossed the country to help a friend host an unforgettable night — and received a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

  35. Creamy, Hearty and (Sort of) Virtuous Dining, November 26

    Alison Roman makes a spiced chickpea stew with greens and coconut milk that finds the nexus of comfort food and health food.

  36. A Chicken That Finds Its Flavor in the Wild Dining, November 26

    Dried wild mushrooms lend this comforting braise its depth and character.

  37. Brownies for Those Who Live to Lick the Bowl Dining, November 26

    Olive oil and a touch of sea salt make this recipe both gooey and slightly savory.

  38. Is There a Role for Tawny Port in the Digital Age? Dining, November 26

    The proverbial after-dinner drink doesn’t get much attention nowadays. It’s one thing to recognize its qualities. It’s another to find a place for it.

  39. What to Cook Right Now Dining, November 26

    Move past Thanksgiving, and make what you crave: spicy chicken diavolo, spicy beef stir-fry, or fish tacos.

  40. Family Birthday Rituals, Distinctly Ours Well, November 26

    All three children requested the same dish of pasta and ribs for each and every birthday. I stopped cooking it on other occasions, to keep it special.

  41. What to Cook This Week Dining, November 25

    Celebrate your release from the tyranny of turkey and stuffing: Make risotto with sausage and parsley, a spicy peanut and pumpkin soup and soy-basted chicken.

  42. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, November 23

    Make the best of your leftovers: Use them in a turkey enchilada pie, a tikka masala or a salad with fried shallots and herbs.

  43. WhatsApp Is Changing the Way India Talks About Food Dining, November 23

    The application, blamed for all kinds of mayhem on the subcontinent, has proved a boon for farmers, home cooks and chefs who once lacked a way to share.

  44. 5 Cheap(ish) Ways to Maximize a Tiny Kitchen Smarter Living, November 23

    Work small, cook big.

  45. Happy Thanksgiving! Dining, November 22

    The feast is nearly done. Make sure to make time for yourself today.

  46. As Pastry Chefs Decline in Ranks, a Revolution in Cakes and Pies T Style, November 22

    They’re arguing for their place at top restaurants by imbuing classic desserts with new forms, ingredients and undeniable originality.

  47. What to Cook Right Now Dining, November 21

    Take it easy, or get ready for tomorrow’s feast: cut up some bread ahead of a stuffing, make your cranberry sauce and prep your vegetables.

  48. Real People Eat Quiche Magazine, November 21

    Build a cathedral of deliciousness, stone by stone.

  49. A New Stock Worth Seeking Out Dining, November 19

    Mother Wit Cluckity Chicken Bone Broth, from the chef behind the Pandering Pig in Upper Manhattan, is rich and deeply flavorful.

  50. Raddish Brings Cooking Lessons to Your Child’s Mailbox Dining, November 19

    The new subscription box includes a badge each month, so your young cook can track his progress on his apron.

  51. For These Brothers, the Real Thanksgiving Feast Is a Filipino Breakfast Dining, November 19

    Chad and Chase Valencia, who own Lasa in Los Angeles, pile leftovers into sandwiches that celebrate both American and Filipino food.

  52. A Far Cry From Overcooked Turkey Dining, November 19

    Yotam Ottolenghi’s beloved late mother-in-law always made four types of meat and six carbs for festive family meals. He honors her memory — but serves salmon instead.

  53. Dominique Ansel Shares His Secrets Dining, November 19

    The creator of the Cronut joins the MasterClass lineup. His online course covers the fundamentals of French pastry.

  54. What to Cook Right Now Dining, November 19

    Keep it simple, with tomato soup and grilled cheese, or a pan-roasted fish fillet. And save your energy for the feast.

  55. Remembrance of Recipes Past Opinion, November 19

    Thanksgiving is the one time of year when family bonds matter more than the food.

  56. What to Cook This Week Dining, November 18

    Thanksgiving is the meal of the week. Keep it simple in the days that lead up to it.

  57. Add a Bit More Green to Your Fall Diet Dining, November 16

    This salad puts hearty spinach leaves to work alongside marinated tofu and a dressing that takes cues from Japan.

  58. What to Eat (Besides the Feast) Food, November 16

    Sheet-pan chicken, roasted salmon, pesto pasta and a bonus applesauce cake from the cookbook author Julia Turshen.

  59. The Thanksgiving Leftovers Everyone Forgets Food, November 16

    What to do with the extra ingredients we stuff into our refrigerators before Thanksgiving.

  60. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, November 16

    There’s plenty to do before the holiday coming up: Make some cranberry sauce, stock, pie dough — maybe some cornbread stuffing.

  61. On Brining Dining, November 14

    Kim Severson explored the subject of turkey brines, finding that many people are over the practice.

  62. Australians Declare Existential Crisis Over Onion Placement Foreign, November 14

    Bunnings, a chain of hardware stores, upended tradition and suggested people put onions on the bottom and not the top of their sausages. Australians were not impressed.

  63. How to Cook Cauliflower Interactive, November 13

    Mild and easily adaptable, cauliflower can be transformed into just about anything you want. Our columnist shows you how to make the most of this blank canvas.

  64. The First Thanksgiving Dining, November 13

    Recently arrived refugees in the United States prepare to cook the most American of feasts.

  65. Not Everyone Loves Pie. For Them, There’s Cake. Dining, November 13

    A stunning pumpkin layer cake that’s worthy of the Thanksgiving table.

  66. Looking for Sichuan Ingredients? A Nashville Company Delivers Dining, November 12

    The Mala Market carries a dozen essential spices for the fiery cuisine, including fragrant green Sichuan peppercorns.

  67. A Cheese Slate in a New York State of Mind Dining, November 12

    JK Adams, a cutting-board company in Vermont, has a new line of serving boards and slates with eight different city skylines.

  68. The Rise and Fall of Turkey Brining Dining, November 12

    After two decades of flying high, the wet-brined bird has lost altitude with many of the food-media influencers who sent it soaring.

  69. The Story of America, Told Through Mark Twain’s Favorite Foods Dining, November 12

    In a new audio series, the actor Nick Offerman explores political, cultural and ecological shifts through the author’s palate.

  70. What to Cook Right Now Dining, November 12

    It might be a nice time for Japanese fried chicken with soy sauce-pickled eggs, a kale, coconut tomato salad, or slow-cooker chicken tacos.