1. 12 Stellar Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Hang Dining, Today

    These dips, salads, tarts and more taste great — and will stand up to an afternoon out.

  2. How to Feel Better Dining, Today

    Taking an hour or so each day to concentrate on a new recipe or to revisit a favorite one is a terrific way to push through the fog.

  3. These Chiles Rellenos Are Absurdly Delicious Magazine, Today

    Roasted, filled with queso fresco, fried in an egg batter and simmered in salsa — these stuffed peppers are worth the effort.

  4. This Vegan Ramen Maximizes Flavor and Time Dining, April 19

    The rich, creamy broth in this tantanmen tastes like it’s been cooked much longer.

  5. A Helper for Eastern Orthodox Easter Dining, April 19

    The cookbook author Diane Kochilas now sells grape leaves from Crete for dolmas and fish.

  6. Vegetables Get the Ripert Treatment Dining, April 19

    The latest cookbook from the chef of Le Bernardin focuses on simple, but stunning recipes for seasonal produce.

  7. New Week! New Recipes! Dining, April 19

    Make the latest from Melissa Clark, Yotam Ottolenghi and more.

  8. What to Cook This Week Dining, April 18

    Take the day to plan ahead and make a Mississippi Roast or fish cakes with herbs and chiles. Both will set you up for the days that follow.

  9. Shine a Spotlight on Peas Dining, April 17

    It’s a great time for peas, whether you pair them with pasta or with rice.

  10. The Secret to Smooth Doughs and Fluffy Bread Is Already at Hand Dining, April 16

    Just-boiled water has long played a role in making pie crusts, milk breads and more shine, across cultures and cuisines. But how does it work?

  11. These Leeks Are Anything but Humble Dining, April 16

    Yotam Ottolenghi cooks his leeks low and slow, in a bath of olive oil, until they’re magically tender and sweet.

  12. Pasta Times Two Dining, April 16

    Sometimes, you just need a little more pasta: Pair it with garlicky spinach or feta and tomatoes.

  13. A Rhubarb Cobbler Where the Sweet-Tart Flavors Sing Dining, April 16

    Roasting sugared rhubarb until the juices condense into a tangy syrup makes for the best possible spring dessert.

  14. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, April 16

    This may be the moment to make fried chicken.

  15. 16 Asparagus Recipes That Positively Scream Spring Dining, April 14

    After a particularly long winter, these bright, fresh recipes will have you clamoring to eat greens.

  16. Risi e Bisi Time! Dining, April 14

    Gabrielle Hamilton’s lovely take on the dish favors vegetables over the rice, green and vibrant against its creamy, cheesy background.

  17. A Classic Venetian Dish That Doesn’t Need Improvement Magazine, April 14

    With some trepidation, Gabrielle Hamilton puts her own spin on risi e bisi — rice and peas.

  18. Paneer for Every Occasion Dining, April 13

    A line of three cheeses from Sach Foods shows paneer’s versatility.

  19. Make Sake Cocktails This Sakura Season Dining, April 12

    The Japan Society will host a virtual cocktail-making class in honor of the cherry blossoms.

  20. New Porcelain Designed With the Chef in Mind Dining, April 12

    Nancy Silverton helped design the new French bakeware line from Made In.

  21. A Chef’s Quest to Preserve Cambodia’s Lost Flavors Dining, April 12

    Part historical record, part how-to for cooks, “Nhum,” a cookbook from the chef Rotanak Ros and Nataly Lee, pieces together recipes from a time before the country’s genocide.

  22. Asparagus Season! Dining, April 12

    Stir-fried, tossed with pasta or baked: Put this sign of spring to work.

  23. Friends Who Cook Together T Style, April 12

    Sequestered together, a cooking-inclined crew made meals for the local community and each other.

  24. From Gerardo Gonzalez, A Chilled Hibiscus Soup T Style, April 12

    The vegan, floral dish was among those that the chef, who’s been tinkering with the recipe for years, made for his quarantine pod.

  25. What to Cook This Week Dining, April 11

    Yewande Komolafe has a fine recipe for kunun gyada, a warmly spiced West African porridge of rice and peanuts that’s also a versatile meal.

  26. The Essence of Spring Dining, April 10

    Make an herby salad, a bright pasta or a fresh one-pan meal to conjure flavors of the season.

  27. One Pan, 30 Minutes and a Superior Spring Salmon Dining, April 9

    Roasted sugar snap peas play a sweet supporting role to spiced fillets in this complex, deeply aromatic weeknight dinner.

  28. Pan-Seared Gnocchi and Other Brilliant Ideas Dining, April 9

    These five recipes are full of smart moments and vibrant flavor.

  29. Sugared and Spiced, This Creamy Porridge Comforts Dining, April 9

    Kunun gyada, a subtly sweet West African blend of rice and peanuts, is a dish you want for iftar — and all year round.

  30. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, April 9

    It’s a great time to make a lime pie, or croissants, or samosas.

  31. 5 Light and Bright Recipes to Bake This Spring Interactive, April 8

    Get these easy baking projects in before it gets too warm.

  32. The 17 Best Recipes Our Food Staff Cooked Last Month Dining, April 7

    In March, the staff of the Food section and NYT Cooking made the most of early spring produce, while leaning in to easy and hearty favorites.

  33. What to Cook Tonight Dining, April 7

    Set yourself up to eat well this evening, whether you make a tofu scramble, or an improvisational spicy pasta with tomatoes, olives and capers.

  34. The Unsung Influence of a Pioneering Food Journalist Magazine, April 7

    Jane Nickerson made Craig Claiborne possible and put the cheeseburger on the map. Her recipe for lime pie is a taste of Florida sunshine.

  35. We Are the Eggmen Dining, April 5

    Whether you like your egg salad tucked into a sandwich, curried, or paired with briny olives, we have the recipes for you.

  36. Martha Lou Gadsden, Soul-Food Matriarch, Dies at 91 Obits, April 4

    For 37 years she stirred the pot at Martha Lou’s Kitchen in Charleston, S.C., a modest restaurant that became known as a temple for Low Country cuisine.

  37. What to Cook This Week Dining, April 4

    Chicken yassa! Shakshuka with feta! Picadillo tacos! Whatever you choose, set yourself up to eat well this week.

  38. Your New Favorite Weeknight Pasta Dining, April 3

    A not-so-secret ingredient packs Eric Kim’s new creamy pasta with umami.

  39. A Stirring Spring Menu, Fit for a Celebration Dining, April 2

    For his birthday, David Tanis is making what he craves: a special salad, breaded pork chops, and comforting baba au rhum.

  40. Come Get Your Pork Chop! Dining, April 2

    Melissa Clark’s single-skillet affair pairs a rich chop with springy snap peas, mint and feta.

  41. The Easiest Way to Crunchy Homemade Samosas Dining, April 2

    Keep a stash, made from scratch, in the freezer, and fry them up as a quick snack to break fast, to host surprise guests or to just feed yourself.

  42. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, April 2

    Dorie Greenspan makes a compelling case for making a showstopping baked alaska.

  43. Do You Have Nafas, the Elusive Gift That Makes Food Taste Better? Dining, April 1

    The Arabic word refers to a mysterious factor that renders some people’s cooking exceptional. Whether it’s innate or acquired is up for debate.

  44. 21 Easy Recipes for Easter Dinner Dining, March 31

    Celebrate the holiday with these delightful, low-fuss dishes.

  45. The Best Croutons Are Made of Cheese Dining, March 31

    Melissa Clark’s escarole salad with smoky halloumi puts firm, seared cheese front and center.

  46. Is Baked Alaska the Secret to a Long Life? Magazine, March 31

    A 117-year-old nun in France made me think it might be.

  47. From Zac Posen, a Rich and Briny Pasta for Spring T Style, March 30

    Having long found inspiration in the kitchen, the designer shares a recipe for uni spaghetti that he perfected after a trip to Sardinia.

  48. Cooking Class | Zac Posen Video, March 30

    The designer recommends blending the sauce until smooth and serving the dish immediately after making it.

  49. How to Pretend You’re in New Orleans Tonight Travel, March 30

    The Crescent City is the kind of place you daydream about long after you’re gone. Here are a few ways to be there in spirit.

  50. A Cookbook to Plan for Summer Dining, March 29

    Vanessa Seder’s new book, “Eat Cool,” focuses on recipes that require minimal oven and stove use.

  51. The Creamiest Asparagus Pasta! Dining, March 29

    Add a bit of seaweed to your weeknight pasta, as Eric Kim recommends, for subtle umami.

  52. What to Cook This Week Dining, March 28

    One-pot French onion soup, grilled salmon salad, ramen with charred scallions: Eat well in the days ahead.

  53. Treat Yourself Dining, March 27

    Melissa Clark’s lemony pudding cakes are simple to make, yet complex in texture.

  54. Can’t Take the Heat? A Taste for Spicy Foods Can Be Learned. Express, March 27

    If you feel left out, here are tips for enjoying (or at least tolerating) the burn.

  55. La cocina de Puerto Rico en las recetas esenciales de Von Diaz en Español, March 27

    La periodista y autora de libros de cocina, quien creció entre Atlanta y Puerto Rico, recopila platos que cuentan historias sobre la vida en la isla, y los sabores que la hacen volver a ella.

  56. The Forgotten Sense Podcasts, March 26

    Regaining what the coronavirus took from you.

  57. MVP Chicken Dining, March 26

    Colu Henry’s sheet-pan recipe, with shallot and grapes, is sweet, savory and abundantly simple.

  58. Umami Is Often a Flavor Bomb. In This Creamy Pasta, It’s a Balm. Dining, March 26

    A versatile pantry staple in many cuisines, dried seaweed can lend a quiet savoriness to dishes, like this simple asparagus rigatoni.

  59. The Best Salad Croutons Are Actually Cheese Dining, March 26

    Halloumi, seared until golden, is perfect on a salad of crisp, bitter greens.

  60. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, March 26

    Put Naoko Takei Moore’s recipe for tsukune miso nabe, a gingery chicken-meatball hot pot, on your must-make list.

  61. 5 Fast Spring Lunches to Make at Home Interactive, March 25

    Spring is here, and, with it, seasonal vegetables like asparagus, radishes and snap peas.

  62. 18 Recipes to Brighten Your Second Pandemic Passover Dining, March 24

    Next year in Jerusalem? How about next year anywhere but Zoom.

  63. Von Diaz’s Puerto Rican Recipes Dining, March 24

    The journalist and cookbook author has written about her essential dishes, the ones she calls foundational to her understanding of flavor.

  64. The Joy of Cooking With a Donabe Magazine, March 24

    The Japanese clay vessel is perfect for hot pots like this chicken-meatball nabe.

  65. Von Diaz’s Essential Puerto Rican Recipes Dining, March 22

    The journalist and cookbook author, who grew up traveling between Atlanta and Puerto Rico, collects dishes that tell stories about life on the island, and the flavors that bring her back to it.

  66. A Lamb Tagine, Sweetened With Dates, for the First Days of Spring T Style, March 22

    The woodworker Sophie Sellu brings the same patience and care with which she makes her wares to this cherished recipe.

  67. 5 Festive Dishes for the Persian New Year Interactive, March 19

    Persian New Year, or Nowruz, is celebrated with meals full of freshness and comfort. Here are some standout options.

  68. 5 Pies Perfect for Pi Day Interactive, March 12

    They say the only constant in life is change, but consider two others: the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, better known as pi, and the love the NYT Cooking team has for pie.

  69. Sheet-Pan Everything Interactive, February 23

    20 Often Surprising, Always Delicious Recipes for the Most Versatile Pan in Your Kitchen

  70. 5 Recipes for Mardi Gras at Home Interactive, February 15

    Mardi Gras looks a little different this year, but these recipes will help you get into the spirit.

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    Recipes to help you celebrate Lunar New Year at home this year.

  72. The Gear You Need to Make Hot Pot at Home Interactive, December 2

    Certain tools and tips can make cooking in simmering broth at the table much easier and more enjoyable to do, especially when it’s cold out.

  73. How to Stay Safe in the Kitchen With Kids Interactive, November 24

    Before setting up your tiny sous chefs, take these precautions.

  74. How to Cook French Cuisine at Home Interactive, November 21

    It may be a while before you’re able to travel to France again. So grab some butter and try to recreate the country’s delicious meals in your own kitchen.

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    Melissa Clark shares tips for involving your kids in this year’s Thanksgiving meal preparations.

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    I’m the editor of The Times’s Arts & Leisure section. I also have a newborn. Here are five things I’m watching, listening to or reading.

  77. Everything You Need to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Interactive, November 17

    Here are a few holiday meal essentials from the editors of Wirecutter, a product recommendation site owned by The New York Times Company.

  78. Building a Personal Smell Museum of Los Angeles Interactive, October 13

    With “Nose Dive,” a new book on the science of smell, in hand, our critic takes a mindful whiff of her hometown.

  79. Padma Lakshmi Wants Us to Eat More Adventurously Interactive, August 3

    “There’s such a laziness about reaching for the thing that is most familiar.”

  80. Our Lives Happen in Restaurants Interactive, June 16

    Renowned writers remember some of their funniest, best, strangest and most memorable meals out.

  81. Enrique Olvera and His Culinary Heirs Have Changed How and What We Eat Interactive, April 13

    The influential chef has reconceived Mexican cuisine, both in his own country and beyond.

  82. How to Cook Beans Interactive, March 20

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about preparing beans and some of their relatives in the legume family, including lentils and split peas, both on the stove and in the pressure- or slow-cooker.