1. No Time for a Breakfast Soufflé? Try a ‘Soufflazy’ Magazine, Yesterday

    Tricks for turning this notoriously difficult dish into an approachable delight.

  2. Beat the February Blues Dining, February 21

    Cook away the doldrums: Yotam Ottolenghi has two new salmon recipes, or make lamb and couscous.

  3. Finding Produce in Alaska’s Long Winter Takes Wiles and Luck Dining, February 20

    Even in Anchorage, hunting down fresh fruit and vegetables can be like panning for gold. The smartest prospectors have a strategy.

  4. Not Your Everyday Pantry Staples Dining, February 20

    Blackbarn is a new line of packaged foods, including beer preserves and matcha hot chocolate.

  5. Top-Shelf Snacks at Gotham Bar and Grill Dining, February 20

    A new bar menu from the chef Alfred Portale includes croquettes, deviled eggs and tuna-tartare tacos.

  6. Recipes for a Day Off Dining, February 19

    Maybe it’s time to rise up against the February dreariness, and make something summery, like Yucatán shrimp or barbecue chicken.

  7. What to Cook This Week Dining, February 18

    Try the chef Pierre Thiam’s lamb-shoulder mafe, a peanutty stew slick with okra, or Melissa Clark’s Georgian-style kidney-bean stew.

  8. Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now Dining, February 17

    This weekend, make seafood chowder, Roman egg drop soup, or even a chocolate mousse cake.

  9. Salmon, Two Ways: One Epic, One Everyday Dining, February 16

    The chef Yotam Ottolenghi begins a new series of columns on how to take favorite ingredients in different directions.

  10. A Chicken Potpie Fit for a Party Dining, February 16

    To give this homey dish a certain elegance, use frozen puff pastry and turn it into fetching, flaky hand pies.

  11. A Complex Red Bean Stew From Georgia Dining, February 16

    With its mix of raw and browned onions, fresh herbs and a pungent hit of garlic, lobio is a far-from-ordinary bean dish.

  12. It’s Harder to Make Meals in the Mountains Science, February 16

    Why does it take longer to cook certain foods at higher altitudes? Reduced air pressure.

  13. The New Sydney Hotel Updates the Australian Pub, but Still Plays the Hits Dining, February 15

    The watering hole in Hobart, Tasmania, casts a wide net at a time when pubs either gentrify or wither.

  14. A Chef’s Dream to Restore an Ancient West African Grain Magazine, February 15

    For the Senegalese-American chef Pierre Thiam, a meal with fonio tastes of both past and future.

  15. Will You Be My Valentine? Dining, February 14

    Cook for someone special, however you feel about Cupids and flowers, and make a rib-eye with potatoes, or even a simple mug of spicy hot chocolate.

  16. Finding a Lost Strain of Rice, and Clues to Slave Cooking Dining, February 13

    The search for the missing grain led to Trinidad and Thomas Jefferson, and now excitement among African-American chefs.

  17. Gold Medal Recipes Dining, February 12

    These are hard days, but comforting foods can help: Make up some mapo ragu, or some polenta with mushrooms and soy.

  18. What to Cook This Week Dining, February 11

    With the Olympics in full swing, make up some Korean food, starting with a seafood pajeon, a kind of scallion pancake, or galbijjim, a short-rib stew.

  19. Meat and Potatoes Made Magical Dining, February 9

    A top-quality steak served with herbed, buttery potatoes makes a special dinner for two — for any occasion or no occasion.

  20. Chewy Chocolate Cookies That Are Only Slightly Over the Top Dining, February 9

    Brownielike and fudgy, these chocolate cookies are packed with white chocolate, nuts and dried cherries.

  21. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, February 9

    Seafood chowder, with a base of root-cellar vegetables, clams and a lot of butter, may very well be in your future.

  22. Uighur Specialties, With Lamb Front and Center, at Kebab Empire Dining, February 8

    Kudret Yakup opened a Manhattan restaurant in December, as what may be the first U.S. franchise-in-the-making to showcase the Muslim minority’s food.

  23. The Flavor Enhancer You Don’t Need to Tell Anyone About Magazine, February 8

    Seaweed is the secret to this remarkable fish chowder.

  24. What to Cook Tonight Dining, February 7

    Beef stroganoff, served over buttered noodles with parsley, and a dessert of apple slices sautéed in butter make for a fine, full meal.

  25. The Quest for a Famous French Cookie’s Crunch Magazine, February 7

    Recreating a favorite store-bought cookie at home was a lesson in misplaced expectations.

  26. Exploring the Sweet Subtleties of Vinegar Dining, February 5

    American cooks are making it from all kinds of things, from mushrooms to flowers, and using it to fine-tune their dishes from start to finish.

  27. What to Cook Right Now Dining, February 5

    Samin Nosrat has a fantastic recipe for French onion panade, and it’s a great thing to make with that loaf of artisanal bread languishing on the counter.

  28. What to Cook This Week Dining, February 4

    Make pizza at home with a new tip to get you closer to those beautiful burnt leopard spots on the crust of your pie.

  29. A Sheet-Pan Supper That Defies the Seasons Dining, February 2

    This colorful dish pairs roasted chicken thighs with sweet potatoes, peppers and quickly pickled red onions.

  30. Calamari Goes Beyond the Fryer and Into a Braise Dining, February 2

    Try braising squid instead of frying it, for a savory and satisfying stew with accents of carrots, turnips and garlic.

  31. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, February 2

    Super Bowl festivities are already underway in Minneapolis, and maybe it’s a good time for chicken wings, pizza or even cheesesteaks.

  32. The Right Way to Order Room Service at a Hotel Travel, February 1

    Room service has a reputation for being overpriced and under-seasoned. Here are a few techniques to make sure your room service meals are worth your money and appetite.

  33. I Buy Fancy Bread Just to Let It Grow Stale. Here’s Why. Magazine, February 1

    Caramelized onions, rich stock and crusty bread combine to create this irresistible panade.

  34. What to Cook Right Now Dining, January 31

    Eat sensibly today, for the days ahead will be filled with dips.

  35. Make the Best Pizza Dining, January 29

    Twenty minutes of work will yield a night (or two or three) of good meals in the coming days.

  36. What to Cook This Week Dining, January 28

    A vegetable-forward risotto, a garlicky beef-stir fry, mushroom quesadillas: Many delicious meals await at NYT Cooking.

  37. A Satisfying Soup From the Italian Pantry Dining, January 26

    Italy’s cooks have a long tradition of transforming vegetarian staples like potatoes and pasta into filling, fragrant one-pot meals.

  38. What to Cook This Weekend Dining, January 26

    With the Super Bowl a little more than a week away, it might be time to perfect your chili game.

  39. Beef and Onions, Made Better With Beer Dining, January 26

    A take on a Flemish carbonnade, this stew is braised in Belgian ale, which cuts through the sweetness of the golden-brown onions.

  40. The Passions of the Butter Tart Dining, January 25

    Readers share their favorite recipes for the Canadian butter tart.

  41. Sugary Shakes in the Hospital Aren’t Good Medicine Well, January 25

    Food has the potential to be some of the best medicine. But not the kind of sugar-laden drinks ubiquitous in hospitals.

  42. A Garlicky Stir Fry With Basil Leaves From Bangkok Magazine, January 25

    The recent history of phat ka-phrao shows how a dish can persist even as its ingredients shift.

  43. What to Cook Tonight Dining, January 24

    Make breakfast for dinner: Scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and some toast are simple, hearty midweek fare.