30weekahead3 thumbwide
‘Rick and Morty,’ With Adult Swim’s Oddest Duo, Returns. Finally.
Arts & Leisure, Today

The mind-bending animated story of a crazed scientific genius and his grandson begins Season 3.

27montebello1 thumbwide
Philippe de Montebello, Former Met Chief, Joins Acquavella
Culture, Today

Mr. de Montebello, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s former director, will be a director of Acquavella Galleries, effective immediately.

26latenight1 thumbwide
Stephen Colbert Says Trump Attacked Boy Scouts’ ‘Belief in Our Democracy’
Culture, Today

Mr. Colbert worried on “The Late Show” about the impact of President Trump’s speech to the Boy Scouts of America.

26tvcol kong thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and ‘Signed’
Culture, Today

The 1933 King Kong classic gets a bump into the Vietnam era and a monstrous growth spurt. And three music moguls search Atlanta for the next big talent.

26groening1 thumbwide
Matt Groening Is Creating a New Show for Netflix
Culture, Yesterday

“Disenchantment,” an animated show from the creator of “The Simpsons,” will debut on Netflix in 2018. It will take place in a crumbling medieval kingdom.

25gay thumbwide
I Don’t Want to Watch Slavery Fan Fiction
Op Ed, Yesterday

When people create alternate histories, they are largely replicating a history we already know.

25packer1 thumbwide
Will Packer Starting Production Company With Backing From Discovery and Universal
Business, Yesterday

Mr. Packer is best known for his movies, but his new venture will produce everything from advertising campaigns to online videos.

16first pullman grid thumbwide
Bill Pullman: The First Time a Fellow Actor Had My Back
Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

It was John Candy to the rescue when a famous director of comedies questioned whether this film newcomer could get a laugh.

26bachelorette thumbwide
What Happens When Reality Enters the ‘Reality’ of ‘The Bachelorette’?
Culture, Yesterday

Peter struggles with the show’s timeline and tells Rachel he may not be ready to do what “The Bachelorette” demands of him: get engaged.

25watching03 thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’: What Is This Prophecy Melisandre Told Daenerys About?
Watching, Yesterday

And don’t eunuchs deserve love, too? We explore these and other questions raised by the second episode of Season 7.

25latenight1 thumbwide
Trevor Noah Is Puzzled by Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘Transparency’
Culture, Yesterday

Mr. Noah took issue with the new White House communications director’s statement that he was deleting old tweets in the name of “full transparency.”...

25tvcol ark thumbwide
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark’ and ‘Fleabag’
Culture, Yesterday

Watch the photographer Joel Sartore wrangle animals as he immortalizes threatened species. Or vent your rage with Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s punching bag of a comedy.

25xp paul thumbwide
Disney Splits With the YouTube Star Jake Paul
Culture, July 24

The news came at the end of a week in which Mr. Paul, 20, attracted negative attention after a news report on him feuding with his neighbors.

Greyworm thumbwide
Q. and A.: Grey Worm and Missandei’s Tender Moment on ‘Game of Thrones’
Watching, July 24

Actors Jacob Anderson and Nathalie Emmanuel discuss the hopes and difficulties their characters face as they try to consummate their romance.

24peaks thumbwide
‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3, Episode 11: There’s No Backup for This
Culture, July 24

One sequence from this week’s episode is the entire series in microcosm.

24tvcol diana thumbwide
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Diana, Our Mother’ and ‘Somewhere Between’
Culture, July 24

William and Harry, the sons of Diana, Princess of Wales, remember their mother. And Paula Patton stars as a news producer stuck in a murderous loop.

24thrones2 thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: ‘Stormborn’
Culture, July 23

On Sunday, characters connected in new and surprising ways all over Westeros.

24earth thumbwide
‘People of Earth’ Returns for Affectingly Close Encounters
Culture, July 23

TBS brings back its alien-abductee comedy, which evolved from a sci-fi goof into a charming story of people (and space people) looking to connect.

24princessdi2 thumbwide
Another Look at Princess Diana, With a Notable Difference
Culture, July 23

Twenty years after their mother died, Prince William and Prince Harry talk about their memories in “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy,” on HBO.

23tvcol story thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Story of a Girl’ and ‘Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White’
Culture, July 23

Kyra Sedgwick makes her directorial debut with her husband, Kevin Bacon, and their daughter, Sosie. And Michael Phelps races (sort of) a great white on Shark Week.

22whattodo slide xtcy thumbwide
What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend
Express, July 21

Tips to make the most of your weekend.

22tvcol hacksaw thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and ‘Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio’
Culture, July 22

Mel Gibson’s Oscar-nominated tale of wartime resistance comes to HBO. And Joe Berlinger investigates an unsolved case of vanishing Ohio women.

22girl thumbwide v2
‘Story of a Girl,’ on Overcoming Viral Infamy
Culture, July 21

Kyra Sedgwick directs her husband, Kevin Bacon, in a Lifetime movie about a teenage victim of slut-shaming.

23misinformed thumbwide
The Underwoods Are Horribly Depressed
Metropolitan, July 21

The equanimity of a summer in Woodstock is upended when Claire and Frank Underwood arrive in a funk, now that “House of Cards” is no longer outrageous.

23snapshot thumbwide v2
Kevin Bacon Knows You’re Gazing at Him
Arts & Leisure, July 21

The star of “I Love Dick” talks about his new sex-symbol status and his latest project with his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, who made her directorial debut.

22talking xp thumbwide
How Quiet Should You Be During ‘Game of Thrones’? Fans Disagree
Culture, July 21

Some say any peep from a companion watching the hit HBO show would ruin everything. Others are more accommodating. And some just have to talk.

21latenight1 thumbwide
Trevor Noah Says if Simpson Is a Model Prisoner, Maybe He Should Stay
Culture, July 21

All the late-night hosts weighed in on O.J. Simpson’s victory before a parole board on Thursday.

21tvcol ozark2 thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Ozark’ and ‘Descendants 2’
Weekend, July 21

Jason Bateman plays an angry white money launderer trying to save his life at the Lake of the Ozarks. And Disney adds some new villain kids to its popular fairy-tale mix.

22confederate1 thumbwide
‘Confederate’ Poses Test Over Race for ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators and HBO
Culture, July 20

Set in an America where slavery still exists, the show, from the “Game of Thrones” creators, has prompted concerns about its mixture of race, politics and history.

14williamsweb2 thumbwide
Another Williams Takes His Turn Before the Camera, at SNY
Sports, July 20

Doug Williams, a sportscaster, acknowledges he is not as well known as his father, Brian, or sister, Allison. “I enjoy being the ‘other one,’” he says.

21ozark thumbwide
Netflix Is in the Woods With ‘Ozark’
Weekend, July 20

A new crime-thriller series, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, takes some cues from ‘Breaking Bad’ but moves the action to Missouri.

21westworld1 thumbwide
Bowie Knives and a Tick Head: Marketing Gets Elaborate at Comic-Con
Business, July 20

TV shows, movies and more have moved their promotional efforts off-site and off the charts. (Get ready for genetic swabbing, too.)...

21descendants2sub thumbwide
In Disney’s ‘Descendants 2,’ the Kids Are on Their Own
Weekend, July 20

A sequel to the 2015 TV movie about the children of Disney villains has music, colorful costumes and a lot of talk about hair.

23tycoon1 thumbwide
Amazon Tackles Hollywood’s F. Scott Fitzgerald Obsession
Arts & Leisure, July 20

“The Last Tycoon,” a nine-episode series, is the latest good-looking attempt to adapt F. Scott Fitzgerald for the screen.

20latenight1 thumbwide
Colbert Says G.O.P.’s ‘Nothing Burger’ Is a ‘Quarter Pounder With Sleaze’
Culture, July 20

Late-night hosts resorted to different comparisons to explain how much they were irked by President Trump’s undisclosed meeting with Vladimir Putin.

20tvcol george thumbwide
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘George Best: All by Himself’ and ‘Atlanta’
Culture, July 20

The series “30 for 30” remembers soccer’s first pop icon, the Manchester United player George Best. And you can restream “Atlanta,” Donald Glover’s Emmy-nominated comedy.

Benioff weiss emmys thumbwide v2
‘Confederate,’ From HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Team, Is Already Drawing Fire
Culture, July 19

Following the end of “Game of Thrones,” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will make “Confederate,” a drama in which the South successfully seceded and slavery is legal.

Benioff weiss emmys thumbwide v2
‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Announce ‘Confederate,’ an Alternate-History Drama for HBO
Culture, July 19

Following the end of “Game of Thrones,” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will make “Confederate,” a drama in which the South successfully seceded and slavery is legal.

20scripps2 thumbwide
Media Consolidation Is in the Air, and John Malone Is Fanning It
Business, July 19

The billionaire mogul is said to be interested in investing in Univision. And Discovery has held merger talks with Scripps.

20xp talking thumbwide
Do You Talk During ‘Game of Thrones’?
Culture, July 19

Some people require silence during their favorite shows. Some prefer running commentary. We’re looking to gather a range of opinions.

21henson1 thumbwide
This Time, the Muppets Take Queens
Weekend, July 19

In “The Jim Henson Exhibition” at the Museum of the Moving Image, the man behind the Muppets and other puppets is the star of the show.

23guide7 thumbwide
Shark Week Gets Competitive With ‘Phelps vs. Shark’
Arts & Leisure, July 19

Discovery’s annual celebration of underwater predators pits the American swimmer Michael Phelps against a great white.

19westweb thumbwide
‘Doctor Who’ Breaks Its Alien Glass Ceiling
Op Ed, July 19

A woman ends an all-male streak, and somehow that is a loss for men.

20hardwick item thumbwide
Comedy Central Cancels ‘@midnight With Chris Hardwick’
Culture, July 19

The late-night show hosted by Mr. Hardwick, which invited its viewers to participate on Twitter, will air its final episode on Aug. 4.

Scripps Said to Be in Merger Talks With Discovery
Business Day, July 19

A merger would further the consolidation in the media industry as midlevel companies seek larger scale.

20bbc1 thumbwide
BBC Publishes Pay of Top Stars, Revealing Gender Gap
Foreign, July 19

Women made up only one-third of the on-air talent paid at least £150,000 by the broadcaster in the past year.

20foxandfriends1 thumbwide v2
Watching ‘Fox & Friends,’ Trump Sees a Two-Way Mirror
Culture, July 19

Sometimes the president’s tweets program his go-to cable morning show. And sometimes the show programs him.

19bruni1web thumbwide
Too Many Wonderful Women to Count
Op Ed, July 19

If only corporate America and the Trump administration were like television.

19latenight1 thumbwide
‘Let Obamacare Fail’? Fallon Says Democrats Are Trying That With Trump
Culture, July 19

Mr. Fallon observed the six months since President Trump’s inauguration with a game of pros and cons.

19tvcol blind2 thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Blind’ and John Schlesinger’s First Masterpieces
Culture, July 19

A woman loses her ability to see, but not to imagine, what her husband is doing. And Mubi resurrects three films set in Britain during the early 1960s.

23first mooney thumbwide v3
Kyle Mooney: The First Time I Was Upstaged at a Talent Show
Arts & Leisure, July 18

The “Saturday Night Live” cast member, who stars in the film “Brigsby Bear,” recalls that day in fourth grade when his best friend became a guitar hero.

19thrones1 thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’ Returns to Record Ratings
Culture, July 18

Sunday’s Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones” was the most-watched premiere ever for both the series and HBO.

19bach convo thumbwide
Commitment Issues and Fraught Hometown Visits as ‘Bachelorette’ Nears End
Culture, July 18

A reminder that Happily Ever After is only one endgame. The real winner may be the man who gets dumped but is picked to be the series’ next Bachelor.

18latenight1 thumbwide
Seth Meyers Says Trump ‘Thinks in Cartoons’
Culture, July 18

The host of “Late Night” spent some time catching up on the most offbeat recent comments from President Trump.

18tvcol colossal thumbwide
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Colossal’ and ‘Frontline: Life on Parole’
Culture, July 18

Anne Hathaway stars as a party girl whose frustrations have global implications. And ex-cons run into difficulties during their first year of freedom.

18kermit web thumbwide
Kermit the Frog Performer and Disney Spar Over an Ugly ‘Muppet’ Firing
Culture, July 17

In his first interview since being ousted as Kermit, Steve Whitmire said he had been given little warning. Disney painted a different picture.

18wolffweb1 thumbwide
Bob Wolff Described Perfection, and Often Hit the Right Notes
Sports, July 17

Wolff was a generalist who called all sports, and he often equated calling games to singing.

17tvcol1 sub thumbwide
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Loaded’ and ‘The Bachelorette’
Culture, July 17

A cadre of British tech whizzes grapple with their newfound wealth and their mouthy American boss. And Rachel goes home with the four remaining suitors.

17peaks thumbwide
‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3, Episode 10: Candy-Colored
Culture, July 16

This week’s episode gave us one of the season’s most unpleasant scenes.

Got2 thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: Welcome to Dragonstone
Culture, July 16

Picking up where the Season 6 finale left off, Sunday’s season premiere sketched out the contours of the clashes to come.

17wolff2 obit thumbwide v3
Bob Wolff, Sports Broadcaster for Nearly 80 Years, Dies at 96
Sports, July 16

Mr. Wolff called Don Larsen’s perfect game, the Giants-Colts 1958 N.F.L. title game, baseball’s Game of the Week in the ’60s and the Knicks’ N.B.A. championship runs.

17loaded sub thumbwide
‘Loaded’ and the Amusing Pitfalls of Sudden Wealth
Culture, July 16

In AMC’s new series about four misfits who get rich off a tech idea, money is the main character.

17doctorwho1 thumbwide
‘Doctor Who’ Breaks the Mold With Female Lead
Culture, July 16

Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to play the Doctor, taking over from Peter Capaldi, the BBC said.

28thrones3 thumbwide v2
What to Remember Before Watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere
Watching, July 15

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on Sunday, and we’re looking back at the first six seasons. Season 6 cleared the way for the story’s final clashes.

16tvcol game thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Remember Me’
Culture, July 16

Cersei Lannister wreaks havoc from the Iron Throne as HBO’s fantasy epic begins Season 7. And Michael Palin of the Monty Python troupe plays it straight.

16table thumbwide
Bill Maher and Fran Lebowitz: When Comedy Cuts Deep
Styles, July 15

The TV talk show host and the author of “Metropolitan Life” discuss political correctness, the presidency of Donald Trump and when a joke goes awry.

15tvcol lies thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘In the Name of Love’
Culture, July 15

Binge on a newly Emmy-nominated show starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Or choose from films exploring love, sexuality and identity.

15strain 2 thumbwide
‘Preacher’ and ‘The Strain’: Smart Summer Fun
Culture, July 14

These shows work as both popcorn entertainment and thought-provoking drama.

15perry thumbwide
Viacom Signs Tyler Perry, a Blow to Oprah Winfrey’s Network
Culture, July 14

Mr. Perry has agreed to produce TV series for BET and other Viacom networks; Paramount Pictures will have “first-look” rights on feature film ideas.

16ozark1 thumbwide
‘Ozark’ on Netflix: This Lake Has Hidden Depths
Arts & Leisure, July 14

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in this new crime drama, which also explores family dynamics.

14walkingdead02 thumbwide
‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman Dies After Fall on Set
Culture, July 14

John Bernecker died of blunt force trauma, a coroner in Georgia said. AMC has reportedly shut down the show’s production after the accident.

14latenight1 thumbwide
Trump’s Comment About France’s First Lady Draws Groans on Late Night
Culture, July 14

After Mr. Trump praised Brigitte Macron’s physical appearance, Stephen Colbert cautioned him, “This is not one of your European wife-shopping trips.”...

14tvcol friends thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Friends From College’ and ‘Chasing Coral’
Weekend, July 14

In a new comedy series from husband-and-wife Harvard grads, Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders play people presumably just like them.

13emmys wiley thumbwide
Emmy Awards 2017: Samira Wiley on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and Its Political Resonance
Culture, July 13

Ms. Wiley talks about the role that resulted in a nomination and the lasting popularity of her “Orange Is the New Black” character.

16streaming1 thumbwide
David Lynch Weaves Film History Into ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’
Arts & Leisure, July 13

References to “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “The Night of the Hunter” and “Carnival of Souls” are seen in a recent hour of Mr. Lynch’s revival.

14xp password promo thumbwide
As ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns, Is Sharing Your HBO Password O.K.?
Business, July 13

Are you using your friend’s ex-boyfriend’s parents’ password to watch the latest television shows? You’re not alone.

31westworld thumbwide
Emmy Awards 2017: Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Westworld’ and Channeling Anthony Hopkins
Culture, July 13

Ms. Wood was nominated for best actress in a drama for the HBO sci-fi western.

23crown1 thumbwide v3
Emmy Nominations 2017: Claire Foy on Queen Elizabeth II and ‘The Crown’
Culture, July 13

The British actress received her first Emmy nomination on Thursday for a role that she’s already done playing.

17littlelies thumbwide v3
Our TV Critics Debate the 2017 Emmy Award Nominations
Culture, July 13

James Poniewozik and Margaret Lyons hash out this year’s snubs, surprises and most worthy Emmy nominations.

13strangers1 thumbwide v2
Emmy Awards 2017: Millie Bobby Brown on Her Nomination for ‘Stranger Things’
Culture, July 13

Ms. Brown, who plays the mysterious young psychic Eleven on “Stranger Things,” discusses the first Emmy nomination of her career.

14emmynoms atlanta thumbwide
List of 2017 Emmy Nominations
Weekend, July 13

A list of the 2017 Emmy nominations, announced on Thursday.

Is ‘Game of Thrones’ a Dystopia?
Op Ed, July 13

Or do its fans love it because they secretly long to have a king?...

16bassist thumbwide v2
Cliffhangers Are Ruining the Golden Age of TV
Op Ed, July 13

Is artistry in special danger of becoming mere stimulation in our binge culture?...

14emmys2 hp thumbwide v2
Emmy Nominations 2017: ‘S.N.L.’ and ‘Westworld’ Lead
Weekend, July 13

HBO leads all the networks with 111 nominations and Netflix comes in second with 91; “S.N.L.” and “Westworld” received 22 nominations each.

14emmys bee thumbwide
Emmy Awards 2017: Samantha Bee on Nominations for ‘Full Frontal’
Culture, July 13

Ms. Bee discusses the nominations for her TBS topical satire show and its “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner” special.

13strangers1 articleinline v2
Emmy Nominations 2017: Millie Bobby Brown on Recognition for ‘Stranger Things’
Arts, July 13

Ms. Brown, who plays the mysterious young psychic Eleven on “Stranger Things,” discusses the first Emmy nomination of her career.

14friends thumbwide v4
With Grating ‘Friends From College,’ Who Needs Enemies?
Weekend, July 13

Watching this Netflix comedy, with likable actors playing hateable college pals, feels like an eternity.

13latenight1 thumbwide
John Oliver Says the Russia Scandal Is Like ‘Stupid Watergate’
Culture, July 13

Speaking to Stephen Colbert, Mr. Oliver said his team’s off-air jokes about the administration had proved more prescient than he had imagined — or hoped.

13tvcol hooten thumbwide v2
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Hooten & the Lady’ and ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’
Culture, July 13

A new CW series goes for Indiana Jones-like adventure but doesn’t quite succeed. And “30 for 30” explores the chemistry between Mike Francesa and Chris Russo.

12shaheen thumbwide
Jack Shaheen, Who Resisted and Cataloged Stereotyping of Arabs, Dies at 81
National, July 12

Dr. Shaheen began his campaign against xenophobia in films and on television in 1974, documenting and mitigating negative images of Arabs and Muslims.

13hooten thumbwide
‘Hooten & the Lady,’ Raiders of the Indiana Jones Clichés
Culture, July 12

A new CW series sends a pair of adventurers around the world in search of the usual precious artifacts.

16key1 thumbwide
Keegan-Michael Key Is Looking to Tell Some ‘Human Stories’
Arts & Leisure, July 12

Mr. Key, the “Key & Peele” co-star, talks about his Netflix series, “Friends From College”; shooting his first nude scenes; and playing Horatio in “Hamlet.”...

13maddog2 thumbwide
When Mike Met the Mad Dog, Sports Talk Livened Up
Culture, July 12

An ESPN “30 for 30” documentary about the sports radio partners Mike Francesa and Chris Russo goes back to the beginning, and a leap of faith.

12tvskipmain thumbwide
Skip It: Why It’s O.K. to Start a TV Show in the Middle
Culture, July 11

More and more you hear, “It really gets good in Season 2.” So maybe that’s where you should start watching.

16guide6 thumbwide
‘Presenting Princess Shaw’: From Unknown Singer to YouTube Star
Arts & Leisure, July 12

In this documentary on PBS’s “POV,” a D.I.Y. songwriter gets an unexpected assist from a producer thousands of miles away.

12latenight1 thumbwide
Donald Trump Jr.’s Choice of a Lawyer Raises Eyebrows on Late Night
Culture, July 12

The president’s son hired a lawyer who has represented mobsters, which Jimmy Kimmel suggested was rather appropriate.

12tvcol sorry thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘I’m Sorry’ and the Return of ‘Suits’
Culture, July 12

Andrea Savage goes bawdy and blue as a version of herself in a new comedy series backed by some funny friends. And everyone wants something at Pearson Specter Litt.

11watching01 thumbwide v2
Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Guide: Winter Is Finally Here
Watching, July 11

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” begins on Sunday, and we’re so excited we’re publishing a pop-up newsletter after every episode. Here’s a taste of what’s in store.

12dailyshow thumbwide
Comedy Central Announces New ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent
Culture, July 11

Michael Kosta, a former professional tennis player, has been added as a correspondent on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.”...

12bachelorette thumbwide
A Rare Conversation About Class Brings ‘The Bachelorette’ Into the Real World
Culture, July 11

One of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors tells her about the challenges he faced growing up in Baltimore, forcing the show to face its blind spot about class.

11latenight1 thumbwide
Trevor Noah Says Trump Went to Poland Because He Was Down in the Polls
Culture, July 11

Mr. Noah wasn’t the only late-night host to attack Mr. Trump’s behavior in a recent trip to Europe for the G-20 summit meeting.

11tvcol midnight thumbwide
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Before Midnight’ and ‘The Bold Type’
Culture, July 11

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke return as Celine and Jesse in the final installment in Richard Linklater’s “Before Trilogy.” And a new series riffs on a millennial Cosmo girl.

11ripper thumbwide v3
Did the ‘American Ripper’ Go Abroad?
Culture, July 10

In a conjecture-filled History documentary series, a descendant of the 19th-century serial killer H.H. Holmes of Chicago contends that his forebear was also Jack the Ripper in London.

10curb thumbwide v2
‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Announces Season 9 Return Date
Culture, July 10

Larry David will resurrect his HBO show officially in October, the network announced Monday.

10peaks thumbwide
‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3, Episode 9: Red, Beige and Blue
Culture, July 10

This week’s episode of “Twin Peaks” is the most plot-heavy one in a while.

10tvcol will thumbwide
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Will’ and ‘Last Men in Aleppo’
Culture, July 10

Shakespeare goes steampunk in an imagining of his youth. And “POV” presents an urgent and mournful documentary about the Syrian crisis.

10ellis obit thumbwide
Nelsan Ellis, ‘True Blood’ Actor, Dies at 39
Culture, July 9

Mr. Ellis starred in “True Blood” from 2008 to 2014 as a scene-stealing diner cook and dealer of addictive vampire blood in rural Louisiana.

10will thumbwide
‘Will’ Serves Up a Very 21st-Century Shakespeare
Culture, July 9

TNT’s new drama about the formative years of this great playwright is full of excess, sometimes seeming a bit silly.

09tvcol defiant thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘The Defiant Ones’ and ‘Amelia Earhart’
Culture, July 9

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine get the star treatment from HBO. And a recently discovered photograph may solve the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart.

08tvcol popstar thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: Andy Samberg in ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ and ‘Tour de Pharmacy’
Culture, July 8

Andy Samberg plays a narcissistic pop star and a doped-up cyclist. And “The Salesman,” a best foreign-language film Oscar winner, arrives on Amazon.

09defiantcov thumbwide
In ‘The Defiant Ones,’ a Revealing Portrait of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine
Culture, July 7

“The Defiant Ones” is less warts-and-all revealing than Dr. Dre and Mr. Iovine warrant, but that is the price of intimate access.

08hawaiijp thumbwide
The Time to Fix ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Was at the Start
Culture, July 7

CBS is facing criticism for letting Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park leave “Hawaii Five-0.” Our TV critic — who has watched every episode — weighs in.

09defiantcov thumbwide
Review:Who Tells Your Story? In This Case, HBO
Culture, July 7

“The Defiant Ones” is less warts-and-all revealing than Dr. Dre and Mr. Iovine warrant, but that is the price of intimate access.

9game deaths2 thumbwide
Some ‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths Are Tragic. Others, Not So Much.
Arts & Leisure, July 7

A look back at notable “Thrones” deaths — ranked from devastating to delicious — with comments from some of the actors who performed them.

30glow recap thumbwide
‘GLOW’ Season 1: Watched It All? Let’s Talk
Culture, July 7

Netflix’s new comedy about a women’s pro-wrestling league is thrillingly frank about friendship, stereotypes, and women’s bodies and sexuality.

Gots3 thumbwide
Before ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns, Let’s Revisit Season 3
Watching, July 7

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on July 16, and we’re looking back at the first six seasons. Season 3 was defined by civil war, mutiny and uneasy alliances.

Gots3 thumbwide
Before ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns, Let’s Revisit Season 3
Watching, July 7

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on July 16, and we’re looking back at the first six seasons. Season 3 was defined by civil war, mutiny and uneasy alliances.

07tvcol happiest thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki’ and ‘Norskov’
Weekend, July 7

Sports, drugs, religion and romance: Popular Nordic exports collide with love stories starring Alan Rickman and Melanie Lynskey.

07pharmacy thumbwide
Raunchy Detours on the ‘Tour de Pharmacy’
Weekend, July 6

HBO’s latest sports mockumentary takes a merciless look at cycling, and one participant in particular might raise eyebrows.

9escola1 thumbwide
He’s Got a Good Wig on His Shoulders: Meet Cole Escola
Arts & Leisure, July 6

In just under 10 years, Cole Escola, who is 30 but looks much younger, has become a ubiquitous presence on the downtown alt-cabaret circuit.

07horowitzweb1 thumbwide
A Sudden Fall for a Mastermind of Sports TV Shouting
Sports, July 6

At ESPN and Fox Sports, Jamie Horowitz, just fired by Fox, championed programming that was provocative, some think excessively so.

07cbs1 thumbwide
2 Asian-American Actors Leave ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Amid Reports of Unequal Pay
Business, July 6

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were unable to agree to new contracts with CBS. “The path to equality is rarely easy,” Mr. Kim wrote on Facebook.

07db qvc1 thumbwide
QVC to Merge With Home Shopping Network in $2.1 Billion Deal
Business, July 6

The transaction would give the combined company greater scale and enhance its competitive position, QVC said.

06zucker1 thumbwide
The Network Against the Leader of the Free World
Business, July 5

President Trump, in a series of denunciations of CNN and a video depicting him wrestling it, is “trying to bully us,” said its president, Jeffrey Zucker.

06tv1 thumbwide
What’s on TV Thursday: Joyce DiDonato and ‘First Wives Club’
Culture, July 6

In the slow summer TV months, try movies: “First Wives Club” is streaming. Also, fans of Ms. DiDonato, the mezzo-soprano star, can see her on medici.tv.

9headey1 thumbwide
Lena Headey, Cersei in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Has Her Own Power Moves
Arts & Leisure, July 5

Ms. Headey, whose character has the coveted position on the show, says she’s finding balance in a thriving career and her personal life.

Gots2 joffrey thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’ Rewind: Here’s Season 2
Watching, July 5

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on July 16, and we’re looking back at the first six seasons. In Season 2, King Joffrey is in charge, and almost no one is happy about it.

9weekahead4 thumbwide
Zadie Smith’s ‘NW’ Adaptation Comes to BritBox
Arts & Leisure, July 5

The 2016 BBC version of Ms. Smith’s novel, which focuses on four characters from a London housing project, received a Bafta nomination for a star.

9game recap1 thumbwide
‘Game of Thrones’ Is Back. Here’s Where We Left Off.
Arts & Leisure, July 4

Ahead of the show’s seventh season, a road map with which to navigate a very complicated landscape.

05tvcol1 thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Snowfall’ and ‘The Boss Baby’
Culture, July 5

“Snowfall,” the latest entry into the golden-age TV genre of drug dramas, has its premiere on FX. And “The Boss Baby” is streaming on iTunes.

04tvcol fireworks2 thumbwide
What’s on TV Tuesday: Fireworks and ‘The Words That Built America’
Culture, July 4

Fireworks light up the skies over New York and Washington, and Americans recite the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

04foxsportsweb thumbwide
Fox Sports Fires Jamie Horowitz Amid a Claim of Misconduct
Sports, July 3

The company did not explicitly say why Mr. Horowitz was fired. A person familiar with the matter said the dismissal came during an investigation into sexual harassment.

04snowfall thumbwide
FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Dramatizes an Origin Story for Crack Cocaine
Culture, July 3

This series from the director of “Boyz N the Hood” is about the drug’s impact in the 1980s, but its human characters are lost in the sprawl.

03tvcol beach thumbwide
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Life’s a Beach’ and ‘Janet King’
Culture, July 3

No sand or surf this holiday weekend? Stream a few of the 21 summery tales on Fandor. Or sleuth alongside Marta Dusseldorp, one of Australia’s busiest actresses.

03frenchtv1 thumbwide
Policiers Like Your Favorite Crime Show, but French
Culture, July 2

Fans of “Homeland,” “Broadchurch” and “Midsomer Murders” may feel at home with “The Bureau,” “The Tunnel” and “Magellan.”...

03havilland1 thumbwide
Olivia de Havilland Files Lawsuit Over ‘Feud’ Portrayal
Culture, July 2

Ms. de Havilland, 101, is suing FX Networks and Ryan Murphy Productions for her gossipy portrayal in “Feud: Bette and Joan.”...

02tvcol first thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘First Ladies Revealed’ and ‘Pride of the Yankees’
Culture, July 2

The Smithsonian Channel explores the lives of the country’s first ladies. And MLB Network celebrates the 75th anniversary of “The Pride of the Yankees.”...

01tvcol loving 1498828947220 thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Loving’ and ‘Doctor Who’
Culture, July 1

Jeff Nichols’s account of a landmark civil rights case, starring an Oscar-nominated Ruth Negga, comes to HBO. And Peter Capaldi ends his run as the Time Lord.

01color thumbwide
‘America in Color’ Refreshes 20th-Century History
Culture, June 30

This Smithsonian Channel series gives history a human touch by colorizing footage from black-and-white decades.

28cosby item thumbwide
What Divided the Cosby Jurors? Words, for One Thing
Culture, June 30

Two jurors in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial say the panel disagreed about many things, especially the meaning of terms like “unconscious.”...

2boldtype1 thumbwide
‘The Bold Type,’ a Modern Gloss on Sex and the Single Girl
Arts & Leisure, June 30

The frothy Freeform mash-up of “Sex in the City,” “Girls” and “Central Park West” aims to depict the millennial viewers the network was built for.

02snapshot thumbwide
Ray Romano Still Fears the ‘Funny Police’
Arts & Leisure, June 30

The comedian and actor appears in the new film “The Big Sick” and next month will appear in the Epix series “Get Shorty.”...

30aljazeera still thumbwide
Why Saudi Arabia Wants Qatar to Shut Al Jazeera
Video, June 29

Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf nations have called on Qatar to shut down Al Jazeera, but Saudi disdain for the news network is nothing new.

02mkwilliamsweb 5 thumbwide
Michael K. Williams Is More Than Omar From ‘The Wire’
Metropolitan, June 30

Mr. Williams has made a career of bringing nuance and contrast to his roles, inspired by the swaggering characters he grew up with in East Flatbush.

30latenight1 thumbwide
Stephen Colbert Is Shocked That He Finds Trump’s Tweets Shocking
Culture, June 30

The “Late Show” host did not think he was still capable of being surprised by something President Trump said.

30tvcol song thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Song to Song’ and ‘Gypsy’
Weekend, June 30

Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling play lovers in the Austin, Tex., scene. And Naomi Watts takes a tame walk on the wild side.

30msnbc1 1498777196978 thumbwide
Greta Van Susteren Leaving MSNBC After Less Than Six Months
Business, June 29

The former Fox News host was let go without warning, her agent and husband said, and her 6 p.m. hosting slot will be filled by Ari Melber.

21db foxsky1 thumbwide
Setback for Murdoch in $15 Billion Sky Takeover
Business, June 29

The British authorities on Thursday asked regulators to further examine 21st Century Fox’s deal for the European satellite giant.

Thrones 6 thumbwide v3
Before ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns, Let’s Revisit Season 1
Watching, June 29

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on July 16, and we’re looking back at the first six seasons. Season 1 established the show’s central conflicts from its very first moments.

29latenight1 thumbwide
Samantha Bee Says the Health Care Bill Is Worse Than ‘Suicide Squad’
Culture, June 29

“It turns out, 13 rich white guys alone in a room isn’t how good legislation happens,” Ms. Bee said. “It’s how ‘Suicide Squad’ happens.”...