02theson1 articleinline
In AMC’s Western ‘The Son,’ the Novelist Philipp Meyer Lassoes TV
Arts, Yesterday

The show is the first big project from El Jefe, a production company that Mr. Meyer founded with the writers Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman.

30tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘The Amazing Race’ and Some Beachy Diversions
Arts, Today

“The Amazing Race” throws caution to the wind in its new season. And dream of sunnier climes with some beachy diversions.

29legion articleinline
‘Legion,’ Season 1 Finale: The Dork Side of the Moon
Arts, Yesterday

Despite all the surreal, spacey visuals and structure, what this episode really needed — and the season in general — was a little more care.

30reviewreview articleinline
‘Review,’ a Workaholic’s Slapstick Tragedy Nears Its End
Arts, Yesterday

This Comedy Central show, in which a professional life-reviewer hosts a show-within-a-show, is in its third and final season.

30browder articleinline
A Shameful Story Gets Its Due in ‘Time: The Kalief Browder Story’
Arts, Yesterday

Spike is not the type of channel where you’d expect to find one of the season’s most significant docu-series.

02texastv1 articleinline
Texas TV: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Arts, Yesterday

“The Son” is the latest show set in the Lone Star State. Here’s a look at some past series that were set there.

30xp waters articleinline
After Apology, Bill O’Reilly Continues Attacks on Maxine Waters
U.S., Yesterday

The Fox News host had faced intense criticism for a remark about the congresswoman’s hair.

30xp truedetective1 articleinline
‘True Detective’ Season Three: Who Would You Want to See?
Arts, Yesterday

Readers were happy to help Nic Pizzolatto in casting a new season of “True Detective,” which is reportedly in the works.

30xp hannity articleinline
Sean Hannity Is Still Upset Ted Koppel Said He Was ‘Bad for America’
Business Day, Yesterday

Mr. Hannity, the Fox News personality, is lashing out over an interview aired on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

29latenight1 articleinline
Trevor Noah Knows How to Save Meals on Wheels: Militarize It
Arts, Yesterday

The cast of “The Daily Show” dreamed up a meal-delivery program they think President Trump may like: one that delivers sandwiches via rocket launcher.

29tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Legion’ and ‘Imaginary Mary’
Arts, Yesterday

One new show, FX’s “Legion,” wraps up its maiden season as another, “Imaginary Mary,” has its premiere on ABC.

NBC to Broadcast 2018 Olympics Live in All Time Zones
Sports, Yesterday

The move addresses the ever-increasing number of people who have instant access to results through social media and internet streams, including NBC’s own live coverage online.

28americans02 articleinline
‘The Americans’ Season 5, Episode 4: Working Through the Kinks
Arts, March 28

Sex in the service of the motherland isn’t as easy as it used to be.

28nobodies articleinline
Name-Dropping ‘Nobodies’ Hoping for Showbiz Success
Arts, March 28

A new series on TV Land features three alumni of the Groundlings working familiar “versions of themselves” territory.

02first colfer articleinline
Chris Colfer: The First Time I Braved New York (and a Taxi!)
Arts, March 28

The “Glee” actor and best-selling author, whose latest young adult novel is “Stranger Than Fanfiction,” talks about a rite of passage.

29harlots articleinline
Rival Brothel Owners Square Off in Hulu’s ‘Harlots’
Arts, March 28

Samantha Morton and Lesley Manville star in this new TV drama about prostitution in 1763 London.

29legion articleinline
‘Legion’ and the Rise of Surreality TV
Arts, March 28

A new breed of television shows fits right in with the current environment of fake news, gaslighting and contested objectivity.

28rebel articleinline
In BET’s Police Drama ‘Rebel,’ Blaxploitation Matters
Arts, March 28

Is it too soon? John Singleton’s new series makes pulp fiction out of polarizing issues.

28latenight3 articleinline
Jimmy Fallon Has Some Ideas for Trump’s Next Book
Arts, March 28

The “Tonight Show” host suggested the president could write about his health care debacle. One possible title: “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One.”

28tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘The Gabriels’ and ‘Bones’
Arts, March 28

Richard Nelson’s trilogy of plays, “The Gabriels: Election Year in the Life of One Family,” is on BroadwayHD.com. And “Bones” ends its run on Fox.

28silverman articleinline
Sarah Silverman to Star in New Topical Series on Hulu
Arts, March 27

Ms. Silverman will discuss politics and emotions with people who don’t necessarily share her left-leaning views on the show, tentatively titled “I Love You, America.”

26recaps slide l567 articleinline
‘The Good Fight’ Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Quandaries
Arts, March 27

Maia’s divided loyalties control the future of Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad.

28xp nba web articleinline
The N.B.A.’s Best Games to Watch as the Playoff Races Tighten
Sports, March 27

Cleveland is at San Antonio on Monday, Golden State is at Houston on Tuesday and Golden State is at San Antonio on Wednesday.

00buffyfiction lead articleinline
‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ Reimagined by Its Fans
Arts, March 27

Twenty years after the TV series began, we asked readers to share a piece of their fan fiction, and tell us why they write about “Buffy.”

08jenkins mccraney web1 articleinline v2
Barry Jenkins’s ‘The Underground Railroad’ in the Works at Amazon
Arts, March 27

Mr. Jenkins, the filmmaker behind “Moonlight,” will write and direct this series based on Colson Whitehead’s award-winning novel.

27tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: Dwayne Johnson in ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ and Kate Winslet in ‘Holy Smoke’
Arts, March 27

Mr. Johnson visits a tough-love rehabilitation program for young first-time offenders. And Kate Winslet seeks enlightenment in Jane Campion’s “Holy Smoke.”

26feud articleinline
‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Episode 4 Recap: Aftermath
Arts, March 26

“Baby Jane” wraps up, and the tension sets in.

26billions articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Wendy’s Back
Arts, March 26

Chuck’s wife negotiates a deal to help ease her husband’s burdens. So why does Chuck feel so bad?

Twd1 articleinline
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 15: Guns, Pills and Betrayals
Arts, March 26

Sunday’s episode raised some questions and addressed several outstanding ones from the past seven weeks.

26recaps slide lzym articleinline
‘Homeland,’ Season 6, Episode 10: The Facts vs. What People Want to Believe
Arts, March 26

This week, a video tells a lie, but it’s a lie that half the country wants to hear and embrace. And the truth won’t put a dent in that.

26tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: The Brontë Sisters and Love in the Mediterranean
Arts, March 26

Travel through Victorian England as the Brontë sisters prove themselves in a man’s world. Then take a Mediterranean vacation with some passionate couples.

25fox top articleinline
One Nation, Under Fox: 18 Hours With a Network That Shapes America
Business Day, March 25

Fox News is a singular force, crafting a searing narrative about what’s happening in the world for millions of viewers, including President Trump.

25tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: Adam Driver in ‘Paterson’ and a Murderous Mother-to-Be in ‘Prevenge’
Arts, March 25

Mr. Driver gets behind the wheel — and turns his musings into poetry — in “Paterson.” And an expectant mother goes on a killing rampage guided by her fetus in “Prevenge.”

‘American Jihad’ and the Problem With the Internet
Arts, March 24

A Showtime documentary on homegrown jihadists in the United States suggests the futility of the president’s travel and immigration policy.

25trayvon articleinline
Jay Z and Weinstein Company to Produce Trayvon Martin Projects
Arts, March 24

The projects include a six-part documentary series and a film, both inspired by elements from two books about the teenager who was killed in 2012.

25pete holmes articleinline
Pete Holmes Opens Old Wounds in HBO’s ‘Crashing’
Arts, March 24

Pete Holmes says his show, “Crashing,” isn’t just another comedian playing himself. It’s about comedians before they are really comedians.

24latenight1 articleinline
Trevor Noah to Republicans: Learn From Drake and Beyoncé
Arts, March 24

As the G.O.P. tries to pass a health care bill, the “Daily Show” host said it was “weird to be living in a world where musicians put more planning into their work than politicians.”

25whentheymet1 articleinline v4
Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, Wildly Close
Arts, March 24

The actresses, who star in HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” developed a tight friendship after playing “sort-of awful people” and then mother and daughter.

24tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: Kate del Castillo in ‘Ingobernable’ and Lady Gaga on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’
Arts, March 24

Ms. del Castillo is the first lady of Mexico in the thriller “Ingobernable,” on Netflix. And Lady Gaga opens a season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” on VH1.

24artie articleinline
Artie Lange Says He Was Fired From ‘Crashing’; HBO Denies It
Arts, March 23

The comedian claimed that his arrest on drug charges led to his being let go from the series, though the show’s producers say otherwise.

24ingobernable articleinline
In ‘Ingobernable,’ a Mexican Presidency in Turmoil
Arts, March 23

Kate del Castillo stars as a first lady on the run in a new Spanish-language thriller on Netflix.

23latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Is Missing Out on Perfectly Good Sex Scandals
Arts, March 23

The “Late Show” host fretted on Wednesday that he was spending so much time focusing on President Trump, he didn’t have time for the most obvious material.

23tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: Iggy Pop in ‘Gimme Danger’ and Jenny Slate’s Movie Picks
Arts, March 23

March Madness driving you crazy? Ease your mind with Jim Jarmusch’s portrait of Iggy Pop, or with a quirky film lineup chosen by Ms. Slate.

22legion articleinline
‘Legion’ Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Breakthrough
Arts, March 22

Beneath the myriad twists and the surreal aesthetic flourishes, the story of “Legion” is actually quite simple.

23striking articleinline
From Ireland, a Rebounding Lawyer and a Crusading Journalist
Arts, March 22

Two new streaming series offer a stark contrast: “Striking Out” is glossy and feels American, while “Corp + Anam” is bare-bones and feels Irish.

26guide2 articleinline
‘Harlots,’ on Hulu, Has Sex. But Settle Down, Guys.
Arts, March 22

This show is set in the days when one in five British women worked in prostitution. It is boldly female in episodes created by women.

26gomez1 articleinline v2
Selena Gomez (and Others) on Adapting ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ for Netflix
Arts, March 22

The pop star and actress served as an executive producer with her mother to adapt a novel into a show about isolation and adolescent suicide.

22latenight articleinline
Dave Chappelle Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why He Made 2 Specials
Arts, March 22

“Money,” the comedian explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He also talked about dealing with sensitive subjects like the legacy of Bill Cosby.

23barris 1 articleinline
Chuck Barris, Producer and Personality of ‘Gong Show’ Fame, Dies at 87
Arts, March 22

The creative force and host of TV hits — as well as a songwriter, novelist and even an assassin, to hear him tell it — Mr. Barris knew there was an audience for lowbrow.

22tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Shots Fired’ and ‘Julieta’
Arts, March 22

“Shots Fired,” a new drama, complicates the debate over police violence in America. And Pedro Almodóvar presents another woman on the verge.

21americans articleinline
‘The Americans’ Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: More Than This
Arts, March 21

Amid the wigs, mustaches and growing self-alienation, a familiar face comes out of hiding.

22dexter obit 1 articleinline
Colin Dexter, Creator of Inspector Morse, Who Sleuthed in Novels and on TV, Dies at 86
Books, March 21

The British mystery writer indulged in the art for fun and never expected his character to attain such fame.

22fired1 articleinline
‘Shots Fired’ Complicates Black, White and Blue
Arts, March 21

This new Fox drama centers on the repercussions of the shooting of a white youth by a black sheriff’s deputy in a North Carolina town.

21latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert (That Other One) Returns
Arts, March 21

Mr. Colbert brought back his tongue-in-cheek conservative pundit character to analyze President Trump’s budget on “The Late Show.”

21tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: Dave Chappelle and an Irish Hit
Arts, March 21

Mr. Chappelle takes on controversy in two searing new Netflix specials. And “Striking Out,” Ireland’s top-rated drama, arrives on Acorn TV.

19goodfight articleinline
‘The Good Fight’ Season 1, Episode 6: Potency and Perspective
Arts, March 20

“The Good Fight” is at its most political and confounding this week.

21sesame item articleinline
Sesame Street Introduces Julia, a Muppet With Autism
Arts, March 20

The 4-year-old muppet character will make her debut on the show next month; she was introduced in a digital storybook released in fall 2015.

20tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘What We Do in the Shadows’
Arts, March 20

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 24th season on ABC. And the vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows” is streaming on Amazon.

19billions articleinline
‘Billions,’ Season 2, Episode 5: The Taste of Loneliness
Arts, March 19

Chuck eats a sandwich; Wags meets an old mentor; both have plenty to chew on.

19feud02 articleinline
‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Episode 3: Mommy Knows Best. Or Maybe Not.
Arts, March 19

This week’s episode put motherhood front and center — which, per their daughters, both Davis and Crawford were famously bad at doing.

Twd2 articleinline
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 14: Did the War Just Start?
Arts, March 19

Titled “The Other Side,” Sunday’s episode returned to the Hilltop and found characters negotiating boundaries between opposing states.

20watching slide df1b articleinline
‘Homeland,’ Season 6, Episode 9: Why Is Everyone Stating the Obvious?
Arts, March 19

Tonight, someone actually said, “Get a load of this!” With lines like that, I sometimes felt like I was stuck in a new Steven Seagal film.

20comedyjp articleinline
5 Stand-Up Specials to Stream This Week
Arts, March 19

We’re living in a golden age of filmed comedy concerts, and these young comics on the rise all have releases worth watching.

19tv1sub articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘The Circus’ and ‘Radio Days’
Arts, March 19

“The Circus,” Showtime’s documentary series, returns to cover the early days of the Trump administration. And Woody Allen’s “Radio Days” is on Hulu.

18tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Why Him?’ and ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’
Arts, March 18

“Why Him?,” the crass comedy that pits Bryan Cranston against James Franco, arrives on iTunes. And “Ice Age: Collision Course” is on HBO.

18mandarin articleinline
Mandarin Gets One Shining Moment in a First-Round N.C.A.A. Game
Sports, March 17

Two Ohio students have gained a following calling Dayton Flyers games in Mandarin. In a first-round game on CBS, they reached a bigger audience.

21chappelle review1 articleinline
In Netflix Specials, Dave Chappelle Challenges His Audience
Arts, March 17

Older and with gravitas, Mr. Chappelle mixes jokes about his own irresponsibility with material that includes Bill Cosby’s cultural legacy.

Amazonpilots1 articleinline
Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Newest Is an Amazon Pilot Standout
Arts, March 17

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” from the creator of the “Gilmore Girls,” is among four comedies that join a space drama in the latest batch of TV pilots.

18chappelle interview articleinline
Dave Chappelle on Trump, Cosby and His Netflix Deal
Arts, March 17

The comedian also says that he turned to Louis C.K. for advice after he grew concerned that his postelection “S.N.L.” appearance would fall flat.

19snapshot articleinline
Taraji P. Henson: Talking Cookie, and the Impact of ‘Hidden Figures’
Arts, March 17

With ‘Empire’ about to return, Ms. Henson delves into her music-executive character on “Empire” but also says she’d love to be a Marvel superhero.

17 articleinline
Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Trump Should Watch ‘Sesame Street’
Arts, March 17

Rather than cut funding for PBS, the president should try learning from it, the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” said.

17tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ and Charles Manson
Arts, March 17

“Everybody Wants Some!!,” Richard Linklater’s nostalgic campus comedy, arrives on Amazon. And ABC presents “Truth and Lies: The Family Manson.”

Reveal of Trump Tax Records Brings Rachel Maddow Record Viewership
Business Day, March 16

More than four million people tuned in to watch Ms. Maddow unveil a portion of President Trump’s 2005 tax returns, in a tantalizingly slow manner.

17iron articleinline
Netflix Tries to Channel Its Chi With ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’
Arts, March 16

What do you do when your hero is a white man with martial-arts skills and a glowing superpowered fist?

19shotsfired2 articleinline
‘Shots Fired’: A Mystery With a Message About Police Shootings
Arts, March 16

The 10-part show, created by Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince-Bythewood, will have its debut on March 22.

19flash1 articleinline v2
Can Superheroes Sing? The Flash and Supergirl Give It a Whirl
Arts, March 16

In “Duet,” the March 21 episode of “The Flash,” the two superheroes fall under the sway of a villain, the Music Meister, and fight back with songs.

00xp televisions web1 articleinline
Buying a New TV? Here’s How to Cut Through the Jargon
Business Day, March 16

If you have not bought a television in the last two years, now is a good time to buy one because improvements make for superior picture quality, experts said.

16latenight1 articleinline
Rachel Maddow’s Scoop: Late Night Is Not Impressed
Arts, March 16

“You made me stay up till 9 p.m. to tell me that Trump pays taxes?” Trevor Noah said. Ms. Maddow herself told Jimmy Fallon about getting the president’s 2005 tax return.

16tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Orphan Black’ and ‘Sister Act’
Arts, March 16

Season 4 of the sci-fi series “Orphan Black” arrives on Amazon. And Logo airs back-to-back “Sister Act” movies.

15legion articleinline v2
‘Legion’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Asylum Seekers
Arts, March 15

You know you’re in trouble when your mental condition is best symbolized by an ant with a fungal brain infection.

16snatch articleinline
‘Snatch’ and ‘Jack & Dean,’ Rich in Clumsy Criminals
Arts, March 15

A Crackle show inspired by a Guy Ritchie film debuts, and a mindlessly enjoyable series returns for its second season.

19guide11 articleinline
On ‘Teachers,’ It’s Do as I Say, Not as I Sing
Arts, March 15

The TV Land series, featuring the comedy troupe the Katydids, serves up “Lunch Time! The Musical” for its Season 2 finale.

15latenight1 articleinline
Seth Meyers Jabs Rep. Steve King for ‘Babies’ Remark
Arts, March 15

Mr. Meyers finds the author of “Cujo” less frightening than the Iowa congressman, who wrote on Twitter, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

15tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘The BFG’ and ‘Star’
Arts, March 15

“The BFG,” Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s novel, is on Netflix. And the drama “Star” wraps up its first season on Fox.

14americans articleinline
‘The Americans’ Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: Enjoy the Silence
Arts, March 14

This week’s episode was quiet, dark and ominous.

14this articleinline
‘This Is Us’ Ends a Tear-Jerking Season With a Beginning
Arts, March 14

The first season of “This Is Us” showed that family dramas also have life-and-death stakes.

15weekendupdate articleinline
‘Saturday Night Live’ Plans a Prime-Time ‘Weekend Update’ This Summer
Arts, March 14

The show’s summer version, which will still feature Colin Jost and Michael Che, will have four half-hour episodes, starting Aug. 10.

15sheldon web articleinline
CBS Announces ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff, ‘Young Sheldon’
Arts, March 14

The prequel will star Iain Armitage as a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, with Jim Parsons of “Big Bang” providing narration as the adult Sheldon.

14latenight1 articleinline
Trevor Noah Has a Theory About the BBC Interview Dad: No Pants
Arts, March 14

Why didn’t the professor in the viral clip help get his children under control? Because no one on TV wears pants, Mr. Noah said Monday.

14tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘20th Century Women’ and ‘This Is Us’
Arts, March 14

More Oscar-nominated films land on streaming platforms: “20th Century Women,” “Elle” and “Silence.” On NBC, “This Is Us” wraps up its first season.

06watching slide d0re articleinline
‘The Good Fight’ Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: Office Warfare
Arts, March 13

Exploring the ways the professional affects the personal leads to an entertaining episode.

14netflix foreign1 articleinline
On Netflix, the Borders Remain Open
Arts, March 13

The political thrillers “Fauda,” from Israel, and “Nobel,” from Norway, are high points in a wealth of foreign programming.

‘Trial & Error’ Features a Confederacy of Dunces
Arts, March 13

In NBC’s new, um, comedy, a poetry professor (John Lithgow) in a small Southern town is accused of murdering his wife.

13tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘The Bachelor’ and Beethoven
Arts, March 13

“The Bachelor” wraps up its 21st season. And Gustavo Dudamel conducts the cycle of Beethoven’s nine symphonies on Medici.tv.

12feud articleinline v2
‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Episode 2: Give the People What They Want
Arts, March 12

As Katharine Hepburn once observed, happy sets often make for boring movies.

12billions2 articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: More Wendy, Please
Arts, March 12

She was the linchpin of the narrative. Now she and the show seem a little unmoored.

Twd1 articleinline
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 13: Morgan Takes a Turn
Arts, March 12

After spending the past few weeks on the Alexandrians’ efforts to organize an alliance to battle the Saviors, the show spent Sunday with the Kingdom.

06watching slide eis5 articleinline
‘Homeland,’ Season 6, Episode 8: The Never-Ending Trials of Quinn
Arts, March 12

Why, exactly, do the writers torture this character so much? His character? His cruelty? His impulsiveness? Enough!

00liberaltv1 articleinline
For Solace and Solidarity in the Trump Age, Liberals Turn the TV Back On
Business Day, March 12

The turbocharged ratings are a surprise even to seen-it-all executives who had been bracing for a plunge in viewership after the excitement of the election.

12snl articleinline
On ‘S.N.L.,’ Donald Trump Botches His ‘Independence Day’ Moment
Arts, March 12

After a palpable absence last week, Alec Baldwin returned to play Mr. Trump in the midst of an alien invasion.

12tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘American Crime’ and ‘Jurassic Park’
Arts, March 12

ABC’s anthology series “American Crime” returns for its third season. And the “Jurassic Park” films are ripe for binge-watching on Netflix.

11tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘S.N.L.’ and the Kids’ Choice Awards
Arts, March 11

Scarlett Johansson hosts “Saturday Night Live” on NBC. And you can stream the opening-night concert at the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin on arte.tv.

10trumpmovie casting combo1 articleinline
Cast the Trump Mini-Series: Who Should Play the Donald?
Arts, March 10

We asked readers to suggest actors for the HBO mini-series about the 2016 presidential campaign from the journalists behind “Game Change.”

11syriadoc articleinline
In Documentaries on Syria, Much Despair and a Dash of Hope
Arts, March 10

On HBO, “Cries From Syria” graphically shows the suffering resulting from the civil war. On Netflix, “The White Helmets” spotlights brave rescuers.

11disney2 articleinline
Kids Are Getting Older Quicker. And Disney Tries to Adapt.
Arts, March 10

With “Andi Mack,” a comedic drama that’s bitter and sweet, Disney Channel stretches its brand. It’s part of an effort to lift sinking ratings.

12guide8 articleinline
‘Cries From Syria,’ on HBO, Is a Grim Look at That Nation’s ’s War
Arts, March 10

This documentary chronicles, in graphic footage, Syrians’ quest for liberties in the wake of the Arab Spring.

12andrews1 articleinline
The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Julie Andrews and Henson Puppets
Arts, March 10

Ms. Andrews, her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton and the Jim Henson Company are collaborating on a new Netflix series for kids, “Julie’s Greenroom.”

12macur5 articleinline
Another Woman at the March Madness Mike? That Only Took 2 Decades
Sports, March 10

In 2017, why must it be news that Debbie Antonelli, who has worked men’s games since the mid-1990s, will be a broadcaster for the men’s tournament?

Spicer 1 articleinline
Sean Spicer’s Briefings, Cringe TV for an Audience of One
Arts, March 10

Millions tune in to watch the White House press secretary spin for President Trump. But the real story is what he can’t say and how he doesn’t say it.

10latenight1 articleinline
Jimmy Kimmel Would Pay to Watch Trump and Cruz Eat Together
Arts, March 10

Mr. Kimmel thinks a pay-per-view special featuring the former rivals putting up with each other could be a major revenue source for the government.

10tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Love’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’
Arts, March 10

“Love,” the Netflix series filled with uncomfortable and honest comedy, returns for Season 2. And “The Vampire Diaries,” wraps up on the CW.

10americancrimeskyboxleft2 articleinline
‘American Crime’ Fixes on Migrant Dreamers in the Fields
Arts, March 9

The third season of this ABC anthology series offers a central story line about farmworkers in North Carolina. The drama is unblinking.

10bee articleinline
Samantha Bee Show Apologizes to Writer for ‘Nazi Hair’ Mockery
Arts, March 9

The TBS program said it was sorry after making fun of a writer who has talked about his cancer diagnosis.

28thrones3 articleinline v2
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Will Debut in July
Arts, March 9

Season 7 of the popular HBO fantasy series, which will be shorter than previous seasons, will debut on July 16.

08countryfile1 articleinline
British Pastoral: A BBC Show on Rural Life Draws Millions
World, March 9

“We Brits have this kind of proprietorial attitude to the countryside,” a host of “Countryfile” says.

09latenight1 articleinline
Samantha Bee to Trump’s Staff: Have Courage
Arts, March 9

On “Full Frontal,” Ms. Bee said the president had no one on his staff brave enough to correct his spelling of the word “tap.”

09conartists1 articleinline
Five Long TV Cons Worth a Short Binge
Arts, March 9

The con-artist story may have replaced the serial-killer show as the reigning television analogy of our time.

09tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Portlandia’ and ‘Passengers’
Arts, March 9

“Portlandia” wraps up its seventh season on IFC. And “Passengers,” that strange space opera with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, is now on iTunes.

08legion articleinline
‘Legion’ Season 1, Episode 5: Running With the Devil
Arts, March 8

Swashbuckling is nice and all, but sometimes a good superhero story just wants to scare the pants off you.

09rtsidebar articleinline
What Is RT?
World, March 8

Once offering soft-core paeans to Russian life, the channel evolved into a news operation often accused of slanting, though not faking, reports.

09xp ironfist articleinline
‘Iron Fist’ Actor, at Center of Whitewashing Debate, Asks Fans to Wait and See
Arts, March 8

Finn Jones, who plays the white main character, addressed people disappointed that Netflix did not cast an Asian-American lead for the show.

09ferrante item articleinline
Elena Ferrante’s Naples Novels to Make Their Way to TV
Arts, March 8

The Italian director Saverio Costanzo has signed on to direct and help write a TV series that would air starting in fall 2018.

12shafferjp1 articleinline
Paul Shaffer Shakes Off His Post-‘Letterman’ Blues
Arts, March 8

The musician, who played sidekick to David Letterman for decades, is releasing a new album full of 1960s-era rock and soul music.

09gameofthrones1 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Live: Winter Is Coming to a Stage Near You
Arts, March 8

A concert tour gives fans their fix of the HBO show, with musicians and giant screens playing scenes from the series.

08latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Isn’t Sure Whether to Trust the C.I.A.
Arts, March 8

The former C.I.A. director Michael Hayden insisted that the government doesn’t use sophisticated technologies to spy on U.S. citizens.

08webb articleinline
Bill Webb, Tailor of TV Baseball Excitement, Dies at 70
Sports, March 8

Webb, who directed programming from a mobile production truck for Fox Sports and the Mets, relied on close-ups and pacing to enrapture his viewers.

08tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Survivor’ and ‘Chicago’
Arts, March 8

“Survivor” returns for its 34th season. And Netflix’s recent additions include the Oscar-winning movie musical “Chicago.”

08americans articleinline
‘The Americans’ Season 5, Episode 1: New Wigs, New Family
Arts, March 7

As the show’s next-to-last season starts, where are all the main characters?

07latenight1 articleinline
Anderson Cooper Says He Muted Trump on Twitter
Arts, March 7

The CNN anchor admitted to needing some space from President Trump’s Twitter account, which he said was “like a live wire of emotion.”

07tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and ‘The Americans’
Arts, March 7

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” from the world of Harry Potter, is streaming. And FX’s “The Americans” returns for its penultimate season.

07americans articleinline
‘The Americans’ History Suddenly Feels Less Retro
Arts, March 6

In light of today’s headlines, this Cold War drama on FX feels newly relevant — but also almost comfortingly small-scale.

06tv1 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: Yo-Yo Ma and His Ensemble; and ‘The Bachelor’ Tell-All
Arts, March 6

Yo-Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble celebrate a world of music. And the rejected women dish the dirt on “The Bachelor.”

05billions articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 2, Episode 3: It’s All Poker
Arts, March 5

In a show about white-collar acts of aggression and one-upmanship, the poker table becomes another arena for bloodless slaughter.

06watching slide qk5m articleinline
‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Season 1, Episode 1: Sui Generis, if Not So Generous
Arts, March 5

Ryan Murphy’s latest venture understands that, as one character puts it: “Feuds are never about hate. Feuds are about pain.”

Twd1 articleinline
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 12: Rick and Michonne Build a Future
Arts, March 5

Sunday’s episode was full of creative zombie high jinks, even as it explicitly laid out the defining themes of the show’s current phase.

06watching slide nbig articleinline
‘Homeland,’ Season 6, Episode 7: The Latest, Most Terrible News About Dar Adal
Arts, March 5

After the latest revelation about the spymaster and Quinn, how many of you will have trouble sleeping? And please, why do so many viewers dislike Carrie?

05goodfight articleinline v3
‘The Good Fight’ Season 1, Episode 4: Body Politics
Arts, March 5

The politics and legality concerning the black body creates the show’s most moving episode yet.

05snl articleinline
‘Saturday Night Live’ Shows a Milder Political Side
Arts, March 5

In a week of memorable developments for the Trump administration, topical satire was in short supply on this week’s episode.

05tvcol1 articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ and Two New Time-Traveling Shows
Arts, March 5

“Feud” serves up a dish called hate as it recreates the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. And “Making History” and “Time After Time” bounce between centuries.

04tvcol1 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Arrival’ and ‘Hacksaw Ridge’
Arts, March 4

Oscar rules, in films like “Arrival” and “Hacksaw Ridge,” a Lifetime movie starring Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer in her hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live.”

For NBCUniversal, Snap Is Fountain of Youth
Business Day, March 3

The TV network operator plunked down $500 million in the I.P.O. of the popular social media firm as old media hunts for new audiences.

05buffy callout articleinline v4
Share Your ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Fan Fiction
Interactive, March 3

The New York Times would like readers to share their own stories about Buffy and the “Scooby Gang.”

04timetravel2 articleinline
TV Does the Time Warp (Again) on ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Making History’
Arts, March 3

Two new series — one on ABC, one on Fox — join a crowded field of time-travel shows.

04comedy1 articleinline
Why Do Comics Laugh at Their Own Jokes? It’s No Accident
Arts, March 3

When stand-ups chuckle mid-act, they’re slyly manipulating their audience. (And sometimes they’re just cracking themselves up.)

04 apprentice articleinline
Trump Derides Schwarzenegger for Leaving ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
Business Day, March 3

Arnold Schwarzenegger informed NBC that he would not return to the TV show, which had struggled with low ratings and faced criticism from President Trump.

05buffy1 articleinline
A Buffy Family Tree: ‘Bones’ and Demons and Rabid Fans
Arts, March 3

20 years after the premiere of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the influence of the ever-expanding “Buffyverse” is still being felt.

05snapshot articleinline
Alison Wright, Exiled From ‘The Americans’ (Perhaps), Hits Broadway
Arts, March 3

Ms. Wright discusses her characters on “The Americans” and “The Feud,” and her role in the Lynn Nottage play “Sweat.”

03latenight1 articleinline
George W. Bush Isn’t Mad at Will Ferrell, His TV Counterpart
Arts, March 3

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the 43rd president set himself apart from the 45th in one conspicuous way: He laughed at himself.

03tvcol1 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Fire at Sea’ and ‘Vice: Trans Youth’
Arts, March 3

“Fire at Sea” chronicles refugees’ horror and hope on a Mediterranean island. And “Vice” looks at transgender youths who opt to transition pre-puberty.

03kangas obit articleinline
Paul Kangas, 79, Anchor Who Brought Stocks Into Living Rooms, Dies
Business Day, March 2

When Mr. Kangas joined “Nightly Business Report” on public television as a stock commentator in 1979, there was nothing like it on the air.