19latenight articleinline
Stephen Colbert Read the Mueller Report and Found Trump’s Guilty Conscience
Arts, Today

Colbert, who found enough fodder for two full monologues, wondered why the attorney general had decided to give a news conference before releasing the full report.

Merlin 153333378 a1183436 78da 41aa b3f0 495029c6726b articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Ramy’ and ‘The New Negroes’
Arts, Today

Ramy Youssef stars in a new series on Hulu. And another comic, Baron Vaughn, hosts a new Comedy Central show with the rapper Open Mike Eagle.

18trekrecap articleinline
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 14: Virtue Signaling
Arts, Yesterday

The season finale for “Star Trek: Discovery” was a roller coaster, but left much to be desired.

Merlin 153626061 1bc02d32 2722 4f36 bd31 2475ef9390c5 articleinline
Monkey Punch, Cartoonist Who Created Larcenous Lupin III, Dies at 81
Obituaries, Yesterday

Born Kazuhiko Kato in Japan, he invented a manga character that has found fans worldwide and inspired film and television adaptations.

19watching slide zm0n articleinline
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, Yesterday

This weekend has a great new stand-up special, a provocative look at artificial intelligence and a warm scripted series about being Muslim in America.

Merlin 153687726 6acfd0ea 820f 4348 a113 8ff03a6b31fe articleinline
The Mueller Show: TV Hosts Unpack 448 Pages in Real Time
Business, Yesterday

What was billed as a series finale turned out to be more of a midseason cliffhanger.

Merlin 153333249 66a02cbf b77d 4320 b0bd d4b6a5f7bb8a articleinline
‘Ramy’ Is a Soulful, Funny Leap of Faith
Arts, Yesterday

Ramy Youssef’s new comedy on Hulu explores the complexities of life and religion within a Muslim family in New Jersey.

18wainwright interview1 articleinline
In ‘Gentleman Jack,’ Sally Wainwright Brings a Fascinating Life From Diary to Screen
Arts, Yesterday

A new HBO series examines Anne Lister, a 19th century Englishwoman and landowner who chronicled her romantic relationships with other women in great detail.

21ramy1 articleinline
‘Ramy’ Is a Quietly Revolutionary Comedy
Arts, Yesterday

The new Hulu series, starring the Egyptian-American comedian Ramy Youssef, is the rare coming-of-age story about a millennial Muslim.

18latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Catches Himself Putting All His Eggs in the Mueller Report Basket
Arts, Yesterday

Colbert joked sarcastically that the Mueller report would “undoubtedly blow the lid off of Donald Trump’s corruption.”

Merlin 145248186 ac9bb6a0 a537 419b 8c50 94da411b1742 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Mid90s’ and ‘Bad Moms’
Arts, Yesterday

Jonah Hill’s directorial debut hits Amazon. And Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell star in “Bad Moms,” on FX.

17latenight1 articleinline
Kimmel Suggests Bernie Sanders’s Cash-Heavy Campaign Could Spend a Bit on ‘Personal Grooming’
Arts, April 17

The late-night hosts gave Sanders a light ribbing for his early successes in the presidential campaign.

17tvcol homecoming articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Breakthrough’
Arts, April 17

Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” hits Netflix. And a new PBS series looks at the history of technological innovations.

Merlin 153571365 68c33e6b 0bab 48be 940b 7f4cce899800 articleinline
This Just In! Waiting for Mueller, Trump Passes Time Commenting on the News
U.S., April 16

In speeches, in interviews and on Twitter this week, the president has been a kind of town crier as he opines on the day’s news developments.

00schultz obit1 articleinline
Barbara Schultz, 92, Dies; Produced Serious Drama in a Sitcom Era
Obituaries, April 16

At a time when comedies and variety shows dominated TV (and few women held executive jobs), she gave viewers “CBS Playhouse” and, later, “Visions” on PBS.

Merlin 148015647 5b580059 332f 4d30 aa89 b1bb01d8bc0f articleinline
Insurer Settles Suit with Another Cosby Accuser, Drawing His Wrath
Arts, April 16

Bill Cosby has objected to the settlements that his insurer, A.I.G., has made with eight women who had accused him of sexual assault.

Merlin 152060415 2ab94233 fe4a 4108 8fc8 f19da66bc991 articleinline
Sparkle, Once R. Kelly’s Protégée, May Testify Against Him. Again.
Arts, April 16

Sparkle testified that a sex tape showed Mr. Kelly abusing her niece. A rising star years ago, she is arguably best known today for her taking a public stand against him.

16latenight1 articleinline
Jimmy Fallon Parodies Pete Buttigieg, ‘the Boy Who Became Mayor’
Arts, April 16

“By age 14, I knew I wanted to be president of the United States,” Fallon said, impersonating Buttigieg. “And, boy, the two years since have just flown by.”

Merlin 153435063 650ac180 17a9 4069 b601 8638f5187ee6 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘There She Goes’ and ‘Bless This Mess’
Arts, April 16

A British comedy about parenting hits BritBox. And a couple leave New York for the farming life in Nebraska on “Bless This Mess.”

Merlin 153559521 e969891e a334 4fe5 b20a c403361e0517 articleinline
Georgia Engel, Gentle-Voiced ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Actress, Is Dead at 70
Obituaries, April 15

After gaining fame as the blustery newsman Ted Baxter’s love interest, Ms. Engel went on to “Everybody Loves Raymond” and more.

14thrones recap 7 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Returns to Record Ratings
Business, April 15

Sunday’s final season premiere was watched by 17.4 million viewers, HBO said, topping the show’s previous ratings record for a single episode.

14thrones recap 7 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Returns to Record Ratings in Season 8 Premiere
Business, April 15

The final season’s first episode on Sunday was watched by 17.4 million viewers, HBO said, topping the show’s previous ratings record for a single episode.

15got dragons articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’: So Who’s Able to Ride a Dragon?
Arts, April 15

It’s a popular misconception that only Targaryens can ride. And there is a lot about dragons that even Dany doesn’t know.

15got golden articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’: What Is the Golden Company? And Where Are Those Elephants?
Arts, April 15

Cersei’s mercenaries arrived 20,000 strong with a lot of bling. But who are these swords-for-hire? And can they be trusted?

Merlin 153393144 1995dbbd 6249 4bd5 af38 13f36a0d7b02 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘No Good Nick’ and ‘Enchanted April’
Arts, April 15

A family sitcom with a mysterious twist debuts on Netflix. And the delightful drama “Enchanted April” arrives on Hulu.

14thrones recap 2 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Cast on Why the Starks Need Family Therapy
Arts, April 14

After several seasons apart, the surviving members of House Stark are finally in one place. So are other big characters, like the Hound, Tyrion and Jaime. Awkward!

14thrones recap 4 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 1: Dragon Rides and Awkward Reunions
Arts, April 14

Sunday’s soapy but generally satisfying setup for the final run of “Game of Thrones” included new conflicts and old grudges as the sides coalesced in Winterfell and King’s Landing for the wars to come.

14billions articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 4, Episode 5: Best Served Cold
Arts, April 14

Axe gets revenge while Chuck gets ruthless.

14got convo articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: Will Daenerys Turn? Will Dragons Fight? Is the Iron Throne Even the Point?
Arts, April 14

In a conference call with subscribers, The New York Times’s “Thrones” experts discussed what to watch for in the new season.

Merlin 153373443 1e790f94 d482 4ff8 90ac d1c73e6001ab articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’: Meet the Woman Who Is the ‘Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Show’
Arts, April 14

Most fans probably don’t know the name Bernadette Caulfield. But this executive producer is considered a behind-the-scenes star of HBO’s epic drama.

14snl articleinline v2
‘S.N.L.’ Sees BTS Perform and Emma Stone Host, as Julian Assange Lands in Jail
Arts, April 14

Mostly avoiding politics, the opening sketch also featured jail appearances by Lori Loughlin, Michael Avenatti and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Merlin 153393807 140dd63c a677 4feb afff 19caf45bf3a6 articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Special’
Arts, April 14

“Game of Thrones” makes its much-anticipated return to HBO. And a new series based on a memoir by a gay 20-something with a disability hits Netflix.

Merlin 153160755 3324d072 6edc 4412 84ef 9baafcf31ba8 articleinline
It’s Actually Good to Be Basic, Writes Stassi Schroeder of ‘Vanderpump Rules’
Style, April 14

Raise your pumpkin-spice latte! The reality-show star has a new advice book.

Merlin 143175846 1af43e71 4281 4530 8072 1bf94b543d04 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’
Arts, April 13

”Crazy Rich Asians” makes its television debut on HBO. And BTS bring K-pop to “Saturday Night Live.”

4ed138a2081f4f33a43b4eb9c01ed790 articleinline
Hollywood Upended as Unions Tell Writers to Fire Agents
Business, April 12

Talks between TV and movie writers and their agencies on a new code of conduct broke off before a midnight deadline. “It has become clear a big change is necessary,” the Writers Guild of America said.

11lesmiserables 1 articleinline
A New Version of ‘Les Misérables’ Has Less Singing, More Misery
Arts, April 12

A new six-part TV adaptation, debuting Sunday on PBS, hews much more closely to Victor Hugo’s often tragic novel than to the famous musical version.

Got watching nl slide 4e7v articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 7: On Thin Ice
Arts, April 12

“Thrones” returns for its final season on Sunday. Here are our takeaways from Season 7.

Merlin 150188829 ad181832 19db 400d 9998 5b3b09c9bb25 articleinline
Max Greenfield of ‘The Neighborhood’ Takes His Daughter Out for Ice Cream
Style, April 12

The actor also stars in the new “Veronica Mars.” “I’ll have a career forever, just doing reboots,” he said.

12latenight1 articleinline
Seth Meyers Is Amazed by Michael Avenatti’s Lifestyle
Arts, April 12

“How is this the first we’re hearing of Michael Avenatti’s racecar team?” the “Late Night” host said after the lawyer’s indictment was made public on Thursday.

Merlin 153101013 067ed48e ae35 4e97 8519 6298b6d382ae articleinline
Less Blabbing, More Stabbing: How Spectacle Won ‘Game of Thrones’
Arts, April 12

As the fantasy saga heads for the explosive finale it has promised, I’m hoping for a little more conversation and a little less action.

Merlin 144690864 d283bd28 2140 440c a51d f831607ae2f4 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘A Land Imagined’ and ‘The Magnificent Seven’
Arts, April 12

An acclaimed Singapore-set mystery hits Netflix. And Denzel Washington is in a remake of “ The Magnificent Seven,” airing on USA.

11trekrecap articleinline
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 13: Saying Goodbye, Maybe.
Arts, April 11

In this week’s “Star Trek: Discovery,” Burnham offers a sacrifice: to send herself to the future to escape Control.

12watching1 articleinline v3
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, April 11

Tune in for an thoughtful new Netflix series, the return of “Game of Thrones” and great show for fans of “Pushing Daisies.”

11special interview1 articleinline
A Dark Comedy About Being Disabled? He’s in on the Joke
Arts, April 11

On the Netflix series “Special,” the creator and star Ryan O’Connell mines his experiences being a gay millennial with cerebral palsy for humor.

Merlin 153091998 f0573cab 35cc 459f b35f 605760ea26d8 articleinline
Samantha Bee Calls for a ‘Hero’ to Prevent Trump From Watching Fox News
Arts, April 11

Bee pointed out that President Trump fired much of the Department of Homeland Security’s leadership soon after Fox News’s Lou Dobbs said he should.

Merlin 130313600 68f0a8d2 4ab7 495e bc2e 40e5516ed324 articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Black Summer’
Arts, April 11

Guillermo del Toro’s “Hellboy” airs on Syfy ahead of the series’ imminent reboot. And a zombie spinoff hits Netflix.

Merlin 153106794 64344be1 aacf 42d3 8d2e 4e5bd65e06d6 articleinline
Watching ‘Our Planet,’ Where the Predator Is Us
Arts, April 10

The epic Netflix documentary offers a visual banquet, but it doesn’t sugarcoat the effects of humans on the environment.

Merlin 153242751 0df278a6 23ee 4bed aa79 953819664bdd articleinline
Charles Van Doren, a Quiz Show Whiz Who Wasn’t, Dies at 93
Obituaries, April 10

A charismatic and well-pedigreed contestant, he confessed to Congress that his ballyhooed TV performances in the 1950s had been scandalously rigged.

10latenight1 articleinline
Jimmy Fallon Grapples With the Awkwardness of Joe Biden’s Candidacy
Arts, April 10

Fallon was bemused by the former vice president’s lead in the polls, despite the women who say he made unwanted physical contact with them.

Merlin 153057300 280a40da ad85 4aa7 8015 4abf9010619b articleinline
At the Friars Club, When the Laughter Stopped
Arts, April 10

Financial ills and a federal investigation, just completed, have led to discord at the club, whose members have included entertainment industry legends.

Merlin 153241437 7d682292 c583 449e 86f5 1060e21eb4cc articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘The Silence’ and ‘The Girl on the Train’
Arts, April 10

Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci star in a new Netflix horror movie. And “The Girl on the Train” airs on FX.

09pirro 01 articleinline
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Jeanine Pirro of Fox News
Business, April 9

The former prosecutor has found new notoriety — and big ratings — with her ferocious harangues on behalf of an old friend, President Trump.

09reconstruction articleinline
Essential History in ‘Reconstruction’ on PBS
Arts, April 9

Henry Louis Gates Jr. examines America’s quick abandonment of its newly freed citizens after the Civil War, and its distinct and dangerous echoes today.

Merlin 153099138 ff7a1b04 ba4c 4572 95e0 ed7b084bc41c articleinline
Down the ‘Fosse/Verdon’ Rabbit Hole
Arts, April 9

A new FX series recreates the professional and personal relationship between Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Here are some of the onscreen highlights from their careers.

Merlin 153225654 aefab78c 9290 4bbd a324 68eb2eb33a75 articleinline
In Venezuela, Comedy Is Protest. Until the Government Finds Out.
Arts, April 9

With TV and radio controlled by the state, stand-ups like Nacho Redondo see the stage as an outlet. But even that wasn’t safe and the comic is now in exile.

Merlin 153239355 dca3d87e 07fe 4b61 8d0d 75d0d25f50a6 articleinline
An Indian TV Show Points the Way for a New Generation
Arts, April 9

Amazon’s “Made in Heaven” complicates the glamour of wealthy Indian weddings by confronting patriarchy, homophobia and class.

09latenight1 articleinline
Late-Night TV Says Good Riddance to Kirstjen Nielsen
Arts, April 9

The late-night hosts on Monday discussed the resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen, who had become the public face of the White House’s family-separation policy.

Merlin 152305806 23e9e327 0593 421f 8233 87c6e18ca173 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Fosse/Verdon’ and ‘Destroyer’
Arts, April 9

The new limited series “Fosse/Verdon” shimmies onto FX. And Nicole Kidman’s crime thriller arrives on Hulu.

Merlin 141652998 889be46f e66d 4a6c 99ad 2dfeac2dedcb articleinline
Hannah Gadsby to Return to New York With ‘Douglas’
Arts, April 8

The Australian comedian will start the American tour of her new show in San Francisco on April 29 and wrap up in Manhattan this summer.

Merlin 153228996 9ed50f6a a2a4 46c1 993d f669f0727bdc articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 7: Be a Dragon
Arts, April 8

We’ve reached the penultimate season in our grand “Thrones” rewatch. Here are the episodes to revisit and the themes to think about.

Merlin 153228669 ae4c6514 0358 43ca b260 526d8c8b8880 articleinline
The Future Is Female in New ‘Walking Dead’ Series
Arts, April 8

The AMC franchise’s latest will center on two female lead characters and “an unseen pocket of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe steeped in a new mythology.”

08ourplanet1 articleinline
A Netflix Nature Series Says to Viewers: Don’t Like What You See? Do Something About It
Arts, April 8

“Our Planet” depicts melting glaciers, plummeting walruses and other effects of climate change in real time. The series creators share their behind-the-scenes stories.

08fosse articleinline
In ‘Fosse/Verdon,’ a Portrait of the Artist as Problematic Fave
Arts, April 8

This dual Broadway biopic has style and moves but gets tripped up by an overfamiliar story of a brilliant, toxic man.

Merlin 152602617 8fd847e3 5944 4142 b61b f64772a2f8f4 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: Noir Movies and ‘White Boy’
Arts, April 8

The Criterion Collection unveils its new streaming service. And a documentary on a former drug dealer debuts on Starz.

07billions recap articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: Consent
Arts, April 7

Faced with the certain exposure of his kinky sex life, Chuck considers a risky move.

06xp pulaski articleinline
Casimir Pulaski, Polish Hero of the Revolutionary War, Was Most Likely Intersex, Researchers Say
Science, April 7

Disputed remains were the right height and age and showed injuries consistent with the general’s life. There was just one catch: “The skeleton looked very female.”

07fosse articleinline
‘Fosse/Verdon’ Is Full of Broadway Legends. Here’s Who’s Who.
Arts, April 7

This series, which debuts Tuesday on FX, includes many midcentury Broadway and film personalities and their works. Here’s a cheat sheet.

07snl articleinline
‘S.N.L.’ and Kit Harington Spoof Biden and ‘Game of Thrones’
Arts, April 7

Jason Sudeikis returned to “Saturday Night Live” to play Joe Biden, while Harington, the host, was featured in several sketches with a “Game of Thrones” theme.

Merlin 153061473 ed5c2a6b 2332 4c7e 8d66 e23f9aa97b2d articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘The Chi’
Arts, April 7

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer resume their cat-and-mouse game in “Killing Eve.” And Lena Waithe’s “The Chi” returns to Showtime.

07douthat articleinline
The Best Year of Our Lives
Opinion, April 6

Twenty years later, we still haven't partied like we did in 1999.

6bebc147514942aeb8cf4cbcb848792e articleinline
‘Coronation Street,’ Long-Running British Soap, Introduces Its First Black Family
Arts, April 6

The show, which has chronicled working-class British life since 1960, will introduce the Bailey family in June.

Merlin 153020007 a14fe13a 0d80 434c aac7 33fee4c3e579 articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Native Son’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’
Arts, April 6

A new adaptation of a classic novel debuts on HBO. And Kit Harington hosts “Saturday Night Live.”

Merlin 144296199 9f190d3a 57d8 4163 8ebe 63195c531328 articleinline
7 Women Suing Bill Cosby Reach Settlement in Defamation Case
Arts, April 5

The women had sued the entertainer, who is now in prison, after his representatives accused them of lying about their claims of sexual assault.

00wc mount a tv slide dwk4 articleinline
How to Mount a TV Without Making a Mess
Smarter Living, April 5

Don’t underestimate the time and energy it takes to mount your TV on the wall yourself. Here’s how to do it and keep your wall — and your peace of mind — in one piece.

Merlin 153068913 f63a2933 4e25 40d8 a02f 8f4b4d657e41 articleinline
‘The Chi’ Returns to the South Side of Chicago
Arts, April 5

Lena Waithe’s neighborhood drama on Showtime didn’t get the awards-season attention it deserved for Season 1. The window may have closed.

Merlin 153062151 5fac24b7 c2f8 4c7e a306 08cc714e21a7 articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 6: I Choose Violence
Arts, April 5

In this edition of our grand rewatch, readers have questions about Benjen Stark and we spoke with Kristian Nairn about Hodor’s death.

Merlin 152339850 f7628468 a436 4cfc 8436 1f9be828311e articleinline
On ‘Killing Eve,’ Jodie Comer’s Villain Is Delightfully Dangerous. Here’s Why.
Arts, April 5

The actress looks back on the moments that have defined Villanelle thus far.

Merlin 151747854 89c660af 66af 4421 a7cc 29928440e023 articleinline
New to Hulu? Here’s What to Watch
Arts, April 5

A rundown of the best Hulu original titles, including a contemplative documentary, a dystopian drama and a raunchy comedy.

07got tv1 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Changed TV. Let Us Count the Ways.
Arts, April 5

It is a show whose budgets and scale were once unthinkable for television — and now it’s become the gold standard.

07snapshot articleinline
Issa Rae Is Learning to Make Her Big Voice Heard
Movies, April 5

She talks about “Little,” her new film with Regina Hall and Marsai Martin; the future of “Insecure” — including a drinks- and pool-fueled discussion of its end — and a golden moment for black women.

Fileupload 1553686462930 articleinline
An Arabic-Speaking Talk-Show Host Wades Into Germany’s Culture Wars
World, April 5

Jafaar Abdul Karim is not afraid to take on issues that many Muslim refugees in the country consider taboo. And, yes, he has had death threats.

The Battle to Control the Murdoch Media Empire
Podcasts, April 5

Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets have helped destabilize democracy on three continents. The power struggle among his children has world-changing consequences.

05latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Is Unimpressed by the Attorney General’s Letter
Arts, April 5

William Barr’s brief letter about the Mueller report was like a four-word summation of the new “Game of Thrones” season, says the “Late Night” host.

Merlin 149900379 06104624 e030 4d8f a41f 195609c45e54 articleinline
How Sara Haines, Television Host, Spends Her Sundays
New York, April 5

A career in morning television dovetails perfectly with parenting young children, at least when it comes to sleep schedules.

07got globe20 articleinline v2
‘Game of Thrones’ Is Ending. But You Can Still Visit Westeros.
Arts, April 5

As the spiritual and production home of HBO’s sprawling fantasy drama, Northern Ireland has been transformed by the show. We take you there.

Merlin 153030330 df902b88 a544 4770 98d9 368e118d9331 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas’ and ‘Unicorn Store’
Arts, April 5

Wyatt Cenac’s late-night show returns to HBO. And Brie Larson’s directorial debut hits Netflix.

04trekrecap articleinline
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 12: Time Is a Flat Circle on Boreth
Arts, April 4

In this week’s “Star Trek: Discovery,” we travel to Boreth, a sacred Klingon planet, where Pike finds out about his future.

Merlin 153059253 be336333 92e3 4256 b060 8a6a402cb8e5 articleinline
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, April 4

“Call the Midwife” and “The Chi,” are back; and catch the series finale of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

04nativeson1 articleinline
A ‘Native Son’ Reimagined, With James Baldwin in Mind
Arts, April 4

In 1949, Richard Wright’s best-selling novel drew criticism from his former protégé. A new HBO movie adaptation attempts to marry the two writers’ sensibilities for a modern age.

04latenight1 articleinline
Trevor Noah Doesn’t Get Why Trump Would Lie About His Father’s Birthplace
Arts, April 4

“Sometimes it feels like he has an unlimited lying plan with Verizon,” Noah said. “Like, why lie about this?”

Merlin 153010092 c161fb40 0fb8 42b9 b59c 9e7ffa7dc9d2 articleinline
‘Killing Eve’ Returns in Fighting Form
Arts, April 4

Everything that was good in Season 1 of the addictive BBC America thriller is still good in Season 2.

Merlin 152819541 04e11142 c7a7 4759 a78a 5a19d707d341 articleinline
Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Ever Really Be Over? Unlikely
Arts, April 4

The phenomenally popular (and lucrative) HBO show could go the way of “Star Wars,” Harry Potter and Disney’s Marvelverse.

04tvcol inthedark articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘In the Dark’ and ‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’
Arts, April 4

A comedy-drama about a blind 20-something thrust into a murder-mystery debuts on the CW. And “Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger” returns to Freeform.

03geere1 articleinline
On ‘You’re the Worst,’ Chris Geere Got His Ever After. Now What?
Arts, April 3

The anti-rom-com made Geere almost famous. Now he’s consulting mystics and enjoying bubble tea as he plots his future.

Merlin 152943042 fa774e1b 45c6 4bf4 9b85 ddb72438d690 articleinline
‘Warrior,’ Pitched by Bruce Lee and Made by Cinemax
Arts, April 3

A half-century after Bruce Lee’s TV idea didn’t get made but ‘Kung Fu’ did, a series based on his original treatment has come to pass.

03latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Gloats as Trump Retreats on Health Care
Arts, April 3

"Not only do they not have a plan, there is no plan to make a plan,” Colbert said of Republican lawmakers.

03got studio 2 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour to Debut in 2020
Arts, April 3

HBO is turning one of the show’s studios in Northern Ireland into a tourist attraction, the first of several planned “Thrones” fan experiences.

07got plot 1 articleinline
‘Game of Thrones’: 9 Questions for the Final Season
Arts, April 3

When winter finally comes to the HBO epic with one last batch of episodes, it has a lot to answer for.

Killingeve moodboard1 articleinline
The Wild Inspirations for ‘Killing Eve’
Arts, April 3

What TV’s most entertaining murder show learned from a YouTube video, a podcast, an ad and the Coen brothers.

03tvcol youretheworst articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘You’re the Worst’ and ‘Brockmire’
Arts, April 3

The series finale of “You’re the Worst” airs on FXX. And “Brockmire” is back for a third season on IFC.

Killingeve moodboard4 articleinline
Video, April 2

BBC America | Miramax

Killingeve moodboard3 grid articleinline
Video, April 2

BBC America | KENZO World

Killingeve moodboard2 grid articleinline
Video, April 2

KTVK | BBC America

Killingeve moodboard1 articleinline
Video, April 2

KTVK | BBC America

02latenight articleinline
Stephen Colbert Makes Fun of Joe Biden After Misconduct Claim
Arts, April 2

The former vice president has been accused of inappropriate touching by a female politician in Nevada. Colbert got into the awkward details of those claims.

Merlin 152795286 dd051999 ca1c 4bad b2fa 89a71f440c7b articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘This Is Us’ and ‘The Last O.G.’
Arts, April 2

The third season of “This Is Us” comes to a dramatic close. And “The Last O.G.” returns for a second run.

Merlin 139769988 b6dc9830 befd 4071 88f9 7ca14f39f51e articleinline
Hannah Gadsby on Autism and the Risk of Failing After ‘Nanette’
Arts, April 1

The comedian who said she was quitting stand-up is back with a new show, “Douglas,” that is sold out in Australia. “I don’t care if this fails,” she says.

Merlin 152748117 d1ed2a97 9e87 4221 b5ae 9afa80098ab1 articleinline
Trump Lives by Ratings. He Won’t Like This One.
U.S., April 1

The E-Score measures awareness and appeal of individuals in the public eye. President Trump was most often described as “aggressive” and “mean,” according to his scores from December.

Merlin 152789952 d0a7b659 9d04 4424 8493 821f32d235e6 articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 6: Cry Me a Riverrun
Arts, April 1

Our grand “Thrones” rewatch has reached Season 6. Here are the episodes to watch and the themes to focus on.

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As ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ End, Two Groundbreaking TV Characters Say Goodbye
Arts, April 1

Rogelio de la Vega and Darryl Whitefeather challenged stereotypes around masculinity. The actors who played them discuss the legacy they leave behind.

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Confirm or Deny: Sam Rockwell
Style, April 1

More on the actor’s friends and influences.

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The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Amazon and More in April
Arts, April 1

Every month, subscription streaming services add a new batch of titles to their libraries. Here are the ones we think are most interesting for April.

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What’s on TV Monday: ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Punk’
Arts, April 1

Jordan Peele’s reboot of the seminal sci-fi series arrives on CBS All Access. And Iggy Pop’s documentary series wraps up on Epix.

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‘Billions’ Season 4, Episode 3: Hurts So Good
Arts, March 31

Most of the key characters in “Billions” — Bobby Axelrod, Chuck, Taylor Mason — seem to require intense adversity to be at their best.

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‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’: Finale Reveals New DNA Test Results
Arts, March 31

The HBO series made good on its promise to deliver big revelations about the 20-year-old murder case that “Serial” made famous.

Fileupload 1554057942837 articleinline
In ‘Mrs. Wilson,’ an Actress Uncovers Her Grandfather’s Lies
Arts, March 31

Ruth Wilson plays her own grandmother in a real-life story of secret agents, secret lives and multiple marriages on PBS’s “Masterpiece.”

Merlin 152738349 12d57d65 516a 4793 a37d 7566f1992e6c articleinline
A ‘Twilight Zone’ Trying to Find Its Dimension
Arts, March 31

reworking of the spooky classic is sleek and well-made, but it’s still looking for its voice.

31snl articleinline
On ‘S.N.L.,’ Trump, Mueller and Barr Interpret the Final Report Very Differently
Arts, March 31

Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin returned to skewer the Mueller report on “Saturday Night Live,” while Sandra Oh hosted.

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What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Veep’ and ‘10 Things I Hate About You’
Arts, March 31

“Veep” returns for a final season on HBO. And “10 Things I Hate About You” turns 20.

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What’s on TV Saturday: ‘S.N.L.’ and ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’
Arts, March 30

Sandra Oh hosts “Saturday Night Live.” And the “Mamma Mia!” sequel makes its television debut on HBO.

29netflix canada april combo articleinline
New on Netflix Canada: The Best Movies and TV Shows for April 2019
Arts, March 29

Every month, Netflix Canada adds a batch of movies and TV shows to its library. Here are the titles we think are most interesting for April.

29hanna articleinline v2
Amazon’s ‘Hanna,’ Genetically Modified for Streaming Video
Arts, March 29

The creators of a fairy-tale action film expand it into an eight-episode series by removing the fairy tale.

Merlin 150392577 87bfe88c cb2a 47cc 9534 18b3f5b8715a articleinline
Director Amy Berg on Why the Adnan Syed Case Still Matters
Arts, March 29

In 2014, “Serial” made a 15-year-old murder a cultural phenomenon. Berg’s HBO docu-series, which concludes Sunday, has raised more questions about the case.

Merlin 152688222 fd6e8382 8097 4196 9e0b e63c5624f110 articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 5: Shame, Shame, Shame
Arts, March 29

Cersei’s mistakes, Melisandre’s true nature and Sansa’s (comparatively) lucky escape.

29startrek articleinline
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 11: Struggle Is Pointless
Arts, March 29

This week’s “Star Trek: Discovery” continues the show’s trend of causing its protagonist to suffer greatly.

Merlin 152305182 d22439c1 1521 4889 99a9 d5e93ed6023c articleinline
‘Fosse/Verdon’ Has Magic to Do. And Undo.
Arts, March 29

A limited FX series revives two Broadway legends, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Will the show razzle dazzle us? Or will it find a new way to tell the story of artists who behave badly?

29twilightzone guide print3 articleinline
‘The Twilight Zone’: Here’s Why We Still Care
Arts, March 29

Jordan Peele’s reboot of Rod Serling’s original classic is coming soon. Here’s a primer on the series’ enduring legacy, whether you’ve seen every episode or none.

29latenight articleinline
Trevor Noah Isn’t Sorry for Kids Caught up in College-Admissions Scandal
Arts, March 29

“The whole country has been rocked by the news that hundreds of parents have been accused of bribing their kids’ way into elite colleges — and also U.S.C.,” Noah said.

Merlin 152688108 725633d6 8dce 4107 863d e6c4b1884505 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Hanna’ and ‘The Highwaymen’
Arts, March 29

The 2011 thriller “Hanna” is reimagined as an Amazon web series. And Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner star in “The Highwaymen” on Netflix.

Merlin 152687151 98deb056 d0e9 4338 85a1 c1b01ea639a8 articleinline
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, March 28

The return of two HBO favorites and a stripped down “Julius Caesar.”

Merlin 152658000 ee9c0116 fdb0 4e64 9fdf b8f11c3e8f18 articleinline
‘Us’ Reflects a Mirror Image of ‘The Twilight Zone’
Arts, March 28

For his latest horror hit, Jordan Peele appears to draw inspiration from Rod Serling’s classic series in more ways than one.

28latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Calls Mike Lee the ‘Jar Jar Binks of the Senate’
Arts, March 28

After the Republican senator used absurd graphics to send up the Green New Deal, the “Late Show” host gave him a taste of his own medicine.

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What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Abby’s’ and ‘Broad City’
Arts, March 28

It’s a night of sitcom beginnings and ends as “Abby’s” debuts on NBC and “Broad City” concludes on Comedy Central.

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Here’s What Jussie Smollett’s Community Service Looked Like
Arts, March 27

In explaining why they dropped charges against the “Empire” actor, prosecutors noted his record of volunteer work, including two recent days at Jesse Jackson’s organization.

Merlin 152672988 f61288dd fa60 4f04 a9ba cfd542a58e35 articleinline
Jussie Smollett’s Community Service in Spotlight After Case Dropped
Arts, March 27

In explaining why they dropped charges against the “Empire” actor, prosecutors noted his record of volunteer work, including two recent days at Jesse Jackson’s organization.

Merlin 152407263 48248d8f 6bd8 426e aedc 11b7b5c297cb articleinline
How ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Became an Ad for Nothing
Arts, March 27

J.C. Penney ended its partnership with the reality franchise after the bankruptcy of the Weinstein Company. Lifetime decided to air the new season anyway.

27latenight1 articleinline
Jussie Smollett’s Case Leaves Late-Night Hosts Scratching Their Heads
Arts, March 27

It is not yet clear whether Smollett will return to the cast of “Empire.” James Corden joked, “It is very impressive that one person might be too much drama for the show ‘Empire.’”

27netflixaustralia unicorn articleinline
The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix Australia in April
Arts, March 27

Every month, Netflix Australia adds a new batch of movies and TV shows to its library. Here are the titles we think are most interesting for April.

Merlin 152600388 e5abdc36 ee98 4fb6 889a 8af2c9f5a554 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and ‘Monsters and Men’
Arts, March 27

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi bring funny vampires to FX. And Reinaldo Marcus Green’s “Monsters and Men” is streaming on Hulu.

26applehollywood 01 articleinline
Hollywood Had Questions. Apple Didn’t Answer Them.
Business, March 26

The event at the Steve Jobs Theater was heavy on star power and light on specifics. The Los Angeles crowd buzzed more about a new credit card than anything else.

Merlin 152073987 1bb4899f dbe7 4ed5 9b12 3d74467ffc6f articleinline
Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped, Angering Chicago Mayor and Police
Arts, March 26

Rahm Emanuel reacted to Cook County prosecutors’ decision to drop all charges against the “Empire” actor accused of staging an attack on himself.

Merlin 152600391 205fdb57 59d5 448f bfa1 c41364bfd2f7 articleinline
In ‘Shadows,’ on FX, Laid-Back Vampires Return for Another Bite
Arts, March 26

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi resurrect the premise of their film for a slight but toothsome new slacker comedy, “What We Do in the Shadows.”

26latenight1 articleinline
Colbert Takes Collusion Off ‘List of Reasons Trump Is Unfit to Be President’
Arts, March 26

“Put kids in cages” and “all that birther stuff” were left on the list, along with dozens of other items.

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After ‘Us,’ Jordan Peele Crosses Over to ‘The Twilight Zone’
Arts, March 26

Peele, the comedian turned Oscar-winning horror filmmaker, overcame initial reservations to remake Rod Serling’s classic series for CBS All Access.

Merlin 152465055 8c410626 f946 4f30 8d80 d266812bf7f2 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Miracle Workers’ and ‘Temptation Island’
Arts, March 26

Daniel Radcliffe sets out to save humankind in the series finale of “Miracle Workers.” And the first season of the “Temptation Island” reboot comes to a close.

Merlin 152453835 c49841fe 77a4 40ad 8c73 cc83387816df articleinline
Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season 5: Light a Candle
Arts, March 25

We’ve reached the fifth season in our grand “Thrones” rewatch, and the show’s most debated death.

25the act articleinline
In ‘The Act,’ Real-Life Horror Has an Emotional Logic
Arts, March 25

Michelle Dean on being the co-creator of the harrowing new Hulu show, which dramatizes a true story of Munchausen by proxy syndrome.

Merlin 152554749 1a0912a4 7225 449b 981b fce11612c59d articleinline
Dubai Denies There Were Plans for an R. Kelly Concert
Arts, March 25

Dubai’s government denied a claim by R. Kelly that the singer had planned concerts in the sheikhdom after he had sought permission from a judge to travel.

Merlin 152453544 bc6541a5 4ed3 4d7b 962f 574f5182205e articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Women, War & Peace II’ and ‘The Salesman’
Arts, March 25

Inspiring women take center stage in “Women, War & Peace II.” And a couple grapples with an intruder in “The Salesman.”

Merlin 152411709 c9e70e44 8cde 461b b7bd 4a7440a99d3b articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 4, Episode 2: You Win Some, They Lose Some
Arts, March 24

Chuck, Bobby and Taylor settle into the long game, and the audience learns a thing or two about “arousal templates.”