Merlin 145493745 6e72d7a7 8f6a 4ef6 964a 51584e240899 articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Rake’
Arts, Today

The heroes of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” return to stave off another threat. And the final season of “Rake” comes to Acorn TV.

22deuce recap thumbwide
‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 7: Duck and Cover
Culture, Yesterday

Vinnie’s chickens are coming home to roost. Meanwhile, Detective Alston faces a moral dilemma.

Merlin 145510101 a689279c a52c 4912 ba44 ed2aa61dd040 thumbwide
Blumhouse Studio, Scary at the Box Office, Gets Serious About TV
Business, Yesterday

The Hollywood producer of blockbuster films like the latest “Halloween” sequel is trying to become a serious player in television. It won’t be easy.

Merlin 145237419 a22fd8f5 1903 4ff4 b12d 4838e2a5986d thumbwide
Kind, Humble Big Bird
Letters, Yesterday

A reader recalls an encounter with Caroll Spinney, who is retiring from the role after almost 50 years.

Merlin 105411097 7147441a 4c87 42e4 b0fc a61377af5726 thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ and ‘The Woman in White’
Culture, Yesterday

The second film of the “Cloverfield” franchise airs on FXX. And an adaptation of a Wilkie Collins novel debuts on PBS.

21bravo 1 thumbwide
The Sound of ‘Housewives’ Everywhere
Styles, October 20

Behind the scenes with the men who make America’s favorite “ladies” into drama queens.

20tvcol mydinner thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘My Dinner with Hervé’ and ‘The Illusionist’
Culture, October 20

Peter Dinklage stars in the new HBO drama “My Dinner with Hervé.” And “The Illusionist” arrives on Amazon Prime.

20fox1 thumbwide
Fox Network Is Replacing Chief With Charlie Collier of AMC
Business, October 19

Gary Newman, a co-chief executive of the Fox Television Group, had been expected to stay in charge, but wanted to leave in the spring. So the network acted now.

20romanoffs item thumbwide
A Romanov Is Not Too Happy With ‘The Romanoffs’
Culture, October 19

The self-declared Grand Duchess Maria, a descendant of Russian royalty, took it upon herself to issue a bitter critique of the fictional Amazon series.

19cheatsheet bigbird thumbwide
Bella Thorne’s Cats, Big Bird and More: Your Week in Pop Culture
Culture, October 19

What you need to know from this week’s TV, music and movie news.

Merlin 144674277 745035d1 bf90 4c24 90dd d2a2b8d4a8ff thumbwide
Netflix’s ‘Wanderlust’ Is an Experiment in Fidelity
Culture, October 19

Toni Collette plays a therapist who tries to save her marriage by talking her husband into an open marriage. (He doesn’t take much convincing.)

Merlin 145490883 b95bdb41 a768 4e4a ba61 e3a6080a5554 thumbwide
Lena Dunham and Ex-Producing Partner Shut Down Lenny Letter
Business, October 19

Ms. Dunham and Jenny Konner said Friday that they were closing the newsletter and website after a three-year run that included contributions from Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lawrence.

19latenight1 articleinline
Trevor Noah Urges Black Voters to Register as Republicans (Sort Of)
Arts, October 19

“I guarantee you, if the G.O.P. thinks that black people are voting for them, they will be making sure that your vote counts,” the “Daily Show” host said.

19tvcol marvelsdaredevil thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Halloween’
Weekend, October 19

The third season of “Daredevil” debuts on Netflix. And John Carpenter’s horror classic airs on AMC.

19murderer thumbwide
‘Making a Murderer Part 2’: What’s Next for Steven Avery
Weekend, October 19

A new 10-episode installment of Netflix’s true-crime hit focuses on court hearings and appeals but still provides an edge-of-your-seat mystery.

Merlin 145396737 3c5c93ae 3347 475f a25d e0761224e278 thumbwide
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Weekend, October 18

Got some space in your schedule and on your couch? Our TV critic Margaret Lyons has recommendations.

19cbs 01 thumbwide
CBS Has a New Head of Programming: David Nevins of Showtime
Business, October 18

More than a month after Les Moonves departed as chief executive, the company promoted a veteran executive with Hollywood bona fides.

20broadway item thumbwide
Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Reunite in a Broadway Holiday Show
Culture, October 18

The two former “American Idol” rivals will be in a limited-run show that opens in December at the Imperial Theater.

Love witch watching thumbwide v2
Horror Movies by Women and More: Your Thursday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 18

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

21donovan1 thumbwide
‘Ray Donovan’: New Coast, Same Wounds
Arts & Leisure, October 18

For its sixth season, the Showtime drama has moved its Hollywood fixer, played by Liev Schreiber, to New York.

15readers moonlanding2 thumbwide
Remembering the Moon Landing, Nearly 50 Years Later: ‘We Were All Completely Silent’
Culture, October 18

A new film, “First Man,” tells the story of Neil Armstrong’s stepping onto the moon in the summer of 1969. We asked readers to tell us what they remembered about that historic day.

Merlin 145337028 9e98ea23 5685 48ac 9c5d 74c7b53a84da thumbwide
Can Hasan Minhaj Make Topical Comedy Work on Netflix?
Arts & Leisure, October 18

With “Patriot Act,” the former “Daily Show” correspondent plans to cover news most late-night hosts ignore, and looks to defy Netflix’s spotty talk show track record.

18latenight1 thumbwide
Stephen Colbert Pillories Trump for Rejecting Climate Change Science
Culture, October 18

President Trump told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the science regarding climate change is still unsettled.

Merlin 103497538 c9fd485a ba67 4b57 afed e70aeb145d62 thumbwide
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Puffs’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’
Culture, October 18

An Off Broadway riff on Harry Potter streams on BroadwayHD. And “Star Trek Into Darkness” airs on FXM.

18xp oscar thumbwide
The Enduring Appeal of Oscar the Grouch
Express, October 17

Big Bird’s nice, but Oscar, who loves trash and shuns his neighbors, is a lovable curmudgeon.

Merlin 145438158 bd00e66e 1264 4a5f 8483 01a33391a9c2 articleinline
These Are the Best and Worst (Actually New) Sitcoms This Fall
Arts, October 17

While everyone was talking about the revived “Murphy Brown” and “The Conners,” there were seven brand-new comedies this fall. We catch up with them.

Merlin 145394028 a9870767 75d5 4a75 bc9b 30c78b743fb0 articleinline
‘The Conners’ Killed Roseanne. Here’s the Reaction So Far.
Arts, October 17

Months after ABC cancelled the “Roseanne” reboot, the Conners are back, this time without Roseanne. What are people saying? We’ve rounded up the must-reads.

Merlin 145394028 a9870767 75d5 4a75 bc9b 30c78b743fb0 articleinline
‘The Conners’ Killed Roseanne. Here’s the Reaction So Far.
Arts, October 17

Months after ABC cancelled the “Roseanne” reboot, the Conners are back, this time without Roseanne. What are people saying? We’ve rounded up the must-reads.

18terracehouse thumbwide
‘Terrace House’ Has Never Been So Heartwarming and Humiliating
Culture, October 17

As the “Opening New Doors” season continues, we unpack our affection (mostly) for Japan’s greatest gift to American reality television.

18murderer1 thumbwide
Making ‘Making a Murderer,’ Again
Culture, October 17

The creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi discussed what it was like returning to the series that launched their careers.

18cheatsheet1 thumbwide
No More ‘Nathan for You’: Your Wednesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 17

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

18conners thumbwide
‘The Conners’ Is a Bittersweet Pill
Culture, October 17

ABC’s “Roseanne” sans Roseanne mourned its materfamilias in raw, irreverent style. But the legacy of the polarizing revival is still with it.

17latenight1 thumbwide
Trump Has Raised $100 Million for 2020. To James Corden, It Makes Sense.
Culture, October 17

Mr. Corden joked, “Trump has raised so much money, this time he says he might not even need the Russians.”

18sesame oak1 thumbwide
Original Big Bird, Caroll Spinney, Leaves ‘Sesame Street’ After Nearly 50 Years
Culture, October 17

Mr. Spinney’s remarkable run as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, two of the most beloved characters on television, will end this week.

Merlin 145133280 09bf4186 a997 4a37 8c41 445c94a03eed thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘CMT Artists of the Year’ and ‘Hell or High Water’
Culture, October 17

Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and others perform on CMT. And “Hell or High Water” airs on TMC.

17cheatsheet1 thumbwide
Chance the Rapper Isn’t Running: Your Tuesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 16

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

16latenight1 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Says Warren’s DNA Test Reveals She ‘Is Running for President’
Arts, October 16

Colbert focused on President Trump’s pledge to give $1 million to a charity of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s choosing if she could prove her Native American ancestry.

Merlin 145336956 8c1c5ba7 1588 40a9 a28a ebf24d6c3fec thumbwide
What’s on TV: ‘The Kids Are Alright’ and ‘The Blair Witch Project’
Culture, October 16

Brace for a packed house in “The Kids are Alright,” and experience horror firsthand in “The Blair Witch Project.”

16cheatsheet1 thumbwide
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Split Up: Your Monday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 15

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

Tmag georgepromo thumbwide
George R. R. Martin, Fantasy’s Reigning King
T Style, October 15

The author of “A Game of Thrones” has expanded the realms of genre fiction and prestige television — and forever changed how we engage with an imagined universe.

15thesentence thumbwide v2
What’s on TV Monday: ‘The Sentence’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’
Culture, October 15

Prepare to shed a few tears during “The Sentence,” and watch a foxy George Clooney.

Merlin 145172244 28dcb190 211a 4908 8453 489915beb7e4 thumbwide
‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Dirty Money
Culture, October 14

No one escapes compromise on the Deuce, where progress can look a lot like running on a treadmill.

15snl thumbwide v2
‘S.N.L.’ Mocks Kanye West’s White House Visit With President Trump
Culture, October 14

Alec Baldwin helped recreate the strange Oval Office meeting between Trump and West, who has become the newest comic foil of “Saturday Night Live.”

Merlin 144711741 9962e2d3 b9a9 4227 9063 5988fefc3555 thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Camping’ and ‘Charmed’
Culture, October 13

A new series from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner debuts on HBO. And “Charmed” follows three witches.

13tvcolsubdoc3 thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Under the Autumn Moon’ and ‘Haunting of Hill House’
Culture, October 13

Love and leaves are in the air in “Under the Autumn Moon,” and “Haunting of Hill House” brings horror to Netflix.

Merlin 145174674 26337102 e780 4d2c 872f 91185cb4bf4c thumbwide
Who Are the ‘Titans’?
Culture, October 12

The new live-action series “Titans,” on DC Universe, is the latest iteration for this group of former sidekicks first branded as the Teen Titans in 1965.

Merlin 115336610 da38c449 2de6 4559 a1fc c9077f4afcd7 thumbwide
Leonard Cohen Wrote a Kanye West Poem: Your Week in Pop Culture
Culture, October 12

What you need to know from this week’s TV, music and movie news.

13camping thumbwide
‘Camping’ Is a Long, Uncomfortable Trip
Culture, October 12

HBO’s cringe comedy about a weekend getaway run by a control freak has some insight, but it’s more harsh than funny.

13supergirl1 thumbwide
Nicole Maines on Becoming TV’s First Transgender Superhero
Culture, October 12

The actress and activist joins “Supergirl” this season, which begins Sunday, as Dreamer.

Merlin 145070049 a6391622 8bb8 4799 bd99 96f5e7e01e37 thumbwide
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Weekend, October 12

The final season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is here, along with a wild experimental TV opera. Meanwhile, Monty Python has finally come to Netflix.

14snapshot diggs thumbwide
Taye Diggs Has a New Title: Football Coach
Arts & Leisure, October 12

Mr. Diggs talks about his new CW series, “All American”; football and Colin Kaepernick; and a nagging question about identity.

12latenight1 thumbwide
Jimmy Kimmel Says Kanye West Is a Mirror for Trump
Culture, October 12

“It’s like Trump is sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life,” Mr. Kimmel joked.

12tvcol theromanoffs thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘The Romanoffs’ and ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’
Weekend, October 12

Matthew Weiner’s latest series debuts on Amazon. And Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in “The Kindergarten Teacher” on Netflix.

Merlin 144973044 1ac3efdb 297a 4212 a890 84158ce26e03 thumbwide
‘Titans’ Keeps Things Dark in the DC Universe
Weekend, October 11

The first show from DC’s new streaming service is a serious, and decidedly adult, adaptation of a comic-book series known for teenage sidekicks.

Merlin 144973173 4a93e5d7 7467 409f b0c8 4165e304630c thumbwide
‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ on Netflix, Is a Family Drama With Scares
Culture, October 11

In the series, which arrives Friday, the terrors of the haunted house are less prominent than those of the people and relationships in it.

Merlin 143737008 cc6861d5 ad16 4e3d a797 59a9493189ba thumbwide
Drake, Bad Bunny and More: Your Thursday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 11

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

12romanoffs1 thumbwide
‘The Romanoffs’ Is Elegant but Frustrating
Weekend, October 11

The new anthology from the creator of “Mad Men” has moments of wonder amid sluggish storytelling.

11latenight1 thumbwide
Trevor Noah Is Impressed by Nikki Haley’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Departure
Culture, October 11

Mr. Noah said he’s used to seeing White House officials leave amid infighting and recriminations.

Merlin 144830295 165af9c6 1145 4d5e 8ac1 422ab8413940 thumbwide
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ and ‘The Martian’
Culture, October 11

Samin Nosrat’s food travel show debuts on Netflix. And in “The Martian,” Matt Damon is stuck on Mars.

28multitask tv home town2 thumbwide
Seven TV Shows That Are Perfect for Multitasking
Watching, October 10

More than ever, there’s at least one other screen in the room while we’re watching TV. But not every show requires your undivided attention.

10cheatsheet cardi thumbwide
Cardi B on a Bike and More: Your Wednesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 10

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

12blackish item1 thumbwide
Women Are Directing More TV Shows, but Minorities Aren’t, Report Says
Culture, October 10

Pressure on Hollywood is resulting in gains for women, but not for people of color, a new report from the Directors Guild of America finds.

14camping1 thumbwide
Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Go ‘Camping’
Arts & Leisure, October 10

The creators of the new HBO series talk about battling snakes on set, the end of the their creative partnership and the pressure of following up “Girls.”

Merlin 145086411 57087233 2abd 48f1 b50c 91e4a4f93cab thumbwide
Peter Rice, Fox’s Un-Hollywood TV Boss, Is Getting More Say Over What You Watch
Business, October 10

Like his father before him, Mr. Rice was a Rupert Murdoch loyalist. With Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox, he is about to start a new chapter.

11crazyex1 thumbwide
‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Plans ‘Our Version of a Happy Ending’
Culture, October 10

As the CW musical comedy prepares for its final season, the creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna discuss rom-com tropes, mental illness and saying goodbye to West Covina.

11crazyexsongs oak thumbwide
‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: 8 Favorite Songs
Culture, October 10

Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen and Adam Schlesinger, the trio responsible for the show’s original songs, highlight their favorites.

10latenight 1 thumbwide
Jimmy Kimmel Declares That Earth Is Going Out of Business
Culture, October 10

After hearing about a foreboding report from U.N. climate scientists, Mr. Kimmel ran a mock going-out-of-business ad for the entire planet.

Merlin 145037316 e3815d3d af0c 43da 8ac3 c8b878bf6c3c thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘All American’ and ‘22 July’
Culture, October 10

A new series on the CW uses high school football to explore social issues. And Paul Greengrass’s latest film begins on Netflix.

Merlin 144971994 e0964e69 74f1 4615 8264 4225d365f827 thumbwide
‘All American’ Can’t Quite Find the End Zone
Culture, October 9

The new CW football drama has plenty of potential but little excitement and even less authenticity.

Merlin 138501342 43bfabc0 3957 45e6 bcda 55699b4fff50 thumbwide
That Horse Knows Liam Neeson: Your Tuesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 9

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

Merlin 144911196 f852cb6f dc05 465b bf4d c09d76ed4bb5 thumbwide
Ray Galton, Writer of Hit British Sitcoms, Is Dead at 88
Obits, October 9

Mr. Galton and Alan Simpson created the landmark comedy series “Steptoe and Son,” the inspiration for the hit American show “Sanford and Son.”

09latenight1 thumbwide
Jimmy Fallon Takes a Swipe at Brett Kavanaugh
Culture, October 9

Fallon said that after the Senate’s confirmation, “Kavanaugh would have clapped for himself, but he had already duct-taped two 40-ounce beers to each hand.”

Merlin 144873729 62bb5677 5028 4785 b9a3 b6c1ec7ca0ad thumbwide
‘Better Call Saul’ Is Great TV. Well, Part of It Is.
Culture, October 8

The Season 4 finale reached a long-promised milestone for a “Breaking Bad” prequel that’s part moral investigation, part Easter-egg factory.

09tvcol ama thumbwide
What’s on TV Tuesday: The American Music Awards and ‘Terrace House’
Culture, October 9

Drake and Cardi B go head-to-head at the American Music Awards. And “Terrace House” returns to Netflix.

Merlin 144873732 f0487c0b fdda 4023 a1a5 851875b83946 thumbwide
‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Suckers!
Culture, October 8

Jimmy’s slide into Saul continues as Mike faces a brutal choice.

Merlin 145031757 77a1b1d1 098d 44f6 a1be 048b889b46a1 thumbwide
Disney’s TV Division Makes Room for Fox Executives
Business, October 8

Peter Rice, now the president of 21st Century Fox, is set to take on the top TV role, once Disney’s $71.3 billion deal for Fox is formally approved.

08cosby3 thumbwide v4
Bill Cosby’s Legal Woes Now Shift to Civil Court
Culture, October 8

Largely on hold while his criminal case unfolded, the suits from 10 women who say he also sexually assaulted them will now proceed in Massachusetts and California.

08watching andi mack thumbwide
Four Things to Watch This Week
Culture, October 8

Including your next food show obsession.

Merlin 142963335 8558db88 5aea 4fe5 adbe 0a0f6a819386 thumbwide
Taylor Swift Gets Political and More: Your Monday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 8

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

Merlin 144834711 541f0ac3 bab7 45ed b253 b48abe371ca4 thumbwide
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Lodge 49’
Culture, October 8

Season 4 of “Better Call Saul” comes to a close on AMC, followed by the Season 1 finale of “Lodge 49.”

08deuce recap thumbwide
‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: A Different Plan
Culture, October 7

Candy can see that Lori needs out of her toxic relationship with C.C. Getting her out is another story.

Screen shot 2018 10 05 at 1 thumbwide
‘Better Call Saul’: How to Write the Perfect Con
Culture, October 7

For four seasons, the writers of “Saul” have slowly been transforming Jimmy McGill into the slimy Saul Goodman. Here, they break down a pivotal scene from an episode late in Season 4.

Saul6 thumbwide
‘Better Call Saul’: How to Write the Perfect Con
Video, October 7

For four seasons, the writers of “Saul” have been slowly transforming Jimmy McGill into the slimy Saul Goodman. Here, they break down a pivotal scene from an episode late in Season 4.

08snl thumbwide
On ‘S.N.L.,’ Republican Senators Host a Locker Room Celebration for Kavanaugh’s Confirmation
Culture, October 7

Plus, Pete Davidson addresses Kanye West’s impromptu post-credits speech.

07tvcol trumpandtaxes thumbwide
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Trump and Taxes’ and ‘Pyewacket’
Culture, October 7

“Trump and Taxes” offers a behind-the-scenes view of a The New York Times investigation. And “Pyewacket” finds horror in a mother-daughter relationship.

Merlin 144785526 56c73184 dad5 4c1f b272 b4b2c164aba8 thumbwide
What’s on TV Saturday: Flight of the Conchords and ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’
Culture, October 6

Flight of the Conchords gets a comedy special on HBO. And “A Prayer Before Dawn” comes to Amazon Prime.

06situation item thumbwide
The Situation Is Sentenced in Tax Fraud Case
Culture, October 5

Michael Sorrentino of “Jersey Shore” fame was sentenced to eight months in prison; his brother Marc Sorrentino received a two-year sentence.

Merlin 144770520 5c9af5dd 2fbe 418a bb6c 8916f91b39df articleinline
The Doctor Regenerates, and So Does ‘Doctor Who’
Arts, October 5

Jodie Whittaker takes over the lead when this science-fiction institution starts a new season on BBC America, but the changes go way beyond gender.

05starisborn1 thumbwide
Mike Sorrentino, of ‘Jersey Shore’ Gets Prison Sentence: Your Week in Pop Culture
Culture, October 5

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

07encounters1 thumbwide
Tracey Ullman Stocks Up on Lingerie Before a Date With Meryl Streep
Styles, October 5

The British comedian was in New York to introduce Season 3 of “Tracey Ullman’s Show.”

07snapshot mull thumbwide
Martin Mull Has a Few Thoughts About Aging
Arts & Leisure, October 5

The wry Mr. Mull talks about his latest sitcom, “The Cool Kids”; growing old; “Roseanne”; and the current state of Hollywood.

07charmed1 thumbwide
The Witches of ‘Charmed’ Are Out to Slay Demons. And the Patriarchy.
Arts & Leisure, October 5

The CW show is less a reboot of the original than it is a reflection of the #MeToo cultural moment.

05latenight1 thumbwide
Seth Meyers Says the F.B.I. Investigated Kavanaugh ‘With a No-Toothed Comb’
Culture, October 5

Meyers and other late-night hosts said the F.B.I. seemed halfhearted in its investigation of sexual assault claims against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee.

05tvcol privatelife thumbwide
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Private Life’ and ‘Fresh Off the Boat’
Weekend, October 5

Tamara Jenkins’s latest film debuts on Netflix. And “Fresh Off the Boat” returns to ABC.

Merlin 144683229 f9387f73 ce29 480d b848 5b6518e9d6e5 thumbwide
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Weekend, October 4

Feeling nostalgic — or just plain silly? This weekend’s recommendations have you covered.

05anime comicon boruto thumbwide
Anime’s Teen Boys and the Women Who Voice Them
Weekend, October 4

The actresses behind Luffy, Naruto and Boruto say female voices make sense for these characters, though fans are often shocked to learn of their involvement.

05cheatsheet1 thumbwide
‘The Hills’ Gets Mischa Barton and More: Your Thursday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 4

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

07me too culture top thumbwide
The Only Hollywood Abuser I Want to Hear From Is a Horse
Arts & Leisure, October 4

In a TV season filled with very special #MeToo episodes, a few standout shows like “BoJack Horseman” commit to telling a bigger story.

07mag goodplace slide n60f thumbwide
What Makes ‘The Good Place’ So Good?
Interactive, October 4

NBC gave Michael Schur total freedom. So the TV impresario made a sitcom that’s also a profound work of philosophy.

04latenight1 thumbwide
Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Think We Need the New Presidential Alert System
Culture, October 4

Kimmel said, “I already get terrifying presidential alerts on my phone — they’re called the news. They come every day.”

05conchords1 thumbwide
The ‘Flight of the Conchords’ Special That Almost Wasn’t
Weekend, October 4

The musical comedians Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement discuss preparing for their HBO special and how it was nearly derailed by an 11th-hour injury.

Merlin 107412086 1085809d 4d3a 4ece ac2b 1eacfaa213ae thumbwide
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Dheepan’ and ‘Deadpool’
Culture, October 4

Jacques Audiard’s Palme d’Or-winning immigration tale is on Hulu. And “Deadpool” airs on FX.

04cheatsheet1 thumbwide
‘Venom’ Under Attack and More: Your Wednesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 3

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

Merlin 144681696 f15c9fc9 9e1d 46f0 b541 3d4cc7d48194 thumbwide
The Inspiration Behind the Great Clothes on ‘Insecure’
Styles, October 3

Shiona Turini, who worked as a costume designer for Season 3, channeled her nostalgia for the 1990s into progressive statement pieces.

03latenight1 thumbwide
Stephen Colbert Calls Trump ‘an Extraordinarily Wealthy Toddler’
Culture, October 3

Mr. Colbert referred to a New York Times report showing that President Trump received large cash gifts as a toddler. Little has changed, Mr. Colbert said.

07weiner1 thumbwide
Matthew Weiner on Life After ‘Mad Men,’ Sexual Harassment and His New Amazon Show
Arts & Leisure, October 3

The Emmy-winning TV creator talks about his return to television with “The Romanoffs” and addresses a harassment allegation.

03tvcol rbg thumbwide
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘RBG’ and ‘King Lear’
Culture, October 3

One of this year’s biggest documentaries hits Hulu. And Anthony Hopkins stars in a streaming “King Lear.”

03xp kern thumbwide
CBS Fires Brad Kern, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Showrunner Accused of Misconduct
Express, October 2

The firing comes amid a broader cleanup at CBS, where a series of high-profile men have been ousted in scandals.

02netflix australia thumbwide
The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix Australia in October
Watching, October 2

Every month, Netflix Australia adds a new batch of movies and TV shows to its library. These are the ones we find most interesting.

03cheatsheet1 thumbwide
‘Star Wars,’ Russian Trolls and More: Your Tuesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 2

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

04secretary thumbwide
Téa Leoni and Madeleine Albright Discuss ‘Madam Secretary,’ Fact and Fiction
Culture, October 2

Ms. Albright will guest-star in the CBS drama’s season premiere along with two other former secretaries of state: Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton.

03xi gameshow 1 thumbwide
In China, a Quiz Show Is an Ode to Xi Jinping
Foreign, October 2

A new TV program aims to inspire interest in the president’s life and ideas among the country’s younger generation.

02latenight1 thumbwide
Seth Meyers Criticizes Trump for Trying to Limit Kavanaugh Inquiry
Culture, October 2

Mr. Meyers also poked fun at Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his combative testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

Merlin 144666144 fc2b73b9 74e5 4e7b b80c da4d1ebe97fb thumbwide
What’s on TV: ‘Student Athlete’ and ‘American Psycho’
Culture, October 2

A sports documentary executive produced by LeBron James airs on HBO. And watch Christian Bale tiptoe the line between comedy and horror.

02louis ck cellar1 thumbwide
Louis C.K. Performs Again, but Club Gives Patrons an Out
Culture, October 2

The comic, who admitted to sexual misconduct, returned to the Comedy Cellar, where a new policy lets uncomfortable customers leave, their check picked up by the club.

02saul recap thumbwide
‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: For Whom the Bell Tings
Culture, October 1

Jimmy and Kim get blindsided. Hector’s bell gets an origin story.

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New Deal Brings More Women’s Tennis to Tennis Channel
Sports, October 1

The WTA decided to cut short the United States portion of its worldwide rights deal with beIN Sports, which was often criticized for intermittent coverage.

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Jemele Hill Is Joining The Atlantic and Ready to Talk Politics
Express, October 1

After 12 years at ESPN, and a controversial 2017, Ms. Hill will be a staff writer at The Atlantic.

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The Best TV Shows and Movies New to Netflix, Amazon and More in October
Watching, October 1

It’s Halloween season, so this month we’re paying extra attention to horror-themed TV series and movies coming to the major streaming services.

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Three Things to Watch This Week
Culture, October 1

Want something whimsical? Literary? Nostalgic? Let the warm glow of the TV be your beacon in these times.

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Kanye West’s Album Delayed and More: Your Monday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, October 1

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

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‘Insecure’ Season 3 Finale: The Bad Decision Index
Culture, October 1

In the finale, Issa makes some major changes, Molly mostly stays the same and Lawrence has a breakthrough.

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What’s on TV Monday: ‘The Neighborhood’ and ‘Queen of the World’
Culture, October 1

A new sitcom airs on CBS, while a new documentary debuts on HBO.

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‘The Deuce’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Jane Doe
Culture, September 30

Vinnie has shown a talent for satisfying all parties, but his instinct to defuse conflict when conflict is necessary is starting to get people hurt.

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Kanye West Ends ‘S.N.L.’ With Speech About Trump and Bullying
Culture, September 30

The monologue, delivered in a red Make America Great Again hat, discussed racism and Democrats.

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The Comedy Master Who Hasn’t Gotten Her Due: Elayne Boosler
Culture, September 30

A new box set makes the case that the pioneering female stand-up should be considered in the same class as David Letterman and Andy Kaufman.

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‘S.N.L.’ Has Matt Damon Play Brett Kavanaugh in Season Premiere
Culture, September 30

Meanwhile, the musical guest, Kanye West, drew attention for his extensive post-show remarks.

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What’s on TV Sunday: ‘God Friended Me’ and ‘The Simpsons’
Culture, September 30

“God Friended Me” begins on CBS and Season 30 of “The Simpsons” debuts on Fox.

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Why Trump Will Win a Second Term
Op Ed, September 29

Reality TV has always been the guidebook for this presidency. And most popular series last for six seasons.

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What’s on TV: ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Phantom Thread’
Culture, September 29

Adam Driver and Kanye West bring in the 44th season of “Saturday Night Live,” and Daniel Day-Lewis meets his match in “Phantom Thread.”

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Harassment Claims at CBS Draw Inquiries by New York Prosecutors
Business, September 28

The Manhattan district attorney and the state attorney general want the network to turn over information from its internal investigation, according to an S.E.C. filing.

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‘Felicity’ 20 Years on: A Look Back at the 10 Best Episodes
Culture, September 28

Before Keri Russell was a cutthroat spy on “The Americans,” she played a fresh-faced college kid in this series from J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves.

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The Bill Cosby Case: Glimpses of a Downfall
Culture, September 28

Photographer Mark Makela documented Mr. Cosby’s nearly three-year journey to prison.

28popculture roundup thumbwide
What Happened in Pop Culture This Week? Your Cheat Sheet
Culture, September 28

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

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‘The Simpsons’ at 30
Culture, September 28

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie: Since 1989, they haven’t aged a day. But they have evolved, as the culture has with them.

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How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Weekend, September 28

Got a few hours? Only 10 minutes? We have recommendations, including Anthony Hopkins in “King Lear” and the return of “Bob’s Burgers.”

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Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield on Finding the Laughs in Gentrification
Arts & Leisure, September 28

The stars of the new sitcom “The Neighborhood” discuss why multicam comedies still matter and the current “spotlight” on CBS.

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Trevor Noah Thinks Brett Kavanaugh Could Dial It Down a Bit
Culture, September 28

More than one late-night host was taken aback by the judge’s testimony. “I haven’t seen this much crying and yelling since the Cubs won the World Series,” said Jimmy Kimmel.

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Journalist Who Spread Conspiracy Theories Will Oversee Italy’s State TV
Foreign, September 28

The appointment of Marcello Foa has raised alarms and marks a victory of the populist parties over the establishment media that once discounted them.

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What’s on TV Friday: ‘Consent’ and ‘Hold the Dark’
Weekend, September 28

A serious conversation closes out “Consent,” and things get weird in “Hold the Dark.”

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A High-Stakes Hearing Raises Two Voices, One Quiet, One Loud
Culture, September 27

The political and gender divide in America played out on TV not just in what Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh said, but how they said it.

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Listen to a ‘Star Is Born’ Song: Your Thursday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, September 27

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

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Manufacturing Reality in Netflix’s ‘Made in Mexico’
Culture, September 27

A series about nine soon-to-be-famous Mexico City models, influencers and socialites, from the makers of … “The Great British Baking Show”?

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Samantha Bee Slams Kavanaugh’s Defenders
Arts, September 27

Bee pushed back against the argument made by some Republicans that rejecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court would ruin his life.

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What’s on TV Thursday: ‘The Good Place’ and ‘Norsemen’
Culture, September 27

Several flagship network shows return for their fall seasons. And stream the second season of the medieval sendup “Norsemen.”

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In Cosby and Kavanaugh, #MeToo Moments That Stir Very Different Emotions
Culture, September 26

Two powerful men confront allegations in the same week. Many support the fate of the entertainer, but are divided over the judge.

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What Bill Cosby’s Life Will Be Like as Inmate NN7687
Culture, September 26

Inmates typically double up at the Pennsylvania state prison holding Mr. Cosby, but officials have isolated him in a single cell near the infirmary.

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Watch a New ‘Creed 2’ Trailer: Your Wednesday Pop Culture Cheat Sheet
Culture, September 26

What you need to know from today’s TV, music and movie news.

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Natasha Rothwell Wants to Be a Romantic Lead
Magazine, September 26

The writer and actor on HBO’s “Insecure” on rom-coms and black-girl magic.

27murphybrown thumbwide
‘Murphy Brown’ Returns, Not for the Better
Culture, September 26

The timing is right for this feminist news sitcom, but the revival seems more interested in applause than laughs.