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What Happened at the Democratic Debate? Jimmy Fallon Will Let You Know
U.S., Today

‘The Tonight Show’ joins ‘The Daily Show’ and other late-night programming with more live coverage of a political event than in the past.

Merlin 157011972 5cb518f5 8110 4aee a65a 8147d1de2141 articleinline
Debates Mark the Starting Line for the Media’s Race Through 2020
U.S., Yesterday

Millions of Americans start paying attention once the candidates start sparring on national TV, which puts a spotlight on both cringe-worthy gaffes and successful zingers.

25cosby item articleinline
Bill Cosby, Calling His Trial Unfair, Files a Formal Appeal
Arts, Yesterday

His lawyers assert that it was improper to admit testimony from five other women who had accused him of sexual assault.

25cosby item articleinline
Bill Cosby, Calling His Trial Unfair, Files a Formal Appeal
Arts, Yesterday

His lawyers assert that it was improper to admit testimony from five other women who had accused him of sexual assault.

Merlin 156750579 d9de02ba d75d 44f9 9a8a ead564364537 articleinline
How ‘The Twilight Zone’ First Saw Man on the Moon
Arts, Yesterday

The 1959 pilot episode, airing a decade before the first moon landing, bore what would become the series’ hallmark: narrating Cold War anxieties through a mix of science and superstition.

25mueller live1 articleinline
‘The Investigation’ Makes the Mueller Report a Dark-Comic Indictment
Arts, Yesterday

The star-studded reading was surreal and unsubtle but somehow fitting for a political era of tragedy-as-farce.

C6cf325b923a42b0a00258ee41bea894 articleinline
Seth Meyers Says Every Day With Trump Is Like ‘Fight Club’
Arts, Yesterday

Baffled by the president’s reversal on Iran, Meyers predicts “we’re going to find him in the parking lot outside the White House” beating himself up.

5b8bcacb12ed4e8cba30a610c92ddd78 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘The People Versus the Party’ and ‘Only One Mike’
Arts, Yesterday

A new documentary peels back the curtain on the Tiananmen Square protests. And Mike Epps lands his second Netflix special.

Merlin 156829689 5ba9aa2d 59c3 4f72 af31 753a2eea71dd articleinline
Watching ‘Euphoria,’ Two Young Recovering Addicts Saw Themselves
Arts, June 24

The women, now in their 20s and in rehab, said they recognized their own lives in the HBO show’s portrayal of teen drug use.

Merlin 156951546 1de9ba5c fc16 4a05 9b1f 3e9e596a4b96 articleinline
Ann Sarnoff, a Hollywood Outsider, Will Lead Warner Bros. Studio
Business, June 24

Ms. Sarnoff will succeed Kevin Tsujihara, who was ousted amid a sex scandal, as the leader of the storied studio behind “Casablanca” and “Wonder Woman.”

6059cc1522a04856b1d755ac35738961 articleinline
‘Legion’ Picks Up the Pieces of a Shattering Twist
Arts, June 24

The creator Noah Hawley discusses how the heady FX drama will evolve in its final season, now that its hero has done “something that we can’t morally tolerate.”

Cbd796e712354c918ab6ea708edcea96 articleinline
When ISIS Killed Cyclists on Their Journey Around the World
World, June 24

Watch our new TV show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

24tvcol hills articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ and ‘Dark’
Arts, June 24

Mischa Barton joins the MTV reality show, and Netflix’s time travel crime thriller returns.

Merlin 156801723 ca944bde bf79 4645 9929 d74874ad30d2 articleinline
‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: The Truth Hurts
Arts, June 24

The therapists of Monterey have their work cut out for them.

23years articleinline
In ‘Years and Years,’ Things Fall Apart, Fast
Arts, June 23

Russell T Davies’s near-future dystopia, like the reality it builds on, can be too overwhelming to connect with.

Merlin 156735375 6c142acb 290d 4caf 8805 c5cf73d0509b articleinline
Naked, Afraid and Transgender: ‘The Wilderness Couldn’t Care Less’
Arts, June 23

Quince Mountain is the first openly transgender person to be on the Discovery’s reality TV show. He found the experience to be a relief.

23tvcol betawards articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: The BET Awards and ‘Apollo 11’
Arts, June 23

Cardi B, Lil Nas X and others perform at the BET Awards. And the well-received Todd Douglas Miller documentary about Apollo 11 airs on CNN.

22tvcol island articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Love Island’ and Big3 Basketball
Arts, June 22

Season 5 of the British reality show begins streaming on Hulu. And Ice Cube’s three-on-three basketball league kicks off its third season.

Merlin 156797568 d2ed07b8 bd1e 4558 bb1f a14cc212afdc articleinline
‘Curfew,’ the Zombie Plague-Death Race Mash-Up You’ve Been Waiting For
Arts, June 21

A new series from Spectrum Originals has all of its genre elements in place, including Ned Stark in a muscle car.

Merlin 153869016 504fd7b0 ad43 48a5 85f3 126a229e2b6e articleinline
Jussie Smollett Case to Be Investigated by Special Prosecutor
Arts, June 21

The new prosecutor will review why the charges of faking a hate crime were dropped against the actor, and will be able to reopen the case if necessary.

C7fa7c6c38bf4bd88167f61d9b255d5c articleinline
When ISIS Killed Cyclists on Their Journey Around the World
The Weekly, June 21

Watch our new TV show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

8cdc4207faaf4f2eb8fff12f87e81a3f articleinline
Welcome Back, Sitcom High School
Arts, June 21

In his Netflix series “Mr. Iglesias,” Gabriel Iglesias pays tribute to his alma mater, and to a classic comedy about underdog students.

67fd5d1707b74ccfbea697dae1e1f7bd articleinline
Stephen Colbert Isn’t Sure What to Believe About Iran and That Drone
Arts, June 21

Whether to trust Iran or the U.S. government “is a question that used to be really easy to answer,” the “Late Show” host said.

21tvcol mriglesias articleinline
What’s on TV: ‘Mr. Iglesias’ and ‘Wildlife’
Arts, June 21

Gabriel Iglesias stars in a new Netflix series. And Paul Dano’s directorial debut airs on Showtime.

21watching rosehaven articleinline
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, June 20

Looking for something tender, retro or hands-on? Look no further than these three TV recommendations.

23mag judgejudy articleinline v3
Judge Judy Is Still Judging You
Magazine, June 20

For more than 20 years, Judith Sheindlin has dominated daytime ratings — by making justice in a complicated world look easy.

E5e9d894ab6b46479f8e1e40ec6b114d articleinline
Late-Night Finds Trump Recycling Material at His Campaign Rally
Arts, June 20

The late-night hosts pointed out that President Trump’s re-election rally on Tuesday borrowed from Joe Biden as well as his own 2016 playbook.

Merlin 156064845 0b5f45fd b674 4a2f 8ee9 ee801b43686e articleinline
South Carolina Will Host 21 Presidential Candidates, and C-Span Can’t Do Live Coverage
Business, June 19

After the state Democratic Party cut an unusual deal granting MSNBC live broadcasting rights, the public affairs network and Fox News lodged complaints.

Merlin 156652608 3a3b6538 2558 4b2a 9ad4 0872fb927858 articleinline
Trump 2016 Returns, This Time as Nostalgia Act
Arts, June 19

In his re-election kickoff rally, the reality-show president tries a different (but similar) genre: the TV reboot.

A5c88f69a2944b7b96961680d4747176 articleinline
How ‘Fleabag’ Seduces Us, Then Accuses Us
Magazine, June 19

She flirts with a priest. Then she flirts with the camera. The fourth wall breaks and — suddenly — we’re complicit in her self destruction.

30734f554fde4fd286c937bcc0e5978d articleinline
Stephen Colbert Says Trump Fancies Himself a Rock Star
Arts, June 19

Colbert called President Trump’s re-election rally in Florida on Tuesday “MAGA-palooza” and “Old-chella.”

Merlin 156601428 c50d781c 28a1 49bc bbdb 810320c5d744 articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Yellowstone’ and an Obscure Claire Denis Film
Arts, June 19

“Yellowstone” returns for a second season on Paramount Network. And a rare Claire Denis movie streams on the free site Le Cinéma Club.

23snapshot eva articleinline
‘Grand Hotel’ Is Part of Eva Longoria’s Mission to ‘Produce With Purpose’
Arts, June 18

She talks about her new soapy ABC drama, playing Dora the Explorer’s mother and her activism, onscreen and off.

73652f2906904936b62886c0db70ffa0 articleinline
Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes Gave Us Fox. These Shows Try to Make Sense of It All.
Arts, June 18

“The Loudest Voice,” “Ink” and “Succession” map out the influential world the two men created.

765330a9d4294b31acecb93e76ae5a8d articleinline
Late Night Can’t Get Enough of Trump’s Scolding His Chief of Staff for Coughing
Arts, June 18

“Which is weird, but at least it explains why Melania started smoking unfiltered Pall Malls,” Seth Meyers joked Monday night.

19d5af7d81fc4b1283e5110aa80df16a articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Wig’ and ‘Captain Marvel’
Arts, June 18

A documentary about a drag festival premieres on HBO. And “Captain Marvel” is on Amazon.

Merlin 156598293 b53708b1 af89 45e8 8838 109433a7b9b5 articleinline
J.J. Abrams Said to Be Near $500 Million Deal With WarnerMedia
Business, June 17

WarnerMedia will get a first look at projects developed by the media company run by Mr. Abrams and his wife, which made hits like “Star Trek Beyond.”

Merlin 153106521 3da4844f 442f 44c7 9574 bbb083653f92 articleinline
Bill Cosby’s Father’s Day Tweet Using ‘America’s Dad’ Yields Outrage
Arts, June 17

The entertainer, who is serving a prison sentence for sexual assault, asked to send out the message for the holiday, his spokesman said.

Merlin 155371176 b5d4ec03 13b9 48df b4ec 65fa8fd7c1bb articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Das Boot’ and ‘Grand Hotel’
Arts, June 17

The “Das Boot” TV adaptation is on Hulu. And “Grand Hotel” premieres on ABC.

Merlin 156396867 0353eb94 a993 4565 a415 2fa29b9d073c articleinline
Taking CBS News to ‘a Better Place’
Business, June 17

Susan Zirinsky, president of the division, has applied her trademark work ethic to helping her organization adjust its course.

Merlin 156442560 4356408d a61f 45f6 bceb fb080ae4689c articleinline
‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Creatures of Want
Arts, June 16

If things were tense and difficult for the Monterey Five before, they just got worse.

Merlin 155371179 a4d4a7ca 9832 4804 8e38 c6220ae21bbb articleinline
Rebooting ‘Das Boot,’ on Land and Sea
Arts, June 16

A new Hulu series revives the popular World War II submarine saga, with some changes.

14hill set1 articleinline
In ‘City on a Hill,’ a Crime-Ridden Boston Before the ‘Miracle’
Arts, June 16

The new Showtime series sets a procedural against the backdrop of a particularly fraught era in the city’s history.

16tvcol euphoria articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Euphoria’ and a Jo Koy Comedy Special
Arts, June 16

A teenage drama starring Zendaya comes to HBO, and the comedian Jo Koy takes on millennial parenting in his second special on Netflix.

Merlin 144556707 1ac3fad6 235d 4ecc b4ed db3fb6a5be0a articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘The Hate U Give’ and ‘All That’
Arts, June 15

“The Hate U Give” comes to HBO. And the reboot of “All That” premieres on Nickelodeon.

Merlin 156258870 4870e590 08fa 47a3 ba25 2de7c6ac6c75 articleinline
HBO Raises the Stakes on Teenage Transgression in ‘Euphoria’
Arts, June 14

Sex and drugs and more sex and drugs, but also some dark humor and tender romance in a complicated ensemble drama.

00allthat1 articleinline
‘All That’ Returns With Its ’90s Wit and Shorter Skits
Arts, June 14

The new version of the Nickelodeon show revives sketches from its heyday. But will a new generation care about jokes made before they were born?

16snapshot photo articleinline
Danielle Brooks Is Ready to Be a Love Interest
Theater, June 14

She talks about playing the leading lady in “Much Ado About Nothing,” saying goodbye to “Orange Is the New Black,” and being a role model.

1b6b5dfe95884f3195d2f8ad0e171fa0 articleinline
Late-Night Thinks Trump Must Be Confused About Collusion
Arts, June 14

“Apparently foreign dirt is the only import he won’t put tariffs on,” Trevor Noah joked about the president on Thursday.

Merlin 156364140 4c219bf0 e4c1 48ea b98a ab805c8b4b91 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Jett’ and ‘Aggretsuko’
Arts, June 14

A crime drama starring Carla Gugino airs on Cinemax and the second season of the animated series featuring Retsuko the Red Panda returns to Netflix.

14watching espookys articleinline v2
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, June 13

Like Fred Armisen? How about Terrence McNally? Our TV critic has suggestions.

Merlin 156264432 263d52dd 5d64 48cc 86da 39ea852fabf8 articleinline
Bill Wittliff, ‘Lonesome Dove’ Screenwriter and Son of Texas, Dies at 79
Movies, June 13

His screenplays displayed an affinity for the mythology and history of his native state, and he and his wife started an archive devoted to Texas writers.

Merlin 155611821 b3512976 d558 45c0 ba0a 5b142a364d78 articleinline
‘City on a Hill’ Gives Boston the Epic Treatment
Arts, June 13

Showtime’s new series, with an impressive cast led by Kevin Bacon, wraps race, crime, city government and family melodrama in a “Wire”-like package.

35a8cf008be24c228e36bc75d3dd6832 articleinline
Still a Need for More Blacks Onscreen
Opinion, June 13

A reader says we are still a way off from seeing the full range of the African-American experience.

16zendaya1 articleinline
Zendaya Jumps From Disney to Drug Binges in HBO’s Graphic ‘Euphoria’
Arts, June 13

In an interview, the longtime Disney Channel star discusses her “scary” move into explicit, provocative television.

22dec3a95aec422590bc6db9de62ccf5 articleinline
Late-Night Hosts Are Afraid to Put Their Faith in Polls Again
Arts, June 13

Surveys suggest President Trump’s in trouble, but as Jimmy Fallon put it: “If you want to know how much these polls matter, just ask President Hillary Clinton.”

Merlin 156313488 52e5f4a2 43de 4f2a b99f ee8ebb900d1a articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Baskets’ and ‘Vice’
Arts, June 13

“Baskets” returns to FX for a fourth season. And “Vice,” with Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, is on Hulu.

12lederer articleinline
Elizabeth Lederer, Prosecutor of Central Park Five, Resigns From Columbia Law
Arts, June 12

Ms. Lederer was portrayed in the Netflix mini-series “When They See Us” as aggressively prosecuting five black and Latino boys for rape despite doubts about their guilt.

Dad jokes illo articleinline
A Dad Defends Dad Jokes
Arts, June 12

Babies made him do it. They fell for his corny humor, and he stuck with what worked. Then his audience grew up.

Merlin 156258915 275bc464 a8fc 4bdd b8ee 86f1587fd192 articleinline
They Hid From the Mob for Decades. Now They Will Surface in a Film.
Arts, June 12

The family of Tommaso Buscetta, whose testimony figured in hundreds of Mafia convictions, agreed to appear in a new documentary.

Merlin 156258915 275bc464 a8fc 4bdd b8ee 86f1587fd192 articleinline
They Hid From the Mob for Decades. Now They Will Surface in a Film.
Arts, June 12

The family of Tommaso Buscetta, whose testimony figured in hundreds of Mafia convictions, agreed to appear in a new documentary.

503bb00019f0444cb08644e4328f0ed8 articleinline
Hollywood Reconsiders the Bad Female Boss, With a Generational Twist
Arts, June 12

In projects like “Late Night,” “Little” and “Veep,” the archetype is being used to tell more explicitly feminist tales — and to question power itself.

C0c380f3b7ef4a3e9167ec5755b8887e articleinline
Stephen Colbert Finds It Ironic That Trump Called Biden a Dummy
Arts, June 12

The “Late Show” host was also skeptical about the president’s alleged secret deal with Mexico.

12tvcol rollingthunder articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ and ‘Krypton’
Arts, June 12

Martin Scorsese’s new Bob Dylan documentary debuts on Netflix. And on Syfy, “Krypton” returns for a second season.

11fairstein articleinline
Linda Fairstein Attacks Her Portrayal in ‘When They See Us’
Arts, June 11

In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, the prosecutor-turned-novelist said that a Netflix series based on the Central Park Five case was full of “distortions and falsehoods.”

Merlin 103582405 594b71ac 4216 4a9c b725 e48e3a7b9e74 articleinline
Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd and Lester Holt Are Among Moderators of First Democratic Debate
Business, June 11

Team NBC is set, but the lineup of candidates is not: The Democratic Party has yet to say which 20 presidential contenders will take the stage June 26 and 27.

460ad61fb2724bc9aa71c63f28847d5c articleinline
Late-Night Hosts Ponder Trump’s Secret Deal With Mexico
Arts, June 11

Stephen Colbert and others mocked President Trump’s claim that Mexico had agreed to new actions in the immigration deal and that some of them had not yet been revealed.

4e78bad0ccff4bb3832e5ff492ef4a82 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Pose’ and ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’
Arts, June 11

Celebrate Pride Month with the second season of “Pose” on FX. Or catch the heartwarming sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph” on Netflix.

10vice 01 articleinline
Vice Media Loses Its HBO Show and a Top Executive
Business, June 10

Josh Tyrangiel is out after a four-year run. Jesse Angelo, the former publisher of The New York Post, is set to come aboard.

Merlin 155990079 edd7b85a 91af 4b3d 99bc 4959e683ad37 articleinline
Nail Tips from ‘Claws’
Style, June 10

Morgan Dixon, the show’s chief manicurist, talks about her inspirations for the best dressed hands on TV.

11espookies2 articleinline
‘Los Espookys,’ a Spanish-Language Comedy for an HBO Audience
Arts, June 10

The show, whose creators include Fred Armisen, is an off-kilter series set in Latin America and aimed at a mass viewership.

16mag talk articleinline
Mindy Kaling on Not Being the Long-Suffering Indian Woman
Interactive, June 10

“I always had so much impatience and ambition — these things that if you had them, you were supposed to have them secretly.”

Aaf12d5abf3e4bf1bef07e4a06fc727b articleinline
What’s on TV Monday: ‘Straight Forward’ and ‘Gentleman Jack’
Arts, June 10

A new crime thriller comes to Acorn TV. And the season finale of “Gentleman Jack” is on HBO.

09tonys watch articleinline
As Broadway Gets Bigger, the Tonys Get Blander
Arts, June 9

CBS’s broadcast of the 73rd annual ceremony was a safe, unsurprising show that even James Corden couldn’t liven up.

8bfcd563b42b4a31aa91e974ed34ae8c articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Collateral Damage
Arts, June 9

Chuck and Bobby go all out in hopes of dealing the finishing blow to their enemies. But at what cost?

Merlin 155620911 5c10e964 5743 4dc9 8423 bab4b89d2dba articleinline
‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Monsters
Arts, June 9

The newly minted “Monterey Five” reckon with the fallout of last season’s fall down the stairs — and with a quietly terrifying visitor.

09tvcol biglittlelies articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Claws’
Arts, June 9

“Big Little Lies” returns to HBO, this time with Meryl Streep. And “Claws” comes back on TNT.

Merlin 139473207 2e97ed67 5493 4055 a989 3a33e03e65fc articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘A Star Is Born’ and ‘The Black Godfather’
Arts, June 8

“A Star Is Born” makes its television debut on HBO. And a documentary about Clarence Avant comes to Netflix.

Merlin 99489655 8dd86dcc e3d3 468e b5ae a9203ccb58cd articleinline
Anthony Bourdain, in Your Words
Obituaries, June 7

A year after Mr. Bourdain’s death, we’re looking back at what readers at the time had to say about the iconoclastic chef and crusader for food justice.

31watching2 articleinline
‘Big Little Lies’ Is Back. Here’s Where It Left Off.
Arts, June 7

It’s been two years since Season 1 ended. This character guide should help you catch up before Sunday’s Season 2 premiere.

Merlin 149823240 c358b4e0 949c 4df1 82a1 0e15b88f7860 articleinline
Stormy Daniels Isn’t the First Sex Worker to Go Into Comedy
Arts, June 7

Stand-ups who hail from adult films and strip clubs say sex and humor are a natural fit.

Merlin 156090174 9fdfebc8 c448 4c88 9dde 5d68009dce15 articleinline
Robert Earle, 93, TV ‘College Bowl’ Moderator, Is Dead
Obituaries, June 7

In the 1960s he was the man asking tough questions to teams of college students in a fast-paced test of knowledge.

09snapshot articleinline
They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. Laura Linney Just Did.
Arts, June 7

She talks about revisiting Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” for a fourth time, and the potential impact of Georgia’s abortion bill on the production of Netflix’s “Ozark.”

64a867d5c4ae4c30ad29de4b4591d4fd articleinline
How NYC Taxi Drivers Bought Medallions and Became Victims of a Reckless Lending Scheme
The Weekly, June 7

A new TV show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

Eb2dd050407e4d5abe8230eff49baea8 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Teases G.O.P. for ‘Flirting With Rebellion’ Against Trump
Arts, June 7

The next step could be “a dalliance with integrity” or even “a drunken hookup with defending the Constitution,” the “Late Show” host said.

07tvcol xychelsea articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘XY Chelsea’ and ‘Alles Ist Gut’
Arts, June 7

A documentary about Chelsea Manning airs on Showtime. And the German director Eva Trobisch’s award-winning debut feature hits Netflix.

06jeopardy1 articleinline
After Dethroning a ‘Jeopardy!’ Giant, Emma Boettcher Relinquishes the Crown
Arts, June 6

The 27-year-old librarian who defeated James Holzhauer went on her own small streak, but it came to an end on Thursday.

06watching the other two articleinline
How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Arts, June 6

Fans of “High Maintenance,” the ’90s and Broadway will not be left wanting.

06lies review articleinline
‘Big Little Lies’ Adjusts to Big Little Truths
Arts, June 6

Meryl Streep is as stellar as you would expect. But Season 2, while still sharp, feels more like a curtain call than a continuation.

Merlin 155980332 26b20ed2 835a 47e8 b232 5084688baaed articleinline
Linda Fairstein, Once Cheered, Faces Storm After ‘When They See Us’
Arts, June 6

A Netflix series about the Central Park jogger case has led to intense criticism of the famous prosecutor-turned-novelist who oversaw the investigation.

1e97247bbef7413faa32cef534e6cc13 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Skewers Trump’s Interview With Piers Morgan
Arts, June 6

Colbert was not impressed with the British television personality, who complimented President Trump for “being on his best behavior” around the queen.

06tvcol coldblue articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: ‘The Cold Blue’ and D-Day Stories
Arts, June 6

A World War II documentary debuts on HBO. And two movies about the disorienting horror of D-Day air on the event’s 75th anniversary.

05showrunner2 articleinline
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Wants to Be More Than TV Medicine
Arts, June 5

Bruce Miller, the showrunner for Hulu’s adaptation of the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, discusses how he wanted Season 3 to be entertaining above all else.

Merlin 155615271 af9782c2 53a4 4f84 8b6b 5c9193ad6fe5 articleinline
The More, Further (Final?) ‘Tales of the City’
Arts, June 5

Netflix gives Armistead Maupin’s modern-day fable of San Francisco lives and lifestyles a fourth go-round.

Merlin 155615280 3f9ce125 fd8d 4324 b7eb a7def4799e5f articleinline
‘Tales of the City’: What to Know Before Watching the Netflix Reboot
Arts, June 5

Twenty-five years after causing a sensation with its frank depictions of sex, drugs and L.G.B.T. lives, the series has been revived for a more diverse age. Here’s a refresher on where things left off.

Merlin 144944802 39615250 c6fb 476f abc1 a78d0b77eb93 articleinline
The Walking Dead Takes an Unexpected Turn
Arts, June 5

In an interview, Robert Kirkman, who created and writes the comic series, talks about the twist.

05rc jeopardy articleinline
Breaking the ‘Jeopardy!’ News (Without Spoiling the Story)
Reader Center, June 5

Ian Trontz, a Culture editor at The Times, explained how we approached our coverage of James Holzhauer’s defeat on “Jeopardy!”

09thirtysomething2 articleinline
A 40-Something Looks Back at ‘Thirtysomething’
Arts, June 5

As a teenager, a writer secretly viewed the ABC drama in her basement, trying to learn about marriage. Rewatching it now, she is surprised at the actual lessons she’d absorbed.

5b823707abfa4384b4eeab1c7534b4e6 articleinline
Trevor Noah Wonders How Trump Can Have Access to Nuclear Codes but Not a Tailor
Arts, June 5

“I don’t think Trump touching the queen was offensive. What was offensive was Trump’s outfit for the big dinner.”

05tvcol handmaids articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘Black Mirror’
Arts, June 5

Season 3 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” debuts on Hulu. And on Netflix, “Black Mirror” returns.

Merlin 155925753 0850eb91 1e06 4384 854d 667ffe03feec articleinline
The French Version of ‘Fleabag’ Is Exactly the Same. Until It’s Different.
Arts, June 4

There may be Paris landmarks in the background, but the dysfunctional relationships, slow-burning grief and sly asides to camera are all still there.

Merlin 155875674 52caa6a6 26a8 4546 93f1 fbe4f910b363 articleinline
‘Love Island’ Returns Amid Debate About Contestants’ Mental Health
Arts, June 4

After two former participants killed themselves, the British Parliament said it would look into the ethics of reality TV.

2f81fc813aa24320ae0d77e90dccf370 articleinline
Stephen Colbert Says ‘The Crown’ Jumped the Shark With Trump’s Cameo
Arts, June 4

Colbert imagined President Trump’s meeting with the queen and demanding to see the wizards: “I know you’ve got them around here someplace.”

1b71b801b08d4aab800c525ad586eb21 articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Chasing Happiness’ and ‘Miranda Sings Live’
Arts, June 4

The reunited Jonas Brothers tell all in a new documentary. And the YouTube star Colleen Ballinger gets a Netflix special.

00tv5 articleinline
How Emma Boettcher Beat James Holzhauer on ‘Jeopardy!’
Arts, June 3

The 27-year-old librarian from Chicago dethroned Holzhauer before he was able to beat Ken Jennings’s record.

Nytw tmlandry pointing 16x9 4  articleinline
‘The Weekly’ Series Premiere: T.M. Landry School Sold Top Colleges a ‘Sob Story’ That Wasn’t True
U.S., June 3

A new TV series from The New York Times is now on FX and Hulu.

00tv7 articleinline
James Holzhauer’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Streak Ends Just Shy of a Record
Arts, June 3

The show’s most dominant player in years came just $58,484 short of the $2.52 million Ken Jennings won during his famous run.

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Abuse at the Landry School: You Helped Us Heal
Opinion, June 3

A mother who, along with her son, was featured in The New York Times’s new TV show expresses her gratitude.

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What’s on TV Monday: ‘Vox Lux’ and ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’
Arts, June 3

A film starring Natalie Portman comes to Hulu. And Bravo sets sail in its Season 4 premiere of “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

D24f7924fe9f4ad681d18dbf3246d34a articleinline
‘Billions’ Season 4, Episode 11: Trader, Taylor, Lawyer, Spy
Arts, June 2

The penultimate episode of this season, like Chuck, indulged in temptation, misdirection and obfuscation.

Merlin 154997151 44bcf31b b7fc 46f9 8d35 2ae7b761666e articleinline
The Fox News Primary? How Trump’s Favorite Network Became a Democratic Power Player
Business, June 2

A Sunday town hall with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was another sign of Fox News’s ability to influence the Democratic primary, despite a ban by party leaders.

31attstreaming got articleinline
An HBO Question Is Giving AT&T Executives a Headache
Business, June 2

The corporate home of Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and “Friends” weighs how its streaming service can compete on price with Disney, Netflix and Amazon.

Merlin 155612631 5636da10 4b48 441b b48b 9dc2a936415e articleinline
‘Luther,’ Back From the Dead
Arts, June 2

The crazy cop show returns to BBC America after a four-year hiatus, reuniting Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson for one (last?) season

Merlin 155717706 add7fe8a b85b 40ce 8ef9 96704777969d articleinline
Plenty of Fantasy in HBO’s ‘Chernobyl,’ but the Truth Is Real
Arts, June 2

Ahead of the series finale, a science writer who has toured the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster weighs in.

02tvcol theweekly articleinline
What’s on TV Sunday: ‘The Weekly’ and ‘NOS4A2’
Arts, June 2

A new series from The New York Times debuts on FX. And hop over to AMC to see Zachary Quinto eat children’s souls.

Merlin 154028859 0b0d5770 4109 49c2 963e 539b14f9fd7a articleinline
What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Ask Dr. Ruth’ and ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’
Arts, June 1

A documentary following the sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer comes to Hulu. And “El Royale” makes its television debut on HBO.

Merlin 154205700 d1c12a03 8f42 4df2 b30e 59b94111c37e articleinline
Prosecutors, Wary of Appearances, Deliberated On How to Explain Smollett Decision
Arts, May 31

Emails released on Friday show prosecutors carefully constructing their statement on why the actor Jussie Smollett would no longer face charges of staging a hate crime.

Merlin 155675691 b537a56d 5abb 41c7 9d31 617189a38c48 articleinline
David Letterman 2.0, the Non-Ironic Version
Arts, May 31

On his Netflix show “This Guest Needs No Introduction,” he defers to fame, skips jokes and rarely challenges his guests. What happened?

30richard madden promo articleinline
It’s Going Great for Richard Madden. That’s What Worries Him
Movies, May 31

The actor who plays Elton John’s manager in “Rocketman” decided he’d had enough of playing good guys bad things happen to.

30richard madden promo articleinline
It’s Going Great for Richard Madden. That’s What Worries Him
Movies, May 31

The actor who plays Elton John’s manager in “Rocketman” decided he’d had enough of playing good guys bad things happen to.

Merlin 155712723 31c893a5 3611 4b1d b5b7 5501223e8aa1 articleinline
Angel and Demon Cross the Aisle to Save the World. (Sorry, It’s Fiction)
Arts, May 31

‘Good Omens,’ based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s comic fantasy novel about Armageddon, finally makes it to the screen as an Amazon mini-series.

Merlin 155712723 31c893a5 3611 4b1d b5b7 5501223e8aa1 articleinline
In ‘Good Omens,’ Angel and Demon Try to Save the World
Arts, May 31

Based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s comic fantasy novel, the story finally makes it to the screen.

Merlin 155253087 2e8610f4 c9dd 4a96 a3f6 fb5892ee0a95 articleinline
With ‘NOS4A2,’ Joe Hill Finally Sinks His Teeth Into TV
Arts, May 31

The AMC horror series is one of several adaptations the best-selling horror author (and son of Stephen King) has in the works, after multiple stalled attempts.

02snapshot articleinline
Yvonne Strahovski Reveals Her Monstrous Side
Arts, May 31

Watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” can be harrowing enough, so what’s it like to play a linchpin of Gilead with a baby in your trailer?

4154a172489241cebb27aa4fb5a1de5d articleinline
The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Amazon and More in June
Arts, May 31

Every month, subscription streaming services add a new batch of titles to their libraries. Here are the ones we think are most interesting for June.

31insider weekly articleinline
‘The Weekly’ Wants to Show You That ‘Reporters Are Not Robots’
Reader Center, May 31

A new TV show from The Times places journalists’ expertise — and their inner conflicts — center stage.

Nytw tmlandry pointing 16x9 4  articleinline
Louisiana School Scandal: The Truth Behind Students’ Viral Videos
The Weekly, May 31

The TV series premiere from The New York Times on FX and Hulu.

Merlin 155521356 b885e0fb 5c93 490a 925e 38b9e1f45d30 articleinline
What’s on TV Friday: ‘Deadwood: The Movie’ and ‘When They See Us’
Arts, May 31

After over a decade, “Deadwood” returns to HBO — in movie form. And Ava DuVernay’s mini-series about the Central Park Five debuts on Netflix.

Merlin 153078876 3cb947c9 cfd9 4a77 a234 6a23a6179470 articleinline
Documents Suggest Prosecutors Quickly Changed Mind on Jussie Smollett Case
Arts, May 30

Newly released police files say that soon after the actor was charged with faking a hate-crime attack, prosecutors were thinking of settling the case.

51f6c22d501a49c8bfeb00bbdebfa01f articleinline
The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix Australia in June
Arts, May 30

Every month, Netflix Australia adds a new batch of movies and TV shows to its library. Here are the most interesting titles for June.

Merlin 14073327 ff1d4af8 a80a 4d98 b025 2c2a0a0da043 articleinline
‘Deadwood’: What to Remember for the HBO Movie
Arts, May 30

David Milch’s long-awaited coda for his beloved western has its debut on Friday on HBO. Here’s where we left off.

Merlin 154236108 1d3749a2 80b4 45d8 833f ecb133dfd7b1 articleinline
‘When They See Us’ Transforms Its Victims Into Heroes
Arts, May 30

Ava DuVernay’s mini-series depicts the excruciating toll that persecution and incarceration had on the teenage boys known as the Central Park Five.

Merlin 155595675 03454443 5163 47c2 b321 065d12ba8174 articleinline
Why Robert Mueller Should Testify on TV
Arts, May 30

The special counsel really doesn’t want to talk to Congress about his report. That makes him the best person to do it.

90778a465d6c41ac82cec6f4b3bd0bb6 articleinline
The Best Movies and TV Shows New on Netflix Canada in June
Arts, May 30

Every month, Netflix Canada adds a batch of movies and TV shows to its library. Here are the titles we think are most interesting for June.

02park five1 articleinline
The Central Park Five: ‘We Were Just Baby Boys’
Arts, May 30

The men, whose story will be brought to life in Netflix’s “When They See Us,” discuss the mini-series with their onscreen counterparts.

02park five1 articleinline
The Central Park Five: ‘We Were Just Baby Boys’
Arts, May 30

The men, whose story will be brought to life in Netflix’s “When They See Us,” discuss the mini-series with their onscreen counterparts.

02park essay1 articleinline
How a City in Fear Brutalized the Central Park Five
Arts, May 30

With a new Netflix series revisiting the case of the wrongfully convicted teenage boys, a writer who covered the original trial looks back on a warped time, and the warping of truth.

30tvcol avaduvernaydesus articleinline
What’s on TV Thursday: Ava DuVernay on ‘Desus & Mero’ and ‘BlacKkKlansman’
Arts, May 30

Desus Nice and the Kid Mero host the director Ava DuVernay on Showtime. And “BlacKkKlansman” airs on HBO.

30insider egner1 articleinline
For 5 Years, Our ‘Game of Thrones’ Recapper Went to Bed Way Too Late, His Daughter Way Too Early
Reader Center, May 29

When a photo Jeremy Egner took in 2014 resurfaced recently, what struck him was how long “this baroquely violent and fantastical melodrama” had been a part of his family’s life.

29hirson1 articleinline
Roger Hirson, Who Wrote the Book for ‘Pippin,’ Dies at 93
Obituaries, May 29

For more than a decade, Mr. Hirson was known for writing for television, but meeting the composer Stephen Schwartz led to the hit musical “Pippin.”

Merlin 155521296 c1fb9828 eeda 4327 9280 2d9099ff47ed articleinline
In One Last ‘Deadwood,’ the Future Prevails and the Past Endures
Arts, May 29

David Milch’s filthy poem of the West returns, abbreviated and gray at the temples, but true to what it was.

Merlin 155353467 3c8ea563 1153 4d06 874b 1d9a5a709a64 articleinline
Queer Muslims Are Still Rare on TV. One Writer Wants to Change That.
Arts, May 29

A recent episode of the CBS drama “The Red Line” featured a gay romance involving a Muslim character. Fawzia Mirza, the episode’s writer, discusses how it came to be.

Merlin 154990788 38618f3d ff4d 425d 9244 0c8a688feead articleinline
‘Good Omens’ Unites an Angel and a Demon for Judgment Day
Arts, May 29

It took nearly 30 years, but the fantasy epic by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett will arrive onscreen in the form of a six-part mini-series debuting May 31.

29tvcol archer articleinline
What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Archer’ and ‘The InBetween’
Arts, May 29

“Archer” returns on FXX. And a new NBC drama centers on a crime-solving psychic.

D368d8e8716f43b08058e50c063500ed articleinline
What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Running With Beto’ and ‘Songland’
Arts, May 28

A documentary about Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign debuts on HBO. And a new musical competition airs on NBC.

Merlin 154776501 3cb1c3db 0930 43ed b92b 5ddc6c18eeea articleinline
Still Pondering the End of ‘Game of Thrones’? Here’s What to Read About It
Arts, May 27

“Thrones” fans are experiencing all the stages of grief. Here’s our pick of what’s being talked about.

Merlin 155348334 91475a23 6a08 45a9 8d12 053ae41d52c1 articleinline
In the Democratic Primary, the Media Hits Are the Message
Arts, May 27

On HBO, Instagram — even Fox News — aspirants are having a meta debate: How do you counterprogram a reality-TV president?