24indiana art1 thumbwide
‘LOVE’ and Other Four-Letter Words
Culture, Today

Somewhere in Robert Indiana’s home in Maine, there may exist an early version of his famous image — one that will startle his fans.

24indiana art thumbwide
Robert Indiana’s Best: A Mini Retrospective
Culture, Today

From Herman Melville to Mae West, pinball machines to a slave ship, Robert Indiana drew his inspiration from American sources, with deeply personal meanings.

Devonn francis slide 4dfi thumbwide
How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Performance Artist
T Style, Today

The artist and chef DeVonn Francis, who turns meals into theater, shares his tips for hosting a memorable evening — including banishing cutlery.

18overlooked dress thumbwide
She Painted Portraits of ‘Overlooked’ Women. Then She Made a Dress.
Insider, Today

With #MeToo in mind, 17-year-old Avalon Hester turned a Times obituary series into a pleated gown.

22hendricks1 thumbwide v2
Geoffrey Hendricks, 86, Attention-Getting Fluxus Artist, Dies
Obits, Yesterday

Mr. Hendricks, known for both his sky paintings and his experiments in art as performance, was also a longtime teacher at Rutgers.

23chastain web sub thumbwide
Brandi Chastain Plaque Features a Face of Someone Who Is Not Brandi Chastain
Sports, Yesterday

It is unclear what, exactly, happened here.

25showwall1 thumbwide
Want a Warehouse of Art? Try the Installment Plan
Weekend, Yesterday

Art can be full of surprises. Sometimes it speaks to you.

Merlin 138484623 a9a65bd8 b4d2 4c06 93e5 1d8fb7b35832 thumbwide
Robert Indiana, 89, Who Turned ‘Love’ Into Enduring Art, Is Dead
Obits, May 21

Mr. Indiana’s depiction of the letters L, O, V and E was one of the best-known images of the 20th century, widely reproduced but also widely imitated.

23indiana image4 thumbwide v2
Robert Indiana Had All but Vanished in Recent Years. Some Friends Wondered Why.
Culture, May 21

A company that represented the artist says in a lawsuit that Mr. Indiana’s caretaker on a Maine island had shut him off from the rest of the world.

22andreamiller2 thumbwide
At Met Breuer, Dancers Try to Be Like Life, Too
Culture, May 21

Andrea Miller, the choreographer in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has made a piece inspired by the “Like Life” sculpture exhibition.

19kirkeby1 thumbwide
Per Kirkeby, Painter Inspired by Nature, Is Dead at 79
Obits, May 20

Mr. Kirkeby’s paintings could evoke flattened stones, small boulders, skeins of vines and flowing water emerging from darkness.

Merlin 138285297 99a03063 e69c 4fd0 8889 72ac8d892efd thumbwide
A Trinity of Opinions on the Met’s ‘Heavenly Bodies’
Culture, May 20

An art critic, a fashion writer and a Catholic columnist from The Times walk into a museum. What followed was a lively debate about clothing and faith.

21aiweiwei1 thumbwide
Ai Weiwei Plans Three Los Angeles Exhibitions This Fall
Culture, May 20

Mr. Ai has never had a substantial exhibition in Los Angeles, but by October he will have three.

04tmag tel slide pjv4 thumbwide
6 Things Editors Like Right Now
T Style, May 18

A by-no-means exhaustive list of the things our editors (and a few contributors) find interesting on a given week.

08wongping1 thumbwide
Hong Kong’s Youth Culture, Captured in Disturbing Animations
Arts & Leisure, May 18

Wong Ping says he had not heard of the Guggenheim two years ago. Now his video stars in a show, depicting Hong Kong’s precarious relationship with China.

Merlin 137925912 e27549d1 7d77 458e 9104 c600f970106a thumbwide
This Week in Culture: André Leon Talley, J Balvin’s New Album, DanceAfrica
Arts & Leisure, May 18

The former Vogue editor’s new documentary, the reggaeton star’s dance-ready album and the festival’s return to Brooklyn.

Merlin 137625696 df0c2b81 a1c0 4b27 8993 bbf70246523a thumbwide
The Garden Thief
Metropolitan, May 18

The garden behind David Scalza’s apartment in Hell’s Kitchen was rife with drugs and disorder. So he filled it with art and plants.

20farago thumbwide
When Misery Becomes a Subject for Art
Book Review, May 18

In her final work, “Misère,” the late art historian Linda Nochlin finds in depictions of poverty in 19th-century art echoes of the miseries of the present.

18combs  thumbwide v2
Sean Combs Is Revealed as Buyer of Kerry James Marshall Painting
Culture, May 18

“Past Times,” which sold for $21.1 million this week, “has found a home in a collection with purpose and an eye toward preserving legacy,” said Jack Shainman, who represents Mr. Marshall.

18auction1 thumbwide
Back to the Tried and True Blue (Chip) at Christie’s
Weekend, May 17

On Thursday, buyers were looking for works fresh to the market from long-term collections, rather than resales.

18list art thumbwide
23 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, May 17

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

18jafa1 thumbwide
Arthur Jafa’s Profound Meditations on Black America
Weekend, May 17

Arthur Jafa’s triumphal debut consisted of a seven-minute video. Two years later, he’s back with artworks in three media on as many floors.

18pasttimes thumbwide
Painting That Hung in a Chicago Convention Center Brings Unexpected Windfall
Weekend, May 17

A municipal agency that bought Kerry James Marshall’s “Past Times” for $25,000 in 1997 sold it Wednesday night at auction for $21.1 million.

14mon1 thumbwide
Trans Fats
Learning, May 17

Should trans fats be banned around the world?

17auction4 thumbwide
As a Black Artist Soars at Auction, Rethinking ‘Blue Chip’
Culture, May 16

Kerry James Marshall’s painting, “Past Times,” reaches a benchmark for the artist, at $21.1 million

17fraangelico1 thumbwide
Art for the Soul in ‘Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth’
Culture, May 16

A dream of a show at the Isabella Stewart Gardner spotlights the most exquisite Renaissance painting in the United States along with three related pictures from Italy.

18showwall1 thumbwide
Tastes of California, Imported to the East Coast
Weekend, May 16

Michael McCarty and Kim McCarty swap pieces of their art collections between their homes and the restaurants Mr. McCarty operates in California and New York.

17rembrandt1 thumbwide
A New Rembrandt? A Dutch Art Dealer Says He’s Found One
Culture, May 16

Jan Six has backing from several top experts for his attribution of the painting, which he bought at Christie’s in 2016. But some are reserving judgment.

18galleries2 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 16

Al Freeman’s uncanny Comparisons; Marina Rheingantz’s beautiful wastelands; Andreas Slominski’s portable toilets; Yun-Fei Ji’s paintings of the powerless; and Mary Mattingly’s disorienting collage photographs.

16auction1 thumbwide
A Malevich and a Bronze by Brancusi Set Auction Highs for the Artists
Culture, May 15

Brancusi’s abstract sculpture of a shipping heiress drew $71 million at Christie’s, while the Malevich abstraction topped $85 million.

00places denver combo thumbwide
Place 12 of 52: In Denver, a Mile High but Down to Earth
Travel, May 15

A starter guide to the city’s rich art, food and outdoors scenes.

15auction arts thumbwide
$157 Million for a Modigliani Raises Hardly Any Eyebrows
Culture, May 14

A nude by the artist brought in a top price for Sotheby’s, but failed to surpass the auction high of $170 million for a Modigliani in 2015.

30tmag ppt slide 1x57 thumbwide
Otherworldly Sculptures, Inspired by Crystals
T Style, May 14

The 29-year-old Zuza Mengham has become known for confection-colored, craggy tabletop pieces.

15picasso thumbwide
Pablo Picasso Painting, Valued at $70 Million, Is Damaged Before Sale
Culture, May 14

“Le Marin,” a 1943 painting, was “accidentally damaged” on Friday and was withdrawn from Christie’s Tuesday evening auction so it could be restored.

14charlesray1 thumbwide
Charles Ray, Walking a Fine Line With a Hungry Lion
Culture, May 13

The enigmatic Los Angeles sculptor has new works at Matthew Marks Gallery. Even his fans acknowledge that his subjects can have unpredictable effects on viewers.

14fischer item thumbwide
A Life-Size Rhinoceros Sculpture by Urs Fischer Will Go Up in Midtown
Culture, May 13

The piece by Mr. Fischer, a Swiss-born artist, is titled “Things.” It will be unveiled Tuesday in an old bank building on Fifth Avenue.

Merlin 137693019 887c446e c3ce 4e36 ad1f 59d48d2460d4 thumbwide
It Didn’t Hit $1 Billion, but Rockefeller Sale Still Set High
Culture, May 11

The art and decorative objects of one of the dynasties of American royalty did not disappoint at Christie’s.

12bernini item closeup thumbwide
The Risk of Moving Artworks: A Broken Finger and Public Outcry
Culture, May 11

A finger broke off a 17th-century statue by Gian Lorenzo Bernini after it was lent for a show. Restorers fixed it, but it will never be whole again.

Merlin 137361705 8a064306 3b0b 42b3 9025 6ecad57a1a9b thumbwide
Steeped in Blood, Soutine’s Work Revels in Life, Not Death
Weekend, May 11

Chaim Soutine’s gory, ecstatic still lifes at the Jewish Museum demonstrate his uncanny ability to find action in stillness and spiritual meaning in physical facts.

13upnext4 thumbwide v2
Artist Doreen Garner Uses Tattoos to Explore Black Bodies
Styles, May 11

The sculpture and performance artist lives in Brooklyn and has exhibited at Pioneer Works and the Abrons Arts Center.

Merlin 137525373 90bfed42 3144 45ca 901c 1352686ff3a4 thumbwide
This Week: Saoirse Ronan, Courtney Barnett and a Bang on a Can Marathon
Arts & Leisure, May 11

The Irish-American actress has a new movie; the Australian singer-songwriter, a new album; and a noisy festival returns to Downtown Manhattan.

16reyburn3 thumbwide
What if the Rockefellers Had Bought Pollock Instead of Porcelain?
Culture, May 11

The auction at Christie’s shows just how much tastes in “trophy” art have changed since David and Peggy Rockefeller started their collection.

11list art thumbwide
24 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, May 10

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

11paintedinmexico10 thumbwide v2
‘Painted in Mexico’: When a New Art Flourished Far From Mother Spain
Weekend, May 10

Soul-stirring Spanish American art is finally being awarded center stage status in North American museums — and it’s sensuous and rapturous.

Merlin 137423160 f9979209 e73d 4b6c 969c 7f10cc53115a thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 10

Marlene Dumas’s erotic works on paper; Lucy Dodd’s “May Flower” at David Lewis; and 11 galleries showing sculpture in “Sculpture 56.”

Merlin 137785836 a24e8592 4d8d 4c71 98c2 5d76f5a36fee thumbwide
How to Make an Art Fair Part of Your Next Vacation
Travel, May 10

Art fairs aren’t just for fancy dealers and art buyers — regular art lovers can enjoy them too, and they take place around the world. Here’s how to add one to your next vacation itinerary.

Merlin 137913288 652de51f 8a63 4e37 bf60 d3ab9929c078 thumbwide
At Rockefeller Auction, They Came. They Bid. They Mostly Lost.
Culture, May 9

The second day of the David and Peggy Rockefeller auction at Christie’s was geared to everyday antique hunters, but prices quickly shot out of reach for many.

11heavenlybodies1 thumbwide
‘Heavenly Bodies’ Brings the Fabric of Faith to the Met
Weekend, May 9

A museum’s blockbuster welcomes the Vatican’s holy garments to New York — and genuflects at the altar of haute couture.

11showwall1 thumbwide
A Studio That’s Animated in More Ways Than One
Weekend, May 9

Chris and Shannon Prynoski started out making T-shirts. Now, they are immersed in pop culture.

Merlin 137867607 60be2034 eea2 46dd a29c 6b41f5cbf8c5 thumbwide
Pulled From Rockefeller Walls, Picasso, Matisse and Monet Fetch Big Prices
Culture, May 8

Artwork and antiques from the estate of David and Peggy Rockefeller went on the block at Christie’s and sales could reach $1 billion by week’s end.

11boomforreal thumbwide v2
‘Boom for Real’ Is a Beguiling Look at a Teenage Basquiat
Weekend, May 9

The director Sara Driver pays the artist proper and enthralling tribute in this documentary, which is as distinctive as her fictional films.

13lor1 thumbwide
Letter of Recommendation: Tiny Museums
Magazine, May 9

There ought to be 7.6 billion of them all over the world.

13dumas1 thumbwide
A Radical Artist Takes a Startling Turn Toward Love
Arts & Leisure, May 8

Known for politically charged social art, Marlene Dumas tries a new direction — Eros — inspired by Shakespeare.

04artsuit xp thumbwide
Contested Auction of Basquiat Painting Can Proceed, Judge Rules
Culture, May 8

The art collector Hubert Neumann had filed a lawsuit against Sotheby’s to stop the sale of “Flesh and Spirit,” but the judge said he was “a stranger to this piece of art.”

02tmag hopegangloff slide tpez thumbwide
In the Studio With an Artist Who Paints in a ‘Color Trance’
T Style, May 8

The Queens-based Hope Gangloff makes portraits of people she knows — in bright, candy-colored hues.

13mag firstwords image1 thumbwide
What Do We Mean When We Call Art ‘Necessary’?
Magazine, May 8

It’s supposed to be a compliment, but it saddles the work — and its audience — with the weight of moral imperative.

10fake1 thumbwide
A Lifelike Version of Nature, but Not to Scale
Special Sections, May 8

It takes a patient person to forge the botanical miniature of a leaf. Who wants to make a forest?

Merlin 115156424 ee8b5c15 58b4 4399 90c2 4aee6705dbdc thumbwide
Lacma and Arizona State Join Forces to Help Curators of Color
Culture, May 8

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Arizona State University will establish a three-year program combining academic training and work experience.

08naked2 alpha thumbwide v3
I Went Naked to a Museum, and It Was … Revealing
Culture, May 7

In association with a French nudist association, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris held a special tour of exhibits for nude visitors only.

04tmag tel slide 3psp thumbwide
5 Things T Editors Like Right Now
T Style, May 4

A by-no-means exhaustive list of the things our editors (and a few contributors) find interesting on a given week.

Merlin 137592876 4e9e7232 a045 4e7c 8e05 00ef6a8d778a thumbwide
Printing a Revolution: The Posters of Paris ’68
Culture, May 4

During the major strikes and student uprisings in France that year, the École des Beaux-Arts turned itself into a workshop for revolutionary messages.

06rockburne20 thumbwide
Dorothea Rockburne’s Ephemeral Art and Enduring Legacy
Arts & Leisure, May 4

The painter is still blazing trails, remaking artworks for a show at Dia:Beacon. Her ephemeral materials had a short shelf.

05artfraud item thumbwide
Art Dealer Pleads Guilty in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Case
Culture, May 4

Ezra Chowaiki, a former gallery president, pleaded guilty to a count of wire fraud and was ordered to forfeit more than $16.6 million.

04artsuit xp thumbwide
Collector Sues Sotheby’s to Block Basquiat Auction, Exposing Ugly Family Dispute
Culture, May 3

A lawsuit filed by Hubert Neumann, whose family owns a world-class art collection, claims that Sotheby’s has grossly undervalued the painting.

04frieze2 thumbwide
On the Hunt for Artistic Gems at Frieze
Weekend, May 3

Frieze New York is skewing younger and a bit squarer. But there are some treasures, including Arthur Jafa’s installation and North Plains Indian ledger drawings.

04list art thumbwide
24 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend
Weekend, May 3

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

04pendleton1 thumbwide
A Young Artist and Disrupter Plants His Flag for Black Lives
Weekend, May 3

With his art rooted in poetry and history, Adam Pendleton has work in major museums, collectors’ homes — and flying over the Frieze fair.

04tefaf print1 thumbwide
Lessons in Modernism at the Tefaf Fair
Weekend, May 3

Buying is optional — go just to peruse 90 galleries from 13 countries featuring art and design.

Merlin 135146904 f4f76a56 6444 49f8 bd31 c074530bed2b thumbwide
At the Met, All That Dazzles Is Not Just Gold — It’s Feathers, Too
Weekend, May 3

A fascinating show on pre-Columbian art promises an unabashed celebration of splendor, but it also puts to rest some popular misconceptions.

Merlin 137531406 1069c68c c161 4598 84e8 498434ffd20d thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 2

Vera Molnár’s geometric abstraction; Marcus Weber’s comic-strip-inspired paintings; Cary Leibowitz’s self-deprecating ceramics; Beryl Korot’s coded canvases.

03paul1 thumbwide
Art Paul, Art Director Who Gave Playboy Its Look, Dies at 93
Obits, May 2

Mr. Paul, who was with the magazine from the beginning, created its rabbit-head logo and hired great illustrators to lend worldliness to its pages.

03hafif thumbwide v2
Marcia Hafif, Painter of Monochromatic Works, Is Dead at 88
Obits, May 2

Ms. Hafif didn’t want you to wonder what a work was a painting of; she wanted you to see the color, the brush strokes, the play of light.

03hafif thumbwide v2
Marcia Hafif, Painter of Monochromatic Works, Is Dead at 89
Obits, May 2

Ms. Hafif didn’t want you to wonder what a work was a painting of; she wanted you to see the color, the brush strokes, the play of light.

Merlin 137536944 b5ba3a02 9aa2 4843 aff8 f92aea94be29 thumbwide
Anti-Frieze Art Fairs Abound in Brooklyn
Weekend, May 2

Four fairs this week are showcasing emerging artists, and often affordable prices.

Artleaders2018 klarisimage thumbwide
Edward Klaris: Art as VR
Video, May 2

Speaking at The New York Times Art Leaders Network, Edward Klaris, Managing Partner of Klaris Law and C.E.O. of KlarisIP, talks about possible distribution models for artists working in virtual reality.

Artleaders2018 lowryimage thumbwide
MoMA Director on Thinking Digitally
Video, May 2

Speaking at The New York Times Art Leaders Network, Glenn D. Lowry, Director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, shares his thoughts on how to liberate the museum from its analog past in moving toward a digital future.

Merlin 118517030 6d986e0d 5d01 4f78 8c2a 9384ff8d78ab thumbwide
N.E.A. Chairwoman to Step Down in June
Culture, May 2

After Jane Chu departs from the National Endowment for the Arts, it will fall on President Trump to appoint the new head of an agency he’s tried to end twice.

04showwall1 thumbwide
A Curator With a 3-D Résumé in Every Room
Weekend, May 2

Nicholas Baume has worked with a broad range of artists over the years, and many of his exhibitions are represented in his home.

03fuhrman3 thumbwide
Collectors Join Forces to Create $800,000 Art Prize
Culture, May 2

The award will include exhibitions at the Contemporary Austin museum and the FLAG Art Foundation.

02zwirner2 thumbwide
David Zwirner to Represent Abstract Painter Joan Mitchell
Culture, May 1

Mr. Zwirner called Mitchell, who died in 1992, “one of the great American artists of the second half of the 20th century.”

02posen1 alpha thumbwide v2
Stephen Posen Knows How to Fashion a Line. So Does His Son, Zac Posen.
Culture, May 1

Two new gallery shows highlight the painter — and the influence his folds and shapes had on his clothing designer son.

03viso thumbwide
Decolonizing the Art Museum: The Next Wave
Op Ed, May 1

Museums must stop seeing activists as antagonists. They must position themselves as learning communities, not impenetrable centers of self-validating authority.

1tmag kelly 02 thumbwide
At a New York Gallery, Confronting the Art World’s Existential Crisis
T Style, May 1

The dealer Sean Kelly has launched an initiative that aims to reframe art collecting as a pursuit centered around passion — rather than investing.

01fahy thumbwide
Everett Fahy, Museum Authority on European Painting, Is Dead at 77
Obits, May 1

Mr. Fahy ran the Frick Collection and then oversaw a reorganization at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that was hailed as groundbreaking.

02menil item1 thumbwide
The Menil Drawing Institute in Houston Will Open in November
Culture, May 1

An exhibition of the drawings of Jasper Johns will be the first show at the new extension of the Menil Collection.

09reyburn1 thumbwide v2
Berlin: An Art Scene and a City in Flux
Culture, May 1

A radical show run by artists for artists is now a rarity in the city’s increasingly slick and professional scene.

01leiber women thumbwide
Gerson Leiber, 96, Dies; Artist Created Museum With Designer Wife
Obits, April 30

Mr. Leiber’s paintings ranged from abstract to stylized representational. His and Judith Leiber’s collection features his art and her celebrated handbags.

01fakes item thumbwide
French Museum Discovers More Than Half Its Collection Is Fake
Culture, April 30

The Terrus museum in the South of France collected what curators thought were the works of a local painter. But many of them are counterfeits.

Merlin 136763676 c3945f41 23f8 48e4 b507 c6b3b5cdf99e thumbwide
Judith Leiber, 97, Dies; Turned Handbags Into Objets d’Art
Obits, April 30

Her imaginative evening bags were sought after by celebrities and royalty. She died only hours after the death of her husband, the painter Gerson Leiber.

Jitash slide wfp0 thumbwide
An Artist Who Leaves His Work Up to Nature — and Chance
T Style, April 30

Jitish Kallat, the Mumbai-based artist with a new show in New York, lets elements like rain and fire affect his practice.

02artfairroundup 1 thumbwide v2
How to Make the Most of the Frieze Week Art Fairs
Culture, April 30

New York is overloaded with contemporary art this week. Here are some tips to make it fun.

05tmag seeds slide hnhs thumbwide
An Unorthodox Design Gallery in a London Townhouse
T Style, April 30

Nathalie Assi runs Seeds, a design commissioning and exhibition platform, from her family home, where eccentric artworks are part of the furniture.

Merlin 137247903 a3a76830 2af6 4d72 bec1 3ad51cfd4567 thumbwide
Los Angeles Tests the Power of ‘Play Streets’
Culture, April 29

In the Boyle Heights neighborhood, a design intervention led by residents and activists unveils a “playground in a box” to reclaim streets for public life.

Merlin 137387400 c75da8dd 6b33 44ec afd7 1d1460f02f6a thumbwide
Typing a Novel About Vassar, Word for Word, as Art
Metro, April 29

A Los Angeles performance artist has been typing Mary McCarthy’s 1963 novel “The Group,” about eight Vassar College alumnae, on the Vassar campus in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Papapetrou 5 thumbwide
Polixeni Papapetrou, Photographer With an Eerie Eye, Dies at 57
Obits, April 27

Her photographs often featured her own children in startling costumes, but the most attention-getting one involved no clothes at all.

Merlin 136932246 a0e23aa7 b908 4224 86e4 bc8b6fee413e thumbwide
Influenced by Her Children, Laurie Simmons Exits Her Comfort Zone
Arts & Leisure, April 27

In a year that tested her maternal strength, the artist says her children Lena and Grace Dunham led her to a creative breakthrough using portraiture.

30shed social thumbwide
A Teaser for the Shed, Hoping to Entice New Yorkers
Culture, April 27

“Prelude,” two weeks of programming starting Tuesday, offers a taste of what the Shed has in store — about a year before it opens.

02reyburn4 thumbwide v2
What the Mona Lisa Tells Us About Art in the Instagram Era
Culture, April 27

The photo-taking crowds that surround Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece at the Louvre exemplify how the digital generation experiences artworks.

27leibovitz thumbwide
Don’t Delete Kanye
Op Ed, April 27

I’ve had a lifetime of learning to love artists whose politics I hate.

29week art thumbwide v2
This Week: Donald Judd’s SoHo Loft, Juliette Binoche, the Breeders on Tour
Arts & Leisure, April 27

The artist’s former Manhattan home is the best place to view his work, and the French actress shines in a new Claire Denis film.

28ronis 1 thumbwide
The Photographer Who Saw Paris With His Heart in His Eyes
Culture, April 27

Willy Ronis captured the French capital and its people with warmth, humanity and compassion, as can be seen in a new retrospective in Paris.

2018 eliasson olafurimage thumbwide
Olafur Eliasson: “Who Owns the Artwork?”
Video, April 27

At The New York Times Art Leaders Network, artist Olafur Eliasson talks about how museums can help empower visitors.

Merlin 137218776 5a40f0ae 61ad 466d 9207 841960256062 thumbwide
10 Galleries to Visit Now on the Upper East Side
Weekend, April 26

The arrival of dozens of international galleries and project spaces in a concentrated area has created a thriving scene.

Merlin 137219640 e633c4cc d180 418b 9ff8 fc5b6c95997f thumbwide
10 Galleries to Visit Now on the Lower East Side
Weekend, April 26

Storms, stars and survival in small spaces — the cosmos in a storefront.

27guide chelsea5 thumbwide
12 Galleries to Visit Now in Chelsea
Weekend, April 26

A sampling of the visual riches available this weekend in Chelsea, the most disdained of New York’s gallery neighborhoods.

27guide soho10 thumbwide
10 Galleries to Visit Now Around SoHo and TriBeCa
Weekend, April 26

Begin in NoHo on Great Jones Street, ramble south and east. You’ll uncover outposts from Zurich and South Asia, transplants from Chelsea, and one of the oldest arts centers in town.

27guide chelsea7 thumbwide
The 54 Galleries to See Right Now in New York
Culture, April 26

A neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to the spring’s best shows.

Merlin 137144415 ea494ced 1a1c 4b41 88d4 07fe332827df thumbwide
12 Galleries to Visit Now in Brooklyn and Queens
Weekend, April 26

Young and artist-run spaces are the dynamic specialties of these two boroughs, which have the city’s most dynamic art scene.

27africanart 1art thumbwide
Two Projects Helping Female Artists in Africa Find Their Voices
Weekend, April 26

African women face cultural and financial resistance to careers in art, but a Johannesburg residency and an international art fair in Brooklyn may help them succeed.

Merlin 137262555 eef11399 a26c 476b 871c 72f9efabd2f0 thumbwide
Kurimanzutto Expands (Way) North
Weekend, April 26

The Mexico City gallery has opened a New York branch, showing movers and shakers from Latin America — and still resisting expectations.

27list art thumbwide
23 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend
Weekend, April 26

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

27tmag doonesbury 01 thumbwide
Six Artists Revisit Their Works From the Early ’80s
T Style, April 26

How strong is the temptation to tinker with a published piece? T asked artists including Bill T. Jones, Laurie Anderson and Ntozake Shange to reconsider their celebrated 1980s works.

Paul smith slide mygy thumbwide
Paul Smith Captures 48 Hours in Los Angeles — in Polaroids
T Style, April 26

The British designer shares his favorite places in Los Angeles, from a Hollywood costume collection to the Chateau Marmont.

2018 davidzwirner image thumbwide
David Zwirner on Helping Young Galleries
Video, April 26

David Zwirner, art dealer and owner of David Zwirner Gallery, suggests how larger, established galleries could try supporting younger galleries at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference in Berlin.

2018 lisa dennisonimage  thumbwide
A Comeback for Chinese Contemporary Art?
Video, April 26

Lisa Dennison, Sotheby’s Americas Chairman, talks about the taste for Western art in Asian markets and the possible comeback of Chinese contemporary art at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference in Berlin.

2018 drulisiggimage  thumbwide
Dr. Uli Sigg on China’s Art Market
Video, April 26

Dr. Uli Sigg, Former Swiss Ambassador to China, North Korea and Mongolia, and Deputy Chairman of the Ringier Group, talks about the tendencies of Chinese buyers at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference in Berlin.

Merlin 131482742 ef8d410a 7abb 4d72 9922 23b26a1d71bd thumbwide
David Zwirner Proposes ‘Tax’ on Large Galleries at Art Fairs
Culture, April 26

Mr. Zwirner, whose gallery is one of the world’s largest, said he would be willing to pay more for space if it could help smaller galleries take part.

2018 marc glimcherimage  thumbwide
Marc Glimcher: “We Love the Art Fairs”
Video, April 26

Marc Glimcher, President and C.E.O. of Pace Gallery, speaks at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference about why people love to hate art fairs.

2018 amycappellazzoimage  thumbwide
Amy Cappellazzo on A Bidder’s Big Moment
Video, April 26

Amy Cappellazzo, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Sotheby’s Global Fine Arts Division, talks to Robin Pogrebin at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference about what it’s like for a bidder who is about to make a major purchase...

2018 dr tristram huntimage thumbwide
Dr. Tristram Hunt on Art After Brexit
Video, April 26

Dr. Tristram Hunt, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, talks to The New York Times Art Leaders Network about keeping London cultural institutions viable in a populist age.

2018 monika spruthimage thumbwide
Monika Sprüth on Social Media
Video, April 26

Monika Sprüth, Co-Founder of Sprüth Magers, speaks to The New York Times Art Leaders Network about the necessity and limitations of social media for art galleries.

27turner item 1 thumbwide v2
4 Turner Prize Nominees Are Announced
Culture, April 26

Making this year’s shortlist: an organization that uses architectural rendering software to uncover human rights abuses and three artists depicting social and political issues in film.

19ashley 1 thumbwide v2
Ashley Longshore Is Fashion’s Latest Art Darling
Styles, April 26

Her glittery, bawdy feminist work gets likes on Instagram and love at Bergdorf.

2018 amy capellazzoimage thumbwide
Sotheby’s Executive on Art as an Asset
Video, April 25

Amy Cappellazzo, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Sotheby’s Global Fine Arts Division, talks to Robin Pogrebin at The New York Times Art Leaders Network conference about what it’s like for a bidder who is about to make a major purchase...

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The Danish Glassblower Making Modern Curiosities
T Style, April 24

Steffen Dam, who has been nominated for a Loewe Craft Prize, expertly updates the concept of wunderkammer.

25tisch item1 thumbwide
Tisch Fund Gives $10 Million to Initiative for Arts and Mental Health
Culture, April 24

The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund give grants to organizations who use art to combat mental illness.

24 lens ballen1a thumbwide
A Puzzle With No Solution: Roger Ballen’s Quest for Meaning Through Photography
N Y T Now, April 24

The internationally renowned artist, 68, tells those who want to follow in his footsteps: “You need time to germinate.”

17hoffman thumbwide
Making Classical Music and Art Accessible to All
Letters, April 23

Readers discuss getting past the Classical Music Insecurity Complex.