29beneathgavel1 articleinline
Plays About the Art World? Not Sold
Theater, Yesterday

“Beneath the Gavel” gets some things right as it dramatizes an auction. But the subtleties of the art market remain beyond most writers’ skills.

28bensonweb articleinline
The Image of Emmett Till
Opinion, March 28

What would his mother have thought of the painting at the Whitney Biennial?

29gainsborough articleinline
After Attack, Gainsborough Painting Returns to View
Arts, March 28

A painting by Thomas Gainsborough at the National Gallery in London has gone back on display after being attacked with a sharp instrument.

29iranart item2 articleinline
Iranian Art Gallery Cancels Its Part in New York Show, Citing Trump’s Travel Ban
Arts, March 28

The owners of the Ag Galerie didn’t want to risk traveling to the United States, or having art held up in customs.

28vetsjp1 articleinline
Can Programs That Help the Military Save the Federal Arts Agencies?
Arts, March 27

Backers cite projects like expanding arts therapy for veterans to rebut calls for defunding the agencies.

28tb tropical promo articleinline
They Mixed Science, Art and Costume Parties to Reveal Mysteries of the Sea
Science, March 27

The expeditions of William Beebe and his coed Department of Tropical Research are remembered at an upcoming show at The Drawing Center in New York.

29burner bar articleinline
Dieter Roth’s Art Bar Rises Once Again in Manhattan
Food, March 27

At a Chelsea gallery, a sculpture by the Swiss artist doubles as a bar, serving drinks and dishes like sunchoke soup and vegetable flatbread.

28whitney articleinline
Should Art That Infuriates Be Removed?
Arts, March 27

This question is at the center of a debate that has split the art world over Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial.

28whitney articleinline
Should Art That Infuriates Be Removed?
Arts, March 27

This question is at the center of a debate that has split the art world over Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial.

27aiweiwei articleinline
Ai Weiwei’s Latest Artwork: Building Fences Throughout New York City
Arts, March 26

Commissioned by the Public Art Fund, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” an ambitious work about divisive politics and borders, opens on Oct. 12.

360 boxwoodthumbnail articleinline
Inside the Wooden Worlds of Prayer Beads
Video, March 26

For centuries, experts were mystified by Gothic boxwood miniatures — intricate scenes carved into walnut-size spheres in the 1400s and 1500s. Now, high-resolution scans bring their detail to life. Step inside the beads yourself in this 360° video.

360 zoo articleinline
Animals in the Artist's Studio
Video, March 25

Artist Kendra Haste was commissioned to create sculptures of the wild animals that once lived in the Royal Menagerie. Get a 360 view of her studio/zoo and the installation at the Tower of London.

24listingsart1 articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 23

Our guide to new art shows, and one coming attraction.

24maystevensgallery1 articleinline
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, March 23

May Stevens’s blend of art and politics, Yuji Agematsu’s orderly detritus, Facundo de Zuviría’s Buenos Aires streetscapes and more.

26kac1 articleinline v2
A Space Odyssey: Making Art Up There
Arts, March 23

The artist Eduardo Kac and Thomas Pesquet, a Frenchman on the International Space Station, have created art in space.

24reyburn1 articleinline
What’s the Global Art Market Really Worth? Depends Who You Ask.
Arts, March 23

The latest Tefaf report puts global auction and private sales in 2016 at $45 billion, while Art Basel-UBS estimates the total at $56.6 billion.

22whitney articleinline v2
The Emmett Till Painting
Opinion, March 23

A reader writes, “I never thought that I would see the day when any artist advocated censorship of any kind.”

24ancient1 articleinline
‘A World of Emotions’ in Greek Art Unmasks the Stony Faces
Arts, March 23

Explosive feelings, personal and political, are the subject of a strange and wonderful exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Center.

24wheeler1 articleinline
Desert Silence, Transposed to the Cacophony of New York
Arts, March 23

The artist Doug Wheeler has built a room in the Guggenheim Museum that evokes the quiet of the desert, where visitors can escape the city’s din.

23tmag rev1 articleinline
Two New Shows That Celebrate Black Women Artists
T Magazine, March 23

“Power” at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles and “We Wanted a Revolution” at the Brooklyn Museum explore themes of feminism, womanism, race and gender equality.

24showusyourwall articleinline
This Choreographer Is Moved by Art
Arts, March 23

Stephen Petronio’s farmhouse is his private museum, with a focus on works from 1950 onward.

24lygiapaglia1 articleinline
Lygia Pape’s Brazil, From the Beach to the Barricades
Arts, March 23

A retrospective of the artist’s paintings, sculptures, constructions and films at the Met Breuer suggests what art should do in times of political havoc.

23sterling articleinline
This Artist Is Calvin Klein’s Latest Muse
Fashion & Style, March 23

The long collaboration between Sterling Ruby and the designer Raf Simons comes to fruition.

23artbasel1 articleinline
At Asia’s Hottest Art Fair, Taking Selfies With a Mao ‘Corpse’
Arts, March 22

At the fifth edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, contradictions are in the foreground — as in the spectator reaction to lifelike sculptures by Shen Shaomin.

26guide4 articleinline
Erwin Wurm Brings ‘One Minute Sculptures’ to Lehmann Maupin
Arts, March 22

Why is that man wearing a wooden bench? Why does that woman have her head in a lounge chair? Mr. Wurm incorporates people into his sculptures.

Tmag mirage articleinline
Watch Doug Aitken’s Mirrored Ranch House Transform Over Time
T Magazine, March 21

The artist has created an entirely reflective structure just outside of Palm Springs.

22christies articleinline
Surprising Sale at Christie’s Lifts Asia Week New York
Arts, March 21

One auction, on March 15, of Chinese art from the Fujita Museum, brought in about $263 million.

22whitney articleinline
White Artist’s Painting of Emmett Till at Whitney Biennial Draws Protests
Arts, March 21

The canvas, based on open-coffin photographs of the 1955 lynching victim, speaks to the images’ power to address race and violence.

21swartzweb articleinline
‘W.’ and the Art of Redemption
Opinion, March 21

Painting gave George Bush a deeper view of things. And me of him.

Live Chat: Exclusive Performance: Real Estate
Interactive, March 20

Real Estate, an indie rock band, will be at The New York Times headquarters on Tuesday, March 21, to perform songs and answer audience questions at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. Times journalists will be available for a live chat, and they’ll relay readers’ questions to the band. Submit your questions for the band below.

Live Performance and Q&A With the Indie Rock Band Real Estate
Interactive, March 20

Real Estate, an indie rock band, will be at The New York Times headquarters on Tuesday, March 21, to perform songs and answer audience questions at 7:30 p.m., Eastern time. Joe Coscarelli, who covers music for The Times, will be in the room to ask those questions. He will be joined by Caryn Ganz, Times music editor, who will be chatting with the audience and providing insight throughout. Submit your questions for the band below.

21divine1 articleinline
A ‘Triumphant Return’ for 17th-Century Tapestries
N.Y. / Region, March 20

Ten works commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Barberini in 1643 and depicting scenes from the life of Christ are hanging again in a Manhattan church.

21galleryattack articleinline
Gainsborough Painting Is Attacked at National Gallery in London
Arts, March 20

A man has been charged with causing criminal damage by slashing through layers of paint on the 18th-century work, although the canvas itself is intact.

20vangogh articleinline
As Stolen Van Goghs Return to View, a Thief Tells All
Arts, March 19

Octave Durham, convicted of stealing two of the painter’s works from a museum, describes the heist in detail just as the works return to public view.

19morris1 articleinline
Odd Man in: The Sculptor Robert Morris, at 86, Is Still Blazing Trails
Arts, March 19

Mr. Morris is still a hard-working renegade sculptor. He’s inspired these days by Goya but has also been revisiting his own earlier work.

18tate item articleinline
Third Time’s the Charm: Bass Museum Sets October Opening
Arts, March 17

Now focusing on contemporary art, the Miami Beach museum will have plenty of competition.

18tate item articleinline
Superflex Is Chosen for Tate Modern Turbine Hall
Arts, March 17

The Danish arts group is known for its politically charged work.

18desertx item articleinline
Things Go Awry at ‘Desert X,’ as Shy Bot Disappears
Arts, March 17

Theft and vandalism plague a Palm Springs-area art show.

17reyburn5 articleinline
Tefaf Maastricht, While ‘Softer,’ Still Impresses
Arts, March 17

The art fair’s reputation as a destination event continues to face challenges, particularly now that it has smaller spring and fall editions in New York.

17listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 16

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

17biennial1 articleinline
Why the Whitney’s Humanist, Pro-Diversity Biennial Is a Revelation
Arts, March 16

This much-anticipated show displays a strength and focus doubly important when art and the humanities seem under attack in Washington.

17donaldongallery3 articleinline
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, March 16

Jeff Donaldson receives his first solo in New York, Dena Yago considers “women’s work,” and Anoka Faruqee explores the interaction of color.

16tmag jw anthea slide b3s2 articleinline
In Conversation: Jonathan Anderson & Anthea Hamilton
T Magazine, March 16

The fashion designer and the artist sat down with T to discuss their creative processes — and current exhibitions. (Anderson’s curatorial debut opens this weekend.)

17showusyourwall articleinline
A Couple’s Secrets, Not Found on Instagram
Arts, March 16

Matching safes by the artist Sophie Calle are in the collection of the co-founder of Instagram and his wife.

17turner2 articleinline
That Visionary Wharf Rat, J.M.W. Turner
Arts, March 16

The artist’s liberties with light, and reservations about progress, haunt his paintings of ports in a luminous show at the Frick Collection.

17hartley1 articleinline
‘Marsden Hartley’s Maine,’ His Muse, First and Last
Arts, March 16

A Met Breuer show follows the restless Modernist’s second act in his native state, after a peripatetic career in Paris, Berlin, New York and other places.

16tiffany articleinline
From Artist’s Hand to Shop’s Counter: The Whitney Teams Up With Tiffany
Arts, March 15

Five artists in the Whitney Biennial have collaborated with Tiffany on limited-edition works to be sold at the museum and at the jeweler’s flagship store.

16listings3 articleinline
Notable Museum Openings This Spring and Summer
Arts, March 15

From Matisse in Boston to Munch in San Francisco, a guide to exhibitions across the United States in the coming months.

Shadow of Old Masters’ Forgeries Hangs Over an Art Fair
Arts, March 15

Four galleries at Tefaf Maastricht have open legal cases involving artworks deemed by other experts to be forgeries.

Julia jacquette images slide 1ma4 articleinline
The Secret Art Language of New York Playgrounds
Arts, March 15

The artist Julia Jacquette modeled her way of working on the adventure playgrounds of the early ’70s.

16jazzmuseum1 articleinline
A Jazz Age Exhibition With a Syncopated Sweep
Arts, March 15

By incorporating music, immersive wallpapers and a Harlem walking tour, in addition to the decorative arts, the Cooper Hewitt hopes to transport visitors to another era.

16irishpainter1 articleinline
Over a Century Later, an Irish Painter’s Brooklyn Renaissance
N.Y. / Region, March 15

John Mulvany, a celebrated artist largely forgotten after his death, spent his last years in Greenpoint — a period taking on new importance as his lost works are rediscovered.

19mag 19delgaudio t ca0 articleinline
The Magician Who Wants to Break Magic
Magazine, March 15

Derek DelGaudio takes illusionism to new conceptual heights.

16dutch3 articleinline
Stepping Into Mondrian’s Shoes, and Other Adventures in Dutch Style
Arts, March 15

The Netherlands is hosting a yearlong celebration to honor the 100th anniversary of de Stijl, an art movement emphasizing simple geometry and bold color.

Bill viola slide lehs articleinline
An Iconic Video Artist Takes Over Florence
T Magazine, March 14

Bill Viola’s new exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi explores his connection with the city.

15kusama selfie articleinline
Is That Yayoi Kusama Selfie Worth the Wait?
Arts, March 14

Long lines and big crowds to see this artist’s show at the Hirshhorn Museum make you wonder.

16senses combo articleinline
Drinking In the Art: Museums Offer a Growing Banquet for the Senses
Arts, March 14

Institutions are experimenting with music, aromas, replicas that people can touch and even liquids that they can drink, in the hope of engaging visitors.

16digitize combo articleinline
‘Photo Archives Are Sleeping Beauties.’ Pharos Is Their Prince.
Arts, March 14

Pharos is an effort among 14 institutions to create a database that will eventually hold and make accessible 22 million images of artworks.

360 theaster articleinline
Using Discards to Build Art (and Rebuild a City)
Arts, March 14

The Chicago artist Theaster Gates, who has a new show at the National Gallery, makes works from castoff objects, revitalizing his neighborhood with their sale.

360 theaster articleinline
Theaster Gates and the Art of Community
Video, March 14

Theaster Gates salvages architectural elements embedded with history, like a church roof and a gym floor, and turns them into fine art. Take a 360° stroll through his exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.

14africanart2 articleinline
African Art in a Game of Catch-Up
Arts, March 13

Small galleries are spotlighting the work of Mor Faye, Ernest Mancoba and others from the continent, although big museums have shown little interest.

15burner book articleinline
A Colorful Recipe Palette From Georgia O’Keeffe
Food, March 13

The new cookbook “Dinner With Georgia O’Keeffe” details the painter’s love affair with the kitchen.

14jetty articleinline
‘Spiral Jetty’ Is Named an Official State Work of Art by Utah
Arts, March 13

Robert Smithson’s land-art classic joins other symbols of the state including the beehive, the Dutch oven and the M1911 pistol.

13kamasi articleinline
Kamasi Washington Follows ‘The Epic’ With a New Work in Whitney Biennial
Arts, March 13

The saxophonist discusses “Harmony of Difference,” a piece accompanied by video from A.G. Rojas, in this preview of the show.

30hostels1 articleinline
The Hostel as Art Gallery, and Pipeline to an Arts Community
Arts, March 13

Many hostels are embracing the display of original works in their public spaces, inviting artists to create art on site and offering tours to local art attractions.

16museumcover articleinline
Museums Chart a Response to Political Upheaval
Arts, March 13

In a tumultuous era, some museums are rushing to embrace the political moment, while others deliberately retreat.

16activism1 articleinline
New Message at Some Museums: Don’t Just Look. Do.
Arts, March 13

More and more, art institutions are trying to prompt community involvement in social issues, from gender discrimination to sex trafficking.

12durham1 articleinline
The Artist Jimmie Durham: A Long Time Gone, but Welcomed Back
Arts, March 10

He has his first solo show in the United States in 22 years, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

12guide3 articleinline
True North: ‘Marsden Hartley’s Maine’ at the Met Breuer
Arts, March 10

The show features work from the late 1930s and early 1940s by one of the 20th century’s most important American painters.

11edo1 articleinline
When Japan Had a Third Gender
Arts, March 10

For centuries before Japan adopted Western sexual mores, its ideas of gender were elastic, with male adolescents seen as the height of beauty.

10hodgkin obit 4 articleinline
Howard Hodgkin, Whose Paintings Were Coded With Emotion, Dies at 84
Arts, March 9

The British painter, who won the Turner Prize in 1985, was one of the most admired artists of the postwar period.

10listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 9

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

10wolfe1 articleinline
‘Steve Wolfe: Remembering Steve’ Speaks Volumes About an Artist
Arts, March 9

This exhibition, at Luhring Augustine, is a kind of poignant self-portrait of Mr. Wolfe, who died last year and whose art centered on meticulous sculptures of books.

10neue1 articleinline
From Alexei Jawlensky, Abstract Faces at Full Intensity
Arts, March 9

The Russian-born artist’s wide-ranging trek through the colors and styles of his time is shown in a retrospective at the Neue Galerie.

10segers1 articleinline
A Dutch Master’s Surreal Visions
Arts, March 9

“The Mysterious Landscapes of Hercules Segers” at the Metropolitan Museum is the first United States exhibition of works by this audacious 17th-century artist.

10mutu1gallery1 articleinline
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, March 9

Wangechi Mutu’s paper-pulp and soil sculptures, Lynn Hershman Leeson’s musings on technology and women’s bodies, Frank Heath’s mordant videos, and more.

10showusyourwall articleinline
A Soothing Skyline and a Weimaraner, ‘the Most Architectural of Dogs’
Arts, March 9

Deborah Berke, the dean of the Yale School of Architecture, likes things that are lined up and graphic, and a work by famed architect Robert Venturi.

10vermeer louvre articleinline
Louvre Attendants Strike After Vermeer Bottleneck
Arts, March 9

The museum workers union said that the event featuring Vermeer’s work was poorly planned and resulted in hourslong waits for some visitors.

10visionary1 articleinline
The Guggenheim’s Greatest Hits Come Roaring Back
Arts, March 9

Highlights from Pissarro to Pollock, whose restored “Alchemy” is on view in New York for the first time in 50 years.

10nycarts articleinline
New York Art Scene Anxiously Waits for Decision on N.E.A.’s Fate
N.Y. / Region, March 9

The National Endowment for the Arts gave $14.5 million to 419 organizations in New York City in the last fiscal year. The federal program could be cut under the Trump administration.

10reyburn3 articleinline
London Art Auctions May Herald a Market on the Upswing
Arts, March 9

Uncertainty over the British capital’s place in the sector was leavened by three major contemporary sales, suggesting that wealthy collectors are eager to spend.

09girlstatue1 articleinline
Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media
Business Day, March 8

The 50-inch statue, called “Fearless Girl,” was placed near Wall Street on behalf of an investment firm for International Women’s Day and was a hit as a marketing stunt.

09metzger obit 1 articleinline
Gustav Metzger, ‘Auto-Destructive Art’ Provocateur, Dies at 90
Arts, March 8

A political radical whose entire career consisted of pointed attacks on the capitalist system, Mr. Metzger inspired Pete Townshend to smash his guitars and amps.

09whitney articleinline
A User’s Guide to the Whitney Biennial
Arts, March 8

Somewhat smaller but more focused than in recent years, the 78th edition of the biennial has diversity, political conviction and many canvases.

08tmag kelley slide k22p articleinline
Mike Kelley’s Underground Afterlife
T Magazine, March 8

The artist’s dream of a mobile gallery, a replica of his childhood home, is a compelling gift to Detroit. More fascinating is what lies beneath.

 08christies item articleinline
Christie’s to Close a London Salesroom and Scale Back in Amsterdam
Arts, March 8

The proposed changes, part of a companywide review, could bring the layoffs of 250 employees, based mainly in Britain and Europe.

08tb dots03 articleinline
In the Caves of Ancient Humans, Stories Told Dot by Dot
Science, March 7

About 38,000 years ago, archaeologists say, some of Europe’s earliest modern humans were making art that evokes the pointillism of Georges Seurat.

02metjp articleinline
‘Mix Things Up’: Art and Life at the Met
Opinion, March 7

A Met curator gives examples of how the museum has tried to “connect art to life” and “mix things up,” as a Times critic urged.

08mosse2 articleinline
German Foundation to Help Jewish Heirs in Search for Nazi Looted Art
Arts, March 7

The descendants of a publisher, Rudolf Mosse, who fled Germany in the 1930s, is also teaming up with a university to find the family’s art collection.

07tmag storyofathing01 articleinline
The Old Table of a Beloved 101-Year-Old Artist
T Magazine, March 7

Carmen Herrera acquired the sturdy piece of furniture in the ’60s — from a factory where women once sewed flowers onto hats.

360 batcave articleinline
The Batcave, a Graffiti Landmark in Brooklyn, Grows Up
Arts, March 7

A nonprofit plans to renovate and expand a former power station in Gowanus, turning it into a factory of sorts for producing art.

06arthouse articleinline
On Long Island, an Eye-Catching Take on a Landmark
N.Y. / Region, March 5

A local man in Glen Cove, N.Y., bought an abandoned mansion and invited graffiti artists to paint it for an exhibition.

06shadow1 web articleinline
A Year After Raids, Asia Week New York Returns to the Spotlight
Arts, March 5

New York’s salute to the vibrant arts of Asia is a 10-day festival full of ancient treasures and contemporary masterworks that is in its eighth year.

06roof1 articleinline
Coming to the Met Roof, a Young Sculptor’s Scavenger Hunt
Arts, March 5

Adrián Villar Rojas will use pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection as inspiration for large-scale sculptures.

30boomers1 articleinline
From Downsizing Boomers, a Flood of Donated Art
Business Day, March 4

The need or urge to offload art collected since the 1970s is both a bonanza and a challenge for institutions like the Minnesota Historical Society.

04hays obit articleinline
Spencer Hays, Business Magnate and Art Collector, Dies at 80
Arts, March 3

Mr. Hays, who once worked as a Bible salesman, arranged last year to leave his and his wife’s more than 600 masterwork paintings to France.

03ren obit 1 articleinline
Ren Hang, Provocative Chinese Photographer, Dies at 29
Arts, March 3

Mr. Ren, who was known for erotic images of naked young models, jumped from the 28th floor of a building, according to a report by The Beijing News.

04parsons articleinline
For Migrants Headed North, the Things They Carried to the End
Arts, March 3

The exhibition “State of Exception/Estado de Excepción” at the Parsons School of Design follows the migrant trail across the treacherous Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

04sederbrief rivers1 articleinline
Here’s Your Chance to Buy Joan Rivers’s Seder Plate
Arts, March 3

The bone china plate is expected to bring about $5,000.

Banksy slide wbfr articleinline
Banksy Puts Mark on Bethlehem Hotel With ‘Worst View in the World’
World, March 3

The elusive British street artist known for his dark political commentary has decorated the Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank.

 02vaadia obit 1 articleinline
Boaz Vaadia, Sculptor Who Worked in Street Stone, Dies at 65
Arts, March 2

His earlier work used natural materials in abstract pieces, but after he moved to SoHo he turned to figural art.

03listingsart articleinline
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Arts, March 2

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

03armory1 articleinline
What to See at New York’s Art Fairs This Week
Arts, March 2

Of the dozen fairs this weekend, our survival guide focuses on four.

03srimatigallery1 articleinline
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Arts, March 2

Indian art at the Met, Japanese photography, a group show of serial art and a Hong Kong experience.

03showusyourwall articleinline
The 12 Lives of Mike White, Hollywood Screenwriter
Arts, March 2

Taking a tip from Shirley MacLaine, the screenwriter of “Chuck & Buck” and “School of Rock” searched for his past lives, then put them on display.

02oliverweb articleinline
Why the Met Should Appoint a Female Director
Opinion, March 2

It is time the leadership reflected the field’s diversity.

01tmag hambling slide 7o7q articleinline
The Surprisingly Lively Home of a Controversial Artist
T Magazine, March 2

Maggi Hambling may be best known for her portraits — of dead people. For the first time, she shares the bright, colorful London space where she lives and works.

03okeeffe2 articleinline
Georgia O’Keeffe, Stylist and Curator of Her Own Myth
Arts, March 2

The artist shaped her public persona through her wardrobe and surroundings, as seen in “Living Modern” at the Brooklyn Museum. The show pairs clothing and photos with her paintings.

05tmag 02qual thing t ca0 articleinline
A Stunning Silver-Plated Cabinet (That Resembles a Turtle)
T Magazine, March 2

From Vincenzo De Cotiis‘s limited-edition collection of sculptural pieces.

02reyburn1 web articleinline
As Klimt Painting Sells for $59 Million, Auction Houses Cross Their Fingers
Arts, March 2

Strong results from Sotheby’s and Christie’s sales point to better days for the international art market, but contemporary art auctions are the next big test.

03parisbooks inyt chanel top articleinline
Paris Readings: Clothes, Designers and, Yes, Eating
Interactive, March 2

Recent volumes include histories of Dior, a look at Martin Margiela’s years at Hèrmes and changes in the city’s worlds of food, drink and fashion.

360 ninasimone articleinline
Saving Nina Simone’s Birthplace as an Act of Art and Politics
Arts, March 2

In an act of cultural and historic preservation, four artists have bought the house in Tryon, N.C., where Ms. Simone was born and raised.

360 ninasimone articleinline
Surprise Saviors for Nina Simone’s Home
Video, March 2

Four artists have purchased the childhood home of Nina Simone to try to preserve it. Walk through with the artist Adam Pendleton as he tours the North Carolina house.

02reyburn1 web articleinline
A $59 Million Klimt Tops a Landmark Sotheby’s Auction in London
Arts, March 1

An exuberant Gustav Klimt garden scene brought the third-highest price for any artwork sold at auction in Europe.

02ica item ica articleinline
The Institute of Contemporary Art Is Opening a Seasonal Space in Boston
Arts, March 1

The museum will renovate a 15,000-square-foot factory for warm-weather installations, accessible by a short boat ride across the harbor.

05guide2 articleinline
William Powhida, Political and Not Amused
Arts, March 1

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum brings his take on international politics to its galleries.

01tmag deitch slide yn2e articleinline
A Pioneering Feminist Artist’s Studio Gets Revived in New York
T Magazine, March 1

Jeffrey Deitch has decorated a booth at the Armory Show in the style of Florine Stettheimer’s original space — with contributions from contemporary painters like Cecily Brown and John Currin.

01gracie2 web articleinline
Gracie Mansion to Display Artifacts From World War II Era
Arts, March 1

A new exhibition will focus on New York’s wartime role as a safe harbor for the displaced under Mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

01xp museum articleinline
Kusama Infinity Room Reopens at Hirshhorn Exhibition After Sculpture Damage
Arts, February 28

Part of “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors" had to be closed to the public after a visitor damaged a sculpture.