Merlin 158909325 e1116853 4aaf 47a0 a631 49b4ee5cab43 articleinline
The Artist Behind the Biggest Illustration The Times Has Ever Run
Times Insider, Today

For a special section from the Sports desk on the U.S. Open’s history of night tennis matches, Chris Buzelli had a big space to fill: about the size of a mini-fridge.

Merlin 158613771 668f4755 b04f 4674 b398 d94b4145a130 articleinline
What They Left Behind: Toons, the Snurfer and ‘Macho Man’
Obituaries, August 23

Some gems from the life’s work of people remembered in obituaries in The Times.

Merlin 14769235 17327e98 f765 4299 bfc7 51cf024818a7 articleinline
Charles Santore Dies at 84; Illustrated Classic Children’s Books
Books, August 23

He began his career creating magazine advertisements and covers for TV Guide, and later focused on vibrant new versions of classic children’s tales.

Merlin 159456861 d3a5d299 f83e 4e99 98fd 71d5c7b4f942 articleinline
Werner Kramarsky, Rights Official and Arts Patron, Dies at 93
New York, August 23

He played prominent roles in both city and state government in New York. He wore another hat as well, supporting artists and building a vast drawing collection.

Merlin 159604605 f7e2e91b 3966 461f b3f4 5c7196034495 articleinline
David Koch, Embraced as an Arts Patron, Even as Criticism Grew
Arts, August 23

The cultural world Mr. Koch inhabited as benefactor and board member did not typically engage in the political discourse that made him a figure of intense debate.

25santafe art12 articleinline
You Call it Craft, I Call it Art
Arts, August 23

Weavers, sculptors and visionary eccentrics at the International Folk Art Market have liberated traditional definitions of craft. Social media is challenging ideas about who can make art.

Merlin 154803183 8b6a11ac 5953 4fd2 a66b 139da7efc9d7 articleinline
33 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 22

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

22beyondstreets1 articleinline
‘Beyond the Streets’ Embraces the Sprawling World of Graffiti
Arts, August 22

An epically scaled exhibition flaunts the art form’s pioneers as well as its provocateurs.

Merlin 159210801 52ee6b38 c8cd 413d 9a8e 1ca823db8298 articleinline
Can Virgil Abloh Fit in a Museum?
Arts, August 22

“Figures of Speech” in Chicago tries to capture the essence of a prodigious fashion designer. It’s an endeavor with radical juxtapositions, clever products and some missed opportunities.

22tmag etro 01 articleinline
A Designer Who Views the World as a Collage
T Magazine, August 22

Veronica Etro, now in her 22nd year at the house her father founded, puts together collections that pull from ancient Japanese calligraphy and skate culture alike.

23cardin1 articleinline
Back to the Future With Pierre Cardin’s Space-Age Fashion
Arts, August 22

The Brooklyn Museum opens its doors to the 97-year-old French designer, still defined by his groovy late ’60s fashions.

Merlin 153297111 2d5e8281 6551 4e7b 9e3c d54d1a3fab53 articleinline
Alice Walker Defends George Washington Murals
Arts, August 21

“Why try to hide the reality of our history?” she said of the objectionable images that confronted San Francisco students every day.

21christies item articleinline
Rebecca Wei, Head of Christie’s Asia, Is Departing
Arts, August 21

The move comes less than a year after she was named chairwoman of the auction house.

Irenen articleinline
Inside an Eclectic Home on the Venice Canals in Los Angeles
T Magazine, August 21

The jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth has filled her abode with gemlike colors and pictures of her dog.

14tmag neuwirth 01 articleinline
House Tour | Irene Neuwirth
Video, August 21

The jewelry designer invites T into her home in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.

22galleries fattal articleinline
New York Galleries: What to See Right Now
Arts, August 21

Ceramic sculptures; warped photographs; floral still lifes; treasures in a trash collection; and swoops of acrylic indigo.

Merlin 156826866 7acc63bd 7d39 40f3 87f9 a15e00b9f2cd articleinline
It Was ‘Cool Central’: Bill T. Jones Leads a Trip Through His Archive
Arts, August 20

The dancer and choreographer talks about his collaborations with Arnie Zane, Keith Haring and Robert Mapplethorpe — and the time the Vatican denounced him.

20mca still2 articleinline
MCA Denver Names a New Director
Arts, August 20

Nora Burnett Abrams, the curator behind the museum’s Tara Donovan and Basquiat exhibitions, will lead the innovative contemporary art institution.

18tmag reversibledestiny slide b095 articleinline
Could Architecture Help You Live Forever?
T Magazine, August 20

For a pair of avant-garde artists, eternal life wasn’t just a dream — it was a possibility. As long, that is, as you were committed to an uncomfortable existence.

18tmag reversibledestiny slide m2yt articleinline
Inside the Bioscleave House (Lifespan Extending Villa)
Slideshow, August 20

The artists Arakawa and Madeline Gins completed work on their only realized American residential project in 2008, after more than 40 years of collaboration.

19krasner1 articleinline
Lee Krasner, Hiding in Plain Sight
Arts, August 19

A major touring retrospective of the American painter brings her out of the shadow of her famous husband.

18metindia1 articleinline
The Met Reviews Items It Received From a Dealer, Now a Looting Suspect
Arts, August 18

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is studying the Indian artifacts it holds that track back to a man accused of running a major antiquities smuggling ring.

Merlin 158907492 435a81e7 446a 4820 b725 7b84b6abbeca articleinline
The Week in Arts: An End to ‘The Affair’; A Lincoln Center Horror Show
Arts, August 17

Anna Paquin joins the Showtime show’s time-skipping final season, and the Scary Movies festival descends upon New York.

15tmag bengalis slide b0te articleinline
Lynda Benglis Redefined Sculpture in the ’60s. Now, She’s at Her Most Prolific.
T Magazine, August 16

The pioneering artist, who came to attention with her poured-latex floor works, is still pushing the limits of her medium.

Merlin 158731833 1a2b3564 6b84 4f19 ad14 7fc6fb3e139a articleinline
Five Places to Visit in Greenville, S.C.
Travel, August 16

One of the Upcountry city’s most intriguing areas is West Greenville, an enclave that has been transformed into an artistic and entrepreneurial district.

04hendry1 articleinline
Seven Australians You Should Be Reading About
World, August 15

Love fascinating profiles? Of course you do. Here’s a list for the weekend.

16billviola barnes print1 articleinline
My Bill Viola Video Marathon
Arts, August 15

From sunrise to sundown, a Philadelphia visit rediscovers the artist’s challenging contributions to installation art.

Merlin 156057081 c14b61d4 567c 4314 a7e6 c3ebb0399e1d articleinline
38 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 15

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 148590975 8a904959 7677 41ba b60b 617cdfd1a89b articleinline
Robert Indiana’s Estate Says Artist’s Caretaker Neglected Him
Arts, August 15

The estate said in court papers that the caretaker siphoned off money and artworks from Mr. Indiana before the artist’s death last year.

14crane7 articleinline
Barbara Crane, 91, Dies; Photographer Found Abstract in the Ordinary
Arts, August 15

A master of illusion, Ms. Crane transformed the quotidian into the quirky by distorting images through a variety of formats.

Merlin 159008415 afae0413 091d 446e ba4f 43baeecb6d4d articleinline
Maria Qamar’s Bold Art Is Both Therapy and Weapon
Arts, August 15

The Instagram star, newly represented by Richard Taittinger Gallery, makes Pop art that speaks to the challenges of being a South Asian millennial.

15galleries beavers articleinline
New York Galleries: What to See Right Now
Arts, August 14

Gina Beavers’s vexing high-relief paintings; sculptural works in glass from Monica Cook; and RongRong chronicles the bohemians of Beijing’s East Village.

Merlin 158979840 2f2f8c86 2e15 4eed 9fd5 50551922d05d articleinline
Art Disappears in Private Hands. Can Social Media Resurface It?
Arts, August 14

Private art collections are notoriously secretive. A collective website aims to make them viewable by all.

14neh still articleinline
National Endowment for the Humanities Announces New Grants
Arts, August 14

This round of funding, the final for the fiscal year, totals $29 million and will support 215 projects across the country.

18tmag jafa slide knef articleinline
Arthur Jafa in Bloom
T Magazine, August 14

Sought after by Spike Lee, Stanley Kubrick, and Solange Knowles alike, the visual artist is changing representations of blackness in museums and beyond.

14tmag jafa articleinline
My Favorite Artwork | Arthur Jafa
Video, August 14

The multimedia artist discusses a video that he found on YouTube — a 1992 gospel performance by the Thomas Whitfield Company.

11sfmural1 articleinline
San Francisco School Board Votes to Hide, but Not Destroy, Disputed Murals
Arts, August 14

The vote, which came after a tense meeting, nullified an earlier vote to paint over Depression-era school murals that some considered offensive to minorities.

Merlin 158607957 63f080aa 9e47 4682 b386 853609ba9ea8 articleinline
Libraries’ Culture Pass Signs Up 70,000 in First Year
Arts, August 13

The Queens, Brooklyn and New York libraries’ initiative has partnered with 17 new cultural institutions since its inception, bringing the number of participants up to 50.

11displacement1 articleinline
The Museum Is the Refugee’s Home
Arts, August 13

Without exiles and émigrés there is no modern culture. A new show in Washington maps a century of art and displacement.

Merlin 159072963 97e659d5 c8cb 4254 82e9 4afbe52af105 articleinline
Picking Up the Pace: A Mega-Gallery Expands in Chelsea
Arts, August 11

With a new eight-story headquarters, Pace passes a generational baton while joining a building boom among the city’s biggest galleries.

24sfmural15 articleinline
San Francisco School Board May Save Controversial George Washington Mural
Arts, August 10

Following outrage over its vote to paint over the murals, which some considered offensive, the board is considering covering them in a way that preserves them.

11webb articleinline
Friends, Pen Pals, and Finally, Spouses
Fashion, August 10

The bride and groom, both visual artists based in New York City, started out as close friends before finally committing to a relationship.

Merlin 158676063 dd9102ca 4ff4 4506 b7d0 9c3be0816e28 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Tom Hiddleston in ‘Betrayal’; Beck Takes the Stage in Queens
Arts, August 10

A Marvel star lands at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, Beck and Cage the Elephant bring their tour to Forest Hills and ‘Lodge 49’ returns for a second season.

09apple item articleinline
Apple Transforms Central Park Into an Augmented Reality Gallery
Arts, August 9

Works by Nick Cave, Nathalie Djurberg, John Giorno and others have been choreographed into the landscape for an Apple-New Museum walking tour.

18tmag getty slide yikj articleinline
A Clothing Collection Inspired by the Bauhaus
T Magazine, August 9

The fashion designer Rosetta Getty looked to the famed German art school founded 100 years ago, specifically to its lesser known women students.

Merlin 153278502 cae57294 258b 4eff 9199 c5512bd75cd5 articleinline
38 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 8

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

09inmates video articleinline
Inmates’ Videos Shine a Light on Life in Prison
Arts, August 8

The videos, product of an animation class, will be projected onto Eastern State Penitentiary, a former prison in Philadelphia that is now a museum.

08clark5 articleinline
Looking Twice at Renoir and O’Keeffe (Ida, not Georgia)
Arts, August 8

At the Clark Art Institute, when you tire of Renoir’s nudes, look at Ida Ten Eyck O’Keeffe’s quietly insistent art, some of which survived long enough to be rediscovered.

Merlin 158598048 ff155f7a a5c8 4e97 b9a9 78ffc7c95faf articleinline
Summer Art Trek: Gallery Hopping in the Hudson Valley
Arts, August 8

Galleries abound due north of the city, showing Warhol, Basquiat and the talents of Arte Povera.

Merlin 158391051 8ccd7b52 b2c8 491d bb75 201705fd8ca2 articleinline
Harmony Hammond’s Art Is Bold and Prickly as Ever
Arts, August 8

At 75, the trailblazing artist, feminist and author of “Lesbian Art in America” finally gets a museum survey, and it shines.

Merlin 158703060 fdfa3797 950b 48af a889 8753ab912dc4 articleinline
New York Galleries: What to See Right Now
Arts, August 7

Margot Bergman’s doll images, Harald Szeemann’s quirky tribute to his grandfather, and the neo-Classicists rising again.

07tmag tpresents grid articleinline
T Presents: 15 New Creative Talents
Interactive, August 7

Working across food, fashion, art and design, these people are reinventing the rules of their professions and inspiring us to look at familiar worlds anew.

05tmag wilson slide ikav articleinline
In Sydney, a Ceramic Artist Who Captures the Beauty of Decay
T Magazine, August 7

Alana Wilson’s delicate vessels belie the violent chemical processes she uses to make them.

05tmag aujla slide hipb articleinline
The New York Furniture Studio That’s Become a Fashion World Favorite
T Magazine, August 7

Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein of Green River Project draw on their backgrounds as artists to create conceptual handcrafted furniture.

05tmag chromati slide b8np articleinline
An Artist Making a Powerful Statement — by Creating Work About Herself
T Magazine, August 7

Theresa Chromati’s swirling canvases offer joyful, nuanced depictions of black women and, increasingly, her own inner world.

05tmag okpokwasili slide f49r articleinline
A Performance Artist Testing the Limits of Her Own Endurance
T Magazine, August 7

In deeply personal works such as the acclaimed “Bronx Gothic,” Okwui Okpokwasili explores ideas of cultural memory through poetry and visceral body-wringing choreography.

05tmag rochefort slide u9vn articleinline
A Sculptor Who Makes Ceramics Inspired by Volcanoes
T Magazine, August 7

The vibrant encrusted surfaces of the artist Brian Rochefort’s ceramic vessels evoke Technicolor eruptions.

05tmag videos slide zx0l articleinline
Make T Something | Theresa Chromati
Video, August 7

The artist makes liberal use of glitter while creating a new work in under an hour using a few select items.

Brackens slide 9g4l articleinline
An Artist Whose Intricate Weavings Explore the Meaning of Home
T Magazine, August 7

Diedrick Brackens’s vibrant textiles tell stories about being black and queer in the South.

Merlin 158614872 6c31bcdb 9f44 401d 9125 001145b9d986 articleinline
Marisa Merz, Bold Explorer When Art Was a Man’s World, Dies at 93
Obituaries, August 6

She was the lone and often overshadowed woman among the central figures of the avant-garde movement in Italy known as Arte Povera. But her day did come.

18tmag artistsarchiving slide dcpn articleinline
What Should an Artist Save?
T Magazine, August 6

As our culture’s expectations of artists and art have changed, archives have moved on from the library and transformed into something stranger and more amorphous.

06bam still articleinline
Brooklyn Academy of Music Commissions Four New Works of Public Art
Arts, August 6

Teresita Fernández, Leo Villareal and Hank Willis Thomas will create the site-specific installations as part of BAM’s Robert W. Wilson Public Art Initiative.

05japan exhibition2 articleinline
The Exhibit Lauded Freedom of Expression. It Was Silenced.
World, August 5

A political battle between Japan and South Korea has spilled into the art world, with the abrupt closing of an exhibit with a statue symbolizing women forced into sexual slavery.

03aspen item articleinline
Aspen Institute Center Devoted to Bauhaus Artist to Open in 2022
Arts, August 3

The facility, the Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies, will have galleries and educational programs and study Bayer’s work.

02cruz diez04 articleinline
Carlos Cruz-Diez, Whose Art Made Color Move, Is Dead at 95
Obituaries, August 2

One of Latin America’s greatest postwar artists, he wanted shifting and shimmering color to be experienced as intensely as cold or heat.

2aboutface1 articleinline
In Chicago, Overlooked Achievements by L.G.B.T.Q. Artists
Arts, August 2

An ambitious survey of underrecognized gay artists of the last half century.

01turrell reopening item articleinline
MoMA PS1 Reopens James Turrell Installation
Arts, August 1

“Meeting” had been closed indefinitely in January, after nearby construction became visible from the installation.

Merlin 152972799 a983ef6b c03d 4d88 ad49 f0eeb390f900 articleinline
33 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 1

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 158257107 37b27962 9242 42ab 947d 5b9810c0676c articleinline
Manet’s Last Years: A Radical Embrace of Beauty
Arts, August 1

The Art Institute of Chicago explores the great paradox of the 19th century’s greatest painter: from a scandalous youth of frank nudes to flowers, fruit bowls and fashionable women.

Merlin 157900158 10236ef0 9ac7 4c26 a0d2 2d6ea5e8848f articleinline
Silence Speaking Volumes: Artists Confront the Culture of Incarceration
Arts, August 1

Art meets social action in “Mirror/Echo/Tilt,” which uses gestures to combat stigma — through film and real-life interventions.

01trending 10 articleinline v2
An Art Museum in Your Hotel Lobby
Travel, August 1

Forget those predictable poster reprints. Some properties have begun to push the boundaries of what it means to be a hotel with great art.

Merlin 158445210 1dbd4183 d3e7 450b 85e5 e345163d1f80 articleinline
New York Galleries: What to See Right Now
Arts, July 31

‘Painters Reply’ extends a 1975 debate; Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s installations merge science and art; David Kennedy Cutler’s brilliant new paintings; and Allan Sekula, a photographer against the grain.

Merlin 157068699 247a9369 2f72 47b5 8d79 1a332c8953a1 articleinline
Collecting to Explore ‘Origin, Culture, Form, Function and Race’
Arts, July 31

This Washington couple has floor-to-ceiling art as well as wearable creations and folk art curiosities.

Mickalene slide j97t articleinline
How an Artist Throws a Pool Party
T Magazine, July 31

Mickalene Thomas and her partner, Racquel Chevremont, invited fellow members of a new collective of queer black women to their house for margaritas and zip-lining.

Mickalene slide upmq articleinline
Pool Party | Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont
Video, July 31

The artist and collector invite T into their country home in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Merlin 154800192 c99c0cbf 59bd 49ae b4f2 c17573f288a1 articleinline
The Ideas Flow in Hervé Tullet’s Studio
Books, July 31

The French-born illustrator behind “Press Here” and other children’s books strives for “no barrier” between inspiration and the finished product.

28chaedria1 articleinline
Behind Basquiat’s ‘Defacement’: Reframing a Tragedy
Arts, July 30

A curator’s time capsule of a violent moment and its repercussions brings fresh insights — and reveals stresses with a museum.

29estern01 articleinline v2
Neil Estern, Sculptor of Monumental Public Works, Dies at 93
Arts, July 30

With his renderings of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Fiorello La Guardia, John F. Kennedy and others, he strove for realism (as he once did with a doll).

29gilliam still articleinline
At Last, Sam Gilliam’s Star Ascends in New York
Arts, July 29

Pace will be the first New York gallery to represent the 85-year-old abstract painter, while his work debuts next month at Dia:Beacon.

Merlin 157777566 778321a5 2407 4216 9fb3 1e73da551297 articleinline
Picasso Show Captivates Beijing, Whose Art Scene Hums as Censors Hover
World, July 28

The lines are long to see an art exhibition whose implicit theme asks a probing question: Would genius like Picasso’s thrive within the confinements of contemporary China?

Merlin 158373423 d4b19215 16c4 4ef3 bc7a 8482428b7a82 articleinline
A da Vinci for Any Budget
Books, July 27

On the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, three new coffee-table books revisit the life and legacy of the original Renaissance man.

Merlin 155527992 3e08198b 9241 41b4 82ef 7c2046723502 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Wendy Whelan Dances; April Matthis Is at Bat
Arts, July 27

Five female composers, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” a passel of posters protesting apartheid and Off!