27sci zimmer 1 thumbwide
Neanderthals, the World’s First Misunderstood Artists
Science, Yesterday

Cave paintings in Spain were made by Neanderthals, not modern humans, archaeologists reported. The finding adds to evidence that Neanderthals were capable of symbolic thought and perhaps language.

Merlin 134413754 4faaf609 905a 4dca 84e4 710c98691163 thumbwide
Outsider Art Fair to Expand to Basel
Weekend, Today

The fair, which celebrates self-taught artists, will open up a satellite event in Switzerland during Art Basel in June.

23triennialjp2 thumbwide
New Museum Triennial Looks Great, but Plays It Safe
Weekend, Yesterday

You say you want a revolution? You won’t find it in “Songs for Sabotage,” which keeps its political voice low and its money on well-made art.

23list art thumbwide
16 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend
Weekend, Yesterday

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 134316116 805d2dd3 4ea0 4d75 9bea 8b2375c678df thumbwide
Latin American Art Collection to Find Homes in Spain and the U.S.
Weekend, Yesterday

Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, who has one of the largest private troves of the art, will donate some works to the Tabacalera arts complex in Madrid.

Merlin 134362250 d6434d7f 21c5 4345 afe7 cae285cc2d8e thumbwide
$50 Million for the Hammer Museum, and Fresh Energy for Arts Giving in L.A.
Weekend, Yesterday

A thriving art scene is nurturing philanthropy in Los Angeles, and young artists are moving in or staying put instead of heading to New York.

25trinidad headsup3 thumbwide
In Post-Carnival Trinidad, the Party Never Really Ends
Travel, Yesterday

Port of Spain is known for its exuberant annual Mardi Gras, but even when the Trinidadian capital is not filled with costumed revelers, it remains home to a vibrant arts scene.

22itt thumbwide
Rock and Paper Had No Idea
Summary, February 21

In writing about a small exhibition in London, a reporter discovers the many connections between scissors and storytelling.

23galleries 01 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, February 21

Medieval paintings and sculpture from the London dealer Sam Fogg; photographs curated by David Hartt; and Toyin Ojih Odutola’s royal portraiture.

22catalonia1 thumbwide
Spanish Artwork Denounced Political ‘Persecution.’ It Was Ordered Removed.
Foreign, February 21

A gallery was ordered to withdraw a work that labeled Catalan separatist leaders as political prisoners from an exhibit at Madrid’s main arts fair.

12tmag philippe slide 34pu thumbwide v2
Inside a Parisian Sculptor’s World of Wonders
T Style, February 21

Behind an old door on a quiet street, Philippe Anthonioz creates his larger-than-life pieces.

Merlin 133232472 4494b644 2364 4016 99f4 651f699b41e8 thumbwide
After a Blowup Kara Walker Lets Off Steam in New Orleans
Weekend, February 21

Delayed by a dispute between Ms. Walker and organizers, her calliope installation finally opens to the public at Prospect New Orleans.

23showwall 01 thumbwide
They Built a Home, and With It, a Collection
Weekend, February 21

Susanne and Bill Pritchard discovered their passion for art when they commissioned a design for their dream home in Houston.

18picasso3 thumbwide
In Picasso’s Blue Period, Scanners Find Secrets He Painted Over
Science, February 20

Scientists used a variety of tools originally developed for medicine, manufacturing and geology to discover hidden details in the artist’s paintings and sculptures.

Merlin 134255993 e038210e 5878 4974 a95c 3524e8565d56 thumbwide
A Rammellzee Exhibition Is Coming to New York
Culture, February 20

The hip-hop pioneer will receive a retrospective featuring graffiti and sculptures at Red Bull Arts New York.

21bhutto 01 thumbwide
The Scion of a Pakistani Political Dynasty Comes Out
Culture, February 20

The artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, grandson and namesake of the founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party, is queer, Muslim and proud.

12tmag ppt slide gilx thumbwide
A Cultural Compendium of What’s New
T Style, February 20

A hotel that moves with the seasons, logo tees on the runway — and more.

19tmag burberry 01 thumbwide
The Story Behind the Mesmeric, Moving Light Installation at Burberry
T Style, February 19

Christopher Bailey imported an epic artwork from Tasmania for his final Burberry show in London.

20george1 thumbwide
‘George,’ Like Its Fluxus Subject, Is Playful and Prankish
Culture, February 19

A documentary details the rise of the avant-garde art movement founded by George Maciunas, though Fluxus remains as hard as ever to pin down.

20pollock2 thumbwide
Lee Krasner Gets the Upper Hand in ‘Pollock’
Culture, February 19

This bio-play about the married artists Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner is a surreal sparring match, steeped in alcohol and dripping with paint.

20china terracotta thumbwide
American Is Charged With Stealing Terra-Cotta Warrior’s Thumb
Foreign, February 19

Michael Rohana was attending an event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia when he entered a closed exhibition room and vandalized the 2,000-year-old statue, the authorities say.

20bratescu 01 thumbwide v2
Still Making Art, and Sly Jokes, at Age 91
Culture, February 19

Geta Bratescu spent most of her career in obscurity in Communist Romania. Late in life she came to international recognition, and now has a major show in Los Angeles.

16tmag dacorte slide 4c3e thumbwide
Basking in the Day-Glo of St. Vincent and Alex Da Corte
T Style, February 16

Following the artist’s surrealist candy-colored video for the St. Vincent single “New York,” the creative pair debut a second neon-tinted collaboration at Karma Gallery.

16tmag tel slide 0alz thumbwide
5 Things T Editors Like Right Now
T Style, February 16

A roundup of things T editors — and a few contributors — are excited about on a given week.

17harvey pig thumbwide
André Harvey, Sculptor of the Natural World, Is Dead at 76
Culture, February 16

Mr. Harvey was renowned for his intricately detailed, realistic bronze representations of pigs, frogs, turtles and even the occasional human.

16portrait reax 01 thumbwide v2
Obama Portraits ‘Push Us to Think More,’ Readers Say
Culture, February 16

Times readers said the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unconventional, not unlike the former first couple, while others felt it didn’t capture their spirit.

18tracy8 thumbwide v3
A Bold Artist, a Quiet Texas Town and the Heritage of the Borderland
Arts & Leisure, February 16

Michael Tracy’s art isn’t his only legacy. He is restoring the Spanish colonial heritage of tiny San Ygnacio. So why don’t they love him there?

16tmag werber 01 thumbwide
Make T Something | Joshua Werber
Video, February 16

The floral artist accepts T's challenge to make an object in under an hour using a few select items —including a copy of The New York Times — and models the results.

18week theater thumbwide
Your Week in Culture: Ed Harris, Anna Deavere Smith, the Stone’s Send-Off
Arts & Leisure, February 16

Mr. Harris will appear Off Broadway in “Good for Otto,” and Ms. Smith brings her one-woman show to HBO.

15list art sub thumbwide
12 Art Exhibitions to View in NYC This Weekend
Weekend, February 15

Our guide to new art shows — and some that will be closing soon.

Merlin 133782881 084b13cd 625a 4b28 a09e 99bf23ead626 thumbwide
A Groundbreaking Show Presents a New, Inclusive Vision of American Art
Weekend, February 15

“Outliers and American Vanguard Art” in Washington, D.C., levels the wall between outsider and insider art, and finds a Venn overlap of “outliers.”

16jackie1 thumbwide
‘Staunch Characters’ Battle Over Painting of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Metro, February 15

Relatives of the former first lady are suing over a portrait of her as a teenager that they claim was stolen from Grey Gardens mansion, 50 years ago.

16tania 01 thumbwide v2
Now at MoMA, a Work That Fidel Castro Banned 18 Years Ago
Weekend, February 15

Tania Bruguera’s “Untitled (Havana, 2000)” is recreated, with a tunnel, nude bodies and videos of Fidel Castro. The work asks questions about history and politics.

16tarsila 01 thumbwide
She Led Latin American Art in a Bold New Direction
Weekend, February 15

Turning to Brazil’s indigenous cultures and folklore for inspiration, Tarsila do Amaral helped give rise to the country’s Modern movement, a MoMA exhibition shows.

16klimt item thumbwide
Museum Employee’s Will Points to a Long-Lost Klimt Drawing
Weekend, February 15

A former secretary for a museum in Linz, Austria, detailed the location of the work in her will. She died in December, and the drawing has been returned to the city.

15tmag baskets slide bgb1 thumbwide
How to Try and Where to Buy: Willow Baskets
T Style, February 15

A handful of makers around the world offer classes in the centuries-old practice.

16tb camels2 thumbwide
Ancient Artists Carved Camels in Saudi Desert’s Stone
Science, February 15

The unique, life-size relief sculptures of humped creatures and other beasts of burden are about 2,000 years old, but little is known about their origins.

18mag onphoto2 thumbwide v2
Evoking What Can’t Be Seen
Magazine, February 15

Lorna Simpson’s work with photographs and other media is a masterclass in layering

16brus lede thumbwide v2
Taking On Austria’s Nazi Legacy With His Own Blood and Tears
Culture, February 15

Günter Brus’s “actions” galvanized his country in the 1960s. As an exhibition marks the artist’s 80th birthday, a far-right resurgence has given his work new relevance.

16galleries frazier 01 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, February 14

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s commanding series on Flint, Mich.; Kristin Walsh’s intricate aluminum machines; and Huguette Caland’s richly colored caftans.

Well diabetes thumbwide
Using Art to Tackle Obesity and Diabetes in Youth
Well, February 14

The Bigger Picture campaign uses spoken-word poems and music videos to highlight how Type 2 diabetes impacts communities.

13obamaportraits 01diptych thumbwide
The Obama Portraits Drew a Strong Reaction. What Did They Mean to You?
Culture, February 13

Judging from the reaction, the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were anything but bland. Tell us what you thought of them.

14met2 thumbwide
Michelangelo Makes the Met’s Top 10 List
Culture, February 13

The show has bumped Alexander McQueen from the list of the museum’s 10 most attended exhibitions, but doesn’t come close to King Tut or the Mona Lisa.

Merlin 133377204 51b17f8a 1c6e 4e44 b5a3 9936ab497bce thumbwide
As a School Moves Out of Renewal, Can Its Progress Be Sustained?
Metro, February 13

DreamYard Prep was part of the city’s program for low-performing schools. Now it has been deemed a Rise school, and over time the intensive support will wane.

16showwall1 thumbwide
She Married an Artist, and Now Finds Comfort in His Work
Weekend, February 13

Merele Williams-Adkins honors her husband’s memory by preserving the art he made and the pieces he collected in their Brooklyn home.

Merlin 133719675 13d68239 de2b 4721 b75b 539580c0fd49 thumbwide
Obama Portrait Artists Merged the Everyday and the Extraordinary
Culture, February 12

The former president and first lady and the two artists saw eye to eye — except for some negotiating points (like his gray hair and those ears).

13obamaportraits 01diptych thumbwide
Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, and Fact and Fiction
Culture, February 12

This Barack Obama Is No Mr. Nice Guy. Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of the former president contradicts the impression he often made in office of being detached.

29tmag portraits slide o1d3 thumbwide
The New Face of Portrait Painting
T Style, February 12

For years, the discipline was considered irrelevant. So why is it making a comeback now?

Merlin 48274817 7f2720e3 5a8f 4ab2 acb4 1669942ab568 thumbwide
Graffiti Artists Awarded $6.7 Million for Destroyed 5Pointz Murals
Metro, February 12

A federal judge made the ruling after a civil jury had decided that the landlord of the 5Pointz complex had broken the law by whitewashing the artists’ murals.

12tmag werber slide dhkx thumbwide
Floral Headpieces, Inspired by Female Artists
T Style, February 12

Joshua Werber created designs inspired by T’s story on women artists.

30tmag uniforms slide h9vh thumbwide
Couture for Artists, Dead and Alive
T Style, February 12

Is including a female artist’s wardrobe in surveys and retrospectives an act of condescension … or a recognition that an artist’s style is inseparable from her art?

12lamar 01 thumbwide
Artist Says Kendrick Lamar Video for ‘Black Panther’ Song Stole Her Work
Culture, February 11

Lina Iris Viktor alleges that the music video for “All the Stars” from the soundtrack to the Marvel film used her “Constellations” series of paintings without permission.

10taylor obit1 thumbwide
Frederieke Taylor, Gallery Owner With Eclectic Taste, Dies at 77
Obits, February 11

Ms. Taylor’s gallery, founded in 1993, was known for exploring the intersection between art and architecture.

Cannon slide oog0 thumbwide
A Blind Publisher, Poet — and Link to the Lower East Side’s Cultural History
T Style, February 9

Steve Cannon is a bridge to 50 years’ worth of thinkers in New York, and a point of contact to David Hammons, one of the most elusive artists of our age.

10gechtoff obit studio thumbwide
Sonia Gechtoff, Acclaimed Abstract Expressionist, Dies at 91
Culture, February 9

With technique emphasizing the palette knife, Ms. Gechtoff came to prominence in the 1950s in a genre then dominated by men.

10berkshire museum thumbwide
Massachusetts Agrees to Allow Berkshire Museum to Sell Its Art
Culture, February 9

The agreement to sell the treasured Rockwell, which could save the financially troubled museum, requires court approval.

11vocations1 thumbwide
Software that Crunches Numbers Needs Personality, Too
Sunday Business, February 9

He loved doodling as a child. Now he creates animated squirrels and other images for an accounting software company.

11retiring1 thumbwide
A Lifetime of Making Art, but New to Selling It Online
Sunday Business, February 9

Visual artists of earlier generations are shifting to social media and other digital platforms, realizing they can’t rely solely on physical galleries.

00internet promo thumbwide v3
Welcome to the Post-Text Future
Interactive, February 9

The internet was born in text. Now, video and audio are ascendant, writing is being left behind, and everything will be different.

10serpentine item thumbwide
Echoes of a Traditional Mexican Breeze Wall for the Serpentine Pavilion
Culture, February 9

The architect Frida Escobedo will be this year’s designer of the pavilion, in front of the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park.

11alexandrapirici4 thumbwide
When One Dancer Is a Ghost in the Room
Arts & Leisure, February 9

The Romanian choreographer Alexandra Pirici’s “Co-natural” at the New Museum explores the relationship between inanimate bodies and real ones.

14reyburn2 thumbwide
The Political Scientist Giving the Art World Something to Think About
Culture, February 9

The word “art” is not mentioned in the index of Patrick J. Deneen’s “Why Liberalism Failed.” But the book has many lessons for those in the business.

11week pop thumbwide v2
Your Week in Culture: Romeo Santos, Alan Ball, François Ozon’s Valentine Thriller
Arts & Leisure, February 9

The Bronx-born bachata superstar will perform at Madison Square Garden, and the creator of “Six Feet Under” returns to HBO.

12aging1 thumbwide
‘Aging Pride’ Challenges the Cult of Youth
Culture, February 8

An exhibition at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna explores shifting attitudes toward beauty and age as populations grow older.

30tmag cathedral slide 4hzz thumbwide
Ellsworth Kelly’s Temple for Light
T Style, February 8

Two years after his death — and more than 30 years in the making — the artist’s monumental installation opens in Texas.

09list art thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, February 8

Our guide to new art shows — and some that will be closing soon.

09hujar6 thumbwide
He Made Them Glow: A Maverick’s Portraits Live On
Weekend, February 8

Peter Hujar’s photographs of friends and lovers, at the Morgan Library & Museum, captured downtown Manhattan’s golden age before the emergence of AIDS.

Merlin 133093613 0f248cf8 85a1 4ed4 9a0d d853d1d2e90a thumbwide
Art Looted by Nazis Gets a New Space at the Louvre. But Is It Really Home?
Foreign, February 8

The museum is displaying the work in two new rooms. Critics praise the effort but say it does little to reunite the paintings with their rightful owners.

08tmag ellsworth 01 thumbwide
Inside Ellsworth Kelly's "Austin"
Video, February 8

A play of light and pattern in the artist's last work, a colored-glass-filled chapel in Austin, Tex.

09alhadid2 thumbwide
Coming to Madison Square Park: Drippy Abstractions and Headless Figures
Weekend, February 8

Diana Al-Hadid, a Syrian-born, Brooklyn-based sculptor, will have her first major outdoor public art project when “Delirious Matter” opens in May.

09diamond 01 thumbwide v2
When a Landscape (and Memory) Is All You Have
Weekend, February 8

Timed for the Olympics, the Met puts together a show of a forbidden sight: the Diamond Mountains in North Korea. The paintings are poignant and beautiful.

09mounira2 thumbwide
Brief Encounters, Enduring Portraits of the Displaced
Weekend, February 7

The artist Mounira Al Solh bears witness to the wounds of war with portraits of refugees that go beyond statistics to capture intimate stories.

07tmag judy1 thumbwide
The Story Behind T’s Judy Chicago Cover
T Style, February 7

For our spring women’s fashion issue, we took inspiration from one of the feminist artist’s most iconic images — which takes on new meaning today.

09picasso item thumbwide
Judge Dismisses Suit Seeking Picasso Painting From the Met
Culture, February 7

Laurel Zuckerman, administrator of the estate of Paul and Alice Leffmann, claimed Picasso’s ‘The Actor’ had been sold under duress in Nazi-era Europe.

09galleries1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, February 7

Artists combine abstract approaches, appropriate the crossword form in a grid of art and politics, and respond to grim climate change predictions.

11jasperjohns1 thumbwide
Jasper Johns Still Doesn’t Want to Explain His Art
Arts & Leisure, February 7

Mr. Johns, who is now 87 and widely regarded as America’s foremost living artist, has a new retrospective at the Broad called “Something Resembling Truth.”

08armory1 thumbwide
At Armory Show, Global Art and a JR Installation Will Cover Two Piers
Culture, February 7

“So Close,” a large-scale piece by the French artist JR, will be visible from the West Side Highway when the Armory Show opens in March.

07tmag patrick slide 1mw2 thumbwide v2
In a New Era, T’s Fonts Get a Refresh
T Style, February 7

The magazine’s typographical style of the last six years will be retired to the archives.

31tmag jchicago slide lai6 copy thumbwide v5
Judy Chicago, the Godmother
T Style, February 7

For decades, the feminist artist was pushed to the sidelines. Relevant once again, she can no longer be ignored.

Tmag judychicago01 thumbwide
Tell T a Joke | Judy Chicago
Video, February 7

The feminist artist tells a joke written by her friend, the comedian Roseanne Barr.

09showwall1 thumbwide
Alexa Ray Joel, Downtown Girl, Is Surrounded by Memories
Weekend, February 6

In her NoLIta apartment, the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley has created a home filled with heirlooms.

07murals item6 thumbwide
This Century-Old Mural Was Rescued From a Whitney’s Stairwell
Culture, February 6

The little-known work, by Howard Gardiner Cushing, features Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in unconventional clothing and has been turned into 18 framed panels.

24shed web6 thumbwide
The Shed Isn’t Waiting for a Building to Start Programming
Culture, February 6

A two-week arts event will take place in temporary structure an undeveloped lot in May.

06arts2 thumbwide
Noguchi Museum Hires New Director
Culture, February 5

Brett Littman, who currently directs the Drawing Center, will take over the Long Island City museum in May.

05xp hylas1 thumbwide
Gallery Wanted to Provoke Debate by Removing Naked Nymphs Painting. It Succeeded.
Culture, February 5

A gallery in Manchester, England, purposely started a debate about how artworks are displayed and interpreted by temporarily taking down a Victorian painting.

Merlin 132787460 8e4f3f8b e154 4baa 88ca 171149f032df thumbwide
Haunted by Memories of Syrian Torture, Saved by Art
Foreign, February 2

Najah al-Bukai, an artist who survived the Assad government’s notorious detention centers, copes with the trauma by drawing what he and others went through.

07reyburn thumbwide
Auction Houses Thrived in 2017, in an 18th-Century Way
Culture, February 2

Sales have risen at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips — but are they keeping up with the growth of global wealth?

04triennial new museum3 thumbwide
Meet Six Disrupters at the New Museum’s Triennial
Arts & Leisure, February 2

The 2018 triennial, titled “Songs for Sabotage,” features artists from 17 countries whose work often pushes back against social or bureaucratic power structures.

04week pop sub thumbwide v2
Your Week in Culture: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Black Panther,’ Paul Klee, Lesley Manville
Arts & Leisure, February 2

The rapper releases his soundtrack to the Marvel movie; the painter’s bold colors are on view in Manhattan.

00close alpha2 thumbwide
Museums and a Performance Artist Grapple With Chuck Close’s Work
Weekend, February 1

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts will keep its Chuck Close exhibition, but will add a concurrent gallery examining gender power dynamics.

02schneemann1 thumbwide
Shock of the Nude
Weekend, February 1

Turning bodies into paint brushes, Carolee Schneemann’s performances, films and art still startle, as a retrospective at MoMA PS1 shows.

02fonseca1 thumbwide
At the Noguchi Museum, Worlds of Stone Fuse the Physical and the Dreamlike
Weekend, February 1

Equal parts surreal and symbolic, modern and primitive, Gonzalo Fonseca’s miniature landscapes are relentlessly mysterious.

02nasher4 thumbwide
Was Australopithecus an Artist?
Weekend, February 1

“First Sculpture” argues that our Stone Age ancestors created these objects not merely as tools, but as art. Can we ever really know for sure? The uncertainty is part of the pleasure of this show.

21close1 thumbwide
Chuck Close and an Artist’s Behavior
Letters, February 1

The National Gallery of Art’s decision to cancel Chuck Close’s exhibition revived the debate over whether you can separate the art from the artist.

01met item1 thumbwide
Met Selects Pakistani Artist for Roof Garden Commission
Culture, February 1

Huma Bhabha’s work explores themes of colonialism, war and displacement.

04murphy3web thumbwide
Mort Walker, Historian
Op Ed, January 31

Comic strips epitomize the term “ephemera.” Which is exactly what they aren’t, as the creator of “Beetle Bailey” understood.

01wittenobit thumbwide v2
Robert Pincus-Witten, Art Critic and Historian, Is Dead at 82
Obits, January 31

His writing in Artforum and elsewhere helped make sense of the tempestuous 1960s and ’70s and gave art a new term, Post-Minimalism.

02galleries3 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, January 31

Work shirts as art and commentary; visual static defined by its mood; and simple portraits elevated by acid orange, glitter and little red “seekers.”

30delistraty web thumbwide
The Problem With Chuck Close
Op Ed, January 30

We shouldn’t erase this photorealist from the history of art. But it’s O.K. to cancel his show.

31love item1 thumbwide
Where Is the Love, Philadelphia? (It’s Just Being Repainted)
Culture, January 30

When Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture returns in February after a yearlong renovation, it will have a restored color scheme that could come as a surprise.

02showwall thumbwide
Candles and a Cake? This Is a Much Better Way to Honor a Birthday
Weekend, January 30

For the interior designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, one particular piece in their collection of Modern and contemporary art has special meaning.

13mural1 thumbwide
Hipster Culture and Instagram Are Responsible for a Good Thing
Styles, January 29

These guys paint walls for a living.

30gursky1 thumbwide v2
Andreas Gursky Is Taking Photos of Things That Do Not Exist
Culture, January 29

The German photographer’s latest work includes images of digitally created scenes and spaces. Are these the works he will be remembered by?

21close1 thumbwide
Chuck Close Is Accused of Harassment. Should His Artwork Carry an Asterisk?
Culture, January 28

Sexual harassment accusations have scuttled an exhibition of the portraitist’s work. Museums are wrestling with the implications — not just for Mr. Close, but for centuries of artists.

29christo1 thumbwide
Christo to Build Floating Structure in London’s Hyde Park
Culture, January 29

The trapezoidal work, called a mastaba, will be made out of 7,506 barrels and be on view this summer. Later, a much larger one is planned in Abu Dhabi.

Merlin 132927977 35dde818 f688 4d04 a29d e66709bb562f thumbwide
Morris Louis Painting Shown at Jewish Museum, This Time Right-Side-Up
Culture, January 28

A set of red chalk arrows drawn on the back of the work suggested that its orientation had been 180 degrees off.

28tobar thumbwide
We Need Protests. And Paintings.
Op Ed, January 27

Immigrants can fight ignorance and hate with works of culture.

26queens thumbwide
Politically Outspoken Director of Queens Museum Steps Down
Culture, January 26

After three years in the post, Laura Raicovich says she needs to leave to accomplish her goals.

26tmag tel slide oi20 thumbwide
Seven Things T Editors Like Right Now
T Style, January 26

A roundup of things T editors — and a few contributors — are excited about in a given week.

27gallery item thumbwide
The National Gallery of Art Cancels a Chuck Close Show After Misconduct Accusations
Culture, January 26

The museum canceled the show, planned for May, and a photography exhibition by Thomas Roma, both because of sexual misconduct accusations.

27foam5 thumbwide
Time Travel for Photographers
Culture, January 26

A new exhibition in Amsterdam shows what happens when contemporary photographers use 19th-century cameras and techniques.

27castle1 thumbwide
Wendell Castle, 85, Dies; Blurred the Line Between Furniture and Art
Obits, January 26

Trained as an industrial designer and sculptor, Mr. Castle fashioned whimsical furnishings from wood and metal. But his favorite tool was a pencil.

31reyburn1 thumbwide
Can Digital Technology Open Up the Art World?
Culture, January 26

Prices at galleries are often difficult to find out and can be prohibitively high. Websites and apps are trying to make it easier for newcomers to get informed.

24tmag leelee slide cjjl thumbwide
In the Studio With an Actress-Turned-Painter
T Style, January 26

Leelee Kimmel, who used to act under her maiden name, Sobieski, opens her first solo show, of paintings and a virtual reality film.

26xp toilet thumbwide
Museum Told White House: No Van Gogh, but Here’s a Gold Toilet
Culture, January 25

Officials at the Guggenheim Museum are being tight-lipped about a report in the The Washington Post that describes a strange email sent by the museum’s chief curator.

26jewishmuseum9 thumbwide
A Museum’s Fresh Take on the Whole Megillah
Weekend, January 25

“Scenes From the Collection” at the Jewish Museum puts visual art, not just history, at the museum’s heart.

28puertorico6 thumbwide
In Puerto Rico, Artists Rebuild and Reach Out
Arts & Leisure, January 25

Visitors to the post-disaster island found many artists eager to help one another, and their communities.

26cooperhewitt2 thumbwide
How Design for One Turns Into Design for All
Weekend, January 24

Historically, products made for people with different physical, cognitive and sensory abilities have been ugly and woefully designed. Not anymore.

26josephcornell2 thumbwide v2
These Shadow Boxes Are Striking. The Story of Their Origin Is, Too.
Weekend, January 24

“Birds of a Feather” at the Met Museum highlights Joseph Cornell’s infatuation with a Cubist masterwork by Juan Gris.

26galleries1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, January 24

Noir-flavored paintings by Jacques Monory, Catherine Murphy’s exacting eye and Sondra Perry’s latest video are on view.