29restitute1 thumbwide v2
After Decades, a ‘Bittersweet’ Resolution Over Lost Art
Culture, Yesterday

A painting by the 18th-century artist Michele Marieschi will go to auction after a family’s 70-year effort to recover it....

27maezawa1 thumbwide
Why Spend $110 Million on a Basquiat? ‘I Decided to Go for It,’ Japanese Billionaire Explains
Culture, May 26

About 7,000 miles away, in New Jersey, the artist’s sister summed up her family’s response: “We were speechless.”...

360 fuster thumb2 thumbwide
Inside ‘Fusterlandia’: Cuba’s Kaleidoscopic Neighborhood
Video, May 27

Decades ago, José Fuster set out to transform a Havana fishing neighborhood into a work of art. Despite Cuba’s political and economic turmoil, his work now spans from residents’ homes to a giant chess park. Step inside in 360 degrees....

27herrera item thumbwide v2
A Mural Designed by Carmen Herrera Will Be Painted by Bronx School Students
Culture, May 26

Through the program Publicolor, students at P.S. 244 will paint a mural based on the artist’s 1952 work “Untitled.”...

18basquiat thumbwide v2
A ‘Small, Untrained Talent’ Becomes America’s Most Expensive Artist at Auction
Culture, May 26

Contemporary art auctions may be on the rise, largely thanks to financial guarantors, as shown by the $110.5 million bid for a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting....

28massmoca1 thumbwide
A Museum Where Giant Art Has Room to Breathe
Arts & Leisure, May 26

Laurie Anderson, Jenny Holzer and James Turrell are taking up residence in a new space at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art....

27bangladesh 1 thumbwide
Statue of Woman Removed From Bangladesh’s Supreme Court
Foreign, May 26

Islamic hard-liners had protested the sculpture, saying that representational art was forbidden in Islam. The sculptor said the government had capitulated to their demands....

26listingsart thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, May 25

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon....

26bang1 thumbwide
From Silence to Noise: Rauschenberg’s Influence on Music
Weekend, May 25

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, a music critic, and Jason Farago, who writes about art, discuss concerts inspired by MoMA’s Rauschenberg show....

26crockettgallery1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 25

More surprises from Flora Crockett, at Meredith Ward Fine Art, as well as new work from Juliana Huxtable, Laurent Grasso and four artists at Martos....

26lever1 thumbwide v2
‘Midtown’: That Chair’s Charming, but Can I Sit in It?
Weekend, May 25

An exhibition at Lever House offers a contentious mix of art, design, craft and various hybrids by more than 60 artists from around the world....

Tel catskills thumbwide
Some Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now
T Style, May 25

A by-no-means exhaustive list of great things we've stumbled upon....

28daytrip3 thumbwide
What Awaits in New Haven? Pizza, Yes, and Brains in Jars
Metropolitan, May 25

Visit this college town, a two-hour train trip from Grand Central Terminal, to learn about the origins of neurosurgery and to take in some classic works of art....

24tmag thiebaud slide gblb thumbwide
At Tea With the Legendary Painter Wayne Thiebaud
T Style, May 24

At age 96, the artist has a new show in London that surveys his work from 1962 to 2017....

28guide4 thumbwide
From Clipper Ships to Artists’ Lofts, at the Menil Collection
Arts & Leisure, May 24

The work of pioneering loft-dwelling artists of New York City will be on display in Houston through early August....

28footsteps thumbwide
Mondrian’s World: From Primary Colors to the Boogie Woogie
Travel, May 24

Exploring the touchstones of Piet Mondrian’s life, as Dutch cultural institutions celebrate the 100th anniversary of the art movement he helped found....

Iris vanherpen slide q5v2 thumbwide
In Dallas With One of Fashion’s Most Innovative Designers
T Style, May 23

Iris van Herpen, who weaves cutting-edge technology with couture craftsmanship, brought T to Texas....

24castile obit thumbwide
Rand Castile, Who Opened Doors for Asian Art, Dies at 78
Culture, May 23

Mr. Castile worked on both the East and West Coasts, organizing artistic and cultural programs at Japan Society in Manhattan and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco....

 23biennalerevu162 thumbwide
Venice Biennale: Whose Reflection Do You See?
Culture, May 22

This tame exhibition fails to capture the realities of a world that has changed drastically in recent months....

23neh thumbwide
N.E.H. Chairman to Step Down, Citing Personal Reasons
Culture, May 22

William D. Adams has served for three years at the National Endowment for the Humanities. He leaves at a time when the endowment’s future is in doubt....

25fendi web1 thumbwide
Fendi’s Gift to Rome: A Sculpture Shaped Like a Tree
Styles, May 22

The bronze and marble work, “Leaves of Stone,” was created by Giuseppe Penone and sits outside a downtown palazzo owned by the fashion house....

23ray item thumbwide
Charles Ray Joins Ancient and Contemporary in Sculpture Debut in Rome
Culture, May 22

Mr. Ray, an American artist, showed two sculptures that he said had been informed by his reflections on two works of antiquity....

23aiweiwei item thumbwide
Ai Weiwei’s Lego Portraits of Activists Head to the Hirshhorn Museum
Culture, May 22

“Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirshhorn,” a focused but sprawling exhibition of recent works, will open at the Smithsonian’s contemporary art museum on June 28....

18 lens museum embed thumbwide
Museum of the Future: Portable and Personal
Multimedia/Photos, May 22

Dayanita Singh has spent the past decade creating customizable photo books that are a portable exhibit and catalog in one....

Museum of the Future: Portable and Personal
Lens, May 22

Dayanita Singh has spent the past decade creating customizable photo books that are a portable exhibit and catalog in one.

11chinamarx 1 thumbwide
Why Send Germany a Statue of Marx? The Chinese Have Some Ideas
Foreign, May 21

Is it to reinvigorate Communism in the state that birthed, then repudiated, the idea? Or just a chance to return defective goods? Online, it’s anyone’s guess....

22grace2 thumbwide
Off to Italy to Study Painting: A Former Inmate’s Journey
Metro, May 21

George Anthony Morton, who served nine years on a drug charge, turned to painting in prison. Now he is bound for Florence for a summer of study....

Form arcosanti kalifa 009 thumbwide v2
24 Hours of Music, Yoga and Art
Video, May 21

Spend a day in Arcosanti, Ariz., where the FORM Festival curates more than just the musicians. Attendees must fill out an application to attend the three-day event, which includes meditative mornings and performance art pieces....

21okekeagula1 thumbwide
Modern African Art Is Being Gentrified
Op Ed, May 20

This is good for the artists, but the rest of Africa will lose out....

Wright slide u1ca thumbwide
A Cultural Compendium: 7 Things We’re Into Right Now
T Style, May 19

Highlights from the worlds of fashion, food and art....

19auction1 thumbwide v6
The Sale of a Basquiat
Letters, May 19

A reader who knew the artist says he would not have liked to see his paintings exploited....

21guide6 thumbwide
Mark Ryden’s Stage Confections at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Arts & Leisure, May 19

Mr. Ryden designed the backdrops, props and costumes for the ballet “Whipped Cream,” and the Paul Kasmin Gallery is presenting an exhibition of his work....

18basquiat thumbwide v2
A Basquiat Sells for ‘Mind-Blowing’ $110.5 Million at Auction
Culture, May 18

Basquiat’s vibrant painting of a face in the shape of a skull set an auction record for a work by any American artist, beating Andy Warhol....

19listingsart thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, May 18

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon....

19rauschenbergjp4 thumbwide v3
Robert Rauschenberg: It Takes a Village to Raise a Genius
Weekend, May 18

A vast retrospective at MoMA shows how much of his work was shaped and stoked by friends, teachers, lovers and bar buddies....

19florinejpsub2 thumbwide
A Case for the Greatness of Florine Stettheimer
Weekend, May 18

An exhibition of her ravishing paintings, which were galvanized by modern dance, could not be more pertinent to the art of the moment....

19mycountrytis thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 18

Becky Suss, Richard Tinkler and Robert Bordo get solo shows, and “My Country Tis of Thy People, You’re Dying” spotlights Native American artists....

19phillyart item1 thumbwide v2
Philadelphia Museum of Art Chooses Rachel Rose for New Commission
Weekend, May 18

Ms. Rose, an artist known for her video installations, is the inaugural recipient of the Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media....

19poster thumbwide
When Posters Were the Samizdat of the Lower East Side
Weekend, May 18

The exhibition “Taking It to the Streets!” puts the wheat-pasted political literature of the 1980s and ’90s in a central storytelling role....

19showusyourwall thumbwide v2
A Homage to Italian Arte Povera, Along the Hudson
Weekend, May 18

In late June, Giorgio Spanu and Nancy Olnick will open their self-funded exhibition space Magazzino to display works from their large collection in Cold Spring, N.Y....

12marciano1 thumbwide
L.A. Reincarnation: New Art Spaces in Vintage Settings
Arts & Leisure, May 18

Forget sleek architecture. Museums are finding unlikely homes in places like a Masonic temple and a historic bank....

Flowermania slide rbal thumbwide
Flowermania — It’s in the Air
Slideshow, May 18

From fashion to home design, it’s the season of bright, beautiful blooms....

Flowermania — It’s in the Air
Slideshow, May 18

From fashion to home design, it’s the season of bright, beautiful blooms.

18auction2 thumbwide
Contemporary Art Buyers Cautious After Wall Street Dips
Culture, May 17

“If Wall Street hadn’t taken a dive, there would have been fireworks,” a New York dealer said after a Christie’s auction. “It did change the mood among American bidders.”...

18basquiat thumbwide v2
How Basquiat Became the $60 Million Man
Culture, May 17

With 16 Basquiats headlining in this week’s evening auctions, the graffiti rebel has become the heavyweight artist of the season....

17disability thumbwide
Moving and Sitting
Learning, May 18

What do you think this image is saying? How does it relate to and comment on our world...

19inaurrito1 thumbwide
Iñárritu’s ‘Carne y Arena’ Virtual Reality Simulates a Harrowing Border Trek
Weekend, May 17

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s virtual-reality exhibition transports viewers to the United States-Mexico border, placing them between migrants and border guards....

‘Carne y Arena’ Simulates a Harrowing Desert Trek to a New Life
Arts, May 17

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s virtual-reality exhibition transports viewers to the United States-Mexico border, placing them between migrants and border guards.

17hall obit 1 thumbwide
Lee Hall, Artist and de Kooning Biographer, Dies at 82
Culture, May 16

Ms. Hall was an abstract landscape painter who also served as president of the Rhode Island School of Design during a difficult period there....

Lee hall obituary slide k2qh thumbwide
The Paintings of Lee Hall
Slideshow, May 16

Ms. Hall was more than a painter. She also examined the art world in her books....

The Paintings of Lee Hall
Slideshow, May 16

Ms. Hall was more than a painter. She also examined the art world in her books.

17 a2 insider thumbwide
Who Gets to Pay $57.4 Million? Inside Art Auction Bidding Wars
Summary, May 16

Buyers typically go to considerable lengths to ensure their anonymity and journalists go to even greater lengths to try to uncover it....

17steichenitem thumbwide
Trove of Forgotten Steichen Photos Heads for Auction
Culture, May 16

The photos, with architectural plans, were produced for New York’s exhibition rooms at the “Century of Progress” world’s fair in Chicago in 1933....

16tmag guston slide nkbi thumbwide
An Iconic American Painter, Re-examined Through Poetry
T Style, May 16

In Venice, Philip Guston is the focus of a new show that explores his work in context with the words of T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens and more....

Venice slide npj1 articleinline
The 10 Best Things We Saw at the Venice Biennale
T Style, May 16

Highlights — and videos — from this year's pavilions....

16auction2 thumbwide v2
After Heavy Bidding, a Brancusi Head Sells for $57.4 Million at Christie’s
Culture, May 15

A bellwether series of big-ticket auctions is expected to test the resilience of the art market in the Trump economy....

15side thumbwide
An Artistic Partnership Reunites in the Bronx
Metro, May 14

They may not be famous, but two sculpture artists from the Bronx have stood the test of time, even if they now live hundreds of miles apart....

15met 1 thumbwide
Would Fees at the Met Deter Visitors?
Culture, May 14

The Times asked visitors from outside New York State what kind of mandatory admissions fee they would be willing to pay at the Met....

15venicenotebook 1 thumbwide
Venice Notebook: Samplers From a Biennale Banquet
Culture, May 14

Highlights from the first days of the Biennale, inside and outside the exhibition grounds....

14venice photo thumbwide
Anne Imhof, Fierce Young Artist and Choreographer, Wins Venice’s Top Prize
Culture, May 13

Ms. Imhof was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. Her grim occupation of the German pavilion included anti-riot wire and barking Doberman pinschers....

13looted thumbwide
Are the Dutch Lagging in Efforts to Return Art Looted by the Nazis?
Culture, May 12

Recent efforts by the Netherlands on restitution, which are under scrutiny, are addressed in a new exhibition, “Looted Art — Before, During and After WWII.”...

Venice9 thumbwide
Take a First Look at the Venice Biennale
Culture, May 12

Taking a look at some works before the crowds show up....

14goodman2 web thumbwide
Jeremiah Goodman, the Rembrandt of 20th-Century Rooms
Styles, May 12

The artist painted the homes of the rich and stylish, including Diana Vreeland. At 94, he’s getting a gallery retrospective....

14exclusive2 thumbwide
Loft in Former Artists’ Community for Sale for $4 Million
Real Estate, May 12

The painter and sculptor Matthew Ritchie is selling his loftlike apartment in a TriBeCa building that once served as a live-work artist community....

14exclusive slide njd2 thumbwide
A Home for Artists
Slideshow, May 12

A two-bedroom unit in a former warehouse at 16 Desbrosses Street in TriBeCa, which was converted into an artists’ community, is for sale for $4 million....

14exclusive slide idov articleinline
A Home for Artists
Slideshow, May 12

A two-bedroom unit in a former warehouse at 16 Desbrosses Street in TriBeCa, which was converted into an artists’ community, is for sale for $4 million.

12reyburn1 thumbwide
Venice Is a Stage for Damien Hirst’s ‘Treasures’ (and a Biennale, Too)
Culture, May 12

The artist’s blockbuster show aims to open the wallets of collectors, curators and museum directors. Less obviously, so does much of the Biennale....

12listingsart thumbwide v2
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, May 11

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon....

An Inside Joke Between Two Impressionists
Metro, May 11

A lesson at the Met about how Monet and Renoir painted the same scene of high-class bathers, and the nickname they had for one element of their shared subject....

14rauschenberg1 thumbwide
For Robert Rauschenberg, No Artist Is an Island
Arts & Leisure, May 11

A writer travels from Brooklyn to Lafayette, La., in search of an artist’s roots, upon the opening of an exhibition of at the Museum of Modern Art....

12showusyourwall thumbwide
Educating Through Visual Poetry
Weekend, May 11

With works by Peter Saul and Raymond Pettibon, Antonio Sergio Bessa’s collection may not be for “the faint of heart” but it’s full of personal touches....

12lawler1 thumbwide
Louise Lawler’s Stealth Aesthetic (and Muted Aura)
Weekend, May 11

At MoMA, a “gorgeous, startlingly spare” retrospective of this Pictures Generation artist admired by theory buffs and those unthreatened by aesthetic pleasure....

12annicka thumbwide
Please Smell the Art: Anicka Yi Will See That You Do
Weekend, May 11

At her solo show at the Guggenheim, the Hugo Boss prize winner fuses human, plant and animal scents into an art of the future....

12pineapple1 thumbwide
How a Humble Pineapple Became Art
Foreign, May 11

A prank by two students at a university in Scotland has started a conversation about what makes for a creative work....

Gonzalez torres slide tigh thumbwide
A Colossal New Show Revisits a Conceptual Art Icon
T Style, May 11

Felix Gonzalez-Torres is the subject of a New York exhibition that unfolds across all five boroughs....

12rama1 thumbwide
The Psychosexual World of Carol Rama Still Shocks
Weekend, May 11

Erotic watercolors and mad cows in a posthumous retrospective at the New Museum for an Italian artist who came of age under Fascism.

07seth thumbwide
Social Media
Learning, May 11

What do you think this image is saying? How does it relate to and comment on life in 2017?

12nelsongallery1 thumbwide
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
Weekend, May 10

Dona Nelson’s maze of contrasting viewpoints, Rochelle Goldberg’s evocation of suffering and Sara Cwynar’s slick photography....

11tilton obit thumbwide
Jack Tilton, Art Dealer With an Eye for the New, Dies at 66
Culture, May 10

Mr. Tilton, who began his career at the Betty Parsons Gallery and saw art dealing as exploring, had a thirst for discovery....

11hirst thumbwide
Damien Hirst Controversy at Venice Biennale
Culture, May 10

A Nigerian artist has accused Damien Hirst of copying a well-known Nigerian brass artwork, without giving it the proper historical recognition....

10chenman web1 thumbwide
Meet Chen Man, the ‘Chinese Annie Leibovitz’
Styles, May 10

Known for a dramatic style that challenges stereotypes about her home country, the photographer was recently honored at a gala in New York....

14guide1 thumbwide
‘The Calligraphy Revival’: Fine Handwriting, With a Flourish
Arts & Leisure, May 10

At the Grolier Club, the resurgence of modern calligraphy in the West will be represented by 70 masters of ink and pen....

Turin slide zb6t thumbwide
The Ghosts of Turin
T Style, May 10

Just beneath the surface of this postindustrial city is a booming cultural capital, steeped in its own history and with a mysterious dark side....

360 amelie1 thumbwide
Last Look at ‘Amélie’ on Broadway
Video, May 10

“Amélie” will close on May 21. In this 360 video, get a last look at the onstage perspective of Phillipa Soo and her young co-star, Savvy Crawford....

10manifesto1 thumbwide v2
Cate Blanchett in ‘Manifesto,’ a Cerebral Exercise
Culture, May 9

Julian Rosefeldt’s art installation is now a film, with this chameleonic actress morphing into multiple characters....

09banksy1 thumbwide
Banksy’s View of ‘Brexit’? It’s in the Stars
Foreign, May 8

The artist produced a three-story mural in Dover, England, over the weekend that showed a workman chipping away at a star on the European Union flag....

08michelangelo thumbwide v2
Met Museum Plans Michelangelo Exhibition
Culture, May 8

The Met announced it would be displaying works by Michelangelo this fall, including drawings, sculptures and his earliest painting....

Yaa gyasi slide 5nu1 thumbwide
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young African Immigrant
T Style, May 8

Yaa Gyasi and Toyin Ojih Odutola — both born in Africa and raised in the same Alabama town — have become two of the finest observers of race in America....

08biennalejp3 thumbwide
A Venice Biennale About Art, With the Politics Muted
Culture, May 7

Christine Macel, perhaps the most important woman whom you’ve never heard of in the European art world, brings a fresh approach to this global exhibition....

08 lens africa embed2 thumbwide
Looking at New Generations of African Photographers
Multimedia/Photos, May 8

A new generation of African artists, inspired by their predecessors and helped by technology, has been redefining how Africans look at themselves....

Looking at New Generations of African Photographers
Lens, May 8

A new generation of African artists, inspired by their predecessors and helped by technology, has been redefining how Africans look at themselves.

07weiwei thumbwide v2
Ai Weiwei: How Censorship Works
Op Ed, May 6

Those who remain silent to please the authorities make China’s brutal system possible....

00nymuseum1 thumbwide
A Rural Shrine to New York’s Angels and Gargoyles
Metro, May 5

A collection of stone fragments that once adorned city buildings, salvaged by a self-styled “rubble rouser,” is displayed at the Anonymous Arts Museum in upstate New York....

06weekend4 thumbwide v2
What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend
N Y T Now, May 5

Tips to make the most of your weekend....

06spier obit thumbwide
Peter Spier, Illustrator of Children’s Books, Dies at 89
Culture, May 5

His “Noah’s Ark,” which won the Caldecott Medal, showed Noah’s toils, like pulling a donkey onto the ark and trying to snatch two bees out of a swarm....

06penck obit thumbwide
A.R. Penck, German Neo-Expressionist of Cold-War Era, Dies at 77
Culture, May 5

Ralf Winkler adopted the name Penck, and other aliases, to confuse the East German authorities....

Shear 1 thumbwide v4
Ellsworth Kelly’s Studio, Just as He Left It
Culture, May 5

The artist's presence lingers in the studio where he worked, even after his death....

05giorno item thumbwide
A Kaleidoscopic John Giorno Retrospective, Sprinkled Around New York
Culture, May 5

The poet, artist and activist is the subject of “Ugo Rondinone: I ♥ John Giorno,” which will open at locations across Manhattan in June....

05reyburn1 thumbwide
The Art Market Is Still Waiting for an Online Revolution
Culture, May 5

Issues of trust loom over art buyers and sellers, delaying the e-commerce future that has overtaken the rest of the retail industry....

06pubedmail thumbwide
Friday Mailbag: A Columnist Has a Fiery Debut and Another Goes Missing
Editorial, May 5

The first column from The New York Times’s new Op-Ed writer drew a fresh wave of mail. And an artist was unhappy with a past public editor decision....

04tmag cdg slide vfqd thumbwide
Remembering One of Rei Kawakubo’s Most Boundary-Breaking Shows
T Style, May 4

The Comme des Garçons designer’s closest friends and collaborators reflect on her spring/summer 2014 “Not Making Clothes” collection....

05listingsart thumbwide
Art and Museums in NYC This Week
Weekend, May 4

Our guide to new art shows, and some that will be closing soon....

What’s Your Mood Today?
Arts & Leisure, May 4

The artist and ink-maker Jason Logan illustrated your emotions using inks he foraged from around New York City....

05nauman item2 thumbwide
Bruce Nauman Video Works Join the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Weekend, May 4

The museum and the Pinault Collection have jointly acquired Mr. Nauman’s “Contrapposto Studies, I through VII” and “Walks In Walks Out.”...

05julian thumbwide
‘Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait’ Puts Praise Above Art
Weekend, May 4

Though this documentary looks at the artist and his work, it is more concerned with layering on the admiration....

05burden1 thumbwide v2
In ‘Burden,’ an Artist Who Is Tortured. Literally.
Weekend, May 4

A documentary looks at Chris Burden, who had himself shot, crucified and more, all for the sake of his performance art....

05showusyourwall thumbwide
Finding Peace in a Swirl of Color
Weekend, May 4

Ashley Bouder’s dancing at New York City Ballet is bold and full of technical wizardry; some of her artwork reflects that....

Beyond Frieze: Fridge and Other Art Fairs This Weekend
Weekend, May 4

A sampling of more shows around town, including several in Brooklyn....

05tefaf1 thumbwide
A European Art Fair Freshens Up for Its First Spring on Park Avenue
Weekend, May 4

In town now is Tefaf, an art fair where Thomas Hart Benton is a showstopper and you can trade your string of pearls for a wearable Giacometti....

5reijp2 thumbwide
The Met’s Rei Kawakubo Show, Dressed for Defiance
Weekend, May 4

Ms. Kawakubo does not stick to the middle ground, pushing her work beyond form in this Costume Institute exhibition....

5freizecover1 thumbwide
A Fatigue-Free Guide to Frieze New York
Weekend, May 4

Martha Schwendener and Will Heinrich select some of the best of the more than 200 galleries showing the wonderful, the curious — and the sure to be Instagrammed....

07phillips thumbwide
The Most Powerful Woman in the New York Art World
Arts & Leisure, May 4

It’s Lisa Phillips, the director of the New Museum, a progressive art institution for the 21st century. “You don’t let fear get you,” she said....

04rocknroll2 inyt thumbwide
Poster Passion: A Rock ’n’ Roll Fan’s Lifelong Quest
Special Sections, May 4

David Swartz has spent decades pursuing the emblems of iconic bands and legendary concerts. He discusses the methods and goals of his collecting....

04roundup2 inyt thumbwide
Frieze New York Presents Global, Cutting-Edge Art
Special Sections, May 4

Some 200 galleries will show important modern and contemporary works at the fair, with solo shows for promising artists in the Frame section....

04contemporary4 inyt thumbwide
Frieze New York Adds More Blue-Chip 20th-Century Art
Special Sections, May 4

This year’s fair will include curated combinations of contemporary and older works, and explore connections between established and emerging artists....

04kelly1 thumbwide
Ellsworth Kelly, Abstract to the End
Culture, May 3

As a new exhibition makes clear, the artist, who died at 92 in 2015, steadfastly maintained a devotion to form, color and plane....

04hicksitem thumbwide
The Artist Sheila Hicks Will Spin Her Threads on the High Line
Culture, May 3

“Hop, Skip, Jump and Fly: Escape From Gravity,” to be completed by the end of May, is the artist’s first major outdoor public art commission in the United States....

07guide2 thumbwide
‘Eyewitness Views,’ at the Getty in Los Angeles, Illustrates History
Arts & Leisure, May 3

Before photography, public events grand and small were often painted. This new exhibition shows an evolution of 18th-century history on canvas....

03turneritem1 articleinline
Turner Prize Shortlist Includes 2 Artists Made Eligible by Lifting Age Limit
Arts, May 3

Lubaina Himid, 62, and Hurvin Anderson, 52, were among the nominees for the prize in the first year since 1991 in which artists 50 and older were eligible.

Inside the Met Gala’s Comme des Garçons After-Party
Slideshow, May 2

After the main event, which honored Rei Kawakubo, celebrities, museum folk — and die-hard fans of the brand — partied late into the night.

Breaking Beautiful: Kawakubo at The Met
Video, May 2

Rei Kawakubo is the first living designer given a solo show at The Met's Costume Institute since 1983. See her work up close in this 360 video.

The Art of Food on View at the Park Avenue Armory
Food, May 1

Emmanuel Di Donna, a gallery owner, has assembled more than 50 pieces of food-themed art in an exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory.

10 Classic Photographs — Reinterpreted Entirely in Play-Doh
T Magazine, May 1

The artist Eleanor Macnair has produced a series for the Magnum Photo agency, remaking some of its most historic images in Play-Doh.

27brooklyn1 sub articleinline
‘Encyclopedic’ Brooklyn Museum Vies for Contemporary Attention
Arts, April 30

The myriad challenges for Anne Pasternak, director of this institution, include remaining true to Brooklyn’s identity while embracing a shift in trends.

01modigliani item articleinline
Kimbell Art Museum in Texas Acquires a Rare Modigliani Sculpture
Arts, April 30

Gwendolyn Weiner, daughter of the collectors Ted and Lucile Weiner, donated Modigliani’s “Head” (circa 1913) to the museum in honor of her parents.