1. Why Can’t We Protect Elephants? Op Ed, November 18

    They need our help, not an easier way to make their carcasses into trophies.

  2. What Happened (and Didn’t) at the Bonn Climate Talks Climate, November 18

    The 23rd United Nations climate talks ended early Saturday, kicking most big issues down the road until 2018.

  3. What It’s Like to Live in India’s Toxic Air Video, November 18

    New Delhi’s air quality worsens every winter. Jeffrey Gettleman, Times South Asia bureau chief, talks to residents who are suffering from the pollution and some who call it a “slow poison.”

  4. Fewer Foreign Students Are Coming to U.S., Survey Shows National, November 13

    Experts said concerns around President Trump’s travel ban and safety were fueling the decline in enrollment.

  5. In India, Air So Dirty Your Head Hurts Foreign, November 8

    Delhi can’t seem to get on top of its air pollution problem. For the first time, the authorities shut down 4,000 schools.

  6. Delhi, Blanketed in Toxic Haze, ‘Has Become a Gas Chamber’ Foreign, November 7

    Prolonged exposure to the air in the Indian capital is equivalent to smoking more than two packs of cigarettes a day, experts say.

  7. Here’s How Far the World Is From Meeting Its Climate Goals Interactive, November 6

    Two years after countries signed a landmark climate agreement in Paris, the world remains far off course from preventing drastic global warming in the decades ahead.

  8. For Troubadours Trapped in Servitude, a Murder Breaks the Bond Foreign, November 4

    Bound for generations to higher-caste Hindus in India, a group of Muslim Manganiyar musicians decamps into the unknown after one is killed on the job.

  9. India’s Top Payments App Adds Chatting, Challenging WhatsApp Business, November 2

    Paytm, which has grown sharply over the past year, is acting to fend off WhatsApp’s planned move into India’s payments market.

  10. India Convicts 2 Men of Raping Their 10-Year-Old Niece Foreign, October 31

    Sentencing is scheduled for later this week in a case that hit global headlines when the girl was denied an abortion by India’s top court and had to give birth.

  11. Forget Washington. Facebook’s Problems Abroad Are Far More Disturbing. Business, October 29

    As the social media giant grows in the developing world, its platform is being used to spread misinformation and incite violence.

  12. The Question More Indians Ask — ‘Is My Phone Tapped?’ Editorial, October 26

    “Someone says something mildly critical of the government, and then you learn that person’s office was paid a visit the next day by the income-tax authorities.”

  13. The Uninhabitable Village Interactive, October 26

    Hotter temperatures are forcing families in southern India to decide: Try to survive here, or leave?

  14. Tillerson Says Assad Family’s Reign ‘Is Coming to an End’ in Syria Foreign, October 26

    The secretary made the comments in Geneva, the last stop on a weeklong trip in which he dashed among capitals in the Middle East and South Asia.