1. G7 Leaders, Expanding the Circle, Shift Focus to Migration and the South Foreign, Yesterday

    Leaders from India, Brazil, the Middle East and Africa joined discussions in a nod to the changing global balance of power.

  2. Fire in Kuwait Worker Housing Leaves at Least 49 Dead Foreign, June 12

    The blaze struck a building that was home to scores of low-paid migrant workers, many of them from India.

  3. At the Ambani Wedding Celebrations, a Dazzling Display of Jewels Styles, June 12

    Emeralds almost the size of Popsicles, ropes of the rarest natural pearls and rani haar pieces studded with diamonds were throwbacks to the time of maharajahs.

  4. What Modi’s Dwindling Support Says About Democracy Worldwide Op Ed, June 10

    Lydia Polgreen on why Indian voters asked for change.

  5. India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match Brings 34,000 Fans to Long Island Metro, June 10

    Security was tight, but the mood was jubilant in the temporary stadium in Nassau County, where India won a highly anticipated nail-biter.

  6. Modi, Striking a Modest Tone, Is Sworn In for a Third Term Foreign, June 9

    Forced into a coalition government, the prime minister faces the challenge of governing differently than he has so far in two decades in elected office.

  7. Where India Turned Against Modi Interactive, June 7

    Maps show how Modi lost support throughout the country, including in areas that had embraced his party’s Hindu-nationalist ideology.

  8. India’s Modi, Humbled by Voters, Faces Potent Economic Struggles Business, June 7

    With his grip on political power weakened, the Indian prime minister is confronting the same formidable challenge — how to generate hundreds of millions of jobs.

  9. The World Heads to the Polls Climate, June 6

    Hundreds of millions of people around the world have recently voted in elections with important climate issues like extreme heat and coal dependence.

  10. Narendra Modi’s India N Y T Now, June 6

    We explain what to expect from his third term.

  11. In Global Elections, Strongmen Are Taken Down a Notch Foreign, June 6

    In Turkey, India and elsewhere, where some feared authoritarian leaders would consolidate power, democracy has proved surprisingly resilient.

  12. Rahul Gandhi, Long on the Ropes, Looks Set for an Unexpected Comeback Foreign, June 5

    The Indian National Congress and its leader registered a far stronger showing in India’s elections than many expected.

  13. Narendra Modi Fell to Earth After Making It All About Himself Foreign, June 5

    The Indian leader used his singular persona to lift his party to new heights. Then the opposition found a way to use his cult of personality against him.

  14. India Keeps Its Glorious, Messy Tradition Alive Op Ed, June 5

    The voters have spoken: They want to keep their democracy.

  15. The New Kingmakers Who Could Make or Break Modi’s Government Express, June 5

    Two veterans of bare-knuckled Indian politics have the Parliament votes the prime minister will need, but neither is aligned with his Hindu-first vision.

  16. Modi se reelige en India, pero pierde mayoría parlamentaria: 4 claves de las elecciones En español, June 5

    El primer ministro seguirá en el cargo, pero su imagen se ha visto mermada y su liderazgo ha cambiado radicalmente a medida que la democracia multipartidista del país vuelve a cobrar vida.

  17. Modi Struggles to Stay on Top: 4 Takeaways From India’s Election Foreign, June 4

    The prime minister will keep his job, but his aura has been diminished and his leadership has fundamentally changed as the country’s multiparty democracy springs back to life.

  18. How Modi Courted India’s Youth Video, June 4

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi tapped influencers and gamers to draw in young voters, many of whom are discontent with the economy and unemployment.

  19. Needing Help to Stay in Power, Modi Loses His Aura of Invincibility Foreign, June 4

    Though Narendra Modi will take up a third term as India’s leader, the election was closer than expected, forcing him to rely on coalition partners that don’t share his Hindu nationalist agenda.

  20. Modi Will Feel the Heat in a Third Term. And Not Just Politically. Climate, June 4

    Farmers have repeatedly protested over grievances tied to global warming, a major political and economic test given the importance of India’s rural economy.

  21. India’s Stock Market Tumbles on Close-Run Election Result Foreign, June 4

    A bull run came to an abrupt end when Narendra Modi’s party fell short of expectations.

  22. Early Election Results Suggest Sharp Turnaround for Indian National Congress Foreign, June 4

    India’s beleaguered main opposition party was on track to surpass expectations and nearly double its share of parliamentary seats from 2019.

  23. Biden’s Asylum Order, and India’s Surprisingly Close Election Podcasts, June 4

    Plus, the scale of destruction in Ukraine.

  24. Modi’s Party May Need Partners to Form a Government Foreign, June 4

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on track to secure a third term, but a dip in his party’s electoral support will have political consequences.

  25. How Modi Capitalized on India’s Economic Rise Foreign, June 4

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inherited a big and growing economy, kept it going and worked to put his imprint on every aspect of its success.

  26. 2024 India General Election: Live Results Interactive, June 4

    See results and maps from India’s 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

  27. The Heat Wave Scenario That Keeps Climate Scientists Up at Night Op Ed, June 3

    The hotter it gets, the more difficult it is for our bodies to cope.

  28. As Voting Ends in India, Modi Awaits a Verdict on His 10 Years in Power Foreign, June 1

    While a newly united opposition seemed to gain some traction, exit polls showed the popular and entrenched prime minister was winning a third term.

  29. A Small Army Combating a Flood of Deepfakes in India’s Election Foreign, June 1

    Social media is awash with A.I.-altered audio, clipped video and manipulated images. Fact-checkers want to save the public from deception.

  30. Birubala Rabha, Who Battled Witch Hunting in India, Dies at 75 Obits, May 31

    She traveled from village to village in a crusade to stop a practice in which women have been accused of being witches and harshly punished, or even killed, for it.

  31. Overlooked No More: Hansa Mehta, Who Fought for Women’s Equality in India and Beyond Obits, May 31

    For Mehta, women’s rights were human rights, and in all her endeavors she took women’s participation in public and political realms to new heights.

  32. A Matter of Survival as South Asia’s Heat Wave Reaches 127 Degrees Foreign, May 31

    Pakistan and India are sweltering. For laborers, not working because of the extreme temperatures can mean not eating.

  33. Wall Street Lands on India, Looking for Profits It Can’t Find in China Business, May 31

    Stock markets in Mumbai have surged as big global investors hope India can become a source of growth. It won’t be so easy.

  34. Millions of Indians Living Abroad Have a Say in the Election, Even if They Can’t Vote Express, May 30

    The number of Indians abroad is small relative to the country’s population. Indian political parties want their support anyway.

  35. New Delhi Sweats Through Its Hottest Recorded Day Foreign, May 29

    For weeks now, temperatures in several states in northern India have been well over 110, and hospitals have been reporting a rise in heatstroke.

  36. India y Bangladés: el ciclón Remal arrasa y deja al menos 23 muertos En español, May 28

    La primera tormenta tropical de la temporada azotó los países del sur de Asia, tras semanas de intenso calor. Millones de personas se quedaron sin electricidad.

  37. Cyclone Remal Tears Through India and Bangladesh, Killing at Least 23 Foreign, May 28

    The storm, the first of the season, hit the South Asian countries after weeks of intense heat. Millions were left without power.

  38. Leaflet by Leaflet, a Few Aging Activists Fight India’s Tide of Bigotry Foreign, May 28

    As politicians stoke religious hatred online, these veterans of social causes deliver their messages in person: “Talk to each other. Don’t let anyone divide you.”

  39. Two Deadly Fires in Rapid Succession Expose India’s Gaps in Safety Foreign, May 26

    Disasters over the weekend that claimed at least 34 lives prompted condolences, arrests and finger-pointing. But systemic change remains elusive, analysts say.

  40. I’m an Indian Muslim, and I’m Scared to Say So Op Ed, May 26

    In Modi’s Hindu-nationalist India, Muslims have to deny who we are.

  41. Free Food? Modi Makes Sure Every Indian Knows Whom to Thank for It. Foreign, May 26

    India’s welfare programs improve lives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party uses its vast machinery to ensure the handouts also create loyal voters.

  42. At Least 27 Dead in Fire at Amusement Park in India, Police Say Foreign, May 25

    Officers said the cause of the fire was still under investigation, but that they planned to charge the owner of the facility with negligence.

  43. Is Modi Worried? India’s Long-Deflated Opposition Finds Some Momentum. Foreign, May 23

    After setting a very high bar for his party in the election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi often appears on the defensive as the voting nears its end.

  44. Strangers in Their Own Land: Being Muslim in Modi’s India Foreign, May 18

    Families grapple with anguish and isolation as they try to raise their children in a country that increasingly questions their very identity.

  45. How Modi Demonizes India’s Muslims Video, May 18

    With India’s election in full swing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party are using animated videos to attack Muslims.

  46. La diplomacia de Musk: cautivar a la derecha mundial para beneficiarse En español, May 16

    Elon Musk ha creado una constelación de jefes de Estado aliados —Javier Milei en Argentina, Narendra Modi en India— para impulsar sus políticas y expandir su imperio empresarial.

  47. What 10 Years of Modi Rule Has Meant for India’s Economy Business, April 1

    Narendra Modi has kept India on its swift upward path among the world’s largest economies. Many Indians are better off, though wealth gaps have widened.

  48. A Visa Backlog Abroad Is Taking a Toll Inside the U.S., Too Travel, April 13

    The pileup has left visitors from places like Brazil, Colombia, India and Mexico waiting months, even a year or more, to visit family or do business in America.

  49. Your Thursday Briefing: Covid Origins Hearing Opens in the U.S. N Y T Now, March 8

    Also, protests in Georgia and armed villagers in Kashmir.

  50. Your Thursday Briefing: 1.5 Million Covid Deaths in China? N Y T Now, February 15

    Also, Scotland’s leader resigns and Air India orders a record 470 planes.

  51. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  52. Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting N Y T Now, January 22

    Also, New Zealand’s next leader and a Lunar New Year travel surge in China.

  53. Russia’s War Could Make It India’s World Foreign, December 31

    The invasion of Ukraine, compounding the effects of the pandemic, has contributed to the ascent of a giant that defies easy alignment. It could be the decisive force in a changing global system.

  54. Your Tuesday Briefing: China’s Space Push N Y T Now, December 12

    Plus China’s vaccination pivot and the year’s most stylish “people.”

  55. Your Monday Briefing: The Social Cost of ‘Zero Covid’ National, December 4

    Plus, Iran abolishes the morality police and Russia vows to defy an oil price cap.

  56. What Happens When a Cascade of Crises Collide? Op Ed, November 13

    Humanity faces a complex knot of seemingly distinct but entangled crises that are causing damage greater than the sum of their individual harms.

  57. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  58. Sharp Drop in Childhood Vaccinations Threatens Millions of Lives Science, July 15

    Pandemic lockdowns, misinformation campaigns, conflicts, climate crises and other problems diverted resources and contributed to the largest backslide in routine immunization in 30 years.

  59. W.T.O. countries agree to a limited relaxing of patent protections on coronavirus vaccines. Business, June 17

    The agreement is a limited measure that is likely to have little impact on global vaccine supply.

  60. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  61. Your Monday Briefing: Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv N Y T Now, June 5

    Plus Hindus try to flee Kashmir and Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square.

  62. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  63. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel N Y T Now, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  64. The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health Foreign, May 17

    Over a million female health workers treat India’s most at-risk women and children, for little pay and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

  65. Your Monday Briefing: North Korea’s Growing Outbreak N Y T Now, May 15

    Plus India bans most wheat exports and South Korea amends surgery laws.

  66. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says Science, May 5

    Nearly 15 million more people died during the first two years of the pandemic than would have been expected during normal times, the organization found. The previous count of virus deaths, from countries’ reporting, was six million.