1. India’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Vast Numbers of Migrants Stranded World, Today

    Hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers began long journeys on foot to get home. Most live and eat where they work, and the shutdown made them suddenly homeless.

  2. El preocupante efecto del coronavirus en las economías más vulnerables del mundo en Español, March 26

    Los capitales internacionales abandonan los mercados emergentes, por lo que las naciones más desfavorecidas reciben una gran parte del impacto económico causado por la pandemia.

  3. Floyd Cardoz Showed How to Honor a Cuisine by Bending It Food, March 25

    The chef, who died Tuesday, created Indian-American dishes that surprised and still linger in the memory.

  4. India, Day 1: World’s Largest Lockdown Begins World, March 25

    About 1.3 billion Indians have been told to stay at home. For some, it will mean starving. And an already-fragile economy may collapse.

  5. Coronavirus Live Updates: Infections Soar in New York as Congress Prepares to Vote on $2 Trillion Aid Deal World, March 25

    People fleeing New York to other parts of the country were told to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Prince Charles has the virus. The number of deaths in Spain — more than 3,400 — surpassed the toll in China.

  6. Modi Orders 3-Week Total Lockdown for All 1.3 Billion Indians World, March 24

    With four hours’ notice, India’s prime minister announced that no one could leave home for 21 days — the most severe step taken anywhere in the war against the coronavirus.

  7. In World’s Most Vulnerable Countries, the Pandemic Rivals the 2008 Crisis Business, March 24

    As capital flees emerging markets, those countries are absorbing the most potent economic shocks of the coronavirus outbreak.

  8. Men Convicted in Delhi Bus Rape Are Hanged in India World, March 19

    The four men were executed in the early morning hours in India’s capital, bringing an end to a case that has haunted the country.

  9. Worried About Coronavirus, India Tries to Head Off a Mass Hindu Pilgrimage World, March 19

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges Indians to stay home at a time when hundreds of thousands of Hindus usually try to gather at Ayodhya.

  10. Nepal establece clases obligatorias de yoga en las escuelas en Español, March 17

    El gobierno anunció que el curso semanal servirá para promover un estilo de vida saludable y activo. Pero algunos musulmanes temen que promueva algo más: el hinduismo.

  11. India Scrambles to Escape a Coronavirus Crisis. So Far, It’s Working. World, March 17

    Fears are growing about what happens if community transmission takes off in the crowded areas of the world’s second-most-populous nation.

  12. Nepal Makes Yoga Mandatory for Schoolchildren World, March 16

    The government says the weekly course will promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Some Muslims fear it will promote Hinduism instead.

  13. La industria del lujo oculta una cadena de suministro en India en Español, March 14

    Durante muchos años Dior, Saint Laurent y otras marcas de moda han estado utilizando discretamente el talento de bordadores indios para sus prendas sin ofrecerles mucha protección laboral.

  14. Luxury’s Hidden Indian Supply Chain Style, March 11

    For many years Dior, Saint Laurent and other fashion brands have been quietly using Indian embroiderers for their goods, depending on their expertise while offering little in the way of employment protection.

  15. A Chicken Biryani Recipe That Brings People Together T Magazine, March 10

    For the writer Aatish Taseer, a childhood staple has taken on new resonance in light of Delhi’s citizenship protests.

  16. F.D.A. Halts Overseas Inspections of Drugs and Devices, Citing Coronavirus Health, March 10

    The agency said the spread of the virus globally prompted its decision. It had already pulled back from China, but this move will also affect India, a major generics manufacturer.

  17. Can 50 Years of Minimizing Nuclear Proliferation Continue? Opinion, March 5

    The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty has mostly succeeded in keeping more countries out of the nuclear club. But as U.S. alliances fray, its future success is not assured.

  18. As Coronavirus Disrupts Factories, India Curbs Exports of Key Drugs Business, March 3

    The outbreak has hobbled Chinese factories that supply India’s vast drug industry with ingredients for antibiotics and vitamins, raising the prospect of global shortages.

  19. India’s Wine Country: A Charming Work in Progress Travel, March 2

    No one would mistake the Nashik region for California’s Napa Valley, but visitors are rewarded with winemaker-led tastings, 2,000-year-old cave carvings and a few bottles of delicious wine.

  20. In India, Modi’s Policies Have Lit a Fuse World, March 1

    Many Indians believed it was only a matter of time before Hindu nationalism provoked the kind of bloodshed that exploded in New Delhi.

  21. Indian Police Sweep Through Riot Zone, Making More Arrests World, February 28

    The New Delhi police have been widely criticized for standing by during some of the worst religious violence in years. Their investigations, too, have prompted accusations of anti-Muslim bias.