1. In India, a Name Is Rarely Just a Name Op Ed, Today

    Amid competing ideas of history, what Indians call their geography reflects a country’s desire to see itself.

  2. How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass Foreign, Today

    The two nuclear powers are fighting over a border, but their battle is really over the shape of Asia’s future.

  3. Building Collapses in India, Killing at Least 12 People Foreign, Yesterday

    Rescue workers searched for survivors after a five-story apartment building collapsed in Mumbai, burying residents under tons of rubble.

  4. The Tasmanian Hep C Buyers’ Club Op Ed, Yesterday

    An innovative Australian takes a cue from early AIDS fighters to distribute generic new drugs that treat another potential killer, hepatitis C.

  5. In Some Countries, Women Get Days Off for Period Pain Science, July 24

    In some countries, companies offer women paid time off for period pain. But some experts fear these policies reinforce dated stereotypes.

  6. Heng on the Threat to a Secular India Op Ed, July 23

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, intolerance that threatens the secularism crucial democracy in India has been unleashed.

  7. England Beats India for Women’s Cricket World Cup. The Sport Is the Big Winner. Sports, July 21

    This World Cup was a breakthrough tournament. After decades of second-class citizenship, the players got respect — and some decent money.

  8. India Picks Ram Nath Kovind, of Caste Once Called ‘Untouchables,’ as President Foreign, July 20

    Mr. Kovind was selected by the governing Bharatiya Janata Party, which wants to broaden Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s coalition.

  9. How to Dine Well — and Properly — in Another Country Travel, July 18

    Etiquette can vary by destination: use the correct utensils, eat at the right hour and research tipping practices.

  10. ‘Ants Among Elephants,’ a Memoir About the Persistence of Caste Culture, July 17

    Sujatha Gidla, who was born an untouchable in India but moved to the United States at 26, recounts how ancient prejudices persist today.

  11. In South Asian Social Castes, a Living Lab for Genetic Disease Science, July 17

    Millenniums of marriages within well-defined subgroups in South Asia have created many populations with higher risks of recessive disease, according to new research.

  12. India’s Turn Toward Intolerance Editorial, July 17

    Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindu extremists have turned deadly and are gaining political power.

  13. Bus Plunges Into Gorge in Kashmir, Killing at Least 17 Hindu Pilgrims Foreign, July 16

    The vehicle was heading to the Amarnath cave, where ice forms a column considered to be a symbol of the god Shiva.

  14. At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War Foreign, July 15

    A dispute between a maid and her employer led to a full-blown riot, an unusual boiling over of resentment between rich and poor in India.

  15. Firebrand Hindu Cleric Ascends India’s Political Ladder Foreign, July 12

    Yogi Adityanath, the hard-line new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, is seen as a potential contender to succeed Narendra Modi.

  16. Head of Militant Hindu Temple Ascends India’s Political Ladder Foreign, July 12

    Yogi Adityanath is the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, a post seen as a springboard for future prime ministers.

  17. India’s Supreme Court Suspends Ban on Sale of Cows for Slaughter Foreign, July 11

    The court said a ban intended to protect cows, which Hindus consider sacred, imposed hardships on the beef and leather industries, largely run by Muslims.

  18. India, U.S. and Japan Begin War Games, and China Hears a Message Foreign, July 10

    The Indian Navy also announced a plan to station warships to monitor movement through the Strait of Malacca, where many Chinese vessels enter from the South China Sea.

  19. Switch to Vegetarian Food on Air India Causes an Uproar Foreign, July 10

    The state-run airline said it was saving money by no longer serving meat in coach on domestic flights, but critics saw it as discrimination against non-Hindus.

  20. Mob Killings in India Over Cows Video, July 9

    Attacks by vigilante cow protectors are on the rise in India. The spike is driven in part by politics.

  21. M. F. Husain’s Modern India at the Art Institute of Chicago Arts & Leisure, July 5

    The Indian painter’s final works, eight triptychs depicting his country’s culture, are on view in the United States for the first time, in Chicago.

  22. Indian Premier, in Israel Visit, Seeks to Break Barriers in Trade and History Foreign, July 4

    Narendra Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel in the 25 years since the two countries established full diplomatic relations.

  23. Hackers Find ‘Ideal Testing Ground’ for Attacks: Developing Countries Business, July 2

    Often the best way to see if a cyberweapon works is to try it out in a country without the best digital defenses, as recent attacks have indicated.

  24. After Killing Currency, Modi Takes a Leap With India’s Biggest-Ever Tax Overhaul Foreign, June 30

    The new system will replace a welter of taxes from around the country that were seen as a major impediment to growth. But will it be any simpler?...

  25. India and the Visible Hand of the Market Op Ed, June 29

    Some warned that demonetization would hurt India’s economy. It did. But not quite as anticipated.

  26. Toll From Vigilante Mobs Rises, and India Begins to Recoil Foreign, June 29

    As thousands turned out for protests against rising violence toward Muslims and lower-caste Indians, many wondered: How did we get here?...

  27. Mystery of Motive for a Ransomware Attack: Money, Mayhem or a Message? Business, June 28

    The latest strike, which affected computers from Ukraine to the United States, has intensified worries that such events will become everyday dangers.

  28. With Modi in Washington, China and India ‘Jostle’ on Their Border Foreign, June 27

    China, seeing the U.S.-India relationship as the greatest threat to its effort to carve out a “Sinocentric Asia,” is sending a message, analysts say.

  29. Trump Meets India’s Leader, a Fellow Nationalist Battling China for His Favor Foreign, June 26

    The display of warmth between President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at least partly aimed at China, which has disappointed Mr. Trump in recent weeks.