1. 5 Tastes of Asia Interactive, Today

    Five photographers with deep connections to India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand share one of their region’s signature dishes.

  2. The New India: Expanding Influence Abroad, Straining Democracy at Home Foreign, September 25

    As India rises, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced little pushback as he weaponizes institutions to consolidate power and entrench his Hindu nationalist vision.

  3. In India, Debunking Fake News and Running Into the Authorities Business, September 22

    Alt News, an independent website, has emerged as a leading debunker of misinformation in the nation, but highlighting hate speech against minorities has put it on a collision course with the government.

  4. Your Monday Briefing: Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral N Y T Now, September 18

    Plus a powerful typhoon lashes Japan and cheetahs return to India.

  5. After 75 Years, Cheetahs Return to India in a Grand Experiment Foreign, September 17

    Scientists aim to determine whether a predator population can be restored in a place where it was hunted into extinction.

  6. As India Joins China in Distancing From Russia, Putin Warns of Escalation Foreign, September 16

    After India’s prime minister said that now is not the time for war, an increasingly isolated Mr. Putin threatened “more serious” actions in Ukraine while insisting he was ready for talks.

  7. Amid Russia’s growing international isolation, India’s leader tells Putin that today is no time for war. Foreign, September 16

    Mr. Modi was speaking on the s

  8. Now Visiting From India, an ‘Ancestor’ for Everyone Weekend, September 15

    A multi-headed mother figure by the sculptor Bharti Kher has arrived at Central Park. Its message is open to interpretation — and comfortable with contradiction.

  9. A Bollywood Favorite Is Remade for the Stage, Raising Eyebrows Weekend, September 13

    Some have taken issue with the reframing of the musical, which now focuses on the love story of an Indian American woman and a white American man.

  10. With Queen Gone, Former Colonies Find a Moment to Rethink Lasting Ties Foreign, September 11

    In Commonwealth nations with British colonial histories, Queen Elizabeth’s death is rekindling discussions about a more independent future.

  11. Harvest Moon Lights Up Skies and Marks Start of Festivals Worldwide Express, September 10

    The harvest moon, which will appear full for about three nights from Thursday night to Sunday morning, is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox.

  12. The queen’s death draws a more muted response in India, the largest of Britain’s former colonies. Foreign, September 9

    India declared a day of mourning, but the British colonial era evokes uncomfortable memories.

  13. 2 Years After Deadly Fistfights, India and China Pull Back From Border Foreign, September 9

    The two sides, after 16 rounds of talks, made an announcement a week before their leaders will meet in Uzbekistan.

  14. Cómo China ha aumentado su influencia sobre los iPhone en Español, September 9

    Apple quiere empezar a producir dispositivos en la India, pero el proceso de fabricación de su último teléfono, presentado el miércoles, muestra lo difícil que será el cambio.

  15. ‘The Bengali’ Review: A Woman Reconnecting to Her Roots Weekend, September 8

    In this travelogue-meets-mystery documentary, a granddaughter seeks out her grandfather’s past.

  16. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  17. From the U.S. to China, Major Economies Are Stalling. But Not India. Business, September 7

    The Indian government expects growth to exceed 7 percent this year, though that pace may be hard to sustain as the global economy continues to slow.

  18. Your Wednesday Briefing: South Korea Skirts a Typhoon N Y T Now, September 6

    Plus Russia and North Korea grow closer, and Apple prepares to introduce its newest iPhone.

  19. How China Has Added to Its Influence Over the iPhone Business, September 6

    Apple is taking small steps toward India. But the production of its latest phone, introduced on Wednesday, shows how difficult it will be to make big changes.

  20. Severe Floods Inundate India’s Silicon Valley Video, September 6

    Tech workers hitched rides on tractors to get to their offices and other residents struggled to evacuate after two days of torrential rain flooded streets in Bengaluru, India.

  21. India’s Electric Vehicle Push Is Riding on Mopeds and Rickshaws Business, September 4

    The country’s success with two- and three-wheeled vehicles that sell for as little as $1,000 could be a template for other developing countries.

  22. Step Right Up, Mr. Tough Guy, and Try Enduring Menstrual Cramps Foreign, September 2

    A campaign in India aims to end the shame and silence around monthly periods and to introduce better hygiene products.

  23. ‘Magic in Her Hands.’ The Woman Bringing India’s Forests Back to Life Foreign, September 2

    Tulsi Gowind Gowda has spent most of her more than 80 years planting and nurturing trees in southern India. “I like them more than anything else in my life,” she said.

  24. Tech Companies Slowly Shift Production Away From China Business, September 1

    Worried about geopolitical tensions and stung by pandemic shutdowns, Google, Apple and others are moving some work to nearby countries.

  25. World-Class Lessons on Zero-Waste Styles, August 31

    Designers from around the world find inspiration in traditional garment making in their quest to eliminate fabric waste.

  26. Sharp Drop in Childhood Vaccinations Threatens Millions of Lives Science, July 15

    Pandemic lockdowns, misinformation campaigns, conflicts, climate crises and other problems diverted resources and contributed to the largest backslide in routine immunization in 30 years.

  27. W.T.O. countries agree to a limited relaxing of patent protections on coronavirus vaccines. Business, June 17

    The agreement is a limited measure that is likely to have little impact on global vaccine supply.

  28. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  29. Your Monday Briefing: Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv N Y T Now, June 5

    Plus Hindus try to flee Kashmir and Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square.

  30. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  31. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel N Y T Now, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  32. The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health Foreign, May 17

    Over a million female health workers treat India’s most at-risk women and children, for little pay and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

  33. Your Monday Briefing: North Korea’s Growing Outbreak N Y T Now, May 15

    Plus India bans most wheat exports and South Korea amends surgery laws.

  34. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says Science, May 5

    Nearly 15 million more people died during the first two years of the pandemic than would have been expected during normal times, the organization found. The previous count of virus deaths, from countries’ reporting, was six million.