1. Modi’s Party Is Trounced in India’s ‘Semifinal’ Elections Foreign, Yesterday

    The governing party lost ground in several states, leaving many wondering if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in danger of losing in national voting next year.

  2. India’s Top Central Banker Quits as Government Seeks More Control Business, December 10

    Urjit Patel resigned on Monday after the Modi government sought to loosen loan restrictions and spend some of the central bank’s cash reserves.

  3. Vijay Mallya, India’s ‘King of Good Times,’ Should Be Extradited, U.K. Court Says Business, December 10

    Mr. Mallya, who turned a family brewing business into a sprawling conglomerate, fled to Britain in 2016, facing unpaid bills and accusations of fraud in his native country.

  4. A Food Reporter’s Newest Tool to Reach Across India: WhatsApp Insider, December 4

    I set out to write a story about how the free, Wi-Fi-based app was changing food culture in India. I discovered it would change my reporting, too.

  5. Twitter’s Caste Problem Op Ed, December 3

    Dalits and other Indian gender, religious, tribal and ethnic minorities are regularly harassed on Twitter by right-wing troll armies.

  6. John Chau Wanted to Change Life on North Sentinel Island. Was He Wrong? Op Ed, November 30

    The death of a young American missionary on a tropical island at the hands of an indigenous group has left us to wonder: Are they better off with us or without us?

  7. That Virus Alert on Your Computer? Scammers in India May Be Behind It Business, November 28

    The police outside New Delhi raided fake tech-support centers that sent false warnings to Americans and Canadians and then charged to “fix” the nonexistent infection.

  8. Militant Leader Known for Daring Escape Is Gunned Down in Kashmir Foreign, November 28

    Indian forces said they had killed Naveed Jatt, a charismatic fighter who escaped police custody and is accused of assassinating a newspaper editor.

  9. Meena Alexander, Poet Who Wrote of Dislocation, Dies at 67 Obits, November 26

    Born in India and later a resident of Africa, Europe and the United States, she explored themes of feminism, post-colonialism and the search for identity.

  10. The World Needs to Quit Coal. Why Is It So Hard? Climate, November 24

    Coal, the most polluting of energy sources, shows no sign of disappearing three years after the Paris agreement, when world leaders promised decisive action against global warming.

  11. WhatsApp Is Changing the Way India Talks About Food Dining, November 23

    The application, blamed for all kinds of mayhem on the subcontinent, has proved a boon for farmers, home cooks and chefs who once lacked a way to share.

  12. How WhatsApp Leads Mobs to Murder in India Interactive, November 23

    False rumors of child kidnappers have gone viral on WhatsApp in India, prompting fearful mobs to kill two dozen innocent people since April

  13. India and Australia Move to Tighten Bonds to Counter China’s Rise Foreign, November 23

    India’s president, Ram Nath Kovind, is in Sydney this week trying to build ties with Australia as the two countries seek to counter China’s growing clout.

  14. Sentinelese Tribe That Killed American Has a History of Guarding Its Isolation Foreign, November 22

    The tribe of Andaman islanders, one of the world’s most enigmatic groups, have had limited interaction with outsiders.

  15. Federal Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge Science, November 21

    In a Michigan case involving members of a small Muslim sect, the court found that only states, not federal prosecutors, could bring charges.

  16. Isolated Tribe Kills American With Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island Foreign, November 21

    John Allen Chau had ventured to North Sentinel in the Andaman Sea, where the local tribe has killed outsiders simply for setting foot on their shore.

  17. Another Season of Trouble in Sri Lanka Op Ed, November 19

    A renewed power play by Mahinda Rajapaksa, who ran the country for a decade, has reignited fears of majoritarianism and trouble for the minorities.

  18. In ‘Digital India,’ Government Hands Out Free Phones to Win Votes Business, November 18

    The leaders of one Indian state gave 2.9 million smartphones to residents, then used them to campaign for re-election. Others may copy the model.

  19. ‘Tell Everyone We Scalped You!’ How Caste Still Rules in India Foreign, November 17

    While India is undergoing tremendous change, caste discrimination is still a force. Those who rebel against are often met with unchecked brutality.

  20. Cups of Tea, Pashminas and Momos, Seeing India’s Himalayas on a Budget Travel, November 15

    In the Ladakh region of northern India, the town of Leh is known for its beauty and culture, and for the experience of buying a cashmere scarf.

  21. How a Bollywood Music Label Conquered YouTube Express, November 14

    In 2016, hundreds of millions of people in India got internet access. They helped make T-Series the most watched YouTube channel in the world.

  22. Overlooked No More: Pandita Ramabai, Indian Scholar, Feminist and Educator Obits, November 14

    Ramabai traveled around India in the 19th century to give lectures on women’s emancipation and established one of the country’s first women’s shelters and schools.