1. El príncipe de la jungla de Nueva Delhi en Español, December 12

    Durante cuarenta años, periodistas de todo el mundo cubrieron la historia de la excéntrica familia real de Oudh, unos aristócratas desplazados que vivían en un ruinoso palacio en la capital de India. Era un relato trágico y sorprendente. Pero ¿era verdad?

  2. 2 Dead in Protests Over India’s Religion-Based Citizenship Bill World, December 12

    Demonstrators defied troops and a curfew after the bill, which would make it easier for some non-Muslim migrants to become citizens, was approved in Parliament.

  3. Indian Parliament Passes Divisive Citizenship Bill, Moving It Closer to Law World, December 11

    The government says it is trying to protect religious minorities from being persecuted in Muslim countries. Indian Muslims say the bill is discriminatory, and protests are spreading.

  4. On Data Privacy, India Charts Its Own Path Technology, December 10

    A new law would give the country’s 1.3 billion people more power over data collected by companies but allow the government to exempt itself from the rules.

  5. India Steps Toward Making Naturalization Harder for Muslims World, December 9

    A bill establishing a religious test for immigrants has passed the lower house of Parliament, a major step for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist agenda.

  6. After Horrific Rape in India, Police Kill 4 Suspects World, December 6

    The police said the men linked to the Hyderabad case had gone for officers’ guns. Rights activists questioned the police’s account, while many Indians celebrated.

  7. Perspective: India’s Deepika Padukone on Why She Took Her Battle With Depression Public Opinion, December 3

    The Bollywood star was diagnosed with the illness in 2014. She is now committed to reducing the stigma against depression in her country.

  8. See How the World’s Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City’s Interactive, December 2

    From the Bay Area to New Delhi, explore air pollution around the world.

  9. NASA Finds India’s Vikram Moon Lander Crash Site, With Amateur’s Help Science, December 2

    Since India lost contact with the spacecraft in September, the precise location of its crash has been a mystery.

  10. La era de la desigualdad en Español, November 29

    Esta semana en nuestro boletín: América Latina sale a las calles, tiempos de alteraciones climáticas, lo último de Modern Love y una conversación con Evo Morales.

  11. Special Episode: The Jungle Prince Podcasts, November 27

    For decades, they lived in a crumbling palace in Delhi, claiming to be the royal heirs to the fallen kingdom of Oudh. Who were they?

  12. El futuro siniestro de India en Español, November 26

    El país sufre sequías cada vez más prolongadas y lluvias más extremas. El cambio climático y décadas de políticas gubernamentales erróneas están dejando expuestas a millones de personas, especialmente a los más pobres.

  13. India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far Too Much Interactive, November 25

    Decades of short-sighted government policies are leaving millions of Indians defenseless in the age of climate disruptions – especially the country’s poor.

  14. Pakistan Blames India for Its Air Pollution. Its Citizens Disagree. World, November 22

    Pakistan’s minister for climate change blames India for toxic smog. But residents of Lahore, one of the world’s most polluted cities, blame their country’s government.

  15. ‘My Loneliness Keeps Me Going’: Fighting for Equality in India World, November 22

    Vidhya Rajput, a transgender activist, has emerged as a leader in a gathering rights revolution in India. But she still has an “ache for love.”

  16. The Jungle Prince of Delhi World, November 22

    For 40 years, journalists chronicled the eccentric royal family of Oudh, deposed aristocrats who lived in a ruined palace in the Indian capital. It was a tragic, astonishing story. But was it true?

  17. U.S.-India Defense Ties Grow Closer as Shared Concerns in Asia Loom World, November 20

    The countries are wrapping up their most expansive joint military drills to date amid efforts to coordinate more ambitiously on challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

  18. Endangered Crafts and the Destinations Keeping Them Alive Travel, November 19

    Many indigenous crafts worldwide are in danger of becoming extinct, but in some places, efforts to rescue them are underway.

  19. India, Choking on Toxic Air, Tries Something New: An Oxygen Bar World, November 15

    As top officials remain silent, the country’s pollution levels remained hazardous this week, prompting a second closure of schools in the capital and a sometimes desperate search for clean air.

  20. Fatima Bhutto on the Surge of Bollywood, K-Pop and Turkish TV U.S., November 15

    A journalist explains how the biggest migration in human history is helping to fuel the erosion of American cultural dominance.