1. As Militants Kill in Kashmir, People Are Afraid to Go to Work World, October 15

    Separatists are waging violence against civilians in the Kashmir Valley, in a bid to bring the region to a halt.

  2. India Vows to Restore Mobile Service in Kashmir World, October 12

    The Indian authorities said many cellphones would begin working on Monday in the disputed region after two months of a communications blackout.

  3. Xi Jinping Comes to Nepal Bearing Investments, and India Is Watching World, October 12

    The Chinese leader’s visit is a further display of his ambitious aims — both economic and strategic — on India’s doorstep.

  4. Those Foreign Business Ties? The Trump Sons Have Plenty Too U.S., October 11

    The Trumps have criticized Hunter Biden for doing business overseas while his father was vice president. Last month, the Trumps won approval in Scotland to build 500 homes.

  5. The Many Faces of Gandhi Arts, October 10

    Two exhibitions look at how Gandhi’s image has been appropriated, even by forces completely antithetical to his message.

  6. Up for Auction: Snapshots of Jackie Kennedy in India and Pakistan Travel, October 10

    Photographs of the first lady and her sister, Lee Radziwill, are among the items up for sale next week at an auction at Christie’s.

  7. This Is an Indian House, According to One Architect T Magazine, October 9

    By turning his gaze backward, Bijoy Jain is creating a new architectural language that acknowledges his country’s precolonial past.

  8. In Kashmir, a Race Against Death, With No Way to Call a Doctor World, October 7

    Medical personnel in Kashmir say preventable deaths are happening because of blocked streets, medicine shortages, and a phone and internet blockade by India.

  9. Hard Times Have Pakistani Hindus Looking to India, Where Some Find Only Disappointment World, October 5

    As Prime Minister Narendra Modi recasts India as a Hindu nation, Pakistani Hindus are migrating there in greater numbers. But many find hardship once they arrive.

  10. Can the N.B.A. Find a Basketball Superstar in India? Magazine, October 3

    The league thinks India could be its next billion-dollar market. But first it needs to convince young Indians to fall in love with the game.

  11. Modi Is the Antithesis of Gandhi Opinion, October 2

    A reader says the Indian prime minister’s Op-Ed tribute to the Mahatma is a “travesty.” Also: The death penalty and the Supreme Court; ending endless war; a better work-life balance.

  12. The U.N. Can’t Ignore Kashmir Anymore Opinion, October 2

    As India cracks down on a long-disputed region, two nuclear powers face off.

  13. Why India and the World Need Gandhi Opinion, October 2

    The great leader envisioned a world where every citizen has dignity and prosperity.

  14. India Isn’t Letting a Single Onion Leave the Country World, October 1

    India’s government bans the export of onions in order to lower rising domestic prices, causing great pain to neighboring countries.

  15. Ford Will Put Most of India Operations Into Mahindra Venture Business, October 1

    The move is the latest streamlining effort by the Detroit automaker, which has closed plants in Europe and is cutting its salaried ranks worldwide.

  16. How to Avoid Being Fleeced When Using a Credit Card Overseas Travel, October 1

    Merchants frequently try to confuse and bulldoze foreign travelers into paying a stiff markup on credit card charges. But you can fight back.

  17. Imran Khan Warns of Kashmir ‘Blood Bath’ in Emotional U.N. Speech World, September 27

    The Prime Minister castigated India’s Kashmir crackdown. Narendra Modi, his Indian counterpart, ignored Kashmir in his speech.

  18. Pakistan Leader Will Urge U.N. Intervention in Kashmir World, September 25

    Prime Minister Imran Khan denounced India’s military clampdown in Muslim-majority Kashmir, attributing it to a “racist, fascist, Hindu supremacist mind-set.”

  19. Don’t Mess With Modi in Texas Opinion, September 22

    Trump joins Modi as the Indian prime minister defends the takeover of Kashmir and casts scorn on Pakistan.

  20. From Underwear to Cars, India’s Economy Is Fraying Business, September 21

    The country once had the world’s fastest-growing economy, but it has been battered by global and domestic forces. India’s troubles are a warning sign for other developing countries.

  21. With India, Trump Practices the Art of the Mini-Deal U.S., September 20

    The administration’s prospective deal with India could be a boon to some farmers and businesses, but it is much smaller than a traditional trade pact.

  22. India’s Chandrayaan-2 Marks 60 Years of Moon Crashes and Hard Landings Interactive, September 20

    The solar system is littered with the remains of crushed spacecraft.

  23. As Narendra Modi Heads to U.S., Controversy Follows Him World, September 20

    Activists urged the Gates Foundation not to recognize India’s prime minister with a prestigious award. They accuse him of leading India into “deadly chaos.”

  24. India Plans to Ban E-Cigarettes, as Global Backlash Intensifies World, September 19

    Juul and other manufacturers had hoped to expand to the country, which has one of the highest rates of tobacco use in the world.

  25. In Pakistan-Held Kashmir, Growing Calls for Independence World, September 19

    An emboldened independence movement in Pakistan-held Kashmir has the government on edge, emerging as the state tries to rein in anti-India militants.

  26. Trump Races for Trade Deals With Japan and India as China Fight Persists U.S., September 17

    President Trump wants to secure “minideals” with Japan and India to notch victories on a signature issue as he heads into his re-election campaign.