1. With Big State Victories, Modi Expands His Dominance in India World, December 3

    Results of voting for the governments of four Indian states showed gains for Mr. Modi’s ruling party, putting him in a strong position ahead of general elections in the spring.

  2. How a Suspected Indian Murder-for-Hire Plot on U.S. Soil Was Foiled Metro, December 2

    After a murder in Canada, a sting operation, prompted by an explosive tip through an unexpected channel, rushed to prevent another killing.

  3. Alleged Plot to Kill Sikh Separatist Highlights Thorn in India’s Side Foreign, December 1

    The charges are rooted in a decades-old dispute over the demand by some Sikhs for a sovereign state known as Khalistan carved out of northern India.

  4. Alleged Assassination Plot on U.S. Soil Tests Biden’s Bond With India’s Leader Washington, December 1

    The charges illustrate how complicated it can be for American presidents to balance their relationships with deeply imperfect allies.

  5. A Timeline of Plots Against Sikh Activists, According to Canada and the U.S. World, November 30

    Officials in the United States and Canada have described two assassination attempts: the killing of a Sikh leader in British Columbia and a plan to murder an activist in New York.

  6. Alleged Plot in New York Bolsters Canada’s Accusations Against India World, November 30

    An indictment in a plot against a Sikh separatist in the United States provides details in a killing that has strained relations between Canada and India.

  7. An Alleged Plot’s Burning Question: Why Would India Take the Risk? Foreign, November 30

    After an indictment accuses an Indian official of ordering an assassination on U.S. soil, diplomats and experts debate how far up the chain the scheme went.

  8. 5 Takeaways From U.S. Charges of Failed Plot to Kill Sikh Activist Metro, November 30

    The scheme described by federal prosecutors could upset a key element of President Biden’s foreign policy agenda: bolstering ties with India.

  9. The U.S. Charged an Indian Man in a Plot to Kill a Sikh Activist N Y T Now, November 29

    Also, negotiators race to extend the Gaza truce. Here’s the latest at the end of Wednesday.

  10. Thursday Briefing: A Race to Extend the Gaza Truce N Y T Now, November 29

    Plus the U.S. charges an Indian man in an assassination plot.

  11. U.S. Says Indian Official Directed Assassination Plot in New York Metro, November 29

    A Manhattan indictment says the agent orchestrated an unsuccessful plot against a Sikh separatist, a plan linked to a killing in Canada.

  12. India Ignored Repeated Warnings Before Tunnel Trapped 41 Men Foreign, November 29

    Environmentalists argued that a road project was destabilizing the fragile Himalayan landscape. The government maneuvered to continue it.

  13. Rescuers Free 41 Workers Trapped in a Collapsed Indian Tunnel Video, November 28

    The workers were trapped for more than two weeks after a landslide caused part of the tunnel they were building to collapse.

  14. Tuesday Briefing: A Deal to Extend the Gaza Truce N Y T Now, November 27

    Plus Indonesia’s female forest rangers.

  15. Chapter 6: Struggle and Hope Foreign, November 25

    Arti passed every test for her government job but still faced disappointment and a new set of challenges.

  16. Friday Briefing: Gaza Cease-Fire to Begin Today N Y T Now, November 23

    Plus a surge in respiratory illnesses in China.

  17. India Faces Questions About Another Reported Foreign Assassination Plot Foreign, November 23

    The U.S., while not publicly accusing New Delhi of trying to orchestrate a killing on American soil, said it had expressed concern to Indian officials.

  18. Putin Bristles as Other Leaders Criticize Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine Foreign, November 22

    For Mr. Putin, it was a rare interaction with Western leaders since the start of the war last year. It was also the first time he had to listen to direct public criticism at an international event.

  19. At BRICS Summit, Countries Diverge Slightly on Israel and War in Gaza Foreign, November 21

    They called for the release of all civilians who are being illegally held captive, as well as a humanitarian truce that would lead to a cessation of hostilities.

  20. A Major Economic Challenge N Y T Now, November 20

    India has one of the world’s lowest rates of formal employment for women.

  21. A Big Year for India on the Global Stage Ends in Cricket Heartbreak Foreign, November 20

    A dominant World Cup run closes with a loss to Australia in the final, a symbol of how far India has come and how far it still has to go.

  22. Chapter 5: An Unlikely Escape Route Foreign, November 18

    Here was the paradox of being a woman in modern India. Sometimes a path from the oppression of patriarchy was marriage to a man willing to help challenge that system.

  23. Ukraine. Israel. Can America Support Two Wars and Still Handle China? Foreign, November 9

    To U.S. allies in Asia, the sudden focus on Gaza risks progress on America’s long-delayed pivot to the Indo-Pacific region.

  24. El Niño es un fenómeno predecible. Podemos prepararnos mejor En español, November 9

    El hecho de que tantos niños resulten afectados por un fenómeno climático predecible sugiere que sus amenazas no se están abordando de manera adecuada.

  25. Elizabeth Moynihan, Engine of the Senator’s Success, Dies at 94 Obits, November 8

    She not only had an outsize role in New York and Washington politics as the wife of Daniel Patrick Moynihan; she also made a significant archaeological discovery in India.

  26. A Visa Backlog Abroad Is Taking a Toll Inside the U.S., Too Travel, April 13

    The pileup has left visitors from places like Brazil, Colombia, India and Mexico waiting months, even a year or more, to visit family or do business in America.

  27. Your Thursday Briefing: Covid Origins Hearing Opens in the U.S. N Y T Now, March 8

    Also, protests in Georgia and armed villagers in Kashmir.

  28. Your Thursday Briefing: 1.5 Million Covid Deaths in China? N Y T Now, February 15

    Also, Scotland’s leader resigns and Air India orders a record 470 planes.

  29. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  30. Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting N Y T Now, January 22

    Also, New Zealand’s next leader and a Lunar New Year travel surge in China.

  31. Russia’s War Could Make It India’s World Foreign, December 31

    The invasion of Ukraine, compounding the effects of the pandemic, has contributed to the ascent of a giant that defies easy alignment. It could be the decisive force in a changing global system.

  32. Your Tuesday Briefing: China’s Space Push N Y T Now, December 12

    Plus China’s vaccination pivot and the year’s most stylish “people.”

  33. Your Monday Briefing: The Social Cost of ‘Zero Covid’ National, December 4

    Plus, Iran abolishes the morality police and Russia vows to defy an oil price cap.

  34. What Happens When a Cascade of Crises Collide? Op Ed, November 13

    Humanity faces a complex knot of seemingly distinct but entangled crises that are causing damage greater than the sum of their individual harms.

  35. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  36. Sharp Drop in Childhood Vaccinations Threatens Millions of Lives Science, July 15

    Pandemic lockdowns, misinformation campaigns, conflicts, climate crises and other problems diverted resources and contributed to the largest backslide in routine immunization in 30 years.

  37. W.T.O. countries agree to a limited relaxing of patent protections on coronavirus vaccines. Business, June 17

    The agreement is a limited measure that is likely to have little impact on global vaccine supply.

  38. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  39. Your Monday Briefing: Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv N Y T Now, June 5

    Plus Hindus try to flee Kashmir and Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square.

  40. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  41. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel N Y T Now, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  42. The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health Foreign, May 17

    Over a million female health workers treat India’s most at-risk women and children, for little pay and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

  43. Your Monday Briefing: North Korea’s Growing Outbreak N Y T Now, May 15

    Plus India bans most wheat exports and South Korea amends surgery laws.

  44. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says Science, May 5

    Nearly 15 million more people died during the first two years of the pandemic than would have been expected during normal times, the organization found. The previous count of virus deaths, from countries’ reporting, was six million.