1. A Happy Marriage Between God and Budget Deficits Opinion, Today

    What keeps Saudi Arabia and Pakistan together.

  2. Murders of Religious Minorities in India Go Unpunished, Report Finds World, Yesterday

    Human Rights Watch said the police have stalled investigations into some vigilante-style murders of Muslims and lower-caste Indians.

  3. Kashmir Militants Kill Again as Trouble Grows Between India and Pakistan World, Yesterday

    An army major was among the dead during raids by Indian forces in the wake of a huge truck bombing that killed dozens of soldiers last week.

  4. ‘The Pirate Days Are Over’: Goa’s Nude Hippies Give Way to India’s Yuppies World, February 17

    As newly middle-class Indians flock to Goa’s beaches, residents of the former countercultural enclave worry its laid-back, tolerant vibe will be disrupted by the visitors’ more conservative mores.

  5. India, Blaming Pakistan for Attack in Kashmir, Promises a Response World, February 15

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there would be “a befitting reply” to the suicide bombing, which killed 40 Indian soldiers. Pakistan has denied involvement.

  6. India Blames Pakistan for Attack in Kashmir, Promising a Response World, February 15

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi vows “a befitting reply” to the suicide bombing, which killed dozens of Indian soldiers. Pakistan has denied involvement.

  7. India Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Censorship Technology, February 14

    The Modi government’s plan, which would require tech companies to automatically block a vast array of content, stifles free speech, critics said.

  8. Toxic Homemade Alcohol Kills Scores in India World, February 11

    Many people blamed police officers for taking bribes from bootleggers to look the other way while dangerous illegal brews were sold openly along roads.

  9. A Very American Mango Pie, Inspired by Indian Aunties Magazine, February 6

    Think Cool Whip and a Keebler crust. (Then make them from scratch.)

  10. Made for Next to Nothing. Worn by You? Fashion, February 6

    A new report shows the depth of the fashion industry’s exploitation of female home workers in India.

  11. Rising Temperatures Could Melt Most Himalayan Glaciers by 2100 World, February 4

    If current climate change trends continue, the Himalayas could heat up by 8 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century, researchers said.

  12. A Personal Fight for the Dignity of L.G.B.T. People in India Books, February 4

    In “An Indefinite Sentence,” Siddharth Dube recounts his personal struggle to destigmatize homosexuality and AIDS in his home country.

  13. India Protests U.S. Detention of Students in Fake-University Sting World, February 3

    New Delhi said several Indian students had been unwittingly caught up in an operation intended to expose visa fraud.

  14. Casting Their Votes by Voting Their Caste Opinion, February 2

    In rural India, old class divisions still rule local politics. Will this spell trouble for Narendra Modi?

  15. With India’s Election Looking Close, Modi Packs Budget With Handouts World, February 1

    A pension plan for rickshaw pullers. Tax breaks for the middle class. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wooing voters whose support has started to look less certain.

  16. India Can Hide Unemployment Data, but Not the Truth Opinion, February 1

    The jobs situation may be even worse than was suspected.

  17. India’s Leader Is Accused of Hiding Unemployment Data Before Vote World, January 31

    The leaked report undercut a tenet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s job-creation vows, and came out just months before the next election.

  18. Amazon Users in India Will Get Less Choice and Pay More Under New Selling Rules Technology, January 30

    Under pressure from small merchants, the Indian government is prohibiting Amazon and Walmart from selling products on their own sites.

  19. A Murky Arms Deal Haunts Modi Opinion, January 30

    India’s prime minister faces charges of bypassing procedures, causing loss in public funds, compromising national security and using the arms deal to offer a lucrative contract to an ally.

  20. A New Home for Extreme Poverty: Middle-Income Countries Opinion, January 28

    Aid doesn’t reach the majority of the poor.

  21. In India, Gandhi’s Halo Glows Less Brightly for Hindu Right and Lower Castes World, January 26

    While Gandhi’s global influence is still enormous, in contemporary India he is no longer so awe-inspiring and his legacy is subject to criticism from across the political spectrum.

  22. Taj Mahal Guards Take Up Slingshots Against Monkey Menace World, January 25

    Aggressive gangs of monkeys that threaten tourists in Agra, India, are facing a gentle crackdown.