1. India’s married archers: ‘We are a powerful couple.’ Sports, July 31

    Known as Dee-Das in India, Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das are one of two pairs of married archers at the Tokyo Olympics.

  2. Up, down, sideways: Around the world, the pandemic defies easy description. Foreign, July 28

    The virus has created a patchwork of contradictory trends, surging in some countries and ebbing in others, depending on variants, vaccination, restrictions and compliance.

  3. India Border Clash Leaves at Least 5 Dead Foreign, July 27

    Two Indian states have been arguing since the 1980s over where exactly the line falls on a 193-square-mile strip of land dividing them. On Monday, guns and hand grenades came out.

  4. Why Are India and the U.S. Sparring Over a $110 Million Mumbai Mansion? Foreign, July 27

    For years, the Indian government has blocked the sale of a former U.S. consulate to a family of vaccine tycoons, but it’s not clear why. The Americans are getting annoyed.

  5. Landslide Kills 9 in Northern India and Destroys Bridge Foreign, July 25

    Dramatic video showed boulders rolling down into a valley in Himachal Pradesh state in the Himalayas.

  6. Lo admito: adoro los peluches en Español, July 25

    Cuando la segunda ola de coronavirus asolaba India, mi pareja y yo encontramos consuelo y orgullo en nuestros muñecos de felpa.

  7. The Promise and Tragedy of a Utopian Community, as Seen by One of Its Own Book Review, July 22

    “Better to Have Gone,” by Akash Kapur, recounts the haunting, heartbreaking history of Auroville, an intentional community in southern India where he and his wife were raised.

  8. Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, July 20

    India’s Covid deaths could be in the millions.

  9. India’s true pandemic death toll is likely to be well over 3 million, a new study finds. Foreign, July 20

    A comprehensive effort to estimate excess deaths in the country during the pandemic produced figures 10 times the government’s official coronavirus toll.

  10. She Said She Married for Love. Her Parents Called It Coercion. Foreign, July 20

    After a woman, who was born a Sikh, married a Muslim man, her parents accused him of kidnapping. Now, new laws across India are seeking to ban all interfaith marriages.

  11. Are You in an Interfaith Relationship in India? Foreign, July 20

    Religious diversity has defined India for centuries, but interfaith unions remain rare. The Times wants to know the social and political forces at work to separate or support those relationships.

  12. Portraits of Kolkata’s Rickshaw Pullers Travel, July 19

    The dense metropolis is among the only places in India — and one of the few left in the world — where fleets of hand-pulled rickshaws still ply the streets.

  13. Coronavirus Cases Surge Across Indonesia Video, July 14

    Indonesia reported more than 54,500 new virus cases on Wednesday, its third record daily rise in a row as oxygen is in short supply.

  14. The caseload in Indonesia has been skyrocketing, setting daily records. Foreign, July 14

    Hospitals in the country are overflowing and residents have scrambled to buy medical oxygen to treat family members at home.

  15. Scattered Among the Himalaya, Glimpses of a Changing Tibet Travel, July 12

    An array of forces, including political suppression and the ubiquity of the internet, have made elements of traditional Tibetan lifestyles increasingly challenging.

  16. One Village Quelled the Virus. The Next Was Overrun. It’s a Bad Sign for India. Foreign, July 11

    The uneven response to India’s catastrophic second wave, coupled with widespread vaccine hesitancy, indicates that the coronavirus is here to stay.

  17. ‘Mother, When Will You Come?’: The Covid Orphans of India Foreign, July 10

    Thousands of children lost their parents during a calamitous wave of infections. While the government is vowing to help them, many face the risk of neglect and exploitation when the attention fades.

  18. Stream Three Great Performances by the Bollywood Star Dilip Kumar Culture, July 9

    As a leading man, Kumar, who died on Wednesday at 98, helped to craft the cinematic image of post-independence India.

  19. Across Borders and Divides, One ‘Heavenly’ Refresher Cools Summer Heat Business, July 7

    India, Pakistan and Bangladesh alike enjoy the sweet and herbal taste of Rooh Afza, a beverage that has endured the region’s turbulent history. Now it is aiming for the palates of a new generation.

  20. Dilip Kumar, Film Star Who Brought Realism to Bollywood, Dies at 98 Obits, July 6

    One of India’s earliest Method actors, he was the last survivor of a triumvirate of actors who ruled Hindi cinema in the 1950s and ’60s.

  21. ‘Don’t Sacrifice Your Life to Visit the Taj Mahal’: India Reopens but Fear Pervades World, July 6

    As India emerges from a traumatic spring, its most famous monument is open again. But worries that another wave of infections may be looming have cast a pall over lives that feel stuck in limbo.

  22. The Rise of Delta The Daily, July 6

    What we know about a coronavirus variant that is quickly becoming the most dominant and dangerous.

  23. A Jailed Priest’s Death in India Stirs Outrage Foreign, July 5

    The Rev. Stan Swamy was among more than a dozen activists jailed under a broad antiterrorism law that critics say is used to stifle dissent.

  24. ‘Everyone Here Is Alone’ Interactive, June 4

    How fear, neglect and Covid-19 tore apart a single New Delhi neighborhood.

  25. Just How Big Could India’s True Covid Toll Be? Interactive, May 25

    The country’s official figures grossly understate the pandemic’s true effects. Our estimates, informed by more than a dozen experts’ research, range from very bad to catastrophic.

  26. América del Sur e India impulsan los contagios de la COVID-19 en el mundo Interactive, May 5

    Debido a los aumentos repentinos en esas regiones, y en Europa del Este, el número promedio de nuevos casos diarios ha superado los 800.000 durante más de una semana.

  27. Global Virus Cases Reach New Peak, Driven by India and South America Interactive, May 1

    Led by surges in the two hotspots and Eastern Europe, the average number of new daily cases has exceeded 800,000 for more than a week.

  28. One Son’s 48-Hour Fight to Save His Parents Interactive, April 30

    After his parents fell seriously ill with Covid-19, Ajay Koli went on a desperate hunt for oxygen and medical care.

  29. The U.S. Has a New Climate Goal. How Does It Stack Up Globally? Interactive, April 22

    President Biden’s new pledge to cut emissions at least 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 is one of the more aggressive near-term targets among advanced economies.

  30. What a Tiny Masterpiece Reveals About Power and Beauty Interactive, April 2

    Crosscurrents of religion and culture shaped this stunningly detailed portrait of the 17th-century Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal.

  31. How Much Do You Know About India? Interactive, September 14

    Can you find India on a map? What else do you know about this South Asian nation with about 1.3 billion people?

  32. Live Cyclone Amphan Map: Tracking the Storm’s Path Interactive, May 19

    On Wednesday, the storm made landfall on India’s eastern coast with wind speeds between 100 and 115 miles per hour.

  33. India Coronavirus Map and Case Count Interactive, April 22

    A detailed map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with charts and tables of the number of cases and deaths.