1. As Donald Trump Jr. Drums Up Business in India, Some Ask What’s Being Sold Foreign, Yesterday

    The president’s son is in India on behalf of the family business, but word that he planned a speech on foreign policy took the controversy to a new level.

  2. President or Luxury Towers: Either Way, Trump Is the Rage in India Foreign, February 17

    President Trump’s eldest son is headed to India on a sales trip for the family’s real estate business. Indians are star-struck by a family both rich and famous.

  3. The Peculiar Position of India’s Third Gender Styles, February 17

    Hijras occupy a special place in Hinduism. But their relationship to modern Mumbai, where transgender people are legally recognized, remains fraught.

  4. Coffee Beans Are Good for Birds, Fancy Brew or Not Science, February 16

    A study of India’s Western Ghats region found that growing coffee doesn’t interfere with biodiversity, regardless of which bean the farmer chooses.

  5. At a Yoga Retreat in India: Beach Walks, Body Treatments and Healing Travel, February 16

    Guests have many reasons for spending a week of yoga and meditation in Gokarna, but reflection and rejuvenation are priorities.

  6. Maldives Crisis Could Stir Trouble Between China and India Foreign, February 14

    Opposition leaders want India to intervene against the nation’s president, who declared a state of emergency this month, and who is seen as an ally of China.

  7. $1.8 Billion in India Bank Fraud Raises Fears of Ripple Effects Business, February 14

    The scandal at Punjab National Bank, a state-controlled lender, risks drying up the loans small and medium-size businesses need to power the country’s growth.

  8. Speeding Train Plows Into Elephants in India, Killing 5 Animals Foreign, February 12

    The authorities say the train driver was going too fast and ignored villagers who were waving flashlights to urge him to slow down.

  9. Rising Hummus Prices? Blame a Drought Half a World Away Business, February 8

    Poor crops of chickpeas in India have made the dish more expensive in British supermarkets, the latest example of extreme weather affecting global food prices.

  10. An Elegy to India’s Vanishing Cinemas Photo, February 7

    Nandita Raman spent three years photographing the decline of India’s single-screen movie houses for her series “Cinema Play House.”

  11. Fake Doctor in India Suspected of Infecting Dozens With H.I.V. Foreign, February 6

    He is thought to have reused the same dirty needle on dozens of poor patients, telling them an injection would make them feel better.

  12. After Religious Clash in India, Rumors Create a False ‘Martyr’ Foreign, February 5

    Rahul Upadhyay, 24, took to social media to declare, “I have not even received a scratch.”

  13. India Wants to Give Half a Billion People Free Health Care Business, February 1

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to address rising demands for greater economic and social protections before national elections next year.

  14. The Lonely Mission of India’s Sole Luger Interactive, February 1

    For more than two decades, he has zipped downhill faster than any other Asian competing in his sport. Will the 2018 Olympics bring his country glory?

  15. ‘Padmaavat’ and All That Useless Beauty Culture, January 26

    It inspired protests and threats of violence in India, but “Padmaavat” is something of a bore: a 3-D epic with the depth of a children’s pop-up book.

  16. A Film Has Inflamed Indians. But Moviegoers Mostly Say It’s Fine. Foreign, January 25

    “Padmaavat,” a lavish new movie about a Hindu queen, had stirred up violent protests. After months of tension, the movie premiered on Thursday.

  17. India Braces for Opening of Film That Has Hindu Extremists Enraged Foreign, January 24

    Women threatened suicide. A politician offered a reward for beheading the director. The police were out in force for Thursday’s release of “Padmaavat.”