1. In India, Facebook Grapples With an Amplified Version of Its Problems Technology, Yesterday

    Internal documents show a struggle with misinformation, hate speech and celebrations of violence in the country, the company’s biggest market.

  2. ‘Completely Lost’: For Some Afghans, Returning Home Is as Difficult as Fleeing World, Yesterday

    Thousands of Afghans who were in India for medical treatment when the country collapsed are now desperate to return, but have no money and no clear route home.

  3. For India and Pakistan, Cricket Is Never Just a Game World, Yesterday

    It’s one of the greatest rivalries in sports, when war off the field allows it — a contest of national identities that will be renewed this Sunday in a World Cup match.

  4. Violence Strikes, and India’s Farmers Want You to See It World, October 22

    A year on, protesters against the country’s agricultural laws are taking an increasingly confrontational approach with the country’s leaders.

  5. Travel in Asia has yet to rebound as tourists navigate a patchwork of policies. World, October 21

  6. India’s vaccine campaign hits a billion doses, and other news from around the world. World, October 21

    More than 70 percent of India’s adult population has now received at least one dose of a vaccine. Bulgaria, with the E.U.’s lowest vaccination rate, faces a case surge.

  7. Dozens Drown in India and Nepal as Monsoon Season Fails to End World, October 20

    The death toll continued to rise on Wednesday as landslides and flooding damaged homes and stranded thousands of people.

  8. Amid Flames and Gunfire, They Were Evicted From Where They Called Home World, October 17

    Critics say an Indian state’s campaign to expel longtime residents on government land marks the ruling party’s latest campaign against Muslims.

  9. Will New Covid Treatments Be as Elusive for Poor Countries as Vaccines? Health, October 17

    Merck has taken a step to make its antiviral pill available in poor nations, but many obstacles remain for broad access to coronavirus drugs.

  10. Bangladesh Strengthens Security as Violence Targets Hindu Festival World, October 15

    Paramilitary forces were deployed across much of the country after the worst communal violence in years targeted dozens of Hindu gatherings.

  11. Recognition, at Last, After Decades Decolonizing Art Arts, October 15

    Sutapa Biswas is the subject of two major exhibitions in Britain that explore the country’s imperial legacy.

  12. ‘Are We Human?’ Modi’s Use of Antiterror Law Draws Scrutiny From Courts World, October 12

    India’s government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has jailed thousands of people through a statute that critics say is aimed at silencing dissent.

  13. Your Monday Briefing Briefing, October 10

    Singapore’s pandemic caution.

  14. Antiquities Dealer Pleads Guilty for Role in Sale of Looted Items Arts, October 5

    The dealer, Nancy Wiener, acknowledged in court that she used fake provenances to cover for the murky histories of some items she sold.

  15. Covid payments ordered by India’s Supreme Court could total hundreds of millions of dollars. World, October 5

    The court said the country’s disaster management agency must pay about $671 each to families whose relatives died of Covid. India’s official death toll is about 450,000, but experts believe the true figure is far higher.

  16. Kamla Bhasin, a First-Wave South Asian Feminist, Dies at 75 World, October 4

    An activist, poet and author, she spent most of her adult life fighting injustice and patriarchy and building bonds of solidarity with women across borders.

  17. The Rug Designer Inspired by the Colors and Craft Traditions of India T Magazine, October 4

    Following one of many trips to her parents’ homeland, Arati Rao launched Tantuvi, which combines vibrant, abstract shapes with centuries-old weaving techniques.

  18. A Dispatch From an Endangered Bird’s ‘Garden of Eden’ Travel, October 4

    Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of a tiny volcanic island in the northern Andaman Sea, the only home of the little-known Narcondam hornbill.

  19. Eight Killed as Tensions Around India’s Farm Protests Worsen World, October 4

    The police are investigating whether the son of one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ministers was in a vehicle that slammed into protesters.

  20. They Helped Build Modern India but Are Shrinking as a People World, October 3

    Parsis have supported many of the country’s institutions and nurtured business and the arts. But their numbers have dwindled at an alarming pace.

  21. Nearly 40 Million People Are Still Enslaved Worldwide U.S., October 2

    In India, rock quarry miners fought landowners who had held their families in bondage for generations.

  22. We’re Living Through One of the Most Explosive Extinction Episodes Ever Opinion, September 30

    The growing damage to the world’s biodiversity presents dire risks to human societies.

  23. Biden, You Should Be Aware That Your Submarine Deal Has Costs Opinion, September 30

    As experts hail the AUKUS agreement, the Biden administration should ensure it does not reflect a self-defeating concept of great power competition.

  24. ‘Everyone Here Is Alone’ Interactive, June 4

    How fear, neglect and Covid-19 tore apart a single New Delhi neighborhood.

  25. Just How Big Could India’s True Covid Toll Be? Interactive, May 25

    The country’s official figures grossly understate the pandemic’s true effects. Our estimates, informed by more than a dozen experts’ research, range from very bad to catastrophic.

  26. América del Sur e India impulsan los contagios de la COVID-19 en el mundo Interactive, May 5

    Debido a los aumentos repentinos en esas regiones, y en Europa del Este, el número promedio de nuevos casos diarios ha superado los 800.000 durante más de una semana.

  27. Global Virus Cases Reach New Peak, Driven by India and South America Interactive, May 1

    Led by surges in the two hotspots and Eastern Europe, the average number of new daily cases has exceeded 800,000 for more than a week.

  28. One Son’s 48-Hour Fight to Save His Parents Interactive, April 30

    After his parents fell seriously ill with Covid-19, Ajay Koli went on a desperate hunt for oxygen and medical care.

  29. The U.S. Has a New Climate Goal. How Does It Stack Up Globally? Interactive, April 22

    President Biden’s new pledge to cut emissions at least 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 is one of the more aggressive near-term targets among advanced economies.

  30. What a Tiny Masterpiece Reveals About Power and Beauty Interactive, April 2

    Crosscurrents of religion and culture shaped this stunningly detailed portrait of the 17th-century Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal.

  31. How Much Do You Know About India? Interactive, September 14

    Can you find India on a map? What else do you know about this South Asian nation with about 1.3 billion people?

  32. Live Cyclone Amphan Map: Tracking the Storm’s Path Interactive, May 19

    On Wednesday, the storm made landfall on India’s eastern coast with wind speeds between 100 and 115 miles per hour.

  33. India Coronavirus Map and Case Count Interactive, April 22

    A detailed map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with charts and tables of the number of cases and deaths.

  34. U.K. Scholars Back Cambridge Researcher’s Efforts to Avoid Deportation Foreign, November 11

    More than 1,000 academics have signed an open letter in support of Asiya Islam, a research fellow who has lived legally in Britain for a decade.

  35. In India, a Renewed Fight Against Leprosy Science, April 17

    Health workers thought they had vanquished the disease in 2005. But it lived on, cloaked in stigma and medical mystery.

  36. India Fights Diabetic Blindness With Help From A.I. Business, March 10

    A partnership with Google is part of a global effort to build and deploy systems that can detect signs of illness and disease in medical scans.

  37. This Is Where a Nuclear Exchange Is Most Likely. (It’s Not North Korea.) Editorial, March 7

    Tensions have cooled between India and Pakistan after a terrorist attack, but their nuclear arsenals mean unthinkable consequences are always possible.

  38. At the World’s Largest Religious Gathering, Nirvana and ‘Glamping’ Foreign, February 25

    This year’s Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage, was the biggest and most expensive ever. But some holy men said the difference from prior years was not a positive one. “I give it a zero,” said one.