1. Gautam Adani’s Rise Was Intertwined With India’s. Now It’s Unraveling. Business, February 4

    The tycoon often said the Adani Group’s goals were in lock step with India’s needs. Now, the company’s fortunes are crashing, a collapse whose pain will be felt across the country.

  2. Your Friday Briefing: The U.S. Military Expands in the Philippines N Y T Now, February 2

    Also, Vladimir Putin evokes Stalingrad and a contested film is a box-office hit in India.

  3. Adani, Embattled Indian Company, Scraps $2.5 Billion Share Sale Business, February 1

    The cancellation of the offering is a blow to the company and its billionaire owner, Gautam Adani.

  4. India’s Right Wing Tried to Scuttle a Film. Fans Helped It Break Records. Foreign, February 1

    “Pathaan” demonstrated the crosscutting appeal of the Bollywood titan Shah Rukh Khan, who re-emerged on the big screen after a difficult personal period.

  5. Este magnate perdió 36.000 millones de dólares en unos días. ¿Quién es y qué pasó? en Español, February 1

    El multimillonario indio Gautam Adan enfrenta un gran reto: una pequeña empresa estadounidense acusa a su conglomerado de fraude y manipulación bursátil.

  6. U.S. Courts India as Technology Partner to Counter China Business, January 31

    American and Indian officials are working toward new partnerships in defense technology, advanced telecom and semiconductors.

  7. Embattled Indian Business Empire Raises $2.5 Billion in Tricky Share Offering Business, January 31

    Gautam Adani’s conglomerate managed to raise fresh funds despite market turmoil looming over the move.

  8. This Mogul Lost $36 Billion in Days. Who Is He, and What Happened? Business, January 31

    Gautam Adani is facing perhaps his biggest challenge yet as a small U.S. investment firm accuses his Indian conglomerate of fraud and stock manipulation.

  9. Your Tuesday Briefing: A Bombing in Pakistan N Y T Now, January 30

    Also, Israel attacks Iran and the Adani Group fights fraud allegations.

  10. Gandhi’s Life in Photos, 75 Years After His Assassination Foreign, January 30

    Known as the father of Indian independence, his concept of nonviolent resistance to fight injustice has inspired political movements around the world.

  11. The Gin Boom Trying to Change India, One Distillery at a Time Foreign, January 28

    Local concoctions are challenging the country’s conservative attitude toward alcohol, along with the country’s often stultifying bureaucracy.

  12. Sania Mirza, India’s Superstar, Exits the Australian Open and, Soon, a Career Sports, January 27

    Mirza, who leaves tennis in India as a sleeping giant, has been a trailblazer nonetheless. “I would like to have a quieter life,” she said after the mixed doubles final.

  13. Indian Tycoon’s Conglomerate Shaken by Market Rout Business, January 27

    The Adani Group, founded by Gautam Adani, Asia’s richest person, has lost $50 billion in value this week as it rebutted a critical report from a New York investment firm.

  14. Your Friday Briefing: China’s Campaign Against ‘Zero-Covid’ Protesters N Y T Now, January 26

    Also, Russian missile attacks in Ukraine and a major deal for Indian women’s cricket.

  15. Stunning Prices for Cricket Teams Are a Milestone for Women’s Sports Sports, January 26

    Huge franchise fees and a seven-figure media deal for a new competition in India represent one of the biggest investments ever in a women’s sport.

  16. Your Thursday Briefing: Tanks for Ukraine N Y T Now, January 25

    Also, China’s natural gas shortage and India’s efforts to quash a Modi documentary.

  17. As India Tries to Block a Modi Documentary, Students Fight to See It Foreign, January 25

    Officials at a public university cut the electricity before a planned screening, and the government has prevented clips from appearing online.

  18. Balkrishna Doshi, Modernist Indian Architect, Is Dead at 95 Obits, January 24

    The first Indian to receive the Pritzker Prize, he developed a distinctive approach to building for his country.

  19. The January 24 Oscar Nominations Academy Awards live blog included one standalone post:
  20. Why Is Everyone Talking About ‘RRR’ (and Where Can I Watch It)? Culture, January 24

    The Indian spectacular has become a word-of-mouth smash hit in the United States — in theaters, no less.

  21. Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting N Y T Now, January 22

    Also, New Zealand’s next leader and a Lunar New Year travel surge in China.

  22. When $20,000 Gets You Exploited in America Book Review, January 20

    In “The Great Escape,” Saket Soni, a labor organizer, recounts the ordeal faced by hundreds of Indian workers who were lured to this country on false promises of green cards and sorely mistreated.

  23. India’s Love Story With a Movie Still on the Big Screen After 27 Years Foreign, January 19

    ‘D.D.L.J.,’ which a Mumbai theater has shown nearly every day since 1995, encapsulates a society in churn, with the choices afforded by economic opportunity clashing with tradition.

  24. ¿Cuál podría ser el futuro de la guerra entre Rusia y Ucrania? 70 años de conflictos ofrecen claves en Español, January 19

    A pesar de algunas características posmodernas, el conflicto en Ucrania se asemeja a un tipo de contienda que ya se ha visto: las guerras entre naciones en las que una no conquista directamente a la otra.

  25. Dayanita Singh’s Hands-On Photography Culture, January 18

    The Indian artist’s physical approach to making and presenting pictures chimes with their intimate content, as the largest exhibition of her work to date shows.

  26. Your Thursday Briefing: A Deadly Helicopter Crash in Ukraine N Y T Now, January 18

    Also, why economists are alarmed about China’s demographic crisis.

  27. Inside India’s Cram City Magazine, January 18

    In Kota, students from across the country pay steep fees to be tutored for elite-college admissions exams — which most of them will fail.

  28. No Visitors, No Drinking, Home by 9: Renting as a Single Woman in India Foreign, January 18

    India says it must do more to harness women’s economic potential. A good place to start, many say, would be the many obstacles they face outside the workplace.

  29. What 70 Years of War Can Tell Us About the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Foreign, January 16

    Despite some postmodern features, the fighting resembles a type of conflict from decades past: wars fought between nations in which one does not conquer the other outright.

  30. The War in Ukraine Upended Energy Markets. What Does That Mean for the Climate? Special Sections, January 14

    Almost a year after Russia launched its invasion, assessing the impact on the oil industry and greenhouse gas goals is not so simple.

  31. Russia’s War Could Make It India’s World Foreign, December 31

    The invasion of Ukraine, compounding the effects of the pandemic, has contributed to the ascent of a giant that defies easy alignment. It could be the decisive force in a changing global system.

  32. Your Tuesday Briefing: China’s Space Push N Y T Now, December 12

    Plus China’s vaccination pivot and the year’s most stylish “people.”

  33. Your Monday Briefing: The Social Cost of ‘Zero Covid’ National, December 4

    Plus, Iran abolishes the morality police and Russia vows to defy an oil price cap.

  34. What Happens When a Cascade of Crises Collide? Op Ed, November 13

    Humanity faces a complex knot of seemingly distinct but entangled crises that are causing damage greater than the sum of their individual harms.

  35. Your Thursday Briefing: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Likely to Meet N Y T Now, September 7

    Plus India’s growing economy and China’s “zero-Covid” trap.

  36. Sharp Drop in Childhood Vaccinations Threatens Millions of Lives Science, July 15

    Pandemic lockdowns, misinformation campaigns, conflicts, climate crises and other problems diverted resources and contributed to the largest backslide in routine immunization in 30 years.

  37. W.T.O. countries agree to a limited relaxing of patent protections on coronavirus vaccines. Business, June 17

    The agreement is a limited measure that is likely to have little impact on global vaccine supply.

  38. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sievierodonetsk, Isolated N Y T Now, June 14

    The key Ukrainian city lost its last bridge as fighting intensifies.

  39. Your Monday Briefing: Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv N Y T Now, June 5

    Plus Hindus try to flee Kashmir and Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square.

  40. Your Friday Evening Briefing N Y T Now, May 27

    Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

  41. Your Wednesday Briefing: Sri Lanka, Out of Fuel N Y T Now, May 17

    Plus lockdowns continue in Shanghai, and India’s community health workers press for a raise.

  42. The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health Foreign, May 17

    Over a million female health workers treat India’s most at-risk women and children, for little pay and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

  43. Your Monday Briefing: North Korea’s Growing Outbreak N Y T Now, May 15

    Plus India bans most wheat exports and South Korea amends surgery laws.

  44. Death Toll During Pandemic Far Exceeds Totals Reported by Countries, W.H.O. Says Science, May 5

    Nearly 15 million more people died during the first two years of the pandemic than would have been expected during normal times, the organization found. The previous count of virus deaths, from countries’ reporting, was six million.