1. Cyclone Nivar Drenches India’s East Coast Video, November 25

    The cyclone is the fourth named storm in the North Indian Ocean this year. The city of Chennai, in southern India, was battered by heavy rains on Wednesday as the storm neared landfall in the state of Tamil Nadu.

  2. Cyclone Nivar Reaches India, Drenching Its Eastern Coast Foreign, November 25

    The severe storm was poised to make landfall near Puducherry, leading officials to evacuate parts of the region.

  3. With a Kiss, Netflix Gets Tangled in India’s Religious Tensions Foreign, November 23

    Nationalist leaders decry scenes in the show “A Suitable Boy” between a Hindu and a Muslim, at a time of rising interfaith conflict and government efforts to control online content.

  4. Soumitra Chatterjee, Globally Acclaimed Indian Film Star, Dies at 85 Obits, November 20

    His roles in classic movies directed by Satyajit Ray won him admiration from cinephiles and made him a hero to his fellow Bengalis.

  5. These Algorithms Could Bring an End to the World’s Deadliest Killer Science, November 20

    In rural India and other places where tuberculosis is rampant, A.I. that scans lung X-rays might eliminate the scourge.

  6. Why 3rd Grade Matters Op Ed, November 19

    Well, many reasons. But Harvard economist Raj Chetty says that’s the age at which America’s “Einsteins” are identified — and lost.

  7. China-Led Trade Pact Is Signed, in Challenge to U.S. Business, November 15

    The deal sealed on Sunday stands as a potent symbol of Beijing’s growing economic sway in Southeast Asia at a time of uncertainty over Washington’s economic ties with the region.

  8. To Celebrate Diwali Is to Celebrate the Light National, November 14

    Diwali is a celebration of light. It reminds me that we can help one another get through the darkest times. And it comes at an especially grim time in our country.

  9. After a Long Ride, Harley-Davidson Is Leaving India Business, November 12

    The American icon saw promise in the world’s largest market for two-wheelers. But its bikes sold poorly in a country where incomes are low and manufacturing isn’t easy.

  10. India’s Covid-19 Cases Have Plummeted. Many Fear a New Wave. Foreign, November 11

    While some hope the worst might be over, lapsed vigilance, cold weather and the festival season could spark a resurgence.

  11. India’s Modi Reverses His Fortunes in Crucial State Foreign, November 9

    Mr. Modi declares victory for his coalition in Bihar State, stopping the B.J.P.’s recent slide with a vote seen as a referendum on the government’s Covid-19 response.

  12. Indians Love Cadbury Chocolate. These Rivals Would Love to Woo Them Away. Dining, November 9

    In India and its diaspora, a new wave of small companies are using Diwali and its tradition of giving sweets to popularize a different kind of bar.

  13. Indians Love Cadbury Chocolate. These Rivals Would Love to Woo Them Away. Dining, November 9

    In India and its diaspora, a new array of small companies are using Diwali and its tradition of giving sweets to popularize a different kind of bar.

  14. Joy in India as Biden and Harris Win, but Questions, Too Foreign, November 8

    Kamala Harris’s ancestral village in southern India rejoiced on Sunday. But across the country, many wonder what changes the new administration will bring.

  15. TV Journalist Is Arrested as Assaults on Press Freedom Rise in India Foreign, November 4

    The conservative anchor Arnab Goswami was detained on charges of abetting a suicide in Mumbai, where an opposition party is in power.

  16. As U.S. Votes, a Village in India Prays for Kamala Harris Foreign, November 3

    Those who live in the hometown of Ms. Harris’s grandfather see the Democratic vice-presidential nominee as one of their own. “She is the daughter of the village’s soil,” one woman said.

  17. I’m a Democracy Expert. I Never Thought We’d Be So Close to a Breakdown. Op Ed, November 1

    Our election systems were not built for the modern era. Looking abroad might help.

  18. The End of a Beloved Delhi Institution Summary, October 30

    Readers never saw his name. But for decades, P.J. Anthony did as much for The Times’s bureau in India as anyone.

  19. Why India’s Muslims Reach for Liberalism Op Ed, October 30

    When Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes Hindus more equal than religious minorities, Muslims seek equality from the secular Constitution, not Shariah.

  20. How Much Do You Know About India? Interactive, September 14

    Can you find India on a map? What else do you know about this South Asian nation with about 1.3 billion people?

  21. Here's What Extreme Heat Looks Like: Profoundly Unequal Interactive, August 6

    Earth is overheating. This year is poised to be one of the hottest ever. Millions are already feeling the pain, but the agony of extreme heat is profoundly unequal across the globe.

  22. Battle in the Himalayas Interactive, July 18

    China and India are locked in a tense, deadly struggle for advantage on their disputed mountain border.

  23. Live Cyclone Amphan Map: Tracking the Storm’s Path Interactive, May 19

    On Wednesday, the storm made landfall on India’s eastern coast with wind speeds between 100 and 115 miles per hour.

  24. India Covid Map and Case Count Interactive, April 22

    A detailed map shows the extent of the coronavirus outbreak, with charts and tables of the number of cases and deaths.