1. Iraqi Protesters Lynch Teenager While Police Stand By World, December 12

    Mistakenly believing that a 16-year-old had fired on them, a mob of antigovernment protesters stabbed him to death.

  2. Dallas Man Gets 30 Years for Recruiting for ISIS Through App U.S., December 12

    Prosecutors said Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim used a social media app called Zello to recruit fighters and encourage others to kill enemies of the Islamic State.

  3. Turkey and Russia Judged Bigger Risk Than ISIS for U.S. Troops in Syria World, December 11

    American commanders have requested guidance on dealing with an attack from those armed groups and others from Iran and the Syrian government, but officials say they have received muddled direction.

  4. The Children of ISIS Don’t Belong in Cages, Either Opinion, December 9

    The world is failing innocent victims of the war on terrorism.

  5. U.S. Seeks to Punish Iraqi Militias That Targeted Protesters With Iran’s Help U.S., December 6

    The new penalties will likely have little direct impact on the militiamen, but could pose a thorny dilemma for Baghdad’s next leaders.

  6. Tensions Overshadow NATO Meeting Intended as Show of Unity World, December 4

    The alliance’s 70th-anniversary gathering was punctuated by testy exchanges with President Trump and a video of world leaders appearing to criticize him.

  7. ISIS Is Losing Afghan Territory. That Means Little for Its Victims. World, December 2

    Offensives against the Islamic State’s Afghan branch have brought it down to several hundred fighters, officials say. But they warn that the group’s cruelty is still a threat.

  8. At Least 14 People Killed in Burkina Faso Church Attack World, December 1

    The country was once a pocket of calm in West Africa, but the past year’s violence has killed hundreds and forced nearly a million people from their homes.

  9. Irish Ex-Soldier Who Married ISIS Fighter Is Arrested World, December 1

    Lisa Smith, 38, and her 2-year-old daughter were deported by Turkey from a Syrian displacement camp and landed in Dublin on Sunday.

  10. Trump’s Intervention in SEALs Case Tests Pentagon’s Tolerance U.S., November 30

    Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher’s case pits a Pentagon hierarchy committed to enforcing longstanding rules of combat against a commander in chief with no military experience but a finely honed sense of grievance against authority.

  11. London Attack Spurs Heroism and Questions About a Prisoner’s Release World, November 30

    The deadly attack near London Bridge has put the efficacy of Britain’s prison rehabilitation system under scrutiny.

  12. Bangladesh Sentences 7 to Death Over 2016 Bakery Attack World, November 27

    The militants were found guilty in violence that killed two dozen people at an upscale bakery, one of the worst such attacks in the country.

  13. Trump Praises Military Dog Conan Amid Fight With Navy U.S., November 25

    The president presented the dog that took part in a raid that killed the Islamic State’s leader even as he is embroiled in a dispute over a war crimes case.

  14. U.S. Resumes Large-Scale Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria U.S., November 25

    After a lull of several weeks, American troops and Syrian Kurdish fighters are once again conducting large-scale counterterrorism missions.

  15. British Man and Filipino Woman Rescued From Kidnappers in Philippines World, November 24

    The husband and wife were rescued by soldiers after insurgents came under attack and abandoned the couple.

  16. Trump Threw This Mission Into Chaos. The Military Is Scrambling To Save It. Video, November 24

    On a rare visit to U.S. bases in eastern Syria, we saw how President Trump’s message is being reinterpreted on the ground.

  17. U.K. Takes Back Children From Former ISIS Territory World, November 22

    The Kurdish authorities said three children in Syria had been handed over to British officials.

  18. U.S. Drone Strikes Stymie ISIS in Southern Libya World, November 18

    Several recent military airstrikes against Islamic State fighters in southern Libya have seriously disrupted the terrorist group’s efforts to reorganize and carry out strikes there.

  19. Turkey’s Deportations Force Europe to Face Its ISIS Militants World, November 17

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to send back foreign citizens who supported the Islamic State is handing Western Europe a problem it had hoped to avoid.

  20. American-Born Woman Who Joined ISIS Is Not a Citizen, Judge Rules U.S., November 14

    A surprise ruling from the bench is a blow to a bid to bring Hoda Muthana and her 2-year-old son, the child of a slain ISIS fighter, back from a refugee camp in Syria.

  21. Experts Divided on Authenticity of Islamic State Receipts World, November 14

    A Times article based on documents recovered by a researcher reported that ISIS made payments to members of a rival group.

  22. ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S. World, November 14

    Turkey said it had received assurances from Washington that the American would not be refused entry.