1. The English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadows World, February 17

    For years, an anonymous narrator extolled the Islamic State’s brutality in videos seen around the world. “I don’t regret it,” a Canadian captured in Syria says.

  2. Teenager Who Joined ISIS and Wants to Return to U.K. Gives Birth in Syria World, February 17

    Shamima Begum, 19, had expressed little regret for joining the terrorist group but wanted to return home to protect the health of her child. Her son was born in a refugee camp.

  3. American Volunteers Fighting ISIS in Syria Worry About a U.S. Pullout U.S., February 16

    Seeking adventure, following ideals or settling scores, they joined an American-backed Kurdish militia to fight militants. But now, “it’s anyone’s guess what happens.”

  4. How Shannon Kent’s Peers Honored Her Career: With a ‘Sea of Khaki’ Magazine, February 15

    In this week’s newsletter, John Ismay recounts the memorial service held for Navy Chief Shannon Kent, who was killed by a suicide bomber at a restaurant in Manbij, Syria, last month.

  5. British Woman Who Joined ISIS in Syria Wants to Come Home World, February 14

    Shamima Begum, 19, who says she is nine months pregnant, faces an uncertain future, with no clear answers about whether Britain would try to prosecute her.

  6. Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Order Forces Allies to Weigh Return of ISIS Detainees World, February 14

    The American military departure may have a silver lining: a long-awaited resolution for thousands of Islamic State detainees who have been held indefinitely in Syrian camps.

  7. Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq World, February 12

    Patrick Shanahan is expected to firm up plans for the transfer of troops to Iraq from Syria, a quest complicated by President Trump’s suggestion the soldiers would be asked to monitor Iran.

  8. Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq World, February 12

    Patrick Shanahan is expected to firm up plans for the transfer of troops to Iraq from Syria, a quest complicated by President Trump’s suggestion the soldiers would be asked to monitor Iran.

  9. Trump Seeks to Reassure Allies on ISIS Fight as Syria Withdrawal Looms World, February 6

    “We will be working with you for many years to come,” the president told international diplomats, acknowledging that ISIS would be a threat even after the last slivers of its territory were reclaimed.

  10. A Desperate Exodus From ISIS’ Final Village World, February 6

    A stream of families and fighters, many of them hungry or injured, are surrendering on a rocky patch of desert in southeastern Syria.

  11. U.S. Military Commander Warns That Islamic State May Quickly Regroup World, February 5

    Gen. Joseph L. Votel was another voice in a national security establishment out of alignment with President Trump on a range of issues, including Afghanistan, Russia and Syria.

  12. John Cantlie, a British Journalist Held Hostage by ISIS, Is Believed to Be Still Alive World, February 5

    The photographer, abducted in Syria in 2012, appeared in several Islamic State propaganda videos, but the last one was more than two years ago.

  13. Trump Calls for Keeping Troops in Iraq to Watch Iran, Possibly Upending ISIS Fight U.S., February 3

    The president’s remarks could inflame fears among the Iraqis that a shift of troops there from Syria would be a guise to check Iran, undercutting delicate negotiations.

  14. Why Pope Francis’ Historic Visit to the Gulf Matters World, February 3

    The visit is a rare note of hope for the Christians of the Middle East, who have been persecuted, killed or forced to flee in recent decades.

  15. 5 Soldiers and 3 ISIS-Linked Militants Killed in Clashes in Philippines World, February 2

    The gun battles occurred on Saturday in the southern Philippine island of Jolo, six days after a church attack left 22 dead, the military said.

  16. 29 Syrian Children Die During Freezing Escape From the Islamic State World, January 31

    Aid groups are struggling to help families who have trekked through freezing conditions out of the Islamic State’s dwindling territory to a refugee camp in northeastern Syria.

  17. Trump Calls His Intelligence People ‘Naive’ U.S., January 30

    The president says there is a “decent chance of denuclearization” in North Korea and argues that the Islamic State “will soon be destroyed.”

  18. Trump Calls Intelligence Officials ‘Naive’ After They Contradict Him U.S., January 30

    “Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school,” the president said a day after his intelligence chiefs disagreed with his assessments on Iran, North Korea and other national security threats.

  19. Grenade Attack on Philippine Mosque Kills Two World, January 30

    The attack in the city of Zamboanga was the second in days on a place of worship in the Philippines’ restive south. A cathedral bombing on Sunday killed 21.

  20. A Growing Chorus of Republican Critics for Trump’s Foreign Policy U.S., January 29

    More than two years into his administration, the disconnect between President Trump and the Republican establishment on foreign policy has rarely been as stark.

  21. What Keeps the Spies Up at Night Opinion, January 29

    Trump isn’t entirely wrong about the dangers America faces.

  22. ISIS Bombing of Cathedral in Philippines Shows Group’s Reach Into Asia World, January 28

    A deadly church bombing in the Philippines suggests that the extremist group is still able to fan the flames of distant militant movements.

  23. This Man Is Revered Among the Taliban. Can He End the Afghan War? Opinion, January 28

    Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is expected to join peace talks with the Americans.

  24. Banksy Mural Is Stolen From Bataclan, Site of Paris Attacks Arts, January 27

    The venue said the work, painted on an emergency exit door, was a memorial to the victims of the 2015 terror attacks.

  25. Cease-Fire in Syria’s Idlib Province Is at Risk After Extremists Take Over World, January 26

    An Al Qaeda-linked group now dominates Idlib, which could hasten an assault on the province by the Syrian government and its Russian allies.

  26. Down to Its Last 2 Villages in Syria, ISIS Still Fights Back World, January 24

    The Islamic State has lost all but 0.01 percent of its original caliphate in the region, but officials caution this is just the end of one phase of the fight.

  27. Our Longest War Is Still an Important War Opinion, January 24

    Why the United States needs to keep troops in Afghanistan.

  28. ISIS Has Lost Its Land. What About Its Power? Podcasts, January 24

    The last time the extremist group was declared defeated, it returned even stronger than before.

  29. The Safe Zone Northern Syria Needs Opinion, January 23

    The United States must ensure that a safe zone is guaranteed by international forces and not by Turkey.

  30. Photographing the Yazidis in Iraq as They Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives Lens, January 22

    Emilienne Malfatto has been documenting the lives of Yazidis, who returned to their ancestral homeland after ISIS was routed from the city in 2015.

  31. Bombing in Syria Targets U.S.-Led Military Patrol World, January 21

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for an explosion that injured members of a Kurdish-led force, days after an attack that killed four Americans.

  32. Described as Defeated, Islamic State Punches Back With Guerrilla Tactics World, January 21

    All but 1 percent of the territory the Islamic State once held in Iraq and Syria is gone, but to suggest that the group has been defeated, as President Trump did, is to ignore the lessons of recent history.