1. Disney Inflicts a Blow to DeSantis Ahead of His Presidential Run Business, May 19

    The entertainment giant’s move to cancel a major office project stung the Florida governor just days before he is expected to officially enter the 2024 race.

  2. Bike-Path Killer Is Sentenced to Life as Victims Speak Out Metro, May 17

    Sayfullo Saipov was convicted on 28 counts in the Manhattan terrorist attack, which killed eight people. The jury was unable to agree on a sentence of capital punishment.

  3. Rules for Pentagon Use of Proxy Forces Shed Light on a Shadowy War Power Washington, May 14

    Newly disclosed documents include Special Operations forces directives for managing counterterrorism and irregular warfare surrogate fighters.

  4. The Elusive Dream of Owning a Home in New York City Metro, November 29

    For many middle- and working-class New Yorkers, it’s an even more distant possibility than it used to be.