1. German Islamic Extremist Is Convicted of Supporting Terror Group Foreign, Today

    Sven Lau was sentenced to more than five years in prison for recruiting people to fight with a pro-Islamic State group in Syria.

  2. New York Times Asks Fox for Apology After ‘Inaccurate Segment’ Business, July 24

    The cable network published an update to a story on its website but did not acknowledge the paper’s request for an apology.

  3. U.S. Army Sergeant Is Charged With Trying to Aid Islamic State Foreign, July 23

    Sgt. First Class Ikaika Erik Kang, 34, is accused of trying to provide equipment, training and classified military information to ISIS.

  4. Philippine Congress Extends Martial Law in Besieged Region Foreign, July 22

    President Rodrigo Duterte had asked for an extension as military troops struggled to crush a siege by Islamist groups in southern Marawi City.

  5. German Teenager Suspected of Trying to Join ISIS Is Found in Iraq Foreign, July 22

    The 16-year-old, missing since last summer, was found in a basement in Mosul. She may face criminal charges in Iraq. Some reports say she worked with the Islamic State police.

  6. ISIS Leader Is Still Alive, Pentagon Chief Says Foreign, July 21

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis also said he was waiting for the Trump administration to sign off on an Afghanistan review before deploying more troops.

  7. Iraq’s Hardball Tactics to Root Out ISIS Video, July 21

    Some of the methods Iraqi authorities are using to weed out ISIS supporters among Sunni civilians in newly liberated Mosul have heightened concerns over human rights abuses.

  8. ISIS’ Core Helps Fund Militants in Philippines, Report Says Foreign, July 20

    The Islamic State’s central command in Syria has sent tens of thousands of dollars to groups that seized a southern Philippine city, a research group said.

  9. ‘The Daily’: Haunted by ISIS Podcasts, July 21

    After Mosul, Iraq, was liberated, two Times reporters encountered a group of women who still believed that the Islamic State had taken over the world.

  10. The Living and the Dead Interactive, July 19

    In October, Iraqi forces set out to retake Mosul, one of Iraq’s largest cities and ISIS’s biggest stronghold in the country. It would take them nine months and cost thousands of lives.

  11. Migrant Maids and Nannies for Jihad Op Ed, July 18

    Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong and elsewhere in East Asia are radicalizing.

  12. When Education Is Hijacked by War Lens, July 18

    After witnessing teachers, pupils and schools caught in the crossfire of war, Diego Ibarra Sánchez began working on “Hijacked Education,” which examines how constant conflict has upended education.

  13. When Education Is Hijacked by War Multimedia/Photos, July 18

    After witnessing teachers, pupils and schools caught in the crossfire of war, Diego Ibarra Sánchez began working on “Hijacked Education,” which examines how constant conflict has upended education.

  14. Antiquities Dealer Sues Wall Street Journal Over ISIS Article Culture, July 17

    In the libel suit, the dealer, Hicham Aboutaam, said he has never handled antiquities looted by terrorists, and that an article had damaged his reputation.

  15. Qatar Opens Its Doors to All, to the Dismay of Some Foreign, July 16

    The tiny country has become the freewheeling hub of the Middle East. But assertions that it is furthering dissent and terrorism have led to a blockade.

  16. Before and After Satellite Images of Mosul Reveal the Devastation After the Islamic State Was Forced Out Interactive, July 15

    After a nearly nine-month campaign to wrest Mosul, once Iraq’s second-largest city, from Islamic State control, images captured by DigitalGlobe reveal that vital parts of the city are now in ruins.

  17. ISIS Leader in Afghanistan Is Killed by Drone, Pentagon Says Foreign, July 14

    The death comes as the Trump administration is close to completing a review to help determine its broader strategy in Afghanistan.

  18. The Defeat of ISIS Must Mean an Independent Kurdistan Op Ed, July 13

    The Kurds have postponed national aspirations for long enough. Iraq will be more secure with a sovereign Kurdish neighbor.

  19. Video Shows Mosul Civilians Trapped in a Fight Clearly Not Over Foreign, July 12

    Drone imagery shows civilians crowded into a narrow alley near ongoing fighting in western Mosul.

  20. The Challenges After Mosul Editorial, July 12

    Iraq has another chance to remake itself, but it can’t do it alone.

  21. Let Me Show You What ISIS Left Behind in Mosul Interactive, July 11

    The remnants of three years of ISIS rule in Mosul: A sword, a ruined church and a child’s backpack with explosives.

  22. Who Is ISIS Leader Baghdadi? Video, July 11

    ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been reported dead several times, though it has never been verified. The rarely seen figure has long eluded Western forces, despite a $25 million bounty on his head.

  23. Iraq Celebrates Victory Over ISIS in Mosul, but Risks Remain Foreign, July 10

    As the battle with the Islamic State in Mosul nears an end, other conflicts on the margins are flaring and a threat to the Iraqi state and society remains.

  24. Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives in Mosul to Declare Victory Over ISIS Foreign, July 9

    The monthslong battle led to about a thousand deaths among the Iraqi security forces and civilians. Officials must now confront a humanitarian crisis.

  25. The Islamic State Is Not Dead Yet Op Ed, July 9

    The terrorist group may have been defeated in Mosul, but it will return if there is not a clear strategy for rebuilding Iraq.

  26. ISIS, Despite Heavy Losses, Still Inspires Global Attacks Foreign, July 8

    The Islamic State’s territory-building project is crumbling, but it still has an international reach and an ideology that motivates attackers around the world.

  27. My Son, the Jihadist Op Ed, July 8

    Failing to spot how Rasheed became radicalized is the biggest regret of my life.

  28. Stories Patients Told Me in Mosul Op Ed, July 7

    Parents in the Old City of Mosul in Iraq are keeping children alive with dirty water and wheat powder.

  29. Hobby Lobby’s Black-Market Buys Did Real Damage Op Ed, July 6

    Because collectors like Hobby Lobby are willing to pay a premium, the looting of Middle Eastern artifacts continues.

  30. U.S. Says Dispute Between Qatar and Neighbors at Impasse Foreign, July 6

    The dispute among the mostly Sunni Muslim nations puts a host of top United States priorities at risk, including the effort to defeat the Islamic State.

  31. In ‘City of Ghosts,’ Fighting ISIS With Journalism Weekend, July 6

    In this documentary, Matthew Heineman (“Cartel Land”) focuses on the gutsy Syrian citizen-journalist group called Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.

  32. A Libyan Commander Says His Forces Have Taken Benghazi Foreign, July 6

    Gen. Khalifa Hifter said his militia forces had defeated the Islamist fighters they had been battling in the eastern city of Benghazi for the past three years.

  33. No Escape From Mosul, and Unlikely Chance of Surrender Foreign, July 6

    Our correspondent went with the Iraq counterterrorism force to the old city of Mosul, where Islamic State fighters are hemmed in and civilians are trapped.

  34. Bombs Will Not Defeat ISIS (but Maybe the Internet Will) Op Ed, July 6

    A Syrian man risks his life to expose ISIS atrocities. He’s now asking Silicon Valley to do more to help.

  35. Bombs May Not Defeat ISIS (but Maybe the Internet Will) Video, July 6

    A Syrian man risks his life to expose ISIS atrocities. He’s now asking Silicon Valley to do more to help.

  36. Russia Deploys a Potent Weapon in Syria: The Profit Motive Foreign, July 5

    The Kremlin is rewarding private security contractors with oil and mineral rights in territory they secure from the Islamic State.

  37. Emirates and Turkish Airlines Say Laptop Ban Is Lifted on Their U.S. Flights Foreign, July 5

    The carriers joined Etihad Airlines, which was cleared over the weekend, in receiving an exemption to the restrictions on electronic devices.

  38. Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Duterte’s Martial Law Edict Foreign, July 4

    President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law not just in Marawi, the city where Islamist militants are holed up, but across the large southern island of Mindanao.

  39. Civilians Emerge From Mosul’s Rubble Starving, Injured and Traumatized Foreign, July 3

    Displaced residents are often “totally emotionally and physically exhausted” by the time they make it to humanitarian camps.

  40. U.S.-Backed Forces Close to Trapping ISIS Holdouts in Raqqa Foreign, July 2

    The battle for the capital of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate provides the American-led coalition, and the Trump administration, with an opportunity to deliver a blow to ISIS.

  41. How Iran Fights — and Aligns With — Terrorists Video, July 2

    Iran’s leaders use elaborate anti-terror methods to thwart its enemies, from backing militant groups like Hezbollah to working with Al Qaeda – when it’s convenient. We explain their unconventional strategy.

  42. In a Desperate Syrian City, a Test of Trump’s Policies Foreign, July 1

    Tabqa was liberated from ISIS in May, but it still has no basic services and many rotting corpses. The U.S. is sending aid, but it’s not in the business of rebuilding.

  43. For Abused, Gay Iraqi in Turkey, U.S. Refugee Freeze Is Cruelest Hit Foreign, July 1

    Mohammed, a civil engineer from Mosul, was accepted for resettlement to the United States. Then the Supreme Court reinstated President Trump’s freeze on refugee resettlement.

  44. ISIS Reverts to Insurgent Roots to Pose Long-Term Threat, Study Says Foreign, June 29

    Islamic State militants have carried out nearly 1,500 attacks in cities in Iraq and Syria that were liberated from its control, according to a new study.

  45. Iraq Recaptures Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul, but Only Rubble Remains Foreign, June 29

    The Iraqi prime minister claimed it was a sign of the end of the Islamic State’s grip on the region and vowed to chase it out of the country.

  46. ‘The Daily’: Is the U.S. at War With Syria? Podcasts, June 29

    The United States says it wants to defeat the Islamic State, not fight the Syrian government. But it’s getting harder stay out of the civil war.

  47. Philippine Military Says 17 Mutilated Civilian Bodies Found in Marawi Foreign, June 28

    The grisly discovery comes as troops struggle to retake the city from Islamist militants, whose numbers are believed to have dwindled to between 150 and 200 fighters.

  48. ISIS, Aided by Ex-Taliban Groups, Makes Inroads in Northern Afghanistan Foreign, June 28

    An offensive in Darzab District represents a new front for the extremist group, which had not previously found success in the area.

  49. Airstrike on ISIS Prison in Syria Kills Dozens, Activists Say Foreign, June 27

    Syrian activists said the military coalition led by the United States destroyed a house that had been turned into a prison, a claim the coalition said it was investigating.

  50. Rebuilding in Miniature Video, June 27

    An Iraqi refugee bides his time in immigration limbo by creating obsessively detailed dioramas.