1. Los terroristas ahora se financian con Bitcoin en Español, August 21

    Las autoridades están en alerta ante el aumento de grupos militantes que han aprendido a usar esta divisa digital que es difícil de rastrear.

  2. Pompeo Concedes Challenges on ISIS and North Korea, but Says Iran Policy Is Working World, August 20

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Islamic State had gained ground and that North Korea was a source of frustration.

  3. As Taliban Talk Peace, ISIS Is Ready to Play the Spoiler in Afghanistan World, August 20

    The Islamic State, which killed 63 people at a wedding last weekend, has positioned itself to thrive if a peace deal is reached.

  4. ISIS Is Regaining Strength in Iraq and Syria U.S., August 19

    Five months after its territorial defeat, the Islamic State is conducting guerrilla attacks as defense officials acknowledge that the terrorist group is here to stay.

  5. One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding. The Next, a Funeral for 63. World, August 18

    In Afghanistan’s protracted war, weddings have provided a rare respite from the violence. On Saturday, a bomber took away even that.

  6. Terrorists Turn to Bitcoin for Funding, and They’re Learning Fast Technology, August 18

    The authorities have begun to raise alarms about a steady uptick in the number of militant groups using the hard-to-trace digital currency.

  7. Debate Flares Over Afghanistan as Trump Considers Troop Withdrawal U.S., August 16

    President Trump met with top advisers on Friday to discuss a deal with the Taliban that could begin a final American exit from the country.

  8. For ISIS Children, Returning Home to Europe Meets Resistance World, August 15

    The children with the best chance of repatriation have been orphans. Even in countries officially committed to the task, it’s slow going.

  9. Kazakhstan Welcomes Women Back From the Islamic State, Warily World, August 10

    Unlike most countries, Kazakhstan is repatriating citizens who joined the Islamic State, jailing the men but coddling the women to cleanse them of extremism.

  10. Does Trump Help Fuel Mass Shootings? Opinion, August 8

    And are Democrats breaking up with Obama?

  11. Osama bin Laden’s Successor Podcasts, August 7

    The terrorist leader appears to have had an heir in mind: his son. With that son reported dead, what’s next for Al Qaeda?

  12. Violence in Afghanistan Worsens as U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks Plod On World, August 7

    Insurgents claimed responsibility for a bombing in Kabul that killed 14 and wounded scores, a majority of them civilians.

  13. White Terrorism Shows ‘Stunning’ Parallels to Islamic State’s Rise World, August 5

    Like Islamic State recruits, white nationalists are attracted to an apocalyptic ideology spread through social media.

  14. ISIS, Eyeing Europe, Could Launch Attacks This Year, U.N. Warns World, August 3

    Less than five months after its military defeat in Syria, the group is considering attacks designed to “exacerbate existing dissent and unrest” in European nations.

  15. Yemen Officials: Al-Qaida Kills at Least 20 at Military Camp World, August 2

    Islamic militants — both Yemen’s Al Qaeda branch and the Islamic State group’s affiliate — have exploited the chaos of the civil war to carry out bombings, shootings and assassinations.

  16. U.S. Military Calls ISIS in Afghanistan a Threat to the West. Intelligence Officials Disagree. World, August 2

    As officials debate whether to withdraw all western troops from Afghanistan, the power of the Islamic State emerges as a key question.

  17. If These Walls Could Talk: A War Correspondent Revisits a Hotel of Ghosts Reader Center, July 31

    The Liwan — where journalists such as Anthony Shadid often stayed — once hummed with Syria’s hopes and fears.

  18. Suspected Boko Haram Attack on Funeral in Nigeria Leaves at Least 65 Dead World, July 29

    The Nigerian president directed the military to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack, which local officials attributed to the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.

  19. ‘Her Eyes Were Full of Fear.’ Turkey Repatriates Children of ISIS Followers. World, July 27

    The country is allowing some of the wives and children of the terror group’s loyalists to return home from Iraq.