1. How ISIS Has Changed Terrorism in Indonesia Op Ed, Yesterday

    Local Islamist extremists still go after Christians and the police. But now women and children are participating in the suicide attacks.

  2. Syria Regains Control of Damascus, After Seven Years of Fighting Foreign, May 21

    With the last of 1,600 militants departing from the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, fighting around the capital is over. Peace, though, remains elusive.

  3. A Royal Wedding and a Royal Holiday Weekend: The Canada Letter Foreign, May 18

    Canada is ambivalent about having a British aristocrat as its head of state. But unlike in Australia, a future without the monarchy is not on the horizon.

  4. Anti-American Cleric’s Power Grows, Upending Pentagon’s Plans for Iraq Washington, May 17

    A political party led by Moktada al-Sadr, whose militia once targeted American troops, will wield considerable power in setting up Iraq’s next government.

  5. Indonesia Sword Attack on Police Follows String of Deadly Bombings Foreign, May 16

    One officer was killed and the four attackers were shot dead Wednesday on Sumatra, as a wave of attacks continued. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for them.

  6. Indonesia’s ‘Sick’ New Suicide Bomb Threat: Parents With Their Children Foreign, May 14

    With bombs similar to those used by ISIS in Syria, families attacked churches and a police station. Members of another died in a blast at home as the police approached.

  7. Paris Knife Attacker, Born in Chechnya, Was on Terrorism Watch List Foreign, May 13

    As the parents of the suspect, Khamzat Azimov, 20, were being questioned by the police, opposition politicians called for a crackdown on those on the list, which has 20,000 names.

  8. Indonesia Church Bombings Carried Out by Family With Children in Tow Foreign, May 13

    Officials said a couple in the city of Surabaya led four youths, ages 18 to 9, in setting off explosions that killed at least seven people and were claimed by ISIS.

  9. Paris Attack Leaves 1 Dead and 4 Wounded by Knife-Wielding Terrorist Foreign, May 12

    In an attack claimed by the Islamic State, the assailant set upon five people in central Paris before being killed by the police.

  10. U.S. Takes a Risk: Old Iraqi Enemies Are Now Allies Foreign, May 11

    In Iraq, the United States is training and sharing intelligence with former members of Iranian-backed militias that once fought and killed Americans.

  11. Can a Shiite Cleric Pull Iraq Out of the Sectarian Trap? Op Ed, May 11

    Moktada al-Sadr is leading an encouraging transformation, which could jar Iraq’s politicians out of the sectarian rut.

  12. Trump Presses Arab Allies to Do More to Counter Iran Washington, May 10

    In a pair of letters to four Middle East nations, President Trump repeated his complaints that the United States has borne too much of the burden in the region.

  13. In Niger Ambush, Rushing Into the Gunfire to Save the Fallen Washington, May 10

    A report and a Pentagon video about the deadly attack show soldiers scrambling to administer aid and find a way to stay alive in a one-sided battle.

  14. Military Inquiry Finds Soldiers Were Unprepared in Deadly Niger Ambush Washington, May 10

    An investigation of the Oct. 4 deaths of four American soldiers describes misleading plans and lax oversight for a mission that ended in a firefight with extremists.

  15. Why Iran and Israel Are Clashing in Syria Foreign, May 10

    A long-simmering conflict escalated dramatically overnight with Israel targeting the military infrastructure Iran has been building up in Syria.

  16. Deadly Uprising by ISIS Followers Shakes Indonesia’s Prison System Foreign, May 10

    Five guards were killed in a riot at a high-security detention center that highlighted serious flaws in the handling of terrorism detainees.

  17. Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting Foreign, May 9

    After an aide to the Islamic State’s leader was captured in Turkey, the C.I.A. and Iraqi intelligence used him to lure other operatives, Iraqi officials say.

  18. Appeals Court Bars U.S. From Transferring American ISIS Suspect Washington, May 9

    In a major war powers decision, an appeals court has blocked the government from forcibly transferring an American detainee to another country.

  19. ISIS-Linked Indonesian Jail Riot Ends as Police Raid Cellblock Foreign, May 9

    Counterterrorism officers forced a mass surrender, blowing out a cellblock’s walls in a search for bombs planted in a deadly uprising.

  20. We Collected and Published ISIS’ Internal Documents. What Questions Do You Have? News Desk, May 7

    Our journalists and top newsroom lawyer will answer questions about our recent investigation into internal Islamic State files taken from Iraq.

  21. ‘Here Is the Graveyard of ISIS’: In Mosul, the Garbage Men Collect Remains Foreign, May 6

    Mosul’s trash collectors have been enlisted to help gather the remains of people killed in wresting the Iraqi city from the Islamic State.

  22. Aggro-Texting From the Syrian Jihad Book Review, May 4

    Why would two Norwegian teenagers abandon life at home for ISIS? Asne Seierstad’s absorbing new book, “Two Sisters,” attempts to answer the question.

  23. Rukmini Callimachi on Audio’s Power to Reveal the Truth of the ‘Caliphate’ Insider, May 3

    In her new 10-part podcast, our terrorism correspondent delves into the shrouded world of ISIS through the lens of a former member.

  24. U.S. Transfers First Guantánamo Detainee Under Trump, Who Vowed to Fill It Washington, May 2

    With the transfer of a prisoner to Saudi Arabia, the president has now presided over a decrease in the number of detainees he inherited.

  25. These Iraqi Farmers Said No to ISIS. When Night Came They Paid the Price. Foreign, May 2

    Islamic State militants dressed as Iraqi soldiers killed 21 members of a group that has openly opposed them in a small town outside Baghdad.

  26. What Is Telegram, and Why Are Iran and Russia Trying to Ban It? Foreign, May 2

    The app, which promises that messages will be kept secure from official scrutiny, is facing bans in Russia and Iran. Here are some of the reasons.

  27. Attack Kills American Service Member in Eastern Afghanistan Washington, April 30

    It was the second death this year for the U.S. military in Afghanistan’s enduring war. Another American was wounded, and several Afghan troops were killed.

  28. Sex and Shame: What Incels and Jihadists Have in Common Op Ed, April 30

    The Toronto van attacker was probably familiar with the Islamic State’s vehicle rampages. But did he know what else he shared with the group?

  29. Justice for Victims of ISIS Letters, April 29

    The Global Justice Center says Iraq’s penal code is “woefully unfit to address ISIS’s most heinous crimes.”

  30. Times Journalists on Covering the Toronto Attack: The Canada Letter Foreign, April 27

    A flurry of motion by Times editors and reporters followed the rampage. Members of the team now take a moment to reflect.

  31. Like a Schindler for Iraq, This Unlikely War Hero Freed Women From ISIS Book Review, April 27

    “The Beekeeper,” a harrowing true story by the poet Dunya Mikhail, recounts the dangerous exploits of a Yazidi man and the women he helped.

  32. American Warplanes Shift Tactics to Target Last ISIS Pockets in Eastern Syria Washington, April 24

    The American-led air campaign to defeat the remnants of ISIS in eastern Syria lost its main ground force. Now it is shifting its tactics to kill the last remaining fighters.

  33. Mosul’s Renowned Religious Complex Will Rise From the Rubble Foreign, April 24

    The United Arab Emirates is donating $50 million to rebuild the Al Nuri Grand Mosque. It will be the largest cultural restoration project in Iraq.