1. U.S. Says Troops Can Stay in Syria Without New Authorization Washington, Yesterday

    Even after ISIS is substantially defeated, the Trump administration will allow troops remain in Syria indefinitely without new congressional authorization.

  2. Who Has Innocent Syrians’ Blood on Their Hands? Editorial, February 21

    The enablers of President Bashar al-Assad deserve scorn in light of this week’s slaughter in Ghouta.

  3. Listen to ‘The Daily’: An Endless War Podcasts, February 20

    Four American soldiers were ambushed by militants in a remote desert in Niger in October. It was all part of a shadowy war going back to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

  4. ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Church in Russian Region of Dagestan Foreign, February 18

    The gunman killed at least five people and wounded several others. ISIS described the assailant as a “soldier of the caliphate,” and members shared a video said to be of him.

  5. Meet America’s Syrian Allies Who Helped Defeat ISIS Foreign, February 17

    They are Arabs and Kurds, men and women, young and old. Meet some of the fighters who teamed up with the United States to drive the Islamic State out of northeastern Syria.

  6. Justice for Our Children, Killed by ISIS Op Ed, February 16

    A plea from four American couples whose children were brutally slain in Syria: Try the murderers, but don’t make them martyrs by executing them.

  7. American ISIS Suspect Said He Wanted to Report From Syria, Filing Shows Washington, February 15

    The unnamed man has been in custody of the United States military for months as the Trump administration tries to figure out how to handle his case.

  8. Iraq Wants $88 Billion for Rebuilding. Allies Offer a Fraction of That. Foreign, February 13

    A lukewarm response by potential donors, including the United States, at a fund-raising conference threatens efforts to stabilize the war-torn country.

  9. By Light of a Blood Moon, Life Returns to a Bombed-Out Syrian Landscape Foreign, February 11

    Residents reluctantly return to live amid the rubble of the battered ruins of Kobani, a Kurdish city in northern Syria. They call the neighborhood The Museum.

  10. Israel’s Clash With Iran and Syria: 5 Takeaways Foreign, February 11

    What are some of the lessons from a skirmish in which Israel lost a jet? One is that as the Syrian civil war winds down, a new conflict is emerging.

  11. Tillerson’s Mideast Trip Was Already Daunting. Then Israel and Iran Collided. Washington, February 11

    Israel’s strikes in Syrian territory give even greater urgency to a top priority: managing the aftermath of the expected final defeat of the Islamic State in Syria.

  12. Outraged by the Attacks on Yazidis? It Is Time to Help. Op Ed, February 10

    Empathy is not enough for me and other women brutalized by the Islamic State. We need the chance to revive our homeland.

  13. Who Are ‘the Beatles’ of ISIS? Video, February 10

    The four men from West London went to fight in Syria. They were known among Western hostages for their British accents — and their brutality. Two of the men are dead, and the remaining two were recently captured. Here's what is known about them.

  14. After a Mosque Massacre, Egypt Strikes Back in Sinai Foreign, February 10

    Egyptian Air Force pounded militant targets late Friday as part of a major operation in North Sinai. But the military provided scant detail about the operation.

  15. In Paris Terrorism Trial, a Protest of Few Words Foreign, February 9

    At trial in Belgium, Salah Abdeslam refuses to answer questions from the judge as a way of protesting European justice, defense lawyers say.

  16. It’s Hard to Believe, but Syria’s War Is Getting Even Worse Foreign, February 8

    The conflict has broken into several small wars, and the carnage is reaching a new peak, upending any assumptions it might be nearing an end.

  17. 2 of ISIS’ Infamous British Fighters Are Captured by Syrian Kurds Washington, February 8

    The men were part of a notorious group of Islamic State militants known as the Beatles because of their British accents.

  18. Why Is the Syrian War Still Raging? Interactive, February 8

    Nearly seven years after it started, the war in Syria continues to defy attempts at resolution. It may continue for years.

  19. U.S.-Backed Coalition in Syria Strikes Pro-Assad Forces Foreign, February 8

    Americans say the coalition repelled an attack by forces backing President Bashar al-Assad in a rare confrontation between groups that have both fought ISIS.

  20. On Northern Syria Front Line, U.S. and Turkey Head Into Tense Face-off Foreign, February 7

    The New York Times traveled with two U.S. generals to a northern Syria city where armed conflict between the Americans and Turks is now a possibility.

  21. How Did Israel Become a Place of No Refuge? Op Ed, February 7

    As the Israeli government prepares to deport African refugees, we prepare to open our homes to them.

  22. As Trump Wavers on Libya, an ISIS Haven, Russia Presses On Investigative, February 7

    In the absence of a coherent American policy for Libya, Russia is gaining influence in one of the most dangerous parts of the world.

  23. Sole Surviving Suspect in Paris Attacks Stands Trial in Belgium Foreign, February 5

    Salah Abdeslam is accused of shooting at the police during a raid in Brussels as he fled capture after the 2015 attacks in France.

  24. Thousands of ISIS Fighters Flee in Syria, Many to Fight Another Day Washington, February 4

    As some militants go into hiding and others slip into Turkey, the flow risks tarnishing American declarations that the Islamic State has been largely defeated.

  25. Secret Alliance: Israel Carries Out Airstrikes in Egypt, With Cairo’s O.K. Foreign, February 3

    Unmarked Israeli aircraft have been pounding Islamist militants in the North Sinai. Israel’s role has been kept secret to prevent a backlash in Egypt.

  26. A Visit to the Tense Front Line Between Kurds and Turks Foreign, February 1

    A reporter’s visit to the front line in Manbij, Syria, found that Kurdish rebels’ fears of a Turkish advance have been dispelled by American military assurances of support.

  27. Two Men Can Stop the War Between Turkey and the Kurds Op Ed, January 31

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the first Turkish leader to hold talks with the P.K.K. He can stop the war by talking to its founder, Abdullah Ocalan.

  28. Can Crazy Still Keep the Peace Between Israel and Iran? Op Ed, January 30

    The Syrian border of the Golan Heights is the second-most-dangerous place on earth.

  29. How Truthful Was Trump in His First Year? Before His State of the Union, What Our Fact Checks Show Washington, January 30

    Ahead of President Trump’s first State of the Union address, a look at the claims he has made recently — and their accuracy.

  30. ISIS Is Weakened, but Iraq Election Could Unravel Hard-Won Stability Foreign, January 30

    Prime Minister Abadi is a national hero, but in Iraq’s tricky sectarian system, that doesn’t mean he will win the election.

  31. As Afghan Attacks Intensify, So Does Anger at Country’s Leaders Foreign, January 29

    With insurgent attacks killing more than 130 people in 10 days, Afghans are asking why the government cannot protect its heavily militarized capital.

  32. Female Kurdish Fighter Kills Turkish Troops in Likely Suicide Bombing in Syria Foreign, January 28

    The Kurdish bomber, 20, fought for a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, an important ally of the United States military in the battle against the Islamic State.

  33. America Has Chosen the Wrong Partner Op Ed, January 28

    The United States shouldn’t rely on the People’s Protection Units in Syria, but on Turkey.

  34. Defeated in Syria, ISIS Fighters Held in Camps Still Pose a Threat Washington, January 24

    American military officials fear the makeshift camps may repeat a security mistake of the Iraq war even as they have sought to avoid any major responsibility for addressing it.

  35. Trump Sharply Warns Turkey Against Military Strikes in Syria Washington, January 24

    In a phone call, President Trump urged President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to limit attacks against Kurdish militias, including some backed by American forces.

  36. Cell Behind Barcelona Attack May Have Had Sights on Eiffel Tower Foreign, January 24

    The assault in Spain in August, which killed 16 people and wounded 140 others, could have been far worse, according to researchers of the Program on Global Terrorism in Madrid.

  37. Military Ordered to Notify A.C.L.U. Before Transferring American ISIS Suspect Washington, January 24

    The man was captured in Syria as a suspected Islamic State fighter, and his case has raised novel issues about the rights of American citizens.