1. ‘Why Do We Deserve to Die?’ Kabul’s Hazaras Bury Their Daughters. Foreign, May 9

    A bomb attack that killed scores of schoolgirls, members of a long-persecuted minority, offered still more evidence that Afghanistan may be on the verge of unraveling.

  2. Bombing Outside Afghan School Kills at Least 50, With Girls as Targets Foreign, May 8

    The attack, which came at the end of a particularly violent week, underlined growing concerns about the American troop withdrawal.

  3. Far-Right French Leader Marine Le Pen Acquitted Over ISIS Tweets Foreign, May 4

    Ms. Le Pen, head of the National Rally, posted graphic pictures in 2015 to protest comparisons between the terrorist group and her party.

  4. Biden Officials Place Hope in Taliban’s Desire for Legitimacy and Money Washington, April 23

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and others say the prospect of recognition — and financial aid from the United States — can moderate the militant group. Some call that delusional.

  5. Port Authority Bomber Is Sentenced to Life in Prison Metro, April 22

    Akayed Ullah, who detonated a pipe bomb in a crowded subway tunnel near Times Square in the name of ISIS in 2017, became radicalized online.

  6. General Warns of Challenges to Tracking Terrorist Threats in Afghanistan After U.S. Exits Washington, April 20

    The military is examining where it can reposition troops to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a terrorist base.