1. Telling the Truth About the Cost of War Editorial, Yesterday

    As civilian casualties appear to rise, the American military is not acknowledging the extent of the problem.

  2. What We Owe the Innocent Victims of America’s Wars Op Ed, November 22

    If we unnecessarily kill civilians and fail to help the innocent victims, we make the fight against terrorism harder.

  3. Assad and Putin Meet, as Russia Pushes to End Syrian War Foreign, November 21

    Russian officials have said they want the Syrian leader’s support for political reform, but doubts remain about how much Moscow was willing or able to push.

  4. Germany Arrests 6 Syrian Migrants Suspected of ISIS Links Foreign, November 21

    The detentions fanned fears that extremists posing as asylum seekers were targeting Europe.

  5. After Huge Truck Bombings, U.S. Steps Up Attacks Against Somali Militants Washington, November 19

    The Trump administration has redoubled its campaign to defeat the Qaeda-backed Shabab, but the group has proved to be a potent and resilient killing force.

  6. Crimes of the Caliphate: Iraqi Shepherd Bears Witness to ISIS Massacre Foreign, November 17

    As Iraq liberates the last territory from the Islamic State, the country is starting to grapple with the extent of the group’s destruction.

  7. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Counting Civilian Casualties in Iraq Podcasts, November 17

    In Part 2 of our look at the U.S.-led fight against ISIS, the survivor of an airstrike sets out to learn why his home was targeted.

  8. Behind the Cover: 11.19.17 Magazine, November 17

    In this issue, an investigation into the true civilian death count in Iraq.

  9. The Uncounted Interactive, November 16

    An on-the-ground investigation reveals that the U.S.-led battle against ISIS — hailed as the most precise air campaign in history — is killing far more Iraqi civilians than the coalition has acknowledged.

  10. A Policeman’s Bear Hug Stops a Suicide Bomber From Killing More Foreign, November 16

    The officer threw his arms around the bomber rushing toward the event hall he was guarding, sacrificing himself while limiting the death toll.

  11. Listen to ‘The Daily’: Targeting ISIS, and Killing Civilians Podcasts, November 16

    The U.S.-led air campaign been hailed as the most precise in history. But its civilian death toll has been far higher than anyone has acknowledged.

  12. Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated Washington, November 15

    President Trump recapped 10 months of his foreign policy in a speech on Wednesday that contained several inaccurate claims.

  13. The Paris Attacks, 2 Years Later: Quiet Remembrance and Lasting Impact Foreign, November 13

    The terrorist spree took 130 lives in a trauma that reshaped the balance between security and civil liberties in France.

  14. She Warned of ‘Peer-to-Peer Misinformation.’ Congress Listened. Business, November 12

    Renee DiResta has been tracking disinformation on Facebook and other sites since the anti-vaccine movement. Congress turned to her for the grilling of tech executives.

  15. With Iraqi-Kurdish Talks Stalled, Phone Diplomacy Averts New Clashes Foreign, November 12

    Informal talks continue amid public acrimony, but the precise roles of some of the participants are elusive. So is a breakthrough.

  16. U.S. and Somali Strikes on Shabab Said to Kill Nearly 100 Militants Foreign, November 11

    More than a dozen militants were killed in a U.S. airstrike on Friday; in a separate strike on Saturday, the Somali government said it had killed 81 militants in an attack on a bomb-making factory.

  17. Iran Sent Them to Syria. Now Afghan Fighters Are a Worry at Home. Foreign, November 11

    With violence against Shiites on the rise in Afghanistan, officials fear that Iran could use its Afghan force to intervene in a new proxy war.

  18. Marine Le Pen Loses French Parliamentary Immunity Over Tweets Foreign, November 9

    The far-right leader must now answer judges’ questions about a case involving graphic photographs of Islamic State violence.

  19. A Leading Afghan TV Station Is Attacked in Kabul Foreign, November 7

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack Tuesday on Shamshad TV, a major Pashto-language station. At least two people were killed.

  20. Terrorism Is Faster Than Twitter Business, November 5

    Before the recent attack in Lower Manhattan, an ISIS online publication offered tips on how to use a truck for “reaping large numbers of casualties.”

  21. What Doomsday Cults Can Teach Us About ISIS Today National, November 5

    Indoctrination practices used by the Islamic State have much in common with apocalyptic cults from decades ago.

  22. How ISIS Resembles the Doomsday Cults of the 1970s Video, November 5

    Can the lessons we learned from extremist cults decades ago be used to fight ISIS recruitment today?

  23. How the Kurdish Quest for Independence in Iraq Backfired Interactive, November 5

    After Kurds voted overwhelming for independence in a referendum in September, Iraqi government forces have seized territory previously under Kurdish control.

  24. After ISIS, What Comes Next? Editorial, November 4

    With a region in ruins, the United States faces the daunting challenge of promoting stability and countering extremism.

  25. After Defeats, ISIS Now Sells Nostalgia vs. Utopia Video, November 3

    The terrorist group has shifted between different promises to maintain credibility in the eyes of its followers.

  26. U.S. Bombs ISIS in Somalia for the First Time Washington, November 3

    A pair of strikes against the Islamic State marked an expansion of the American-led air campaign as the group was losing ground in Syria and Iraq.

  27. ISIS, Squeezed on Two Sides, Loses Syrian City and Border Crossing Foreign, November 3

    The loss is another blow to the Islamic State and a sign of the resurgence of the Syrian army.

  28. What New York Attack Suspect’s Words May Say About ISIS Ties Foreign, November 2

    In a note he left behind and in a cellphone photo album, the Manhattan attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov points to the depths of his radicalization by ISIS.

  29. Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Lower Manhattan Terrorist Attack Metro, November 2

    The statement was issued in the group’s weekly newsletter and described the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, as a “soldier of the Caliphate.”

  30. U.N. Says Islamic State Executed Hundreds During Siege of Mosul Foreign, November 2

    A report detailed atrocities, most by the militant group also known as ISIS, during the Iraqi government’s campaign to recapture Mosul.

  31. Trump Abandons Idea of Sending Terrorism Suspect to Guantánamo Washington, November 2

    But the president’s calls to execute the man accused in the Manhattan truck attack could add a complication that haunts prosecutors in any future trial.

  32. Trump Calls Terrorism Trial Process ‘a Joke,’ Despite Hundreds of Convictions Washington, November 2

    President Trump bemoaned the slow speed of terrorism cases and weak punishments for suspects, but experts say and data show swift and severe action.

  33. When Its Attacker Is in Handcuffs, ISIS Stays Mum Foreign, November 1

    If its recruit is on the run or behind bars, ISIS refrains from claiming responsibility. Analysts have a theory as to why.

  34. How the Manhattan Vehicle Attack Unfolded Video, November 1

    It took Sayfullo Saipov less than an hour to rent a truck in New Jersey, drive 21 miles to the West Side Highway and plow into a bike lane in Lower Manhattan. Eight were killed and 12 more were injured in the attack.

  35. Prosecutors Describe Driver’s Plan to Kill in Manhattan Terror Attack Metro, November 1

    The charges describe the driver, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, as meticulous student of ISIS propaganda who started planning the attack a year ago.

  36. I Want ‘Allahu Akbar’ Back Op Ed, November 1

    My all-purpose expression of gratitude has been stolen to signify terrorism, and it hurts.

  37. New York Attack Turns Focus to Central Asian Militancy Foreign, November 1

    Uzbekistan in particular, where the suspect in the New York terrorist attack is from, has produced a high number of militants.

  38. Central Asia Is Seen as Breeding Ground of Militancy Foreign, November 1

    Uzbekistan in particular, where the suspect in the New York terrorist attack is from, has produced a high number of militants.

  39. Why Unesco Needs the United States Op Ed, October 31

    Without America’s political and military support of Unesco, we may find ourselves watching another Palmyra destroyed.

  40. In Niger, Where U.S. Troops Died, a Lawless and Shifting Landscape Foreign, October 29

    Militants and smugglers operate in the impoverished African country, where the scale of American military involvement has surprised even high-ranking senators.

  41. As ISIS Is Driven From Iraq, Sunnis Remain Alienated Foreign, October 26

    The grievances of Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority allowed the Islamic State to flourish. How the government deals with Sunnis now could have long-term consequences.

  42. Red Cross Warns of ‘Dehumanizing’ Rhetoric in ISIS Fight Foreign, October 26

    Even Islamic State detainees have human rights, an official said. “There are no exceptions.”

  43. Islamic State Is ‘On the Run,’ U.S. Commander Says Foreign, October 25

    The militants in Iraq and Syria cling to 5 percent of the territory they had three years ago but are likely to continue attacks even they lose it all.