1. Battered ISIS Keeps Grip on Last Piece of Territory for Over a Year Foreign, December 9

    Despite Kurdish, Iraqi and American forces arrayed against it, ISIS has been hanging onto its final patch in Syria — and still exporting trouble.

  2. Nearly 132 Million People Will Need Help, U.N. Says in 2019 Appeal Foreign, December 4

    The U.N. is seeking about $25 billion, an increase of about 10 percent, even though relief agencies are becoming more efficient.

  3. ISIS Official Known for Caging Foes Is Captured by Iraq Foreign, November 30

    The captured operative was a midlevel official best known for having paraded captured Kurdish soldiers in cages.

  4. Syria Urges U.N. to Condemn Rebels After Apparent Chemical Attack Foreign, November 25

    Syria accused rebel forces of launching an attack in Aleppo that sent scores of choking victims to hospitals. Medical officials suspected chlorine had been used.

  5. Activist Who Used Humor to Highlight War Is Gunned Down in Syria Foreign, November 23

    Raed Fares’s videos and protest placards drew international attention to the plight of Syrians while angering both the government and extremists.

  6. ‘Of Fathers and Sons’ Review: A Look at Terrorists in Training Weekend, November 15

    In this documentary a filmmaker embeds himself with a jihadist family, presenting himself as a sympathizer, but sheds little light on their inner lives.

  7. The First Thanksgiving Dining, November 13

    Recently arrived refugees in the United States prepare to cook the most American of feasts.