1. Unprepared for the Worst: World’s Most Vulnerable Brace for Virus World, March 26

    Crowded camps, depleted clinics and scarce soap and water make social distancing and even hand-washing impossible for millions of refugees.

  2. Citing Death Penalty, U.K. Court Blocks Giving Evidence on ISIS ‘Beatles’ to U.S. U.S., March 25

    The decision raised the question of whether the Trump administration will promise not to seek the execution of two ISIS detainees accused of abusing hostages.

  3. For Children Fleeing War, a Tent Becomes a School World, March 22

    In northwestern Syria, children forced from their homes cannot remember a normal life. Volunteer teachers are trying to give them one.

  4. Thanks to Sanctions, Russia Is Cushioned From Virus’s Economic Shocks World, March 20

    Years of economic isolation and bulging financial reserves have positioned the country to ride out the coronavirus panic and bounce right back.

  5. Pakistani Doctor, Arrested in Minneapolis, Is Accused of Plan to Join ISIS U.S., March 19

    Muhammad Masood, 28, a doctor, said he wanted to “fight on the front line as well as help the wounded brothers,” according to the F.B.I.

  6. ‘Wash Our Hands? Some People Can’t Wash Their Kids for a Week.’ World, March 19

    In devastated northwestern Syria, the coronavirus may already be spreading in packed displacement camps, and the international response is weeks behind.

  7. ‘He Didn’t Want to Lie in a Grave That Couldn’t Be Visited’ Opinion, March 19

    Syria became a graveyard, where an aspirational vision of who we are and what we will tolerate now lies. We won’t be immune to the consequences of our failures.

  8. With Cease-Fire in Place, Syrians Return for Belongings, but Not to Stay World, March 16

    A few of the hundreds of thousands displaced by the fighting are trickling back. But few, if any, say they believe the quiet will last.

  9. 3 Men Sentenced to 125 Years Each in Drowning of Syrian Refugee Boy World, March 13

    A Turkish court sentenced each man to 125 years in jail for the death of five refugees, including Alan Kurdi, 2, whose body washed up on a beach.

  10. Critics Hear Political Tone as Pompeo Calls Out Diplomatic Rivals Over Human Rights U.S., March 11

    China, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela were cited as among the worst violators. All four are targets of pressure campaigns by the Trump administration to install sweeping change.

  11. Rocket Attack Kills Three U.S. Coalition Members in Iraq World, March 11

    Rockets struck Camp Taji where Iraqi, American and other coalition troops are based.

  12. ‘The Only Choice Is to Wait for Death’ World, March 6

    Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Syria’s war ended up in Idlib city. But with the front line just five miles away, the city may not be a refuge much longer.

  13. Putin and Erdogan Reach Accord to Halt Fighting in Syria World, March 5

    As President Vladimir V. Putin welcomed Turkey’s leader to Moscow, his primary goal is to protect his long-term project of dividing NATO.

  14. U.N. Panel Says Russia Bombed Syrian Civilian Targets, a War Crime World, March 2

    The panel condemned tactics they said the Syrian government and its allies were still using in the northwest province of Idlib.

  15. Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government World, March 1

    After suffering its worst casualties in years, Turkey is openly declaring war against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.

  16. Erdogan Says, ‘We Opened the Doors,’ and Clashes Erupt as Migrants Head for Europe World, February 29

    Thousands of migrants in Turkey faced off with riot police at the Greek border, and the Turkish leader lashed out at the E.U., saying it had not helped him manage a growing crisis in northern Syria.

  17. Turkey Vows to Resist Attacks Against Its Forces in Syria World, February 28

    After 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in strikes in Syria, fears have risen of open conflict with Russia.