1. Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Syria, With Dozens Feared Dead Foreign, September 23

    Witnesses said that bodies could be seen from shore drifting in the waters just outside the port of Tartus. The Lebanese authorities said at least 75 people died, with 20 rescued.

  2. Water Problems in Syria Give Rise to Deadly Cholera Outbreak Foreign, September 22

    The highly contagious disease has spread quickly in the country’s north, where millions of people displaced by a decade-long war are living, and many rely on untreated water from rivers containing raw sewage.

  3. La pequeña Amal llegó a EE. UU. con un mensaje de esperanza en Español, September 18

    La marioneta de 3,6 metros, que representa a una niña refugiada, viajó de Turquía al Reino Unido el año pasado. Ahora pasará casi tres semanas en Nueva York participando en numerosos eventos.

  4. Little Amal Arrives in New York, With a Message of Hope and Humanity Culture, September 14

    The 12-foot-tall Syrian refugee puppet traveled from Turkey to Britain last year. Now, she will spend nearly three weeks in the five boroughs taking part in numerous events.

  5. Bashar al-Assad Has a Syria He’d Like the World to See Op Ed, August 31

    The only trouble is, it’s not the real one.

  6. U.N. Faces Record Humanitarian Aid Shortfall — but Not for Ukrainians Foreign, August 22

    Soaring needs and wealthy countries’ focus on Ukraine have left aid agencies with too little money to address the world’s other crises, forcing them to cut programs.