1. Syrian Activist and Her Daughter Fatally Stabbed in Turkey Foreign, Yesterday

    Orouba Barakat and her daughter, Halla, were attacked in their apartment, and relatives blame the Syrian government for their deaths.

  2. In Syria, the World’s Democracies Failed Us Special Sections, September 18

    The free world kept a safe distance when Syria erupted.

  3. The Holocaust Museum Sought Lessons on Syria. What It Got Was a Political Backlash. Culture, September 17

    The Holocaust Museum has found itself in the middle of a fraught debate over the Obama administration’s legacy in Syria after withdrawing research.

  4. Syrian Children Return to School Amid the Ruins in a Rebel-Held Area Foreign, September 16

    In the battered suburb of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus, students are trying to resume their studies, which have been cut short by war.

  5. Why the U.S. Allowed a Convoy of ISIS Fighters to Go Free Foreign, September 15

    American officials say the decision to end a two-week standoff involved a trade-off of competing priorities, and speaks to the complexity of the Syrian war.

  6. Welcoming Refugees Should Be a Settled Question Op Ed, September 14

    To slam the door in the face of those fleeing persecution would be an act of self-harm for America.

  7. ISIS Convoy Reportedly Crosses Syria, at Russia’s Request Foreign, September 13

    An Islamic State convoy of buses with fighters and family members aboard finally gets to ISIS territory in eastern Syria, after Russia asks American planes to stay away.

  8. A Driving Lesson. An Art Show. A Start. Interactive, September 9

    Raghida had to leave her drawings behind in Syria, but now new work is on display.

  9. The Last Days of ISIS’ Capital: Airstrikes if You Stay, Land Mines if You Flee Foreign, September 8

    A Times reporter travels to Raqqa, the wounded heart of the Islamic State, and finds residents trapped by airstrikes, artillery fire and land mines.

  10. How to Understand Israel’s Strike on Syria Op Ed, September 8

    This week’s attack represents a major strategic and moral improvement in the Jewish state’s policy toward the Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah.

  11. Airstrikes on Syrian Military Sites Renew Focus on Chemical Weapons Foreign, September 7

    The Syrian site was said to produce precision missiles and chemical weapons, which Syria had agreed to give up in 2013.

  12. No Relief for Islamic State Convoy Blocked in Syria Foreign, September 7

    “It has not reached Iraq and will not reach Iraq,” an American official said, though the military says food and water are reaching the militants and their families.

  13. U.N. Panel Faults Syria’s Military for Chemical Attack Foreign, September 6

    A commission of inquiry added to the mountain of evidence of the military’s role in the April 4 attack, which killed at least 83 people.

  14. Pro-Government Forces in Syria Break ISIS Siege of Eastern City Foreign, September 5

    Syrian forces and allied militias re-entered the strategically important city of Deir al-Zour, but it could still take weeks to retake the entire city from Islamic State fighters.

  15. Life in a Police State, Through the Searing Story of a Refugee’s Disappearance Book Review, September 5

    In “A Disappearance in Damascus,” the journalist Deborah Campbell searches for her guide, an Iraqi refugee.

  16. He Aimed to Fight in Syria. ISIS Had a Broader Plan: Southeast Asia Foreign, September 3

    The Islamic State sent a young Indonesian to fight in the Philippines. His shocked family now reckons with his role.

  17. ISIS Is on Its Heels, but Fighting to the Death Washington, September 2

    American officials say the pace of the fight against the Islamic State is not slowing, even as the militants’ territory continues to shrink.

  18. Stranded ISIS Convoy Symbolizes Militants’ Stalled Campaign Foreign, September 1

    The Islamic State’s convoy, chased around Syria for five days with nowhere to go, has become emblematic of the militants’ declining fortunes.

  19. Officials Eye Euphrates River Valley as Last Stand for ISIS Washington, August 31

    Even with the Islamic State on the run, U.S. advisers grapple with political and military problems in wresting Iraqi and Syrian towns from extremists.

  20. Islamic State Convoy Remains Stuck in Syria Foreign, August 31

    A convoy of 308 Islamic State militants has nowhere to go, with angry ISIS comrades in front of them, a broken Syrian deal behind and U.S. bombers overhead.

  21. Casualties From Cluster Bombs More Than Doubled Last Year, Treaty Monitor Says Foreign, August 31

    The outlawed munitions killed or maimed nearly 1,000 people last year, largely because of the Syria war.

  22. U.S. Airstrikes Block Convoy Transferring ISIS Fighters Foreign, August 30

    American airstrikes stranded a convoy of 670 ISIS militants in the middle of Syria, as other warplanes bombed fighters coming to their rescue.

  23. Many Shades of the U.S. at War Op Ed, August 30

    Visits to key military bases create contrasting impressions, including between service members and their commander in chief.

  24. ‘I Am Not Useful for My Camera if I Die': A Syrian Photographer’s View Lens, August 30

    The story and work of Hosam Katan, a Syrian photographer, reveals much about how coverage of the Syrian conflict has changed.

  25. Queens Man Is Charged With Trying to Enter Syria to Join ISIS Metro, August 29

    Before his arrest, Parveg Ahmed had been stopped and questioned at Kennedy Airport about social media posts praising ISIS.

  26. ‘I Am Not Useful for My Camera if I Die’: A Syrian Photographer’s View Slideshow, August 30

    Hosam Katan’s story reveals much about how coverage of the Syrian conflict has changed.

  27. Iran Is Taking Over Syria. Can Anyone Stop It? Opinion, August 29

    If Iran is the only country that cares what happens after the war ends, the Middle East will be in big trouble.

  28. Lebanon Frees Hundreds of ISIS Fighters in Exchange for Soldiers’ Bodies World, August 28

    The Islamic State militants are being taken to eastern Syria in a deal for the remains of eight people thought to be Lebanese soldiers.

  29. Lebanese Army, Hezbollah and Syrian Army Declare Cease-Fire With ISIS World, August 27

    The Lebanese Army announced a truce to try to recover soldiers. Separately, Hezbollah and its Syrian allies said Islamic State fighters had surrendered.

  30. Hezbollah: Iran’s Middle East Agent, Emissary and Hammer World, August 27

    The “Party of God” has evolved from a Lebanese militant group into the spearhead of an international militia network led by Tehran.