1. Turkey and Russia Judged Bigger Risk Than ISIS for U.S. Troops in Syria World, December 11

    American commanders have requested guidance on dealing with an attack from those armed groups and others from Iran and the Syrian government, but officials say they have received muddled direction.

  2. The Children of ISIS Don’t Belong in Cages, Either Opinion, December 9

    The world is failing innocent victims of the war on terrorism.

  3. Has the Travel Ban Affected You and Your Family? Tell Us How Reader Center, December 6

    With the holidays here, we want to hear from those whose families have been affected by President Trump’s restrictions.

  4. With Internal Squabbling on Vivid Display, What’s Next for NATO? World, December 4

    The alliance might not be suffering “brain death” but it faces new technologies, new rivals, new weapons and a changing America.

  5. U.N. Asks for Record Funds for Aid Programs World, December 4

    Citing wars and the effects of climate change that have produced a flood of refugees, the agency is seeking nearly $30 billion for humanitarian relief in 2020.

  6. In Syria, Health Workers Risk Becoming ‘Enemies of the State’ World, December 4

    Physicians for Human Rights corroborates claims that Bashar al-Assad’s government has criminalized giving care to its enemies, a violation of international law.

  7. Airstrike and Artillery Shelling Kill Civilians in Syrian Towns World, December 2

    Thirteen civilians were killed in a strike on a market in a rebel-held town and eight children were among those killed by shelling near a school in a Kurdish town.

  8. Irish Ex-Soldier Who Married ISIS Fighter Is Arrested World, December 1

    Lisa Smith, 38, and her 2-year-old daughter were deported by Turkey from a Syrian displacement camp and landed in Dublin on Sunday.

  9. A Civilian Camp in Syria Was Bombed. Here’s How We Traced the Culprit. Reader Center, December 1

    Eyewitness photos and videos, flight logs and cockpit tapes obtained by The Times enabled reporters to trace an airstrike on a Syrian camp for displaced families to a Russian pilot.

  10. ‘Sent Candy’: Cockpit Tapes Show Russian Pilots Bombing Syrian Civilians Video, December 1

    A Times investigation used cockpit recordings to show for the first time how Russian pilots attacked civilians in Syria this summer, killing dozens.

  11. U.S. Resumes Large-Scale Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria U.S., November 25

    After a lull of several weeks, American troops and Syrian Kurdish fighters are once again conducting large-scale counterterrorism missions.

  12. Trump Threw This Mission Into Chaos. The Military Is Scrambling To Save It. Video, November 24

    On a rare visit to U.S. bases in eastern Syria, we saw how President Trump’s message is being reinterpreted on the ground.

  13. U.K. Takes Back Children From Former ISIS Territory World, November 22

    The Kurdish authorities said three children in Syria had been handed over to British officials.

  14. Arabic-Language Version of ‘Sesame Street’ Will Debut 3 New Muppets Arts, November 21

    The show, “Ahlan Simsim,” which means “Welcome Sesame” in Arabic, aims to tackle the trauma facing refugee children in the Middle East.

  15. Undoing Trump’s Syria Blunder Opinion, November 21

    America’s mission to protect the Kurds after the Gulf War is a model for low-cost, low-risk intervention.

  16. Israel Launches Airstrikes in Syria to Target Iranian Forces World, November 20

    The strikes came a day after rockets were fired across the border into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

  17. Israel Intercepts Four Rockets Launched From Syria World, November 19

    Days after a clash between Israel and militants in Gaza to the south, tensions rose across the northern frontier.

  18. Turkey’s Deportations Force Europe to Face Its ISIS Militants World, November 17

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to send back foreign citizens who supported the Islamic State is handing Western Europe a problem it had hoped to avoid.

  19. U.N. Query on Syria Hospital Bombings May Be Undermined by Russia Pressure, Limited Scope World, November 14

    The United Nations is investigating attacks on seven humanitarian sites in Syria. Diplomats say Russia is trying to keep the U.N. findings secret.

  20. We Proved Russian Pilots Bombed a Hospital. Then They Did It Again. Video, November 14

    Four weeks ago, The Times provided visual evidence showing that the Russian Air Force bombed a Syrian hospital. Last Wednesday, Russia did it again.

  21. Experts Divided on Authenticity of Islamic State Receipts World, November 14

    A Times article based on documents recovered by a researcher reported that ISIS made payments to members of a rival group.

  22. Trump and the Military: A Dysfunctional Marriage, but They Stay Together U.S., November 14

    The Pentagon is learning how to work with a president whose orders can whipsaw by the hour.

  23. The Brief and Inspiring Life of James Le Mesurier Opinion, November 14

    The British humanitarian accomplished enormous feats in alleviating the suffering of civilians in Syria.

  24. ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S. World, November 14

    Turkey said it had received assurances from Washington that the American would not be refused entry.

  25. Behind the Scenes, Erdogan’s Friendly White House Visit Had Tense Moments World, November 14

    The Turkish leader clashed with a Republican senator and returned President Trump’s pointed letter warning against a military incursion into Syria.