1. Misery ‘Every Day, Every Hour’ in Syrian Camp. And Now, It’s Grown Critical. Foreign, October 20

    The humanitarian situation for some 50,000 Syrians at a camp for the displaced near the Jordanian border has deteriorated, and aid agencies warn it has reached a critical level.

  2. Searching for Water Across Borders Op Ed, October 18

    Saudi Arabia and China are among the countries that have turned to the United States and elsewhere.

  3. U.N. Syria Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, Announces Resignation World, October 17

    Mr. de Mistura, the United Nations chief negotiator for Syria, will be the third diplomat to leave the job since Syria’s grinding civil war began 7 years ago.

  4. Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S. as Pompeo Lands in Riyadh Foreign, October 16

    The funds, earmarked for aid to Syria, arrived as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the kingdom to discuss the fate of a missing Saudi dissident.

  5. Syria Reopens Border Link to Jordan, as Assad Reasserts Control Foreign, October 15

    Syrian officials celebrated the reopening of the crossing with Jordan, hoping it would foster trade and lead to normalization with other Arab states.

  6. Comics of Violence and Nostalgia From War-Torn Syria Book Review, October 12

    In her column, Hillary Chute explores work from Riad Sattouf, Don Brown, Molly Crabapple and Marwan Hisham.

  7. Is the Saudi Crown Prince Too Disruptive Even for Trump? Op Ed, October 12

    America used to count on Saudi Arabia to maintain some stability in the Middle East. What now?

  8. Syrian Rebels Withdraw Heavy Weapons to Spare Idlib From Assault Foreign, October 10

    Turkey secured the rebels’ agreement to pull back the weaponry, staving off a Syrian government offensive on the heavily populated rebel stronghold.

  9. Nikki Haley Will Be Missed Editorial, October 9

    The U.N. ambassador has managed to represent President Trump and the United States.

  10. The Long Journey of the Aleppo Pepper Dining, October 9

    The signature Syrian spice, caught up in conflict, became scarce in the United States just as its popularity boomed. But importers and vendors are finding new ways to get it.

  11. Iran Widens an Already Huge Rift Between Europe and U.S. Foreign, October 9

    Since President Trump announced that he would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, European leaders are actively working to help Tehran get around new sanctions.

  12. Stranded for Months at Malaysia Airport, a Syrian Refugee Is Arrested Foreign, October 3

    Since March, Hassan al-Kontar has been camped out in the terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.

  13. No Exit: Refugees Trapped in a Squalid Greek Camp Editorial, October 3

    Camp Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos, is a visible reminder of Europe’s hardening stance toward migrants.

  14. Iran Fires a Ballistic Missile at ISIS in Syria, Avenging an Earlier Attack Foreign, October 1

    Iran fired several missiles across neighboring Iraq at the last remaining ISIS stronghold, in an area where the American military is active.

  15. These Are Not Disposable Allies Op Ed, September 26

    If the United States really wants stability in Syria, it needs to back the Kurds politically and practically, not just with weapons.

  16. President Trump Addresses the United Nations (laughter) Editorial, September 25

    A dark and cramped view of the world from an increasingly isolated leader.

  17. Turkey Stands Between Europe and the Next Refugee Crisis Op Ed, September 25

    If the agreement between Turkey and Russia that delayed an assault on the Syrian province of Idlib fails, Turkey and Europe will face a new wave of refugees and renewed threats of terrorist attacks.

  18. Russia Promises Advanced Missiles to Syria After Rift With Israel Foreign, September 24

    Blaming Israel for the loss of a Russian plane in Syria, Russia will modernize Syria’s missile arsenal. The move could complicate the air war in Syria.