1. A Deadly Earthquake Felt in Multiple Countries Interactive, Today

    Hundreds of buildings collapsed and millions of people in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel felt the earth shake.

  2. The earthquake struck war-scarred northern Syria. World, Today

    After more than a decade of conflict, northern Syria will be ill-equipped to recover from Monday’s earthquake amid a collapsing economy.

  3. How strong is a magnitude-7.8 quake? Foreign, Today

    Experts fear that the quake in Turkey on Monday was strong and shallow enough to be lethal on a devastating scale.

  4. Go See What Happened to My City, Then You’ll Know How I Am Op Ed, February 2

    Homs was the capital of the Syrian revolution. Now it is a footnote, but not to me.

  5. U.N. Faces Record Humanitarian Aid Shortfall — but Not for Ukrainians Foreign, August 22

    Soaring needs and wealthy countries’ focus on Ukraine have left aid agencies with too little money to address the world’s other crises, forcing them to cut programs.