1. ‘It’s Like the End of the World’ World, Yesterday

    At the Turkish border with Syria, tales of the desperation unfolding on the other side, where some 900,000 people are fleeing a Syrian assault.

  2. My Father in Syria Needed Pills Opinion, Yesterday

    It took two weeks for them to get to him. By then it was too late.

  3. Russians Pressure U.S. Forces in Northeast Syria World, February 14

    Russian troops are engaging in standoffs with U.S. troops guarding oil fields and fighting remnants of the Islamic State.

  4. 800,000 Syrians Have Fled in Three Months. This Is What it Looks Like. Interactive, February 14

    Some crowd into trucks. Others go on foot. The current Syrian migration is similar in scale to the Rohingya crisis in 2017.

  5. Syrian Attacks Draw Turkey Deeper Into Syrian War World, February 12

    Turkey is sending reinforcements into northwest Syria and pressing for a Turkish-controlled zone there.

  6. Healing Syria’s Wounds World, February 11

    Amani Ballour was a warzone doctor. Now her life is the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary.

  7. Her Dream of Becoming a Doctor Turned into a Nightmare, and a Movie World, February 11

    Dr. Amani Ballour was the manager of an underground hospital in Syria. Now her life is the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary.

  8. Fighting Escalates in Syria as Shelling Kills Five Turkish Soldiers World, February 10

    Turkey said it retaliated Monday after “intense” shelling by Syrian forces killed five of its soldiers and wounded five others in Syria’s northern Idlib province, the country’s last rebel stronghold.

  9. Passenger Plane Drew Fire in Syria, Russia Says World, February 7

    A jet with 172 people aboard was forced to make an emergency landing at a Russian military base after Syrian air defenses shot at the plane, Russian media said.

  10. Turkey Launches Deadly Airstrikes Against Syrian Forces World, February 3

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that as many as 35 Syrian government troops had been killed, and he warned Russia against trying to prevent his country’s actions.

  11. ‘Sesame Street’ Is Opening Up to Syrian Refugees Sunday Review, January 31

    What happens when the people who invented educational television try to reinvent humanitarian aid?