1. Another Surprise Meeting With Putin. This Time, It’s Merkel. Foreign, Yesterday

    The German chancellor will meet with the Russian president as their countries seek to cooperate on issues like Syria and a shared gas pipeline.

  2. In Syria, Explosion in Residential Building Kills Dozens in Rebel-Held Area Foreign, August 12

    An explosion in a residential building thought to be storing weapons and ammunition in the rebel-held province of Idlib killed at least 69 people, including 12 children, a war monitor said.

  3. In Lebanon Town, Refugees and Locals Agree on 1 Thing: Time for Syrians to Go Foreign, August 8

    Residents of Arsal, which had four times as many Syrians as local residents, hope the winding down of the Syrian war will allow refugees to return.

  4. Syria’s Women Prisoners, Drawn by an Artist Who Was One Culture, August 7

    Azza Abo Rebieh got her guards to give her pencils and paper, then began sketching the faces and habits of fellow inmates in Syria’s notorious detention system.

  5. A Top Syrian Scientist Is Killed, and Fingers Point at Israel Foreign, August 6

    The car bombing was said to be at least the fourth Israeli assassination attempt against an enemy weapons engineer on foreign soil in the last three years.

  6. An Ancient River in Syria Sections Off a Modern War Foreign, August 3

    A trip along the Euphrates reveals damaged and depopulated towns, and an uneasy front held by a tenuous American presence.

  7. Personal Stories From the Refugee Experience Book Review, August 3

    Three books relate the individual accounts of people caught up in events larger than themselves.

  8. Mai Skaf, Syrian Actress Who Defied Assad Regime, Dies at 49 Obits, July 27

    Ms. Skaf fled to Paris after being arrested and harassed and receiving death threats when she spoke out against the Syrian government.

  9. Hundreds Died in Syrian Custody, Government Acknowledges Foreign, July 26

    Syrian families have suddenly learned that missing relatives have been registered as dead by the government. Rights groups call it an admission that they were killed in prison.

  10. I’ve Been Covering the Detention of Terrorism Suspects for 15 Years. What Have We Learned? Insider, July 26

    Our national security law expert in Washington made his first of many reporting trips to Guantánamo Bay in 2003. Earlier this month, he toured ISIS fighter prisons in Syria.

  11. ISIS Bombings Shatter Quiet in Southern Syria, Killing More Than 200 People Foreign, July 25

    In a series of attacks in Sweida Province, jihadists from the Islamic State proved that they could still inflict damage, despite having lost territory.

  12. How Syrians Pioneered Digital Tools to Stand Up to Authorities Business, July 25

    Smartphone video, now used to document abuses across the globe, has been crucial in telling the outside world about Syria’s war, says Anne Barnard, Beirut bureau chief for The Times.

  13. Israel Downs Syrian Fighter Jet Over Golan Heights Foreign, July 24

    The Syrian jet crossed into Israeli-controlled airspace, Israel said, in a rare incursion. Israel last shot down a Syrian warplane in 2014.

  14. Israel Aids Evacuation From Syria of Hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ and Families Foreign, July 22

    The Israeli government facilitated the passage of the rescue workers and their families through its territory to Jordan so that they could be resettled abroad.

  15. American Accused of Being ISIS Fighter in Syria Faces Prosecution in U.S. Foreign, July 19

    Ibraheem Musaibli, who is from Michigan, is being held in Syria. So is an Indiana woman whose husband died fighting for ISIS. The U.S. is bringing them home.

  16. As ISIS Fighters Fill Prisons in Syria, Their Home Nations Look Away Washington, July 18

    On a rare tour of prisons for Islamic State suspects from nearly 50 countries, a Times reporter watched their jailers try to secure them humanely — but for how long?

  17. American-Russian Relations in Syria? Less Rosy Than Trump and Putin Claim Washington, July 17

    After their meeting in Finland, the two presidents lauded the close cooperation between their two militaries in Syria, but the record is actually more mixed.

  18. In a Dark, Endless News Cycle, the World Cup Gave Us Light Op Ed, July 16

    Ignorance is bliss, but untenable. Temporary distraction, however, is quite nice.