1. Syria Regains Control of Damascus, After Seven Years of Fighting Foreign, May 21

    With the last of 1,600 militants departing from the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, fighting around the capital is over. Peace, though, remains elusive.

  2. Assad Meets Putin in a Surprise Visit to Russia Foreign, May 17

    President Vladimir V. Putin says “foreign armed forces” will be withdrawn from Syria as part of peace settlement, a possible reference to Iran’s military presence.

  3. A Teenager Starting Over in Canada Op Ed, May 15

    Ibraheem was just a regular kid — until he lost everything.

  4. We Became Fragments Video, May 15

    Ibraheem was just a regular kid — until he lost everything.

  5. With Demise of Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Foes See an Opportunity. Others See Risk of War. Foreign, May 13

    Iran has proved adept at exploiting upheavals in the Middle East to deter enemies and spread its influence. Now President Trump and American allies in the region want to turn back the clock.

  6. Why Iran and Israel Are Clashing in Syria Foreign, May 10

    A long-simmering conflict escalated dramatically overnight with Israel targeting the military infrastructure Iran has been building up in Syria.

  7. Israel and Iran, Newly Emboldened, Exchange Blows in Syria Face-Off Foreign, May 10

    The cross-border exchanges — the most serious from each side over Iran’s presence in Syria — took place a day after the Americans withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord.

  8. How the Supreme Court Grasps Religion Op Ed, May 10

    We’ll soon find out as the justices prepare to rule on the travel ban and a baker who refused to accommodate a same-sex wedding.

  9. Appeals Court Bars U.S. From Transferring American ISIS Suspect Washington, May 9

    In a major war powers decision, an appeals court has blocked the government from forcibly transferring an American detainee to another country.

  10. Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting Foreign, May 9

    After an aide to the Islamic State’s leader was captured in Turkey, the C.I.A. and Iraqi intelligence used him to lure other operatives, Iraqi officials say.

  11. The Quiet Americans Behind the U.S.-Russia Imbroglio Magazine, May 8

    Can Washington’s “Russia hands” help explain why the post-Cold War relationship has gone off the rails?

  12. Trump’s Dangerous Global Retreat Op Ed, May 4

    What happens when the world’s policeman checks out?

  13. Aggro-Texting From the Syrian Jihad Book Review, May 4

    Why would two Norwegian teenagers abandon life at home for ISIS? Asne Seierstad’s absorbing new book, “Two Sisters,” attempts to answer the question.

  14. Who Can Prevent a War Between Israel and Iran? Russia Op Ed, May 3

    Unlike the United States, Moscow has strong working relationships with nearly everyone.

  15. Missile Attack in Syria Reportedly Kills at Least 16, Raising Regional Tensions Foreign, April 30

    Suspicions fell on Israel, which has bombed what are believed to be convoys transporting Iran’s weapons to its regional allies.

  16. Who Will Win the New Great Game? Op Ed, April 26

    The West is not in a new Cold War. It’s an old-fashioned fight with China and Russia for power and influence.

  17. American Warplanes Shift Tactics to Target Last ISIS Pockets in Eastern Syria Washington, April 24

    The American-led air campaign to defeat the remnants of ISIS in eastern Syria lost its main ground force. Now it is shifting its tactics to kill the last remaining fighters.

  18. Emmanuel Macron Goes to Washington Op Ed, April 23

    The president of France is on a mission to sway Donald Trump on several issues.