1. International Court Orders Syria to Stop Torture of Political Opponents Foreign, November 17

    Human rights experts have estimated that some 14,000 people died from torture or were killed in the prisons run by military intelligence and security forces during Syria’s long civil war.

  2. French Judges Issue Warrant for Assad in Syria War Crimes Case Foreign, November 15

    The warrant relates to the deadly use of chemical weapons and is a major step to hold President Bashar al-Assad accountable for some of the worst atrocities in Syria’s long conflict.

  3. U.S. Carries Out Another Round of Airstrikes on Targets Tied to Iran Washington, November 12

    Airstrikes hit two facilities in eastern Syria, most likely killing or injuring Iran-backed militia personnel. The United States has blamed such groups for recent attacks against its troops.

  4. Houthi Rebels Shot Down a U.S. Drone Off Yemen’s Coast, Pentagon Says Washington, November 9

    The downing of a Reaper drone, the mainstay of the American military’s aerial surveillance fleet, was the latest escalation of violence between the U.S. and Iran-backed groups in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

  5. U.S. Strikes Iran-Linked Facility in Syria in Round of Retaliation Washington, November 8

    Drone and rocket attacks on U.S. forces have continued in recent weeks, prompting a second round of retaliatory airstrikes in eastern Syria.

  6. Climate Change Is Causing Severe Drought in a Volatile Mideast Zone, Study Finds Climate, November 8

    Syria, Iraq and Iran were parched by high temperatures that would have been “virtually impossible” without the effects of global warming, scientists said.

  7. Lesiones extrañas de una guerra secreta: los efectos de las explosiones de artillería En español, November 8

    Estados Unidos dirigió un feroz bombardeo contra el Estado Islámico en Siria e Irak que hizo mella en sus propias tropas. Estas son las claves de los hallazgos de una investigación del Times.

  8. U.N. Faces Record Humanitarian Aid Shortfall — but Not for Ukrainians Foreign, August 22

    Soaring needs and wealthy countries’ focus on Ukraine have left aid agencies with too little money to address the world’s other crises, forcing them to cut programs.