1. As Assad’s Isolation Lifts, Syrian Refugees Fear Pressure to Return Home World, June 5

    Arab countries re-establishing diplomatic ties with Syria are making repatriation of Syrian refugees a top priority. “Even if they shoot me, I won’t go back,” a refugee in Lebanon said.

  2. Meet the New Mayor: How a Refugee Won Over a Conservative German Town Foreign, May 28

    The election of Ryyan Alshebl, a young man who fled Syria, offers surprising lessons for a Germany wrestling with its multicultural identity after an influx of refugees in 2015.

  3. The Long Isolation of Syria’s al-Assad Is Over Foreign, May 18

    President Bashar al-Assad was shunned over atrocities committed in Syria’s civil war, but on Friday he is expected to join an annual summit of Arab leaders for the first time in 13 years.

  4. Syria’s Assad to Attend Arab League Summit After Yearslong Suspension Foreign, May 17

    President Bashar al-Assad is expected to participate in the meeting for the first time since brutally crushing his country’s Arab Spring uprising.

  5. U.N. Faces Record Humanitarian Aid Shortfall — but Not for Ukrainians Foreign, August 22

    Soaring needs and wealthy countries’ focus on Ukraine have left aid agencies with too little money to address the world’s other crises, forcing them to cut programs.