1. Trump Officials Press for a Cease-Fire After Turkish Incursion in Syria World, Today

    A letter by President Trump last week, warning Mr. Erdogan in blunt terms against the incursion, threatened to make the shuttle diplomacy by Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo more difficult.

  2. A Foreseen Calamity in Syria Podcasts, Today

    President Trump’s troop withdrawal ignited a predicted outburst of chaos and carnage in the Middle East.

  3. Inside the Derailed White House Meeting U.S., Yesterday

    “I hate ISIS more than you do,” President Trump said. “You don’t know that,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied. Here’s the rest of their exchange.

  4. Inside the Derailed White House Meeting U.S., Yesterday

    “I hate ISIS more than you do,” President Trump said. “You don’t know that,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied. Here’s the rest of their exchange.

  5. 7 Days in Syria: Trump Abandoned the Kurds. Mayhem Followed. Video, Yesterday

    On Sunday Oct. 6, President Trump announced that Turkey would move forward with an offensive in northeast Syria after U.S. troops pulled out of the area. Since then, American-allied Kurdish forces have been under attack, over 200,000 people have been displaced and the threat of ISIS’s resurgence looms. Our video traces how we got here in just one week.

  6. Bipartisan House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal U.S., Yesterday

    Republicans and Democrats delivered a rebuke to the president over his decision to pull back American troops, an order many viewed as acquiescing to Turkey’s incursion against a United States ally.

  7. In Bipartisan Rebuke, House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal U.S., Yesterday

    The move was an overwhelming condemnation of the president’s decision to pull back American troops inside Syria.

  8. The World Condemns Erdogan’s War on Kurds. But Turkey Applauds. World, Yesterday

    Attacked abroad, and facing a raft of sanctions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may nevertheless be getting what he wants from Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish-held Syria.

  9. Trump Lashes Out on Syria as Republicans Rebuke Him in House Vote World, Yesterday

    President Trump again defends his decision to withdraw American troops, an order that many, including Republicans, have interpreted as acquiescing to Turkey’s incursion against a United States ally.

  10. Turkey Urges Kurdish Fighters to Lay Down Their Arms World, Yesterday

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the Kurds to leave northeast Syria “this night.” He spoke as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were planning to visit Turkey, and as President Trump sought to distance himself from the conflict.

  11. Kurds in Syria Were Sold Out by President Trump, 2020 Democrats Say U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  12. 2020 Democrats Say President Trump ‘Sold Out the Kurds’ in Syria U.S., October 15

    Twelve Democratic presidential candidates shared the stage in Ohio for the fourth televised primary debate.

  13. Pence and Pompeo to Push Erdogan for Pullback From Syria World, October 15

    In meeting the Turkish leader, the vice president is expected to reiterate President Trump’s demand for a negotiated cease-fire.

  14. The U.S. Turned Syria’s North Into a Tinderbox. Then Trump Lit a Match. World, October 15

    The violence precipitated by the American withdrawal is an outcome of tensions that have been building since the conflict began more than eight years ago.

  15. How the U.S. Military Will Carry Out a Hasty, Risky Withdrawal From Syria World, October 15

    The Pentagon will have to disassemble combat bases that were built to stay for a mission that was supposed to last, and protect the troops as they withdraw amid a chaotic battlefield.

  16. Winners and Losers in Trump’s Troop Withdrawal From Syria World, October 15

    For months, analysts have outlined how such a move would risk upsetting the fragile balance of power in a complex war.

  17. In Syria, Russia Is Pleased to Fill an American Void World, October 15

    As the United States withdraws from Syria, Russia is stepping in, running patrols to separate warring factions, striking deals and helping President Bashar al-Assad advance.

  18. 4 Big Questions About Syria’s Future Interactive, October 15

    The surprise American withdrawal from parts of northern Syria reshuffled old alliances and touched off a new stage of the eight-year war.

  19. Trump Just Created a Moral and Strategic Disaster Opinion, October 14

    As desperate Kurds ally with Assad in Syria, the specter of the Islamic State threatens again, and American power dims.

  20. ABC Apologizes for Showing Video From U.S. Gun Range in Report on Syria Business, October 14

    The video appeared in a report on Turkish attacks in northern Syria. ABC News did not specify how the error had occurred.

  21. Assad Forces Surge Forward in Syria as U.S. Pulls Back World, October 14

    Syrian government forces streamed into the country’s northeast, filling a vacuum opened up by President Trump’s decision to pull back in Syria.

  22. Trump Imposes Sanctions on Turkey as Syria Conflict Intensifies U.S., October 14

    President Trump also said he was doubling tariffs on imports of Turkish steel in response to Turkey’s incursion into Syria, an invasion for which he himself had cleared the way for.

  23. As World Frets Over U.S. Missteps in Syria, Russia Grins and Pounces World, October 14

    President Trump’s erratic moves are letting Russia seize the role of peacemaker — and deal-maker — in Syria.

  24. Russia Savors U.S. Missteps in Syria, and Seizes Opportunity World, October 14

    President Trump’s erratic moves are letting Russia seize the role of peacemaker — and deal-maker — in Syria.

  25. Who Are the Kurds, and Why Is Turkey Attacking Them in Syria? World, October 14

    Why did Turkey invade? Why did America leave? How did the Kurds gain so much land? We answer 10 key questions about the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

  26. Kurds’ Feelings of Betrayal by the U.S. Opinion, October 14

    Readers discuss possible reasons behind the president’s abandonment of the Kurds and the consequences of that action.

  27. What the World Loses if Turkey Destroys the Syrian Kurds Opinion, October 14

    A radical political experiment is in peril.

  28. The Story of a Kurdish General Podcasts, October 14

    The Americans promised they would protect his people. Now, one Kurdish leader is forced to turn to former foes for help.

  29. Syria Live Updates: Assad’s Army Moves into Border Town World, October 14

    Hours after the Kurds forged a deal with the Syrian government, an American foe, the Syrian Army raced northwest to help battle Turkish-led forces.

  30. Syria Live Updates: As Turkey Invades, al-Assad Sees Chance to Reclaim Lost Territory World, October 14

    Hours after reaching an agreement with Kurdish forces, the Syrian Army entered a key town near the Turkish border — a significant shift in the power dynamic.

  31. Trump Orders Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Northern Syria U.S., October 13

    The decision effectively cedes control of the area and could allow a resurgence of ISIS, but the defense secretary argued American forces would not have deterred a Turkish invasion.

  32. Pullback Leaves Green Berets Feeling ‘Ashamed,’ and Kurdish Allies Describing ‘Betrayal’ World, October 13

    As Turkish forces cross into Kurdish areas of northern Syria, the orders from Washington to U.S. troops are simple: Stand back. Let the Kurds fight for themselves.

  33. Abandoned by U.S. in Syria, Kurds Find New Ally in American Foe World, October 13

    Under fire by Turkish forces, the militia that battled ISIS threw in its lot with Syria’s Russian-backed government.

  34. 12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia. World, October 13

    The Russians saved Bashar al-Assad’s government. A trove of Russian Air Force recordings obtained by The Times shows how bombing Syrian hospitals helped them do it.

  35. How Times Reporters Proved Russia Bombed Syrian Hospitals Reader Center, October 13

    We recreated a day of airstrikes using video evidence, flight logs, witness reports and thousands of previously unheard Russian Air Force communications.

  36. Russia Bombed Four Syrian Hospitals. We Have Proof. Video, October 13

    The Times obtained thousands of air force recordings, which reveal for the first time that Russia repeatedly bombed hospitals in Syria.

  37. Trump’s Abrupt Shifts in Middle East Unnerve U.S. Allies World, October 12

    President Trump’s acquiescence to a Turkish raid on the Kurds in northern Syria alarmed allies for its unpredictability as much as its betrayal.

  38. Militants Backed by Turkey Kill at Least Two Prisoners in Syria World, October 12

    The killings of Kurdish prisoners by Arab fighters, one of which was captured on video, raised the specter of wider sectarian warfare as fighting in Syria escalates.

  39. Turkish-Backed Rebel Group Executes Kurdish Prisoners Video, October 12

    A video shows a Turkish-backed rebel group executing Kurdish prisoners Saturday in northeastern Syria.

  40. Syrian Arab Fighters Backed by Turkey Kill Two Kurdish Prisoners World, October 12

    The killings, one of them caught on video, raised the specter of wider sectarian warfare as fighting in Syria escalates.

  41. Goodbye, America. Goodbye, Freedom Man. Opinion, October 11

    Under Trump, the U.S. becomes the world’s fair-weather friend.

  42. Like ‘Working in a Prison’: Six Years in the Hell of Syria’s Hospitals World, October 11

    Dr. Omar Ibrahim was a resident in neurosurgery in Egypt when he decided to go to Syria “to achieve something different.” He is out now, but wants to return to war surgery.

  43. ISIS Rears Its Head, Adding to Chaos as Turkey Battles Kurds World, October 11

    A prison break and a bombing claimed by the Islamic State punctuated fears that the Turkish invasion, now in its third day, was sowing mayhem.

  44. In Syria, Trump Distills a Foreign Policy of Impulse, and Faces the Fallout U.S., October 10

    Having upended Middle East policy, the president is now trying to find a way to reverse the consequences as Turkish forces bombard the Kurdish fighters who helped overpower ISIS.

  45. ‘Shame on Him’: Evangelicals Call Out Trump on Syria U.S., October 10

    Some of the president’s most ardent supporters worry that troop withdrawal threatens religious minorities, especially Christians. They are pushing back, to a point.

  46. James Foley’s Mother Worries About ISIS Resurrection as Turks Attack Kurds World, October 10

    Diane Foley, mother of James W. Foley, the first American hostage of the Islamic State to be beheaded, said she hoped the ISIS prisoners believed responsible do not escape custody as Syria plunges into a volatile new phase.

  47. Turkey’s Assault on Kurds Abandoned by U.S. Opinion, October 10

    Readers express dismay at the president’s actions, and one wonders, “So what’s in it for Donald J. Trump?”

  48. Trump Says the Kurds ‘Didn’t Help’ at Normandy. Here’s the History. World, October 10

    Kurds may not have been present at the D-Day landings, but there is evidence some fought for the Allies during World War II.

  49. Timeline: The Kurds, Turkey and the U.S., Allies and Enemies World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  50. Kurds, Turkey and the U.S.: 5 Years of Tension, Alliances and Conflict World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  51. Is the Threat of Impeachment Emboldening Trump? Opinion, October 10

    And should Democrats pack the Supreme Court?

  52. Military Leaders Fear They’ve Seen This Before. It Ended in the Iraq War. U.S., October 10

    Officials are sounding alarms that clearing the way for Turkey to bomb the Kurds could have long-term repercussions, just as the desertion of allies did three decades ago.

  53. Turkish Forces Escalate Campaign in Syria Against Kurdish-Led Militia World, October 10

    Turkish forces kill at least 23 Kurdish fighters and seize 11 towns. The Kurdish-led militia punches back but quits anti-ISIS operations.

  54. U.S. Moves to Take ‘High Value’ ISIS Detainees, Including Britons Who Abused Hostages U.S., October 9

    The military is taking several dozen men out of Kurdish-run wartime prisons in Syria as Turkey invades the region.

  55. Kurdish Death Toll Rises as Turkish Forces Hit Syria Video, October 9

    At least 16 Kurdish fighters were reported to have been killed as Turkey’s attacks in northeastern Syria continued for a second day.

  56. Why Is Turkey Fighting the Kurds in Syria? World, October 9

    On Wednesday, Turkey announced that it was beginning an assault on a Kurdish-led militia in northeastern Syria. How did the two American allies get here?

  57. Trump Calls Turkey’s Syrian Offensive a ‘Bad Idea’ U.S., October 9

    Republican lawmakers, led by Senator Lindsey Graham, called the incursion “a disaster in the making” and were far more critical of the Turkish military operation.

  58. When Social Media Becomes a Wartime Necessity Technology, October 9

    Vivian Yee and Hwaida Saad, who cover the Middle East, have found Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube vital to getting information out of Syria.

  59. Turkey Begins Syria Incursion, Targeting Militia Backed by U.S. World, October 9

    Turkey moved ahead with plans to send forces into northeastern Syria, which a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia said would cause a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

  60. Turkey Launches Syria Offensive, Targeting U.S.-Backed Kurds World, October 9

    Turkey began a military operation against a Kurdish-led militia in Syria after getting a green light from President Trump. Two people were reported killed.

  61. Trump Betrays an Ally at the Turkish Border Opinion, October 8

    An American withdrawal from northern Syria will leave Kurds who helped us against the Islamic State to fend for themselves.

  62. Did Trump Just Backstab Our Kurdish Allies for Turkey? Opinion, October 8

    Withdrawing troops in Syria pleases Turkey but endangers Kurds fighting the Islamic State.

  63. Militia Commander Says It Will Attack Turkish Forces if They Enter Syria World, October 8

    Turkey’s president said a Syrian operation was imminent but confusion remained over President Trump’s Syria policy.

  64. ‘Not a Commander-in-Chief’ Opinion, October 8

    A former Trump official speaks out. More should.

  65. Syrian Rebels See Chance for New Life With Turkish Troops World, October 8

    Turkey’s plans to create a safe zone in northern Syria will increase the standing of its Syrian allies, who still dream of revolution.

  66. Is the U.S. Betraying Its Kurdish Allies? Podcasts, October 8

    President Trump’s promise to withdraw troops from Syria could leave one of America’s closest partners in the region more vulnerable to attack.

  67. Does Donald Trump Know What His Syria Policy Is? Opinion, October 7

    Another round of contradictory signals from the White House shakes allies’ trust and puts lives at risk.

  68. Caught Between Trump, Turkey and Kurds, Pentagon Struggles to Piece Together Syria Strategy World, October 7

    The Pentagon is scrambling to respond to the words of a president who views Syria and the fight against ISIS as a battle largely won and done for American troops.

  69. Trump’s Green Light to Turkey Raises Fears About ISIS Detainees U.S., October 7

    Thousands of Islamic State prisoners of war from around the world are being detained by the Syrian Kurd forces whom Turkey plans to target.

  70. Pulling of U.S. Troops in Syria Could Aid Assad and ISIS World, October 7

    Analysts said the redeployment would betray America’s Syrian Kurdish allies, decrease American leverage in Syria and open a void that could benefit Iran, Russia and the Islamic State.

  71. When ‘Get Out’ Is a President’s National Security Strategy World, October 7

    President Trump has demonstrated that in his pursuit of ending America’s “endless wars,” no troop presence abroad is too small to escape his desire to terminate it.

  72. Turkey’s Plan to Move Refugees to Syria Is Dangerous Opinion, October 7

    Ankara’s plan is a perfect recipe for enduring ethnic tensions and instability.

  73. A Look at Who Is Affected by Trump’s Shift in Syria World, October 7

    Kurdish fighters in northern Syria partnered with the United States to fight the Islamic State, but may find themselves facing Turkey’s military alone.

  74. President Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy U.S., October 7

    The operation would sweep away American-backed Kurdish forces near the border in Syria. The White House said U.S. forces “will no longer be in the immediate area.”

  75. Saudi Arabia and Iran Make Quiet Openings to Head Off War World, October 4

    Weeks after the Middle East seemed on the verge of war, Saudi Arabia and Iran are seeking ways to ease tensions. A warming relationship could have far-reaching consequences.

  76. They Risked All for America. Don’t Betray Them. Opinion, October 3

    If President Trump’s hopes of withdrawing from war zones are realized, his government has a duty to protect the many foreigners who have helped U.S. forces there.

  77. U.S. Sees Rising Threat in the West From Qaeda Branch in Syria World, September 29

    American counterterrorism officials are voicing alarm about a Qaeda affiliate in Syria that they say is plotting attacks from the country’s northwest.

  78. Syria Demands Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. and Turkish Forces, Again World, September 28

    Syria’s foreign minister demanded both countries evacuate their forces from the war-ravaged country or face “countermeasures.” Syria has made such threats before without taking steps to enforce them.

  79. U.S. Concludes Syria Used Chemical Weapons in May Attack World, September 26

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stopped short of threatening a military response against President Bashar al-Assad’s government for the chlorine-loaded rocket attack.

  80. Syrian Children Saved a German Village. And a Village Saved Itself. World, September 19

    Four years after Germany took in over one million migrants, integration is quietly working, one village at a time.

  81. War Made Her a Refugee. Now She’s ‘Home,’ in Amsterdam’s Counterculture. Magazine, September 18

    It has been seven years since Souad fled Syria. In the Netherlands, she is learning to define herself as more than just a Muslim, a Syrian or a displaced person.