26pirates1 thumbwide
‘Dead Men Tell No Tales.’ Not Very Well, Anyway.
Weekend, May 25

The latest in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise brings back Johnny Depp’s Captain Sparrow but leaves the joy an ocean away....

26warmachine1 thumbwide
‘War Machine’: Brad Pitt Has Met the Enemy. He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.
Weekend, May 25

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal is the commander alluded to in David Michôd’s satirical portrait of a man in over his head and enthralled by his own hype....

26hermia thumbwide
Shakespeare’s (Modern-Day) ‘Hermia & Helena’
Weekend, May 25

Matías Piñeiro’s follows the trials, tribulations and romances inspired by two of the playwright’s heroines from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”...

26joshua 1495469547132 thumbwide
‘Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower,’ a War That Isn’t Fiction
Weekend, May 25

This documentary looks at Joshua Wong, an activist in Hong Kong who started his protests at 14 and continues to fight against Chinese rule....

26berlinsyndrome thumbwide
In ‘Berlin Syndrome,’ Passion Leads to Horrific Regret
Weekend, May 25

Teresa Palmer has a breakthrough role as a young woman on holiday in Berlin whose instant romance with a stranger results in her abduction....

26womenbalcony thumbwide
Religion Tests Gender Politics in ‘The Women’s Balcony’
Weekend, May 25

The power and resourcefulness of women are on display in this small-scale comedy, which manages to speak to a broader political movement....

26longstrange2 thumbwide
Living It Up With the Grateful Dead in ‘Long Strange Trip’
Weekend, May 25

Amir Bar-Lev’s four-hour documentary chronicles the band’s deeply musical journey while placing it at the joyous center of the counterculture....

26drone thumbwide
In ‘Drone,’ Confronting Sins and a Vengeful Visitor
Weekend, May 24

Jason Bourque’s thriller examines the moral compromises of meting out death from afar, and the unraveling of a home when a victim comes to supper....

26buena1 thumbwide
‘Buena Vista Social Club: Adios,’ Analytical but Still Loving
Weekend, May 24

This vital, informative companion piece to Wim Wenders’s 1999 documentary chronicles the late-life careers, and deaths, of the “Buena Vista” stars....

26baywatch1 thumbwide
‘Baywatch,’ a Romp Full of Surf, Sand and Lots of Skin
Weekend, May 24

Dwayne Johnson and his lifeguard squad try to save the Bay while providing the sort of sleazy, wholesome entertainment this ’90s series was known for....

24restless1 thumbwide
In ‘Restless Creature,’ Wendy Whelan Dances Against the Clock
Culture, May 23

A documentary captures this ballerina at a critical moment in 2013, when she was both trying for a comeback and coming to terms with aging....

19abacus thumbwide
‘Abacus: Small Enough to Jail,’ a Classic Underdog Tale
Weekend, May 18

The only United States bank indicted on a charge of mortgage fraud after the 2008 economic crisis? A small one in Chinatown, founded and run by an immigrant family....

19everything thumbwide
‘Everything, Everything’ Pits Love Against Disease
Weekend, May 18

Amandla Stenberg plays a teenager with an immune system disorder who falls for the boy next door, and risks everything....

19womanleft thumbwide
‘The Woman Who Left’ Is an Epic, Intimate Tale of Injustice
Weekend, May 18

From the modern Philippines, Lav Diaz’s haunting and pessimistic take on a Tolstoy story....

19commune thumbwide
A 20th-Century Woman Rethinking ‘The Commune’
Weekend, May 18

Trine Dyrholm is “magnificent” as a woman buckling under the strain of her career and her marriage in Thomas Vinterberg’s latest film....

19hellearth thumbwide
In ‘Hell on Earth,’ Horrors From the Syrian War
Weekend, May 18

The journalist Sebastian Junger and the documentarian Nick Quested examine the causes and repercussions of a brutal conflict....

‘Icaros: A Vision’ Offers a Surreal Portal to Healing in the Jungle
Weekend, May 18

In Peru, a woman confronts her illness and fears with help from medicinal plants....

19paintitblack articleinline v3
‘Paint It Black,’ Amber Tamblyn’s Portrait of Grief
Weekend, May 18

In this adaptation of Janet Fitch’s novel, two women react very differently to a suicide....

19legion thumbwide
‘Legion of Brothers’ on Secret Missions in Afghanistan
Weekend, May 17

This documentary tells the stories of Green Berets who were sent to topple the Taliban immediately after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks....

19afterimage1 thumbwide
Andrzej Wajda’s Vividly Rendered Last Film, ‘Afterimage’
Weekend, May 17

This passionate political movie tells the story of Wladyslaw Strzeminski, a real-life artist who suffered under Soviet rule....

19whimpy thumbwide
4th ‘Wimpy Kid’ Has New Faces in a Familiar Story
Weekend, May 17

Greg and his brothers are dragged on a dreary road trip by their parents. You can probably guess the rest....

19survival1 thumbwide
Three Must Become Two in ‘The Survivalist’
Weekend, May 17

Stephen Fingleton wrote and directed this impressively lean story, centering on a man coping amid the fallout of an unexplained catastrophe....

19wakefield1 thumbwide
Bryan Cranston Is a Dad in Suburban Exile in ‘Wakefield’
Weekend, May 17

A man indulges a fantasy to escape his routine by camping out in a storage room above his garage and observing his own absence....

19alien1 thumbwide
‘Alien: Covenant’ Summons Terror and Stays on Brand
Weekend, May 17

The new entry in Ridley Scott’s long-lived franchise is committed to the canny management of expectations, but that doesn’t diminish its creepiness....

12king1 thumbwide
Before He Was ‘King Arthur,’ He Was a Guy Ritchie Lad
Weekend, May 11

The Arthurian legend gets a makeover with quips, winks, body blows, digital elephants and an easy, breezy Charlie Hunnam....

12wall thumbwide
In ‘The Wall,’ Two Trapped Soldiers and a Chatty Sniper
Weekend, May 11

Working with a minimalist script and a tight budget, the director Doug Liman brings vein-popping intensity to a claustrophobic standoff in Iraq....

12weddingplan thumbwide
She’s Got ‘The Wedding Plan,’ With a Groom TBD
Weekend, May 11

Rama Burshtein received acclaim for her debut feature, “Fill the Void.” Now she’s back with another biting, multilayered romantic comedy....

Folk image thumbwide
‘Folk Hero & Funny Guy’ on a Fractious Road Trip
Weekend, May 11

Alex Karpovsky of “Girls” stars as a bad comic opening for a good folk-rocker. As their trip rolls along, tensions bubble up....

12whiskey thumbwide
Even Laughs Are Rationed in a ‘Whisky Galore!’ Reboot
Weekend, May 11

The islanders are still driven to lawlessness after their whisky runs out, but this remake lacks the luster of the original....

12tracktown thumbwide
Olympic Hopeful in ‘Tracktown’ Finds Life Beyond the Race
Weekend, May 11

Alexi Pappas, a runner who, in real life, competed at the 2016 Olympics, helped write, direct and produce — and stars in — a film about a runner....

12hounds thumbwide
‘Hounds of Love’ Is Tense and Deadly Down Under
Weekend, May 11

This feature debut of the Australian filmmaker Ben Young resembles a real-life couple’s killing spree in the 1980s....

12lastshaman thumbwide
Desire to Heal in ‘The Last Shaman’ Only Raises Questions
Weekend, May 11

A documentary seeks to explore the ostensible medicinal powers of the hallucinogenic tea ayahuasca....

12getmerogerstone1 thumbwide
‘Get Me Roger Stone’ Profiles a President Whisperer in Peacock Mode
Weekend, May 11

The operative Roger J. Stone Jr. has a scandalous history, a Nixon tattoo and boldfaced acquaintances, including President Trump, all explored in this documentary....

12pariscan thumbwide
‘Paris Can Wait,’ at Least Until After the Crème Brûlée
Weekend, May 10

In this film, Diane Lane stars as a Hollywood producer’s wife whose road trip to Paris becomes a journey of self-discovery — and a gastronomic affair....

12lowrider thumbwide
Cars and Culture Clashes in ‘Lowriders’
Weekend, May 10

A father is immersed in the lowrider world, while a son wants only to pursue his art. And then another son is released from prison....

12urban1 thumbwide
In ‘Urban Hymn,’ Hardened Youth and an Angelic Voice
Weekend, May 10

A social worker tries to connect with a troubled 17-year-old through music, but the girl’s street-tough best friend stands in the way....

12stefanzweig thumbwide
‘Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe,’ Hello to Exile
Weekend, May 10

Maria Schrader’s film looks at this Austrian man of letters who fell into despair while living in the Americas....

12snatchedone thumbwide
She’s Still a Mess, but ‘Snatched’ Is No ‘Trainwreck’
Weekend, May 10

Amy Schumer teams up with Goldie Hawn in “Snatched.” Only one of them gets to be funny....

10drowning thumbwide
A Psychologist Is Put in the Hot Seat in ‘The Drowning’
Culture, May 9

Bette Gordon’s thriller, starring Josh Charles and Julia Stiles, is notable for its depth of psychological observation....

10manifesto1 thumbwide v2
Cate Blanchett in ‘Manifesto,’ a Cerebral Exercise
Culture, May 9

Julian Rosefeldt’s art installation is now a film, with this chameleonic actress morphing into multiple characters....

0505guardians1 thumbwide
‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Wants That Loving Feeling
Weekend, May 4

Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and the crew are back for this sequel to the 2014 hit about a ragtag group of futuristic fighters....

In ‘Ta’ang,’ Burmese Refugees, Displaced and in Limbo
Weekend, May 4

Wang Bing’s documentary observes refugees from the Kokang region in Myanmar who have fled across the border into China....

05likecrazy thumbwide
In ‘Like Crazy,’ an Unlikely Pair Flee the Cuckoo’s Nest
Weekend, May 4

This Italian comedy-drama tells an interesting, if not tasteful, story about polar opposites bonding in a mental institution....

05julian thumbwide
‘Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait’ Puts Praise Above Art
Weekend, May 4

Though this documentary looks at the artist and his work, it is more concerned with layering on the admiration....

05generations1 thumbwide
A Teenager in Transition in ‘3 Generations’
Weekend, May 4

Elle Fanning plays an adolescent changing from female to male in this earnest but overstuffed movie, which piles on the complications as Ramona becomes Ray....

05dinner thumbwide
‘The Dinner,’ Haute Cuisine and a Table of Deplorables
Weekend, May 4

Richard Gere and Steve Coogan face off as estranged brothers with serious family matters to attend to in this film adaptation of Herman Koch’s book....

05burden1 thumbwide v2
In ‘Burden,’ an Artist Who Is Tortured. Literally.
Weekend, May 4

A documentary looks at Chris Burden, who had himself shot, crucified and more, all for the sake of his performance art....

05anotherevil2 thumbwide v2
Hiring an Exorcist? Get References First in ‘Another Evil’
Weekend, May 4

In this ultra-low-budget ghost story, the living may exhibit more unsettling behavior than the dead....

05womanslife1 thumbwide
Indelible Heartbreak, Moment to Moment, in ‘A Woman’s Life.’
Weekend, May 4

Stéphane Brizé’s ravishing adaptation of a Guy de Maupassant novel traces the fluctuating fortunes of a woman in 19th-century France....

05risk thumbwide v3
Revisiting the Mystery of Julian Assange, in ‘Risk’
Weekend, May 4

This Laura Poitras documentary follows the elusive and evasive WikiLeaks founder over several years, but real-time events have overtaken the film’s tale....

05sacred thumbwide
‘Sacred,’ a Global Group Portrait of Faith in Action
Weekend, May 4

This documentary, using footage shot by 40 filmmakers in 25 countries, depicts the uses and rituals of religion in a range of environments....

05lovers thumbwide
Can Cheating Save a Marriage? Ask ‘The Lovers’
Weekend, May 4

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a couple whose passions for each other have reignited, to the chagrin of their lovers....

05angkor thumbwide
‘Angkor Awakens,’ a Blistering Account of Cambodia’s Painful Past
Weekend, May 3

Robert H. Lieberman’s documentary scrutinizes the harrowing abuses and tormented legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime....

05takeme1 thumbwide
In ‘Take Me,’ a Kidnapping Turns Cat-and-Mouse
Weekend, May 3

This deadpan comedy starring Taylor Schilling and Pat Healy features a fake abduction that gets all too real....

05chuck thumbwide
Inside the Ring With ‘Chuck,’ the Real-Life Rocky
Weekend, May 3

Liev Schreiber may not resemble Chuck Wepner, but he convincingly portrays this boxer, whose 1975 bout with Muhammad Ali inspired Sylvester Stallone....

05chuck1 articleinline
Inside the Ring With ‘Chuck,’ the Real-Life Rocky
Movies, May 3

Liev Schreiber may not resemble Chuck Wepner, but he convincingly portrays this boxer, whose 1975 bout with Muhammad Ali inspired Sylvester Stallone.

03chibbs articleinline
In ‘Mr. Chibbs,’ Kenny Anderson Tries Another Shot
Movies, May 2

In this documentary by Jill Campbell, the former N.B.A. point guard hopes to develop a life after the clock runs out on his athletic career.

03aleppo articleinline
‘Last Men in Aleppo,’ Models of Courage Under Fire
Movies, May 2

A documentary about the Syrian civil war focuses on members of a search-and-rescue group that digs for bodies after buildings have been bombed.