31cezannemoi articleinline
In ‘Cézanne et Moi,’ Zola and the Artist Are Pals. However ...
Movies, Yesterday

A new film offers an intimate, searching portrait of the turbulent friendship between the writer and the painter.

31discovery articleinline
‘The Discovery’ of an Afterlife, Then the Suicides
Movies, Yesterday

A science-fiction romance starring Robert Redford begins with the premise that proof of what’s next has been found. After that, things turn ugly.

31zook articleinline
In ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife,’ the Holocaust Seems Tame
Movies, Yesterday

This true story of a couple who sheltered Jews beneath the Warsaw Zoo has tender moments but its portrayal of the Nazi invasion is too timid and sanitized.

29karlmarx articleinline
‘Karl Marx City’ Revisits the Everyday Terror of Dictatorship
Movies, March 28

In this documentary, a filmmaker returns to her hometown in the former East Germany seeking personal and political insight.

27phillauri articleinline
‘Phillauri,’ an Indian Rom-Com With an Epic Sweep
Movies, March 26

Anshai Lal’s Bollywood movie uses a friendly ghost to turn a contemporary comedy into a historical drama that includes a massacre under British rule.

24lifealt articleinline
In ‘Life,’ Extraterrestrial Fun, Until Someone Gets Hurt
Movies, March 23

This movie offers proof of life on another planet, sure, but it is also the occasion for another “Alien”-type deadly game of hide-and-seek.

24icalledmorgan articleinline
‘I Called Him Morgan,’ a Jazz Tale of Talent and Tragedy
Movies, March 23

The director Kasper Collin has created a suave and sensitive documentary about the life and death of the great trumpeter Lee Morgan.

Video american anarchist articleinline
‘American Anarchist’ Is a Frustrating Study in Denial
Movies, March 23

A dialogue between the director and the author of “The Anarchist Cookbook” is at the heart of this documentary.

24chips articleinline
In ‘CHIPS,’ Blown-Up Cars Overshadow Buddy Cops
Movies, March 23

This unrepentantly lewd comedy, based on the 1977-83 television series of the same name, stars Dax Shepard, who also wrote and directed.

24digtwo articleinline
‘Dig Two Graves,’ but the Goodbye Is Only Temporary
Movies, March 23

Hunter Adams shows his skill as a filmmaker, delivering a chiller that conjures eeriness and dread without defaulting to abundant gore.

24insearch articleinline
‘In Search of Israeli Cuisine’ Isn’t Just About Food
Movies, March 23

A documentary raises provocative questions as it follows Michael Solomonov on a tour of Israel’s foodie scene.

24sabanrangers articleinline
‘Saban’s Power Rangers,’ With a Color-Coded Makeover
Movies, March 23

The popular 1990s series receives a big-screen reboot, and five new teenage superheroes face off against the latest alien threat.

24wilson articleinline
‘Wilson,’ With Woody Harrelson as a Misanthrope
Movies, March 22

A movie, based on Daniel Clowes’s graphic novel, about a man’s well-requited contempt for humanity.

24prevenge articleinline
‘Prevenge,’ Orchestrated by a Fiendish Fetus
Movies, March 22

Alice Lowe wrote, directed and stars in this British film about a pregnant serial killer on a darkly comedic odyssey dictated by her malicious fetus.

24iolga articleinline
‘I, Olga Hepnarova,’ Carrying Out a Vow of Vengeance
Movies, March 22

This Czech film gives a haunting account of the life of the mentally ill young woman who killed eight people in Prague in 1973.

22awoman articleinline v2
‘A Woman, a Part’ and a Quest to Reconnect
Movies, March 21

In Elisabeth Subrin’s feature, a nuanced take on friendship and professional frustration, an actress finds that early relationships can fade.

17songsong1 articleinline
‘Song to Song,’ Terrence Malick’s Latest Beautiful Puzzle
Movies, March 16

This drama about intersecting love lives features themes like betrayal, identity and art. Religion appears, too, in the film, set in Austin, Tex.

17taipeistory articleinline
One Couple’s Promising ‘Taipei Story,’ Slowly Undermined
Movies, March 16

The Taiwanese director Edward Yang’s second feature, a portrait of urban alienation from 1985, is getting a theatrical release in the United States.

Video actor martinez articleinline
Fiction and Nonfiction Blur in ‘Actor Martinez’
Movies, March 16

Acting may be his first love, but the title character in “Actor Martinez” soon learns it’s no picnic — especially when dealing with his directors.

17atomica articleinline
In ‘Atomica,’ Hunting for Clues in a Nuclear Waste Zone
Movies, March 16

This sci-fi thriller may not have “Arrival”-level effects or sophistication, but it delivers a solid B-movie kick.

Video betting on zero articleinline
‘Betting on Zero’ Tracks a Crusade Against Herbalife
Movies, March 16

A documentary looks at a hedge fund manager’s $1 billion bet against that nutritional company and his efforts to expose what he characterized as consumer fraud.

17mean articleinline
‘Mean Dreams’ Presents Lovers on the Lam With Quiet Skill
Movies, March 16

Nathan Morlando’s film may focus on two young lovers, but Bill Paxton shines as a corrupt sheriff in one of his final film roles.

17psjerusalem articleinline
A Return Home Defies a Father’s Wish in ‘P.S. Jerusalem,’
Movies, March 16

The filmmaker Danae Elon’s child provides some of the most insightful moments in this documentary chronicling the return to the city of her youth.

17showofshows articleinline
A Provocateur’s Recounting in ‘The Show About the Show’
Movies, March 16

Caveh Zahedi, the film’s director and star, recounts the misadventures experienced while producing an initially sexually explicit semidocumentary series.

17trainspot articleinline
‘T2 Trainspotting’: Time to Pay the Piper
Movies, March 16

The sequel to the gloriously scabrous film that kick-started the careers of Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor illustrates the consequences of a misspent youth.

Tickling image articleinline
‘Tickling Giants’ Made It in Egypt, but They Weren’t Laughing
Movies, March 16

Bassem Youssef and the Egyptian satirical program he hosted after the Arab Spring is the focus of this documentary.

17afterstrom articleinline
Intimate Struggles Come to Life in ‘After the Storm’
Movies, March 15

The Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest family drama, focusing on a writer who’s fallen on hard times, works in a quiet cinematic register.

17belkoexp articleinline
‘The Belko Experiment’: Kill or Be Killed
Movies, March 15

This film, set in Colombia, wallows in the cheap and hackneyed irony of choreographed slaughter.

17devil articleinline
Malevolent Energy in the Form of ‘The Devil’s Candy’
Movies, March 15

Profoundly irritating adult behavior aside, Sean Byrne’s enjoyable horror film looks great and benefits from a grungy palette and game performers.

15franz articleinline
‘Frantz,’ a Mysterious Frenchman and the Wounds of War
Movies, March 14

François Ozon’s adaptation of Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 antiwar film, “Broken Lullaby,” is set in Germany and France in the aftermath of World War I.

13badrinath articleinline
In ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania,’ Boy Meets Girl (and Learns to Respect Her)
Movies, March 12

This Bollywood rom-com, directed by Shashank Khaitan, describes the growing pains of a gentleman whose fiancée teaches him to acknowledge her equality.

10brimstone articleinline
In ‘Brimstone,’ the B Is for Bleak, Brutal and Bloody
Movies, March 9

This western from the Dutch writer and director Martin Koolhoven puts Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce through a gantlet of gore and gunplay.

10canners articleinline
In ‘Canners,’ One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Nickel Treasure
Movies, March 9

A documentary follows bottle and can collectors in New York as they toil to fill their carts for $30 or $40 a day.

10beautifulsub articleinline
In ‘This Beautiful Fantastic,’ a Gardener Blooms
Movies, March 9

A young woman who can’t tame her yard meets her match and savior in a crotchety old neighbor.

10otherhalf articleinline
A Combustible Pair Find Love in ‘The Other Half’
Movies, March 9

This moody romance stars Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) as a bipolar painter in love with a brooding cabby (Tom Cullen of “Downton Abbey”).

10ottomanalt articleinline
Love as the World Wars, in ‘The Ottoman Lieutenant’
Movies, March 9

A nurse travels to the Ottoman Empire on the eve of World War I. Can romance blossom amid earthshaking events?

10raw articleinline
Give a Student Some Offal, and You’ll Regret It in ‘Raw’
Movies, March 9

Julia Ducournau’s film unfolds during rush week in a nightmarish veterinary school.

Video whos crazy articleinline
The Soundtrack Is the Star of ‘Who’s Crazy?’
Movies, March 9

Featuring Ornette Coleman and Marianne Faithfull, the music provides counterpoint to a tale of patients from a psychiatric institution on a kind of holiday.

10senseending articleinline
‘The Sense of an Ending,’ and the Elusiveness of Truth
Movies, March 9

Adapted from Julian Barnes’s 2011 novel, Ritesh Batra’s film portrays an emotionally detached man gingerly revisiting his past.

10kongskullisland1 articleinline
‘Kong: Skull Island’ Crosses a 1933 Classic With ‘Apocalypse Now’
Movies, March 9

In this remake, the beast King Kong has a new look and a new beauty (Brie Larson), who’s feistier than her predecessors.

10personalshop articleinline
Kristen Stewart Is Entrancing as a Haunted ‘Personal Shopper’
Movies, March 9

Olivier Assayas’s new film is both a supernatural thriller and an unnerving inquiry into the drift and mystery of modern life.

10scientologymovie articleinline
‘My Scientology Movie,’ an Offbeat Inquiry
Movies, March 8

The British journalist Louis Theroux relies on a meandering charm in this documentary examining the Church of Scientology’s hold on its members.

10suntanx articleinline
Seduced by Youth in ‘Suntan,’ and Refusing to Let Go
Movies, March 8

Winter gives way to summer, and a Greek island offers a middle-aged doctor an opportunity for hedonistic adventure.

10uncertain1 articleinline
‘Uncertain,’ a One-of-a-Kind Texas Town on the Brink
Movies, March 8

This mesmerizing documentary takes its title from the name of a remote outpost of 94 people facing an environmental catastrophe.

04beauty beast articleinline
‘Beauty and the Beast’ Revels in Joy and Enchantment
Movies, March 3

A compassionate Belle and a splendid monster are the hallmarks of this live-action remake of the 1991 animated film.

03apprentice articleinline
In ‘Apprentice,’ Teaching the Fine Art of Execution
Movies, March 2

In this film from Singapore, the chief executioner at a high-security prison takes on a new assistant.

03donald articleinline
Reunited, and It Feels So Awkward in ‘Donald Cried’
Movies, March 2

In this comedy directed by Kris Avedisian, frenemies from high school rediscover each other for better and worse when one returns to their hometown.

03lastwordsub articleinline
Shirley MacLaine Wants ‘The Last Word’? She Should Have It
Movies, March 2

The 82-year-old actress holds your attention, but this film about a woman padding out her future obituary has an artificial ring.

03settlers articleinline
Israel Is the Focus of ‘The Settlers’ and ‘Ben-Gurion: Epilogue’
Movies, March 2

Issues of sovereignty in the Middle East are revisited in a pair of documentaries.

Humansurge trailer articleinline
Pursuing (Cyber) Connections in ‘The Human Surge’
Movies, March 2

Eduardo Williams’s film blurs the lines between narrative and documentary, adding cryptic observations while navigating Buenos Aires and the Web.

03junction articleinline
‘Junction 48’: An Arab Rapper’s Refuge Amid Charged Politics
Movies, March 2

In this drama directed by Udi Aloni, Tamer Nafar plays an Arab Israeli citizen trying to build a music career.

03lovetaxes1sub articleinline
It’s All Mirth and Taxes in ‘Love & Taxes’
Movies, March 2

Josh Kornbluth runs afoul of the Internal Revenue Service after failing to file tax returns for seven years.

03nakom articleinline
A Father Dies, and Duty Weighs on a Son in ‘Nakom’
Movies, March 2

Kelly Daniela Norris and T. W. Pittman’s movie tells the story of a young medical student in Ghana, who returns home to a village to pay off a debt.

03table articleinline
At ‘Table 19,’ Random Wedding Guests Straining to Laugh
Movies, March 2

Slapstick and sap vie for prominence in a comedy so lazy that it actually features someone falling off a log.

03waterpower articleinline
‘Water & Power: A California Heist,’ With Citizens in the Crossfire
Movies, March 2

This documentary from Marina Zenovich outlines a contentious history of state water rights with a scrupulous tenacity.

03theshack articleinline
A Crisis of Faith and a Trip to God’s B&B in ‘The Shack’
Movies, March 2

Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer star in “The Shack,” a Christian-themed film based on a best seller.

03catfight articleinline
Sandra Oh and Anne Heche in One Ferocious ‘Catfight’
Movies, March 2

In this film that takes jabs at callous privilege, two former college frenemies face off in a battle of trophy wife versus struggling artist.

03logan articleinline
In ‘Logan,’ a Comic-Book Stalwart Turns Noirish Western
Movies, March 2

This is old-school meets new-school pulp filled with intimations of mortality, and raw, ugly violence. And once again, Hugh Jackman plays the Wolverine.

03before articleinline
‘Before I Fall,’ a Melodramatic ‘Groundhog Day’
Movies, March 1

Zoey Deutch relives a day repeatedly until she gets it right in this film based on a young-adult novel.

03wolves articleinline
In ‘Wolves,’ a High School Athlete Can’t Outrun Clichés
Movies, March 1

Taylor John Smith and Michael Shannon star in a sports film that transcends its stock characters for a while but eventually disappoints.

01kiki articleinline
‘Kiki’: The Vogueing Scene, Still a Refuge for Gay and Transgender Youth
Movies, February 28

There are echoes of “Paris Is Burning” in this documentary, which chronicles a tight-knit community in New York. Yet there is a striking absence of elder mentors.

01contemp articleinline
‘Contemporary Color,’ David Byrne’s Ode to Color Guards
Movies, February 28

An enchantment with these groups comes through in this documentary, which captures music and the backstage buzz of the performers.