Merlin 150182592 a01dda3c 54da 48be 904d 826aba4078c4 articleinline
‘The Wandering Earth’ Review: Planetary Disaster Goes Global
Movies, February 17

“The Wandering Earth” proves that China can make a sci-fi blockbuster as awash in murky computer imagery and stupefying exposition as any in Hollywood.

Merlin 150473673 a86f40e2 5756 465a 8293 f3f8f1ab2724 articleinline
‘The Breaker Upperers’ Review: Calling It Off, With an Assist
Movies, February 15

This New Zealand comedy by Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami adds some welcome irreverence to the homogenized mix of Netflix comedies.

Merlin 150318195 00e59602 a41f 43f9 b733 b0047f724f02 articleinline
‘Hotel by the River’ Review: A Poet Makes Amends, Fumblingly
Movies, February 14

The film is one of Hong Sang-soo’s most visually arresting movies, even if it doesn’t quite overcome the slightness that characterizes the director’s work.

Merlin 150531327 4790adda 775c 42b4 8541 43882cec63a3 articleinline
‘Parkland: Inside Building 12’ Review: Recounting the Attack in Painful Detail
Movies, February 14

This documentary on the Florida school shooting makes the massacre immediate in a way that sometimes gets lost in news coverage or political debates.

15happydeathday articleinline v2
‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Review: Living Is Easy. Dying Again and Again Is Hard.
Movies, February 14

In this sequel to the 2017 slasher film, a college student tries to understand why she keeps reliving her murder by undertaking a grand self-help course.

Merlin 150318756 35ca7d32 526c 470a b59d 7821cb44dc61 articleinline
‘The Unicorn’ Review: A Gay Country Singer’s Grim and Lonely World
Movies, February 14

This documentary about the singer-songwriter Peter Grudzien is a haunting portrait of what it means to burn bright, then die alone.

Tuba1 articleinline
‘A Tuba to Cuba’ Review: A New Orleans Jazz Band Makes a Caribbean Connection
Movies, February 14

This joyous documentary follows the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to Cuba for a celebration of musical history and common bonds.

Donnybrook1 articleinline
‘Donnybrook’ Review: Fighting for Survival in the Heartland
Movies, February 14

Jamie Bell’s solid performance does little to improve this violent, one-dimensional wallow in Midwestern miserabilism.

Clara1 articleinline
‘Clara’s Ghost’ Review: A Family of Performers, a Night of Hysteria
Movies, February 13

This unhinged comedy shines a spotlight on a family’s maladjusted dynamics.

Merlin 150318219 81578de5 cdb6 4f2a 90b8 b8cbc7c7a571 articleinline
‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ Review: Stealing Inspiration From Great Art
Movies, February 13

A stylish animated film about a psychiatrist and a gang of art thieves.

15alitabattle articleinline
‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Review: Do Female Cyborgs Dream of Breasts?
Movies, February 12

James Cameron teams up with Robert Rodriguez for this big-screen adaptation of a Japanese manga. Cue the fighting, bad dialogue and more fighting.

Merlin 150318702 5efbea05 54ce 41ab a531 3d723ec21d7a articleinline
‘Sorry Angel’ Review: A Love Affair Two Men Start, Knowing the End
Movies, February 12

Set in early 1990s Paris, Christophe Honoré’s new film presents us with a middle-aged, AIDS-stricken writer falling, wearily, for a bookish 20-something.

Birdsofpassage3 articleinline
‘Birds of Passage’ Review: An Epic Narco Tale That Will Open Your Eyes
Movies, February 12

Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra follow their Oscar-nominated “Embrace of the Serpent” with a saga of the drug trade set amid the Wayuu of northern Colombia.

15isntitromantic articleinline
‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Review: Rebel Wilson Mocks, and Obeys, Rom-Com Rules
Movies, February 12

She meet-cutes with a Hemsworth in this film that relies on conventions even as it snickers at them.

Merlin 150227151 9a0647d1 ed69 4478 bb64 6b9c6db8d627 articleinline
‘What Men Want’ Review: A Mind-Reading Woman Flips the Script, Sort of
Movies, February 7

This comedy flips the script on the 2000 film “What Women Want,” and this time, the mind reader is a female sports agent mired in workplace sexism.

08todust articleinline
‘To Dust’ Review: Death, Decay and Grief Wrapped in a Buddy Movie
Movies, February 7

Geza Rohrig and Matthew Broderick play an odd couple in search of scientific answers. They find much more than that.

Merlin 150225105 7efa875a 549b 4ef4 b06a 1e0b5400902a articleinline
‘High Flying Bird’ Review: A Thrilling Dunk on Capitalism
Movies, February 7

The director Steven Soderbergh teams up with Tarell Alvin McCraney and André Holland to take on the contradictions of modern sports culture.

Merlin 150223128 893f7f38 94d5 40ba 8c20 bab75257ffdf articleinline
‘The Prodigy’ Review: Evil Genius, Average Horror
Movies, February 7

Taylor Schilling is perfect as the distraught mother of a disturbed boy in this thinly plotted horror movie.

Merlin 150234270 61e2888d 9b93 4532 ae93 5c994cfde1f0 articleinline
‘Under the Eiffel Tower’ Review: In Whine, Truth
Movies, February 7

Full of midlife-crisis clichés, the film is yet another ode to the restorative magic of wine country sunshine.

Merlin 150222996 05a80863 1e36 44bb 9abc e33d9aef1ed3 articleinline
‘One Million American Dreams’ Review: Stories From New York’s Potter’s Field
Movies, February 7

This haunting documentary guides viewers through heartbreaking tales of the lost souls buried on Hart Island.

Merlin 150234621 04a2b464 2e08 4cb8 b309 6130b365007e articleinline
‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot’ Review: Nuff Said
Movies, February 7

The movie’s plot is as absurdly sensational as its title: The government taps Sam Elliott, an aging Nazi hunter, to kill a yeti.

08gospel1 articleinline
‘The Gospel of Eureka’ Review: Christianity and Queerness Intersect in a Small Town
Movies, February 7

This cheerful documentary from Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher refuses to grapple with its glaring contradictions.

08berlin1 articleinline
‘Berlin, I Love You’ Review: Many Stories, Not Much Feeling
Movies, February 7

The once-divided nature of Berlin isn’t given much consideration in this film, part of the Cities of Love series.

Untogether1 articleinline
‘Untogether’ Review: Adrift in Los Angeles, Looking for Love
Movies, February 7

Jemima Kirke and Lola Kirke play damaged siblings in this exasperatingly affected romantic drama from Emma Forrest.

08oscarshorts1 articleinline
‘The 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films’ Review: Heartbreak, Abbreviated
Movies, February 6

This year’s Oscar-nominated shorts will make you cry, laugh, cry, think, cry, wonder, and cry some more. Have we mentioned they might also make you cry?

Merlin 150227661 ffd58237 314b 4643 a5ef a06b14c37588 articleinline
‘The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part’ Review: Everything Is Not Awesome. Everything Is an Ad.
Movies, February 6

This franchise’s latest is a busy, noisy clutter of action sequences, pop-cultural allusions, life lessons and cute critters.

Merlin 150225750 3f6f7386 9f33 4954 841a 5fa56a2d3332 articleinline
‘Lords of Chaos’ Review: Where Anomie and Speed Metal Meet Doom
Movies, February 6

Inspired by a sordid, true story, this English-language movie tracks a group of Norwegian death-metal musicians whose lives go murderously wrong.

Merlin 150223929 340732f2 bd8f 42f1 81da cc57361b8666 articleinline
‘Everybody Knows’ Review: Penélope Cruz’s Homecoming Turns Frantic
Movies, February 6

The intricate plot, about a wedding upended by a kidnapping, revolves around the destructive power of unspoken grudges and half-buried memories.

Merlin 150033291 af655827 0222 44ce 82fe 01fdcb921594 articleinline
‘Dear Ex’ Review: Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Family Dysfunction
Movies, February 6

A boy is caught between his mother and the man for whom his father left his family in this nuanced portrait of enduring love.

Merlin 150222789 4301163d a7be 4ae0 937e dcb0417bac17 articleinline
‘Angela’s Diaries’ Review: A Tender Journey Through Memory
Movies, February 6

Yervant Gianikian assembled this film about Angela Ricci Lucchi, his partner in life and art, using diary shots and contemporary home video.

Merlin 149908671 1d968527 6697 4c62 b82b e50e16c25e39 articleinline
‘Cold Pursuit’ Review: Liam Neeson Is a Killer Snowplow Driver
Movies, February 5

Neeson’s latest sad-dad winter action thriller feels familiar and also different.

Merlin 149909100 6f0bd697 0f14 4067 b655 3f3d31bbb3c8 articleinline
A Lesbian Romantic Comedy, Sort of, by Way of Bollywood
Movies, February 1

The romance is pushed to the edges of “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga” so lessons of tolerance can take center stage.

Merlin 149860605 503ee0f0 4570 4af2 9cd1 82dc6165bb5b articleinline
‘Polar’ Review: A Hit Man’s Redemption Gets Mired in Toxic, Wintry Sludge
Movies, January 31

Starring the usually reliable Mads Mikkelsen, “Polar” pales in comparison to other assassin-in-midlife-crisis movies like “Grosse Pointe Blank.”

Merlin 149860437 0a0cd9f0 b70e 4fa2 9503 48d8be442830 articleinline
‘Miss Bala’ Review: Gina Rodriguez Finds the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Movies, January 31

A Hollywood remake turns a grim tale of violence into a fable of empowerment.

01braid articleinline
‘Braid’ Review: Childhood Friends Play a Dangerous Game in This Jumpy Thriller
Movies, January 31

The movie, written and directed by Mitzi Peirone, eventually coalesces as a bitter parable against chasing-your-dreams optimism.

Merlin 149940474 f7b53db4 9fa0 465d a80f 9011c3adc02a articleinline
‘Piercing’ Review: A Killer Romance
Movies, January 31

Christopher Abbott plays a character who thinks his baby is telling him to commit murder and dismemberment.

Merlin 149860119 3f770664 6938 45a8 8f57 708b88ae95f2 articleinline
‘Arctic’ Review: Madness in a Frozen Wasteland
Movies, January 31

Mads Mikkelsen, doing his rugged best, stars in this survival tale.

Unicorn1 articleinline v2
‘The Unicorn’ Review: Two’s Company, Three’s a Comedy
Movies, January 31

In this workmanlike film, a long-engaged couple consider a threesome to invigorate their moribund sex life.

Merlin 149909871 c024ceaf 3a41 432a a6e5 1f0ea0ce0bd7 articleinline
‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: World War I, in Living Color
Movies, January 31

Peter Jackson’s film is brisk, moving and destined to earn the ire of purists.

Merlin 149860377 964bc7a2 511d 4f15 9e10 2605aaeebc1c articleinline
‘Daughter of Mine’ Review: Lessons in Imperfect Parenting
Movies, January 31

Ardent and primal, Laura Bispuri’s drama addresses complicated ideas with head-clearing simplicity.

Merlin 149860554 5b632bdb 98b7 45af a8cb dc4ffb28dd18 articleinline
‘Outlaws’ Review: Uneasy Riders.
Movies, January 31

This unremittingly vicious first feature from Stephen McCallum portrays a power struggle in an Australian biker club rife with toxic masculinity and slack-jawed idiocy.

01velvet articleinline
‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ Review: Art Snobs Get a Gory Comeuppance
Movies, January 30

In this bilious satire, Jake Gyllenhaal plays an art critic on the edge of sanity as the paintings he covets turn murderous.

Merlin 149494635 6a459a44 9672 4505 b148 2944a8e8e23f articleinline
‘The Wild Pear Tree’ Review: A Gambler and a Writer at Odds
Movies, January 29

Modern Turkey is the backdrop for a father-son story rich with literary overtones and philosophical implications.

Gandhi1 articleinline
‘The Gandhi Murder’ Review: A Muddled Conspiracy Thriller
Movies, January 29

The movie unfolds in the weeks leading up to Gandhi’s death. It posits that the authorities knew the murder would happen and could have stopped it.

Merlin 149292987 1d2795fa e84c 41ec 86aa 554fc330652e articleinline
‘Soni’ Review: Two Delhi Policewomen Struggle Against Misogyny
Movies, January 25

In the world described in Ivan Ayr’s debut feature, men casually assume they are entitled to say or do whatever they want to women.

Merlin 149291976 0356a3dc 195b 41bc 9d32 aba9bd2d4ccc articleinline
‘Never Look Away’ Review: A Lush Adventure in Sex, Politics and Painting
Movies, January 24

This film, based on the life of Gerhard Richter, follows a German artist from the Nazi era to the 1960s.

Merlin 149292573 a1cb3a4f f676 4397 9e62 811bf3e81e13 articleinline
Revisiting a Film from Ida Lupino, Hollywood Star Turned Director
Movies, January 24

“Never Fear,” a 1949 movie directed by Lupino that has been superbly restored, tells the story of a dancer felled by polio.

Merlin 149292180 b5dd7237 55db 42a2 9ae8 9e5d0b746d2b articleinline
‘Serenity’ Review: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and One Very Bad Mess
Movies, January 24

As Captain Baker Dill, McConaughey is asked to throw his ex-wife’s new husband into the ocean. He should have thrown the script in instead.

Invisibles1 articleinline
‘The Invisibles’ Review: On the Run and in Plain Sight in World War II
Movies, January 24

Splicing two movies into a documentary-fiction hybrid, the director Claus Räfle follows four German Jews as they resist deportation to the camps.

Merlin 149291220 3fd5731a d231 4b31 a8c4 502785bd7ded articleinline
‘Heartlock’ Review: A Prison Kingpin Steals the Show in This Hackneyed Drama
Movies, January 24

Alexander Dreymon and Lesley-Ann Brandt star as a prisoner and a guard who flirt with forbidden romance under the dark gaze of Erik LaRay Harvey.

25jihadists articleinline v2
‘Jihadists’ Review: Interviewing, but Not Challenging, Islamic Extremists
Movies, January 24

In this French documentary, extremists in Mali, Tunisia and Mauritania preach to the camera. If its directors offered any pushback, it doesn’t show.

Merlin 149493936 dbf13c6c 8b81 45f4 932d f8ae88772797 articleinline
‘IO’ Review: It’s Eve or Oblivion for the Last Woman on Earth
Movies, January 23

Netflix’s new sci-fi movie is mostly a lugubrious Adam and Eve story. But the two leads are almost too swamped in ennui to tend the garden.

Merlin 149292291 281bb838 6d4b 40b0 a418 111dadf88c9b articleinline
‘The Image Book’ Review: Godard Looks at Violence, and Movies
Movies, January 23

Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film is a gloomy, lively essay on some disturbing history, cinema and himself.

Merlin 149291793 7f16feb7 9ec1 4bcd bf90 a942fc0a9549 articleinline
‘King of Thieves’ Review: Michael Caine Leads a Crew of Artful Codgers
Movies, January 23

Based on the 2015 Hatton Garden burglary, the film has many familiar faces. They’re just a bit older now.

Merlin 149293140 268a7199 4a73 4626 936d 3437b8ab4a5e articleinline
‘The 5 Browns’ Review: United by Music and Scarred by Sexual Abuse
Movies, January 22

A new documentary tells the painful but ultimately hopeful story of a classical music quintet of siblings, three of whom were molested by their father.