26women thumbwide v2
She Hosts ‘Women Who Kill,’ and May Be in Love With One
Culture, Yesterday

In Ingrid Jungermann’s droll comedy, ex-lovers who produce a podcast about serial killers find themselves at odds when a new romantic interest emerges.

26escapes1 web thumbwide
‘Escapes’ Recounts a Hollywood Storyteller’s Inventive Life
Culture, Yesterday

In this engaging documentary, Michael Almereyda looks at the screenwriter Hampton Fancher, one of the seers behind the 1982 “Blade Runner.”

26rumble thumbwide
‘Rumble’ Gives Due to Unheralded Native American Pop Musicians
Culture, Yesterday

Catherine Bainbridge’s “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World” celebrates performers who never fully got their due for their musical contributions.

21firstkill1 thumbwide v3
A Bullied Boy Gets a Hunting Lesson in ‘First Kill’
Weekend, July 20

A deep-woods thriller stars Bruce Willis as the local police chief and features a bank robbery gone wrong.

21mister thumbwide v2
Out of Luck, and Seeking a Strongman in ‘Mister Universo’
Weekend, July 20

The Italian directors Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel’s hybrid of a film follows a young man on a sort of odyssey across Italy.

21fencer thumbwide
‘The Fencer’ Is an Inspiring Figure in a Formulaic Tale
Weekend, July 20

In 1950s Estonia, a principal’s envy of a popular teacher leads him to start investigating his background.

21pulitzer thumbwide
‘The Pulitzer at 100’ Celebrates Awards More Than Winners
Weekend, July 20

A film about a prize for excellence in journalism and the arts shares some winners’ insights, but not enough.

21midwifesub thumbwide
‘The Midwife’ Is Unflappable, Until the Past Blows In
Weekend, July 20

Two great French actresses, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot, share the screen in this film about forgiveness and redemption.

21romeo thumbwide v3
‘Romeo Is Bleeding,’ and Shakespeare Is Relevant
Weekend, July 20

A documentary finds a group of young people in violence-plagued Richmond, Calif., staging their own version of Romeo and Juliet’s romantic tragedy.

21landline thumbwide
In ‘Landline,’ the Family That Strays Together
Weekend, July 20

Jenny Slate, John Turturro and Edie Falco star in Gillian Robespierre’s new comedy, set in 1995.

21killingground thumbwide
‘Killing Ground’ Will Make You Rethink That Camping Trip
Weekend, July 20

The movie, set in an Australian national park, features two families and one set of brutal killers.

21untamedsub thumbwide
In ‘The Untamed,’ Close Encounters. No, Even Closer.
Weekend, July 20

A slimy, many-tentacled alien has sex with several unhappy residents of the Mexican city of Guanajuato in Amat Escalante’s movie.

21girlhands thumbwide
‘The Girl Without Hands’ Tells a Dark Tale, Boldly
Weekend, July 20

In Sébastien Laudenbach’s animated adaptation of a Grimm fairy tale, after her father’s deal with the Devil, a young girl loses her hands and must navigate the world without them.

21kekszakallu1 thumbwide
‘Kekszakallu’ Plunges Into the Unknown
Weekend, July 20

This Argentine film, very loosely inspired by the Bartok opera “Bluebeard’s Castle,” observes the lives of teenage girls on the verge of adulthood.

21blackprince thumbwide
A Poor, Little Rich Maharajah in ‘Black Prince’
Weekend, July 20

Kavi Raz’s film, based on the true story of Duleep Singh, never finds a rhythm or dramatic arc.

21amnesia thumbwide
In ‘Amnesia,’ Finding Inner German Peace on a Spanish Isle
Weekend, July 20

Marthe Keller stars in Barbet Schroeder’s movie, set in Spain in the 1990s, about two Germans who confront the lingering horrors of World War II.

21valerian thumbwide
‘Valerian’ Is a Rave in Space (but Not Much Fun)
Weekend, July 20

If you can summarize the plot of Luc Besson’s film adaptation of the graphic-novel science fiction series, you weren’t paying attention.

21dunkirk thumbwide
‘Dunkirk’ Is a Tour de Force War Movie, Both Sweeping and Intimate
Weekend, July 20

In his brilliant new film, Christopher Nolan revisits a harrowing, true World War II mission in a story of struggle, survival and resistance.

21girlstrip thumbwide
In ‘Girls Trip,’ Women Giddily Under the Influence
Weekend, July 19

In the affably amusing, sometimes spittingly funny “Girls Trip,” a weekend getaway brings trouble, laughs and sisterhood.

Modern-Day Conflicts Creep Into Idyllic ‘Santoalla’
Culture, July 18

A Dutch couple goes off the grid to live a quiet life in Spain, but their idyll ends in a true crime mystery that is the subject of this documentary.

14limportant thumbwide v4
‘L’Important C’est d’Aimer,’ and Its Complications
Weekend, July 13

A lovely new restoration of Andrzej Zulawski’s third feature is being released. You’ll still want to brace yourself for its emotional intensity.

14footnotes thumbwide
In ‘Footnotes,’ It’s Out of Work We Go
Weekend, July 13

A Marxist musical comedy follows its heroine into a luxury shoe factory and then into a labor dispute.

14chasing thumbwide
‘Chasing Coral’ Bears Witness to the Death Aquatic
Weekend, July 13

Jeff Orlowski’s documentary emphasizes that climate change isn’t just an aboveground phenomenon — warmer oceans mean that coral reefs are in peril, too.

Wish trailer articleinline
A Music Box to ‘Wish Upon,’ With a (Deadly) Catch
Weekend, July 13

A teenager unhappy with her circumstances falls prey to a strange box, and it doesn’t bode well for the resident high school meanie.

14blind thumbwide
‘Blind’ Aims for Steamy Romance but Hits Silliness
Weekend, July 13

Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore star in a clumsy tale about a cranky blind writer and a married woman who finds him affair-worthy.

Wrong light image thumbwide
Victims or Not? ‘The Wrong Light’ Looks at a Rescue Group
Weekend, July 13

A documentary initially focused on Thailand’s sex industry takes a sharp turn when the filmmakers begin to doubt the activist who is their guide.

14endless thumbwide
‘Endless Poetry,’ Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Surreal Self-Portrait
Weekend, July 13

An 88-year-old polymath’s nostalgic look back on the Chilean literary scene in the late 1940s.

14false thumbwide
With ‘False Confessions,’ the Play’s Not Quite the Thing
Weekend, July 13

Isabelle Huppert and Louis Garrel star in a screen version of an 18th-century Marivaux play and the last film directed by Luc Bondy.

14ladymac thumbwide
‘Lady Macbeth’ in Hoop Skirts
Weekend, July 13

Victim or villain, flower or serpent? In this British movie, a young 19th-century woman finds passion, makes mischief and commits murder.

In ‘Almost Sunrise,’ a Long Walk to Postwar Clarity
Weekend, July 13

This documentary by Michael Collins follows two veterans as they try to come to grips with the “moral injury” inflicted by their military tours in Iraq.

In ‘Birthright: A War Story,’ a 40-Year Offensive Against Reproductive Choices
Weekend, July 13

The documentary argues that not just pregnancy-related treatment, but also all manner of health care for women, is under constant attack.

14warplanet thumbwide
New ‘Planet of the Apes’ Makes You Root Against Your Species
Weekend, July 12

With Andy Serkis reprising his role as Caesar, “War for the Planet of the Apes” is a humane western wrapped around a prison movie, as primates battle for primacy.

12bronxgothic thumbwide
Okwui Okpokwasili’s ‘Bronx Gothic,’ From Stage to Screen
Culture, July 11

A documentary revisits a harrowing solo performance piece that explores the sexual awakening of two girls in the Bronx.

12iamblues thumbwide
‘I Am the Blues’ Visits the Music’s Home Turf
Culture, July 11

Daniel Cross’s film spends time with Delta bluesmen, many in their 80s, still living and playing in the small towns of Louisiana and Mississippi.

12fivehundred thumbwide
‘500 Years’ Looks at a Guatemala Searching for Justice
Culture, July 11

The documentary is the final film in a trilogy by Pamela Yates that examines the country, its people and political corruption.

07cityghosts thumbwide
In ‘City of Ghosts,’ Fighting ISIS With Journalism
Weekend, July 6

In this documentary, Matthew Heineman (“Cartel Land”) focuses on the gutsy Syrian citizen-journalist group called Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.

07rehearsal thumbwide
Drama Students Aren’t Merely Players in ‘The Rehearsal’
Weekend, July 6

Alison Maclean tells a coming-of-age story in her long-awaited return to the big screen. Her last fictional feature was 1999’s “Jesus’ Son.”...

07confess articleinline
In ‘The Confessions,’ the Monk Has All the Answers
Weekend, July 6

This political fable by Roberto Andò is rife with talk about power, austerity and capitalism; high-end settings; tasteful music; and implausibility.

07swimteam thumbwide
In ‘Swim Team,’ Autism Is No Barrier to Competition
Weekend, July 6

Lara Stolman’s documentary follows a Special Olympics team for autistic kids, the Jersey Hammerheads, and the challenges they face.

07ourtimewill thumbwide
A Guerrilla Is Born in Hong Kong in ‘Our Time Will Come’
Weekend, July 5

Ann Hui’s deftly directed film depicts an underground leader’s rise during the Japanese occupation in World War II, and the sacrifices asked of her.

07austin thumbwide
In ‘Austin Found,’ Child Abduction Is Played for Laughs
Weekend, July 5

Dumb-comedy season is here: Linda Cardellini stars as a manipulative mother who turns to kidnapping when her pageant dreams for her daughter fizzle.

07ghost thumbwide
‘A Ghost Story’ Has a Sensitive Specter With Time on His Hands
Weekend, July 5

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara play a young couple, one of whom is dead, in David Lowery’s haunting new film.

01house thumbwide
‘The House’ Is a Comedy Built on Despair
Culture, June 30

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler play a couple who embark on a nefarious scheme in which the odds are always in their favor.

07spiderman2 thumbwide
Spider-Man (Again) and All That Sticky Kid Stuff
Culture, June 29

This superhero is back in a reboot that features both new faces and familiar fights. Tom Holland wears the suit, but Michael Keaton owns the movie.

30maliblues thumbwide
‘Mali Blues,’ Making Music in the Face of Jihadists
Weekend, June 29

This documentary takes up where the fictional ‘Timbuktu’ left off, focusing on the urgency of four major Malian musicians.

30reagan thumbwide
In ‘The Reagan Show,’ No Grenada but Lots of the Arms Race
Weekend, June 29

A documentary assembled from archival video offers a glimpse of the 40th president’s character, but focuses mostly on relations with the Soviets.

30reset thumbwide
In ‘Reset,’ a Mother Enters a Wormhole to Save Her Son
Weekend, June 29

This film, produced by Jackie Chan, is a tense sci-fi action thriller with a strong female lead.

30looksee thumbwide
Rural Kentucky With Poet-Farmer Wendell Berry in ‘Look & See’
Weekend, June 29

The documentary offers a glimpse into the fecund mind of a writer-naturalist.

30mariecurie thumbwide v3
‘Marie Curie’ Recalls a Beautiful Mind and Tough Life
Weekend, June 29

This biopic, starring Karolina Gruszka, highlights about six years in the life of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

30skyjacker thumbwide
‘The Skyjacker’s Tale’ Tracks Down a Fugitive in Cuba
Weekend, June 29

A documentary by Jamie Kastner is about a fugitive convicted in the deaths of eight people at a golf course in the Virgin Islands.

30bside thumbwide
‘The B-Side,’ Errol Morris’s Deft Portrait of a Photographer
Weekend, June 29

Elsa Dorfman, a subject of seemingly modest import for a documentary, emerges here as an artist of deep compassion, empathy, humor and wisdom.

30thirteen thumbwide
From Wooing Women to Plotting Hitler’s Murder in ‘13 Minutes’
Weekend, June 29

A German biopic tells the story of Georg Elser, a carpenter who tried to blow up the Führer in 1939.

30littlehours thumbwide
In ‘The Little Hours,’ These Sisters Are Neither Chaste Nor Obedient
Weekend, June 29

The film borrows from Boccaccio, with a sprinkling of Monty Python, for this irreverent comedy set in an Italian convent.

‘Darkness Rising,’ a Bland Haunted-House Salad
Weekend, June 29

A woman returns to the site of a family murder only to find the evil spirit that caused it is still hanging around.

30despicable1 thumbwide v2
‘Despicable Me 3’ Suggests a Franchise Running on Fumes
Weekend, June 29

Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig revisit their familiar characters, but the goings-on show signs of wear even as the energy level escalates.

28okja thumbwide
In ‘Okja,’ a Girl and Her Pig Take on the Food Industrial Complex
Culture, June 27

Bong Joon-ho’s latest film on Netflix is a high-speed satire with a conscience and a heart. And Tilda Swinton in braces.

28spellreel1 thumbwide
‘Spell Reel’ Shows a Revolution Filmed, on the Leader’s Orders
Culture, June 27

The documentary digs up movies shot to document Guinea-Bissau’s war of independence from Portugal in the 1960s and ’70s.

28popaye thumbwide v2
Midlife Crisis, With Pachyderm, in ‘Pop Aye’
Culture, June 27

A quixotic Thai drama about a middle-aged architect, an old elephant and their journey into a new life.

28babydrive thumbwide v2
In ‘Baby Driver,’ It’s Kiss Kiss, Zoom Zoom
Culture, June 27

Burning rubber and hot licks help propel this action movie about a getaway driver named Baby, played by Ansel Elgort. Edgar Wright directed.