‘Shayda’ Review: Finding Refuge in Community
Weekend, February 29

This stirring film from Noora Niasari follows an Iranian woman and her daughter living in a women’s shelter in Australia.

‘Problemista’ Review: Craven New World
Weekend, February 29

The first feature film from the writer and comedian Julio Torres is a social problem drama with the frippery of a Michel Gondry romance.

‘Amelia’s Children’ Review: Mommy Weirdest
Weekend, February 29

A villa in Portugal introduces two New Yorkers to more than long-lost family in this comically sick horror movie.

‘Dune: Part Two’ Review: Bigger, Wormier and Way Far Out
Weekend, February 29

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya make an appealing pair in Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up film, and the actors fit together with tangible ease.

‘Spaceman’ Review: What Happened Here?
Weekend, February 29

Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan star in a baffling Netflix misfire about a man in, well, space.

‘Outlaw Posse’ Review: Ride or Die
Weekend, February 29

Two decades after his previous Black western, Mario Van Peebles is back in the saddle again. This time, his son, Mandela, is with him.

‘Code 8: Part II’ Review: Helping a Child in Danger
Weekend, February 28

In this Netflix sequel, the acting cousins Robbie and Stephen Amell again play gruff men of action — physical and psychic — navigating an urban dystopia.

‘As We Speak’: Rap Music on Trial’ Review: Weaponizing Lyrics in Court
Weekend, February 28

Lyrics that contain references to violence have been used as legal evidence, a practice this documentary by J.M. Harper condemns as unfair and prejudicial.

‘Mea Culpa’ Review: Who’s Really to Blame, and for What?
Culture, February 23

The tagline of Tyler Perry’s new movie is “everyone’s guilty of something,” but the responsibility for this willfully steamy, decidedly silly thriller is all his.

‘Io Capitano’ Review: A Migration Odyssey
Weekend, February 22

The Italian director of the film “Gomorrah” focuses his tender yet unsparing lens on two teenage boys journeying from their home in Senegal to Europe.

‘About Dry Grasses’ Review: The Weariness of Hope
Weekend, February 22

The latest intimate epic from the master filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan asks whether the world can change, and we can change with it.

‘Veselka’ Review: Serving Up Support for Ukraine
Weekend, February 22

Subtitled “The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World,” this documentary offers a warm tribute to an East Village landmark.

‘Stopmotion’ Review: Her Dark Materials
Weekend, February 22

A fraying animator becomes the victim of her own creations in this visually sophisticated horror movie.

‘Kiss the Future’ Review: Seeing U2 in Post-Siege Sarajevo
Weekend, February 22

Nenad Cicin-Sain’s smoothly calibrated documentary is part timeline of the concert’s development and part testament to the city’s defiance during the Bosnian War.

‘The Invisible Fight’ Review: Iron Fist vs. Iron Curtain
Weekend, February 22

This action comedy set in the 1970s satisfyingly blends kung fu, heavy metal and Orthodox Christianity.

‘They Shot the Piano Player’ Review: Taking on a Bossa Nova Mystery
Weekend, February 22

The pianist Francisco Tenório Júnior, on tour in Argentina during the right-wing dictatorship of the 1970s, vanished. This animated feature picks up the trail.

‘Drive-Away Dolls’ Review: Ethan Coen’s Sluggish Joyride
Weekend, February 22

Directing without his brother, Coen brings the usual mix of highbrow references and petty crimes, but this road movie just stalls out.

‘Ordinary Angels’ Review: A Hairdresser Turns Lifesaver
Weekend, February 22

When a 5-year-old girl’s life is in danger if she doesn’t get surgery urgently, help arrives from unexpected places.

‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — To the Hashira Training’ Review: Monster Mash-Up
Weekend, February 22

The popular anime returns to the big screen in a somewhat lopsided feature presentation of two stand-alone episodes from the TV series.

‘Becoming King’ Review: An Actor Marches On
Weekend, February 21

This documentary about Ava DuVernay’s 2014 Martin Luther King drama “Selma” plays more like a David Oyelowo tribute than a proper look at the difficulties of making the film.

‘The Arc of Oblivion’ Review: Trying to Stop a Future Tide
Weekend, February 15

A documentary about building an ark turns into a funny, thoughtful rumination on the nature of human preservation.

‘Monolith’ Review: Friend of the Pod People
Weekend, February 15

Lily Sullivan plays a podcaster investigating a supernatural mystery in this thriller from Matt Vesely.

‘The 2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films’ Review: Small Running Times, Large Themes
Weekend, February 15

Many of this year’s films take a darker turn, but there is some levity among the bunch.

‘Onlookers’ Review: Portraits of Picture Takers
Weekend, February 15

This experimental nonfiction feature from Kimi Takesue aims to reflect on travel and tourism in Laos, but offers few striking images.

‘Land of Bad’ Review: Tech Ops in the Jungle
Weekend, February 15

Fighters on the ground, assisted by drone pilots, including Russell Crowe, half a world away — in Las Vegas.

‘God & Country’ Review: One Nation, Under the Cross
Weekend, February 15

Dan Partland’s blunt documentary follows the rise of Christian nationalist voters and argues that they threaten pluralism and democracy.

‘Bleeding Love’ Review: On the Road With Dad
Weekend, February 14

Ewan McGregor plays father to his real-life daughter Clara McGregor in this indie road-trip movie that’s also a meandering journey to healing.

‘Madame Web’ Review: Dakota Johnson Can’t Save This Spidey Spinoff
Weekend, February 14

The actress stars as a clairvoyant in the latest entry to the Spider-Man franchise, using her charm to rise above this flat, predictable movie.

‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Review: Mostly Positive Vibes
Weekend, February 14

This patchy biopic lauds the Marley of dormitory posters, a snapshot of a lifestyle hero who is always the coolest guy in the room.

‘Players’ Review: Running the Rom-Com Playbook
Culture, February 14

Gina Rodriguez stars in a Netflix movie that recalls the charms of the genre’s heyday.

‘Upgraded’ Review: Faking It That She’s Made It
Culture, February 13

Camila Mendes plays a broke assistant posing as an art world bigwig in this slyly charming romantic comedy.

‘The Space Race’ Review: Why Was NASA So White?
Weekend, February 13

The days of shooting for the stars, interpreted through the stories of people of color whose aspirations were repeatedly thwarted.

‘The Monk and the Gun’ Review: A Political Fable in a Faraway Land
Weekend, February 8

This feature follows two monks in Bhutan, often portrayed as a Shangri-La, as the country readies for its first democratic elections.

‘Here’ Review: A Celebration of Connection
Weekend, February 8

In Bas Devos’s muted and luminous Belgian drama, two lonely souls repeatedly encounter each other.

‘They Called Him Mostly Harmless’ Review: Digital Sleuthing
Weekend, February 8

In this schematic Max true-crime documentary, amateur detectives take the lead in the quest to identify the body of a male hiker.

‘Cobweb’ Review: A Film Within a Director’s Cinematic Ego Trip
Weekend, February 8

Kim Jee-woon toys with the absurdity of filmmaking itself in this story of a director compelled to take his cast and crew captive to shoot one more scene.

‘Drift’ Review: Keeping a Breakdown at Bay
Weekend, February 8

Anthony Chen’s quiet character study follows a traumatized Liberian woman (Cynthia Erivo) on a Greek island who befriends an American tour guide (Alia Shawkat).

‘Out of Darkness’ Review: Prime Evil
Weekend, February 8

A Stone Age tribe is hunted by an unseen entity in this wondrously atmospheric survival thriller, which unfolds in a fictional language.

‘Marmalade’ Review: Getting Out of a Jam
Weekend, February 8

Joe Keery plays a seeming dupe in a crime movie that plays dumb, then tries to play smart, but only becomes dumber.

‘Lover, Stalker, Killer’ Review: True Crime With Lots of Twists
Weekend, February 8

This documentary directed by Sam Hobkinson focuses on a jump back into the dating pool that soon turns horrific.

‘Molli and Max in the Future’ Review: Love, Interplanetary Style
Weekend, February 8

This rom-com brings futuristic absurdity and nimble timing to a comfort-food story line of friends turned soul mates.

‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Review: When Mom Finds Out, You’re So Dead
Weekend, February 8

A little too enamored of its own references, this teen horror-comedy feels a bit misshapen but still delivers some light fun.

‘Suncoast’ Review: How to Act When Your Brother Has Brain Cancer
Weekend, February 8

Laura Chinn’s promising feature debut fictionalizes an excruciating experience: her brother’s slow death at the same time as Terri Schiavo’s ordeal.

‘Ennio’ Review: Morricone and His Mastery of Film Scores
Weekend, February 8

A lively, absorbing documentary about the Italian composer whose music is featured in hundreds of movies, from “A Fistful of Dollars” to “Kill Bill.”

‘The Taste of Things’ Review: Love, Loss and Loins of Veal
Weekend, February 8

Juliette Binoche stars in an instant culinary classic that exquisitely captures the kitchen’s bittersweet blessing.

‘Perfect Days’ Review: Hanging On
Weekend, February 7

Directed by Wim Wenders, this Oscar-nominated Japanese drama gently excavates the life of a toilet cleaner, and the shadows that lurk inside.

‘Fire Through Dry Grass’ Review: Unsafe Space
Weekend, September 28

This enlightening, troubling documentary chronicles life (and death) among residents in a long-term care facility during the heights of the pandemic.

‘Broadway Rising’ Review: Surviving the Pandemic
Weekend, December 27

Stakeholders including Patti LuPone and Lynn Nottage share their real-time reactions to New York theater’s shutdown and reopening in Amy Rice’s documentary.

‘Bad Axe’ Review: A Pandemic Family Portrait
Weekend, November 17

The filmmaker David Siev chronicles his family’s struggle to keep their Michigan restaurant afloat through the pandemic in this hermetic documentary.