Merlin 156701757 eef61e17 c888 4ad9 be58 23d47e5d48a4 articleinline
‘The Chambermaid’ Review: Amid Luxury, an Entrancing Drudgery
Movies, Yesterday

Lila Avilés’s modest and miraculous first feature finds pathos and a hint of magic in the routines of a young hotel worker.

Annabelle2 articleinline
‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Review: An Evil Doll Returns and She’s Not Alone
Movies, June 24

This lethargic film delivers an abundance of haunted-house clichés and few genuine scares.

Merlin 156496431 bc44a374 d9bf 41f8 a6b0 eef8b2ec2435 articleinline
‘Anna’ Review: a Curiously Familiar Female Assassin
Movies, June 21

Luc Besson’s latest film often turns on seduction and shifting power dynamics between men and women.

Merlin 156640410 48754ef2 5ad3 48a6 92c8 fd8cee58b89b articleinline
‘Starfish’ Review: A Sci-Fi Mystery Shrouded in Grief
Movies, June 20

A.T. White’s experimental debut feature is patient and introspective horror, anchored by a charismatic performance by Virginia Gardner.

Merlin 156496752 afa24737 f54c 436f a231 77ff6f196c31 articleinline
‘Endzeit’ Review: Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse
Movies, June 20

A German movie goes into the woods with the dead, morphing into a fairy tale that is by turns uneasy and beguiling.

Merlin 156496593 e091e3e9 c84f 4950 a755 a891e1f5ed92 articleinline
‘Child’s Play’ Review: A Robot Chucky Goes Rogue in a Soulless Remake
Movies, June 20

This slasher retread adds a cautionary tale about artificial intelligence, but its plausibility makes the character less scary.

Merlin 156497223 cd82f699 944f 44eb b614 f1d93e10d283 articleinline
‘Toy Story 4’ Review: Playtime’s Over
Movies, June 20

In this latest entry in the long-running series, Woody and Buzz hit the road and cross paths with a scary, scarily unloved doll.

Merlin 156497112 19977578 6331 4e88 9ede 7dcc0b7f56e0 articleinline
‘The Quiet One’ Review: Bill Wyman Opens His Archives, and His Mouth
Movies, June 20

A new documentary explores the Rolling Stones bassist’s musical prowess and avoidance of excess.

Merlin 156496527 6355fbe3 2d68 4681 937d 2e40817da9b6 articleinline
‘Burn Your Maps’ Review: The Mongolian Steppes as a Stage for Grief
Movies, June 20

Vera Farmiga plays a mother who has lost a child and travels all the way to Central Asia to help heal her still-living one.

Merlin 156497085 8b57e721 aac8 4792 a944 1f5dfbd9dddc articleinline
‘The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir’ Review: A Bustling, Whimsical Voyage
Movies, June 20

Dhanush plays a poor Indian magician whose trip to Europe takes a series of unexpected turns.

Command1 articleinline
‘The Command’ Review: A Real-Life Submarine Tragedy Gets the Big Screen Treatment
Movies, June 20

Thomas Vinterberg’s new movie relives the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.

Wildrose1 articleinline
‘Wild Rose’ Review: A Glaswegian Singer Walks the Line
Movies, June 20

Jessie Buckley shines as a working-class performer with aspirations of country music stardom.

Merlin 156496500 0b6928a8 abe9 4630 899d f28816dc6872 articleinline
‘Billboard’ Review: An Underdog Story Misses the Mark
Movies, June 20

Zeke Zelker’s film about a radio promotional stunt gone awry suffers from awkward pacing and stilted dialogue.

Merlin 156497127 8a16ad0d 82c5 437c a681 84846737a64a articleinline
‘Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am’ Basks in the Presence of a Beloved Writer
Movies, June 19

An informative, admiring documentary is brought alive by the charisma and brilliance of its subject.

Merlin 156596004 7bbb5d09 bb45 4c9c b4b8 fbdc7630f8c6 articleinline
‘Edge of Democracy’ Looks at Brazil With Outrage and Heartbreak
Movies, June 18

Petra Costa’s documentary chronicles the impeachment of one president, the imprisonment of another and the triumph of authoritarian politics.

14murder mystery articleinline
‘Murder Mystery’ Review: A Whodunit on the High Seas
Movies, June 14

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler reunite for what plays like an updated but sluggish version of “Clue.”

Merlin 156054321 8f5a067b dec7 4c36 9334 436d4c6a14da articleinline
‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Review: Zombies Gobbling Up Scraps of Pop Culture
Movies, June 13

Jim Jarmusch’s movie, starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton and a bunch of other interesting people, respects the genre without committing to it.

Merlin 156054801 2d6c7c4b 26cc 4533 8ebc f3a8ee830a60 articleinline
I’m Talking About ‘Shaft.’ Yes, Again.
Movies, June 13

How did a bad mother (shut your mouth) turn into a bad dad joke?

Merlin 156054717 5809fc90 0589 4039 ac9b 0bcfaa25dc2c articleinline
‘Plus One’ Review: Navigating a Marathon of Nuptials
Movies, June 13

Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid are single friends who agree to be each other’s dates to a series of weddings.

Merlin 156054696 1e823956 5ff2 41c4 a740 4ea9e315d706 articleinline
‘Our Time’ Review: An Enthralling and Exasperating Take on Infidelity
Movies, June 13

The Mexican director Carlos Reygadas explores a couple’s fraught relationship from a languid, deep-focus perspective.

Intheaisles1 articleinline
‘In the Aisles’ Review: A Store With Everything, Except Fulfillment
Movies, June 13

Franz Rogowski and Sandra Hüller star in this peculiar not-quite-comedy from Germany.

Merlin 156053895 d7c08488 b313 418d 8465 32cb47d0af59 articleinline
‘Being Frank’ Review: An Embarrassment of Daddy Issues
Movies, June 13

In Miranda Bailey’s new film, an opportunistic son bonds with an absentee father who turns out to have a second family.

Merlin 156053955 31cf177a 14d4 41ed 8cdf 7f775e4d3b09 articleinline
‘Blue Note Records’ Review: A Smart, Exhilarating Look at an Influential Label
Movies, June 13

Featuring Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and other luminaries, a new documentary examines Blue Note’s legacy from Thelonious Monk to hip-hop.

Merlin 156053712 a85625d6 eafa 44ee 896e 13f2af3fa8ef articleinline
‘American Woman’ Review: A Considered, and Cautious, Working-Class Character Study
Movies, June 13

Sienna Miller is a single mother whose daughter’s disappearance pushes her over several edges, both literal and metaphorical.

Hampstead1 articleinline
‘Hampstead’ Review: A Low-Key and Lively Look at an Unlikely Romance
Movies, June 13

Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson fall in love, with a little help from a picturesque London park.

Backto1 articleinline
‘Back to the Fatherland’ Review: Israelis Who Look to Put History Aside
Movies, June 13

The documentary follows several young Israelis who move to Germany and Austria, countries that once set out to exterminate Jews.

Daughter1 articleinline
‘Daughter of the Wolf’ Review: Snow, Ice, and Dramatic Inertia
Movies, June 13

This kidnapping thriller will leave you cold in more ways than one.

Merlin 156054540 2486747b 7ac0 4b1c b898 d4ab4199fef8 articleinline
‘Men in Black: International’ Review: A Case of the Blahs
Movies, June 12

The fourth installment in this decades-old franchise sputters (while you groan), despite its inherently watchable leads.

Merlin 156053538 f95b5ddb 9df9 4342 b390 738f5be330bb articleinline
‘Rolling Thunder’ Review: A New Ballad of Bob, Sung by Marty
Movies, June 11

In his new documentary, Martin Scorsese revisits a famous Bob Dylan tour that included Joan Baez and Allen Ginsberg.

Merlin 156053475 eb4a492b ff26 4312 aef8 6c021eaa9e4d articleinline
‘The Reports on Sarah and Saleem’ Review: An Extramarital Affair With Geopolitical Implications
Movies, June 11

An often gripping drama from the Palestinian director Muayad Alayan chronicles a high-stakes affair between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman.

06alles articleinline
‘Alles Ist Gut’ Review: Surviving Sexual Assault, and All the Mornings After
Movies, June 6

The first-time director Eva Trobisch has made a searing drama about the everyday interactions that all women must navigate carefully.

Merlin 155733594 928f3eb2 c722 4a02 aea8 184a865197e7 articleinline
‘The Raft’ Review: A Crew of 10 Set Adrift With a Moody Svengali
Movies, June 6

A fascinating documentary re-examines a notorious anthropological experiment from the 1970s.

Merlin 155733324 af3280f6 acb3 4e05 b519 2046879854f3 articleinline
‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ Review: Lost in a Dream City
Movies, June 6

An indelibly beautiful story of love, family and loss in America from two childhood friends turned filmmakers.

Merlin 155731845 593e8fa0 803e 45ea 8e99 7859404d05b5 articleinline
‘Framing John DeLorean’ Review: The Man Who Flew His Car Too Close to the Sun
Movies, June 6

Mixing documentary and fictionalized re-enactment, a new film about the mythic automaker tells a quintessentially American story of ambition and greed.

Merlin 155732790 4215fce5 9886 4b53 9a32 8d9af66af64d articleinline
‘Dark Phoenix’ Review: X-Women Power? Nah
Movies, June 6

The new installment in the long-running franchise has blowouts and Jessica Chastain channeling Tilda Swinton (so it could be worse).

Merlin 155732856 0126e42c cf0a 4649 9761 b6d69138806b articleinline
‘Nureyev’ Review: His Life Was High Drama. This Film Could Use More.
Movies, June 6

A new movie about the superstar ballet dancer has a familiar documentary problem: great story, not-so-great storytelling.

Merlin 155942991 938f708f c956 457f b507 535df36870ce articleinline
‘This One’s for the Ladies’ Review: Stripping to Pay the Bills
Movies, June 6

Gene Graham’s documentary portrays male exotic dancers as hard-working performers, and their clients as looking for escape.

Merlin 155732157 7886d5bb 258b 4f9e bbbf 3bc8ff05e4dc articleinline
‘Ghost Fleet’ Review: A Quest to End Slavery at Sea
Movies, June 6

Unwitting migrants are tricked into lives of bondage aboard fishing vessels.

Merlin 155732970 0b6fb596 b633 4521 a40e 064df9e57346 articleinline
‘Papi Chulo’ Review: Another White Person Goes on a Journey
Movies, June 6

A lonely weatherman hires a day laborer to be his pal in John Butler’s racially naïve buddy comedy.

Funan1 articleinline
‘Funan’ Review: An Unflinching, Animated Story of Survival
Movies, June 6

Denis Do tells a grim tale of captivity and oppression in 1970s Cambodia.

Sixteen1 articleinline
‘16 Shots’ Review: Chicago’s Rage After a Killing by the Police
Movies, June 6

The documentary recounts the shooting of Laquan McDonald and the resulting trial of Jason Van Dyke.

Merlin 155733168 4c08ed0b 6d8a 4ed2 a5a3 c1925149c918 articleinline
‘The Black Godfather’ Review: The Music Executive Who Made It All Happen
Movies, June 6

Reginald Hudlin’s documentary about Clarence Avant includes many golden anecdotes.

Leto1 articleinline
‘Leto’ Review: Love and Rock in Leningrad
Movies, June 6

Kirill Serebrennikov’s gentle mood piece brings an underground music scene to vivid life.

Pavarotti1 articleinline
‘Pavarotti’ Review: A Charmed Life on the High C’s
Movies, June 6

Ron Howard’s documentary puts the opera singer back in the spotlight.

Merlin 154873803 16f2d04c 619e 4ecd 9bbe 4fc3d78caa28 articleinline
‘Late Night’ Review: Emma Thompson Takes On the Old Boys of Network TV
Movies, June 5

Mindy Kaling wrote and co-stars in a sharp and sincere comedy about sexism in broadcasting in the era of #MeToo and social media.

Merlin 155733756 31302a14 383b 4162 bcb1 636bbdd7432e articleinline
‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ Review: Funny, Furry and Forgettable
Movies, June 5

Some clever gags redeem this otherwise meandering sequel.

Merlin 155652492 f988021b e2e0 401e a021 9b8943b768fd articleinline
‘Joy’ Review: In Austria, a Nigerian Woman Finds a Life Without Hope
Movies, May 31

The name of this Netflix feature is the precise opposite of its mood.

Merlin 155327889 b0001938 6094 4100 8f0a bb491964a084 articleinline
‘Too Late to Die Young’ Review: Big Changes, Quietly Observed
Movies, May 30

Dominga Sotomayor’s new film is set among artists vacationing in Chile in 1990.

Merlin 155328960 705bb6e1 1e26 44fa a8e5 f24aba13c2fb articleinline
‘For the Birds’ Review: From an Overcrowded Chicken Coop Springs Unusual Life
Movies, May 30

What makes the film stand out is its editing, which carefully builds a story from multiple perspectives.

Merlin 155328090 338b3540 e1cf 449c 9747 65646169d461 articleinline
‘The Image You Missed’ Review: From Son to Father and Filmmaker to Filmmaker
Movies, May 30

Donal Foreman looks back at the documentaries of his father, Arthur MacCaig, who made films about the Troubles.

Merlin 155326896 12b98a42 e366 4a79 8536 9615c5b02930 articleinline
‘Echo in the Canyon,’ Capturing a California Musical Moment
Movies, May 30

Stars from bands of the 1960s and beyond share their memories of a time and place that made lasting changes in popular music.

Merlin 155261727 f99475d5 a2f0 43ac a7b5 a5ed93a81fd4 articleinline
‘Yomeddine’ Review: A Leprosy Survivor’s Journey Under the Desert Sun
Movies, May 30

A.B. Shawky’s empathetic feature film follows a former leper through Egypt as he searches for the family who abandoned him.

Merlin 155328564 a7e7472d 984f 4a0a 9c55 b41785333118 articleinline
‘The Russian Five’ Review: Out of the Iron Curtain, Onto the Ice
Movies, May 30

A documentary looks at the Detroit Red Wings and the hockey players they recruited from the Soviet Union.

Merlin 155327748 7da94171 2c3d 462e bdd7 71ab0a7bff6c articleinline
‘The Spy Behind Home Plate’ Review: Play Ball, Fight Nazis
Movies, May 30

A documentary tells the story of Moe Berg, a major-league catcher who went undercover during World War II.

Merlin 155328279 8ecd805c ec7f 43b6 bd27 8004dafbfbc6 articleinline
‘XY Chelsea’ Review: A Whistleblower Out of Focus
Movies, May 30

This hazy profile of Chelsea Manning features more glamour shots than psychological insights.

Domino1 articleinline
‘Domino’ Review: All Voyeurism, All the Time
Movies, May 30

In Brian De Palma’s new film, a personal revenge story line is subsumed by horrific visions of television-friendly acts of terror.

Thefall1 articleinline
‘The Fall of the American Empire’ Review: A Satirical Take on the Crime Story
Movies, May 30

A philosopher faces a dilemma in Denys Arcand’s film packed with pointed social and political commentary.

Merlin 155327223 a1123f11 9449 4fd2 8bd6 fb97846f86a1 articleinline
‘Ma’ Review: Octavia Spencer Serves Up Liquor, Terror and a Killer Performance
Movies, May 29

A psycho-revenge thriller from the director of “The Help”? Why not! Just don’t expect a coherent story line.

29alwaysbe articleinline
‘Always Be My Maybe’ Review: Romance, Food and Fame Through a Sitcom Lens
Movies, May 29

Ali Wong and Randall Park struggle to find chemistry in this romantic comedy with an appealingly diverse cast.

Merlin 155327172 4adc8a2b 61aa 41d6 b834 a437da724fd7 articleinline
‘Godzilla, King of the Monsters’ Review: For Once, the Title Says It All
Movies, May 28

Ghidorah, Mothra and even Kong make appearances in this film, which is firmly in franchise territory.

Merlin 155327628 8f0e9e42 ec33 475d 8261 2d7865cb290c articleinline
‘Rocketman’ Review: The Fantastical Tale of Elton John, Survivor, Rock God, Camp Icon
Movies, May 28

Taron Egerton brings understated flamboyance and flamboyant understatement to his portrayal of the former Reginald Dwight.

Merlin 155269245 1f3a6229 7ecb 48b9 83a4 52533f6f15cb articleinline
In ‘Leaving Home, Coming Home,’ Robert Frank Recounts His Career
Movies, May 28

In Gerald Fox’s documentary, the photographer looks back at his life and work.