Merlin 153438606 e851a906 2fcc 43d8 9284 c80f7e4d5980 articleinline
‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Review: California Freakin’, With Scares, Laughs and a Murderous Ghost
Movies, Yesterday

Linda Cardellini plays a widow with two children and a curse in this amusing, old-fashioned ghost story, the latest addition to the “Conjuring” series.

Merlin 153598338 1d2e26f6 ee4f 41bd 86ed 638796e3e814 articleinline
‘Someone Great’ Review: After a Breakup, One Last Night on the Town
Movies, Yesterday

Netflix’s contribution to the “girls’ night out” genre has its clichés, but the cast has ample chemistry to pull it off.

Merlin 153439065 4f784f3f bef0 44dd 89c0 3c8f7a820f27 articleinline
‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Brings Him Back to Life
Movies, Yesterday

Terry Gilliam’s long-deferred tribute to Cervantes’s knight errant finally arrives, starring Jonathan Pryce and Adam Driver.

Naples1 articleinline
‘Naples in Veils’: A Morgue Doctor Is Obsessed. The Movie Is Lifeless.
Movies, Yesterday

Ferzan Ozpetek’s thriller tips its hat to the motifs of Hitchcock, only to wind up as a tedious muddle.

Merlin 153438735 83178440 1ffe 42d0 a0cf c641432d7973 articleinline
‘Fast Color’ Review: Can a Gifted Family Save a Parched World?
Movies, Yesterday

Julia Hart’s wonderfully strange dystopian drama pits three gifted black women against a dried-up world and a hostile government.

Merlin 153439035 1f7d7306 bcb7 444f a5f3 4a8d69950152 articleinline
‘Little Woods’ Review: Life Is Thicker Than Blood
Movies, Yesterday

Tessa Thompson holds the center in this drama about a former drug smuggler on probation who is forced to find a new life for herself and her sister.

Merlin 153439245 d1e32db5 76a7 4a1f 8a6f ec99486872ed articleinline
‘Rafiki’ Review: Falling in Love, Illegally
Movies, Yesterday

The story of a romance between two Kenyan women was shown at Cannes after being banned in Kenya.

Merlin 153438786 db4dbbce f585 4ca3 9e34 c6f2111aa146 articleinline
‘Grass’ Review: Eavesdropping in the Coffee Shop With Hong Sang-soo
Movies, Yesterday

A sense of dislocation hangs over the South Korean director’s latest feature as a young woman writer observes mostly melancholy people, old and young.

Merlin 153438948 816b59dc 0ecd 4cd9 8b44 bae1385809cd articleinline
‘Instant Dreams’ Review: Polaroid’s Too-Secret Ingredient
Movies, Yesterday

Willem Baptist’s documentary is an impressionistic study of the end of the Polaroid camera and the “instant film” it used.

Stuck1 articleinline
‘Stuck’ Review: A Movie Musical Set in a Subway Car? Stand Clear.
Movies, Yesterday

Michael Berry’s film about characters on a stalled train aims to show how, yes, we’re all connected and yes, we all need one another.

Merlin 153439260 7a26c4d9 980a 4bd4 9041 c12b7425c61f articleinline
‘Red Joan’ Review: I Spy, Reluctantly
Movies, Yesterday

Trevor Nunn’s listless period drama about an English physicist who leaks atom-bomb secrets, drags when it should zing.

Family1 articleinline
‘Family’ Review: Better Living Through Childcare
Movies, Yesterday

Taylor Schilling plays a cold workaholic who improves her life by babysitting her unhappy niece.

Merlin 153439473 9ad53626 6c19 41a6 b0e8 62f25f659ba1 articleinline
‘Under the Silver Lake’ Review: Andrew Garfield Gets Lost in a Haze of Pop-Culture Allusions
Movies, April 17

A little Hitchcock, a touch of noir, some ’90s indie rock, a few naked women, and yet not much to see.

17homecoming 1 articleinline
Beyoncé the Creator: ‘Homecoming’ Review
Movies, April 17

Built around her 2018 Coachella performance, the Netflix documentary is, above all, about Beyoncé, who wrote, directed and executive produced.

Merlin 153438366 747c79a8 738b 443e 8465 ff60c01c9529 articleinline
‘Hail Satan?’ Review: Pitchforks, Black Clothes and Good Deeds
Movies, April 16

Members of the Satanic Temple are not your average devil worshipers.

Merlin 153438432 029bba39 3f4b 4b29 82f3 141c1fca023c articleinline
‘Penguins’ Review: A Nature Documentary Veers Into Fairy Tale
Movies, April 16

Ed Helms provides the internal monologue for a 5-year-old Adélie penguin referred to as Steve, who is about to embark on his first mating season.

Merlin 153438291 78fa1752 8866 407a 9b93 8fae6c8fabe7 articleinline
‘Breakthrough’ Review: A Remarkable Story of Survival, Told Through a Religious Lens
Movies, April 15

After a 14-year-old boy falls into freezing water and his pulse stops, prayers and medical workers both seem to play a role in his recovery.

Merlin 153332691 22264b1c 3c45 4c28 b79c 0820d779325f articleinline
‘The Silence’ Review: Fleeing Winged Peril for a Quieter Place
Movies, April 12

If “Bird Box” seemed like an ocular companion to the aural deprivation of “A Quiet Place,” this new film feels like a kind of prequel.

Merlin 152985957 1dcf7988 3065 492a b3c8 1dea0b2b1a81 articleinline
‘Dogman’ Review: In Italy, a Man-Eat-Man World
Movies, April 11

In the latest from the Italian director Matteo Garrone (“Gomorrah”), a bullied dog groomer bites back.

Merlin 152989452 cba70366 5348 4fdf 8053 d226c241d8ce articleinline
‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ Review: A Mesmerizing Chain of Associations
Movies, April 11

The director, Bi Gan, undertakes a radical challenge to linear narrative with awe-inspiring effect.

Merlin 152990022 98f3907a abe6 424c 95aa 84cefb23fb11 articleinline
‘Mary Magdalene’ Review: A Revision in Need of Revision
Movies, April 11

Mary Magdalene’s reputation as a temptress is set aside in Garth Davis’s revisionist depiction of her life as a follower of Jesus.

Merlin 153076458 598d2b8d 39da 405f 957a 03c282cb375d articleinline
‘The Most Dangerous Year’ Review: A Personal Look at Transgender Rights
Movies, April 11

The director, Vlada Knowlton, who also narrates, is the parent of a transgender daughter.

Satan1 articleinline
‘Satan & Adam’ Review: Two Musicians Team Up to Play the Blues
Movies, April 11

The documentary follows the duo, who started out performing on the streets of Harlem, and went on to find wider success.

Merlin 153068481 ee153ef1 d7e6 428f adee ee17efba0a52 articleinline
‘Wild Nights With Emily’ Review: Emily Dickinson as Romantic Comedy Heroine
Movies, April 11

The life and work of the poet gets a delightfully droll — even gay — reinterpretation.

Merlin 152839947 1550b9b4 0488 4464 9a17 15a7cf1fccfa articleinline
‘Teen Spirit’ Review: Elle Fanning Can Sing. Who Knew?
Movies, April 11

Max Minghella’s sweet directing debut is both proudly clichéd and refreshingly different.

Hellboy1 articleinline
‘Hellboy’ Review: What’s Big and Horned and Red All Over?
Movies, April 11

Neil Marshall’s chaotic reboot turns all the dials to 11 and keeps them there.

Missing1 articleinline
‘Missing Link’ Review: Lovely Animation, but Lacking Inspiration
Movies, April 11

The storytelling can’t match the visual creativity in the latest film from Laika studios.

Merlin 152984403 b22e2426 d6a2 4eba 82db b981c5895ec4 articleinline
‘Master Z: Ip Man Legacy’ Review: A Martial Arts Master Roams Free
Movies, April 11

Several sequels in, the character based on the real-life Ip Man has been so throughly fictionalized that nothing is off-limits. He’s also good fun.

Merlin 152986263 266a6d1b e95d 429a bd09 83b0ba5c8b78 articleinline
‘Girls of the Sun’ Review: Brave Women Enlisted in a Battle Against Subtlety
Movies, April 11

Eva Husson’s ripped-from-real-life drama about Kurdish women fighting ISIS is a potent story marred by pompousness and good intentions.

Merlin 152989305 65c494a5 41cf 4ac8 b492 ebc702bfa2c9 articleinline
‘Little’ Review: Too Much Caution and Not Enough Regina Hall
Movies, April 10

In this version of the body-switch comedy, Hall turns into her 13-year-old self, played by the amazing young actress Marsai Martin.

Merlin 153076872 9f143f58 8e9e 4755 99cc 760b0eebb7c6 articleinline
‘Her Smell’ Review: The Road to Rock ’n’ Roll Transcendence Goes Through the Gutter
Movies, April 10

Elisabeth Moss is raw and charismatic in Alex Ross Perry’s portrait of a musician running off the rails.

Merlin 153071568 3a414ec6 7068 46b2 9d31 11dc2680597e articleinline
‘Sauvage / Wild’ Review: A French Hustler Gets Too Close to His Work
Movies, April 9

This sexually frank film from Camille Vidal-Naquet demonstrates that it’s difficult to build a character study around an unconvincing character.

Merlin 152975937 cec78afc 47a9 49fa 8856 f17796c7c222 articleinline
‘Unicorn Store’ Review: When It’s Never Time to Put Away Childish Things
Movies, April 5

The message of the movie, directed by and starring Brie Larson, is that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for adulthood.

Merlin 152838792 e9c6dee7 0377 415c b58f ec4ed9650156 articleinline
‘High Life’ Review: Robert Pattinson Is Lost in Space
Movies, April 4

The director Claire Denis fills her science-fiction fantasy with drift, fluids and beautiful people, including Juliette Binoche and André Benjamin.

Merlin 152838888 fc67ae89 4a23 40a8 9e17 4bdc9556f099 articleinline
‘Peterloo’ Review: Political Violence of the Past Mirrors the Present
Movies, April 4

Mike Leigh’s historical drama has the sweep of Tolstoy and the bustling energy of Dickens.

Merlin 152839077 35d29315 7167 4e58 a7ea 6f0dae1f7934 articleinline
‘Pet Sematary’ Review: An Unsettling New Take on a Stephen King Classic
Movies, April 4

This one has a smoother feel than the 1989 movie, our critic writes. But despite some great jolts, it’s an uneven horror film.

Merlin 152838666 3bd38ad0 8dab 4e67 9e58 8f452ba09566 articleinline
‘The Fate of Lee Khan’ Review: King Hu Directs Angela Mao
Movies, April 4

Lady Kung Fu and a renowned wuxia director in their only feature together, this restored 1973 film.

Merlin 152839785 79db8663 673e 4665 a7a4 75c324a1a3a1 articleinline
‘Storm Boy’ Review: Raising Pelicans in a Film That Never Fully Takes Flight
Movies, April 4

The film tries to present itself as a modern fable, but the themes come across as didactic rather than moving.

Merlin 152839197 73a56ad4 d957 4160 9de3 fd443c444b30 articleinline
‘The Public’ Review: Emilio Estevez Takes Us to the Library for a Civics Lesson
Movies, April 4

The movie’s literary virtues are up for debate. Its sincerity, though, is not.

04reinventing2 articleinline
‘Reinventing Rosalee’ Review: A Centenarian Who Won’t Slow Down
Movies, April 4

The documentary focuses on a feisty woman who survived a Soviet labor camp and went on to thrive in America.

Merlin 152973909 09c03051 7caf 45f4 8999 9e174bc49d80 articleinline
‘Blowin’ Up’ Review: In a Queens Courtroom, Humanity Prevails
Movies, April 4

Stephanie Wang-Breal’s fascinating documentary highlights a program in Queens that treats prostitutes as victims, not criminals.

Thewind1 articleinline
‘The Wind’ Review: Who’s That Knocking at My Log Cabin Door?
Movies, April 4

Emma Tammi’s atmospheric horror-Western shines a gender-specific spotlight on isolation and hardship.

Suburban2 articleinline
‘Suburban Birds’ Review: A Spectacular Directing Debut
Movies, April 4

In Qiu Sheng’s film, a team of engineers and a group of kids intersect, violating the rules of space and time, or so it would seem.

Merlin 152839509 708fbe71 6887 41c5 9433 85e9c625f0b3 articleinline
‘Shazam!’ Review: A Boy’s Supersized Alter Ego in a Sunny Superhero Flick
Movies, April 3

A nicely matched Asher Angel and Zachary Levi together play a superhero who has been taken out of mothballs with humor and fine performances.

03bestofenemies articleinline
‘The Best of Enemies’ Review: A Klansman and a Civil Rights Activist Become Friends
Movies, April 3

Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell star in a clumsy drama of racial reconciliation. It’s based on a true story.

Wall1 articleinline
‘Wall’ Review: A Writer Reflects on Borders
Movies, April 2

In the animated feature “Wall,” David Hare meditates on the partition that divides Israel and the West Bank.

Legend1 articleinline
‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ Review: Florida Man’s Silly Odyssey
Movies, March 29

A harebrained scheme ends in comic confusion in Theo Love’s goofy documentary.

Merlin 152482911 242e3d1c c84c 44cd 9173 3763e89d7b28 articleinline
‘Super Deluxe’ Review: A Tamil Film, With a Cosmic Indie Vibe
Movies, March 28

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s second feature, with multiple spiraling plots, can’t sustain its raffish, oddball tone for three hours.

Merlin 152483886 6e9a34ec d11e 442e b141 4a5a18a67a2c articleinline
‘Tigerland’ Review: Conservation Documentary Lacks Claws
Movies, March 28

The film falls into a common trap of advocacy documentaries, which is to inform on an urgent issue without a particularly urgent cinematic narrative to match it.

Merlin 152482710 d13be428 bfa6 4d03 a7ca fba7e42c666b articleinline
‘Slut in a Good Way’ Review: And Then They Staged a Sex Strike
Movies, March 28

In this coming-of-age comedy directed by Sophie Lorain, first comes love. Then comes rebellion.

Merlin 152482365 a9fe07ae 1033 43bc a85c 9c57853f4f30 articleinline
‘Relaxer’ Review: Help! He’s Sitting and He Can’t Get Up
Movies, March 28

Sad and strange and defiantly gross, Joel Potrykus’s “Relaxer” is a compassionate survival tale swirling with childhood trauma.

Merlin 152483154 8fdbc98a e1cb 4e33 b792 2d17ed9573f7 articleinline
‘The Burial of Kojo’ Review: A Dazzling Modern Fable
Movies, March 28

The Ghana-born musician Blitz Bazawule makes a stunning feature directing debut that comes alive with rhythm and color.

Merlin 152481843 80c08635 8eb0 40cb 8d56 f98cb4cf5e93 articleinline
‘Diane’ Review: A Vibrant Tale of Love, Sisterhood and Decline
Movies, March 28

Mary Kay Place is astonishing as a weary widow dealing with guilt, heartache and a diminishing circle of friends.

Merlin 152483454 c88fc944 aa47 4d15 9b81 97ec1eb66e43 articleinline
‘The Last’ Review: A Revelation Leaves a Family Shattered
Movies, March 28

This drama, written and directed by Jeff Lipsky, explores a monstrous idea with complexity.

Chaperone1 articleinline
‘The Chaperone’ Review: A Matron and a Movie Star Take a Jazz-Age Journey
Movies, March 28

Michael Engler’s dull period piece follows a conservative woman who accompanies a young silent film star on a trip to New York City.

Merlin 152483127 c5781513 f77b 4bed 8155 aac38d1bc92f articleinline
‘The Brink’ Review: Considering the Unlikely Charm of Stephen Bannon
Movies, March 27

This documentary trails the former White House adviser as he tours Europe and America promoting right-wing populist nationalism.

Merlin 152481957 51f418b5 f903 4176 bea3 69642a522fa5 articleinline
‘Dumbo’ Goes Bonkers in Dreamland
Movies, March 27

Tim Burton takes this live-action remake of the 1941 Disney classic to his very own dark place. Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Eva Green help.

Merlin 152482989 2bb0ca8f eb42 43b5 b834 55889195fc0c articleinline
Matthew McConaughey Waxes Poetic in ‘The Beach Bum’
Movies, March 27

The McConaissance collapses into decadence in Harmony Korine’s latest caper.

Merlin 152481621 17cc54e3 81a9 402e 97e8 1d5012e942bd articleinline
‘Working Woman’ Review: Plumbing a Toxic Work Environment in Israel
Movies, March 26

As it tightens its grip, this feature from Michal Aviad captures how workplace sexual harassment slowly takes over one woman’s life.

Merlin 152349513 f9c2a155 406d 4aa8 8e56 7867e1b6a657 articleinline
‘The Dirt’ Review: A Badly Bewigged Bummer
Movies, March 22

Based on the tell-all book about “Mötley Crüe,” this film adaptation sands down the source material into a junior varsity “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Merlin 152358507 73fcd2bb 4283 418d 966d ac603b45eb3c articleinline
‘Triple Threat’ Review: Fighting, Fighting and More Fighting
Movies, March 21

In a movie that stars Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen, the gaps in the plot may not really matter.

Merlin 152238075 a3a3e1b4 682c 40ff ae11 de4ba61db4e7 articleinline
‘Maze’ Review: A Prison Break and a Confidence Game
Movies, March 21

A controlled thriller that invents an intimate subtext for the 1983 escape of imprisoned Irish Republican Army fighters from the fortresslike Maze.

Merlin 152238222 a4d05ab2 59f8 4c8f 8d52 2ebe5dd28e46 articleinline
‘Roll Red Roll’ Review: A Horrifying Assault in a Small Ohio Town
Movies, March 21

Nancy Schwartzman’s bone-chilling documentary is a tough but essential watch.

Merlin 152238126 b180f123 d125 4d6d 82c7 cf981d0e7417 articleinline
‘Out of Blue’ Review: Seeking a Suspect in a Suspect Adaptation
Movies, March 21

Based on the Martin Amis murder mystery “Night Train,” the movie retains several of its central characters but very little else.

Merlin 152238174 1a266208 fc5a 4d3b 9cc2 1d0209517c10 articleinline
‘Ramen Shop’ Review: A Search for Family and Good Soup
Movies, March 21

This film demonstrates the power of delicious cuisine to spice up an otherwise straightforward, sentimental film.

Hotel1 articleinline
‘Hotel Mumbai’ Review: Terrorism as Popcorn Movie?
Movies, March 21

The film re-creates the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai through the eyes of a sprawling international ensemble.

Sunset1 articleinline
‘Sunset’ Review: Discovering a Dark Past and a Cataclysmic Future
Movies, March 21

In his second feature, the director Laszlo Nemes (“Son of Saul”) applies his near-subjective cinematic style to pre-World War I Budapest.

22us cover articleinline
‘Us’ Review: Jordan Peele’s Creepy Latest Turns a Funhouse Mirror on Us
Movies, March 20

The director of “Get Out” returns with a horror movie about a family terrorized by weird doubles. A dazzling Lupita Nyong’o heads up the terrific cast.

22us cover articleinline
‘Us’ Review: Jordan Peele’s Creepy Latest Turns a Funhouse Mirror on Us
Movies, March 20

The director of “Get Out” returns with a horror movie about a family terrorized by weird doubles. A dazzling Lupita Nyong’o heads up the terrific cast.

Merlin 152237946 44c4e062 a676 4a63 98f9 04bb41bdd547 articleinline
‘Dragged Across Concrete’ Review: The Evil That Men Do (Repeatedly)
Movies, March 20

This neo-exploitation potboiler about brutal men on both sides of the law stars Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, and traffics in sordid, ugly shocks.