Prayaway1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Pray Away’ Review: Atoning for an Anti-Gay Stance
Weekend, Today

In this documentary, people who had promoted the idea that sexual orientation could be changed express their regrets.

Last1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Last Mercenary’ Review: Still Kicking
Weekend, July 30

In this diverting action comedy, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a former secret agent forced back into action to save his estranged son.

Boybehind1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Boy Behind the Door’ Review: Best Friends in Peril
Culture, July 29

Tween boys attempt to escape mysterious abductors in this thriller borrowing from the slasher-horror genre.

Sabaya1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Sabaya’ Review: Light Breaking Through Darkness
Weekend, July 29

This intrepid, immersive documentary follows the men and women who rescue Yazidi girls kidnapped and held by Islamic State fighters in a Syrian refugee camp.

Fauna1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Fauna’ Review: Narcomythologies
Weekend, July 29

This lean meta-drama tackles the fictions typically associated with Mexican culture with droll humor and bold conceptual play.

Tailgate1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Tailgate’ Review: Retribution for Road Rage
Weekend, July 29

In this Dutch thriller, a man puts his family in danger by refusing to apologize to a serial killer with a pious streak.

Merlin 191180493 3ab57d33 3621 4ccb a4dd e14be63b336f mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Green Knight’ Review: Monty Python and the Seventh Seal
Weekend, July 29

Dev Patel plays a medieval hero on a mysterious quest in David Lowery’s adaptation of the 14th-century Arthurian romance.

Evening1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Evening Hour’ Review: Heart of the Country
Weekend, July 29

In this drama, a wholesome young man in an Appalachian town tries to do right by friends and family but gets caught up in a side hustle dealing pills.

29stillwater 2 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Stillwater’ Review: Another American Tragedy
Weekend, July 29

Matt Damon plays a father determined to free his daughter from prison in the latest from Tom McCarthy, the director of “Spotlight.”

Enemies1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Enemies of the State’ Review: Seeking Proof Shrouded in Shadows
Weekend, July 29

This documentary on the strange case of Matt DeHart weaves uncertainty into its structure.

29ride the eagle mediumthreebytwo378
‘Ride the Eagle’ Review: A Nontoxic Bro Faces Midlife Lessons
Weekend, July 29

A conga-playing, marijuana-smoking man approaches middle age — and romance — with help from a video from his mother.

Merlin 191094561 dd21830c 7870 4e58 a4b9 65ec2aaa7f16 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Lorelei’ Review: A Rural Melodrama, Lost at Sea
Weekend, July 29

Pablo Schreiber and Jena Malone attempt to provide an anchor for this listless character drama.

Resort1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Resort to Love’ Review: A Struggling Singer in Paradise
Culture, July 29

In this romantic comedy, a woman reeling from a failed engagement and a flailing career escapes to a glamorous island resort.

Merlin 191176155 440b79e7 1bcd 4d47 b79f 534330d93663 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Never Gonna Snow Again’ Review: You’re Getting Warmer
Weekend, July 29

There’s a stranger in town, and his touch is hypnotic, which is just what these icy, disaffected people needed.

Nine1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Nine Days’ Review: Belief in the Beforelife
Weekend, July 29

In this drama featuring Winston Duke and Zazie Beetz, unborn souls are given a chance at life on Earth.

Jungle1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Jungle Cruise’ Review: Amazon Subprime
Weekend, July 29

Not even Emily Blunt, doing her best Katharine Hepburn impression, can keep this leaky boat ride afloat.

Year1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Year of the Discovery’ Review: Remembering Tumult in Spain
Weekend, July 28

The film revisits Spain in 1992 from a less rosy vantage point than that year’s Olympics gave the world.

Stuntman1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Stuntman’ Review: A Big Leap
Culture, July 23

This documentary follows the stunt performer Eddie Braun as he attempts to jump Idaho’s Snake River Canyon in a rocket.

Woodstock99 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage’ Review: How a Festival Went Wrong
Culture, July 23

An HBO documentary examines a music festival that went so far off the rails that it defined an era.

Playing1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Playing With Sharks’ Review: Intrepid Journeys Undersea
Culture, July 23

This documentary plunges into the life of the diver and marine conservationist Valerie Taylor, but her compassion for sharks is muddied by the film’s insistence on a tense mood.

22allthestreets mediumthreebytwo378
‘All the Streets Are Silent’ Review: Hip-Hop and Skateboarding Collide
Weekend, July 22

This documentary is a portrait of downtown New York in the late 1980s and early ’90s that revels in nostalgia.

22old1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Old’ Review: They Say Sun Can Age You, but This Is Ridiculous
Weekend, July 22

A half-hour at the beach costs vacationers a year in this disquieting new horror puzzler, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

22ailey1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Ailey’ Review: A Poetic Look at the Man Behind the Dances
Weekend, July 22

Jamila Wignot explores the life of Alvin Ailey in a new documentary that brings a choreographer to life through movement and words.

Charlatan1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Charlatan’ Review: The Miracle Worker
Weekend, July 22

With this drama, the writer-director Agnieszka Holland tackles another complicated historical figure in the Czech herbal healer, Jan Mikolasek.

22settlers art mediumthreebytwo378
‘Settlers’ Review: Interstellar Colonialism on Mars
Weekend, July 22

The first feature from Wyatt Rockefeller takes on exploitation and violence against women — and bungles both.

22val1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Val’ Review: The Iceman Cometh
Weekend, July 22

A documentary about Val Kilmer offers a self-portrait of the artist that’s personal but not quite intimate.

Merlin 190982181 e63b3987 9191 4d20 8844 b9018b44a413 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Broken Diamonds’ Review: Illness as a Narrative Convenience
Weekend, July 22

The drama about a brother caring for a sister uses mental illness as an engine for a predictable plot.

22eyimofe mediumthreebytwo378
‘Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)’ Review: Always Hustling
Weekend, July 22

The film follows the lives of two individuals in Nigeria who dream of immigrating to Europe to better their prospects.

22last letter art mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ Review: Relationship History
Weekend, July 22

Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones star as two women living in different eras struggling to uncover the truth behind a series of passionate love letters.

Merlin 190945125 1881fc54 ecdd 406c 8697 f7f0a72cfd29 mediumthreebytwo378
‘How It Ends’ Review: What, You Expected Us to Tell You?
Weekend, July 22

In this apocalyptic comedy, Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein count down Earth’s last day, measuring out the hours in serial conflict resolutions.

Jolt1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Jolt’ Review: Danger, High Voltage
Weekend, July 22

Kate Beckinsale stars as a turbocharged action heroine in Amazon’s limp, derivative revenge picture.

Merlin 190981293 941dbcfb 1c0d 4a98 98a8 0b08c97e0866 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ Review: Sordid and Derivative
Weekend, July 22

Megan Fox, Emile Hirsch and Bruce Willis track down a killer in a film that feels familiar.

Mandibles1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Mandibles’ Review: A Bug-Brained Affair
Weekend, July 22

This breezy bromantic comedy by the French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux follows a pair of lovable idiots and their farcical adventures with an enormous fly.

Snake1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Snake Eyes’ Review: The Journey to the ‘G.I. Joe’ World
Weekend, July 22

The mayhem is furious and the goofiness is perhaps inadvertent in this origin entry in the “G.I. Joe” franchise.

Holybeasts1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Holy Beasts’ Review: Cinematic Dreams Within Dreams
Weekend, July 22

Geraldine Chaplin offers a commanding performance in this sleek tropical thriller.

Joebell1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Joe Bell’ Review: Far Trek
Weekend, July 22

Mark Wahlberg plays a bereaved father on a campaign against bullying in this dreary drama.

Newbauhaus1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The New Bauhaus’ Review: Rethinking an Approach to Art
Weekend, July 20

This documentary on the interdisciplinary artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy makes the case that he should be a household name.

Fearstreet2 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Fear Street’ Trilogy Review: Carnage and Close Calls
Culture, July 16

Gore and nostalgia characterize this scrappy horror trilogy, which follows an endearing cast of teenage rebels through three time periods.

Toofaan1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Toofaan’ Review: Raising a Storm
Weekend, July 15

The Bollywood director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra attempts — with some success — to deepen the standard-issue sports drama with sociopolitical strife ripped from Indian headlines.

Works1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Works and Days’ Review: The Time of Our Lives
Weekend, July 15

This eight-hour drama follows a woman’s life on her family’s farm.

Hidden1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ Review: Magic Kingdom
Weekend, July 15

Jörg Adolph uses the sensorial capacities of cinema to thrillingly visualize a German forester’s contention that trees are social, sentient beings.

Boys1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Boys in Red Hats’ Review: Cool Story, Bro
Weekend, July 15

This documentary explores the incident on Jan. 18, 2019, when a high school student grinned and stared at a Native American demonstrator at a raucous Lincoln Memorial gathering.

Casanova1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Casanova, Last Love’ Review: Reappraising a Philanderer
Weekend, July 14

Benoît Jacquot’s erotic costume drama envisions the Italian playboy as a weathered sad sack living in exile.

Spacejam1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Review: That’s Not Quite All, Folks
Weekend, July 14

The Looney Tunes characters are back on the court, this time with LeBron James, in this update to the 1996 live action/animation hybrid.

Gunpowder1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ Review: The Ladies Who Punch
Culture, July 14

This neon-lit, female-led Netflix shoot-‘em-up tries way too hard to be cool.

13weindendto mediumthreebytwo378
‘We Intend to Cause Havoc’ Review: Zambia Rock, Rediscovered
Weekend, July 13

This new documentary takes its title from the acronym of WITCH, a once-popular Zambian combo.

09last summer pix mediumthreebytwo378
‘Last Summer’ Review: Growing Pains
Culture, July 9

Sunny days turn to sweaty nights on the Mediterranean coast in this Turkish coming-of-age film that follows a teenage boy who pines for his older sister’s best friend.

08first date review1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘First Date’ Review: Modern Action Romance Propelled by a ’65 Chrysler
Weekend, July 8

The filmmakers Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp pack their debut, starring Tyson Brown and Shelby Duclos, with oddballs and left turns, but their script has heart.

00woman who ran mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Woman Who Ran’ Review: Conversations With Friends
Weekend, July 8

Hong Sangsoo’s latest film is a concise trilogy of awkward visits.

08witches art mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Witches of the Orient’ Review: Symphony of a Sports Team
Weekend, July 8

This experimental documentary shows the anime-worthy triumphs of the 1964 Japanese Olympic volleyball team.

Merlin 190123998 117ca02c 2453 4bbc a160 f4b36f9ad1c5 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Her Socialist Smile’ Review: Helen Keller, Radical
Weekend, July 8

This new documentary is a fascinating and challenging exploration of Keller’s political thought.

Merlin 190216452 d086db9d 5c0f 44b8 8d3c 801d954f34aa mediumthreebytwo378
‘Scales’ Review: A Sensual Fable With a Feminist Bent
Weekend, July 8

From Saudi Arabia, this dystopian tale is heavy on evocative visuals at the expense of a more satisfying story.

08loneliest whale1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52’ Review: Sea Hunt
Weekend, July 8

The documentary filmmaker Joshua Zeman assembles a team to look for a solitary whale who calls out at a particular frequency.

08summertime mediumthreebytwo378
‘Summertime’ Review: Poetry and Motion in Los Angeles
Weekend, July 8

In this film that uses spoken word poetry as its guiding light, the camera only stops long enough for its new subject to enter a recitation.

08running against the wind 2 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Running Against the Wind’ Review: Love and Friendship in Addis Ababa
Weekend, July 8

Two childhood best friends reunite in this unfocused yet uplifting sports drama by the filmmaker Jan Philipp Weyl.

08rockpaper mediumthreebytwo378
‘Rock, Paper and Scissors’ Review: There’s No Place Like Home
Weekend, July 8

In this Argentine drama, two unhinged siblings trap and torture their half sister after she pursues her share of their father’s inheritance.

08black widow1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Black Widow’ Review: Spies, Lies and Family Ties
Weekend, July 7

Scarlett Johansson plays the latest Avenger to get her own movie, but she’s overshadowed by Florence Pugh in this Cate Shortland-directed entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

08price of freedom mediumthreebytwo378
‘The Price of Freedom’ Review: Guns Across America
Weekend, July 7

Judd Ehrlich’s documentary charts the increasing radicalization of the National Rifle Association’s rhetoric.