‘Godland’ Review: Another of God’s Lonely Men Goes Amok (Spiritually)
Weekend, February 2

In this striking drama set in the late 19th century, a Danish priest travels to Iceland and is gradually undone by a world he can’t understand.

‘Una Vita Difficile’ Review: Life Comes at You Fast
Weekend, February 2

Alberto Sordi stars as an idealistic Italian Everyman caught up in a changing postwar world in this rediscovered comedy from the ’60s.

‘The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic’ Review: Just Like the Movies
Weekend, February 2

In this wry Finnish drama, a disabled man embarks on a journey to visit his girlfriend, encountering inaccessible infrastructure and evil goons along the way.

‘Let It Be Morning’ Review: After the Wedding, the Siege
Weekend, February 2

A Palestinian citizen of Israel returns to his hometown and encounters problems in this film from Eran Kolirin.

‘Baby Ruby’ Review: Enfant Terrible
Weekend, February 2

This psychological horror movie stars Noémie Merlant as a new mother experiencing delusions and paranoia.

‘Knock at the Cabin’ Review: Who’s There? The Apocalypse.
Weekend, February 2

In M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thought experiment, Dave Bautista brings the end of the world to a peaceful country cottage.

‘Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over’ Review: A Trailblazer Gets Her Flowers
Weekend, February 2

This documentary tries to do justice to a six-decade career in 95 minutes, which proves challenging.

‘Full Time’ Review: No Rest for the Working Girl
Weekend, February 2

A breathlessly tense portrait of modern labor, this French drama stars Laure Calamy as a single mother who hits her breaking point during a nationwide strike.

‘Body Parts’ Review: Even Sex Scenes Have Rules
Weekend, February 2

The documentary features performers and filmmakers discussing onscreen nudity and sex, but offers little on the subject of sexual exploitation.

‘The Locksmith’ Review: A Botched Job
Weekend, February 2

Ryan Phillippe plays a lock picker trying to escape his past in this clunky, clichéd crime thriller.

‘Love in the Time of Fentanyl’ Review: Heartbreak, Death and Hope in Vancouver
Weekend, February 2

To combat the overdose crisis, a group that includes former and current users open a safe consumption site where shooting up does not have to mean death.

‘The Amazing Maurice’ Review: A Cool Cat and His Band of Merry Rodents
Weekend, February 2

Hugh Laurie voices a quippy, self-referential cat in this animated adaptation of a popular Terry Pratchett book.

‘True Spirit’ Review: Around the World in 210 Days
Weekend, February 2

Nothing rocks the boat for long in this can-do drama based on the true story of Jessica Watson, an Australian teenager who sailed the globe.

‘Pathaan’ Review: Fighting the Good (and Long) Fight
Weekend, February 2

Filled to the brim with action set pieces, “Pathaan” stars Shah Rukh Khan as a secret agent saving India from havoc unleashed by a vengeful former operative.

‘A Lot of Nothing’ Review: The Cop Next Door
Weekend, February 2

Mo McRae’s feature debut, about a well-off Black couple and their white neighbor, is more of a trauma drama than a satirical thriller.

‘80 for Brady’ Review: Remember These Titans
Weekend, February 1

This stubbornly charming romp starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Rita Moreno is inspired by the story of a real group of female friends with a love for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

‘Pamela, a Love Story’ Review: A Frank Look Back
Weekend, January 31

This documentary from Ryan White rewinds, to powerful effect, on Pamela Anderson’s life and fame.

‘You People’ Review: Guess Who’s Going to Roscoe’s
Weekend, January 26

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy are among the stars in this prickly-charming generational Netflix comedy, the feature directing debut of Kenya Barris.

‘Kompromat’ Review: Escape From Siberia
Weekend, January 26

In this thriller, a French diplomat takes to the road after being falsely imprisoned by Russian authorities.

‘Remember This’ Review: A Stark Portrait of Resilience
Weekend, January 26

This film, featuring a captivating performance from David Strathairn as the Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski, is a straightforward adaptation of the play of the same name.

‘Close’ Review: This Boy’s Life
Weekend, January 26

Friendship and tragedy go hand in hand in Lukas Dhont’s delicate, Oscar-nominated drama.

‘Maybe I Do’ Review: Lukewarm Liaisons
Weekend, January 26

Looking at the seasoned cast — Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and William H. Macy — you might think you want to see this movie. Hold that thought.

‘Nostalgia’ Review: Leave Now and Never Come Back
Weekend, January 26

The Italian director Mario Martone creates an expressive, economic depiction of crime and longing in this drama about a man coming home to Naples.

‘The Mission’ Review: A Substantial Service Undertaking
Weekend, January 26

Teenagers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints travel to Finland for missionary service in this documentary that offers limited insight.

‘Cairo Conspiracy’ Review: There Are No Angels
Weekend, January 26

The election of a grand imam is the backdrop for this tense drama of innocence and corruption set at an esteemed Islamic university.

‘Filmmakers for the Prosecution’ Review: Exposing Third Reich Atrocities
Weekend, January 26

Jean-Christophe Klotz’s documentary retraces the steps of two men tasked with gathering evidence for the Nuremberg trials.

‘Infinity Pool’ Review: Body Trouble
Weekend, January 26

A wealthy writer succumbs to the lure of consequence-free violence in this artfully potent blend of horror and science fiction.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Review: ‘Die Hard’ With Refreshments
Weekend, January 26

A destination wedding becomes a high-stakes hostage situation in this action-heavy film.

‘Life Upside Down’ Review: Lotharios, Unmasked
Weekend, January 26

Couples try to navigate relationships in lockdown in this pandemic satire.

‘The Man in the Basement’ Review: The Occupation of Paris
Weekend, January 26

This nebulous French thriller tracks the unraveling of a Jewish family that accidentally sells their storage cellar to an antisemitic conspiracy theorist.

‘Geographies of Solitude’ Review: Exploring a Wild Island
Weekend, January 25

Part nature film, part biographical portrait, this experimental documentary takes its cues from its setting, an island off mainland Nova Scotia.

‘The Wandering Earth II’ Review: It Wanders Too Far
Weekend, January 22

The audacious sequel to Frant Gwo’s 2019 sci-fi blockbuster follows survivors working to avert planetary disaster, but it loses much of the glee of its predecessor.

‘In From the Side’ Review: Love and Rugby Play a Losing Game
Weekend, January 19

In Matt Carter’s gay rugby film, sports and romance smash together like two players from opposing teams.

‘New Gods: Yang Jian’ Review: ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Without the Bop
Weekend, January 19

In this animated fantasy, a former deity must confront his traumatic past if he hopes to find absolution and save the world.

‘The Last Autumn’ Review: The Majesty of Shepherds
Weekend, January 19

This observational documentary about an aging farming couple on the Icelandic coast unfolds like an elegy to a life lived off the land.

‘When You Finish Saving the World’ Review: Mother and Son Disunion
Weekend, January 19

Julianne Moore plays a parent to a son (Finn Wolfhard) with whom she fails to see eye-to-eye in this comedy directed by Jesse Eisenberg.

‘Alice, Darling’ Review: That’s What Friends Are For
Weekend, January 19

Anna Kendrick stars in a drama about a woman in an abusive relationship who finds refuge with two girlfriends during a getaway.

‘Missing’ Review: Mom’s Lost in the Matrix
Weekend, January 19

This thriller, about a teenage girl whose mother disappears, plays out on a computer screen.

‘All Eyes Off Me’ Review: Scenes of Seduction
Weekend, January 19

A series of sexual and social situations unspool in this portrait of Israeli youth culture.

‘After Love’ Review: The Other Woman
Weekend, January 19

In this intelligent melodrama by the director Aleem Khan, a British woman discovers her husband has been leading a double life.

‘Only in Theaters’ Review: A Family Business in Changing Times
Weekend, January 19

Laemmle theaters have fed generations of Los Angeles cinephiles. This documentary looks at their past and present.

‘Virtually Heroes’ Review: Game Over, Man
Weekend, January 17

After a decade on the shelf, this action comedy is streaming for the first time. But while the action is dated, the comedy is antique.

‘Back to the Wharf’ Review: Ghosts of the Past
Weekend, January 17

Li Xiaofeng’s film turns a crime soap opera into an allegory about China’s head-spinning modernization.

‘House Party’ Review: A Rager Gone South
Culture, January 13

Directed by Calmatic, “House Party” reboots the 1990 Kid ’n Play cult comedy with the help of LeBron James.

‘Dog Gone’ Review: He Let the Dog Out
Weekend, January 13

In this Netflix family movie, based on a true story, a yellow Lab disappears on the Appalachian Trail, and Rob Lowe is tasked with finding him.

‘Saint Omer’ Review: The Trials of Motherhood
Weekend, January 12

A real-life case of infanticide is the basis of Alice Diop’s rigorous and wrenching courtroom drama.

‘The Seven Faces of Jane’ Review: One Movie, Eight Directors
Weekend, January 12

Gillian Jacobs’s blank slate protagonist floats through a series of encounters in this feature-length movie made up of short films.

‘Beautiful Beings’ Review: Boys Will Be Boys Will Be Violent Jerks
Weekend, January 12

In this brutal Icelandic drama, four teenagers — both bullies and the bullied — struggle and rage against a world that rages back.

‘Kitchen Brigade’ Review: Oh Chef! My Chef!
Weekend, January 12

A sous chef is forced to take a job at a hostel for undocumented minors in this feel-good drama with a white-savior problem.

‘Plane’ Review: Flight, Camera, Action
Weekend, January 12

In this thriller, Gerard Butler and Mike Colter have to avoid a hostage situation and deliver a plane full of passengers to safety.

‘The Offering’ Review: A Demon in the Family
Weekend, January 12

In this Brooklyn-set horror film, an evil spirit causes torment at a Jewish funeral home.

‘Skinamarink’ Review: Night Terrors
Weekend, January 12

Two children are trapped in a shape-shifting home in this spookily impenetrable horror experiment.

‘Broadway Rising’ Review: Surviving the Pandemic
Weekend, December 27

Stakeholders including Patti LuPone and Lynn Nottage share their real-time reactions to New York theater’s shutdown and reopening in Amy Rice’s documentary.

‘Bad Axe’ Review: A Pandemic Family Portrait
Weekend, November 17

The filmmaker David Siev chronicles his family’s struggle to keep their Michigan restaurant afloat through the pandemic in this hermetic documentary.