23thelodgers thumbwide
In ‘The Lodgers,’ Something Wicked This Way Trundles
Weekend, Yesterday

A brother and sister live alone in an eerie ruin that Miss Havisham (and real-estate flippers) would love.

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In ‘Annihilation,’ a Heroic Journey into the Alien Shimmer
Weekend, Yesterday

In the new movie from Alex Garland (“Ex Machina”), Natalie Portman plays a biologist who tries to unlock the mysteries of an extraterrestrial whatsit.

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In ‘Every Day,’ Each 24 Hours Brings Another Boyfriend
Weekend, Yesterday

The film, based on a novel by David Levithan, is a love story of an unusual sort.

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‘El Mar La Mar,’ an Abstract Look at Desert Border Crossings
Weekend, Yesterday

This fascinating experimental documentary concerns migration in the Sonoran Desert.

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‘Are We Not Cats’ Offers Hair Balls of a Different Order
Weekend, Yesterday

This peculiar indie pairs a soulful-eyed New York hipster with a soul-music-loving woman. He bites his nails, but she has a more unusual habit.

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‘The Cured,’ in Which Former Zombies Turn to New Terrorism
Weekend, Yesterday

David Freyne’s debut feature, set in Ireland, makes the plight of those who were once undead into a kind of allegory of the Troubles.

November1 thumbwide
An Estonian Folk Tale Unfolds in ‘November’
Weekend, Yesterday

This film from Rainer Sarnet builds a bizarre love story stuffed with supernatural lunacy.

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In ‘The Young Karl Marx,’ a Scruffy Specter Haunts Europe
Weekend, Yesterday

Raoul Peck’s new film is a buddy movie about the founders of Communism.