13banana splits1 articleinline
‘The Banana Splits Movie’ Review: Tra La La Ahhhhhh!
Movies, August 22

The fun-loving fur balls of a classic Hanna-Barbera children’s show get a cinematic reboot. This time they’re out for blood.

Merlin 159347361 9382efbb f965 4e5e 89f4 4f298e2e933e articleinline
‘Jawline’ Review: Lives Measured in Follower Counts
Movies, August 22

Behind the laughs in this new documentary about social-media stars lies an unsettling account of the Generation-Z influencer economy.

Hotair1 articleinline
‘Hot Air’ Review: A Right-Wing Radio Host Learns to Love Again
Movies, August 22

Steve Coogan stars in this cumbersome political comedy.

Merlin 159347559 a20e9944 a8d2 42b4 b661 e913d006ae3d articleinline
‘No Place Like Home’ Review: Self-Discovery in Jamaica
Movies, August 22

A lively reggae soundtrack and a Jamaican setting: It’s not “The Harder They Come” but Perry Henzell’s long-lost follow-up to it.

22genesepix articleinline
Genèse Review: Crossing Borders Between Films
Movies, August 22

Philippe Lesage takes chances, and succeeds with boldly original form and narrative.

Merlin 159347268 4da7fd7a 589f 48e3 a11f f76ef7b09d72 articleinline
‘Give Me Liberty’ Review: A Wild Ride With a Virtuoso of Chaos
Movies, August 22

In this jolt of a movie, a driver and a passenger hurtle through Milwaukee together, finding each other as they open up a world.

Merlin 159346746 be5da845 e6b7 482d b87a 8ddf9ec7491a articleinline
‘Angel Has Fallen’ Review: Returning to Grace, One Bullet at a Time
Movies, August 22

The hero of “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen” finds himself on the run in a sequel steeped in today’s headlines.

Merlin 159347022 d9a02d3b 850b 4164 b165 bb2b1d863998 articleinline
‘Friedkin Uncut’ Review: An Acclaimed Director Accepts Many Compliments
Movies, August 22

In a new documentary, Quentin Tarantino, Willem Dafoe and others genuflect at the altar of William Friedkin, the director behind “The French Connection” and “The Exorcist.”

Fiddler1 articleinline
‘Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles’ Review: Inside a Broadway … Tradition!
Movies, August 22

A fascinating love letter to “Fiddler on the Roof” asks: What makes the quintessentially Jewish musical speak to everyone?

Miles1 articleinline
‘Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool’ Review: A Complicated Artist
Movies, August 22

This documentary looks at the many sides of the innovative trumpeter and bandleader.

Brittany2 articleinline
‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ Review: Racing With a Heavy Heart
Movies, August 22

This comedy glosses over its protagonist’s emotional wounds and instead aims to treat what’s physical.

Merlin 159347748 dcdfb30b 2384 4fbf b027 9ff866608487 articleinline
‘Vita & Virginia’ Review: A Real-Life Affair Made Lifeless
Movies, August 22

This film about Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolfe is a droopy tale of dissatisfied women and their brushed-aside men.

Merlin 159346203 caa79359 b839 4481 8005 c6d16d207dd8 articleinline
‘American Factory’ Review: The New Global Haves and Have-Nots
Movies, August 20

A documentary looks at what happened when a Chinese company took over a closed General Motors factory in Ohio.

21ready1 articleinline
‘Ready or Not’ Review: The Run-and-Slay Bride
Movies, August 20

Samara Weaving gives heart to this efficiently blood-drenched harpooning of soul-sucking greed and inbred family values.

Merlin 159346374 fa139084 1468 4457 8b4b 883cb0722581 articleinline
‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Review: Stolen Childhoods, Creative Minds
Movies, August 20

Thematically underdeveloped yet pleasingly creepy, Issa López’s dark fairy tale follows a band of children orphaned by a Mexican drug war.

16sextuplets articleinline
‘Sextuplets’ Review: Six Marlon Wayanses and Zero Laughs
Movies, August 16

The comic’s latest Netflix comedy has him playing each of six sextuplets, just not very comically.

Merlin 159168177 5e6d2e0a 6fb8 493d a688 6f96fa0d5023 articleinline
‘Blinded by the Light’ Review: Testing the Limits of Springsteen
Movies, August 15

A Pakistani teenager in 1980s England finds salvation in songs from New Jersey.

Merlin 159167568 35419168 e2b8 4d27 a217 8ae14d2ad40e articleinline
‘The Amazing Johnathan Documentary’ Review: The Joke’s on Who?
Movies, August 15

Ben Berman set out to make a film about a dying comedian. He wasn’t prepared for the plot twists.

Merlin 159168078 a5bbe566 b7b6 4968 9b45 bfef2a71af19 articleinline
‘Aquarela’ Review: The Shapes of Water
Movies, August 15

In this dazzling survey of man against water, mysteries and revelations are as integral to its impact as our certainty of the dangers faced by its makers.

Merlin 159168801 8ad5eb8d f724 4f7f a068 21125acf0728 articleinline
‘Kingdom’ Review: Where the Map Is Drawn in Blood
Movies, August 15

Battles and bloodshed abound in this story of war and peace set in a fragmented ancient China.

Merlin 159168492 7ceb8c26 72e2 4f58 828b a69a85331385 articleinline
‘End of the Century’ Review: A Vacation Veers Into Existential States
Movies, August 15

Lucio Castro drifts back to 1999 in his promising first feature film.

Merlin 159168927 03dbe323 0805 4c58 b417 40cce68d714f articleinline
‘What You Gonna Do’ Review: Struggles and Resilience in New Orleans
Movies, August 15

The filmmaker Roberto Minervini offers a vibrant portrait of African-American life in urban Louisiana.

Merlin 159168237 60a8b1a9 7f12 46f0 95ec 952b948ff2fe articleinline
‘Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles’ Review: Animating a Surrealist
Movies, August 15

The film explores the making of the director Luis Buñuel’s 1933 documentary.

Merlin 159168267 56eaee65 0777 4692 93c4 bd5b36739a4d articleinline
‘Cold Case Hammarskjold’ Review: An Excavation of International Intrigue
Movies, August 15

The Danish prankumentarian Mads Brugger is not the person you would choose to sift fact from conjecture.

Merlin 159168861 6ba31e4d 418f 46e5 b56c bfcc156f3942 articleinline
‘Socrates’ Review: Surviving on the Streets of São Paulo
Movies, August 15

A gay Brazilian teenager navigates poverty and isolation in Alexandre Moratto’s passionate first feature.

Fortyseven1 articleinline
‘47 Meters Down: Uncaged’ Review: A Sequel Unworthy of the Original
Movies, August 15

This silly film manages to make all the mistakes the first movie avoided.

Driven1 articleinline
‘Driven’ Review: California Scheming
Movies, August 15

As the charismatic automobile designer John DeLorean, Lee Pace adds depth to this muddled true-crime comedy.

Merlin 159168588 50983da3 9237 483e a07a 69f075dbfcdb articleinline
‘Good Boys’ Review: The Cruel Comedy of Lost Innocence
Movies, August 14

The latest from the producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg involves three 12-year-olds playing at being superbad.

Merlin 159169083 ca8e761d 2fb4 44f2 a507 0bb10567ce14 articleinline
‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ Review: She’s Hiding From Herself
Movies, August 14

Cate Blanchett plays a woman in trouble in Richard Linklater’s latest, based on the best-selling novel by Maria Semple.

Merlin 159167517 2b1b4601 ea64 4021 a671 c60f23129148 articleinline
‘Los Reyes’ Review: Dreamy Dogs Upstage Chatty Skaters
Movies, August 13

In this beautiful film, two canines while away the time as life goes on around them.

Adam1 articleinline
‘Adam’ Review: A Comedy of Genders
Movies, August 13

The film, about a cisgender boy who pretends to be trans, can’t resolve its big ideas.

Merlin 159167469 b9de8c18 c81f 4a37 b6f1 096426aa5324 articleinline
‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ Review: So Stupid, Yet So Funny
Movies, August 13

The film is not just another animated sequel. Well, it sort of is, until it suddenly isn’t.

Merlin 158822475 b05ecdbe cb99 4dd7 8ff5 dccb4567af1b articleinline
‘One Child Nation’ Review: Controlling Minds and Bodies
Movies, August 8

This harrowing documentary looks at the history — and brutal costs — of China’s one-child policy.

Merlin 158822415 1386f8f7 e485 4bbc 8af1 158984d4fe34 articleinline
‘Ode to Joy’ Review: Reasons Not to Be Cheerful
Movies, August 8

A miserable narcoleptic and a gorgeous drama queen find love in Jason Winer’s excessively contrived romantic comedy.

Merlin 158822148 c7b5446c 16cd 4372 991f 4f064cb7e926 articleinline
‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ Review: Indiana Jones With Teen Angst
Movies, August 8

Nickelodeon’s animated naturalist is now a live-action teenager played by Isabela Moner in this charming tale of adventure and high school treachery.

Merlin 158822643 b26bd85f 8962 43b4 806b d594bfce98c2 articleinline
‘This Changes Everything’ Review: Hollywood’s Men, Called to Action
Movies, August 8

A star-studded documentary about gender inequality in film and TV is equal parts history lesson and constructive criticism.

Merlin 158822532 ef173f76 f30f 43e3 9c10 f53a7c85649d articleinline
‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ Review: Big Dreams and Possible Big Trouble
Movies, August 8

A young man who has Down syndrome, played by Zack Gottsagen, goes on an adventure that involves wrestling and crabbing. He and his co-star, Shia LaBeouf, make a winning team.

Merlin 158821731 36a3baa1 a91f 4e03 801d 8062944691b5 articleinline
‘After the Wedding’ Review: Secrets and Sighs
Movies, August 8

A vivid Julianne Moore fails to enliven this languid remake of Susanne Bier’s 2007 melodrama.

Merlin 158822685 68f4ae8d 855e 4c0a a456 2618126e0db9 articleinline
‘This Is Not Berlin’ Review: A Teenager Learns to Let Loose
Movies, August 8

The film explores cultural shifts in Mexico City a year after the devastating 1985 earthquake.

Merlin 158905101 383d2b21 c82f 488b 8334 966c6ef4d9ae articleinline
‘Light of My Life’ Review: Together at the End of the World
Movies, August 8

Casey Affleck stars in this bleak dystopian drama, which is enlivened by the performances of its stars.

Merlin 158822589 beae2c54 4507 40fa b99f e7cf8555f267 articleinline
‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Review: Fear and Nostalgia
Movies, August 8

Adapted from Alvin Schwartz’s popular series, the film is set in 1968 with the ghosts of Vietnam haunting the periphery.

Merlin 158821905 34a668a7 3e1a 44e4 92e0 3978f6cec77a articleinline
‘Brian Banks’ Review: Falsely Accused, and Fighting Back
Movies, August 8

A potent performance from Aldis Hodge elevates this formulaic film about a football player seeking redemption.

Merlin 158821791 607f3cff b392 45e9 be5a 23628b19a79c articleinline
‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ Review: Smart Dog, Dumb Movie
Movies, August 8

A dog that thinks like a person. Where’s the fun in that?

Merlin 158822736 5979eb50 0f38 4e21 bb04 59a760c4ecdd articleinline
‘Vision Portraits’ Review: Blindness as a Way of Seeing
Movies, August 8

A documentary presents artists who have drawn on their visual impairments to forge or redefine their creative sensibilities.

Merlin 158822364 63a35885 75b9 4efb 8f54 83cd890aada9 articleinline
‘Love, Antosha’ Review: A Heartbreaking Look at an Actor’s Too-Short Life
Movies, August 8

Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the J.J. Abrams-produced “Star Trek” films, assembled an eclectic filmography before his death at 27 in 2016.

Merlin 158822253 ab249579 5a80 48ae 835c 8d1b7a54bbc3 articleinline
Review ‘The Kitchen’: Three Caged Birds Go Wildly, Witlessly Free
Movies, August 7

Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss play mob wives who take over the family business.

02hobbs shaw1 articleinline
‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Review: Rock-em-Sock-em Bromance
Movies, August 1

This “Fast & Furious” spinoff featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham veers awfully close to rom-com territory.

Merlin 158446137 2a63fd16 f19a 4299 9932 f9fa6d9731ea articleinline
‘La Flor’ Review: Four Women in Search of a Movie
Movies, August 1

Mariano Llinás’s 13-hour cinematic puzzle is a labor of love and obsession.

Merlin 158696727 ace24f2c d8f2 49a4 b680 9872e87afcff articleinline
‘The Son’ Review: She’s Having a Baby (Without You)
Movies, August 1

Where “Rosemary’s Baby” preyed on a mother’s loss of agency over her child, this Argentine thriller toys with a father’s utter superfluousness.

Merlin 158441046 d62bdb3f c399 4d41 ad79 4a71ecf0c39d articleinline
‘Tel Aviv on Fire’ Review: Mideast Conflict as Soap Opera and Farce
Movies, August 1

Sameh Zoabi’s new film is less incendiary, and quite a bit funnier, than its title might suggest.

Merlin 158440461 70f2c5c5 646c 4035 bc79 4f88e245a155 articleinline
‘The Nightingale’ Review: A Song of Violence and Vengeance
Movies, August 1

Jennifer Kent follows “The Babadook” with a harrowing, politically charged tale of sexual and racial brutality in 19th-century Tasmania.

Merlin 158440512 dc6c8fc3 20f5 459a 9501 5d540d22781e articleinline
‘The Operative’ Review: High on Espionage, Low on Surprise
Movies, August 1

A bit of suspense and a good Diane Kruger performance notwithstanding, this thriller doesn’t have much new to offer.

Merlin 158447799 598b43be dbf2 437e a4d1 0c93e1115890 articleinline
‘Piranhas’ Review: Junior Mafia
Movies, August 1

It’s tough turf in the towns around Naples, Italy, and one teen aspires to take them over and become a crime kingpin in this drama.

Merlin 158440197 b7136c19 1157 41ee bf7e 7978027d2a06 articleinline
‘Luce’ Review: A Star Student Tests His Teacher’s Limits
Movies, August 1

To say that this feature unfolds like a play is both accurate and undersells just how gorgeously it has been rendered for the screen.

Merlin 158439942 ceeaf924 59ca 474f b2f2 326df8fc3509 articleinline
‘Ladyworld’ Review: Fresh Talents Prove Themselves in a Twist on ‘Lord of the Flies’
Movies, August 1

Teenage girls, trapped and left to fend for themselves, establish a small, precarious society in Amanda Kramer’s film.

Merlin 158439648 e42178ef 2146 4e67 a0a0 d8ff7bbaa7e7 articleinline
‘A Score to Settle’ Review: Vengeance Is Fine
Movies, August 1

As a dying mobster of dubious mental clarity, Nicolas Cage could not be more perfect for Shawn Ku’s loopy revenge thriller.

Follow1 articleinline
‘Them That Follow’ Review: Hiss of Death
Movies, August 1

A snake-handling Pentecostal pastor’s daughter faces a familiar romantic predicament in this dreary Appalachian tragedy.

Merlin 158439198 f7a28464 b7da 4c6c 888d 33b49716b810 articleinline
‘Jay Myself’ Review: A Photographer Parts With His SoHo Paradise
Movies, July 30

This documentary about Jay Maisel shows how a six-story building became his nest and a space for his hoardings.