1. Your Neighbor in an Adjacent ZIP Code May Pay Less for Car Insurance Your Money, October 19

    A consumer group says insurers sometimes charge more to people living in less affluent ZIP codes — even if they have good driving records.

  2. A Push to Invest in the Arts Grows Stronger Business, October 19

    Impact investing — which considers social good in addition to financial returns — has matured in the past decade, and some investors are turning more attention to the arts.

  3. The Public Student Loan Forgiveness Rescue Hasn’t Gone Well So Far Business, October 17

    Federal relief for public servants needed its own relief effort. Nearly 30,000 have applied for the “temporary expanded” plan. Nobody has qualified yet.

  4. Pets Are Like Family. But as Health Costs Rise, Few Are Insured That Way. Business, October 12

    Medical treatments can run thousands of dollars, and more owners are choosing to pay for them. Drug makers and insurers have taken notice.

  5. Index Fund Investors’ Simpler Approach May Enrich Returns Sunday Business, October 12

    Fund investors often earn less than they could because emotions get in the way. People who use index funds seem to make fewer and better choices.

  6. ‘Virtual’ Doctor Visits Are Enticing Employers. What if You’re the Patient? Business, October 12

    This is the time of year for choosing workplace benefits, and companies are offering video chats as a way to rein in health costs.

  7. Children’s Allowances in a New Form: Debit Cards Linked to Parents’ Phones Business, October 5

    With the prepaid cards, parents don’t need to have cash on hand. Promoters say the cards give parents digital oversight of their children’s spending.

  8. Some Tips for Small Foundations Seeking to ‘Punch Above Their Weight’ Business, October 5

    Just giving money to a favored cause may not be enough, experts say. They suggest several ways to make a bigger difference.

  9. 8 Questions About Social Security Answered as Election Day Nears Business, September 28

    Every two years, voters — whether they already count on the program, expect to or question paying into it — try to make sense of competing claims about it. It’s that time again.

  10. So You’ve Frozen Your Credit Files. Here Are Tips on Unfreezing Them. Business, September 28

    A new law allows consumers to lift a security freeze without charge when they want to apply for a credit card or a car loan.

  11. Still Haunted by Grocery Shopping in the 1980s Op Ed, September 22

    In the Brazil of my childhood, we battled hyperinflation to buy ice cream.