1. Keeping Track of Expenses Opinion, December 5

    A reader writes about his father’s habit, acquired during the Great Depression.

  2. Maintaining Balance in Retirement Accounts Special Sections, December 4

    As you get closer to retirement, you need to shift your portfolio to reduce the amount devoted to those volatile stocks.

  3. Marriott Hack Adds Passport Headache, but Its Intensity Is in Dispute Business, December 3

    The hotel chain hasn’t said how many of the 500 million customers affected by a data breach had their passport numbers stolen. But the State Department and privacy experts disagree on the danger.

  4. We Went to a Steak Dinner Annuity Pitch. The Salesman Wasn’t Pleased. Business, November 30

    Free meals have long been a tool that investment professionals use to reel in clients. Sometimes, the seminars could use a lot more context.

  5. When the Social Mission Comes Before Making a Buck Business, November 30

    The “giveback” strategy, in which a social cause is an integral part of a corporate mission and brand marketing, has become a necessity for some entrepreneurs.

  6. Those Halls Won’t Deck Themselves: Pros Help With Holiday Lights Business, November 30

    Many companies not only hang and remove the lights, but also store the decorations. The cost, though, can run from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

  7. An Argument for Ruining Your Horrible Life Sunday Business, November 30

    You can suffer forever with men behaving badly at work. Why should you?

  8. The Myth of Steady Retirement Spending, and Why Reality May Cost Less Business, November 29

    Many people looking to retire assume that they can spend 4 percent of their savings each year and that expenses will stay stable. Some research shows a decline instead.

  9. What I Learned From Tracking My Spending for a Month Smarter Living, November 28

    Everyone knows to watch their spending: A mistake can mean the difference between making or bouncing the rent check. I tracked my spending meticulously for a month. Here’s what I learned.

  10. 4 Ways to Make Giving Large Donations to Small Groups Easier Business, November 23

    A new report suggests that many wealthy donors struggle to find organizations large enough to accept a sizable donation, and it offers strategies for change.

  11. How to Deal With Nosy People at Work Sunday Business, November 23

    Your goal: Make the office as un-annoying as possible.

  12. Three Percent Cash Back for a Few, and Less Debt for Many Business, November 16

    Zero Financial will cut you off if your balance gets too low, like a debit card. But it gives you lots of cash back, like a credit card. Will it work?

  13. How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money Business, November 16

    Financial consulting experts say families need to approach these conversations with a plan and a willingness to listen as much as talk.

  14. Grace Period for Student Loans Is Ending, and Bills Are Coming Due Business, November 16

    Now, say advocates for borrowers, is the time to figure out what new graduates owe and to whom and whether they need to adjust the payment amounts.

  15. The Market’s Been Falling. I’m Putting My Money in Stocks Anyway. Sunday Business, November 16

    Despite mediocre returns lately, our columnist is investing for the long run. But he worries like everyone else.

  16. What We Really Think About Millennials at Work Sunday Business, November 15

    We like you. You’re wonderful. Just please stop calling your parents every day. They already wrote your college essay! They can’t help you now!

  17. What to Know About Getting a Flu Shot This Year, No Matter Who’s Paying Business, November 15

    Flu season is here, and there are at least six types of vaccine to choose from. It’s worth studying the options to determine which is likely to protect you the most.

  18. How to Reduce the Risk of the Scary Thing You Want to Do Business, November 12

    Ready to start a restaurant? Make a big investment? Quit your job? First, try a small test of your big idea.