1. We Asked Daves About Dave, Marcus and Other First-Name Money Apps Business, July 31

    When’s the last time you went into a bank branch? Maybe it’s time to consider those friendly sounding financial start-ups.

  2. Nonprofits Get a New Type of Donation: Cryptocurrency Business, July 30

    There are risks for both the donor and the receiver, starting with the yo-yoing values. A $5 million gift today may be worth $3 million or $7 million next week.

  3. Maneja bien tu dinero con la ayuda de los expertos en Español, July 26

    Aquí hay algunos libros, autores y pódcasts para seguir saneando tus finanzas personales.

  4. 5 Questions About Pandemic Relief Interactive, July 26

    Many government programs crucial to keeping Americans afloat through the pandemic are going away soon. But there are still ways to get help.

  5. Child Tax Credit Payments Have Begun. Should You Opt Out? Business, July 25

    While the payments in advance of tax season are a welcome relief for many families, there may be reasons for others to decline the money, for now.

  6. A Painting or an NFT of It: Which Will Be More Valuable? Business, July 23

    The new technology is raising questions about the risks and rewards of investing in digital art forms.

  7. Invest in China, but Without Illusions Sunday Business, July 23

    Tensions with the U.S. complicate matters, but China is such a vital part of global markets that its stocks and bonds belong in diversified portfolios.

  8. Día 20: Cuentas claras, convivencia larga en Español, July 22

    Compartir los gastos con otra persona puede ser un verdadero alivio. Pero solo si se establecen con claridad los términos del acuerdo.

  9. Día 19: Revisa tus gastos fijos en Español, July 21

    Siempre hay un mejor plan de telefonía o una suscripción que realmente no utilizas. Vamos a priorizar, optimizar y recortar para una mejor salud financiera.

  10. Workers’ Financial Stress Is Rising. Can Corporate Programs Help? Sunday Business, July 21

    More and more, larger employers are offering “wellness” programs that can coach people to better manage their money, combining digital tools and a human touch.

  11. Los programas de estímulo económico por la pandemia llegan a su fin. ¿Qué puedes hacer? en Español, July 20

    La moratoria a los desalojos y los préstamos educativos están por expirar. También los beneficios por desempleo y las ayudas en cupones y asistencia alimentaria. Aquí hay consejos para enfrentar la situación.

  12. Día 18: Conquista el complicado mundo de los seguros de salud en Español, July 20

    Jerga, letra pequeña, cláusulas oscuras y otros recovecos que te ayudarán a comprender qué incluye —y qué no— tu plan de protección.

  13. Día 17: Gestiona a tu casero en Español, July 19

    Pagar a tiempo el alquiler, revisar el contrato cuidadosamente y respetar las reglas de arrendamiento te ayudarán a vivir en paz.

  14. The Pandemic Safety Net Is Coming Apart. Now What? Business, July 18

    The eviction moratorium expires at the end of the month. Unemployment enhancements after that. And then the student loan pause, food stamp provisions and more. Here’s advice on how to cope.

  15. In Fighting Climate Change, What’s an Individual to Do? Business, July 16

    Investors can look for companies that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere. Working from home helps, too, as does rooftop solar.

  16. What You Need to Know About Campus Health Insurance Business, July 16

    For some students, their parents’ coverage may be the better choice. The Affordable Care Act is also an option. Here are the pros and cons of the various plans.

  17. The Pandemic Forged New FIRE Followers, With a Difference Sunday Business, July 14

    Newcomers to the “financial independence, retire early” movement, if fortunate enough to stay employed in 2020, were inspired to clean financial house — albeit less aggressively than early adherents.

  18. TIAA is accused of misleading retirement investors in latest scrutiny of its tactics. Business, July 13

    Regulators said TIAA employees encouraged investors to move money out of retirement plans with their employers, where fees were lower, to different plans that helped the company make more money.

  19. Día 13: ¿Qué tarjeta de crédito te conviene más? en Español, July 13

    Conoce los riesgos y beneficios de este instrumento y elige la mejor opción para ti.

  20. Día 12: Mejora tu puntuación crediticia en Español, July 12

    Pagar a tiempo, no emplear todo el crédito disponible y tener distintos tipos de crédito son algunos de los factores para calcular tu puntaje. Te decimos qué hacer para mejorarlo.

  21. Día 11: Conoce tu historial crediticio en Español, July 10

    Tu situación crediticia tiene consecuencias cruciales para tu vida. Es importante que estés al tanto de tu puntaje, que te asegures de que no has sido víctima de robo de identidad y que reclames si hay algún error

  22. The Gift of Financial Education for the New Grad in Your Life Business, July 9

    A little professional advice goes a long way, making it a worthy investment for a new graduate entering the working world.

  23. For Some People, Working From Home Sped Up Their Decision to Retire Business, July 9

    Those near the top of the income ladder said it had given them a different perspective on work. As one financial manager put it, “They’re getting a flavor of what retirement will look like.”

  24. With Inflation Rising, Consider the Humdrum U.S. Savings Bond Business, July 9

    The annualized rate on Series I (for inflation) bonds is now 3.54 percent. That’s a lot more than savings accounts are paying.

  25. President Biden Wants to Pour Money Into Infrastructure. Should You? Sunday Business, July 9

    The world’s highways, ports, electric wires and roads need repair and upgrades. That could be an opportunity for funds investing in infrastructure.

  26. How to Manage Your Money if Inflation Flares Sunday Business, July 9

    While long-term investors may want to stick with standard diversified stock and bond funds, hedges are available for those who worry that inflation will get out of control.

  27. Día 10: Evalúa el plan de jubilación de tu trabajo en Español, July 9

    Si tu empleador ofrece alternativas de ahorro para el retiro, es momento de conocerlas. Si no tiene, o no valen la pena, te decimos qué hacer.

  28. FedLoan, a handler of millions of federal student loans, won’t renew its contract. Business, July 8

    The oft-maligned loan servicer’s decision will increase pressure to extend the pause on student loan payments, perhaps into next year.

  29. Día 9: Al invertir, encuentra la mezcla correcta en Español, July 8

    No necesitas un portafolio muy complejo, solo es preciso tener la combinación adecuada de acciones y bonos. Un asesor puede ayudar.

  30. Día 8: Evalúa tu tolerancia al riesgo en Español, July 7

    Que nuestro futuro económico dependa de los mercados bursátiles resulta estresante. Por eso es importante determinar los riesgos que estás dispuesto a asumir.

  31. Día 7: Automatiza el ahorro en Español, July 6

    Para lograr tus objetivos a futuro, la forma más fácil de apartar dinero e invertirlo es quitarte del medio y poner el piloto automático.

  32. Día 6: Empieza a ahorrar e invertir en Español, July 5

    Comencemos por hacer un examen de conciencia: ¿qué quieres o necesitas conseguir con tu dinero?

  33. 4 Questions About Student Loans, Answered Interactive, June 24

    Interest rates on federal student loans for the coming academic year will rise nearly a percentage point on July 1.

  34. Take The 20-Day Money Challenge Interactive, June 9

    Sorting out your financial life can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you get started with 20 tasks you can tackle, one day at a time.

  35. What We Spent in a Month Interactive, May 18

    Six American families open their doors — and their wallets — to show us how much life costs.