1. The Should-Be Solution to the Student-Debt Problem Your Money, October 13

    Income-driven repayment programs cover eight million borrowers, but they could be helping more if they were simpler and reached the people who needed them.

  2. How to Invest When the Market Can’t Make Up Its Mind Your Money, October 11

    The Federal Reserve’s rate cuts have buoyed stocks, but the economy shows signs of a slowdown. What should an investor do?

  3. It’s Tax Time Again for the Millions Who Got an Extension Your Money, October 11

    A record 15 million people got a six-month reprieve on filing their 2018 returns — the first to deal with the changed tax code. The new deadline is Tuesday.

  4. How a Legal Battle in the Digital Age Can Go Terribly Wrong Your Money, October 11

    A hedge fund manager’s attempt to push a borrower into bankruptcy ended with a tarnished reputation for one and jail time for the other.

  5. After a Wild and Profitable Ride, Bonds Can Still Provide Safety Business, October 11

    Bonds may not be able to match the great returns of the last year, but their tendency to rise when stocks fall makes them an important buffer.

  6. Reconsidering the Advice in 3 Popular Personal Finance Books Business, October 11

    Books by Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki don’t tell us much about investing, our reviewer says, but their counsel still has value.

  7. Business Is Thrilling Again. Enjoy the Spectacle, From a Distance. Business, October 11

    The world of tech start-ups is super exciting, our columnist says. But for investors, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  8. E.T.F. Investors Are Going for Gold, Despite Many Drawbacks Business, October 11

    Gold has often been viewed as a haven, but many experts say it isn’t needed to diversify a portfolio and adds unnecessary expense.

  9. Stocks Have Reached a Turning Point, but in Which Direction? Business, October 11

    With the market near new highs, mixed economic and political signals leave investors wondering whether to buy or sell.

  10. Dividend Growth May Steady Stock Portfolios in Shaky Markets Business, October 11

    Funds that hold stocks of mature companies with records of increasing dividends may provide a degree of stability in market declines.

  11. Average Weekly Allowance? It’s $30, a New Survey Finds Your Money, October 4

    The survey also found that children are putting little aside for savings and instead mostly spending it on things like outings with friends or digital devices.

  12. ‘We Were Wiped Out’: New Yorkers Preyed on Chicago Cabbies New York, October 4

    After seizing control of the market, New Yorkers used tactics that helped leave the taxi industry in tatters and hundreds of immigrant drivers on the edge of ruin.

  13. The Middle-Class Crunch: A Look at 4 Family Budgets Interactive, October 3

    Most Americans think of themselves as middle class. For many, the line between a stable life and a fragile one is thinning.

  14. Low-Cost Investing Can’t Get Any Lower Than Free Your Money, October 1

    Charles Schwab is eliminating fees for trades of stocks and exchange-traded funds. The move is part of a trend that has made it cheaper than ever to invest.

  15. How to Avoid Being Fleeced When Using a Credit Card Overseas Travel, October 1

    Merchants frequently try to confuse and bulldoze foreign travelers into paying a stiff markup on credit card charges. But you can fight back.

  16. Bit by Bit, Socially Conscious Investors Are Influencing 401(k)’s Business, September 27

    So-called E.S.G. funds still make up a small fraction of these workplace retirement plans, but they are gaining ground.

  17. Two-Thirds of College Students Take On Debt, but Amount Is Rising More Slowly Your Money, September 27

    A new report found that borrowers owed close to $30,000. One factor helping the picture: State spending on public colleges is recovering from the recession.

  18. I.R.S. Offers Deal to Small Insurance Companies Under Scrutiny Your Money, September 20

    The offer pertains to captive insurance, a way to insure against risks not covered by traditional means. But it has created an incentive for tax avoidance.

  19. Saving Money, and Your Sanity, on College Visits (Hint: Resist the Swag) Your Money, September 20

    Most counselors suggest starting near home and visiting a mix of college types, like an urban college, a large public university and a small, liberal arts campus.

  20. Losing an Inheritance Is Easy, Because Saying No Is Hard Business, September 20

    Most inheritances are about $50,000. Whether you come into a little money or a lot, waiting to make any moves is one of the best things to do first.