1. You’re No Coward if You’re Keeping Some Money Out of Stocks Business, July 24

    Some investing decisions don’t fit neatly into a spreadsheet. If you’re taking more career risk, it might be smart to keep more money in cash right now.

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    As he approaches retirement age, the author of several books about retirement looks back on the advice he dispensed and modifies it a bit.

  3. The Ethics of Adjusting Your Assets to Qualify for Medicaid Business, July 21

    People who make themselves indigent to qualify for Medicaid are sometimes criticized. But consider the nuances of the situation, and other alternatives.

  4. From Massages to ‘Pawicures,’ These Resorts Have It All for Pets Business, July 21

    Some people who take luxury vacations feel the need to give equal treatment to their dogs and cats, who now have resorts of their own.

  5. When Following the Flock Is Not a Winning Strategy Business, July 17

    The Sketch Guy asks readers to suggest things that they — and many others — are doing with their money right now that might not actually be safe.

  6. The Secrets to Saving for College Business, July 16

    The best way to offset high college costs is to save. But doing that is easier said than done. Here are some tips for making saving easier.

  7. Should You Subscribe to a Mosquito Control Service? Business, July 14

    They are marketed aggressively, and some are very pricey. But depending on where you live, the investment could be worthwhile.

  8. Learning to Bridge a Generation Gap in Philanthropy Business, July 14

    Leaders of family foundations who have spent a lifetime funding things dear to their hearts often learn that their children have their own ideas. So what to do?...

  9. A Possible Alternative to Stocks and Bonds: Commodities? Sunday Business, July 14

    Where do you go when stocks and bonds are too rich? Commodities, at least price-wise, might offer an answer despite their volatility.

  10. You Don’t Have to be College-Bound to Take a Gap Year Sunday Business, July 14

    Want to save elephants? Try stonemasonry? Return to school? People approaching retirement sometimes take breaks more associated with youth.

  11. Summer Beach Reading: The Personal Finance Edition Sunday Business, July 14

    You may not want to read a weighty tome on finance right now. But how about a novel, with financial lessons embedded in it? Here are three choices.

  12. How the Medicaid Debate Affects Long-Term Care Insurance Decisions Business, July 14

    Big cuts to Medicaid are still in the Senate’s health insurance bill. How might you pay for your care in old age if the government can’t or won’t?...

  13. Seeking More Fun? Examine the Returns on Your Time Investments Business, July 10

    A reader thinks the Sketch Guy’s time-tracking will wring the fun out of life. He responds that the goal is simply to better match action with intention.

  14. The Best Health Savings Accounts for Spending or Investing Business, July 7

    A report ranks 10 prominent H.S.A.s on their suitability for those who use them to pay current bills or those who invest in them for retirement care.

  15. Award-Winning Philanthropists Explain the Roots of Their Giving Business, July 7

    For some of this year’s Carnegie Medal winners, following their passions is the key to choosing their causes.

  16. One Woman’s Slide From Middle Class to Medicaid Business, July 7

    As the Senate prepares to once again take up its health care deliberations, Medicaid is on the chopping block. Will it be able to pay for your care someday?...

  17. Where Does the Time Go? You Can Find Out, if You Dare Business, July 5

    An activity tracker helped the Sketch Guy discover how much time he was frittering away. But now he is equipped to make changes.

  18. Tech Stocks Boom, but Some Stock Pickers Are Wary Business, July 5

    The explosion in index-tracking E.T.F.s and soaring tech stocks have put traditional mutual fund managers like those at Parnassus Investments on the defensive.

  19. Plan on Growing Old? Then the Medicaid Debate Affects You Business, June 30

    Here’s how the various Republican health care bills germinating in Congress might affect Medicaid — and how they could reduce your options in old age.

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    An old and trusted indicator in the bond market is warning about possible trouble ahead in the economy and the stock market.

  21. Should You Take Advantage of a Deferred Compensation Plan? Business, June 30

    For high earners who qualify to set aside money for a future payout, there are pluses and minuses. No two situations are the same.

  22. How Much for This Jeroboam? For This Famous Chef? Food Festivals Lure the Wealthy Business, June 30

    Rubbing elbows with famous foodies is part of the allure of the spring and summer food festival circuit, where access is sometimes auctioned off.

  23. Retirement Savings, the Muslim Way Sunday Business, June 30

    An industry has sprouted to help Muslims who choose halal investing, which is guided by Islamic rules and principles.

  24. New Perk: A Day Off to Take Care of Your Financial Health Business, June 27

    Is financial wellness the employee benefit of the future? SunTrust Banks thinks so, and it wants to expand its personal finance checkup program.