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5 Things to Do This Weekend
Weekend, Yesterday

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually.

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Missing ‘The Nutcracker’? How to Get Your Holiday Fix at Home
Weekend, Yesterday

Many seasonal mainstays have been reimagined for online viewing this year. Here are some of our favorites, from “A Christmas Carol” to Handel’s “Messiah.”

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This Lockdown, England’s Theaters Know What to Do Online
Culture, Yesterday

The first coronavirus shutdown caught playhouses unawares, but they learned lessons that stood them in good stead when the shutters came down again.

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Dena Dietrich, Who Found TV Fame as Mother Nature, Dies at 91
Obits, November 25

In a long acting career she was best known for wreaking havoc in a series of margarine commercials, warning, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

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Eat Up! Drama is Served at These Family Dinners
Culture, November 25

With fewer guests at the table this Thanksgiving, theatrical reminders that food, drink and reminiscence can unsettle as well as comfort.

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Review ‘Emilia’: An Elizabethan Poet Takes Her Rightful Place Onstage
Culture, November 25

The life of Emilia Bassano Lanier is interwoven with Shakespeare’s in a boisterous British comedy.

29audible wtown 12 mediumthreebytwo378
Depending on the Kindness of Sound Engineers
Arts & Leisure, November 25

Williamstown Theater Festival’s summer season is now a winter experiment, all on audio. That includes “A Streetcar Named Desire,” recorded in actor’s closets.

29my ten bananti web mediumthreebytwo378
Laura Benanti Says Goodbye to Melania and Watches ‘Ted Lasso’
Arts & Leisure, November 24

The actress may be nearing the end as Melania Trump on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” but she has plenty of other projects and passions to keep her busy.

22westchester 7 mediumthreebytwo378
Dinner Is No Longer Served: Theater That Built Careers Is Gone
Culture, November 23

The Westchester Broadway Theater was one of the last remaining professional dinner theaters in the country.

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Cook an Indigenous Meal or Dance with Dua Lipa
At Home, November 21

Spend this holiday week experimenting with turkey bones, painting botanical art or running a virtual race.

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Open Chat Windows and Closed Cases in ‘Citizen Detective’
Weekend, November 20

With its latest show, the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles has cornered the American market on long-running, agreeable online theater.

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Are Streamed Plays Theater or TV? Unions Settle a Dispute
Theater, November 19

Actors’ Equity and SAG-AFTRA agreement clears the way for more entertainment during the pandemic winter.

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Are Streamed Plays Theater or TV? Unions Settle a Dispute
Culture, November 19

Actors’ Equity and SAG-AFTRA’s agreement clears the way for more entertainment during the pandemic winter.

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4 Characters in Search of a Big Moment in ‘A Day’
Culture, November 19

They’re attractive, young and tech savvy, but their 24 hours don’t add up to much.

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Lockdowns Aren’t Funny. But You’ve Still Got to Laugh.
Culture, November 19

In theaters before the second shutdown, and online once playhouses were closed, actors and comedians have tried to cheer up France.

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Theater to Stream: ‘Uncle Vanya’ and an Ayad Akhtar Revival
Culture, November 18

Constance Wu and Samira Wiley star in a Zoom-ified Chekhov play, and Ars Nova punches above its weight with a 24-hour telethon.

17remnant 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Remnant’ Review: A Digital Fog of War, and Its Aftermath
Culture, November 17

Drawing on interviews with soldiers and classical texts, Theater Mitu’s experimental collage is visually absorbing but thematically fuzzy.

17lopate1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
The Director André Gregory Has Written a Memoir, but He Says He Hasn’t
Book Review, November 17

In “This Is Not My Memoir,” the co-star of “My Dinner With André” remembers his many theatrical provocations.

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Alexander Vedernikov, Conductor and Bolshoi Veteran, Dies at 56
Obits, November 16

A kinetic podium presence, Mr. Vedernikov led performances at major opera houses and orchestras. He died of Covid-19.

16wong notebook 3 mediumthreebytwo378
When Political Theater Ditches the Disguises of Fiction
Culture, November 16

Four new shows are part of a movement to engage more directly in the debates of our times — sometimes even stealing the script.

15performer convo 9 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
When the Critic Is Also the Star. And the Audience.
Culture, November 15

Connection or isolation? Intensity or escape? This spate of shows that put the watcher to work are rewarding, but often in contrasting ways.

15ah calendar scallions digital mediumthreebytwo378
Cook Up Some Scallion Pancakes or Horror Stories
At Home, November 14

Spend the week getting swept up in classic dance, admiring a sloth or listening to Soccer Mommy.

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Razzle Dazzle, Part 2: Broadway Triumphs Again
Book Review, November 14

Michael Riedel’s “Singular Sensation” tracks the blockbuster successes of the 1990s.

13kellogg1 mediumthreebytwo378
Lynn Kellogg, Who Found the Spotlight in ‘Hair,’ Dies at 77
Obits, November 13

She had a leading role as an uptight debutante-turned-hippie in the original Broadway production. She died of Covid-19.

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Stagehand Falls to His Death at the Winter Garden Theater
Culture, November 12

The 54-year-old man fell from a ladder above the stage at the theater that most recently hosted “Beetlejuice.”

12wkd arts roundup7 mediumthreebytwo378
7 Things to Do This Weekend
Weekend, November 12

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually.

12berlintheater02 mediumthreebytwo378
For Germany’s Theaters, a Reluctant Intermission
Culture, November 12

A second lockdown has put productions on hold and added extra drama to an already fraught theater season.

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Israel Horovitz, Playwright Tarnished by Abuse Allegations, Dies at 81
Obits, November 11

Mr. Horovitz found success Off Broadway, working with actors who later became household names. But his life took a downturn when women came forward to describe a pattern of sexual misconduct and assault.

09parade 1 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Revives Broadway for a Day
Culture, November 11

Among the things to be thankful for: Turkey is on the menu, your Uncle Charlie is not coming and, after a long absence, Broadway casts will be back onstage.

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Strangers on a Phone, Theatrically Speaking
Arts & Leisure, November 11

Social distance has left us rusty when it comes to connecting with strangers. The latest piece by 600 Highwaymen aims to help us practice — starting with a call.

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‘Who’s Your Baghdaddy’ Review: The Iraq War Set to Backpack Rap
Culture, November 10

A musical satire reframes the origins of the invasion of Iraq as a story of bureaucratic bungles and spy games gone catastrophically wrong.

09readymade cabaret 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Readymade Cabaret 2.0’ Brings Randomness to Virtual Theater
Culture, November 9

With nods to Duchamp and Dada, this interactive production raises questions about fate, narrative convention and the process of making art.

06proietti2 mediumthreebytwo378
Gigi Proietti, Actor Who Embodied the Roman Spirit, Dies at 80
Obits, November 6

Beloved in Italy, he was best known as the star of a TV series playing a small-town police chief. He also had a long film career and a popular one-man stage show.

05wkd arts roundup1 mediumthreebytwo378
7 Things to Do This Weekend
Weekend, November 5

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually or in person in New York City.

05escape rooms 5 mediumthreebytwo378
Escape Rooms in an At-Home Era? Here’s the Key
Weekend, November 5

The immersive games are reinventing for online, at-home play — which is no surprise, an industry expert said: “These folks are deeply creative, and they’re scrappy.”

04lockdown two1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
For the Arts in Europe, Lockdown Feels Different This Time
Culture, November 5

Many of the continent’s museums, theaters, concert halls and bookshops have been forced to close again, and now, people’s reactions have changed.

05londontheater01 mediumthreebytwo378
Partying Like It’s 1925 as London’s Theaters Go Dark (Again)
Culture, November 5

Two long-running immersive theater productions — “The Murdér Express” and “The Great Gatsby”— offered some much-needed merriment just before a new lockdown hit England.

04unopened baker 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Patti LuPone Was a Constant. The Other Ingredients Never Cooked.
Culture, November 4

With a marquee creative team, this romantic musical should have been a sure bet. One great song survived the out-of-town turmoil.

04jerseyarts 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Voters in Jersey City Embrace a New Tax to Finance the Arts
Culture, November 4

Officials had worried that a new arts tax may be too much to ask in a place still reeling financially from the pandemic, but 64 percent of New Jersey voters approved of the idea.

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‘Crave’ Is a Timely Ticket for a World on Fire
Culture, November 4

Sarah Kane’s 1999 play, performed live at the Chichester Festival Theater and available to stream this week, meditates on power and powerlessness, and makes specific devastation feel universal.

04streaming theater 1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Theater to Stream: Kristina Wong Runs for Office and ‘Oedipus El Rey’
Culture, November 4

Watch a theater maker’s story of becoming an elected official, Greek tragedies transposed to Chicano America and Daniel Kitson’s tour of the ghostly empty theaters of Britain.

Merlin 69247741 7a9eb66b 0e95 433d a4cc 5ce0a3a00d54 mediumthreebytwo378
From Stage to Screen: 5 Shows That Got It Right (And 5 That Didn’t)
Arts & Leisure, November 4

Our theater experts provide a guide to some of the successful (and failed) cinematic adaptations of plays and musicals — all for your streaming pleasure.

08filmed theater prom exclusive mediumthreebytwo378 v3
‘Hamilton’ Was Just the Beginning. Hollywood Loves Broadway, Again.
Arts & Leisure, November 4

Theaters may be closed, but streamers and studios are flocking to the stage to meet the insatiable demand for content.

03unopened scratch 5 mediumthreebytwo378
Bob Dylan’s First Musical Had a Devil of a Time
Culture, November 3

The task: write songs for Archibald MacLeish’s adaptation of a classic New England morality tale. What audiences saw (briefly): A play without music.

Merlin 103957381 78f10683 e8d8 426f 837b 036fd54f13a2 mediumthreebytwo210
A ‘Wicked’ Challenge and Other Tough Questions for Ben Brantley
Theater, November 3

The New York Times theater critic, who stepped down after 27 years, recently responded to readers, including one hungry for a do-over on his review of a blockbuster musical.

02unopened blecht 1 mediumthreebytwo378
A Golden Team, a Terrible Title and a Show That Vanished
Culture, November 2

Would you like to see a new musical from the people who brought you “West Side Story”? For better or worse, you probably never will.

Merlin 179450916 6bd9329c cdcf 4de2 9331 a1b460ee41fc mediumthreebytwo378
A Poet’s Urgent Questions Fuel ‘November’
Culture, November 2

Five Black women narrate a filmed rendition of Claudia Rankine’s heady play, which was rethought after an initial version was shut down by the pandemic.

Merlin 179450916 6bd9329c cdcf 4de2 9331 a1b460ee41fc mediumthreebytwo378
A Poet’s Urgent Questions Fuel ‘November’
Culture, November 2

Five Black women narrate a filmed rendition of Claudia Rankine’s heady play, which was rethought after an initial version was shut down by the pandemic.

02carve up 1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
‘What a Carve Up!’ Is Wonderful. But Is It Theater?
Culture, November 2

Three British companies reimagine a murder mystery for the virtual stage. Except there’s no stage, and no part of it is live.

Merlin 179270484 5b83f9c3 3f48 40ec b155 12a96f03c8f8 mediumthreebytwo378
Don’t Eat the Breakfast Cereal. It’s Made of Plastic.
Culture, November 1

Robin Frohardt has turned a vacant space in Times Square into a colorful installation that slyly doubles as an eco-warning. Puppets have their moment, too.

Merlin 179211081 38cd3a4d 12de 4cb5 be36 ef697ca0612b mediumthreebytwo378
David Henry Hwang’s ‘M. Butterfly’ Followup: ‘M. Turkey’
Culture, November 1

The goal: a comedy about mistaken racial identity inspired by protests over “Miss Saigon.” The result: a backstage farce that never got to opening night.

01ah calendar constitution mediumthreebytwo378
This Election Week, Revisit the Constitution, Then Soothe Your Stressed Mind
At Home, October 31

Calm your nerves with a meditation guide, a night at the Seattle Symphony and a day among the sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Merlin 179158329 efc00cd5 38d8 4e65 9c24 4c23a2ff8ee8 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Touch of the Poet’ is a Powerful Study in Toxic Pride
Culture, October 30

Irish Repertory Theater’s ambitious virtual rendition of the O’Neill drama finds a family trapped by a father’s grandiose illusions.

Merlin 179222406 38dd12da c5ad 4b94 99a3 954af446b1dd mediumthreebytwo378
The Sound in Their Ears? Black Thinkers Sharing ‘Lessons in Survival’
Culture, October 30

A Vineyard Theater streaming project re-enacts verbatim interviews with James Baldwin, Toni Morrison and others to explore echoes between the past and the present.

Merlin 179121162 56f82a4c a593 4ba0 b8a5 2e1969d2ef7d mediumthreebytwo378
In Avignon, Snatching Theater From the Jaws of New Lockdowns
Culture, October 30

Delayed from the summer, France’s biggest stage celebration was further curtailed as restrictions again hit the country. That made the moments of grace that were possible all the more powerful.

20wkd arts roundup3 mediumthreebytwo378
8 Things to Do This Halloween Weekend
Weekend, October 29

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually or in person in New York City.

29berkshires gifts 1 mediumthreebytwo378
Yes, We Liked the Berkshires Shows. Here’s $2 Million.
Culture, October 29

This summer, a woman went to outdoor shows at two beloved theaters in Massachusetts. She and her brother are now helping them to cover their costs and survive this winter.

01unopened lonestar 1 mediumthreebytwo378
A Not-So-Merry Mix: Shakespeare, Bluegrass and Randy Quaid
Arts & Leisure, October 29

The Broadway marquee was up, but this crowd-pleasing musical never made it out of Seattle. Among the creative differences: How fat should Falstaff be?

Merlin 170630412 e5b510e3 aa27 4cf0 8489 2d4caf27343d mediumthreebytwo378
Four Wasted Years Thinking About Donald Trump
Op Ed, October 29

How this president invaded our brains and destroyed American culture.

28truelove 1 mediumthreebytwo378
From Neil LaBute, a Case of He Said, She Said, No One Said
Culture, October 28

The story of a marriage saved by the pandemic, “True Love Will Find You in the End” features a live audience but recorded actors.

Attribute 5 0 mediumthreebytwo378
Miss Live Theater? You’re Not Alone.
Interactive, October 15

We miss theater. And we know you do too. So we asked you to share some memories with us.

23berkshiresburst 2 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Performing in a Pandemic
Interactive, September 23

Most professional theater in America has been shut down since March. So how did this production of “Godspell” come together?

13tmag interactive still mediumthreebytwo378 v2
The Creative Circles Defining the Culture
Interactive, April 13

Whether united by outlook or identity, happenstance or choice, these communities have shaped the worlds of art, fashion, film and more.

13tmag cultureimages slide 2d85 mediumthreebytwo378
How the 2005 Revival of ‘Sweeney Todd’ Inspired a New Wave in Theater
Interactive, April 13

A minimalist staging by John Doyle of the tale of the barber of Fleet Street emphasized the raw talents of its cast.

13tmag cultureimages slide 1kzg mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Why ‘Hair’ Has Endured
Interactive, April 13

An appreciation of the 1967 love-rock musical, which, against the odds, won over audiences across the world.