27patinkin1 thumbwide
Mandy Patinkin to Star in ‘The Great Comet’
Culture, Today

Mr. Patinkin, a Tony winner, will return to Broadway in a role that was previously played by Josh Groban.

30weekahead7 thumbwide
Williamstown Theater Festival: Three Sisters and Lots of Kvetching
Arts & Leisure, Today

In “Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow,” the playwright Halley Feiffer reimagines Chekhov.

30michaelmoore webcover thumbwide
Michael Moore Says He Wants to Change Minds. So Why Is He on Broadway?
Arts & Leisure, Today

His one-man show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” is opening at the Belasco Theater. But theater audiences in New York may already be part of his choir.

26cat1 web thumbwide
Sienna Miller Coaxes New Life From an Old ‘Cat’
Culture, Yesterday

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” has rarely ignited in recent years. But this production in London dazzles.

26hudsonvalley1 thumbwide
In the Hudson Valley, Shakespeare as Man, Myth and Drinking Buddy
Culture, Yesterday

Lauren Gunderson’s “The Book of Will,” making part of its rolling world premiere, finds drama in family relationships and Renaissance publishing.

23houghton5 thumbwide
How a Grieving Daughter Led a Theater Reporter to an Unexpected Story
Insider, Yesterday

It was an unusual request: a college student who reached out in an effort to memorialize her father.

25opdoc richard img articleinline
Richard Twice: A Musical Life Interrupted
Op Ed, Yesterday

Richard Atkins was at the beginning of a promising musical career — until a single disastrous performance changed the course of his life.

16first pullman grid thumbwide
Bill Pullman: The First Time a Fellow Actor Had My Back
Arts & Leisure, Yesterday

It was John Candy to the rescue when a famous director of comedies questioned whether this film newcomer could get a laugh.

360 shakespeare thumbwide
Shakespeare, Under the Sky and Around the Globe
Video, Yesterday

Experience Shakespeare in 360 degrees and the way the Bard intended — in the great outdoors.

25lessons thumbwide
‘Lessons in Temperament,’ a Memoir of Mental Illness
Culture, July 24

James Smith’s solo show, part of Soulpepper’s New York residency, examines his family’s history of disorders with a striking lack of bitterness.

25shakes1 web thumbwide
Hamlet and the Surveillance State of Denmark
Culture, July 24

Andrew Scott’s portrayal in a London production of “Hamlet” almost banishes other performances from memory.

24magic thumbwide
Hat. Rabbit. Spy Cam? Claims of Skulduggery at a Hot Magic Show
Culture, July 24

The magician Derek DelGaudio has tried to keep his work invisible on the internet. Did another professional secretly film his show?...

Midsummer love4 thumbwide v2
‘You Create That Chemistry’: How Actors Fall in Instant Love
Culture, July 24

The foursome of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” talk trust, lust and the art of stage kissing.

Well family theater thumbwide
Instead of Dumbing Down Shakespeare, Smarten Up the Kids
Well, July 24

Children can appreciate adults’ plays and movies if you explain the references, the complex ironies, the double entendres.

30talkback web thumbwide
David Mamet Doesn’t Want to Hear From You. Do Other Playwrights?
Arts & Leisure, July 23

Tedious or contentious, the postshow discussion has become part of the theater landscape. Given a choice, would other writers issue a gag order?...

24tim and eric thumbwide
Tim and Eric Figure Out How to Do the Wrong Thing, Perfectly
Culture, July 23

These two outsider comedians haven’t exactly gone mainstream, but they’ve had an outsize impact on communications from liquor ads to “Portlandia.”...

18womenstage web 1 thumbwide v2
Women in the Theater
Letters, July 23

A playwright and an arts professional say the antidote is to keep writing and keep talking.

24grace1 thumbwide
Newspeak on the Stage, but Real Glassware at a Theater’s Bar
Metro, July 23

The Hudson Theater, home to a stage adaptation of “1984,” serves drinks in real glasses, not the plastic ones used by most other Broadway theaters.

23dorfman thumbwide
Shakespeare’s Torture Test
Op Ed, July 22

Iago’s villainy makes us cheer his tormentors.

21goldensohnweb thumbwide
Manhattan’s District Attorney vs. Aeschylus
Op Ed, July 22

A performance of an ancient Greek play forces prosecutors to reflect on the nature of justice.

22nymf1 thumbwide
The Drag Queen Overshares, but the Guru Has Something to Hide
Culture, July 21

Questions of identity are explored through song in three shows at the New York Musical Festival.

 22musicalpodcast2 thumbwide v2
This Podcast Is a Love Story, for Your Ears Only
Culture, July 21

The new podcast “36 Questions” sets a standard for the future of musical theater.

21whilewaitjpalt thumbwide
In ‘While I Was Waiting,’ a Man and a Country in Limbo
Weekend, July 20

In Mohammad Al Attar’s new play, a 20-something Syrian is beaten nearly to death. Will his family and friends (and his country) ever recover?...

21listingstheater thumbwide v2
What’s New in NYC Theater
Weekend, July 20

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

21romeo thumbwide v3
‘Romeo Is Bleeding,’ and Shakespeare Is Relevant
Weekend, July 20

A documentary finds a group of young people in violence-plagued Richmond, Calif., staging their own version of Romeo and Juliet’s romantic tragedy.

23houghton6 thumbwide
He Spent His Life in Theater. Here’s What He Left Behind.
Culture, July 20

James Houghton died last summer. Now his daughter is sharing his collection of theatrical treasures.

20kushner item thumbwide
Tony Kushner Plans a Trump Play, and a New ‘West Side Story’
Culture, July 19

Mr. Kushner said in an interview with The Daily Beast that he was working on a play set two years before the 2016 election.

20pity thumbwide
Surviving War With a Sense of Humor in ‘Pity in History’
Culture, July 19

Howard Barker’s BBC teleplay is being professionally staged for the first time, thanks to Potomac Theater Project, which has regularly mounted his work.

23guide4 thumbwide
Joe Pera and Julio Torres Help Bring Comedy Back to Union Hall
Arts & Leisure, July 19

This Park Slope venue was shut down after a fire in March, but it has a strong slate of stand-up the week it reopens.

23howeweb1 thumbwide
Tina Howe Copes With Caregiving and Other Late-in-Life Storms
Arts & Leisure, July 19

Looking after her ailing husband, and the perils of climate change, are inspirations for her new play, “Singing Beach.”...

20lamama1 thumbwide
La MaMa to Host Belarus Free Theater Next Season
Culture, July 19

La MaMa has announced its 56th season, which includes a visit from Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, and a Tennessee Williams production.

19pinkchair thumbwide
‘A Pink Chair’ Explores a Polish Playwright, but Finds Little
Culture, July 18

This Wooster Group production, inspired by Tadeusz Kantor and his play “I Shall Never Return,” is an esoteric project that fails to connect with its audience.

18deathjp thumbwide
‘Death of a Salesman,’ Diluted by Too Many Experiments
Culture, July 17

It’s almost always a good time to resurrect Willy Loman, Arthur Miller’s desperate Everyman, but Theater Mitu’s staging at BAM Fisher saps the play’s power.

18harvard art thumbwide
Harvard’s Graduate Theater Program Halts Admissions for 3 Years
Culture, July 17

A new setback for a school that has ties to the acclaimed American Repertory Theater, but from which students leave with enormous debt.

18almeida1 thumbwide
A New Mike Bartlett Play and a ‘Twilight Zone’ Adaptation Are Planned at Almeida
Culture, July 17

Highlights of the Almeida Theater’s 2017-18 season, announced Monday, include “Albion,” a new work by Mr. Bartlett, the author of “King Charles III.”...

18womenstage web 1 thumbwide v2
When Women Won’t Accept Theatrical Manspreading
Culture, July 17

Gender inequality remains a problem, but it’s heartening to see playwrights and performers argue for more opportunities.

15wolf inyt web2 thumbwide
Birth Pangs, Royal and Otherwise
Culture, July 17

Surrogacy brings challenges, a childless queen is upstaged by her dearest friend, and two writers vie for supremacy — all on London stages this summer.

17spoon web 1 thumbwide v2
What the Singing Dead Remember in ‘Spoon River’
Culture, July 16

This exuberant musical out of Toronto, adapted from the poems by Edgar Lee Masters, presents an all-souls hootenanny.

17syriatheater 02 thumbwide
For Syrian Actors, a Maddening Road to America
Foreign, July 16

The cast and crew of a Syrian play to be performed at Lincoln Center are scattered across the world, so just getting to the United States was a dramatic ordeal.

17martin thumbwide v2
‘Martin Denton, Martin Denton,’ Off Off Broadway Hagiography
Culture, July 16

This Chris Harcum play tells how a theater enthusiast funneled his passions.

17hihitler thumbwide v2
‘Hi, Hitler’ and Other Tales From a Lively Household
Culture, July 16

In her one-woman show, Lucie Pohl incarnates a wide range of characters as she tells of her lifelong search for identity.

15threemusk web 1 thumbwide
Bang! Pow! A ‘Three Musketeers’ Summertime Romp
Culture, July 14

The Classical Theater of Harlem’s staging of the Alexandre Dumas novel emphasizes the comic action — and turns D’Artagnan into Mademoiselle D’Artagnan.

Freetheater rivals thumbwide
Free Shows to See in New York This Summer
Culture, July 14

From “The Three Musketeers” to “Macbeth,” here’s our guide to summer theater that won’t cost you a dime.

15youngvic item thumbwide
The Young Vic Theater in London Unveils Its 2017-18 Season
Culture, July 14

A new play in the spirit of “Angels in America” and a revival of a work by Tarell Alvin McCraney of “Moonlight” are among the highlights.

14hamlet thumbwide
The Greatest of Danes, as Oscar Isaac Takes On ‘Hamlet’
Weekend, July 13

Sam Gold’s funny and heartbreaking production treats Shakespeare’s daunting masterpiece with disarming familiarity.

14trueright thumbwide
In ‘True Right,’ George W. and Jeb Bush Meet Sam Shepard
Weekend, July 13

Actresses play the brother-rivals in a lampoon of “True West” that works better on the page than on the stage.

14assassins thumbwide
‘Assassins’ Offers a National Anthem for Killers
Weekend, July 13

In the Encores Off-Center revival of the 1991 Sondheim-Weidman musical, men and women who have shot American presidents get to sing. Will anyone listen?...

14listings theater thumbwide
What’s New in NYC Theater
Weekend, July 13

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

360 sweeney articleinline
When You Switch Up on a (Broadway) Star
Culture, July 12

One night a week, Donna Murphy takes over the title role in “Hello, Dolly!” from Bette Midler. Alternates, like her, and replacements can help make or break a hit show.

13jamesfranco thumbwide v2
James Franco’s Lawyers Shut Down Play That Uses His Name
Culture, July 12

A cease-and-desist letter came as a surprise to Kevin Broccoli, who had planned to bring his play “James Franco and Me” to New York in August.

16key1 thumbwide
Keegan-Michael Key Is Looking to Tell Some ‘Human Stories’
Arts & Leisure, July 12

Mr. Key, the “Key & Peele” co-star, talks about his Netflix series, “Friends From College”; shooting his first nude scenes; and playing Horatio in “Hamlet.”...

16castalbums1 thumbwide
Listening to the Best (and Worst) of Broadway
Arts & Leisure, July 12

All 13 of last season’s new Broadway shows, plus two revivals, produced cast recordings. Here’s our critic’s take on what to play and what to skip.

13children item1 thumbwide
Danny Boyle Assembles a Starry Cast for ‘The Children’s Monologues’
Culture, July 12

Charlize Theron, James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor are among the participants in the production, which will be performed Nov. 13 at Carnegie Hall.

16guide5 thumbwide
‘A Parallelogram,’ Bruce Norris’s Time-Shifting Play at Second Stage
Arts & Leisure, July 12

Mr. Norris’s play, which had its premiere in 2010, is just now arriving in New York with its jaundiced view of human relations.

13thurman thumbwide
Uma Thurman to Make Broadway Debut in ‘The Parisian Woman’
Culture, July 12

Ms. Thurman says this political drama, by Beau Willimon, the creator of “House of Cards,” is contemporary, sharp and witty.

12opening1 thumbwide
Thinking Outside (and Inside) B.F. Skinner’s Box
Culture, July 11

A British theater troupe considers the uses and abuses of psychological experimentation in “Opening Skinner’s Box.”...

16cakeplay1 thumbwide v2
From ‘This is Us’ to ‘The Cake,’ Bekah Brunstetter Has a Full Plate
Arts & Leisure, July 11

Ms. Brunstetter, riding high as a writer on a hot network TV show, finds herself in the middle of a timely debate with her latest play.

11pipeline thumbwide
A Mother Fervently Tries to Protect Her Son in ‘Pipeline’
Culture, July 10

Dominique Morisseau’s new play at Lincoln Center plunges us into the fatalistic worldview of the mother of an African-American teenager.

11costcast1 thumbwide
For Disabled Actors, Memorizing the Part Is Only the Beginning
Culture, July 10

A peek backstage at the play “Cost of Living” shows how two performers prepare physically for their roles.

09whatilovelynnahrens slide wnkh thumbwide
Lynn Ahrens and Her Little House in the Sky
Real Estate, July 7

The lyricist of the Broadway show “Anastasia,” on the penthouse that convinced her to move to Midtown.

09whatilovelynnahrens slide ii0w thumbwide
What I Love | Lynn Ahrens
Slideshow, July 7

The Broadway lyricist on the penthouse that convinced her to move to Midtown.

07ofhumanbondage thumbwide
Falling Hard for a Master Manipulator in ‘Of Human Bondage’
Weekend, July 6

The Soulpepper production, adapted by Vern Thiessen from W. Somerset Maugham’s novel, tells a beautifully bittersweet tale.

07kims thumbwide v2
‘Kim’s Convenience’ Shares Family Ties, for Better and Worse
Weekend, July 6

Ins Choi’s story of a Toronto store and the Korean immigrant family that runs it is at Pershing Square Signature Center.

07skinner1 thumbwide
Whiteboard? Check. Lab Rats? They’re the Actors.
Weekend, July 6

How a theater troupe called Improbable dramatizes psychological experiments described in a controversial 2004 book.

9escola1 thumbwide
He’s Got a Good Wig on His Shoulders: Meet Cole Escola
Arts & Leisure, July 6

In just under 10 years, Cole Escola, who is 30 but looks much younger, has become a ubiquitous presence on the downtown alt-cabaret circuit.

07listingstheater thumbwide
What’s New in NYC Theater
Weekend, July 6

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

07blueman thumbwide
Blue Man Group Is Bought by Cirque du Soleil, With Plans to Expand
Weekend, July 6

Cirque du Soleil, known for its acrobatic acts, announced that it had purchased Blue Man Productions with an eye toward expanding it to China.

09oscarweb thumbwide
After His Mother’s Death, Oscar Isaac Turns to Shakespeare for Solace
Arts & Leisure, July 6

Heading back to his theatrical roots, he stars this summer as the tortured, grief-stricken prince in ‘Hamlet.’...

05williams thumbwide
Heathcote Williams, Radical British Poet Who Helped Form Anarchist Nation, Dies at 75
Culture, July 5

Outraged at conformity and drawn to theatricality, Mr. Williams aimed to effect change with language.

06greennotebookjp thumbwide
In a Summer Theater Weekend, Odd Couples and Immigrants on the Make
Culture, July 5

Two outstanding performances in a “Children of a Lesser God” revival are a Berkshires highlight.

23lincfest item2 thumbwide
Artists Protest Lincoln Center Play Backed by Israel
Culture, July 5

More than 60 artists, including the Pulitzer winner Annie Baker and the actress Greta Gerwig, asked that the play “To the End of the Land” be canceled.

06rsc thumbwide
Royal Shakespeare Company to Monitor Heart Rates at ‘Titus Andronicus’
Culture, July 5

The theater company hopes to discover whether audiences are similarly affected at live plays versus cinema screenings.

06dollshouse item1 thumbwide v3
Laurie Metcalf to Leave ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’
Culture, July 5

Ms. Metcalf, who won a Tony Award for her performance in the play on Broadway, will depart on July 23 and be replaced by the Tony winner Julie White.

9weekahead6 thumbwide
New York Musical Festival Returns
Arts & Leisure, July 5

Adventurous works like a Sherlock Holmes musical and an examination of the Berlin Wall scored by a member of Air Supply are on the schedule.

00albee1 thumbwide
Edward Albee’s Final Wish: Destroy My Unfinished Work
Culture, July 4

Instructions to destroy any incomplete manuscripts were included in a will that the renowned playwright filed on Long Island, where he lived and died.

04chickens thumbwide
‘Chickens in the Yard,’ and Family Conflict, Too
Culture, July 3

In Paul Kruse’s one-act play at Jack in Brooklyn, the humans have their problems, and the chickens have their own issues.

Wonkabar1 thumbwide
Chocolate Aplenty, but Nary a Wonka Bar to Be Found
Culture, July 3

Why can’t you buy a Wonka Bar at the Broadway musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? Blame corporate indifference — and a flirtation with crème brûlée.

03canadatheater1 thumbwide
On Canada Day, Sampling Soulpepper’s Cultural Imports
Culture, July 2

Why aren’t there more American productions of Canadian plays? Judging from a Toronto theater company’s offerings, the quality of the work isn’t the obstacle.

01mustsee hamlet thumbwide
5 Must-See Shows if You’re in New York This Month
Culture, July 1

It’s politics as unusual on stages across the city in July.

02quinton thumbwide
How a ‘Hamilton’ Super Fan Got Cast in the Broadway Show
Styles, July 1

He grew up watching Michael Jackson videos in Athens, Tex. Now J. Quinton Johnson is rapping in Broadway’s hottest production, asked to audition before he’d seen it.

01wolflondon inyt web1 thumbwide
In ‘Ink,’ a Media Mogul Is Born — Rupert Murdoch
Culture, June 30

James Graham’s play focuses on Mr. Murdoch as a news baron in the making; and “Anatomy of a Suicide” is a shimmeringly powerful puzzle play.

30marvin thumbwide v2
In ‘Marvin’s Room,’ Who Will Care for the Caregiver?
Weekend, June 29

Scott McPherson’s 1991 Off Broadway hit about duty to self and to others makes its Broadway debut in a very different world.

30methepeople thumbwide
‘Me the People,’ a Spangled Satire of a President Beyond Parody
Weekend, June 29

This cabaret at the Triad offers broad sendups of President Trump for the two-drink-minimum crowd, but it’s hard to be farcical when real life is so bizarre.

30outdoorperformance thumbwide
Outdoor Stages: A Madcap ‘Pride & Prejudice’ in the Hudson Valley
Weekend, June 29

Fresh off the success of her adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Sense & Sensibility,” Kate Hamill takes on “Pride & Prejudice.”...

30listingstheater thumbwide
What’s New in NYC Theater
Weekend, June 29

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

30eloise thumbwide
Remarkable. Extraordinary. Eccentric: The Man Who Drew Eloise Recalls His Muses
Weekend, June 29

Hilary Knight, illustrator of the “Eloise” books and quite a lot more, is the subject of two exhibitions of his work. He tours them both.

00bowl 01 thumbwide
A Battle of the Bowls in Hollywood?
National, June 29

After a $75 million face-lift, the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, the lesser-known neighbor of the famous Hollywood Bowl, is ready for its close-up.

02stretch1 thumbwide
Summer Is the Time for Stretching
Arts & Leisure, June 28

These writers and performers are using the warmer months to take some risks, test themselves and expand their talents onstage.

29inaword thumbwide v3
‘In a Word’ Grapples With Loss and Language
Culture, June 28

In Lauren Yee’s play, the disappearance of a child short-circuits language and takes over reality itself. But it can be survived.

02guide3 thumbwide
Exploring the Public School/Private School Divide in ‘Pipeline’
Arts & Leisure, June 28

Dominique Morisseau is one of the theater’s most penetrating voices. In her latest play, she focuses on issues of class and education.

30lyrics combo thumbwide
Jonathan Groff to Sing Bobby Darin for Songbook Series
Culture, June 28

A revamped Lyrics & Lyricists series at the 92nd Street Y has drawn Mr. Groff, a two-time Tony nominee, for five performances next January.

29xp miranda thumbwide
New ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ Music Video Takes Aim at Immigration
Culture, June 28

A new music video for a song off the “Hamilton Mixtape” soundtrack takes direct aim at President Trump’s immigration rhetoric.

29bottom2 thumbwide
Schimmel Center to Host a Two-Day Toast to the Bottom Line
Culture, June 28

The bandleader Paul Shaffer will host the festival, which is to include performances from many of the musicians whose careers were shaped there.

2shakespeare1 thumbwide
‘Will’ on TNT: A Punk-Rock Shakespeare, Striving and Stage-Diving in the Big City
Arts & Leisure, June 28

“Will,” which features the playwright in his formative years, is heavy on the tattoos and piercings.

28napoli thumbwide v3
Sisters Plot Their Escapes From ‘Napoli, Brooklyn’
Culture, June 27

In Meghan Kennedy’s kitchen-table drama at the Roundabout, an immigrant Italian family in 1960 seems ready to explode. Then it does.

2jimmys1 thumbwide
Heard of the Jimmys? It’s the Tonys, for Teenagers
Arts & Leisure, June 27

This year, 74 of the nation’s most talented theatrical hopefuls took the stage for the Jimmy Awards, now in its ninth year.

2jimmys1 thumbwide
Broadway’s Biggest Night — for Teenagers
Video, June 27

Each June, two students are chosen as winners of the Jimmy Awards, a sort of Tonys for teenagers. Step into their high-kicking world as 74 theatrical hopefuls from around the country compete for stardom.

27actors thumbwide
Theater Jobs Skew White and Male, Study Finds
Culture, June 26

Women and minority actors and stage managers are getting fewer jobs and often wind up in lower-paying shows, according to a new study by Actors’ Equity.

27saysomething thumbwide
The Detective Was a Performance Artist. The Evidence Is Now a Show.
Culture, June 26

A strangely entrancing new work explores a mysterious audio recording, and recreates a moment in the life of a 1950s Long Island family.

27myeyes thumbwide
A Father Consumed by Grief in ‘My Eyes Went Dark’
Culture, June 26

A man who lost his family in a plane crash funnels his grief and despair into a quest for revenge.

27bastard thumbwide
A Bawdy ‘Bastard Jones,’ Dancing With a Peg Leg
Culture, June 26

This ragged but high-spirited musical adaptation of Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones” stars Evan Ruggiero, who lost most of his right leg to cancer.

27rivals1 thumbwide
Chasing ‘The Rivals’ on a Summer Evening
Culture, June 26

Mrs. Malaprop misspeaks outdoors when New York Classical Theater brings a lighthearted comedy of manners to Central Park.