Merlin 159310560 f6a605a1 7b3f 41d6 aca4 1395c8562e3c articleinline
Can a Play About Vaccines Be a Laughing Matter?
Theater, Today

At the privileged private school in “Eureka Day,” some parents refuse to give shots to their children. Then the mumps hits.

25hercules1 articleinline
How Do You Stage Disney’s ‘Hercules’? Invite Everyone
Theater, August 23

The world premiere adaptation of the 1997 animated film puts everyday New Yorkers — 117 of them — in the production at the Delacorte.

Merlin 159350781 06882f23 94a9 4d66 b896 572e810850b3 articleinline
The Mystery of This Dusty Book, Signed by Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt
New York, August 23

A recently discovered artifact shows the power and influence of Lillian Wald, who revolutionized social services in New York.

Merlin 159553638 cc16ea98 de13 44ff b204 df405454c11c articleinline
Ethical Drama Wins Edinburgh Theater Prize
Arts, August 23

“Mouthpiece” by Kieran Hurley won $25,000 to fund a transfer from the Edinburgh Fringe to New York.

Merlin 156727320 17b28b59 60fc 4da9 a577 83b99b610bdb articleinline
6 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, August 22

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 159562476 ab1babe3 1e91 4855 8be1 21e3171cd91d articleinline
‘#DateMe’ Review: Not Feeling a Love Connection
Theater, August 22

A frenzy of strained joke-making and audience participation overwhelms a promising exploration of romance in the internet age.

Merlin 159560706 6c0299fb 888a 4824 8483 fa814adae0be articleinline
‘Slava’s Snowshow’ to Storm Back to Broadway
Theater, August 22

The surrealist production filled with clowns and, yes, snow, joins the ranks of this season’s limited-run holiday shows.

Merlin 157997343 e758ab03 3eec 49d5 8e59 e981a0d6578b articleinline
Rewriting the Rules of Drag in Paris
Theater, August 22

There is a cross-dressing show for everyone in the city, from traditional cabarets to RuPaul-inspired productions.

Merlin 159341409 cf8ee9d8 dc7a 4d96 9870 6aecf488c7e5 articleinline
A Nose by Any Other Name in a Hudson Valley ‘Cyrano’
Theater, August 21

Jason O’Connell and Brenda Withers’s adaptation of “Cyrano de Bergerac” at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival asks us not to take anything at face value.

25hiddleston1 articleinline
Tom Hiddleston on ‘Betrayal’ and the Art of Self-Protection
Theater, August 21

The screen and stage star is making his Broadway debut as the bottled-up husband wearing a “mask of control” in Harold Pinter’s romantic triangle.

20flying item2 articleinline
Tripping on Broadway: A New Musical Explores LSD Use by Cary Grant and More
Theater, August 20

The Lincoln Center Theater show is written by James Lapine, Tom Kitt and Michael Korie, and will star Carmen Cusack, Harry Hadden-Paton and Tony Yazbeck.

Merlin 136908597 350920ab 0fc8 43b2 92d1 7a44a7560463 articleinline
San Francisco Theater Owners Settle Litigation
Theater, August 19

Robert Nederlander and Carole Shorenstein Hays can compete to program shows in their now separately operated playhouses.

16caroline item1 articleinline
‘Caroline, or Change’ and ‘A Soldier’s Play’ to Be Revived on Broadway
Theater, August 19

The Roundabout Theater Company productions each explore race in America.

Merlin 23720973 8b3cf99c 73dc 4137 9f23 e25addc994ec articleinline
A ‘Soul Train’ Musical Sets Its Sights on Broadway
Theater, August 19

The production, inspired by the long-running television dance show, is aiming for a 2021 premiere.

Merlin 158995620 2915b938 2047 4d98 a71f 75491e8f26f4 articleinline
George Bernard Shaw’s 6-Hour ‘Beast’? She’s All In
Theater, August 19

A dancer turned director, Kimberley Rampersad is tackling “Man and Superman” at the Shaw Festival.

Merlin 88830461 b9b32a0c b26e 4472 85c8 5bb91db099ab articleinline
Barry Manilow’s Original Musical Is (Finally) Making It to New York
Theater, August 16

After more than two decades and three out-of-town runs, “Harmony” is scheduled for early next year.

Merlin 159309990 50c7155c e44b 4b81 8795 441a96b5936f articleinline
A New Festival Shows Off Creators Ready to Launch
Theater, August 16

If the eclectic clutch of productions in its first week is any indication, the Rave Theater Festival is off to a promising start.

Merlin 158724375 c7850aa2 f95f 4aff be24 434e6f648319 articleinline
In ‘Make Believe,’ Four Children Meet Their Inner Adults
Theater, August 15

Bess Wohl’s daring, mysterious new play is a comedy of underparenting and a tragedy of selfishness. Or is it the other way around?

16listings theater articleinline
6 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, August 15

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

15edinburgh festival1 articleinline
Onstage in Edinburgh, the Mood Is Grim
Theater, August 15

Theatrical productions at the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe give the impression of a world coming apart at the seams.

18women producers1 articleinline
Who Calls the Shots on Broadway? She Does
Theater, August 14

Female producers, migrating from nonprofit theater and the entertainment industry, are bringing new skills and values to the commercial stage.

13drive item2 articleinline
‘How I Learned to Drive’ Is Finally Coming to Broadway. With Its Original Stars.
Theater, August 13

Mary-Louise Parker will reunite with her original co-star, David Morse, in the spring for the Broadway debut of Paula Vogel’s Pulitzer-winning play.

Merlin 158607957 63f080aa 9e47 4682 b386 853609ba9ea8 articleinline
Libraries’ Culture Pass Signs Up 70,000 in First Year
Arts, August 13

The Queens, Brooklyn and New York libraries’ initiative has partnered with 17 new cultural institutions since its inception, bringing the number of participants up to 50.

13scrooge item articleinline
Campbell Scott to Star in Broadway ‘Christmas Carol’
Theater, August 13

The film and TV actor will portray Scrooge in Jack Thorne’s adaptation of Dickens, which has been a London holiday hit since 2017.

Merlin 159169212 b2a8edb2 ffe4 4760 b9b4 8519de63c13a articleinline
Bachelorettes, Brawls and Body Cameras: A Night at the Theater in London
Theater, August 13

Some West End theaters are fitting staff members with recording devices to deal with alcohol-fueled bad behavior.

Merlin 159080478 2ceb4a81 aa52 49e5 bfe5 03072cac9ab3 articleinline
On Adjacent Stages, Two Haunted Houses, Circa 1882 and 2019
Theater, August 12

A sumptuous Ibsen revival starring Uma Thurman and a knockout premiere by Adam Bock close the Williamstown season with a metaphysical “boo!”

12london notebook1 articleinline
Hot Priests and Wayward Libidos Run Wild on London’s Stages
Theater, August 12

Andrew Scott, John Malkovich and Clive Owen are among the West End actors portraying men hopelessly in thrall to erotic impulses.

12diana item lajolla articleinline
‘Diana,’ a Musical, Is Heading to Broadway
Theater, August 12

The royal new musical with an American creative team will open at the Longacre Theater in March.

12lightning thief item2 articleinline
‘The Lightning Thief’ to Open on Broadway in September
Theater, August 12

The popular Percy Jackson musical will have a limited run at Longacre Theater.

11audible item articleinline
Audible Shows by Margaret Trudeau and Diana Nyad Coming to New York
Theater, August 12

Mrs. Trudeau, the former first lady of Canada, and Ms. Nyad, the endurance swimmer, will perform in three-night limited engagements at the Minetta Lane Theater this fall.

Merlin 158500743 caa5b771 a300 4494 9bf1 7cfc155a971a articleinline
‘Sea Wall/A Life’ Review: Quiet Tragicomedies of Love and Loss
Theater, August 8

In a tender pair of monologues, Tom Sturridge and Jake Gyllenhaal portray young fathers shaken out of complacency.

06bathell1 articleinline
In ‘Bat Out of Hell,’ Paradise by the LED Light
Theater, August 8

A post-apocalyptic Peter Pan story with book, music and lyrics by Jim Steinman is a masterpiece of overstatement. But try not to sing along.

09listings theater articleinline
10 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Arts, August 8

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

11closing a articleinline
Their Shows Flopped. Here’s What These 7 Actors Did Next.
Theater, August 8

With plays and musicals folding left and right, Broadway stars impart wisdom they gained when it happened to them.

05tmag okpokwasili slide f49r articleinline
A Performance Artist Testing the Limits of Her Own Endurance
T Magazine, August 7

In deeply personal works such as the acclaimed “Bronx Gothic,” Okwui Okpokwasili explores ideas of cultural memory through poetry and visceral body-wringing choreography.

Merlin 158896809 53967aa8 3a73 4495 87d5 9577bdc95d22 articleinline
The Restorative Power of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
Theater, August 7

The trapezes disguised as bedding may encourage you to trip the enchanted glade with the frisky cast of this London production. Feel free.

Merlin 155836260 b5d8d1d3 341f 44e3 91fd 1710f8fbf04f articleinline
‘Fairview’: Watching a Play in Black and White
Theater, August 7

How does who you are affect how you see this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama? Two critics finally have the talk.

07 times square vid still articleinline
People Flee in Times Square After Mistaking Noise for Gunshots
Video, August 7

The sound of a motorcycle backfiring was mistaken for gunfire, leading people to panic in Times Square on Tuesday night.

Merlin 156912120 bd75fcb5 c0b8 46a7 9f74 0d304ea24c88 articleinline
Motorcycle Is Mistaken for Gunshots in Times Square, Causing Panic
New York, August 7

Frightened bystanders stormed at least one theater, while others cowered in bars.

Merlin 158797266 aed378e2 ec36 4ecf 912a b426f1c2f1f6 articleinline
From Last Rites to Marriage Vows in ‘Filomena Marturano’
Theater, August 6

Resetting the Italian drama on an unnamed Caribbean island, Repertorio Español allows two rich performers to shine in a twisty romance.

Merlin 158131542 609fffa8 f116 498f 8149 95114d5d8556 articleinline
An Electrifying ‘Coriolanus,’ Addicted to War
Theater, August 5

Jonathan Cake finds the cracks in the macho surface of Shakespeare’s strangest tragic hero in Daniel Sullivan’s fiery production in Central Park.

11barry2 articleinline
Barry Manilow Just Wanted to Write the Songs. He’s Still Singing Them.
Arts, August 5

Performing, in this case on Broadway, is a big chunk of the 76-year-old musician’s life, but he finds it torture. (Not that anyone would be able to tell.)

Merlin 158825838 9305e72c fdcd 4348 a704 060603dfff79 articleinline
Home Is No Haven in ‘Rinse, Repeat’
Theater, August 5

In Domenica Feraud’s potent drama, hard-driving parents don’t recognize the examples they set for a daughter with anorexia.

Merlin 158495622 8d730f4b 7679 4a88 a2d0 7db844ecd692 articleinline
‘Native Son’ Review: A Big Story Made Smaller
Theater, August 5

This fluid and nonlinear adaptation of Richard Wright’s novel is brisk, but its theatrics upstage its implications.

Merlin 158656464 1ed66265 d4a4 43b6 8093 97b636255f1c articleinline
In 3 Short Plays, the Art of Making Up and Breaking Up
Theater, August 4

The second program of “Summer Shorts 2019,” at 59E59 Theaters, is a patchy evening including a contribution by Neil LaBute.

Merlin 158153154 3c66996e 6eb2 4ab8 b30d 5bc8c42d3ba2 articleinline
At These High-End Dinner Theaters, Classics Come With Crudités
Theater, August 4

An adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” makes a picnic of pentameter, and decadent dining accompanies William Blake in “The Devouring.”

Merlin 158841756 ca46c631 3aa1 4e98 9f78 0f3a64360389 articleinline
An Onstage Wedding Brings a Broadway Happy Ending to Life
Theater, August 4

During the curtain call for “The Prom,” a show that celebrates inclusivity, a lesbian couple exchanged their marriage vows.

Merlin 123377513 44636267 fb5f 4e62 b0c3 43dc45994201 articleinline
Close the Curtain on ‘Miss Saigon’
Opinion, August 3

Why is a musical that perpetuates a Western fantasy of Asians as small, weak and effeminate people still so popular?

04levenson articleinline
Hal Prince Saved the Musical
Opinion, August 3

The great Broadway legend who died this week revitalized a beloved art form.

Merlin 158300298 107965d1 aed5 48de abe1 952293715818 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Dancing Around Graves, Beach Read Flicks and ‘GLOW’
Arts, August 3

Highlights include Alvin Baltrop’s photos, Coriolanus in the park, Oshun in concert and music by five female Iranian composers.

Merlin 158687112 47483b63 a329 4dd4 93e1 79a0108b4ccc articleinline
Remembering Hal Prince: 12 Broadway Luminaries Share Their Stories
Theater, August 2

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, Patti LuPone and others recall memorable moments with the longtime director and producer who died this week.

Merlin 158736255 33c1d881 1b42 44bc 8c29 1ab1cca467ae articleinline
Venice Has a Biennale for Theater, Too
Theater, August 2

Despite a history stretching to 1934, it feels like a David to the art exhibition’s Goliath. But its program is all the better for that.

01hk memes3 articleinline
Fueling the Hong Kong Protests: A World of Pop-Culture Memes
World, August 2

The protest movement’s cultural touchstones include Japanese anime, “The Hunger Games” and “Les Misérables.”

Merlin 155836248 9541fbba 60f4 420d 848c ac653d08e300 articleinline
7 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, August 1

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 158646645 81d0a433 6ff3 4c69 a9ab a0e05abdf04b articleinline
Divorced. Beheaded. Broadway.
Theater, August 1

“Six,” a British pop musical about the guess-how-many wives of Henry VIII, will open early next year.

Merlin 158619153 9649ca14 78e5 4620 a394 bac8ca68a642 articleinline
At Salzburg Festival, a Thrilling Provocation and a Promise Unfulfilled
Theater, August 1

Thomas Ostermeier’s new production of “Youth Without God” is the centerpiece of the drama offerings at this year’s event.

31prince remembrance 1 articleinline
My Summer With Hal
Theater, July 31

As a lowly apprentice on a notorious flop, I got to see how the “Dark Prince” achieved his effects and cut his losses.

Merlin 11749981 a9de7adc e0de 409a aa2f 7b691ecc619b articleinline
Hal Prince, Through the Archives of The Times
Theater, July 31

The Broadway director and producer was a mainstay in the pages of The New York Times.

Merlin 158494749 66244a18 7a7e 4d7c a913 d96ea4602820 articleinline
‘Two’s a Crowd’ Review: Rita Rudner in a Sitcom With Songs
Theater, July 31

This new “comedy musical” is lesser material than she deserves, but Ms. Rudner delivers an innocuously pleasant evening.

31prince shows top articleinline
‘Cabaret,’ ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and More: Hal Prince’s Hits Transformed Broadway
Theater, July 31

When Mr. Prince died on Wednesday at age 91, he left behind several lifetimes’ worth of directing and producing successes.

Merlin 158066949 217802c7 93ba 4cc4 a56d e10a7804d8a7 articleinline
Motherhood Masters Dysfunction in ‘Little Gem’
Theater, July 31

In Elaine Murphy’s play, three women from one Dublin family tell a slice-of-life story through interwoven, interlocking monologues.

Prince06 articleinline
Hal Prince, Giant of Broadway and Reaper of Tonys, Dies at 91
Theater, July 31

Mr. Prince helped bring to life a stunning lineup of shows: “Cabaret,” “Sweeney Todd,” and Broadway’s longest-running spectacle, “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Prince06 articleinline
The Last Word: Harold Prince
Video, July 31

In a never-before-seen interview, the legendary Broadway producer Harold Prince sat down with The New York Times in 2008 to talk about his life, career and accomplishments.

04jake tom 4 articleinline
Men Who Aren’t Afraid of Tears
Theater, July 31

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge grapple with love, grief and vulnerability in “Sea Wall/A Life,” paired one-act plays on Broadway.

Petrow1 articleinline
Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life
Well, July 31

The Visible Ink program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center gives patients and caregivers a way to explore life after cancer.

Merlin 158494701 8568c713 50a6 480f 86be 22afeaf2074b articleinline
At This Theater Festival, Death Crouches in the Wings
Theater, July 30

Bereavement and self-destruction stalk the plays in Series A of this year’s Summer Shorts Festival in New York.

Merlin 158448777 247bbf68 4f40 402e a3a8 823ddf62bcdb articleinline
Dancing Boys and a Bloodthirsty Plant Sidle Up to Shakespeare
Theater, July 29

Better known for its classics, the Stratford Festival has long presented fine-tuned versions of Broadway musicals. This year: “Billy Elliot” and “Little Shop of Horrors.”

29exit rudy 1 articleinline
He Once Shilled for ‘Shogun.’ Then ‘Hamilton’ Came Along.
Theater, July 29

Sam Rudy is leaving show business — and New York City — after 40 years as a theater publicist.

Merlin 155527992 3e08198b 9241 41b4 82ef 7c2046723502 articleinline
The Week in Arts: Wendy Whelan Dances; April Matthis Is at Bat
Arts, July 27

Five female composers, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” a passel of posters protesting apartheid and Off!