Merlin 144970206 dc367afa 402d 422c b20d 8ee562735b06 articleinline
‘King Kong’ and ‘Cher Show’ Musicals Announce Closings
Theater, Yesterday

Each show arrived on Broadway with a big name in its title and major creative talents behind the scenes. But audiences kept their distance.

30af8571dcb24c97ae6d65a3ab21eb6e articleinline
The Flea Season, Starring Taylor Mac and Mac Wellman
Theater, Yesterday

“The Season of Anarchy: The Return of the Macs” will include a new play by Mr. Mac and a festival of works by Mr. Wellman.

25mueller live1 articleinline
‘The Investigation’ Makes the Mueller Report a Dark-Comic Indictment
Arts, Yesterday

The star-studded reading was surreal and unsubtle but somehow fitting for a political era of tragedy-as-farce.

Merlin 156638409 49939c99 5ead 4c62 bdef 2ac33677ae80 articleinline
Masculinity Takes a Beating in ‘Square Go’
Theater, Yesterday

A boy, his best friend and an unseen bully negotiate fear and fantasy in an imaginary wrestling ring, with the audience encouraged to cheer.

24ink set6 articleinline
Getting ‘Ink’ on Their Hands
Theater, June 24

Audience members with compromised vision had the rare chance to feel their way through the Broadway show’s elaborate set before a recent performance.

Merlin 156894309 c27c2b79 fdf7 43f1 a16f ee27e452328b articleinline
In ‘Leap,’ a Quarter-Life Crisis Goes On for a Lifetime
Theater, June 24

Chana Porter’s absurdist take on “Peer Gynt” finds a young woman trying on new identities but finding that none quite fit.

Fa3d11604abd41faa9fd0bf433b2a758 articleinline
Marvel’s Heroes Take Center Stage
Theater, June 24

Marvel Entertainment and Samuel French team up for a series of educational plays for teenagers.

Merlin 156793008 eb2715ff 37c0 45b1 b9a9 5fb5ce3f8560 articleinline
Decapitating American History in ‘King Philip’s Head’
Theater, June 23

Daniel Glenn’s astutely goofy portrait of legislative gridlock in the Plymouth Colony casts women as some seriously conflicted founding fathers.

Merlin 156753984 45bded8c 7e0c 4440 8760 c92dcbd8ede0 articleinline
A Play Dissected White Privilege in Education. Then the College Admissions Scandal Broke.
Theater, June 21

Issues at the heart of the scandal resonate in “Admissions,” Joshua Harmon’s comedy. How did the news affect the show?

Merlin 150693672 0feb9871 3fbb 4883 9064 5dd2bbfb2b3c articleinline
‘Be More Chill’ to End Broadway Run in August
Theater, June 21

The musical, fueled by social media love, opened in March — a tough time of year for a show with a largely student fan base.

Merlin 156567042 ee657430 7321 432f a169 2c00a3de7953 articleinline
What to Do in New York This Weekend
Arts, June 21

The cultural offerings are varied and vast, from ‘Toy Story 4’ in movie theaters to numerous ways to celebrate the first day of summer and NYC Pride.

Merlin 156732651 6cefbc12 aa06 409e 8d3d 0bffebf2d7b0 articleinline
In ‘The Mountains Look Different,’ Sin, Shame and Self-Determination
Theater, June 20

A forgotten 1948 drama by Micheál Mac Liammóir has been polished to a becoming shimmer at Theater Row.

Merlin 155527995 df6b6d7c ce20 4bcb a44b 2aeb23992cd1 articleinline
In ‘Toni Stone,’ America’s Pastime Meets America’s Problem
Theater, June 20

April Matthis’s sensational performance anchors Lydia R. Diamond’s play about the first woman of any race to appear in a professional baseball game.

Merlin 153470187 12374183 cfdb 4142 88db bda48fb7945d articleinline
9 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, June 20

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 155900079 21b87972 4a08 4935 9f71 b4e5cc80d226 articleinline
Pride Month: The New York City Theater to See
Theater, June 20

“A Strange Loop,” “Stonewall” and, of course, “The Cher Show” are among the offerings onstage now.

Merlin 156731034 f3fc18f0 dc25 466d 94b9 627a788d9484 articleinline
‘The Minutes,’ by Tracy Letts, Is Coming to Broadway
Theater, June 20

The politically themed comedy, about a fractious municipal government meeting, will open in 2020.

Merlin 156521052 4e50ca40 42de 45ae 8a31 5dad8c8cc450 articleinline
On 125th Street, Dancing Toward Freedom
Arts, June 20

A response to Harlem’s changing landscape, this marathon performance piece travels from one end of the street to the other.

Merlin 156596235 11cfb993 df97 4796 84bb b3a9752f4d0c articleinline
‘Bitter Wheat’ Misfires, in Monstrous Fashion
Theater, June 20

Despite the formidable presence of John Malkovich, David Mamet’s new play is as reprehensible as the predatory film tycoon at the center of it.

18a59af0be594cceb1e2790963c5bd8d articleinline
Crossing the Line Festival Challenges Itself to Evolve
Arts, June 19

This year’s lineup includes a theatrical adaptation of John Cassavetes’s “Opening Night,” starring Isabelle Adjani, and a new play by Peter Brook.

Merlin 156410901 0e6ac634 3f7e 4f32 adab c5712c06d307 articleinline
Behind the ‘Veil,’ Facts Are Negotiable
Theater, June 19

Hollywood filmmakers tell a period story set in China in Gordon Dahlquist’s layered look at truth, lies and the power of narrative.

Merlin 156677799 92a7196f e24e 4db6 a332 589992b3fe59 articleinline
Why Def Leppard Finally Said Yes to the ‘Rock of Ages’ Musical
Arts, June 19

The jukebox show never had the rights to use the band’s songs, even though it’s named after one. That’s changing for its 10th anniversary revival.

Merlin 156635577 358fd867 4e73 42d4 8104 c4cd54f5443c articleinline
‘Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson,’ Aiming for His Head
Theater, June 19

Based on an anecdote from the set of an infamous commercial, the play focuses on the behind-the-scenes people who work to realize an artist’s vision.

Merlin 156547023 8729b0e8 2e36 4c2f 8c6a a40a246c54ae articleinline
Can a Kung Fu Musical Get (Way) Off the Ground?
Theater, June 19

“Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise,” the unlikely offspring of a Chinese-American opera impresario and the writers of “Kung Fu Panda” — with songs by Sia — aims to show just how high the Shed can fly.

18freestyle1 articleinline
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’ Is Coming to Broadway
Theater, June 18

The improv show will begin a 16-week run in September.

Merlin 148951953 7741db49 96a9 486d 81f8 b9cbd465b3d7 articleinline
Seek More Gender Diversity Onstage? Look at This List
Theater, June 18

After five years of pressing for parity, the collective known as the Kilroys says it is seeing progress. Meanwhile, more suggestions for plays to present.

Merlin 156372036 8bb36586 792d 45f4 9314 9fdda570e31e articleinline
For Pride Month, Dinner and a Show of Marginalized Voices
Food, June 18

PrideTable, a two-week event, tells L.G.B.T. chefs’ stories and serves a five-course meal.

18girl1 articleinline
‘Girl From the North Country,’ With Bob Dylan Songs, Is Bound for Broadway
Theater, June 18

The show, written and directed by Conor McPherson, explores the struggles of boardinghouse residents in Depression-era Minnesota.

Merlin 155900085 e375d745 ba8e 4d7b 92b1 f84cc990466b articleinline
‘A Strange Loop’ Is a Self-Portrait in a Hall of Mirrors
Theater, June 17

Michael R. Jackson’s gutsy, exasperated musical is set within the mind of a black, queer man who’s writing a musical about a black, queer man who’s writing a musical …

17ohcalcutta articleinline v2
‘Oh! Calcutta!’ at 50: Still Naked After All These Years
Theater, June 17

John Lennon and Sam Shepard wrote sketches. The cast was unclothed. And it went on to a two-decade Broadway run. An oral history of one of theater’s unlikeliest hits.

Merlin 156543561 8d27f349 d4ce 4b9e 9c6c 5f1adee5080c articleinline
A One-Act Marathon Anchored by the Armageddon
Theater, June 17

Plays in this Ensemble Studio Theater series include stories of the Second Coming told seven ways and two women in search of a hot duck.

Merlin 156590832 323aa722 c5b0 47a1 986d cec091b27b6f articleinline
Debra Messing Will Star in ‘Birthday Candles’ on Broadway
Theater, June 17

The Roundabout Theater Company production, which follows a woman’s long life, marks the playwright Noah Haidle’s Broadway debut.

Merlin 153470184 5d92603a ae24 4209 b1c7 ca74d35949ce articleinline
‘Hillary and Clinton’ to End Broadway Run Early
Theater, June 17

Lucas Hnath’s play about a familiar-sounding power couple will wrap up on June 23.

Merlin 156538656 b4fdb606 7473 4185 bf0d a8b7e21ffc6e articleinline
It Got Better. That’s My Testimony.
Opinion, June 16

Revealing the truth about my past was my most freeing act. Seeing it performed on stage showed me how far I had come.

 09tonys stroker articleinline
A Broadway Star Indeed
Opinion, June 16

A reader says the Tony winner Ali Stroker is a role model for children with disabilities.

Merlin 156540438 a7cb6dd8 a7e0 4065 977f 0badd68209b5 articleinline
In ‘Pathetic,’ a Retelling of Racine, Love Hurts
Theater, June 16

Julia Jarcho’s new play is a squirmy, sinister meditation on female desire, with a whiff of ancient Greece.

16snapshot photo articleinline
Danielle Brooks Is Ready to Be a Love Interest
Theater, June 14

She talks about playing the leading lady in “Much Ado About Nothing,” saying goodbye to “Orange Is the New Black,” and being a role model.

Merlin 154135800 bc7afd31 b6df 444b b1c6 321b535a9772 articleinline
How Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Spend Their Sundays
New York, June 14

‘There is no consistency to our routine except that we’re together and spending quality time with the kids.’

13secretlife articleinline
‘The Secret Life of Bees’ Is a Musical Lacking a Sting
Theater, June 13

Despite its top creative team, an adaptation of the popular Sue Monk Kidd novel feels like a first draft.

Merlin 153708729 51ffda29 9de0 45e8 b964 14ead0532474 articleinline
11 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, June 13

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Fbf499931b884c49b9069613d01efea1 articleinline
Ed Harris to Succeed Jeff Daniels in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Broadway
Theater, June 13

Mr. Harris, featured in “Westworld” on television, is a four-time Oscar nominee.

Merlin 121357382 93c865c8 2f49 41c4 b044 9cf5c6f1a867 articleinline
Illusionist Derren Brown to Perform ‘Secret’ on Broadway
Theater, June 13

The show, a mix of mind reading and magic, is to open in September.

Merlin 15617797 daf0e2fc ca93 40ea 9a41 e98e20da28f5 articleinline
Once Is Definitely Not Enough for These Broadway Fans
Theater, June 13

Readers share their own theatergoing binges in response to the “repeat attenders” who’ve seen their favorite musical 25 times — and counting.

Merlin 156243642 32055b09 6ae2 44e4 8b39 c25caaea8f24 articleinline
In ‘Open,’ a Love Story Told by Sleight of Hand
Theater, June 12

In Crystal Skillman’s new play, a woman in the wake of tragedy resorts to magic and misdirection.

Merlin 156360681 173db9e5 2f10 483c ab79 f68059ef5712 articleinline
Sylvia Miles, Actress With a Flair for the Flamboyant, Dies at 94
Movies, June 12

She won Oscar nominations for “Midnight Cowboy” and “Farewell, My Lovely” and gossip-column attention for her indefatigable partygoing.

Merlin 153976206 a08417ff b546 4bb3 8f27 ecb6f5a297dd articleinline
Sylvia Miles, Actress With a Flair for the Flamboyant, Dies at 94
Movies, June 12

She won Oscar nominations for “Midnight Cowboy” and “Farewell, My Lovely” and gossip-column attention for her indefatigable partygoing.

Merlin 156350970 8e33b373 8af9 4758 ab70 f81af28d0127 articleinline
Ali Stroker on Winning the Tony: ‘I Was Meant to Be in This Seat’
Theater, June 12

The flirtatious Ado Annie of Broadway’s “Oklahoma!” says she is proud to be a symbol.

Merlin 156231717 d1a4f069 ada6 4020 8cc1 22e929cbe5f6 articleinline
An Evening Spent Watching Theater (and Visiting Goats) in Riverside Park
New York, June 12

Hudson Warehouse’s performances are intimate, low key and plentiful. No tickets or assigned seats necessary, and admission is pay-what-you’re-able.

12noregrets slide gfvh articleinline
Broadway Toasts the Tonys. And Zombies Take Over Midtown.
Style, June 12

Tony winners flood an after-party hosted by Rick Miramontez. And the premiere of “Dead Don’t Die,” by Jim Jarmusch, at MoMA.

Merlin 156337788 895478e7 9254 483b 89f4 35251e0405c9 articleinline
Volksbühne Theater in Berlin Names Artistic Director, Ending Leadership Crisis
Theater, June 12

René Pollesch, an acclaimed German playwright and director, will take over starting in 2021. His appointment ends a tumultuous few years for the institution.

Merlin 156049371 cf528079 0f1c 4998 b994 44156a414844 articleinline
Is This Ring an Honor, or a Curse?
Theater, June 12

The Iffland Ring is awarded to the “most worthy” actors who perform in German. But it comes with a supposed jinx, accusations of sexism and an association with the Nazis.

Merlin 155315937 d056f5fc 725b 46e3 b418 fe8774a4fae3 articleinline
In Central Park, a ‘Much Ado’ About Something Big
Theater, June 11

A delicious production of the great Shakespearean comedy starring Danielle Brooks and set squarely in our #MeToo and Black Lives Matter moment.

Merlin 156197385 4e621787 6a6d 4db1 bf52 118fabb2e4a7 articleinline
In ‘Public Servant,’ a Changed Daughter Returns From College
Theater, June 11

Bekah Brunstetter’s civic-minded new play is about parenthood, paternalism and what it means to work for the people.

Merlin 155726697 1d972a02 138c 4a1c 9af3 d6bbdfb2bec1 articleinline
A 5-Course Meal Served in One-Act Bites
Theater, June 11

An Ensemble Studio Theater series includes an allegory on American intervention and a sympathetic look at a woman in distress.

7f5faf68f5a142098c5ce535ae5219bb articleinline
Big-League Baseball’s First Woman, on a Stage of Her Own
Theater, June 11

A new Off Broadway play aims to make sure Toni Stone, who played for the Indianapolis Clowns in 1953, is no longer a footnote to history.

Merlin 153708705 a4f1e805 1ee3 432d b613 d78225668a3b articleinline
Taylor Mac’s ‘Gary’ Will Close Early on Broadway
Theater, June 11

The profane and bloody comic “sequel” to “Titus Andronicus” has been dying at the box office.

Merlin 156084654 d79680e1 9f67 486b a50a e3ee7cf3fe4c articleinline
This Choreographer Can Make Your Play Move
Arts, June 11

Raja Feather Kelly, who has left his mark on several Off Broadway shows, specializes in what he calls “virtuosic behavior.”

Cbee8a3878e3463cb2f19e0958458a23 articleinline
The New 42nd Street, a Theater Nonprofit, Names Its Next Leader
Theater, June 11

Russell Granet will be the new president and chief executive of the organization, taking over as Cora Cahan steps down.

10tony refer a1 sub articleinline
The Best and Worst of the 2019 Tony Awards
Theater, June 10

Swinging lights. Broadway beefs. Words of wisdom. And a restroom serenade. If only some of the highlights were on TV.

09cranston articleinline
Bryan Cranston Praises Journalists in Tony Awards Speech
Theater, June 9

“The media is not the enemy of the people,” said Mr. Cranston, who won best leading actor in a play for his performance as a journalist in “Network.”

09tonys watch articleinline
As Broadway Gets Bigger, the Tonys Get Blander
Arts, June 9

CBS’s broadcast of the 73rd annual ceremony was a safe, unsurprising show that even James Corden couldn’t liven up.

 09tonys stroker articleinline
Ali Stroker Makes History as First Wheelchair User to Win a Tony
Theater, June 9

“This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge,” said Ms. Stroker, who won for her role as Ado Annie in “Oklahoma!.”

09chavkin articleinline
‘Hadestown’ Director Rachel Chavkin: Diversity ‘Is Not a Pipeline Issue’
Theater, June 9

Ms. Chavkin, the only woman directing a musical on Broadway this season, won for best direction of a musical.

Merlin 156217878 40834e3e 1524 4ca2 bf34 53f8f6ad0fad articleinline
Billy Porter Challenges Gender Norms on the Tonys Red Carpet
Theater, June 9

Mr. Porter wore a gown to Sunday night’s awards show and he wasn’t alone.

Merlin 156095472 4f9de0d8 730c 4c5c 81c2 2f44b57bcb71 articleinline
Scenes From Inside the 2019 Tony Awards
Theater, June 9

Our photographer Sara Krulwich is at Radio City Music Hall, looking for moments that might stand out — a stirring song, a striking emotion, a bit of visual razzle dazzle.

09tonys hadestown1 articleinline
2019 Tony Award Winners: Full List
Theater, June 9

These are the winners of the 73rd annual Tony Awards.

Sara tonys 2019 37 articleinline
Tony Awards Highlights and Analysis
Interactive, June 9

Did you tune in to the Tony Awards? Our TV and theater critics watched the ceremony, which honors the best of Broadway, and discussed the performances, presenters, winners and more.

Oakimage 1560083650879 articleinline
Getting Dressed for the Tonys With Cynthia Erivo
Fashion, June 9

She has arrived.

Merlin 156203088 074f51e0 de2b 49c7 897a ba9dded5f2e4 articleinline
Who Won and What Happened at the 2019 Tony Awards
Theater, June 9

“Hadestown” won eight prizes, including best musical. And Ali Stroker became the first wheelchair user to receive a Tony, for her role in “Oklahoma!”

09week dance articleinline
The Week in Arts: Alvin Ailey Goes Back to School; ‘Younger’ Returns to TV Land
Arts, June 8

Dance performances celebrate the Ailey School’s 50th anniversary; a romantic comedy’s sixth season opens; and the National Gallery of Art becomes an animal house.

07tonys main articleinline
What You Need to Know Before the Tony Awards
Theater, June 7

When and how to watch Broadway’s biggest celebration, plus the best New York Times journalism on the nominees and contests.

Merlin 155137953 a8f841f9 57c4 4f63 bdfc 4300c0a9c698 articleinline
What to Do in New York This Weekend: MoMA and the Tonys
Arts, June 7

Also “Late Night” and “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” arrive in theaters, and “Big Little Lies” returns for a second season.

Merlin 156091734 e17f35f5 63b1 4150 a1df 531363b3aac5 articleinline
In Chicago’s Vibrant Theater Scene, Two Tales of One City
Arts, June 7

A huge new literary adaptation and a tiny old melodrama both find a place in a healthy cultural ecosystem.

09broadway1 articleinline
The Dressing Rooms of Broadway: 33 Photos Over Nearly a Century
Theater, June 7

For decades, our photographers have gotten intimate access backstage. Peek in as they capture stars, before the show and before the mirror.

09broadway8 articleinline
Broadway Stars Getting Ready, Then and Now
Theater, June 7

Six visits to six theaters, with decades between them, but the energy backstage is a constant.

Broadway actors slide amk1 articleinline
Harvey Fierstein on the Backstage Nests of Broadway
Theater, June 7

The writer and actor describes how he fashions his dressing rooms into “explosions of color and life.”

09snapshot articleinline
They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. Laura Linney Just Did.
Arts, June 7

She talks about revisiting Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City” for a fourth time, and the potential impact of Georgia’s abortion bill on the production of Netflix’s “Ozark.”

Merlin 152457786 b503dc4a b815 4653 91f5 b964e721dd6c articleinline
Survey Says: Look for ‘Hadestown’ and ‘Ferryman’ to Take Tony Trophies
Theater, June 7

We asked voters about their preferences in anticipation of the award ceremony Sunday. Here’s what they said.

Merlin 152457786 b503dc4a b815 4653 91f5 b964e721dd6c articleinline
Survey Says: Look for ‘Hadestown’ and ‘Ferryman’ to Take Tony Trophies
Theater, June 7

We asked voters about their preferences in anticipation of the award ceremony Sunday. Here’s what they said.

Merlin 152911920 b27007de 51d5 45fe 9fa6 852d496475f8 articleinline
10 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, June 6

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 156045354 c69b52f8 d106 44c7 96c5 ee6991372c04 articleinline
‘For Colored Girls’ and ‘Soft Power’ Will Be Part of Public Theater Season
Theater, June 6

Along with a revival of Ntozake Shange’s “choreopoem” and a new David Henry Hwang musical: work from Tony Kushner, Richard Nelson and Steve Earle.

Merlin 155874750 6f67e3b4 fd6d 4c8d b990 91e27bc8cd3e articleinline
‘Oscar at the Crown’ Sets the Apocalypse to a Throbbing Dance Beat
Theater, June 6

Both a dance party and an Oscar Wilde book club, this musical tries to connect the rise of social media to the end of the world.

Merlin 137631171 a1647b61 1604 41e6 9a30 d38191e0181d articleinline
‘The Inheritance,’ an Epic Gay Play, is Coming to Broadway
Theater, June 6

Matthew Lopez’s drama, inspired by the novel “Howards End” and presented in two parts, won this year’s Olivier Award for best new play.

A37fa06d706e450c886f4b87dcd74435 articleinline
A French Festival Where the Actor Is King
Theater, June 6

The Printemps des Comédiens festival features productions uniquely crafted for, and occasionally by, their performers.

Merlin 155935161 69162d7b 0821 445e b6b6 29d0ae869d42 articleinline
Terese Hayden, Whose Guide Helped Actors Get Cast, Dies at 98
Obituaries, June 5

A struggling performer herself, she began publishing The Players’ Guide, a compendium of names, photographs, credits and phone numbers, in 1944.

Merlin 155921442 1ba5c3ea b9af 4393 9a98 43f6eb4da09d articleinline
A Merry Murderess Hangs Up Her ‘Chicago’ Fishnets
Theater, June 5

After more than 20 years in the musical, Donna Marie Asbury played her final Broadway performance this week.

09tonys 1969 oak4 articleinline
The 1969 Tonys Was a Night to Remember. Just Ask James Earl Jones.
Theater, June 5

It was the season of “Hair” vs. “1776” and the arrival of a young actor named Al Pacino.

Merlin 155586597 266a1004 d122 4289 9702 7792b5425a81 articleinline
James Corden Still Loves Theater, Even if His Left Eye Is in Pain
Theater, June 5

From a Paris crosswalk to Radio City Music Hall, the TV funnyman and Tony Awards host reminds us that he started on the stage.

09billys1 articleinline
They Shared a Tony for ‘Billy Elliot’. What Did They Do for an Encore?
Theater, June 5

In 2009, three unknown adolescent boys were the toast of Broadway in the musical’s title role. Where have they been? And where are they going?

Merlin 155209629 065ee6d7 6081 4a13 aebe d2ee82e76be1 articleinline
In ‘Little Women,’ a Girl Dreams of a Man’s World
Theater, June 4

The stage adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel places the ambitious, thwarted Jo March at its center.

Merlin 155163234 52f353c2 1a0f 49e6 a928 411dc314ecde articleinline
It’s Cain and Abel Redux in ‘Long Lost’ by Donald Margulies
Theater, June 4

This formulaic offering from the author of “Dinner With Friends” chronicles the havoc wrought when a black sheep returns to the family fold.

04msblakk1 articleinline
In ‘Ms. Blakk for President,’ a Winning Losing Campaign
Theater, June 4

Based on real events, the Steppenwolf Theater Company’s new play tells the story of a Chicago drag queen who throws her fabulous hat into the ring.

Merlin 155726055 61a5f14b 2da9 4da9 ba06 16eb08643e98 articleinline
‘Nomad Motel,’ a Play With Vacancies
Theater, June 3

In this untidy but often poignant drama, Carla Ching brings together the young and the rootless in Southern California.

Merlin 154804332 77546128 7cef 4e58 a0f0 89b2ca1605d2 articleinline
Doubling Up on Toxic Manhood in ‘Dying City’
Theater, June 3

This revival of Christopher Shinn’s 2007 drama about a widow of the Iraq war keeps its audience at a distance.

03dolls combo articleinline
They Played With Dolls. Did That Make Them Playwrights?
Theater, June 3

Five writers on how childhood fun — and a way with scissors — shaped the adult sensibilities they’ve brought to “Mac Beth” and other stage works.

Merlin 152911953 d1a57274 6506 4853 a360 8ecd866b7b1e articleinline
‘King Lear’ Revival Will Close Early on Broadway
Theater, June 3

Despite having Glenda Jackson in the title role, the production was largely overlooked during awards season and attendance has been dropping.

Merlin 39450958 6265e503 7e2e 4ccb 8f98 43e8a77e32cd articleinline
Coming to City Center: ‘Evita,’ ‘Swan Lake’ and a Rare Kurt Weill Musical
Arts, June 3

New York City Center has unveiled its 2019-20 season. Here are the highlights.

Merlin 155714742 4179d883 1854 4882 94d9 d32c7f95ba31 articleinline
‘The Haunting’ Has a Big Problem With ‘Hamilton’
Theater, June 2

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a character, and his hit musical is a punching bag, in Ishmael Reed’s didactic play about historical correctness.

Merlin 155363238 c7c8160f 94a2 4e10 baa7 3c220056ba1c articleinline
On Chicago’s Stages, Women With Problems
Theater, June 2

Working opposite ends of the volume spectrum, two musicals, the new “Six” and a reinterpreted “Next to Normal,” find their levels.

Merlin 141659895 e0cd0070 a47b 4f45 819c 93e13dd4e645 articleinline
Sarah Silverman Has Written a Musical
Theater, May 31

Atlantic Theater Company will host the world premiere of “The Bedwetter,” based on her 2010 memoir, along with a new play by Stephen Adly Guirgis.

30mueller reading oak taylor articleinline
The Mueller Report Will Be Read Live This Weekend
Theater, May 31

Taylor Mac, Oskar Eustis and Eisa Davis will be among those participating at the event in Queens.

31listings theater articleinline
13 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, May 30

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 155256954 e4d210da 70c3 44a9 a11a 127a43e934c0 articleinline
‘Enter Laughing’ Delights. (Except if You’re Greta Garbo.)
Theater, May 30

Set in the 1930s, this musical comedy about a young man striving for stardom lands most of its jokes in song.

09bitter combo articleinline
Everything We Know About ‘Bitter Wheat,’ David Mamet’s New Play
Theater, May 30

With John Malkovich playing a Harvey Weinstein-style character, the play already has people talking — and speculating.

Merlin 155295567 299962f5 e9c2 4c62 b1a6 d6a8475ae835 articleinline
In This ‘Death of a Salesman,’ Willy Loman Is Black
Theater, May 30

Three new theater productions in London explore questions of race and skin color in different ways.

Merlin 153881469 86b7edf1 4aa9 489c a292 a1de5b9cffc2 articleinline
Why Violence Is Up in Pockets of Brooklyn
New York, May 30

Thursday: Gang retaliation is partly behind a rise in shootings in the northern part of the borough.

Merlin 154880079 4b1ea8a2 3e61 4cfe b78c 20204e6d2949 articleinline
A Sex Crime Disarranges a Tidy World in ‘Something Clean’
Theater, May 29

A splendid Kathryn Erbe plays a sheltered housewife thrown into limbo in Selina Fillinger’s thoughtful, poignant new play.

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Roger Hirson, Who Wrote the Book for ‘Pippin,’ Dies at 93
Obituaries, May 29

For more than a decade, Mr. Hirson was known for writing for television, but meeting the composer Stephen Schwartz led to the hit musical “Pippin.”

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A Lynn Nottage and Ricky Ian Gordon Opera Heads to Lincoln Center Theater
Theater, May 29

The theater will stage “Intimate Apparel,” a new chamber opera based on Ms. Nottage’s 2004 play.

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There’s Great Dance on Broadway. Hello, Tony Awards?
Arts, May 29

Standard or (worse yet) slight fare gets nominated for best choreography while quality work — “Oklahoma!,” “The Prom” — goes unrecognized. An exception: Camille A. Brown’s dances for “Choir Boy.”

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Does Anything Awful Happen to the Cat in the Play?
Theater, May 29

On the dread, and the glory, of watching animals onstage.

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Broadway’s Box Office Keeps Booming. Now Attendance is Surging, Too.
Theater, May 29

A key factor: the rising popularity of New York City as a tourist destination.

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Broadway’s Box Office Keeps Booming. Now Attendance is Surging, Too.
Theater, May 29

A key factor: the rising popularity of New York City as a tourist destination.

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‘The Flamingo Kid,’ a Musical Not Yet in Flight
Theater, May 28

There’s plenty to enjoy in this adaptation of a 1984 movie set at a Long Island beach club. But plenty to fix, as well.

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‘They’re Playing Our Song,’ Over and Over and Over Again
Theater, May 28

Ron and Staci Schnell have a special affection for Marvin Hamlisch’s romantic musical — even after seeing it 25 times.

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16 Years on ‘Avenue Q,’ Wrangling Puppets and Performances
Theater, May 27

Since 2003, Christine M. Daly had been the stage manager of the rowdy musical, which held its final performance at New World Stages on Sunday.

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One Fateful Night with Donny Hathaway
Theater, May 27

The bio-play “Twisted Melodies” aims to remind us of his timeless musicianship and unsettling personal struggles.