22ferryman1 thumbwide
A Thrilling ‘Ferryman’ Serves Up a Glorious Harvest Feast
Culture, Yesterday

Jez Butterworth’s great, sprawling drama of rural Northern Ireland during the Troubles bares a culture’s contradictions through riveting storytelling.

Midnightpix3 thumbwide
A Song of Eternity in ‘Midnight at the Never Get’
Culture, Yesterday

It’s 1963 again, and this chamber musical packs all the heartbreak and bliss of love in a Village gay bar of the era.

Merlin 120366419 fe60ad55 c9c8 493f 945d c8dd6b38796c articleinline
Not Just for Grown-Ups: The Broadway Audience Is Getting Younger
Theater, October 19

The average age of the Broadway theatergoer last season was 40.6 — the lowest since 2000, the Broadway League says, and 15 percent of theatergoers were under 18.

20backhaus thumbwide
This Playwright Has Been Listening to Her Mother
Culture, October 19

Jaclyn Backhaus’s new play sounds like the story of a Punjabi-American of her generation, and it is. But it also draws on her mother’s fraught family.

19lifespan1 thumbwide
A Three-Way Smackdown Over ‘The Lifespan of a Fact’
Weekend, October 18

When a gassy essayist and a pesky researcher are forced together by a crusading editor you get a topical comedy with a lot to prove.

19paristheater01 thumbwide
In Paris, Justice Takes Center Stage
Weekend, October 19

Justice — its rhetoric and its travails — is at the heart of several new theater productions in Paris.

19gloria1 thumbwide
‘Gloria: A Life,’ Starring Ms. Steinem and Her Audience
Culture, October 18

Emily Mann’s stage biography of the feminist trailblazer is more of a historical pageant than a play, but what happens at the end is riveting drama.

20broadway item thumbwide
Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Reunite in a Broadway Holiday Show
Culture, October 18

The two former “American Idol” rivals will be in a limited-run show that opens in December at the Imperial Theater.

19listings theater thumbwide
15 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 18

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 145152930 2f47495e d41a 4746 9c59 f118e0e49f57 thumbwide
Pull Up a Seat. Two Plays, Dinner and Western History Are Served.
Arts & Leisure, October 18

A downtown theater has cleared the house to make room for Samuel D. Hunter’s pairing “Lewiston/Clarkston.”

18motherofthemaid 2 thumbwide
Glenn Close Raises a Saint in ‘Mother of the Maid’
Culture, October 17

In Jane Anderson’s satisfyingly old-fashioned play about Joan of Arc’s mom, Ms. Close shows the stuff of which great stage stars are made.

Merlin 145434126 b3adedd1 763e 4825 a2de cbf28cae55fa thumbwide
Sex, Lies and Vindication in a Most Timely ‘Measure for Measure’
Culture, October 17

The heroine’s impossible position could hardly be more sympathetic or central than in this Pushkin Theater Moscow/Cheek by Jowl staging.

17apologia1 thumbwide
Stockard Channing Is a Mother to Remember in ‘Apologia’
Culture, October 16

Portraying a celebrated art historian with two resentful sons, Ms. Channing finds the anguished heart in a didactic comic drama.

Merlin 144450699 4b4e48dd 1e34 4606 bc02 835657c37e65 thumbwide
Tom Stoppard, Always Tackling ‘The Hard Problem’
Arts & Leisure, October 16

Can a drama about the nature of consciousness be emotional, too? For its latest production, he’s tinkered with the script to firmly answer yes.

16fireflies1 thumbwide
In ‘Fireflies,’ the Preacher’s Wife Gets Her Say
Culture, October 15

Donja R. Love’s fantasia on the married life of a great civil rights orator suggests the price paid by the woman who gives him his voice.

17ragsparkland2 thumbwide
‘Rags Parkland’ Plays the Interplanetary Homesick Blues
Culture, October 15

A folk concert provides the scaffolding for this stealthily moving sci-fi musical.

Merlin 144712710 0f9cd75b 5976 4d5b 9a72 8a6e5fa7f870 thumbwide
A Put-Upon Nanny Erupts in Todd Solondz’s ‘Emma and Max’
Culture, October 15

This strident satire from the filmmaker behind “Happiness” and “Wiener-Dog” is perfectly staged — and all too obvious.

Merlin 144834957 f89db228 c014 4ebc b8f1 0a3e32097071 thumbwide
Aasif Mandvi Makes You Want to Stop at ‘Sakina’s Restaurant’
Culture, October 14

Mr. Mandvi, who spent nearly 10 years as a correspondent on “The Daily Show,” brings back his solo comedy act. It returns with new resonance.

15thethings 1 thumbwide
Remembering the Way It Was (Not) in ‘The Things That Were There’
Culture, October 13

David Greenspan’s tone poem of a play, at the Bushwick Starr, considers time, death, family and the ways in which we recall our dead.

00xp lenny thumbwide v3
Lenny Bruce Is Still Talking Dirty and Influencing People
Express, October 13

The influential “sick humor” comic, who died of a drug overdose in 1966, is having a resurgence in pop culture.

Merlin 145123962 e7bf9e5b 096a 467b b9e2 87a7578c182d thumbwide
In ‘Travisville,’ the Rocky Path of Change in a Southern Town
Culture, October 12

William Jackson Harper’s polished debut as a playwright, set in 1964, pits patient negotiation against disruptive activism.

13hall obit2 thumbwide v2
Carol Hall, ‘Best Little Whorehouse’ Composer, Is Dead at 82
Obits, October 12

Ms. Hall was a moderately successful songwriter until she and two collaborators came up with one of the biggest Broadway hits of the 1970s.

14encounters1 thumbwide
Mercedes Ruehl Takes Weekly Strolls With Her Acting Students
Styles, October 12

The actress, who stars in the Broadway revival of “Torch Song,” is an acting teacher and mentor.

14caruso1 thumbwide
She’s 17, Sardonic and Ready to Sing in ‘Beetlejuice’
Arts & Leisure, October 12

Condescend at your own risk to Sophia Anne Caruso, the go-to girl for adventurous stage roles. “Even from a young age,” she says, “I had very finicky taste.”

13realwomen combo thumbwide
Enraged by Their Times, Women of Ambition Seize the Stage
Culture, October 12

Three eras, three plays drawn from real life. But the same old double standard.

Merlin 145034070 d9bfc79a caf1 4931 ab2f 8e6a96b798a2 thumbwide
A Marathon of New Plays Gives an Epic Start to Munich’s Theater Season
Weekend, October 12

“Dionysos Stadt” is a 10-hour epic inspired by the Greek classics that traces the arc of human drama. It’s just one of many new productions on Munich’s stages.

12list theater thumbwide
16 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 11

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

12popcornfalls thumbwide
O, for a Muse of Fire, or a Comptroller, to Save ‘Popcorn Falls’
Weekend, October 11

Armed with money for a theater (which doesn’t exist) to save his town, a mayor tries his hand at playwriting in this two-actor, multicharacter comedy.

14stateofplayhr thumbwide
This Broadway Season, the Play’s Really the Thing
Arts & Leisure, October 10

In a turnabout no one expected, New York’s most prominent stages are rich with drama, most of it new and most of it American.

Merlin 145079034 20fa44f7 6147 406c 91ed 92821f556714 thumbwide
A Playwright’s LSD Trip Becomes a Psychedelic Journey
Culture, October 10

The British playwright Leo Butler believes that taking acid can have beneficial effects. His new play explores how he thinks it can help.

14ferryman2 thumbwide
‘The Ferryman’ Shows a Dark Irish Chapter Through a Personal Lens
Arts & Leisure, October 10

It took persuading, but Jez Butterworth wrote his new play for his partner, Laura Donnelly, both to honor her history and give her a great part.

10deaftheater item1 thumbwide
New York City to Help Small Theaters Be More Accessible
Culture, October 9

Grants will provide closed captioning of spoken words, or audio description of action, on mobile devices, in a way that is not distracting to other patrons.

14jacobs jenkins1 thumbwide
A New Biography of a Brilliant Playwright Who Died Too Young
Book Review, October 9

“Looking for Lorraine,” by Imani Perry, is an admiring account of the life of the influential playwright, activist and intellectual Lorraine Hansberry.

Merlin 143630973 507b2c08 18cb 4f6f 800e b50225e352ae thumbwide
The Ages of A.R. Gurney in the Wistful ‘Final Follies’
Culture, October 9

This bill of short comedies, early and late, allows fans of Gurney to chart the evolution of theater’s foremost chronicler of a waning caste.

Merlin 144825186 6e3bb6c3 6123 425f 84e2 1fe1f833685f thumbwide
How Chicago Is Changing Theater, One Storefront at a Time
Culture, October 8

Can tiny companies thrive in the shadow of major institutions? In this theater-mad city, the question may actually run the other way.

09mandvi1 thumbwide
For Aasif Mandvi, a 20-Year-Old Play Now Feels Like ‘Political Resistance’
Culture, October 8

“Sakina’s Restaurant,” which put him on the map, has new resonance, which is why he’s summoning the energy to play all its roles all over again.

Oakimage 1538501698908 thumbwide
The Actor-Playwright Exploring What It Means to Be African in America
T Style, October 8

In “Good Grief,” Ngozi Anyanwu shines the spotlight on her own experience growing up Nigerian in the middle-class suburbs of Pennsylvania.

Merlin 144439893 7c8b3eff eefc 4278 8d08 f3a431cff532 thumbwide
There’s a Dark, Golden Haze in This Reclaimed ‘Oklahoma!’
Culture, October 7

A stripped-down, communal version of the 1943 musical reveals a great complex work of theater, with chili and cornbread included.

08evolution1 thumbwide
In ‘Evolution of Mann,’ Fumbling Cuteness Goes Only So Far
Culture, October 7

An aspiring musical-theater writer is on the hunt for Ms. Right in this familiar romantic comedy.

05robinson1 thumbwide
Roger Robinson, Who Tackled August Wilson Roles, Dies at 78
Obits, October 5

He won a Tony Award for his work in the 2009 revival of Mr. Wilson’s “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone,” his seventh and final Broadway appearance.

07larsonc thumbwide
Beyond ‘Rent’: 4 Glimpses of the Unheard Jonathan Larson
Arts & Leisure, October 5

A series of New York concerts will bring to life songs from the composer’s catalog, some from unseen shows, several of them eerily prescient.

Merlin 144314517 220e6977 7217 415f b880 3652331dd894 thumbwide
Mandy Patinkin Has Found a ‘New Life Partner in Music’
Culture, October 5

With “Homeland” about to end, he’s released his first new albums in more than a decade, with a young pop-minded producer pushing him to take risks.

Merlin 144681168 1857016a daec 45c1 a9d1 244b39dbfb90 thumbwide
Epic Shakespeare and Bite-Size Pinter Command the London Stage
N Y T I, October 5

There is much to enjoy in a production of “Antony and Cleopatra” and a season of Pinter’s one-act plays in London, our critic says.

05list theater thumbwide
12 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, October 4

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

05bacchae1 thumbwide
In This Entertaining ‘Bacchae,’ Dionysus Is a Nasty Woman
Weekend, October 4

Anne Bogart directs a flashy production that puts ancient anxieties about women and power front and center.

00hnath combo thumbwide
Hillary Clinton Is Coming to Broadway. As a Character in a Play.
Culture, October 4

Lucas Hnath’s “Hillary and Clinton” will be the first play with Mrs. Clinton as a protagonist to reach Broadway.

Merlin 144354420 bf62f8f9 8159 465e 9482 b383702a4f7d thumbwide
Wrestling With a Master in ‘On Beckett’
Culture, October 3

Bill Irwin blurs the lines between clown and dramatic actor in an insightful anatomy of the works of Samuel Beckett.

07raua thumbwide
Is Milo Rau Really the Most Controversial Director in Theater?
Arts & Leisure, October 3

He has a manifesto. He puts jihadism onstage. He’s surrounded by scandal. But this much-acclaimed director says deep down he’s a conservative.

05emily 1 thumbwide
A Captive Emily Dickinson in ‘Because I Could Not Stop’
Culture, October 3

In this multimedia performance piece, Angelica Page delivers a portrait of a poet for whom being “nobody” was anything but a pleasure.

04downstate1 thumbwide
In Scathing ‘Downstate,’ Sympathy for the Devils
Culture, October 3

Bruce Norris’s new play at the Steppenwolf Theater Company applies his usual cynicism to questions of justice and vengeance for sex offenders.

Merlin 89385268 bc763c5b 8637 43cd a2b6 7f44c204e1cf thumbwide
Suzan-Lori Parks Wins Distinguished Playwright Award
Culture, October 3

Ms. Parks has been chosen for the Mimi, or the Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award, which comes with a $200,000 cash award.

Merlin 136944918 f85294c2 4d4a 43e0 94fe 1438369a5682 thumbwide
Tina Turner Musical to Open on Broadway Next Fall
Culture, October 3

“Tina,” which is running in London and will open in Germany in the spring, will have a Broadway production in the fall of 2019.

Merlin 144495366 9675e006 67cb 414d a1f0 3112dcf6097b thumbwide
National Theater in London Offers Glasses With Live Subtitles
Culture, October 3

To help those with hearing problems, speech is shown in real time on the lenses. The technology will be available free during the 2019 season.

07jonesc thumbwide
An ‘Intoxicating’ Singer, Whether It’s Green Day or ‘Oklahoma!’
Arts & Leisure, October 2

Still waiting for her signature role, the versatile Rebecca Naomi Jones is changing things up in a stripped-down new staging of the musical classic.

Merlin 144666588 3fee11e9 75a4 4e80 81b5 049af72a647a thumbwide
5 Shows to See in New York: With Glenn Close, Michael Cera and More
Culture, October 2

Revivals, transfers and new plays that look to the past make for an unusually reflective October theater scene.

02girlfrom thumbwide v7
‘Girl From the North Country’ Sets the Darkness Aglow
Culture, October 1

Conor McPherson’s bleak tale of a Minnesota boardinghouse in the Great Depression finds a luminous transcendence in the Dylan song book.

02reza1 thumbwide
Defacing ‘Art’: After 20 Years, the Hit Play Gets a Brash Coat of Paint
Culture, October 1

Yasmina Reza’s tidy comedy has been produced in 45 countries and translated into 30 languages. How will it withstand a deconstruction by two experimental theater companies?

Merlin 144608676 a11c6764 9bce 4744 9e93 7eaa37963e46 thumbwide
She’s Still Debating ‘What the Constitution Means to Me’
Culture, October 1

In the baggy, emotionally fraught play, Heidi Schreck considers her ever-changing relationship with a seminal document.

29kinkyboots1 thumbwide
‘Kinky Boots’ Will End Its Broadway Run in April
Culture, September 28

The show’s lead producers said that the final performance will be April 7, 2019, making it by then the 25th-longest-running Broadway production in history.

29masteroff1 thumbwide
Joe Masteroff, Playwright of ‘Cabaret’ Fame, Is Dead at 98
Obits, September 28

The winner of a Tony for his evocation of decadent prewar Berlin, he is also remembered for another acclaimed Broadway musical, “She Loves Me.”

Merlin 143997399 a755ff4b 277d 4e96 b6fc 1a60684f79ac thumbwide
Sharing a Secret
Arts & Leisure, September 28

A romantic garden. A Chinese opera. And a select audience, wandering under Californian stars.

Merlin 136908774 259c3216 fcde 4a20 a572 8673de7294c5 thumbwide
Theaters Fight Over ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Evan Hansen’ in San Francisco
Culture, September 28

Nederlander of San Francisco asked a judge to prevent a rival theater from staging the popular shows.

Merlin 143996367 67ad78c4 dc72 4c81 aea3 75aa36e472e8 thumbwide
Welcome to the Playhouse
Arts & Leisure, September 28

“Smugness is lethal,” says the filmmaker Todd Solondz, who, with “Emma and Max,” brings his sharp eye for hypocrisy to the stage for the first time.

28thenap2 thumbwide
Great Pretenders Pocket Laughs in ‘The Nap’
Weekend, September 27

Richard Bean’s comedy about a wayward attempt to fix a snooker match tickles its audiences into contentment.

28list theater thumbwide
14 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Weekend, September 27

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

27debuskey3 thumbwide
Merle Debuskey, Renowned Theatrical Press Agent, Dies at 95
Obits, September 27

He represented hundreds of shows on Broadway and off and had a long association with Joseph Papp, whom he helped battle to keep Shakespeare free.

Merlin 144098025 a45b133b 3450 415d 90c7 adbbb44c7a96 thumbwide
Shakespeare + Chekhov = ‘Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet’
Weekend, September 27

The Bedlam show, stitched together from parts borrowed from Chekhov and Shakespeare, should perhaps be credited to Chekspeare.

28womendirectors8 thumbwide
At This Theater, All of the Directors Will Be Women
Culture, September 27

Anna Bergmann begins her role as the playhouse director of the Badisches State Theater in Germany with an all-female-directed season.

28paristheater01 inyt thumbwide
Two European Favorites Take to the Paris Stage
Weekend, September 27

Thomas Ostermeier and Krystian Lupa present works at the city’s major playhouses at the beginning of a new theater season.

Merlin 141735456 f6aff135 8489 4cd2 91a2 0e16a85435ef thumbwide
Mike Birbiglia Solo Show ‘The New One’ Headed to Broadway
Culture, September 26

The play, a comedy about his own reflections on fatherhood, will run for nine weeks at the Cort Theater, with previews beginning Oct. 25.

30company1 thumbwide
Sondheim and the City: In a Rethought ‘Company,’ a Woman Wavers
Arts & Leisure, September 26

Marianne Elliott has reset the new London production to the modern day, with the notorious bachelor Bobby now a commitment-shy Bobbie.

26makebelieve thumbwide
‘Make Believe’ Has a Cast of Children, but No Fairy Tales
Culture, September 26

Bess Wohl’s new play is a regret-tinged examination of sibling connections that maybe, back in those formative years, were not forged solidly enough.

27crevecouer2 thumbwide
Clashing Lives in Tennessee Williams’s ‘Creve Coeur’
Culture, September 26

This congested revival, directed by Austin Pendleton, features a mismatched cast of four and some classic Williams dialogue.

26bernhardthamlet1 thumbwide
What’s a Woman’s Role? All of ’Em, ‘Bernhardt/Hamlet’ Argues
Culture, September 25

Janet McTeer plays Sarah Bernhardt as the Prince of Denmark in Theresa Rebeck’s muscular new play about gender limitation and possibility.

25mostalive2 thumbwide
Speaking (and Signing) of Job, in ‘I Was Most Alive With You’
Culture, September 24

Craig Lucas’s play — about deafness, gayness, addiction, disease, faith and philosophy — puts a modern family to the test.

24intractablewoman1 thumbwide
A Slain Journalist’s Voice Resounds in ‘Intractable Woman’
Culture, September 23

Stefano Massini’s poetically cadenced portrait of the life and death of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya lets facts speak for themselves.

24pattismith thumbwide
An Autumnal Patti Smith Remembers Summer in ‘Words and Music’
Culture, September 23

In a piece she describes as “sort of a play,” the poet and singer journeys through her past, with a little help from her children.