17lilies 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Lilies’ Review: A Queer Romantic Drama That Wilts Quickly
Culture, Yesterday

Michel Marc Bouchard’s melodrama, about an illicit gay love affair in 1912, displays a lot of kookiness and little self-awareness.

Merlin 26306523 73ce7fe7 9004 471e a64a d11a19d2c856 mediumthreebytwo378
Jack Terricloth, Punk Rocker With a Cabaret Air, Dies at 50
Obits, May 16

As the devilishly smarmy vocalist and ringleader of the World/Inferno Friendship Society, he melded punk defiance with decadent theatricality.

14womansparty 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Woman’s Party’ Review: At War With Inequality, and Each Other
Culture, May 13

In Rinne B. Groff’s historical comedy, the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1947 looks awfully familiar today.

Merlin 187643907 4bc2eb0b 3a9f 40c7 9cfe 3bbcdea95433 mediumthreebytwo378
As Broadway Plans Its Return, ‘Hamilton’ Will Require Vaccines Backstage
Weekend, May 13

With 23 shows setting Broadway reopening dates, audiences can expect full crowds, masks and flexible ticketing policies. But not lower prices.

13broadway1 mediumthreebytwo378
When Does the Curtain Rise on Your Favorite Broadway Shows?
Weekend, May 13

Here are the plans for 23 productions so far, including old favorites, brand-new musicals and some that were just getting started.

13hayes1 mediumthreebytwo378
Billie Hayes, Memorable Witch on ‘H.R. Pufnstuf,’ Dies at 96
Obits, May 13

Ms. Hayes had quite a cackle, and it served her well in a number of witchy roles, beginning in 1969 on a short-lived but much remembered TV series.

09solis1 mediumthreebytwo210
Volver a Tegucigalpa y redescubrir el teatro hondureño
en Español, May 13

De regreso a Honduras por primera vez en una década, un crítico encuentra esperanzas en la efervescencia cultural de la ciudad, incluida una enérgica compañía de teatro.

13paristheater01 mediumthreebytwo378
In This Trippy Family Drama, Trauma Runs Deep
Culture, May 13

After two canceled Paris runs, a highly awaited production of Robert Walser’s “The Pond,” starring Adèle Haenel, finally made it to the stage in Switzerland.

12streaming theater 2 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Theater to Stream: Stars Gather for ‘Miscast’ and More
Weekend, May 12

Other highlights include a new show by Kristina Wong, Joshua Harmon’s “Bad Jews” and “Broadway by the Year.”

Merlin 187505847 62a451ca 2228 4612 ac6d 60def22742c0 mediumthreebytwo378
Everything Was Canceled in 2020. What About 2021?
Express, May 12

From the French Open and the Tokyo Olympics to New York Pride, a look at which global events are canceled, postponed or moving ahead (with altered plans) in 2021.

16broadway tv guilded mediumthreebytwo378
When Covid Dropped the Curtain on Broadway Actors, TV Kept the Lights On
Arts & Leisure, May 12

New and returning TV series like “The Gilded Age” and “The Good Fight” have been a lifeline for celebrated theater actors during the pandemic. Will TV, or theater, ever look the same?

16west end12 mediumthreebytwo378
For West End’s Return, Cleansing Spirits and an Aching for Change
Arts & Leisure, May 12

On May 17, after two failed tries, London’s theaters hope to reopen for good. Meet a director, a producer, an actor and a costumer, nervously raring to go.

Merlin 187100763 e3843029 b774 41e6 aabf 4b5557884b2a mediumthreebytwo378
What to Know About Vaccinations for Children 12 to 15 in N.Y.
Metro, May 12

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus shot could be cleared for the younger age group as soon as Thursday.

00lloyd1 mediumthreebytwo378
Norman Lloyd, Associate of Welles, Hitchcock and Others, Dies at 106
Obits, May 11

He was seen in movies and on TV shows like “St. Elsewhere” and worked with some of the biggest names in show business, even though his own name was little known.

11foster jordan 6 mediumthreebytwo378
Come to the Cabaret, Old Chum. Or at Least Stream It.
Culture, May 11

New concerts from Sutton Foster, Jeremy Jordan and Marilyn Maye offer examples of what the most intimate art form can and can’t do.

09solis1 mediumthreebytwo378
A Surprising First Live Show, in the Hometown I Once Fled
Culture, May 11

Back in Honduras for the first time in a decade, a critic finds hopefulness in a city’s cultural ferment — including an energetic theater troupe.

Broadway reopen mediumthreebytwo378
Broadway Shows Announce Reopening Plans
Interactive, May 11

This morning, three of the biggest recent hits on Broadway — “Hamilton,” “The Lion King” and “Wicked” — announced plans to resume performances on Sept. 14.

11picoult combo mediumthreebytwo378
Covid, the Musical? Jodi Picoult Is Giving It a Try.
Culture, May 10

Working with a playwright, the best-selling author has turned the symptoms of illness into songwriting prompts for a new musical called “Breathe.”

07marystuart 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Mary Stuart’ Review: A Battle Royal in a Brooklyn Apartment
Culture, May 9

With four actors and a contemporary setting, Bedlam offers an audacious, if half-baked, take on the Schiller play about the fate of Mary, Queen of Scots.

09scottandandy mediumthreebytwo378
‘Scott and Andy and All the Boys’ Review: Ripped From the Headlines
Culture, May 9

Mike Daisey takes sluggish aim at juicy targets: the disgraced Broadway producer Scott Rudin and the New York governor, Andrew M. Cuomo.

00cirquedusoleil01 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Cirque du Soleil’s Return Could Be Its Most Challenging Feat Yet
Foreign, May 9

After shuttering dozens of shows and shedding most of its work force, the vaunted Canadian circus faces an uphill struggle to bounce back.

09godot1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Waiting for Godot’ in the Bleakest Zoom Room Ever
Weekend, May 7

Ethan Hawke and John Leguizamo star as Beckett’s tragicomic tramps — minus the comic part.

Merlin 187319781 bd6cbe1c 2c41 485c b94a 824779030886 mediumthreebytwo378
Paulo Gustavo, Comedian Who Lampooned Brazilian Mothers, Dies at 42
Obits, May 7

Weeks before falling ill, he urged his countrymen to consider laughter “an act of resistance.” One of the country’s most beloved actors, he died of complications of Covid-19.

05milva2 mediumthreebytwo378
Milva, Redheaded Italian Diva of Many Artistic Hues, Dies at 81
Obits, May 6

One of Italy’s best-known singers, she song pop songs and political anthems, and appeared at festivals and on theater stages.

Lincolncenter 02 mediumthreebytwo378
A First Look at Lincoln Center’s Outdoor Spaces
Interactive, May 6

I visited the new outdoor performance and rehearsal spaces at Lincoln Center where there will be all kinds of art this summer.

Merlin 187289301 364312e5 76fe 41fb b604 6702871ca7a7 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Zoetrope’ Review: And You Thought Your Apartment Was Small?
Weekend, May 6

Exquisite Corpse Company’s clever choose-your-own-adventure play has a handful of viewers peek in on a Brooklyn couple in really close quarters.

04pollock1 mediumthreebytwo378
Sharon Pollock, Playwright Who Explored Canada’s Identity, Dies at 85
Obits, May 6

Ms. Pollock was best known for dramas inspired by historical events that examined racial tensions and other volatile issues.

06londontheater2 mediumthreebytwo378
Online or In-Person? Soon, British Theatergoers Can Decide
Culture, May 6

Live theater is set to return in England starting May 17, but many online offerings will remain.

06nytoday01 mediumthreebytwo378
Vaccination Rate Lags in N.Y.C. as Disparities Persist
Metro, May 6

The number of daily doses administered has fallen from more than 100,000 on some days in April to below 40,000 on some days this month.

Quotation of the Day: Broadway, Baby? Curtains Go Up in September, and the Box Offices Open Soon.
Summary, May 5

Quotation of the Day for Thursday, May 6, 2021.

Merlin 187294992 81d58d05 d3da 46eb aa76 ff64f4e9ff7d mediumthreebytwo378
Broadway Is Reopening. But Not Until September.
Culture, May 5

Even as New York City begins to reopen this summer, Broadway will not resume performances until Sept. 14. Here’s why.

05secret garden 4 mediumthreebytwo378
A Rare Peek Inside a Semi-Secret ‘Secret Garden’
Culture, May 5

The 2018 workshop for a possible revival of the lush musical was never meant to be seen by the public, but will now stream as a benefit this weekend.

05 virus briefing ny baseball mediumthreebytwo378
N.Y.’s governor outlines new seating rules for vaccinated baseball fans, and says Broadway will start to reopen Sept. 14.
Culture, May 5

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that fully vaccinated people will be able to sit in areas of Yankee Stadium or Citi Field without social distancing, and that people who get a shot at a game will get a free ticket.

Merlin 187113435 0025fb7d c42e 4383 a284 73234cddc706 mediumthreebytwo378
These Four Stage Directors Know Just What Needs to Change
Arts & Leisure, May 5

The pandemic pause has prompted a prizewinning cohort to ask hard questions about salaries, working in other media and choosing collaboration over “scarcity.”

04fitting promo mediumthreebytwo378
Back in the Girdle Again: Getting Fitted After a Year Untouched
Culture, May 4

Confessions of an actress seeking reassurance — and sleeves — as she steps before a live concert audience again.

Merlin 139170387 98adbffb 69ba 4276 983e b45e8050c3ee mediumthreebytwo378
‘Pass Over,’ About Black Men Trapped by Dread, Heads to Broadway
Culture, May 4

The play, by Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu, has previously been staged at several prominent theaters and filmed by Spike Lee for Amazon.

Merlin 139170387 98adbffb 69ba 4276 983e b45e8050c3ee mediumthreebytwo378
‘Pass Over,’ About Black Men Trapped by Dread, Heads to Broadway
Culture, May 4

The play, by Antoinette Nwandu, has previously been staged at several prominent theaters and filmed by Spike Lee for Amazon.

03house theater 4 mediumthreebytwo378
The Play Is Coming From Inside the House
Culture, May 3

Three new virtual productions, set in haunted homes and an interactive hotel, give you the excitement of exploring spaces that are off limits.

Merlin 69320269 29258cbe e96c 4be7 a814 3e40337d4460 mediumthreebytwo378
With Her Final Album, Rebecca Luker Bids a Fond Farewell
Culture, May 2

The much-loved Broadway soprano, who died in December, had one more miracle up her sleeve.

00dukakis olympia1 mediumthreebytwo378
Olympia Dukakis, Oscar Winner for ‘Moonstruck,’ Dies at 89
Obits, May 1

A veteran of the stage who also had a long list of film and TV credits, she was best known for playing characters who were worldly wise and world-weary.

18play read8 mediumthreebytwo378
In a Pandemic, Finding Comfort in the Arts
Letters, May 1

Watching “Gilmore Girls,” campily performing play readings and writing poetry have been therapeutic for readers.

28romeo1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Romeo and Juliet’ Meets the Hot Vax Summer
Culture, April 30

A lusty new production is both an enticement and a warning as we tentatively explore intimacy after a year of forced solitude.

30blackfeminist 1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Black Feminist Video Game’ Review: Pixels and Polemics
Culture, April 30

Live performances via Zoom mix with actual game footage in this well-intentioned but preachy play by the poet Darrel Alejandro Holnes.

30jonesfolloperry mediumthreebytwo378
At the Final Curtain Call, a Proposal
Styles, April 30

Christopher Jones and Marissa Follo Perry, who met in kindergarten, became engaged onstage at the closing night of a production of “Sister Act,” which she directed.

28powell1 mediumthreebytwo378
Anthony Powell, Oscar-Winning Costume Designer, Dies at 85
Obits, April 29

He was honored for “Travels With My Aunt,” “Death on the Nile” and “Tess.” He was also renowned for the outlandish outfits he created for Glenn Close as the evil Cruella de Vil.

29fat ham1 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
‘Fat Ham’ Review: A Queer, Black ‘Hamlet’? Ay, There’s the Spice Rub.
Weekend, April 29

Set at a Southern barbecue, James Ijames’s hilarious update on Shakespeare sees a recipe for liberation in the story of family disaster.

28kellogg1 mediumthreebytwo378
Paul Kellogg, New York City Opera Impresario, Dies at 84
Obits, April 28

He had no opera experience when he was chosen to run the Glimmerglass Opera in upstate New York; 17 years later, he took on City Opera during a difficult period.

28taxilandia 4 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Taxilandia’ Review: The Mouth is Running, but Not the Meter
Culture, April 28

Modesto Jimenez, known as Flako, has turned cab theater into a genre, and his latest show takes place on a ride through Bushwick, Brooklyn.

28streaming theater mediumthreebytwo378
Theater to Stream: A Musical Throwback and ‘The Normal Heart’
Weekend, April 28

Highlights include concerts by Melissa Errico and Sutton Foster, and an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s “The Waves.”

Merlin 187015773 69fc952a 8c25 46b9 b8a6 0b90e57de1e0 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Great Gatsby’ Musical Sets Creative Team
Culture, April 28

The production will feature lyrics by Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine and a book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Martyna Majok.

02opening web fleming mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Renée Fleming Was Back Onstage. Here’s What Happened First.
Arts & Leisure, April 28

To pull together a 85-minute indoor concert at the Shed with the opera star and three musicians, everything had to go according to plan.

29paristheater3 mediumthreebytwo378
Rediscovering France’s Early Female Playwrights
Culture, April 28

A growing movement within French theater is reclaiming the work of forgotten female artists, and reviving a lost concept: le matrimoine.

27sondheim item mediumthreebytwo378
Sondheim Musical, in Development for Years, Looks Unlikely
Culture, April 27

The 91-year-old composer told the Public Theater last year that he was no longer working on a show based on the films of Luis Buñuel.

Merlin 186108600 5d7cc3e4 d7ab 475b b562 24efa1d9e3ef mediumthreebytwo210
The $16 billion grant fund for event businesses finally opens.
Business, April 26

25block web1 mediumthreebytwo378
‘Block Association’ Review: Yes, in Your Backyard
Culture, April 25

In this clever show, audience members join a “neighborhood” and lobby for how its discordant residents should to spend a chunk of community money.

00producer oscar nocountry mediumthreebytwo378
Volatile and Vengeful: How Scott Rudin Wielded Power in Show Business
Culture, April 24

For decades, the producer has cultivated and castigated people at all levels of entertainment. Now his past is catching up with him.

Aspiring hollywood actors 1619197671359 mediumthreebytwo378 v3
What Happens to Aspiring Actors When Hollywood Is Closed?
Interactive, April 23

They came to L.A. with a dream, but then came the pandemic.

23romeo juliet cover mediumthreebytwo378
‘Romeo and Juliet,’ Cut in Half and Twice as Good
Weekend, April 22

Josh O’Connor and Jessie Buckley star as the star-crossed lovers in a compelling stage-film hybrid adaptation.

22londontheater01 mediumthreebytwo378
News of Our Age Comes to Life in the Rooms of a Theater
Culture, April 22

Tired of reading the headlines? You can watch artistic interpretations of the stories of our era by trailing actors in a Living Newspaper production, section by section.

22wkd arts roundup dance mediumthreebytwo378
5 Things to Do This Weekend
Culture, April 22

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually.

21mezzocchia mediumthreebytwo378
How a Multimedia Whiz Seized Digital Theater’s Big Moment
Culture, April 21

The projection designer Jared Mezzocchi has become a go-to guy for ambitious virtual productions. Next up: Starring in his own haunted house play.

Merlin 186188976 53c73ea0 4e9f 40a4 9db9 045b9f4747a7 mediumthreebytwo378
Dark. Messy. Assaultive. Inscrutable. Even From Your Couch.
Arts & Leisure, April 21

Without international tours, streaming high-concept, director-driven European theater is the next best thing to being there.

Merlin 186672336 c7619817 9fec 4fee b195 dfc70e139213 mediumthreebytwo378
Jim Steinman, ‘Bat Out of Hell’ Songwriter, Dies at 73
Obits, April 20

The rocker Meat Loaf’s interpretations of Mr. Steinman’s songs became one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.

Merlin 186607092 1914e3df e471 4a82 b356 e071c0d4ee81 mediumthreebytwo378
A Tireless Actress, Back at the Scene of the ‘Crime’
Culture, April 19

Before the pandemic, Catherine Russell had missed only four performances of an Off Broadway perennial since 1987. She was onstage for its reopening.

18martin2 mediumthreebytwo378
Taking Over Victory Gardens to Make a ‘Theater for All’
Culture, April 18

Ken-Matt Martin, the esteemed Chicago theater’s first Black artistic director, is going in with his eyes open.

14cabaret promo mediumthreebytwo378
Reanimating ‘Cabaret,’ One Frame at a Time
Interactive, April 14

A first look at extraordinary images from the groundbreaking 1966 musical turns Broadway history into something that’s (literally) moving.

09exposures yaklin slide umpo mediumthreebytwo378
What Happens to Theaters When They're Closed?
Interactive, April 9

A peek inside the performance spaces shuttered during the pandemic.

29magic trick 01 mediumthreebytwo378
Sawing Someone in Half Never Gets Old. Even at 100.
Interactive, January 29

The classic illusion is still with us, a century after its first performance.

13 parenting podcastsyoungkids mediumthreebytwo378
A Big List of Podcasts for Little Kids
Interactive, January 21

To keep your little ones occupied, look no further than the world of podcasts. Here are a few ideas for kids ages 2 to 6.

09burst culturecover mediumthreebytwo378
This Year’s Standout Moments in the Arts
Interactive, December 29

Though museums, theaters and galleries were closed, and concerts and festivals canceled, many artists continued creating indelible work.

Our Critics’ Top Picks of 2020
Interactive, December 11

The great film, TV, performance, art and books that emerged in a not-so-great year.

Attribute 5 0 mediumthreebytwo378
Miss Live Theater? You’re Not Alone.
Interactive, October 15

We miss theater. And we know you do too. So we asked you to share some memories with us.

23berkshiresburst 2 mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Performing in a Pandemic
Interactive, September 23

Most professional theater in America has been shut down since March. So how did this production of “Godspell” come together?

13tmag interactive still mediumthreebytwo378 v2
The Creative Circles Defining the Culture
Interactive, April 13

Whether united by outlook or identity, happenstance or choice, these communities have shaped the worlds of art, fashion, film and more.

13tmag cultureimages slide 2d85 mediumthreebytwo378
How the 2005 Revival of ‘Sweeney Todd’ Inspired a New Wave in Theater
Interactive, April 13

A minimalist staging by John Doyle of the tale of the barber of Fleet Street emphasized the raw talents of its cast.

13tmag cultureimages slide 1kzg mediumthreebytwo378 v2
Why ‘Hair’ Has Endured
Interactive, April 13

An appreciation of the 1967 love-rock musical, which, against the odds, won over audiences across the world.