20recovery plays3 mediumthreebytwo210
Addiction Is the Stuff of High Drama. In These Plays, So Is Sobriety.
Theater, Today

With recovery no longer so secret, a new wave of plays dealing with its realities has started to emerge. Some of the playwrights have drawn from their own lives.

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Female Playwrights Are on Form (for the Most Part)
Arts, Today

Whether it’s finishing what Jane Austen started, imagining the private conversations of first ladies or inserting the personal, on London stages female playwrights are mixing things up.

16lightning thief1 mediumthreebytwo210
‘The Lightning Thief,’ a Far Cry From Olympus
Theater, Yesterday

A musical adaptation of the popular fantasy novel comes to Broadway and goes to Hades.

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A Startling ‘Swan Lake’ That’s Hard to Recognize
Theater, Yesterday

In a work opening with a goat tethered to a cinder block, the closest we get to Tchaikovsky’s ballet is four dancers representing swans.

16playwrights1 mediumthreebytwo210
After 35 Years at Playwrights Horizons, He’s Ready to Seek New Ones
Theater, Yesterday

Tim Sanford, the longtime artistic director at the prestigious Off Broadway theater, will turn over the reins to his deputy, Adam Greenfield.

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Michael Friedman Died in 2017. Now 9 Albums of His Work Are Coming.
Theater, Yesterday

The first three are to be released Friday by Ghostlight Records and the Civilians theater company.

20stritch5 mediumthreebytwo210
Love Elaine Stritch? Thank the Parts She Didn’t Get
Theater, Yesterday

The legendary stage actress’s character was shaped as much by the roles she lost as those she won. These are some of the ones that got away.

16doubtfire item1 mediumthreebytwo210
Another Movie, Another Musical: ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Coming to Broadway
Theater, Yesterday

The 1993 comedy has a Broadway-friendly family plot, but filling one of Robin Williams’s most memorable roles could be risky.

15rosetattoo2 mediumthreebytwo210
Marisa Tomei Braves a Typhoon in ‘The Rose Tattoo’
Theater, October 15

Trip Cullman’s unmoored production of this atypical comedy from Tennessee Williams presents sexual attraction as a raging force of nature.

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In the Musical ‘Soft Power,’ China Whistles the Tune
Theater, October 15

A complex look at democracy from an Asian perspective turns “The King and I” inside out.

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For Sondheim, Raúl Esparza Protects His Voice. For ‘Seared,’ His Fingers.
Theater, October 14

The actor, best known for “Company” and “Law & Order,” cooks, chops and sautés onstage as a finicky chef in Theresa Rebeck’s play.

14whitechip mediumthreebytwo210
‘The White Chip’ Review: Day-Drunk and Careening Toward Rock Bottom
Theater, October 14

In Sean Daniels’s grim autobiographical comedy, a charming stage director tries, and tries again, to sober up.

14pout pout mediumthreebytwo210
‘The Pout-Pout Fish’ Review: A Grouch Gets Back in the Swim
Theater, October 14

TheaterWorksUSA has brought a best-selling children’s book series to the stage in a bubbly, puppet-filled musical.

13notes mediumthreebytwo210
A Son Mourns in ‘Notes on My Mother’s Decline’
Theater, October 13

Intimate but distant by design, Andy Bragen’s play takes us on a journey many are likely to face with an aging parent.

13conservplay1 mediumthreebytwo210
A Play About God and Trump, From a Writer Raised on the Right
Theater, October 13

Will Arbery has brought the world of ultraconservative Catholic intellectuals to the stage in “Heroes of the Fourth Turning.” He’s pleased that they appreciate being seen, not judged.

13girls1 mediumthreebytwo210
Partying to End the Patriarchy in a Dionysian ‘Girls’
Theater, October 13

This head-tripping play from Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, inspired by Euripides’ “The Bacchae,” allows women past and present to find catharsis in one truly wild bash.

08celdran01 mediumthreebytwo210
Carlos Celdran, 46, Philippine Activist and Performance Artist, Dies
World, October 11

He received widespread attention for his dramatic protest against the Roman Catholic Church after it blocked the passage of a reproductive health bill.

11quayle1 mediumthreebytwo210
Anna Quayle, British Character Actress, Is Dead at 86
Movies, October 11

She bantered with John Lennon in “A Hard Day’s Night” and won a Tony for playing four women in “Stop the World — I Want to Get Off.”

10linda vista4 mediumthreebytwo210
‘Linda Vista’ Review: A Womanizer Who Devastates as He Charms
Theater, October 10

Tracy Letts, the author of “August: Osage County,” reinvents the midlife crisis play with a hilarity that scalds in this Steppenwolf production.

10terrafirma1 mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘Terra Firma,’ a Wee Wet Country on the Brink
Theater, October 10

This inaugural offering from the Coop squeezes whimsy, character comedy and ecological allegory into one crowded play.

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In ‘Georgia Mertching Is Dead,’ a Road Trip Takes Detours
Theater, October 10

Catya McMullen’s work is a memory play, a friendship play, a delayed coming-of-age drama and briefly a romantic comedy.

11listings theater mediumthreebytwo210
13 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, October 10

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

10ruhl mediumthreebytwo210
Sarah Ruhl, the Celebrated Playwright, Will Publish a Memoir
Theater, October 10

Ms. Ruhl, who learned she had Bell’s palsy in 2010, will explore her struggle with the condition in a book.

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Michael Jackson Musical Is to Open on Broadway Next Summer
Theater, October 10

The show, now called “MJ The Musical,” will begin previews July 6 at the Neil Simon Theater.

13bella1 mediumthreebytwo210
Being Bella? Harvey Fierstein Doesn’t Need a Dress to Try
Theater, October 10

Fierstein is no stranger to portraying women onstage. This time, he’s skipping the drag to play the outspoken politician Bella Abzug. Why him? He’s got an answer.

10berlintheater01 mediumthreebytwo210
Long, Dark Nights in Berlin’s Theaters
Theater, October 10

Berlin’s theater season opens with directors taking audiences through the fog of war, down the gloomy tunnels of cyberspace and into a world without hope.

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‘The Wrong Man’ Sets a Universal Nightmare to Music
Theater, October 9

Ross Golan’s dark chamber musical, based on a concept album, stars the excellent Joshua Henry as an innocent man on the lam.

13mag perry ill mediumthreebytwo210 v2
Black Theater Is Having a Moment. Thank Tyler Perry. (Seriously.)
Interactive, October 9

A circle of young black playwrights is doing some of the most vital work in American theater. And Perry is at its center.

09nothing1 mediumthreebytwo210
Stuck in Maine in ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’
Theater, October 9

Friends and family about to be left behind when a young man goes to college reckon with a world of narrow choices in Chad Beckim’s play.

13colored girls8 mediumthreebytwo210
‘For Colored Girls’ Is a Choreopoem. What’s a Choreopoem?
Arts, October 9

This landmark work, “a whole new form of theater,” originated with a poet, Ntozake Shange, dancing.

00phones sub mediumthreebytwo210
When the Performance Is Marred by the Phones
Opinion, October 8

Readers discuss the conflict between long-held expectations of audience behavior and changing times. Also: #MeToo in teaching; the failure of our prisons.

13gwon1 mediumthreebytwo210
Ten Years Later, Adam Gwon Is Looking to Kill
Theater, October 8

The composer broke out with his touching musical “Ordinary Days.” He’s back with his biggest show yet, the ’70s-set tale of a treacherous burger cook with more than a resemblance to Macbeth.

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In ‘Heroes of the Fourth Turning,’ a Red-State Unicorn
Theater, October 7

An astonishing new play by Will Arbery risks a rare stage subject: Christian conservatism.

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‘Dublin Carol’ Gets Lost in Its Drink
Theater, October 7

Set in a bar on Christmas Eve, this revival at the Irish Repertory Theater plays alcoholism for drama without resorting to boozy histrionics.

07busey2 mediumthreebytwo210
Gary Busey Is Playing God. Seriously.
Theater, October 7

At 75, the actor is trying his hand at musical theater in an Off Broadway show called “Only Human.” It kind of makes sense.

Merlin 161138688 bdd142c7 1148 4872 863e 6d543ec87dce mediumthreebytwo210
A Message From the Gods: Keep the Fans Happy
Theater, October 7

The creators of “The Lightning Thief” musical may have added songs to the Percy Jackson story, but they’re not about to make the movie’s mistakes.

07harris1 mediumthreebytwo210
What It’s Like to See ‘Slave Play’ as a Black Person
Opinion, October 7

Experiencing Jeremy O. Harris’s provocative Broadway debut feels fraught, but invigorating.

06victor mediumthreebytwo210
Love Among the Shadows in Edgar Oliver’s ‘Victor’
Theater, October 6

In this haunting memoir of his relationship with a homeless man, Mr. Oliver confirms his status as a poet laureate of New York’s dispossessed.

Merlin 160553490 77c5ced7 fa50 4e51 827f efbf82673077 mediumthreebytwo210
‘Slave Play,’ Four Times as Big and Just as Searing
Theater, October 6

Jeremy O. Harris’s Off Broadway hit about race and sex in America shakes things up on Broadway.

00phones sub mediumthreebytwo210
Filming the Show: Pardon the Intrusion? Or Punish It?
Theater, October 6

A seized phone. A stopped concert. A text from Rihanna. All are new fuel for a heated debate about theater etiquette in the digital age.

06carroll appraisal1 mediumthreebytwo210
Diahann Carroll, Indelible Fixture of My Childhood
Arts, October 6

Ms. Carroll was part of my extended family, that fabulous aunt who commanded attention by simply walking into the room.

Carroll still mediumthreebytwo210
Diahann Carroll’s Tony Award Acceptance Speech
Video, October 4

Diahann Carroll won the Tony Award for best actress in a musical for her role in “No Strings,” playing an American fashion model living in Paris.

04listings theater mediumthreebytwo210
13 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, October 3

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

03caesar mediumthreebytwo210
‘Caesar & Cleopatra,’ Dressed Down Yet Wised Up
Theater, October 3

George Bernard Shaw gets sensitively streamlined in a briskly entertaining production with winning performers at its center.

Merlin 161870127 aebb081d 17af 4080 bc9d 39821ae5ec5f mediumthreebytwo210
‘Freestyle Love Supreme’ Review: Hip-Hop Saves the World
Theater, October 2

This exultant evening of improvised rap — created by Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Veneziale — turns out to be a perfect fit for Broadway.

Merlin 161875530 ac20afaf 599f 4582 8143 650369fc2fb0 mediumthreebytwo210
‘The New Englanders’ Review: Trying Too Hard to Be Special
Theater, October 2

Gay dads and their “woke genius” daughter face the limitations of life in a patchy new play by Jeff Augustin.

06princeprov1 mediumthreebytwo210
Checking In With an Old Buddy (Cianci That Is)
Theater, October 2

A veteran of the newspaper that covered Vincent A. Cianci Jr.’s travails gets all the inside jokes in “The Prince of Providence,” the hit play about him. So, it seems, does everyone in the audience.

02malik11 mediumthreebytwo210
Can a Rapper’s Take on Camus Become France’s ‘Hamilton’?
Arts, October 2

With a cast that includes amateur actors from Paris’s deprived suburbs, “The Just Assassins” gives ethnic minority actors a chance to shine onstage at one of the city’s most hallowed theaters.

06groff1 mediumthreebytwo210
Jonathan Groff Is a Seymour at Heart
Theater, October 2

You know him from “Spring Awakening,” “Hamilton” and “Mindhunter.” But he feels most like himself as the nebbishy hero of “Little Shop of Horrors,” and he’s returning Off Broadway to prove it.

01greatsociety3 mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘The Great Society,’ Another Presidential Nightmare
Theater, October 1

Brian Cox plays Lyndon B. Johnson at the height of his powers, when history decided to bring him down.

Merlin 161657805 04ba470d 6ad1 451f 87b6 7d5dc1904f2f mediumthreebytwo210
‘Katsura Sunshine’s Rakugo’ Offers Stand-Up Comedy Without the Standing
Theater, October 1

Mr. Sunshine is one of the rare Westerners to become a master of the centuries-old Japanese comic storytelling form.

Merlin 137631171 a8fb637a c09e 4585 b440 30deb93451a2 mediumthreebytwo210
What to See? Why So Pricey? Our Theater Critics Have Your Answers.
Theater, October 1

Ben Brantley and Jesse Green respond to readers curious about the Tony race, hungry for happy fare, and heading to London.

30coop4 mediumthreebytwo210
Flourishing in Bedlam, but Flying to the Coop
Theater, September 30

Kate Hamill and Andrus Nichols made their names in a theater company specializing in scaled-down classics. Now they’re forming their own troupe.

30tammyfaye mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘Why’d Ya Do It,’ a Spiky Séance With Marianne Faithfull
Theater, September 30

The downtown rock raconteuse Tammy Faye Starlite is celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Broken English” in this hybrid of a show.

29jazzsinger mediumthreebytwo210
‘jazz singer’ Looks to Complicate a Film’s Fraught History
Theater, September 29

A director and a composer play versions of themselves in a fascinating but frustrating reconsideration of a movie infamous for its use of blackface.

Merlin 161214084 002d0ab7 1648 4d59 bfde 95839b356685 mediumthreebytwo210
Peter Brook Asks the Ultimate Question in ‘Why?’
Theater, September 26

A new work from one of the indisputably great directors is partly a tribute to theater and partly a warning about theatricality.

27listings theater mediumthreebytwo210
13 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, September 26

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 161446146 76de8b37 648c 464d a359 3d26b2557cca mediumthreebytwo210
A Spellbinding ‘Antigone,’ Both Timeless and Urgent
Theater, September 26

An easily legible production of the ancient Greek tragedy borrows from the tradition of Noh theater at the Park Avenue Armory.

29utkarsh2 mediumthreebytwo210
Utkarsh Ambudkar Finally Gets His Broadway Shot in ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’
Theater, September 26

The rapper and actor missed having a “Hamilton” moment with his longtime collaborators. But after getting sober and forging his own path, he’s ready to spit the truth.

Merlin 161356110 349acdb3 94a2 4a48 821d 72eedd194ea9 mediumthreebytwo210
Political Plays for Political Times
Theater, September 26

From a member of Parliament in “Hansard” to the users of a threatened community center in “Faith, Hope and Charity,” London theaters are exploring how power works.

Merlin 160733121 73ce8970 d0ff 4cdc 8b21 6aedb6f5a2a5 mediumthreebytwo210
‘Mothers’ Review: Mommy and Me and the Apocalypse
Theater, September 25

A barbed comedy takes a grim turn when friends find themselves tested over how far they’ll go to defend their choices and protect their children.

25ukraine review2 mediumthreebytwo210
It’s No ‘Glengarry’: A Times Theater Critic Reviews ‘Eyes Only’
Theater, September 25

As a work of high drama, Jesse Green writes, the Trump-Zelensky script lacks stagecraft and subtlety.

25invention tragedy mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘Invention of Tragedy,’ Wordplay Over Plotlines
Theater, September 25

Mac Wellman’s ode to theater does away with character and basic grammar. Here, language baffles and delights.

29parker rapp promo mediumthreebytwo210
Mary-Louise Parker and Adam Rapp Conjure a Haunting
Theater, September 25

The star and the playwright of “The Sound Inside” talk about confidence and fame, monsters and witches, and their dogs.

24druglord1 mediumthreebytwo210
Paging Pablo Escobar in ‘Our Dear Dead Drug Lord’
Theater, September 24

Alexis Scheer’s vibrant play about four teenage girls, a Ouija board and a narco-terrorist summons the truly scary spirits that keep us awake at night.

24storm1 mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘The Height of the Storm,’ Two Stars and an Enigma
Theater, September 24

Florian Zeller’s tiresome new play features Jonathan Pryce and Eileen Atkins as a long-married couple, one of whom may be dead.

23sunday mediumthreebytwo210
Being Young and Bored in a Book Club on ‘Sunday’
Theater, September 23

In Jack Thorne’s listless new play, a group of feckless friends gather to discuss Anne Tyler and share their self-consciousness.

23runboy2 mediumthreebytwo210
For These African Immigrants, Life Is a Haunted House
Theater, September 23

In ‘runboyrun’ and ‘In Old Age,’ the latest installments of Mfoniso Udofia’s nine-play cycle, America is no place to hide from the past.

Merlin 161169210 c3de27c8 8248 498e 8d0b d4a539cf5476 mediumthreebytwo210
In ‘Fern Hill,’ Scene-Stealing for the Common Good
Theater, September 22

John Glover lifts Michael Tucker’s otherwise convoluted and crowded dramedy of baby boomers contemplating life on a commune.

Merlin 161125743 17c0b72a 986f 422c 9574 eed858ed4968 mediumthreebytwo210
The Lists We Live by in Daniel Fish’s ‘White Noise’
Theater, September 22

This distillation of Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel, by the director who deconstructed “Oklahoma!,” catalogs the clutter of the American mind.

22streb bogart1 mediumthreebytwo210
What Happens When Extreme Action Meets Elusive Language?
Arts, September 20

In Elizabeth Streb and Anne Bogart’s “Falling & Loving,” dancers and actors share the stage with the Guck Machine, which emits a waterfall of food andother objects.

Merlin 160486122 14cc8825 1213 44c2 8527 76d4bf83a9ba mediumthreebytwo210
‘Novenas’ Offers Prayers for a Hospital That Died
Theater, September 19

The epicenter of New York’s AIDS epidemic, St. Vincent’s (1849-2010) is the subject of a memorial service that’s also a play.

19shakespeare folio item mediumthreebytwo210
Milton’s Shakespeare Was Just a Trans-Atlantic Tweet Away
Theater, September 19

A scholar in England suspected annotations in a First Folio at the Free Library of Philadelphia were John Milton’s, so he connected the dots with someone who had studied the work for a decade.

20listings theater mediumthreebytwo210
14 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend
Theater, September 19

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.

Merlin 160905855 e8b06e90 f083 49cf a73c c2c26c0db868 mediumthreebytwo210
A Paris Theater Reopens, With Acrobats and Stunts
Theater, September 19

The long-awaited spectacle that relaunched the Théâtre du Châtelet was cheerful, but disappointing.

Merlin 145325091 a84f4116 a880 457d b93b 051ac359fde7 mediumthreebytwo210
Survey of Most Produced Plays Shows Diversity
Theater, September 18

Works by Lauren Gunderson, Lauren Yee and Larissa FastHorse see multiple productions, while “Bright Star” proves a popular musical.

18abrons1 mediumthreebytwo210
Richard Abrons, Patron of the Henry Street Settlement, Dies at 92
New York, September 18

As a boy, he met the famed institution’s founder, Lillian Wald, and became a benefactor. In midcareer, he traded Wall Street investing for writing short stories and plays.

Merlin 160957905 1f062239 92de 4d37 baef 0050f5eaa003 mediumthreebytwo210
Lennon and McCartney Wait Out a Storm in ‘Only Yesterday’
Theater, September 18

Bob Stevens’s fond look at a life-changing night for the young Beatles should satisfy more than die-hard fans.

18madonna live promo mediumthreebytwo210 v2
Madonna Is Still Taking Chances
Arts, September 18

Her Madame X show reimagines pop spectacle for a theater stage, merging her newest music and calls for political awareness with striking intimacy.

22peterbrook1 mediumthreebytwo210
For Peter Brook, the Experimental Showman, ‘Nothing Is Ever Finished’
Theater, September 18

His eyesight failing but schedule still packed, the 94-year-old stage director reflects on a globe-spanning career that includes a New York premiere this week.

16corwin1 mediumthreebytwo210
Betty Corwin, Who Preserved Theater’s Legacy, Dies at 98
Theater, September 17

By definition, live theater vanishes in the moment; Ms. Corwin pushed to have shows videotaped and deposited in a library collection, which she ran for decades.

17american buffalo item 1 mediumthreebytwo210
Mamet’s ‘American Buffalo’ Is Headed Back to Broadway
Theater, September 17

Laurence Fishburne and Sam Rockwell will star as the junk store hustlers in the revival of the 1975 play.