1. Your Friday Briefing: Russia Doubles Down Briefing, May 5

    Moscow wants victories before its Monday holiday.

  2. Iraqis Choke Under a Blanket of Dust as Sandstorms Sweep the Country World, May 5

    Orange skies signaled yet another dusty day for millions of Iraqis. It was the seventh such storm in recent months, and experts say more are on the way.

  3. الخسائر البشرية للحرب الجوية الأمريكية Magazine, April 25

    وثائق سريّة وتحقيقات صحفية موسّعة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط تكشف عن إخفاقات مأساوية وكارثية للحروب التي أدارها الجيش الأمريكي عن بُعد.

  4. قصص الناجين من الحروب الجوية الأمريكية Magazine, April 25

    أودت الغارات الجوية بحياة المدنيين وخلّفت وراءها ناجين أيضاً. هذه قصص بعض الناجين من تلك الغارات.

  5. Hidden Pentagon Records Reveal Patterns of Failure in Deadly Airstrikes Interactive, December 18

    The promise was a war waged by all-seeing drones and precision bombs. The documents show flawed intelligence, faulty targeting, years of civilian deaths — and scant accountability.

  6. These Afghan Students Found Refuge in Iraq Interactive, November 15

    More than 100 students from the American University of Afghanistan fled the Taliban and are now studying in Iraq.

  7. How Much Do You Know About Iraq? Interactive, November 8

    Can you find Iraq on a map? What else do you know about this Middle Eastern nation with about 41 million people?

  8. How to Really Make the Death of ISIS’s Leader Bigger Than Bin Laden’s Op Ed, October 28

    If the U.S. plays its cards right, it could fundamentally weaken the Islamic State.

  9. Can a Greek Tragedy Help Heal a Scarred City? Arts & Leisure, April 17

    On the ground with the provocative stage director Milo Rau, who brought together European and Iraqi actors for a take on “The Oresteia” set in Mosul.