1. Israeli Airstrike Hits Weapons Depot in Iraq World, August 22

    Israel attacked a base said to be a transit point for Iran to send weapons to Syria. It was one of several recent attacks on weapons depots in Iraq.

  2. ISIS Is Regaining Strength in Iraq and Syria U.S., August 19

    Five months after its territorial defeat, the Islamic State is conducting guerrilla attacks as defense officials acknowledge that the terrorist group is here to stay.

  3. Rethinking America’s Approach to the World Opinion, August 18

    It’s time to reverse the reliance on military action rather than diplomacy.

  4. Él le regaló una bicicleta a una niña refugiada; 24 años después, ella pudo darle las gracias en Español, August 16

    Mevan Babakar era una refugiada de 5 años en los Países Bajos cuando recibió un regalo que cambió su vida. Las redes sociales le ayudaron a encontrar al hombre que se lo dio.

  5. For ISIS Children, Returning Home to Europe Meets Resistance World, August 15

    The children with the best chance of repatriation have been orphans. Even in countries officially committed to the task, it’s slow going.

  6. Defiant Former Blackwater Contractor Again Sentenced to Life U.S., August 14

    A federal judge sentenced Nicholas Slatten for murdering an Iraqi citizen, which prosecutors said prompted the shooting of dozens of Iraqis in Baghdad.

  7. He Gave a Bike to a Refugee Girl. 24 Years Later, She Got to Thank Him. World, August 14

    Mevan Babakar was a 5-year-old refugee in the Netherlands when she received a present that changed her life. Social media helped her find the man who gave it.

  8. Fue deportado a Irak, un país que no conocía, y dos meses después murió en Español, August 9

    Jimmy Aldaoud falleció en un departamento de Bagdad después de pasar días vomitando sangre y rogando que lo regresaran a Detroit, donde vivió siempre hasta que fue deportado en junio.

  9. ICE Deported Him to a Country He’d Never Seen. He Died 2 Months Later. U.S., August 8

    Jimmy Aldaoud died in a Baghdad apartment on Tuesday after vomiting blood and begging to return to the United States. He had lived in the Detroit area from infancy until he was deported in June.

  10. Man From Michigan Pleaded for Help After Deportation to Iraq Video, August 8

    Jimmy Aldaoud, a man who was deported to Iraq from the Detroit area, died this week. In a recent video, Mr. Aldaoud said he was homeless, could not speak the language and was unable to effectively treat his diabetes.

  11. ISIS, Eyeing Europe, Could Launch Attacks This Year, U.N. Warns World, August 3

    Less than five months after its military defeat in Syria, the group is considering attacks designed to “exacerbate existing dissent and unrest” in European nations.

  12. ‘Her Eyes Were Full of Fear.’ Turkey Repatriates Children of ISIS Followers. World, July 27

    The country is allowing some of the wives and children of the terror group’s loyalists to return home from Iraq.