1. Baghdad’s Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public After 15 Years Foreign, December 10

    The patch of land in the heart of Iraq’s capital — home to Saddam Hussein’s palaces, the American occupation and Parliament — had become a symbol of alienation.

  2. Battered ISIS Keeps Grip on Last Piece of Territory for Over a Year Foreign, December 9

    Despite Kurdish, Iraqi and American forces arrayed against it, ISIS has been hanging onto its final patch in Syria — and still exporting trouble.

  3. George H.W. Bush, Public Servant Editorial, December 1

    He made his share of mistakes, but he worked for a safer, more democratic world.

  4. ISIS Official Known for Caging Foes Is Captured by Iraq Foreign, November 30

    The captured operative was a midlevel official best known for having paraded captured Kurdish soldiers in cages.

  5. Decorated Navy SEAL Is Accused of War Crimes in Iraq National, November 15

    Prosecutors say Edward Gallagher turned bloodthirsty on his eighth deployment, shooting civilians and stabbing a captive. His lawyer called the charges baseless.

  6. Burned-Out Cars, Smoke in the Air, Aerial Assaults, All in California National, November 13

    The scorched wildfire landmarks are reminiscent of war zones — not just in how they look, but in how they make the people battling the blazes feel.