1. From Newsroom to Classroom: When Times Staff Members Double as Professors Summary, May 14

    While teaching important skills and values to the next generation, they also find opportunities to learn.

  2. Iraq’s F-16s Grounded After U.S. Contractor Pulls Maintenance Crews Foreign, May 10

    The decision by Lockheed Martin, after repeated rocket attacks, highlights the Iraqi government’s failure to rein in militia groups.

  3. Cleric Lifts Iraq’s Faltering Vaccination Effort, but Perilous Summer Awaits Foreign, May 8

    The popular cleric Moktada al-Sadr got a coronavirus vaccine, persuading many of his followers to do the same. Yet millions of Iraqis remain unconvinced.

  4. Here’s What Biden Must Do Before We Leave Afghanistan Op Ed, May 4

    We cannot allow history to repeat itself.

  5. The British Army’s Legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan Foreign, April 30

    A new book looks at the changes the British Army has undergone and roles it has played as an almost volunteer sidekick to the American military in the war on terror.

  6. Your Monday Briefing N Y T Now, April 25

    India may be underreporting coronavirus numbers.

  7. Fire at Baghdad Hospital Packed With Covid Patients Kills at Least 82 Foreign, April 25

    A blaze set off by an exploding oxygen cylinder swept through a hospital that lacked smoke detectors or sprinklers. More are expected to die from severe burns.

  8. Baghdad Hospital Fire Kills at Least 82, Many of Them Covid Patients Foreign, April 25

    A blast caused by an exploding oxygen cylinder swept through a hospital that lacked smoke detectors and spread partly because of flammable false ceilings.

  9. The April 21 Covid Vaccine Coronavirus Cases live blog included two standalone posts:
  10. Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy Politics, April 19

    The country is increasingly split into camps that don’t just disagree on policy and politics — they see the other as alien, immoral, a threat. Such political sectarianism is now on the march.