1. Your Thursday Briefing: Iran Strikes Kurds in Iraq N Y T Now, Yesterday

    Plus Australia moves to fight corruption and a Chinese businessman faces assault allegations in a U.S. court.

  2. Tensions in Iran Spill Across the Border Into Iraq Foreign, Yesterday

    The Revolutionary Guards Corps has been attacking Kurdish opposition groups in northern Iraq, blaming them for fomenting the unrest in Iran that was set off by the death of Mahsa Amini.

  3. Our Correspondents on the Biggest Music, Shows and Books in Their Parts of the World Special Sections, Yesterday

    Our reporters are keeping an eye on and an ear out for the buzz in their parts of the world.

  4. Iran Strikes Kurdish Opposition Groups in Northern Iraq Foreign, September 26

    The death of a young Iranian Kurdish woman in police custody has set off an intense wave of protests across Iran over the past 10 days, igniting fury particularly in the country’s Kurdish minority community.

  5. The September 9 Queen Elizabeth King Charles live blog included one standalone post:
  6. With Government Paralyzed and Militias Fighting, Iraq’s Instability Deepens Foreign, September 8

    Politicians have failed to form a new government nearly a year after the last elections. Baghdad just saw its worst militia clashes in years. And despite vast oil wealth, the state can’t provide basic services.

  7. Anne Garrels, Fearless NPR Correspondent, Dies at 71 Obits, September 7

    She reported on conflicts around the world and for a time was the only American broadcast journalist reporting from Baghdad during the U.S. “shock and awe” bombing campaign in 2003.

  8. Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, August 31

    Mikhail Gorbachev is dead at 91.

  9. Your Friday Briefing: Russia Doubles Down N Y T Now, May 5

    Moscow wants victories before its Monday holiday.