1. It’s Time to Talk to Iran Opinion, October 14

    With tensions rising in the Middle East and Iran suffering under sanctions, this may be the last best opportunity to walk back from the brink.

  2. Timeline: The Kurds, Turkey and the U.S., Allies and Enemies World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  3. Kurds, Turkey and the U.S.: 5 Years of Tension, Alliances and Conflict World, October 10

    Turkey’s attack on Kurdish strongholds along the Syrian border has been years in the making.

  4. Military Leaders Fear They’ve Seen This Before. It Ended in the Iraq War. U.S., October 10

    Officials are sounding alarms that clearing the way for Turkey to bomb the Kurds could have long-term repercussions, just as the desertion of allies did three decades ago.

  5. U.S. Moves to Take ‘High Value’ ISIS Detainees, Including Britons Who Abused Hostages U.S., October 9

    The military is taking several dozen men out of Kurdish-run wartime prisons in Syria as Turkey invades the region.

  6. How to Save Iraq Opinion, October 8

    The prime minister has improved relations with the Sunni minority and the Kurds. But he can’t meet the demands of the protesters without fixing the economy.

  7. Iraqi Army Ordered Out of Sadr City, Where Dozens Died at Protests World, October 7

    A statement from the army said that it had used excessive force in the Baghdad neighborhood, and that officers and soldiers would be held accountable for “wrong acts.”

  8. Deaths Mount as Protests Catch Iraqi Government Off Guard World, October 5

    Protesters demanded an end to widespread corruption. The Iraqi government’s response was to call in security forces, who killed at least 91 people.

  9. Saudi Arabia and Iran Make Quiet Openings to Head Off War World, October 4

    Weeks after the Middle East seemed on the verge of war, Saudi Arabia and Iran are seeking ways to ease tensions. A warming relationship could have far-reaching consequences.

  10. Iraq Struggles to Contain Wave of Deadly Protests World, October 4

    Dozens of people have died in the unrest, and the prime minister sought to find a message that would curb widespread demonstrations over corruption and unemployment.

  11. They Risked All for America. Don’t Betray Them. Opinion, October 3

    If President Trump’s hopes of withdrawing from war zones are realized, his government has a duty to protect the many foreigners who have helped U.S. forces there.

  12. ‘Just Give Us a Country’: Thousands in Iraq Protest Corruption World, October 2

    At least 14 people have been confirmed dead after people took to the streets to express frustration about poor public services, graft and unemployment.

  13. Two Killed in Anti-Government Protests in Iraq World, October 1

    The protests were the most serious against Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government since it was formed a year ago.

  14. The Corruption Before Trump Opinion, October 1

    How high-minded self-dealing paved the way for our low-minded president.

  15. How Mark Milley, a General Who Mixes Bluntness and Banter, Became Trump’s Top Military Adviser U.S., September 29

    As the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley must manage the most consequential professional relationship of his life, with President Trump.

  16. Bus Bomb Kills 12 Iraqis Near Major Pilgrimage Site World, September 21

    The attack, claimed by the Islamic State, signals the group’s continuing threat despite its collapse in late 2017.

  17. Dressed as Aladdin, but No Happily Ever After U.S., September 21

    Justin Trudeau, Canada’s leader, is seeking forgiveness for wearing brownface and blackface years ago. His privileged upbringing, he said, had left him with a blind spot.

  18. The Violence That Followed Iraq’s Post-Invasion Spiral Magazine, September 20

    James Verini is out with “They Will Have to Die Now,” a book about the battle of Mosul and its consequences.

  19. Getty Trust to Invest $100 Million in Saving Threatened Antiquities Arts, September 17

    The money will go toward preserving ancient artifacts that are in danger because of crises like war and climate change.