1. Ditching the Turkey: Thanksgiving Memories (and Misadventures) of Reporters Abroad Summary, November 25

    Some of our international journalists have gone to great lengths trying to bring a taste of home to their new locations. But it hasn’t always worked out.

  2. Cooperative Competition Is Possible Between China and the U.S. Op Ed, November 24

    A former vice foreign minister of China proposes a way forward for the world’s two leading powers.

  3. U.S. Troops Are Packing Up, Ready or Not Foreign, November 17

    The Pentagon has announced a reduction down to 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan before President-elect Biden takes office. Afghan officials fear the cuts will encourage the Taliban to keep fighting.

  4. Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program Washington, November 16

    The president was dissuaded from moving ahead with a strike by advisers who warned that it could escalate into a broader conflict in his last weeks in office.

  5. Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia Washington, November 16

    Facing the end of his time in power, the president is pushing to accelerate withdrawals from counterterrorism conflicts. He campaigned on ending the longstanding wars.

  6. From Iraq, an Intimate Glimpse of the Religious Holiday of Arbaeen Travel, November 9

    Every year, millions of pilgrims descend on the central Iraqi city of Karbala to commemorate the Shiite holiday of Arbaeen, one of the largest organized gatherings in the world.

  7. Biden Hopes to Fight Autocracy Abroad. He’ll Have to Start at Home. Op Ed, October 30

    America has to be a functioning democracy before it can be an exemplary one.

  8. A Top Aide to Saddam Hussein Is Reported Dead Foreign, October 29

    Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who had eluded capture for 17 years, was Mr. Hussein’s right-hand man in a government that dealt brutally with Iraqi civilians and unleashed catastrophic regional wars.