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‘Not Just for Gays’: The Year the Tonys Dared to Go There
Weekend, Yesterday

How Adam Schlesinger and his writing partner created what may be the most outrageous opening number the broadcast has ever seen.

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No Tony Awards Show? Make Your Own With These Great Moments
Weekend, Yesterday

Miranda’s rap. Rylance’s poems. Jackman’s pelvis. And a brassy reunion for Bea Arthur and Angela Lansbury. Now set your clock for “Turkey Lurkey Time.”

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John McCormack, a Nurturing Theater Producer, Dies at 61
Obits, Yesterday

Mr. McCormack, who died of coronavirus-related causes, lifted the careers of Off Broadway actors and playwrights, even as he remained elusive.

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Tonys Benefit Event Postponed Amid Unrest
Culture, June 3

Broadway.com delayed its “Show of Shows,” set to air Sunday online, in solidarity with those “in the fight for equality and unity” after George Floyd’s death, the site said.