1. Small and Scrappy Is the Way for London’s Galleries After Brexit Culture, February 1

    The city’s art market is shrinking and some major players have left. But young dealerships presenting work by emerging artists are springing up in their place.

  2. Brexit Turns 3. Why Is No One Wearing a Party Hat? Foreign, January 31

    The divorce between Britain and the European Union has become the dark thread that, to many, explains why Britain is suffering more than its neighbors.

  3. Eurostar, Symbol of a Connected Europe, Is Plagued by Brexit Hurdles Foreign, January 27

    The high-speed train service under the English Channel is leaving many seats unfilled, rather than risk delays caused by more rigorous passport checks for Britons.

  4. For British Farmers, the Effects of Brexit Have Become Clearer Foreign, January 23

    In the years since Britain voted to quit the E.U., many Eastern Europeans have left the country, adding to a shortfall of about 330,000 workers. The food and farming sectors have been hit particularly hard.