1. Brexit Is Nipping at London’s Role as a Financial Powerhouse Business, Today

    Britain and the European Union don’t trust each other much, and global banks are caught in the middle.

  2. Post-Brexit Border Test Leads to 5-Mile Traffic Jam in Southern England Foreign, November 25

    French border officials were holding a trial run of immigration procedures that could come into effect if Britain and the European Union don’t reach a trade deal by the end of December.

  3. Pandemic plus Brexit equals trouble, U.K. manufacturers say. Business, November 16

    Businesses in Britain face the intensifying possibility that their country may soon crash out of the European Union without a deal.

  4. Pfizer Vaccine, Brexit, U.S. Presidential Transition: Your Friday Briefing N Y T Now, November 12

    Here’s what you need to know.

  5. Brexit Hard-liners Lose Battle as Aide to U.K’s Johnson Quits Foreign, November 12

    A Downing Street feud could indicate the prime minister is ready to make the compromises needed to strike a deal with the European Union.

  6. Trump’s Defeat Weakens Boris Johnson in Urgent Brexit Talks Foreign, November 9

    As the European Union knows, the British prime minister can ill afford to threaten peace in Ireland, an issue close to the President-elect Biden’s heart.

  7. Brexit Britain looks ready to turn the page on the Trump administration. U.S., October 30

  8. Brexit Britain looks ready to turn the page on Trump. U.S., October 30

  9. Brexit Britain looks ready to turn the page on Trump. Politics, October 30

  10. In Pandemic U.K., Brexit Is an Afterthought, as Is Trump Foreign, October 30

    British voters who opted in 2016 for leaving the European Union seem ready to move on from the president, who is widely disliked despite his cheerleading for that cause.

  11. The Issue That Might Sink the Brexit Trade Talks: Fishing Foreign, October 28

    In cash terms, the fishing industry contributes little to the British economy. So why is it proving such a sticking point in negotiations?