1. Of Brexit and Boris: What’s Driving the Call for Scottish Independence Foreign, May 8

    Scots voted to remain in the E.U., and they resent being dictated to by England. And they just plain don’t like Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  2. Brexit Trade Deal Gets a Final OK From E.U. Parliament Foreign, April 28

    The vote is the formal end of a Brexit process that began nearly five years ago. But mutual mistrust remains high.

  3. ‘Peter Grimes’ Sails on Choppy Seas of Brexit and the Pandemic Culture, April 20

    A production of Benjamin Britten’s opera at the Teatro Real in Madrid highlights the difficult new conditions for British artists working in the European Union.

  4. The April 19 Stock Market Today live blog included one standalone post:
  5. Britain is ramping up its post-Brexit plans to fortify its financial sector. Business, April 19

  6. Weekly News Quiz for Students: Trump Phone Call, Brexit, N.B.A Milestone Interactive, January 5

    How well did you follow the news this past week? How many of these 10 questions can you get right?