1. ‘People’s Vote’ March on Brexit Draws Thousands to Streets of London Foreign, October 20

    Demonstrators are demanding a new referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union, though Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected the idea.

  2. Facebook Ads From Unknown Backer Take Aim at Brexit Plan Business, October 19

    The anonymous group’s campaign highlights Facebook’s continuing trouble with political advertising.

  3. Brexit Will Compromise U.K. Security, Ex-Spy Chief Says Foreign, October 19

    John Sawers, who led MI6 from 2009 to 2014, called on voters to reverse the “strategic mistake” in a second referendum, and warned that Russia now views Britain “with contempt.”

  4. Theresa May Plays for Time on Brexit, Amid Talk of an Extension Foreign, October 17

    At a summit Mrs. May asked for help in reviving stalled exit talks, but offered little new. Negotiations now look likely to go down to the wire.

  5. Saudi Arabia, Brexit, Anna Burns: Your Wednesday Briefing N Y T Now, October 17

    Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

  6. British Hoarders Stock Up on Supplies, Preparing for Brexit Foreign, October 16

    Some people are warning of possible food rationing, medicine shortages and civil disorder if no deal is struck with the European Union. Brexit supporters call that fear-mongering.

  7. Saudi Arabia, Brexit, Meghan Markle: Your Tuesday Briefing N Y T Now, October 16

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  8. Amid Brexit Impasse, Theresa May Says Deal Is ‘Achievable’ Foreign, October 15

    With negotiations over Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union stymied, the British prime minister is trying to put a summit meeting back on track.

  9. Bavaria, Saudi Arabia, Brexit: Your Monday Briefing N Y T Now, October 15

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  10. Brexit Talks Fail to Break Deadlock Over Deal Foreign, October 14

    Critical issues remain unresolved despite “intense efforts,” said the E.U.’s negotiator. Both sides are hoping for a breakthrough this week.

  11. In London, a Frenzied Frieze Week in the Shadow of Brexit Culture, October 5

    The city was teeming with foreign visitors for the art fairs, auctions and exhibitions. But Britain’s exit from the European Union was weighing on many minds.

  12. A Dancing Theresa May Calls for Unity Over Brexit World, October 3

    At her party conference, Mrs. May relived earlier public relations failures and won over her audience. But the big fight over Brexit is looming.

  13. 6 Months Before Brexit, Many in U.K. Fear ‘It’s Looking Very Grisly’ Foreign, September 30

    In myriad ways, the country is in the same position it was on the morning after the 2016 referendum: without a clear plan.

  14. Is Merkel to Blame for Brexit? Op Ed, September 26

    Her mixed messages on labor mobility and refugees drove Britain away. Now she has a chance to fix things.

  15. Your Monday News Briefing: Kavanaugh, Brexit, Sky N Y T Now, September 24

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  16. Jeremy Corbyn, at Labour Party Conference, Faces Pressure on New Brexit Vote Foreign, September 23

    The leader of the British opposition party hopes that the Brexit crisis will prompt a general election. But many Labour supporters want another referendum, and he says he will listen.